Giveaway: Morinaga Make-Your-Own Tofu Kit

October 20, 2015

tofu kit gear

This week, I’m giving away Morinaga’s new Make-Your-Own Tofu kit. The kit includes 6 packages of soy milk, 6 pouches of nigari (it’s the coagulant), 1 momen tofu press, and cheese cloth for lining the press. The soy milk is made from non-GMO soybeans and is preservative-free.

tofu press

Tomorrow, I’ll have a post up, walking you through how to use the kit to make a batch of pressed momen tofu (you can also watch a video from Morinaga here). I found the kit incredibly easy to use and the results were really delicious. This would be a really fun project to do with kids, particularly if you’re trying to convince of the deliciousness of tofu!

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me a tofu story. Do you love it? Hate it? Have you ever made it on your own?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, October 24, 2015. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, October 25, 2015.
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents. Void where prohibited.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Morinaga sent me a tofu kit to try and are also providing this unit for this giveaway. No additional compensation was provided for this post, I just though it would be a cool thing to share. 

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154 thoughts on "Giveaway: Morinaga Make-Your-Own Tofu Kit"

  • I was never much into tofu growing up but my mom started making some fresh and the texture is so silky and amazing!

  • I love tofu and so do my kids. When my son was a toddler, one of his favorite dishes was “saucy tofu.” The kit looks fab!

  • I don’t use a lot of tofu so it is one of those food items that I am never sure what to do with. Would love to learn more about tofu and how to make it.

  • I love tofu! I recently discovered a locally-made brand and am excited to find other different types. Making my own would be great!

  • The best tasting tofu is homemade, which I did years ago and now am considering beginning again as I have more time in retirement. The tofu maker you are showing looks a lot like the one I used when in my 20’s, would be fun to have one like that.

  • I’ve made cheese and have been looking to try tofu. Maybe this could push me over the edge into actually doing it.

  • Love, love, LOVE tofu and I have been toying with the idea of making it from scratc. converted my hubby, This kit would be wonderful.

    I’ve even converted my meat and potatoes hubby with this recipe. He thought he was eating fish sticks! The key for me is to freeze it first; the texture is quite chewy and it holds up to frying better.

    And you need the sauce too.

  • I like tofu in miso soup. Otherwise, I haven’t found another way I’ve liked. My son loves it, so I would let him make his own.

  • My kids and I LOVE tofu and they were just asking the other day how it was made. Now, I have diy’d many things in my time but never thought tofu was one of them. I would love to have a chance to try it with them! And then grill it. Or make miso soup. Or a stir fry. Or…..

  • Wow, it never occurred to me to make tofu – this sounds fabulous! It’s my preferred protein for asian dishes. The first time I had it, I was in my mid-20s and an acquaintance made some with an orange glaze. I’ve been wishing I’d asked for the recipe ever since.

  • I was not a fan of tofu until I ate it in China – they do delicious things with tofu!! I would like to try and make my own tofu to experiment with those delicious Asian recipes!

  • I’m an occasional tofu eater. Would be interesting to make my own. Would definitely have to eat more if I made it.

  • I’ve made my own tofu several times before, but never with the benefit of a good mold. I also used vinegar, which of course imparted a pretty strong flavor. Would LOVE to try it with nigari..and this mold ;).

  • I would love to win this for my daughter, who recently started cooking a lot with tofu. The fact that it is GMO free is an added bonus.

  • I like tofu but my kids are deeply suspicious~ we’ve never made it before, perhaps that would entice them to try it.

  • Oh my goodness! This looks amazing! My 4 year old daughter is a tofu fanatic! She always wants it in everything, and will eat it straight out of the package. I have found her sneaking into the fridge in search of tofu! Thanks for the entry, & for sharing this info- what a great project!

  • Tofu is as good as what you cook with it, being something of a blank slate. I’ve never tried making it myself, but have thought about trying for more years than I care to admit. πŸ™‚

  • We’ve been eating more tofu lately, with relatively few places nearby to purchase it. Making our own would be great! Hurray!

    The story: to introduce tofu to the dearly beloved, we ordered some “bean curd with veggies in a tasty sauce” from our favorite Chinese diner. It really IS delicious. Once agreeing that tofu is good in that form, having it blended into soups and such is suddenly now acceptable. Happy ending.

  • I’ve been trying to eat more tofu for health reasons, but have never been all that excited by it. A friend of mine recommended making it from scratch, which did spark my interest. Looking forward to trying it.

  • I love tofu, and as a vegetarian I eat it relatively often. I have never made it, although I have long wanted to try to do so. I have made tempeh, which was fun and turned out quite well. Perhaps tofu will be next.

  • Yum! I’ve never tried making my own tofu. I remember visiting the west coast and they had slabs of tofu to freeze – awesome!

  • I used to make tofu in 1979-1981 when I lived in rural Iowa. I experimented with other coagulants you could find in rural Iowa and made magical clouds of tofu with lemon juice.

    I moved to Minneapolis in 1981 and started to make tofu with nigari. I then discovered that there was a commercial tofu maker in Minneapolis and started buying someone else’s very fresh tofu instead.

    I moved to rural Minnesota in 1994 and made tofu a few times until we could get relatively fresh tofu at the co-op. I always think about making tofu again to get the texture and hardness I want, and this would be a great opportunity to start making tofu again.

  • I love tofu, but don’t eat it nearly enough. I’ve never tried to make it. My favorite preparations are cubed into a stirfry, or sliced thinly and rolled into rice paper with mint and bean sprouts.

  • I love tofu and if it were possible, I would live off of it! I have even gotten some of my family and friends who thought it was just gross looking to like it, when I make it that is. I know someone who grows non gmo soybeans and we have talked a few times about trying to make tofu. Wouldn’t that be a fun thing to tell him, I got the press, you got the beans, lets make tofu!

  • I love tofu and am trying to incorporate more of it in my cooking planning. But I’m making progress! My current favorite is the Ottolenghi tofu dish with black pepper. I’d love this kit to learn how to make my own. I’ve been so curious about how to make it that this is perfect timing!

  • We’ve been eating more tofu as we trying to wean more and more meat out of our nightly dinners. We’ve had some successes and failures and I’d love to try to make it on my own!

  • I like to tofu – but my husband loves tofu. I’m trying to incorporate more of it into my cooking. I was making my own for a few years with really good results – would love to get back into it again!

  • Tofu and I go way back to the ’70’s when I first learned how to prepare it among a wonderful group of healthy minded friends!

  • After making buttermilk, cheese, yogurt…what’s next? Tofu, I presume! We’ve always steered clear of soy products do to estrogen scare (I have boys), but I think that’s overblown.

  • Definitely a standard ingredient in my fridge, but I’ve never made my own! Tracking down a mold has slowed me up so far…

  • I like tofu a lot. I want to try making it, but I’ve just never gotten around to getting a kit or a tofu press. It’s on my someday list.

  • I’ve been eating tofu smoothies with this brand and they are great. The grocery store decided to just sell their own brand which isn’t non-gmo or smooth. So I’d love to try making my own.

  • I love tofu and the thought of making it homemade wth the kids is so cool! It’s dinner and a science lesson all in one! Amazing!!

  • I love tofu, and I would love to make my own! What a great giveaway! I use tofu in summer rolls (smoked is fun), stir fries, soups, and I like to bake it to make jerky or bacon. Inevitably, when I’m slicing up a block, I’ll snag a few pieces to snack on, fresh and plain. So good!

  • Would love to have more GOOD tofu to eat and cook with. Store bought stuff just isn’t cutting it for me. This just might be what I’m looking for! Bring it on!

  • I love tofu – especially in stir-fry! I haven’t thought of making it on my own before, but it sounds intriguing.

  • I love tofu in pad thai, and a few other stir fry dishes, as well as chili. Although I haven’t ever made my own tofu, I have had homemade and it is awesome! It would be really cool to make tofu myself using the kit.

  • Love tofu! My favorite tofu story – my SO’s co-worker was talking about how much she loved the miso soup at a buffet with “those little cubes of cheese.”

  • Never made it from scratch before, and am super curious. I do make my own baked tofu for salads, sandwiches and stir fries.

  • This kit looks awesome! I adore tofu, and frequently order it as my “meat” in restaurant stir-fry dishes or yakisoba. Inevitably this leads the thoughtful server to assume I’m vegetarian – I know because they ask if it’s okay if there is egg in the meal. πŸ™‚