Giveaway: Mighty Nest’s Pie Box and Serving Kit

in the pie box

Most people think that pie is a winter dessert. After all, it’s traditional to serve it at Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. Thing is, the summer months are made for pie. All that seasonal fruit just begs to be tossed with a little sugar and flour and tucked between two layers of pastry. To truly feel like I’ve gotten the most out of these warm months, I have to make at least three or four pies.

Pie Box

The thing is, pie is a dessert that craves community. It is at its best a few hours out of the oven and doesn’t keep particularly well (I figure no more than 48 hours before the crust has gone unpleasantly soft). So a pie maker is faced with an age-old issue. Eat the bulk of a pie on her own or find people to share the pie with. Because I have a healthy respect for the integrity of my arteries, I always opt to share.

Mighty Nest Pie Box kit

However, transporting a pie without damaging its delicate, flaky structure can be a tough trick. Sure, you can tuck it into a cake carrier (if you have one). But because they’re scaled for larger desserts, it might slide around. You can balance it in a cardboard box or risk carrying it uncovered. Or, you can tuck it into a Pie Box.

unbaked cherry pie

Designed to hold a 9 inch pie, the Pie Box is made of untreated raw pine by hand in Chicago. It is sturdy, solid, and when paired with a glass pie pan and a wooden server like Mighty Nest has done, makes for a perfect way to share and give a pie.

baked cherry pie

I have some very nice neighbors named Sarah and Dave. They are both grad students and are in the throes of dissertation writing. It goes without saying that they’ve been a little stressed. And to my mind, nothing alleviates stress like a homemade pie.

cherry pie in pie box

Sour cherries have been in season, so I used them in a simple pie for Sarah and Dave. It was five cups of pitted sour cherries, tossed with 3/4 cup of sugar, 2 tablespoons of cornstarch, and a pinch of salt. I used a basic white flour pie crust and cut the top out using a round biscuit cutter.

from the top

Once it was cool, I tucked it into the Pie Box and Scott and I walked it over to Sarah and Dave’s apartment. They invited us in to share the pie and we stood around for an hour, talking about life, summertime and pie. It was a terrific stress reliever for all involved.

pie box inscription

Sarah and Dave plan to “pie it forward” and share the Pie Box, plate and server with a friend sometime in the future. I wrote the name and date of the pie I gave them on the lid of the box, and when they pass the pie kit along, they’ll do the same. Hopefully, this particular pie box will carry many a pie and travel around the city (and even country!).

Sarah and Dave with their Pie Box

Thanks to the nice folks at Mighty Nest, I have one of these Pie Box and serving kits to give away (maybe you’ll “pie it forward” too!). I’m also including a jar of homemade sour cherry pie filling, so that you can make your own pie.

As you can see, there’s a Rafflecopter widget just below instead of my regular entry guidelines. Because I’m working with Mighty Nest for this giveaway, we’re using it to track entries and give people more opportunities to win. Think of it as an experiment.

Kate at the Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking is also giving away a pie box, serving kit and jar of her gluten-free pie crust mix. Make sure to visit her post to enter as well!

This giveaway will run until Sunday, July 28 at 12 noon EST. Open to US residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Mighty Nest provided the pie kit I gave to Sarah and Dave, are supplying the one for this giveaway, and they’ve also given me one to keep. They also provided the Weck jars in which I canned the sour cherry pie filling. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.Β 

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542 responses to “Giveaway: Mighty Nest’s Pie Box and Serving Kit”

  1. My grandmothers apple pie. She made it from scratch every year for my birthday, which is in the fall, when apples are their best!

  2. I remember my first successful pie – it was pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. I was so daunted by making pie crust and it really is so easy and delicious when made from scratch with real butter. Yum!

  3. My grandmother taught me to make pie dough when I was very little. First I was allowed to roll out the scraps of dough and cut it with cookie cutters and bake with cinnamon sugar. Later I was allowed to roll out the dough for pie itself, and learned to get it into the pan without breaking it. Pie is forever entwined with my memories of my grandmother’s kitchen and every time I make pie, I think of her.

  4. My Dad held a contest every summer – among all the pie flavors at Bingham’s Family Restaurant in PA – near our lake cottage. Usually his favorite pie flavor in general – strawberry rhubarb – won, but that never stopped him from holding that contest each year.

  5. What a great idea this box is. I remember some near disasters carrying pies to family/friends.
    Cherry is my second favorite filling, near to Creamy Rhubarb.

  6. I love the idea of “pie it forward”. I also love my piebox so, if I happen to win, I promise to “pie it forward” and give this one to a friend! (With a pie and maybe a pie-dough lesson since everyone seems to be scared of making it!)

  7. My memory is of my OWN pies! I make a delicious Pie made ONLY with Colorado Peaches. Friends wait for it every year…..they hint about it all year. It is ALMOST Colorado Peach time and I’ve wanted one of these boxes for a year!

  8. My favorite pie is definitely my grandmother’s classic apple. Haven’t yet figured out how to replicate the recipe, but we keep trying!

  9. I just plain like to make pies, year round. I have a cookbook 365 Pies a Year that was given my by my sister in law and I have tried a goodly number of them.

  10. My favorite memory is picking blackberries along the rural roads of SC on hot, muggy summer days, getting bite by chiggers, and then helping my grandmother make blackberry pie at her lake house. After dinner sitting on the porch cooling off with the breeze off the lake and a huge piece of pie with a scoop of ice cream on top. Mmmm…now that is living the good life.

  11. I’m just starting the scary/exciting/crazy process of being a grown up and have been intimidated by pies for ages. Given my (extreme) love for fruit in all of its permutations there is really no reason to stay off the pie-bandwagon any longer. πŸ™‚

  12. What a great idea! I’m definitely going to adopt that one. My favorite pie ever is a rustic apricot galette, shared with friends at an impromptu picnic.

  13. My husband, Ray, and I have made a lot of memories involving pie since we have been entering the annual Collingswood Farmers Market Peach and Apple pie contests every year since they began. We always love coming up with new flavor ideas and crust designs.

  14. My pies are a work in progress. The fillings are good, but my crusts are iffy–I think I lack the subtle touch pie crusts need.

  15. the very first pie i ever made was a blueberry pie…last summer! now i’m hooked on picking fresh fruit this summer and making pies! my family never made pies growing up with the exception of pecan pie at thanksgiving so i really enjoy the summer fruit pies!

  16. Maybe the time I made a shoo-fly pie. I was living in Pennsylvania and wanted to try a local flavor. Turns out I wasn’t really a fan…

  17. When I was 6 or 7, my aunt brought pie to Thanksgiving dinner that she had made from scratch. When we were done eating dessert, I exclaimed loudly, “That’s the best apple pie I ever ate, Aunty Nancy!”

    My aunt laughed out loud…Apparently it was a bit chunky pumpkin pie.

    My family retold that story for years at every Thanksgiving πŸ™‚

  18. We always had French Silk pie at every holiday when I was a kid — such an ideal dessert to a little kid. My brother and I looked forward to it for so long before each event!

  19. I adore pie. It was always my go-to instead of birthday cake, and these days, my sister and I joke about being a competitive piemaking team. I always make the crust, and she tastes the filling.

  20. The first time I made a cherry pie from scratch is an occasion that my family still talks about fondly. It was perfect on the first try, and now it’s an annual tradition when cherries get cheap.

  21. We have a yearly Pie Off with friends and neighbors – we’re on our 8th annual this year, and have made some amazing memories along the way.

  22. My favorite memory of pie? Probably making my very first lemon meringue pie for my mom’s birthday a few years ago. I was terrified it wouldn’t come out right, or worse yet, completely get smooshed because of the extreme heat (her birthday is July 5th). But all was well & it was announced “the best lemon meringue pie ever!”

  23. I have lots of fond pie memories. Its a toss up between weekly midnight excursions for pies and chatting with my roommate to House of Pies when we were undergrads and cutting the wedding apple pie (instead of cake) made by my dear mother-in-law. Also Derby pies, those are sinful.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  24. My favorite pie memory was the first time I made my own pie at home–vegan & completely from scratch with local organic produce! Took some work, but was easier than I thought it would be & completely worth the effort.

  25. My favorite pie is blueberry . My mother in law taught me how to make them but they never seemed to taste as good as hers.

  26. My favorite memory of pie is making a ton of pie dough the weekend before Thanksgiving so that I can make four or five pies for the holiday. But man I love making stone fruit pies the best.

  27. My favorite memory of pie is making a ton of pie dough the weekend before Thanksgiving so that I can make four or five pies for the holiday. But man I love making stone fruit pies the best.

  28. I’m not a huge pie fan but my husband is. He has fond memories of the sky-high meringue his grandmother put on top of her pies. I’m a cake girl myself but I can remember having a delicious peach pie once with the flakiest, butteriest crust that was the best I’d ever eatenβ€”YUM.

    If I won this Pie Box I would give it to my mother-in-law as a gift. She makes pies around the holidays and I know she would love it!

  29. I remember my husband making a pecan pie for our first Thanksgiving together. We each suffered through one slice and called it a lost cause. It was pretty unappealing, but I know he put a lot of love into baking it.

  30. One of my favorite pie memories is also about a cherry pie – I brought it to the party where I was meeting my then-boyfriend’s friends for the first time. I think it was a hit, since he’s now my husband and they’re all my friends, now, too πŸ™‚

  31. Getting a slice of cherry crumb pie for dessert at the chicken and waffle dinners our firehouse used as a fundraiser.

  32. My favorite memory is helping my mom cut apples and mix all of the ingredients for a delicious apple pie! πŸ™‚

  33. Getting a slice of cherry crumb pie for dessert at the chicken and waffle dinners our firehouse used as a fundraiser.

  34. My favorite pie memory is the first time I tried to bake a key lime pie with my cousin. We were about 13 years old at the time and it was a huge disaster! It tasted horrible, but it was a lot of fun to make!

  35. Couple of memories: my grandma taught me how to make an apple pie when I was 12. I entered one in the Washington County Fair and won a blue ribbon. In my adult life I walked in the kitchen of my parents’ house, and my dad was hoping to surprise my mom with a rhubarb pie. It looked like he was making a crisp instead, so I coached him a bit with the crust. Our teamwork resulted in a delish pie!

  36. I guess it’s because I love fruit, but I’m much more likely to make pie in the summer than winter (except obligatory pumpkin holiday pies!). And sour cherry is the best.

    • Sorry–misread. I don’t know about favorite, but I have a funny one, in which I forgot to put sugar in last Christmas’s pumpkin pie.

  37. For me, pies are mostly a summer food. That’s when you get the yummy blueberries, strawberries, peaches, rhubarb, etc that make the best pies. My favorite pie is pecan, but I don’t make it anymore because my husband is allergic to them. Second favorite is peach blueberry.

  38. Love pumpkin pie and chocolate pies but my favorite pie is my Nana’s Frozen Chocolate Pie. Delicious and so rich that you could only have a very thin slice. Nana has been gone for 6 years now but I still remember what a great cook and baker she was πŸ™‚

  39. My mom wasn’t a great cook. She could cook only a dozen things that were actually edible, but her apple pies were really great, and I still haven’t had one as good. The fall always reminds me of her making pies, which I really miss.

    Peeling apples, however, is probably my least favorite pie memory.

  40. Wow those are cute! Just froze a lot of organic strawberries so this would be a perfect use for them πŸ™‚

  41. Last summer I bought peaches from a friend that I put up with my children as peach pie filling, and then served to my Mother-in-Law and her sister for her birthday using my Great Grandmother’s pie crust recipe. That is one of my favorite pie memories. I didn’t have time to let my pie cool, so we ate peach soup with crust, but combining that much love into one pie experience makes it a memory worth keeping. πŸ™‚

  42. This would’ve come in handy yesterday, when I was transporting a peach/nectarine/blackberry pie to a party!

  43. My favorite memory is watching my (late) paternal grandma opening a 2 qt. jar of her canned cherries & the way she decorated the top crust with a cutter/pattern tool.

  44. I would love to get this! I make pies all year and hate how I have to McGuyver them in my car whenever I take them to someone’s house. This would solve that problem

  45. My Papa (grandfather) recently passed away, but until recently it was a family tradition to go over to his and Mama’s house for summer cookouts. Mama always made apple pie and Papa always made homemade vanilla ice cream to go with it. I will always have a hazy summer memory growing up with the fireflies around, everyone on the patio eating ice cream and pie and watermelon.

  46. I just really love making pies that other people enjoy. It seems that there is a mental block for people with pie, something about it being “hard”. It is nice to give something that has such clout!

  47. My favorite pie memory is a hilarious one involving my father and a peach pie but it includes non-family friendly language so I’ll just leave it at that.

  48. When I was a kid, my mom would always bake me a pie (usually apple) for my birthday. She would always cut beautiful flower patterns into the top crust. My pies never turn out as pretty as hers were, but baking them always makes me think of her.

  49. Cherry Pie is my all time favorite! In fact, Cherry anything!
    I make all my cherry pies with bings cherries. I never knew what the sour pie cherry was until the mid 90’s. I picked cherries for years when I was young.

  50. I recently made a pie marrying a memory of my youth with a bit of innocence and invention. Duraznos en almibar con crema (Peaches in sweet syrup with Mexican rich cream) was one of my favorite dishes as a child. We had a peach tree in front of our house, which we loved and nurtured since the start. My mom preserved the peaches in almibar, creating sweet and full bodied results that we all loved.
    A local business had a competition for best peach pie using their lard. I wanted to make something that evoked that peach memory. I made a bourbon sweet syrup and had the peaches resting overnight in it. The filling was a custard made with Mexican cream, which has sweet, yet velvety. The lard pie crust was flaky, a bit savory and perfect for the peaches. At the end, I decided to not participate in the contest. We ate it at home and created a new memory.

  51. One of my favorite pie memories was at family get together times when someone would decide to make a cream pie. All of us cousins would sneak around and pick as many of the little peaks off of the cream top before we got caught. πŸ™‚

  52. Oh my goodness, that is a genius idea. I also think pie is a summer dessert. Pie ala mode, life does not get any better than that!

  53. My Mom’s coconut cream pies. The cream filling was always homemade with meringue made from our chicken’s eggs. Never been able to duplicate it.

  54. Oh, I love this concept! My fave pie is, um, all of them. I don’t think I can pick a favorite. well, maybe pecan. Or lemon meringue with an uncooked filling.

  55. Lovely pie and WONDERFUL idea to “pie it forward”. I love to create in my kitchen, but certainly don’t need to eat it all. Sharing with a neighbor or friend is the best way to enjoy these wonderful treats. Cherry is my favorite kind of pie.

  56. Pie baking is a favorite of mine! And expecially when I know I’m giving the pie to someone who will truly enjoy it. I would love to win this box and share another pie.

  57. My favorite pie memory is more of a favorite annual ritual: helping my husband bake pecan pie for Thanksgiving. Every year I document our Pecan Pie photos and share them with friends and family who can’t spend the day with us. It’s always my favorite pie of the year!

  58. My step-father asked for sweet potato pie one Thanksgiving when I asked for special requests for vegetables (the turkey, potatoes & stuffing were already being provided by other family members). Since he rarely asked for anything special I did some research and made a special pie for him – complete with cinnamon & nutmeg added to the pastry crust. We did cheat a bit – used Cool Whip for both pies that year (Mom made pecan) since there was traveling involved and the host had a tiny kitchen. I did get some more traditional vegetable requests so we had a fairly balanced meal – but we still laugh about pie being requested as a vegetable!

    I grew up surrounded by apples so that was the pie I made most often – I can eat that for every meal including breakfast! Competing with the kids to peel the apples in one long spiral made that chore a bit more fun.

  59. Love this! I am a huge pie-advocate and love any easy way to transport my baked goodies. Growing up my grandmother only made fruit-centric desserts so summer pies always take me right back to her kitchen.

  60. My favourite memory would be making pumpkin pies in a jar with my children because we like to seal them and give them to family friends and drop a few off to the homeless shelter so they hve something nice and warm to eat and they keep the jar as a bonus πŸ˜‰

  61. A memorable day at my grandparents’ house with my favorite cousin– my Nana had been steadily losing vision because of macular degeneration but still loved to bake and would do so from memory. She baked a strawberry pie with some fresh berries from the farm, her perfect crust, and a whole lot of salt instead of sugar! My aunt was concerned about upsetting her, so we all dug in and played along, exclaiming over the crust and the berries, until Nana took a bite… She was upset, but soon started giggling. We sat around the table laughing and laughing.

  62. Pie was such an integral part of summer of summer growing up. It is impossible to pick out one memory! It just reminds me of warm summers with my family picking fruit. I would usually rather have fresh fruit pies than cake.

  63. Making pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving for the first time, from scratch. So satisfying!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. Not a fan of the widget being used for the entries. But to be honest, I’m not a fan of needing to sign up to follow someone on pinterest, facebook, twitter AND get their RSS feed unless the content is different enough on all of them to warrant. Is it?

    As for pie – I love my mom’s pecan pie, my grandfather’s apple pie, and just about any pie my mother-in-law makes. She doesn’t make too many these days, but each one is a good one!

  65. my favorite pie related memory is always having a slice of pumpkin on thanksgiving, even if we were way too stuffed from dinner!

  66. I love remembering winning our family and friends Cook-Off of ‘Pies’- with my rosemary cornmeal crust and sour cherry filling! It was delicious!!

  67. You are right, summer is time for pie! I’ve made a few blueberry pies (with a yummy almond paste streusel topping) already and am looking forward to apple and peach season. And then there are the 10 plus squashes in the garden that are growing big and will make amazing pumpkin pies this fall. YUM!

  68. Hmmm… favorite memory of pie… has to be when my little brother (at around age 2) climbed onto the dining room table. We found him sitting there eating the entire pie that my mom had left on the table!

  69. My favorite pie memory is all the variety of pies my grandmother would make for Thanksgiving. I always had a slice of each, apple, pumpkin and cherry.

  70. Last week I made a peach custard pie that was wonderful; would love this to make some pies to pass on. Love the idea of a traveling pie box as a gift.

  71. I love both the pie box and the pie it forward idea! I would love to be on the receiving end of that so if I win I will definitely have to start it here!

  72. Last year I made 7 quarts of peach pie filling, half laughing at myself for the massive quantity and wondering exactly how our little family of two was going to manage to eat 7 peach pies during the coming year. We just finished our last jar, and my pies have now become somewhat notorious. They showed up at Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter… And I’m definitley making more pie filling this year!

  73. Pie is the first thing that comes to mind when planning a dinner for a group of friends and family. This box is the perfect way to enjoy pie time and time again!

  74. I recently made my very first pie crust for a sugar free coconut creme pie for a diabetic friend of mine. It was a huge success.

  75. Favorite pie memory – a recent one, discovering an oat crumb topping recipe for an older can of apple pie filling I had made the previous year. Delicious!!

  76. One year at Thanksgiving my older cousin wanted to make a lemon meringue pie. My grandmother secretly made one, too, just in case my cousin’s pie didn’t turn out. My cousin was super annoyed when she found out, but in the end we had two awesome lemon meringue pies! πŸ™‚

  77. One of my favorite pie memories is trying to make pumpkin pie while living as an exchange student in the Czech Republic. My host parents thought it was so strange that we make desserts out of pumpkin pie. My host dad ended up liking it so much he ate all the leftovers that we were saving for the next day.

  78. I rediscovered pie a few summers ago when a farmer friend repaid a kindness by making a meal for a team who helped raise money for her to go to the slow food conference in Italy. She ended the meal with her buttermilk pie and served it with blackberries. I love its simplicity and tangy richness.
    The pie box!! I am a caterer and am always constructing card board carriers which are never the perfect thing to transport pie– I would love to own a stack of these!

  79. I was carrying a huckleberry pie down the street to a potluck once and unbeknownst to me, was dripping huckleberry juice all over my pants with each step. I didn’t have a clue until someone said “I love your jeans!” and I looked down to see what looked like purple rain drops all down my legs. We all had a good laugh. πŸ™‚

  80. My Oma always would make apple pies with apples from her apple tree. Sadly, the apple tree is no more. Happily, Oma is still around to visit with!

  81. Pie always makes me think of my late Grandmother and Thanksgiving – she was the pie maker for many years and I have many pumpkin pie memories, including the year my cousin and I stole a whole pie and secreted away to eat the WHOLE THING.

  82. My favorite pie is strawberry rhubarb! Since strawberries have such a short season in NW I usually can filling so I can have fresh strawberry rhubarb pie during the holidays.

  83. Summer pies ARE the best! Every now and then I bring a pie over to my husband’s office, so this pie box would be the perfect thing to carry it in πŸ™‚

  84. My favorite memory about pie is every Thanksgiving and Christmas, Mary Rogers, a family friend would bring my mom and dad a store bought pumpkin pie. They all have been gone for years but I always think about those pumpkin pies.

  85. I made fresh pies as Christmas presents one year. I found out what everyone’s favorite and they loved them. I did it because I didn’t have money and it turned out to be the coolest thing ever.

  86. We always held a huge Thanksgiving at our hou growing up and my mom would make at least 4 pies. Dutch apple, regular apple, then usually a pumpkin and custard pie, which regardless of season is still my favorite. πŸ™‚

  87. my husband HATES cooking, but last year he made a strawberry-rhubarb pie together and it was just a fun day together. that’s probably the best pie i’ve ever had, too!

  88. Those pie boxes look fabulous! I sent my husband on an pre-Thanksgiving emergency trip to the local box store this last year and ended up with five plastic things that were better than nothing, but not good enough to use year after year. Thanks!

  89. My favorite pie memory is from my freshman year at college. My grandmother made a pumpkin pie (one of my favorites) over Thanksgiving for me to take with me back to campus. I kept sneaking pieces on the drive back and I don’t think much of it really made it through the trip!

  90. I have a special affinity for blueberry pie. It was the very first type of pie I made on my own using a recipe from my mom’s 1970’s Betty Crocker cookbook. I was so excited after I got the scratch crust made, but then I realized I didn’t have any lemon juice for the filling…so I ended up using a splash of Mountain Dew (I was in Junior High, what can I say)! Surprisingly, it turned out quite well! So, if you’re in a pinch and you don’t have a lemon, Mountain Dew will do the trick!

  91. My favorite pie memory is making pie crusts with my Grussie (Grandma) when I was first married. My mom lived 5 hours away and Grussie was only a few miles away. She and I would get together and make lots of crusts, which I would then freeze for future use. She is no longer living, but everytime I roll a pie crust, I think of her, and wish she was here to help me.

  92. Apple Pie holds a special place in the Kinne household. My husbands FAVORITE pie in the world is apple. For his birthday every year I make him a different type of apple pie. Dutch Apple Pie, Classic Crust on Top Apple Pie, Butterscotch Apple Pie… I’m always on the look-out for new recipes.

  93. I used to make a black-bottom strawberry pie multiple times a summer. So good! Not sure why I stopped…I should get the recipe out and make it again!

  94. Pie.

    The day my grandmother died, I went out for a long drive in the country. My grandmother had married a farmer and lived on a farm, and H G Reed and Sons’ farm reminded me of her farm.

    There was a little farm stand, the kind that is always open, and has a note book for you to write what you bought, and add up the total, and a cash box you can open, pay and make change from if you need it. There was pie in the freezer, and we bought three. They were a tasty way of honouring my granny.

  95. What a great idea. I don’t know where I have been, but I’ve never heard of a pie box before. I am the family pie maker for Thanksgiving and Christmas and I have to transport the pies to my parents – not always successfully. I hope I win one to try it out before I go out and buy more.

  96. I’ll share my husband’s favorite pie memory. When he lived in Germany he lived in a house that had a huge sour cherry tree. He picked a bunch of fruit and made sour cherry pies. His landlady, a nice German elderly lady had never had pie before so he gave her one. She thought it was unusual but delicious. I think of that story every time I eat cherry pie.

    I like the pie it forward idea.

  97. This is such a great idea! I have a pie basket, but this is nicer as there is no space for the pie to shift. I’d have to say that every memory that involves pie is a good one!

  98. Many years ago, my gramma (she who makes mac & cheese by cooking the macaroni and sprinkling the orange cheese powder on top) made a sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving. Being the dutiful (and brave) granddaughter that I am, I tried a slice. Even with the help of a glass of milk, I almost couldn’t get that first bite down. It was the thickest glob of pastiness I have ever eaten. My brother swore off sweet potato pie “for life.” Rising to the challenge, and knowing something as delicious as a sweet potato had to have a delicious pie recipe somewhere, I searched (this was pre-Google) and found in one of my cookbooks (in a bit of irony, it was one given to me by my gramma), an easy recipe. My brother refused to try it. “For life” was serious business. After much begging and cajoling, he tried the smallest possible smidgen of pie. And declared it delicious. Since then, bringing said pie for every Thanksgiving is now my responsibility.

  99. My favorite memory of pie is my wedding where we served it instead of cake! While it took my mom a little while to get on board, my grandpa couldn’t leave the desert table!

  100. The most treasured pies were those that my sisters and I made from our tiny, wild strawberries we picked way out in the pasture.

  101. My mother in law was a wonderful, inventive cook. That being said….she always told stories of her “box of rocks pie crust”. It didn’t stop her from baking her mother an apricot pie for her birthday each year.

  102. I have been coveting this pie box for soooo long. I can’t justify buying one for myself but if I won one….now that would be altogether acceptable πŸ™‚

  103. My favorite pie memory is how my mother makes me a blackberry pie for my birthday every year. One of the best things about a Fall birthday!

  104. My mom is not a big fan of baking (though she loves cooking), so the baking fell to me when I was pretty young and I love it. My favorite memory is actually a failure – I tried to make an apple-cranberry caramel tart for Thanksgiving about five years ago that completely didn’t work. It was based on two recipes and might be great with some tweaking, though. I’m just excited that I tried something, even if it didn’t turn out how I’d hoped.

  105. My favorite pie memory is the first time I made a pie – it was an apple pie and my friend showed me how to make a lattice crust. It was delicious!

  106. What a lovely Pie Box! I usually wrap up my pie in a big sheet of foil when I need it to travel, but this would make a much nicer presentation!

  107. I have lots of memories of eating Stew Leonard’s caramel apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream. It’s one of my dad’s favorites, and one of mine too.

  108. My favorite pie memory is all the pies my mother made and still continues to make as Christmas presents every year. My favorite has always been her “Japanese Fruit Pie.” When I went of to school for the first time, she brought one to my dorm room. πŸ™‚

  109. I have lots of memories of eating Stew Leonard’s caramel apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream. It’s one of my dad’s favorites, and one of mine too.

  110. After my grandfather’s memorial in a very small town in deep Southern Illinois, the women in the church honored him (a former paster) by baking and serving dozens of pies to the memorial attendees. It was a beautiful way to commemorate a man who loved pie, especially those baked by the people in his parish!

  111. Pie is a family dessert for us, and my pie crust is one I learned to make from my mom and my grandma before her. A favorite memory is my sister and I always wanting to eat the last slice of pie out of the pie plate for breakfast (we had to take turns in childhood to make it fair).

  112. My dad makes the best strawberry and raspberry pies. He makes them pretty much every summer, and the best ones were always made with berries from my grandparents’ berry patch. I rarely get to eat my dad’s pies anymore, so I have had to learn to make my own.

  113. Favorite memory would be when I baked a blueberry pie for my boyfriend when we first started dating. It was the best pie I have ever baked and he love it! We took a small piece with us on a picnic, and that was the last time I saw the pie. He ended up eating (or freezing to savor later) the rest of the pie.

  114. My favorite memory is when I followed some advice from Saveur to concentrate the juice from pie apples and toss them with lemon zest before filling the pie. It worked! And it was a good crust day, too, which doesn’t always happen.

  115. I learned to make pie from my mother, and while in college, called her every time I made pie to ask, “Wait, how much cold water?” Her apple pie, made with little steam vents in the shape of an apple, was one of the first recipes I tried to master out on my own in the world. When I was a child, she would always sing Malvina Reynolds’ folk song “and if you love me for a long, long time, plant an apple tree,” while baking, and roll the extra pie leavings with butter, cinnamon, and sugar to bake into a slapdash rugalah for me to devour.

  116. My favorite memory is when I followed some advice from Saveur to concentrate the juice from pie apples and toss them with lemon zest before filling the pie. It worked! And it was a good crust day, too, which doesn’t always happen.

  117. such a cool idea for making the pie box become a traveling gift. I just ordered one for me and a friend, can’t wait to start the rounds of pie sharing.

  118. My favorite pie memory is the year I made a chocolate pecan pie for Thanksgiving with pecans stored in the same bag as some cayenne pepper – made the pie just a wee bit spicy but we ate it any way!

  119. Growing up we’d all take a little sliver of pie every time we went in the kitchen, they didn’t last long. My favorite was rhubarb custard.

  120. The first pie I made after I got married was for my in-laws. The crust was like thick cardboard. It scared me away from pie-baking for many years, but I’m trying again now.

  121. As my best friend says, I learned to cook in spite of my mother, not from her…I love to make tomato pies, chocolate cream pies and strawberry pies.

  122. What an awesome idea – a pie box. Since I am “the pie maker” in my group . . .I dont know if I could possibly part with it and pie it forward . . . .but I just LOVE the idea. I baked my way out of camping with the scouts when my son was young, and a berry pie ALWAYS was appreciated – more than you know. Some of my best dinner parties have ended with pie and ice cream and a good coconut cream pie will get all sorts of “honey do’s” accomplished at home. I just love your top crust – have never thought of that it is adorable. Might be very cute on peach pie too!

  123. After spending a few holidays alone, due to the realities of my job, I have developed a nourishing tradition of baking a Christmas morning pie.

  124. holy smokes! why have I never seen one of these? I just finished a 52 week project where I baked (at least!) one pie a week and gave it to a friend, foe or neighbor! this would have come in handy! check out my humble little “pie blog” at

  125. Before my family was as geographically scattered as it is now, Thanksgiving pie was separate from Thanksgiving lunch/dinner, often in a separate location. It was fun to meet up with a larger group of relatives and have slivers of several kinds of pie.

  126. My favorite pie memory is when I was a toddler – just a little over 2. We lived way out in the country, and my mother was pregnant with my younger sister. She had a ferocious appetite for pie. We’d go out every day and pick blackberries and she’d make a pie, complete with lattice top, and eat the whole thing. My memory of sitting in a booster chair leaning in for my bite of pie straight out of the pie plate – she didn’t bother to cut it – while it was still warm? Best pie memory ever.

  127. Thanksgivings as a kid, when a variety of pies would emerge- cherry, apple and pumpkin, to please all the picky eaters in the family.

    I love the idea of pie it forward!

  128. I’d never thought of pie being a winter dish (although it was absolutely required for winter holidays). We had pie all the time, but my favorite pie memory involves my father’s pie problem. Every month my parents and my mother’s cousin and her husband would get together for dinner and bridge. They alternated houses, and the visiting couple brought dessert. One time my dad made the mistake of politely complimenting my cousin’s Key Lime pie. It turned out that he didn’t really care for it, and perhaps was a bit overenthusiastic to compensate. From then on, every other month, my cousin proudly brought her “famous” Key Lime pie for dessert. My dad choked down slices for years, and it wasn’t until my cousins moved that the torture stopped. To this day, you can still see the fear in my dad’s eyes when you mention Key Lime pie.

  129. We just had a pie last week (somehow transported to where we were in perfect condition. Maybe she had a pie box). It was the best tasting pie I have ever eaten. Yummy, delicious custard pie.

  130. After being gluten free, dairy free and soy free for a few months, it was so nice from a friend to find me a recipe with the prefect pie crust for my dietary needs. She not just gave me the recipe, but also baked me a really good apple pie.

  131. Pies of my seasons: Strawberry-rhubarb for spring, peach for summer, pumpkin pie with real whipped cream for fall and banana-cream for winter. Ahhhh….

  132. Instead of cake for our birthdays we would always ask Mom to make a Coconut Custard pie…sweet memories!

  133. I love the pie it forward idea! I remember my mom making pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving growing up. It was one of the only times she actually let me help bake!

  134. I have fond memories of my grandmother making beautiful pies each year for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    More recently a friend and her family shared a delicious apple pie made in an oversized pie plate big enough to serve at least 15.

  135. It’s hard to choose just one good pie memory-pies and good stories just seem to go together! But I think one of my favorites is the time my sister and I canoed across a lake with two freshly baked blackberry-peach pies as cargo. All made it intact, and they were very delicious!

  136. My favorite pie memory is going to visit my aunt and uncle one summer when I was a kid and my aunt had made 20 pies. We ate pie all day long everyday until they were all eaten. There were pies on every surface in the kitchen and laundry room!

  137. I think fruit pie is my favorite dessert (and I love sour cherry!). . . best the day after its made, cold – for breakfast!

  138. My favourite memory about pie is an old, old one. My Grandmother was the “best pie maker in the area” kind of farm-wife. There was always pie when we went to visit the farm…. cherry was her favourite. I don’t have many clear memories of her, as she died when I was quite young, but I remember her kitchen and I remember her pie!

  139. my favorite pie memory is from my schools annual chicken bbq fundraiser, and the mountains of strawberry pies they sold for dessert. if i didn’t buy anything else i had to have that strawberry pie!

  140. My favorite pie is peach pie with a splash of bourbon. So juicy and delicious. Served warm with vanilla ice cream with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

  141. Pie it forward is BRILLIANT!!! Summer is pie season, for sure. Your cherry pie is gorgeous! I need to do a circle top crust soon… it’s so beautiful.

  142. My favorite memory is my father always cooking cherry pie. One birthday, we bought him one but he ended up cooking his own because he liked them so much better.

  143. I totally agree–my favorite part of summer produce is the blueberry pie that my mom made every year (and I now make every year) mid-summer when they come into season.

  144. One of my favorite pie memories: My now-ex-husband and I would make an apple-pear pie using the apples and pears we got in our Christmas stockings from his parents, and take the pie to a new year’s party at a friend’s place. We did this for four or five years in a row. I think one year we even used a wee bit of pear brandy in the pie.

  145. My mom makes 3 or 4 pies every year for Thanksgiving. I’ve been helping her since I was little, and am now the pie queen in my circle of friends – but will never trump my mom!

  146. This is great! I have a Longgenberger pie basket that holds two pies, one over the other, and I use it ALL THE TIME! I love it. This box is much cooler looking though. And I am really hoping to win the sour cherries! πŸ™‚

  147. My best pie memory is from the local fair: my parents and their friends would always run a booth selling pie and corn on the cob. Everyone would make some pies to contribute, so there was always an amazing variety of flavors. While I was selling tickets for pie, I’d be endlessly revising my list of which pies I wanted to try.

  148. We were never a pie family growing up, but my wife has converted me! My favorite actually may be sour cherry, and I think I’ll give your cherry filling ratio a try next time; our go-to recipe uses more sugar, but I always like to have things on the tarter side, so might as well give it a shot.

  149. Summertime pie to me is picking fresh strawberries and rhubard from my grandparents garden in Connecticut and watching the magic happen:)

  150. The best thing about pies is the ones my grandmother made…every one was delicious!!! Boy do I miss those good ole days!

  151. As far as I’m concerned, pie is an any time of year thing: sweet pies, savory pies, any kind of thing that goes into a piecrust, any time you want some.

    I will never forget the time my brother made a peach pie when we were kids. He fumbled getting it safely out of the oven and it flipped over onto the oven door. He quickly scooped it back up into the pieplate, and served it as cobbler!

    Peach pie was my favorite in those days, but I had never even heard of sour cherries back then. I didn’t encounter those until I was an adult, but sour cherry pie is hands-down my favorite now.

  152. My mom is the queen of pies and I have very vivid memories of the gorgeous apple pies she makes every Thanksgiving. I can almost taste it right now.

  153. My favorite memories of pie all involve friends and family…. every time I make a pie, friends and family come over to share!

  154. I love pie. Actually, love isn’t strong enough. There have been several times in my life that I have received a birthday pie rather than a birthday cake – these were the best birthdays. My absolute favorite pie is sour cherry pie, and i’m not sure I would be able/willing to share!

  155. I loved making a cherry pie each summer from my parents’ tree. One full day devoted to picking, pitting, baking cooling (with a little break for waterskiing), and then enjoying it that evening with ice cream. Then they decided it wasn’t worth keeping for one pie a year, and cut the thing down. Sniff!

  156. I showed the picture of this give away to my sister, and her first reaction was “that’s awesome.” Because everyone loves pie.

  157. My husband and I had a pie that was not finished at the end of a dinner party. He was ecstatic that it wasn’t finished and I was completely confused (thinking that pie was clearly a special occassion dessert-food). In his family, pie is eaten for dessert on weekends when folks sleep in and will be eating lunch in not-too-long, sometimes such that they didn’t eat if for dessert so it would be available in the am. It’s the greatest family tradition of his I have adopted. Thanks for the chance.

  158. The best pie i ever made was a 15 inch blueberry that i made in a fluted quiche pan. we still talk about it.
    Recently i have made serviceberry pies and they come pretty close.

  159. My mom’s strawberry-rhubarb pie is a wondeful memory… Just finished canning rhubarb/strawberry pie filling…looks like I have enough for 6 pies!

  160. Cherry pie is my favorite. My family isn’t big on pies, so my memories are mostly getting pie when we got out to eat.

  161. When I was little we had an elderly neighbor who made peanut butter pie. In the summer she would watch me when my parents had to run errands and give me ice cold soda and a slice of pie out of the ice box. Her husband would play ragtime music records on an old phonograph player and dance with us. I still love peanut butter pie.

  162. one time me & my sister ate at Perkins & had a great idea to get a WHOLE chocolate cream silk pie & eat it on our drive home….the 2 of us at the WHOLE thing in the 2 hour drive….needless to say, neither of us care for that kind of pie anymore!!!!!

  163. That’s hard – I’ve made a lot of pies & love making them even more than cakes. I can’t think of any special memory though. My favorite people to bake pies for are my girlfriends – they always get so excited to eat them with me. I guess my family is so spoiled it’s no big deal to them. :o)

  164. That is an outstanding looking pie box. What a GREAT idea!

    Pie is good any day of the year. Pie solves nearly any problem, and also helps celebrate any occasion.

    But, I cannot figure out how to enter the contest! Will try again in the morning to read the instructions. Again.

  165. My Grandma is 94 and her favorite treat is lemon meringue pie. I cannot even think about one without smiling and thinking of her.

  166. Love pie for birthdays (mostly mine…. πŸ™‚ I enjoy making them and eating them too! Fresh peach or strawberry are good, but fresh olallieberry pie is absolutely the best fresh fruit pie ever! I used to work at Russell’s Burgers in Long Beach, Ca. where olallieberry was absolutely the most sought-after pie in the repertoire of pies sold. Of course, the Sour Cream Raisin pie, which was sold on Friday’s only, was the second most requested pie. I enjoyed all the pies made at Russell’s, but I can still remember my first taste of olallieberry pie. Yum!

  167. Favorite pie memory? Making pies with an old roommate. We were hosting a potluck for the 4th of July one year. I was making a plum pie. She was making a cherry pie. We were both newbies at pie making! (Both came out fantastic though.)

  168. I have two favorite memories about pies. When I was young and on a sleepover at my best friend’s house, we would be surprised in the morning with a fresh pie that the pie fairy had left. My friend and I would creep through her house (silently, we thought) to try to discover the pie fairy at work at night! We never managed it, but there was always a beautiful, delicious pie left by the generous pie fairy! My other memory is of making my first mince pie. It was a stressful process for me, and my grandmother stayed on the phone with me pretty much the whole time helping me. It was wonderful. She passed away two days later, and I will always value that time we spent on the phone with her soothing my pie making frenzy!

  169. Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas with my extended family of fabulous cooks usually means a pie extravaganza. I love the choices. From sweet to savory, they’re wonderful.

  170. I went to a KAF live demo and learned how to make pie crust. Before then, it was frightening, now it comes out right every time. Now every pie is a pleasure!

  171. Sitting around a table at two in the morning eating left over pie from Thanksgiving dinner. Peace, quiet, family and apple pie. Life is good.

  172. I remember the first time I made a lattice-top crust as a teenager. It took a while to figure out how to do it but I did and it came out beautifully. It got me hooked on pies!

  173. this is such a nifty idea!

    And my fav. pie memory is my first pie I made: Sour Apple for a birthday gift. I had a lot of fun doing it. Making everything from scratch. Not having a clue what I was doing! But it turned out fantastic!

  174. Oh, I do love sour cherries. Cherry season was all too short here in CA and I never managed to get my hands on any. πŸ™ (sweet cherries a plenty, though, so I can’t complain too much)

  175. My mom makes the best peach pie in the world. It’s not a visit home in the summer with out one. I try but it never tastes the same.

  176. My great Aunt was well known for her pie baking, making them for local restaurants. She made her pie crust by hand in a dishpan. Consequently, most of the members of my family prefer pie over cake any day and I like to repeat the old adage, ” I like two kinds of pie…hot and cold.”

  177. learning to make my Nana’s famous lemon meringue and pumpkin pies will always have very fond memories for me. pie brings people together!

  178. This box is AWESOME! I am often transporting foodstuffs to friends’ homes for potlucks and rarely take pie – mainly because of the crust-crushing factor. I’d love to be able to take my lovely quiches in one of these!

  179. My mom makes spectacular apple pie, and every time the family gets together, we have at least one with apples from her garden. Amazing.

  180. My neighbors in Denver always used to bring over pie halves for my husband and I. Charlotte made the best strawberry rhubarb pie with meringue. i always begged her to teach me how she made such flaky crust. Right before we moved, she brought over a pie and finally told me her secret: pre- made refrigerator crust! The pie was still amazing.

  181. Pecan Pie. I love when people request it or say how beautiful mine looks. yes siree. I don’t have one memory just a memory of one pie. πŸ™‚

  182. I loved eating the the apple/pineapple pie my grandmother used to get. It came from the store but boy was it good. May have to learn to make my own.

  183. My mother used to make pies from the mulberries that we gathered every summer from several mulberry trees on our property. It was wonderful to see the whole process of gathering the fruit from the trees all the way to the finished pie!

  184. My mom always made apple pie in fall. She used a single crust with a streusel topping. We always called it Dutch Apple Pie (and we are Dutch!). It was best served warm with vanilla ice cream!

  185. I’m the designated piecrust maker in my family and get to use my great-grandmother’s rolling pin, which has a shape and a lightness unlike any new French-style pin I’ve used. One big ding in it and otherwise a velvety softness from years and years of pastry fat.

    Many memories of pie; the delight they bring when unexpected (a college friend: “you have PIE? and it’s still WARM?!?!?!”), making them under unusual circumstances without typical ingredients or a recipe or making do with a cake pan, and their proverbial weight as currency: I used to work in a group of sustainability specialists within a larger design firm. Whenever we were gathered around the conference table planning the latest initiative and coming up against the question of buy-in from less eager colleagues or contractors, the refrain was always “We’ll make them a pie!”

  186. My Grandma used to make pie ‘buffets’ for every meal! Oh my, her pineapple apple that I simply can’t replicate…divine!

  187. What a nice idea! Pies always seem to be popular at our summer family picnics, and the PieBox appears to solve one of the greatest problems — transporting them! Look forward to making not only the cherry, but yum, peach pie too!

  188. My husband and I make on Thursday night and then bring them into work the next day for “Pie Day, Friday”. It is a way to start the weekend off and also for us to spend a little time together after our daughter goes to bed. And who doesn’t love free pie?

  189. Pie is good anytime of the year. Now that I am older I realize what a fantastic pie maker my mom was. Would love the carrier and oh those cherries you are giving.a great giveaway.

  190. Love pie! Fresh pineapple is a favorite as is mixed berry. IWe have raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry plants on our property that produce tons and tons of berries. Sometimes you don’t have enough of each to make much of anything, but throw them all together in a pie tin and it is instant deliciousness!

  191. Pie is great all year long. Now That I am older I realize what a grΓ©at pie maker my mom was. This carrier looks great and oh those cherries, What a great giveaway

  192. My favorite pie memory is when my grandmother made me a shoo fly pie for my birthday. Love shoo fly pies. On this one, there were lots of dry crumbs on the top. And then I blew out the candles. πŸ˜‰ Crumbs everywhere!

  193. Pie is my favorite food group! I prefer fruit pies to cream pies, but any pie will do. A pie box would be much nicer than my cake taker. I might have to put this box on my “Santa List” for this Christmas! πŸ™‚

  194. Not a dessert pie, but this summer we have been enjoying chard ricotta pie with a crust made of slices of potatoes.

  195. WOW That is so cool..and a great idea about labeling the back and pieing it forward!! LOVE IT!!
    thanks for an opportunity to WIN!

  196. I would love to win this very interesting pie box! I enjoy trying all kinds of pie. Peach will always be my fave, tho!

  197. This seems like such a great way to bring pie to parties. I am going to a barbeque on Saturday and this would be a perfect way to bring a pie.

  198. My grandma used to make the most amazing butterscotch pie at holidays. I tried for years after she died to recreate it – but turns out it’s one of those things only grandma could do perfectly πŸ˜‰ Pie is our family dessert of choice =)

  199. So much more homey than the plastic pie preserver I’m currently using! My friends will be grateful for any inducement for me to bake more pies.

  200. My mom’s rhubarb pie is the best ever. I remember fabulous early summer days ending with a huge piece of pie. We never had to worry about pie storage in our family – it never made it overnight.

  201. I LOVE the pie-it-forward idea. This last fall I learned how to make my own pie crust, and made several practice pies leading up to thanksgiving, which I brought in to work, or shared with friends. It was very popular.

  202. favorite memory *was* helping my gramma make cherry pie (my dad’s favorite) but it may have been surpassed by the wedding pies at my great friends’ wedding and the wonderful moment when they cut them.

  203. Absolutely love this! Pie it forward – HA! Some of my fondest memories of pie are the rhubarb custard crumb pies my 97 year old (and still active!) grandma made while growing up. She made one this week for my aunt that is visiting and I donated the rhubarb from my chest freezer – I think that entitles me to a slice! My dad also would sometimes randomly be making the nicest looking, and best looking/tasting, black raspberry pies in the summer. It’s why I have an addiction to anything black raspberry. Also, in May after my son passed away, I didn’t feel like cooking at all. I had no heart for it until the last 3 weeks. But Memorial Day came around, a quiet one at my parents house with my brother. I didn’t feel inspired to cook…but I set out to bake a pie to bring for dinner, and I needed something to do to keep busy. It was the first thing I made. You don’t have to think when baking, you follow instructions to a “t.” I could do that, because I had no inspiration for creativity. So I follows steps for crust, for rhubarb filling, and for brown sugar crumble crust with all the remnants of broken heart and love I could spare. It was the best damn rhubarb pie I ever made.

  204. Love the piebox and the sharing idea. I can see a new tradition starting in our family… the passing of the piebox. My favorite pie is fresh peach…YUM!

  205. My favorite pie memory is eating my grandmother’s strawberry-jello pie with pretzel crust (sounds gross, but so amazing), and then, thinking the recipe was lost, and then finding it in the Baked cookbook.

  206. Growing up, my favorite pie was pumpkin (no whip cream on top). One Thanksgiving, my grandmother made me my own pie… and I ate the whole thing that day. Not in one sitting, but throughout the day. I loved it.

  207. My favorite memory about pie is, as you said, around the holiday. My grandma would make all sorts of wonderful pies for Thanksgiving, the one standing out the most being a mince meat pie. I never liked it then, probably in part because of the name, but now, on occasion, I find myself longing for the sweet smell of those pies.

  208. My brother will eat only our Mom’s pumpkin pie recipe. I had the recipe printed on a dish towel for my sister-in-law in my Mom’s handwriting. She said it was one of her favorite shower gifts.

  209. I like the box, but I love that you’re pie-ing it forward. That’s such a wonderful idea! I’d love to pie a sour cherry (got two pounds coming in my CSA this week) to some of my new-mom friends and maybe hope I get it back eventually to put in my roommate’s apple pie recipe. It’s become a family staple. Okay, staple implies it’s healthy…

  210. I love the pie-it-forward idea. I won a cake stand decorated to match my high school colors and I decided to start a tradition where it would always be given to seniors on the team, not kept by any one person, so that it would always be around to celebrate wins (and losses πŸ™ too). I love the pie box particularly because I go car-free, so I’m always looking for ways to transport a pie safely on a bike. This box would be _so_ easy to bungee on the back of my bike, whereas most other carriers are impossible and leave me wishing I’d made a square pie … maybe in an aluminum brownie pan πŸ™

  211. I love this idea! My favorite memory of pie is from childhood Sunday evenings after church services. My family would go over to the home of an elderly couple from church and eat Ms Faye’s famous apple pie. When we moved away years later, she taught me how to make her secret crust recipe, which I still use today.

  212. My favorite pie is apple and cherry. My job for Thanksgiving is bringing pies to two houses, these would be perfect, since one usually leaks in our hatchback!

  213. My favorite pie is apple and cherry. My job for Thanksgiving is bringing pies to two houses, these would be perfect, since one usually leaks in our hatchback!

  214. One Thanksgiving when I was pretty young I volunteered to make the pies for Thanksgiving. My dad helped and we made lemon meringue, pumpkin, and maybe an apple pie. I remember being so excited to have a pie that wasn’t the traditional fruit pies my family always had.

  215. I made my husband a pie plate in ceramics class that says “Daddy’s pies are best!” After I got frustrated that my crust wouldn’t roll out right, I tossed it. He retrieved it and made a wonderful pie. I recently rendered some leaf lard and tucked it away in the freezer to use in a new pie crust recipe.

  216. I love this “pie it forward”. Such a clever idea! My favorite pie is pecan pie. My mom makes a great pecan pie.

  217. We were not a “pie” family. The only one who adored pie was my grandfather. He loved a good old fashioned apple pie. So, whenever they are in town for a visit I bake a deep dish apple pie just for him. Personally, I love a good cherry pie, so I have tried to make pie baking something special for our family now that I have children. Thanks for the giveaway!

  218. I love pie…I love eating pie…I love baking pie. I just wish I was better at making crust. Thats one of my New Years resolutions this year, to get better at the crust thing.

  219. I am buying this even if I dont win – and my daughter is in the US if you don’t mail to Canada – favourite pie – Saskatoon berry – I have many favs on my site and it is definitey worth visiting my tart and pie section if you are a lover of pies.

  220. Pie always seemed intimidating. I grew up around a cook who shunned salt and fat, and who wasn’t afraid to over-mix and over-bake a crust into cement, mortared with fruit. My first few experiments were mortifying, then better, but still not the pie nirvana I hoped for and terrifying to serve. (I can’t taste this creation before everyone else does?!)

    Years later, about to join a potluck game of D&D, it was time to be as fierce (and reckless) in the kitchen as I would be with my vorpal sword. Peaches! Spices! Butter! There may have been conjuring involved. I brought the pie to the attic, where epic battles were waged and courage was tested. Weary and famished, orcs and elves then ventured to the tavern, and behold! A Pie of Redemption!

  221. My sister arrived late to our July 4th celebration and so we’d already passed around slices of the pie I had made from scavenged blackberries. My 4 year old daughter had enjoyed every bite of her own slice and was ready to help my sister with hers. Not about to eat a slice by herself with a young girl watching, my sister offered to share. My daughter had other plans: she gobbled every bite my sister gave her before she could eat a bite herself, and followed every bite on its way to her aunt’s mouth with her whole body. Lowering her open mouth nearly to the plate, she moved her whole head from that plate to my sister’s mouth, hoping every bit of the way that it would detour into her own mouth at some point before disappearing into another person’s mouth.

  222. My favorite pie memories are actually peach cobbler memories. My grandmother made the best peach cobbler from memory, with no recipe. After school I would sneak up to her house and we would sit around and have tea and peach cobbler. We would talk and she made me feel like a grown up. My grandmother passed away many years ago, but every time I can peaches or try to make her peach cobbler (it is not as good), I think about her and all of the wonderful conversations we had over peach cobbler. Now, I make peach cobbler with my little girl Grace (who is named after my grandmother) and hope that she passes the tradition on to her children.

  223. I will never forget the first time I baked a pie on my own, in my adult life. It was strawberry rhubarb, with a hint of almond. It was amazing. I still use that same recipe to this day, and it’s still my favorite pie ever.

  224. Love love love making pies! Watched my grandmother roll out dough for years…(secretly, hate to say, but my pies are better:)

  225. Love love love making pies! Watched my grandmother roll out dough for years…(secretly, hate to say, but my pies are better:)

  226. Love love love making pies! Watched my grandmother roll out dough for years…(secretly, hate to say, but my pies are better:)

  227. Love this pie box and the idea of ‘pie it forward’. Favorite pie? Blueberry or apple for me, lemon meringue for my husband. He is the chief meringue swirler in our house because I can never get it to look right!

  228. Your new look is beautiful!
    Favorite pie memory… perhaps the first time I figured out that I LOVED blackberry pie. Blackberry+Nectarine+Lime. To die for.

  229. Lately I’ve been obsessed with strawberry pie. Though I adore a warm from the oven pie, toped with a flaky crust, and piled high with homemade ice-cream, nothing personifies Summer like a chilled, fresh strawberry pie. No heat necessary to make good berries sing and a perfect pureed sauce to hold it all together ensures the berry flavor will be center stage throughout the pie dining experience. Cap it with fresh whipped cream or leave it naked, it’s all good.

  230. I love pie and tarts!
    people often request my pies for parties and holidays – the favorite? Chess pies handed down from my Grammy.
    My Savory Tart recipes is getting fave reviews as well. Between my tarts and pies I could use a couple of these pie boxes.

  231. This is the cutest little pie box ever! Every fall, I make dozens of apple pies and this would be a cute box to use for gifting pies to others.

  232. My grandmother used to make an all-pre-packaged chocolate pudding pie, and I swear I would eat half of it before anyone else got a slice.

  233. Every year for Christmas, my grandma makes apple dumplings and puts them in pie tins for each of her grandkids. We store them in the freezer and bake the whole tin when we’re in need of a delicious homemade treat.

  234. For as long as I can remember cherry pie has been my birthday dessert of choice. Even now that I am married and long out of my parents home, every so often my dad will surprise me with a cherry pie when he comes to visit, I can (and do!) make my own, but the ones he makes will always be special.

    • What wonderful memories! I have always enjoyed the array of pies at our family Thanksgiving and Christmas. Judy

  235. piebox is brilliant! I could strap this to my bike rack. I’ve been using book boxes from amazon, which are great because I can leave them behind, but this is better.

  236. Oh this is super fun! We just planted cherry tees in the yard this year and I am going to make a cherry pie at the end of the season. This pie box would be wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  237. I love making peach & blueberry pies! They are always a hit. One of my fondest memories is making pumpkin pie for the holidays with my mom.

  238. My grandma always makes the best rhubarb strawberry pie. I miss not living close to her so I can indulge more often!

  239. My daughter makes a great apple pie for Thanksgiving, and I help. We use a Martha Stewart recipe and it works.

  240. I love making apple pies! Growing up my family had a great apple tree in our back yard and my dad would make apple pies that would make my day!!

  241. My favorite pie recipe is learning to make pies from scratch from my mom. I still use her crust recipe to this day.

  242. I love lemon meringue pie. But now I’m thinking of going to the little country cafe a few miles down the highway for a slice of strawberry rhubarb pie.

  243. Every year for Thanksgiving, I insist on making a “pumpkin pi”. Which is exactly like a regular pumpkin pie, except I decorate the top with a pastry letter “pi”. I have the best sense of humor!

  244. My favorite pie memories is growing up with an amazing peach tree. When the fruit weighed down the tree each summer we would make a peach pie covered with scoops of vanilla ice cream.

  245. My favorite memory of pie is making the crusts for my mom as a child. She taught me how to roll out the dough and crimp the edges when I was about seven years old.

  246. My favorite pie is peach cream. I really don’t eat peaches except in this form. So, that makes it healthy, right? πŸ™‚

  247. I’ll never forget when my first bite of Dorie Greenspan’s blueberry pie, lovingly made by my friend, Nicole. It changed my view of pies forever! Thanks, Dorie and Nicole!

  248. I made my first sour cherry pie this spring, and it was pretty much life changing. Someday, I’ll have my own cherry tree.

  249. Learning how to make pie crust with my Grandma! And then eating a huge slice of pumpkin pie later πŸ™‚

  250. My favorite Uncle had a big blueberry patch and we spent many a summer picking berries as a kid. We would pick quarts of them and take them home and my Mom would make us a pie. Blueberry pies, and blackberry and black raspberry pies too, are memories of my Uncle John, warm summers, and being a kid.

  251. My favorite memory is when my daughter picked some really sour apples from our property and asked her aunt to make her a pie. Thanks for the giveaway!

  252. One of my fondest pie memories is making pies with my great grandma when I was a child. Her banana cream pie is still the best I’ve had!

  253. My mom makes pies year round….Now I make pies, and we send phone pictures of our masterpieces to each other.

  254. My favorite memory of pie is when I made apple hand pies for a dinner party. I had never made crust from scratch before and I tackled a vegan crust. They turned out so perfectly!

  255. My favorite memory is the first time I ever had strawberry rhubarb pie, surprisingly it was only a few years ago. It has inspired in me a love for both rhubarb and making pies myself.

  256. I am actually prepping a lemon merengue pie as I type this. It is my all time favorite! It was the first pie I made with my mom and the first one I made all by myself. This box would not hold that pie but would my other faves, apple, strawberry and…pecan.

  257. I remember being in charge of the pies for Thanksgiving while growing up. I looked forward to it every year, and always tried to bring at least one new pie to the table, along with seasoned favorites. I still do this today!

  258. Every moment with pie is my favorite! Probably my favorite personal moment was the first time I made a pie crust by myself, and it actually turned out beautifully. At least in taste. In looks, it was a bit rustic.

  259. My all time favorite pie is key lime pie, but I’m so used to making peach pie from the canned peaches and apples my mother saves. This pie box is an amazing idea!!

  260. I love pie since my sister gave me her recipe for pie crust! It is written on a post it and tucked in a drawer, and pulling it out and seeing her handwriting is by far my favorite part of making pie!

  261. I remember Grandma’s gooseberry pie. She would send all us cousins out to pick the berries from along the back fence with the reminder that if we ate them all while we picked, there would be no pie. And Gram’s gooseberry pie was not to be missed.

  262. My mother in law and I were in charge of getting a pie for my husband’s birthday. We both love coconut but (conveniently) forgot that he hates it. Seeing the disappointed look on his face just made us howl with laughter.

  263. My favorite memory is making pie recipes from my great-grandmother, especially those that were war-time recipes (use less sugar as it was rationed).

  264. Waking up to the smell of pumpkin pie every Thankgiving morning of my childhood. My mother is an outstanding lady, and her pie crust is unparalleled.

  265. I grew up not caring much for sweets so I don’t really remember eating pies at family gatherings. Now that I’ve moved across the country I was lucky enough to have Christmas at a friends and had the first pecan pie that I remember. I am now addicted and would be happy making one every week.

  266. My mom is a passionate pie maker. To become an adult in our family, you had to be able to competently make pie. She mainly makes sour cherry pies (my dad calls them medicinal for his gout), but her apple and strawberry pies are regulars in her home. I remember learning to roll out pie pastry on her pastry cloth (which is kept in the fridge). I was delighted to receive my own pastry cloth for my wedding. Pies are the stuff of happiness.

  267. When I was a kid my Granny Grace was the pie maker of the family. Some of my fondest holiday memories are of my Grandpa carrying in the pies safely nestled in cardboard soda or beer flats.
    He always said “I’ve got Grace with me”, which was family code for “I’ve got pie”.

  268. My favoerite pie memory is being a judge in a pie contest. I got to judge three different categories: Best savory pie, Best cream pie and Best kids pie. Savory pies are my favorite!

  269. I love Shoo Fly pie and made it for my inlaws. Sadly, they thought it was supposed to be chocolate and had no idea why it tasted so strange. Never could convince them to try it again.

  270. I love Shoo Fly pie and made it for my inlaws. Sadly, they thought it was supposed to be chocolate and had no idea why it tasted so strange. Never could convince them to try it again.

  271. Every Saturday was baking day for the following week at my Grandmas house. She loved having the grandchildren help in the kitchen when we were there. I loved making pies and bread at her side…
    My favorite is still cherry or blueberry pies.

  272. I’ve never lived anywhere that I had access to sour cherries, so I’m as excited about that as about the pie box!

  273. I haven’t had pie in 5 years (I am Celiac) but am not just getting the confidence to try making a gluten free pie. I would love to have this box to help make the 1st one I try!

  274. My Grandma Cathey makes the best pie. She lives in Florida and has a key lime tree in her back yard. She always makes me key lime pie from scratch when I go visit. To this day, it’s my favorite pie. My second favorite is cherry. *wink*

  275. i can’t make a pie without thinking about my mother and grandmother – they always gave me the dough scraps to play with after rolling out their pie crusts – not many kids these days know of all the fun that can be had playing with dough scraps!

  276. i can’t make a pie without thinking about my mother and grandmother – they always gave me the dough scraps to play with after rolling out their pie crusts – not many kids these days know of all the fun that can be had playing with dough scraps!

  277. My favorite pie memory is when I did not in fact, make any pie. One Thanksgiving I made pumpkin mousse. I was super excited and proud and everyone had some, said “very nice now where is the pie” Finding out there was no actual pie led to YEARS of “but you made PIE, RIGHT?’

  278. My family loves almost all pies. Whenever I think of pie, I think of my younger brother, who wrote an “Ode to Pie” and wants to work in a pie shop.

  279. I love pie whether it is a fruit, custard or pudding pie. My favorite memory is the first time I made apple pie. I didn’t really know much about cooking & didn’t know there was such a thing as unsalted butter. I just thought butter was butter. Well the apple filling was great but the pie crust was soooo salty. Gave a whole new meaning to sweet & salty! Now due to dairy allergies I use Earth Balance sticks, which don’t come salt free so I just omit the salt in the recipe & so far everything turns out well!

  280. My favorite memory is Sunday dinner at my grandmothers house. It was after church and she always had a pie. Yummy. Thanks

  281. 2 times I have been a judge in a pie contest. It was fun and I really enjoyed it, but my favorite pie story is making pie at 7 yrs. old with my mom. We made apple pie which is still my favorite pie!

  282. My mom made fabulous pies growing up. I still remember making them with her, and now my daughter makes them with my mom when we visit.

  283. I admit to rigging up many a pie or tart on the back of my bicycle. Precarious as you can imagine! Every time they suffered crust damage, but were never the less consumed gladly.
    My favorite pie memory was just last summer when my gorgeous latticed blueberry pie was attacked by a dog named Shadow. He helped himself to the lattice topping as it cooled in the kitchen. Very sad I was! But alas, this did not deter my friends and I from devouring the rest of it! Shadow left us most of the pie.

  284. My favorite memory about a pie… My grandma made pecan pie every Thanksgiving, Christmas & Easter my entire life.. I didnt like sweets at all but I loved that pecan pie.. I could only eat one piece but I looked forward to it every single holiday!

  285. I found a white peach tree on our property that was loaded with peaches when I was a kid. I made my first pie ever with those peaches and it was delicious!

  286. I remember this amazing piece of cranberry apple pie my fiancΓ© brought me when I was sick a few years ago, it was like heaven. I went to the bakery when I was feeling better and they were out… for the year! It was a seasonal item and we’ve since moved, so I never got another slice. It was so good.

  287. I have so many good pie memories, but my best ones all have to do with my grandma making blackberry pie or cobbler with the berries we picked on her property. There is NOTHING in the world like picking blackberries and then having them made directly into pie by your awesome grandma.

  288. My best memories regarding pie are going to my grandmother’s cafe after spending the day with my cousins, and settling in with a big slice of cherry or apple pie. Gran always saved a good piece for me!

  289. My husband decided one day to make a pie while I was at work, I don’t even remember what kind of pie it was, I just remember that he decided to make one and bring me some at work and it was delicious! Even though it was slightly burnt around the edges and not perfect…he doesn’t cook much and had still taken on this cooking task that many seasoned cooks find daunting!

  290. I remember my grandmother making blackberry cobblers and apple moon shaped pies. They are my favorite fruit pies.

  291. I had a raspberry pie most recently – so yummy, and my mother-in-law made it with raspberries from her own garden!

  292. pie is and always has been one of my most favorite things so i have a lot of great memories. i was insanely proud of myself the first time i made a great crust but i think i’ll have to go with my first successful pot pie. fish, leeks, butternut squash and home made gravy. it won my now husband back to the savory pies can be good camp.

  293. I have two favorite pie memories… the first is when I was little and my aunt would bake her famous cherry cheese pie (a cream cheese based pie – a lot like cheesecake but smoother and creamier). I was such a fan that she’s made me TWO every year for my birthday and Christmas (did I mention I was born in November?). My other is the first time I made my husbands his favorite Key Lime Pie. It was a remake of one we’d had on our two-year dating anniversary trip to Savannah, GA. I think I got one slice of that pie…

  294. My friends got married a few years ago, and instead of having wedding cake they had everyone bring pie!! A wonderful summer, picnic wedding.

  295. I was at a friends house 40 years ago (Yikes) – her mother had made cherry pies and they were resting all warm and smelling heavenly on the counter. My friend and I couldn’t take it anymore and devoured a whole pie between us. We thought we could get a Sara Lee pie at the store and exchange it ha but were caught red handed. Her mother wasn’t even mad. She said we just paid her the highest compliment. Cherry pie will ALWAYS be my all time favorite kind of pie. πŸ™‚

  296. My great aunt made a lemon meringue pie which was an absolute thing of beauty. Light and lovely and delicious and it’s now my secret weapon.

  297. My grandma makes apple pies and they are delicious. There are 5 of us grandkids on that side of the family and when any of us visits grandma, we call our siblings and cousins to brag about eating the apple pie.

  298. My favorite pie memory has to be when the first pie I ever made [peach] turned out so well that my mom refused to make pies after that. It’s been my job ever since.

  299. I love pie. Pie is my favorite kind of dessert, and I am cursed that though I am a good cook and baker, I seem unable to achieve pie crust success. I have no trouble with the recipe, but the rolling out eludes me every time. My favorite pie memory is watching my grandmother (and also my mother) effortlessly rolling out perfect piecrust dough to a perfect, even thickness, and assembling a perfect lattice top that emerges from the oven with a perfect sugary crust. “It just takes practice,” they would both say. Well, now, practice? THAT I have no problem with.

  300. Honestly, I’m not a pie person. Cake was and still are my thing, but the best pie I ever had was a peach pie given by a neighbor just random one summer. It was an OMG revelation!! Sadly she passed and I have never been able to taste anything quite as good.

  301. Awhile back teaching my daughter how to make apple pies. That year for Christmas she made every relative a pie as a gift. Everyone appreciated the yummy present!

  302. My favorite pie memory is my first key lime pie when on vacation in the Florida Keys. I’m a chocolate girl through and through, but I found a new love that day!

  303. My favorite pie memory is new. For a year or so now I’ve been making pie in jars for my Hubby and me. For just the two of us, a whole pie is just too much, so I make several in half pint jars and freeze them. They have to be sugar-free, and it’s easy to do with pie. I usually bake three; one for he, one for me, and one for the widower next door. We’ve had pie three times in the past few days; chicken pot pies in 16 oz. Elite jars, cherry pies in 8 oz. Kerr jars, and peach pie in two half-size glass pie pans I found at the grocery store a few weeks ago. One’s for the freezer and one for us to have two servings apiece! I tried something new and froze that pie, then vacuum sealed it in a bag. I do love pie, no matter what it’s baked in.

  304. Fav pie memory is when I first bought Martha Stewarts Pies and tarts book, and proceeded to make every single recipe to try them out. My family was VERY VERY happy to judge them!

  305. Making the first pie of married life with my husband on Pi day (March 14, get it?). Frozen sweet cherries, cardamom, and whiskey made for an amazing invented recipe!

  306. My favorite memory related to pie is eating my mom’s mile high lemon meringue pie. So delicious and even better when surrounded by family.

  307. Oh, I crave cherry pie! But when I win this I will steal away 4 cherries for the top of our ice cream sundays πŸ™‚

  308. My favorite memory of pie making would be cracking the pecans from our trees in preparation for baking a pecan pie.

  309. My favorite (and most frustrating) pie memory is baking Christmas pies with my mother every year. Though I’m all about doing everything absolutely from scratch, she always insist on pumpkin pie (made with the recipe on the Libby’s can) and pecan pie (from the recipe on the back of the Karo syrup bottle), both in Pillsbury frozen crusts. Every year I offer to make one of my signature homemade crusts and cook down homegrown squash, I never win.

  310. one time my granny, wise and witty, winked at me when she offered me what she called “apple” pie…i said why is it “apple”…isn’t an apple an apple and if it’s not an apple then….well she nicely shut me up and told me to just try her pie. hers were the best. turns out, it was made of green tomatoes! also turns out that apples and tomatoes have the same texture and the tomatoes just made the pie less sweet which i liked. of course she served it to us piping hot (perfect) with ice cold vanilla ice cream on it, so it was definitely sweet! just the sparkle in her eye as she said that she baked us an apple pie, i knew there was a catch. it’s clever. and now of course, sadly she passed away in 2005 (seems like yesterday, though, sigh.) but my greatest pride comes from knowing that from her home, i didn’t ask for her jewels (not costume, but the real gems) as a keepsake, i just said that as a budding chef, all i wanted was her recipe collection IN HER HANDWRITING….my god, do i love those recipe cards. all in her handwriting. what sweet memories. luckily i can bake the love into each dish just as she did!

  311. When I think of pie I think of family. My grandma always made the best pies. She’s 79 now and doesn’t do much cooking anymore, but she always brings pies to family gatherings. Love it!

  312. Favorite pie memory: Definitely every time I get to have pie for breakfast, especially pumpkin pie. There’s something about crisp fall mornings with pie and coffee, while you still feel excited about winter scarfs.

  313. Love this – the pie box, pies, etc!! One of my favorite summertime treats. Reminds me of Thanksgiving with family, and blueberry summer pies. Family.

  314. I don’t have an exact pie memory, but I remember always asking my mom for a birthday pie. My birthday is in August, which is a fruitful time in New Hampshire. The idea of a flaky, buttery fruit pie always seemed much more appealing than a cake, even as a little girl. And to this day, I still ask for a birthday pie, even if I am the one making it, which really is half the fun anyway!

  315. I have two pie memories, the first is my mother, making apple pie, she let me layer the slices after she cut them. =)
    The most surprising pie that I remember, was made by a friend of my Grandmothers… It was a cherry pie, and she used cherries (naturally) and cherry jello inside!

  316. I’m a teacher and I always talk about loving pie. One year a students wrote at the end of year reflection how much she loved that I love pie.

  317. As a kid, I baked apple pies with my Mom and brother for a local orchard’s Fall Fest competition. Despite all of us doing it together, I would always win. It always makes me laugh.

  318. I burned a pumpkin-cream cheese pie one year, and I was pretty upset by it because it was for Thanksgiving, but someone tried it and still found it tasty. It was gone in just a few minutes. I’ve made many more pies since thanks to those awesome people.

  319. Pie memory- on a cold rainy afternoon in Queens,NY making soup with my friend Beth and watching her then boyfriend make a very flaky pie crust. Minestrone soup and apple pie.

  320. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a pie box! This would be perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas and other special occasions. Last year I brought 4 pies, 2 pumpkin (made from scratch with home grown pie pumpkins) and 2 apple. My memories of pie baking all involved my grandmother and her sisters picking tart green apples from a tree outside the farm kitchen window and gossiping as they peeled and cutup the fruit.

  321. The widget says I made an entry, but I never got to this point, cannot find any older entry under my name, and just want to make sure I am in the running. (Not trying to get an extra entry!) That cherry pie filling looks SO GOOD.

  322. Mmm…pie. Who doesn’t like pie? The buttery crust, myriad of fillings. I have a blueberry one in the oven at the moment. The box would be wonderful for storing and transporting!

  323. I love the pie box! My favorite pie memory is making sweet potato pies with my mom. She makes the best sweet potato pies. Her secret is to add a pinch of nutmeg. Some people add to much and others don’t add enough.

  324. My favorite memory of pie was when I baked a fresh apple pie for my then boyfriend, now husband. Such a good idea – a pie box! It would be wonderful for taking pies to friends!!

  325. My favorite pie memory is the time my mom sent an apple pie home with me following a day of running her to her doctor’s appointment an hour and a half away. I’ve always liked my mom’s apple pie, and although apple pie isn’t usually my first choice, she always made a good one.

    I arrived home to find that my husband had put our two young daughters to work that afternoon making an apple pie to use some apples before they went bad. He gave them a recipe and some basic instruction, then left them to it, unconcerned with the mess sure to follow. They rose to the occasion and turned out a pie for dinner that night.

    They used the “wrong” apples, they’d never made crust before, and it took them forever, but their pie beat Mom’s, hands down…and awakened in my youngest daughter a love for pie making.

  326. If it’s a choice between cake or pie, it’s almost always pie. So simple, easy and tasty. I made a lemon meringue pie for a friend’s potluck one year and popped the pie in the fridge at their house when I got there. When someone wanted something from behind it, they tried getting it out without removing the pie first! Splat, the pie fell and lost all it’s meringue on the way down. Now, if I’d had one of these pie boxes…

  327. My parents didn’t make much pie growing up, so my favorite pie memory is the first time I made one from scratch, by myself, in my grown-up kitchen. The crust rolled beautifully, and the filling was perfect, and from there on in I was hooked. I make pie all the time now.

  328. When I was about 12, I decided to have blueberry pie for my birthday, instead of cake. It seemed like such a radical decision then, although now it seems normal. That was one delicious pie, thanks to my mom.

  329. I always think of my “favorite pie” as evolving. It always seems as if the difference for me rests upon what the pie accompanies, who is my company, and what holiday or season it happens to be.

  330. My mom spent an entire summer as a teen making pies for her family (what happens in middle of nowhere South Dakota when you can’t get a job in the early 70’s, I guess) and I love hearing her and her mom talk about how great she got at crust and all the different pies she made and how they loved having fresh pie every single day!

  331. As a kid my mom was crazy about Marie Calendar’s pies. Periodically we’d pick up one or just go there for pie. My favorite back then was boysenberry but they were all good. I’ve graduated to making my own now (or for a quicker option, bake a fruit crisp in the round instead!)

  332. It’s hard to have just one favorite pie memory but the first pie i ever baked came at the end of a day of apple picking with my now husband. my pies have been prettier since but that one was delicious

  333. My friend had pies at her wedding instead of cake. I ate the filling out of almost an entire pie and then danced the night away!

  334. I love this pie box gift idea! I mostly make pies during the holidays, but this post has just given me an idea to make a mango pie – using the basic peach pie and swapping mango instead. We live in Hawaii and our mango tree is pumping out the fruit. Need some new uses.

    Mahalo for the chance to win a pie box!

  335. I admire people who can make pies. I’m not one of them. But I love to eat them! The pie, that is. Not the person who’s talent is to make them.

  336. Coming in to grandma’s house after school, just as the apple pie came out of the oven. The half hour wait before she’d cut it was torture, but does anything smell better than hot apple pie on a fall day?

  337. I love to make pie and my favorite memory would have to be making apple pies with my grandmother. It was always special because she did not bake (but she did cook, a lot) but these she made. I still use her eyeball recipe when I make them after the obligatory fall apple picking my husband and I do every year.

  338. Coming home after school to my great-grandmother’s apple pies is one of my most favorite memories. She would always bake the extra dough with some cinnamon and sugar and we’d snack on that.

  339. I bake a lot of pies. We have a Gravenstein apple tree about 50 or 60 years old. We get between 3 and 7 bushels of apples every year. This year it looks like about 4. They don’t keep, so have to use them up and process them fast. So this weekend I will be working on them–pies, applesauce canned, and sliced apples in the freezer too. The pie box is pretty cute.

  340. Feeding my dad (a self-proclaimed tofu-hater) creamy tofu chocolate pie…and letting him guess the ingredients afterward…the memory of the look on his face still puts a smile on my face!

  341. My favorite pie memory is making Pecan Pies for Thanksgiving with my Mom. My task was arranging the pecans in perfect concentric circles on top of the filling.

  342. Oh, it’s my birthday tomorrow! It’d be a nice birthday present. My favorite summertime pie is blackberry. Mmmm.

  343. Hello, I am new to canning, I have had such a great time with my kids this year. We have so many overflow jars in the fridge, a pie will have to wait until fall, but I am very eager to try out my new skills!

  344. I’ve never heard of sour cherry pie, but I do love cherries. They must not be available here in deep east Texas where I live, so I’d love to win the giveaway & make one & “pie it forward” with one of my specialty pecan pies!

  345. I once went to a Thanksgiving Day pot luck feast hosted by friends Randy and Jerry. Besides all the main meal dishes people brought, there were 14 pies for the 12 people in attendance to enjoy. Near the end of the meal, an older gentleman arrived and his eyes got very wide and a big smile enveloped his face as he spied the table full of pies. This is my favorite pie memory.

  346. I made a lemon meringue pie from scratch when I was in school and I thought it was the best tasting pie I’ve ever had. But I do enjoy pumpkin, cherry and blueberry pies. Yum….

  347. My favorite pie memory is from just a few years ago. My Dad was experimenting with growing rhubarb in his garden, just so he & I could make pie together. We harvested rhubarb along with strawberries, and baked them into a beautiful homemade crust. When we excitedly served the pie we saw a lot of confused looks on peoples faces, not understanding until we took our first bite~ the pie tasted like dirt! No one had ever told us that rhubarb plants need to be at least a couple of years old before you use them! The pie is even more memorable for the mistake, though…

  348. that pie box is the coolest thing ever.. what a great idea for transporting and I love your idea of writing the dates and the types of pie on the lid

  349. I love making and giving pies….this has so much more personality than a paper pie box! I’m going to have to buy one if winning isn’t in my future. πŸ™‚

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