Giveaway: Mighty Nest’s Pie Box and Serving Kit

July 22, 2013(updated on October 3, 2018)

in the pie box

Most people think that pie is a winter dessert. After all, it’s traditional to serve it at Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. Thing is, the summer months are made for pie. All that seasonal fruit just begs to be tossed with a little sugar and flour and tucked between two layers of pastry. To truly feel like I’ve gotten the most out of these warm months, I have to make at least three or four pies.

Pie Box

The thing is, pie is a dessert that craves community. It is at its best a few hours out of the oven and doesn’t keep particularly well (I figure no more than 48 hours before the crust has gone unpleasantly soft). So a pie maker is faced with an age-old issue. Eat the bulk of a pie on her own or find people to share the pie with. Because I have a healthy respect for the integrity of my arteries, I always opt to share.

Mighty Nest Pie Box kit

However, transporting a pie without damaging its delicate, flaky structure can be a tough trick. Sure, you can tuck it into a cake carrier (if you have one). But because they’re scaled for larger desserts, it might slide around. You can balance it in a cardboard box or risk carrying it uncovered. Or, you can tuck it into a Pie Box.

unbaked cherry pie

Designed to hold a 9 inch pie, the Pie Box is made of untreated raw pine by hand in Chicago. It is sturdy, solid, and when paired with a glass pie pan and a wooden server like Mighty Nest has done, makes for a perfect way to share and give a pie.

baked cherry pie

I have some very nice neighbors named Sarah and Dave. They are both grad students and are in the throes of dissertation writing. It goes without saying that they’ve been a little stressed. And to my mind, nothing alleviates stress like a homemade pie.

cherry pie in pie box

Sour cherries have been in season, so I used them in a simple pie for Sarah and Dave. It was five cups of pitted sour cherries, tossed with 3/4 cup of sugar, 2 tablespoons of cornstarch, and a pinch of salt. I used a basic white flour pie crust and cut the top out using a round biscuit cutter.

from the top

Once it was cool, I tucked it into the Pie Box and Scott and I walked it over to Sarah and Dave’s apartment. They invited us in to share the pie and we stood around for an hour, talking about life, summertime and pie. It was a terrific stress reliever for all involved.

pie box inscription

Sarah and Dave plan to “pie it forward” and share the Pie Box, plate and server with a friend sometime in the future. I wrote the name and date of the pie I gave them on the lid of the box, and when they pass the pie kit along, they’ll do the same. Hopefully, this particular pie box will carry many a pie and travel around the city (and even country!).

Sarah and Dave with their Pie Box

Thanks to the nice folks at Mighty Nest, I have one of these Pie Box and serving kits to give away (maybe you’ll “pie it forward” too!). I’m also including a jar of homemade sour cherry pie filling, so that you can make your own pie.

As you can see, there’s a Rafflecopter widget just below instead of my regular entry guidelines. Because I’m working with Mighty Nest for this giveaway, we’re using it to track entries and give people more opportunities to win. Think of it as an experiment.

Kate at the Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking is also giving away a pie box, serving kit and jar of her gluten-free pie crust mix. Make sure to visit her post to enter as well!

This giveaway will run until Sunday, July 28 at 12 noon EST. Open to US residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Mighty Nest provided the pie kit I gave to Sarah and Dave, are supplying the one for this giveaway, and they’ve also given me one to keep. They also provided the Weck jars in which I canned the sour cherry pie filling. All thoughts and opinions remain my own. 

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542 thoughts on "Giveaway: Mighty Nest’s Pie Box and Serving Kit"

  • My mom spent an entire summer as a teen making pies for her family (what happens in middle of nowhere South Dakota when you can’t get a job in the early 70’s, I guess) and I love hearing her and her mom talk about how great she got at crust and all the different pies she made and how they loved having fresh pie every single day!

  • As a kid my mom was crazy about Marie Calendar’s pies. Periodically we’d pick up one or just go there for pie. My favorite back then was boysenberry but they were all good. I’ve graduated to making my own now (or for a quicker option, bake a fruit crisp in the round instead!)

  • It’s hard to have just one favorite pie memory but the first pie i ever baked came at the end of a day of apple picking with my now husband. my pies have been prettier since but that one was delicious

  • My friend had pies at her wedding instead of cake. I ate the filling out of almost an entire pie and then danced the night away!

  • I love this pie box gift idea! I mostly make pies during the holidays, but this post has just given me an idea to make a mango pie – using the basic peach pie and swapping mango instead. We live in Hawaii and our mango tree is pumping out the fruit. Need some new uses.

    Mahalo for the chance to win a pie box!

  • I admire people who can make pies. I’m not one of them. But I love to eat them! The pie, that is. Not the person who’s talent is to make them.

  • Coming in to grandma’s house after school, just as the apple pie came out of the oven. The half hour wait before she’d cut it was torture, but does anything smell better than hot apple pie on a fall day?

  • I love to make pie and my favorite memory would have to be making apple pies with my grandmother. It was always special because she did not bake (but she did cook, a lot) but these she made. I still use her eyeball recipe when I make them after the obligatory fall apple picking my husband and I do every year.

  • Coming home after school to my great-grandmother’s apple pies is one of my most favorite memories. She would always bake the extra dough with some cinnamon and sugar and we’d snack on that.

  • I bake a lot of pies. We have a Gravenstein apple tree about 50 or 60 years old. We get between 3 and 7 bushels of apples every year. This year it looks like about 4. They don’t keep, so have to use them up and process them fast. So this weekend I will be working on them–pies, applesauce canned, and sliced apples in the freezer too. The pie box is pretty cute.

  • Feeding my dad (a self-proclaimed tofu-hater) creamy tofu chocolate pie…and letting him guess the ingredients afterward…the memory of the look on his face still puts a smile on my face!

  • My favorite pie memory is making Pecan Pies for Thanksgiving with my Mom. My task was arranging the pecans in perfect concentric circles on top of the filling.

  • Oh, it’s my birthday tomorrow! It’d be a nice birthday present. My favorite summertime pie is blackberry. Mmmm.

  • Hello, I am new to canning, I have had such a great time with my kids this year. We have so many overflow jars in the fridge, a pie will have to wait until fall, but I am very eager to try out my new skills!

  • My late grandmother’s shoo fly pie was always a hit. I can’t think of it without thinking of her!

  • I’ve never heard of sour cherry pie, but I do love cherries. They must not be available here in deep east Texas where I live, so I’d love to win the giveaway & make one & “pie it forward” with one of my specialty pecan pies!

  • I once went to a Thanksgiving Day pot luck feast hosted by friends Randy and Jerry. Besides all the main meal dishes people brought, there were 14 pies for the 12 people in attendance to enjoy. Near the end of the meal, an older gentleman arrived and his eyes got very wide and a big smile enveloped his face as he spied the table full of pies. This is my favorite pie memory.

  • I made a lemon meringue pie from scratch when I was in school and I thought it was the best tasting pie I’ve ever had. But I do enjoy pumpkin, cherry and blueberry pies. Yum….

  • My favorite pie memory is from just a few years ago. My Dad was experimenting with growing rhubarb in his garden, just so he & I could make pie together. We harvested rhubarb along with strawberries, and baked them into a beautiful homemade crust. When we excitedly served the pie we saw a lot of confused looks on peoples faces, not understanding until we took our first bite~ the pie tasted like dirt! No one had ever told us that rhubarb plants need to be at least a couple of years old before you use them! The pie is even more memorable for the mistake, though…

  • that pie box is the coolest thing ever.. what a great idea for transporting and I love your idea of writing the dates and the types of pie on the lid

  • I love making and giving pies….this has so much more personality than a paper pie box! I’m going to have to buy one if winning isn’t in my future. 🙂