Giveaway: Mrs. Wages Berry and Pie Mix Basket

August 26, 2014

berry prize pack

Okay canners, time for our second Mrs. Wages giveaway for the summer. Last month, I got to show off a basket of their pickle mixes. This month, it’s all about pie filling and fruit mixes! This basket contains four packages of Spiced Apple Mix, three packages of Fruit Pie Filling, two packages of Forest Berry Pie Filling, and two shakers of Fresh Fruit Preserver.

Here’s how to enter!

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about something that’s still on your preserving list for this summer. In my world, I need to get some tomatoes in jar pronto.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, August 30, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, August 31, 2014.
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Mrs. Wages is providing the basket for the giveaway. They are also a Food in Jars sponsor and so do help contribute to the running of this site. 

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396 thoughts on "Giveaway: Mrs. Wages Berry and Pie Mix Basket"

  • Oh man. Tomatoes definitely are still on the to do list, and hopefully pickles as well if my vines stay healthy.

  • I did my tomato ketchup. I still have some tomatoes for tomato jam and th stone fruits are waiting for the Mixed Stone Fruit Jam. I also think I may do a few small batches of strawberry preserves…. if I still can find good ones next month ( Sept a busy month for our family )…. we’ll see.

  • I still need to can tomatoes & corn. Also, I have ~5 lbs. of potatoes that are sitting on my kitchen counter. Also, applesauce!! I keep forgetting that’ll be here in about another month.

  • Wow, are those new? I don’t think I’ve seen those mixes before. Very cool.

    I’ve still got tomatoes from the garden to put up, plus a few hundred pounds of pears, apples and peaches. It’s a crazy time of year!

  • I haven’t done a single jar of tomatoes this year. Major fail! But, I did can almost 20 half pints of peach preserves over the past week.

  • Lots of canning of tomatoes from just 2 plants! Crazy they’re at least 7.5 foot tall and still producing like crazy! Guess they love that hot humid Indiana summer! Lots of Salsa, pickeled green tomatoes and stewed tomatoes.

  • For our crazy farm family canning season we are finally done with tomatoes and gearing up for cherry, peach, and apple preserves and apple butter. I am attempting to interest my 11 year old daughter into canning so we will also be doing pumpkin everything per her request 🙂

  • I am franticly trying to get some tomatoes canned and I plan to preserve some blueberrys and peaches using some of the small batch recipes from your site!! Busy Labor Day weekend in store for me!

  • I just harvested my first bunch of pepperoncinis. They’ll be pickled tomorrow afternoon. I also have a bunch of jalapeños and cherry peppers that will be turned into jam after tomorrow’s pickled peppers. Plus I have two huge ziplocs of figs and apricots in my freezer waiting to be made into jam. Oh, how I love canning season!

  • I have some peaches left to can. 🙂 Debating on peaches sliced and canned in syrup or peach jam….

  • will be using the pie mixes to can and freeze peaches and apples. Love all the tomato mixes. Have used the ketsup mixes since they first hit the market, family will not use boughten ketsup.

  • I am getting ready to make green tomato relish. I’ve got peppers coming on and, as others, late tomatoes. While waiting for the larger ones to turn red for canning this years salsa, I satisfy the canning bug with relish. I also found a nice green tomato pickle relish last year using olive oil and olives which was very tasty. I have to try that again because I just used the last bit left from last year.

  • Amen to the tomatoes; and I also need to actually figure out how the pressure canner works! (I’m so intimidated)

  • I have a few gallons of tomatoes in my freezer that I need to do too. However, I really need to decide what I’m putting in the state fair this year – pickled asparagus, strawberry fig jam, maybe a bean soup? So many options!

  • I bought a basketful of hatch chili peppers here in Monterey. I had planned to grill them with the beautiful weather we have been having. However, I may just pickle some of them for delicious sandwiches!

  • Elberta Peaches for sure. And, I always like to try something new every summer canning season and this year it is tomato jam.

  • I will be making our family chili sauce recipe soon. Everyone loves it. I’m also about to have a bumper crop of raspberries, so there will be jam making happening too!

  • I’ve had the peach bbq sauce bookmarked in my copy of your book since I got it, but I haven’t gotten around to actually making it yet!

  • Oh, I wanna try a salsa. Its sounds so easy, but I’m getting started canning late, so here is hoping. 🙂

  • I, too have to get to the tomatoes, but mostly I am awaiting the apple season here in WA state, so I can and dehydrate apples. I will can apple butter, apple pie filling and dehydrate apple chips. I can hardly wait!

  • I’m up to two tomatoes, so all those glorious dreams of quarts of marinara are gone. However, my pumpkins are doing very well. One of the few things I haven’t done with them yet is make a pie.

  • I want .. no, NEED … to make some more BBQ sauce. And I can’t wait to go apple picking so we can make applesauce and apple butter.

  • Need to get tomatoes done next week before we leave for vacation. Looking forward to apple season later this fall.

  • Tomato sauce, chili sauce, apple pie filling, applesauce, and sauerkraut are all still on my to do list. Late August early September is usually a busy time for us who live in Minnesota.

  • Yikes, basically everything! Tomatoes, peach lavender butter, corn, I’m basically out of beans… I did make pickles (cukes) tonight, so that’s a start at least!

  • This whole canning thing is pretty new to me, and I’m enjoying the learning process. Last week I canned some grape jam from our own grapevines, and now I’m working on apple butter from our apples. I know I’m going to have many green tomatoes, so I think I will be pickling them sometime in September.

  • I was recently gifted 2 bushels of wonderful peaches that must quickly be made into jars of jam, butter, preserves, and pie filling. Going to be a busy, busy day tomorrow, but will be joyous to see those beautiful jars of golden peachy goodness all lined up!

  • Wow, I’ve never seen those. I usually don’t use premixed stuff (I have collected MANY spices and things over the years), but those look scrumptious. If I do not win, I will definitely have to keep an eye out for them! Right now, we are drowning in tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, and cantaloupe. It is a very tasty problem to have…chili tomatoes on the docket for canning today:)

  • I feel as if I’ve been waiting an eternity for my tomatoes to ripen (it’s a strange summer here in NW PA). Well, the tomatoes are finally red – so there’s salsa, pasta sauce, some stewed tomatoes & zucchini, and just plain old tomatoes to get into jars. I’ve also got my eyes on the fruit trees ~ pears and apples will be ripening soon. That means apple butter, apple sauce, pear jam (I’m saving some jalapeños for a hot pepper- pear jam), and canning pears. I’m not done pickling either . . . I see a few more batches in my future. I finished up a batch of zucchini relish this morning.

  • I got a variety of plums and some fresh raspberries. I know I will be making something spicy (with habaneros) and maybe something with ginger or other warm spice. I might need to add apples to my shopping list!

  • Still need to make some tomato jam, maple vanilla peach jam, maybe some peach quarters in light syrup, and start on applesauce and maybe apple pie filling. And maybe a couple small batches of new recipes 🙂

  • I am planning on making my homemade limoncello and orangecello liquors for holiday gifts. You only use the peel so I must do something with all the fruit, maybe lemon and orange jam? Perhaps I could give a jar of the jam with the bottle of liquor!

  • This weekend, I’ll be canning tomatoes; preserving strawberries, peaches and blueberries; and freezing corn. Winter is going to taste yummy!

  • I am waiting on pears to ripen so I can jar up some pear halves. Thus far strawberry jam, blue berry jam, fig preserves, grape jelly, peas and salsa are in my pantry.

  • I am making watermelon jelly this weekend. It’s been on my list for a while and my husband just brought home a humongous watermelon that we will never be able to eat!

  • Apple sauce, pear sauce, and roasted red peppers are still on my to-do list. If I have enough time I want to do some tomatoes as well

  • Too much but, here it goes. Pie filling ( Apple, mixed berry) ,Apple butter , zucchini salsa, Beans and pickles. If all goes well, potatoes and some meat later on.

  • I’m still canning tomatoes and salsa. I’m looking forward to canning some pears. This week I am canning chicken- a first for me-for quick soup making on those impossibly busy days.

  • Well, lots to do. Apple and mixed berry pie filling, Zucchini Salsa, and tomatoes. Hopefully later on carrots, potatoes and beans. It seems it all happens at once but take it in stride. Oh…….did i mention pickles? No, first the filling and then……..going to be a busy weekend.

  • Hi. I’m not set up to can right now, but I hope to be by next year. I used to do a lot of canning years ago and my favorite to can was salsa with ingredients that I grew. Loved it!!!

  • Still on my canning last…..yellow tomato jam with basil. Also hoping to make yellow pepper jelly and red pepper jelly! And more salsa. Lots to do!!!

  • My Gala apple tree is covered with wonderful ripe apples. Applesauce; apple butter; apple jams and jelly; pickled apples and sooooo much more still to do!

  • oh soooo many things, I need more of the pepper onion relish from the ball book (fooled you jalapenos are great in it!), I need more tomato sauce (just did 5 pints last night, we eat a lot of pasta), apple season is starting and I always make sauce and jam (and fruit leather), and I have some pickling cukes that need to be made into refrigerator pickles.

  • I have apple butter, apple jam, apple sauce, sweet pickle relish and tomato butter still left to get done! Oh and I’m going to try blueberry jam also!

  • Thinking about starting some boozy infusions, to give plenty of time for them to mellow out by Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • I’ve been canning alot of pickles so far, did some applesauce and now i gotta work on the tomatoes, hoping to make salsa, pasta sauce and ketchup if i have enough tomatoes

  • I am waiting for apples! I want to dehydrate apple rings and pie filling to put up. And more peach butter, I gave away all of it already.

  • Pears, pears, pears!

    Hoping they will be ready in the next week or two. Pear relish, pickled pears, pear preserves, and pears in a light syrup are on my list.

  • Prickly pear jelly! I need to get out to the median of a road out here where I live. The pears there are huge and have that great deep ruby red color to them. Perfect! I just need to buy jars though.

  • I still have tomatoes, peaches, peach plum jam and pepper jelly left to can. I just finished up with the crabapple jelly today.