Giveaway: Mason Jar Lifestyle Leak Proof Plastic Storage Lids

November 19, 2018

This is a sponsored post.

In the last decade, I have spent more time than is reasonable looking for affordable, leak proof lids for mason jars (I realize that this is a highly specific mission, but if you read this blog, I think you’ll feel me). While the two-piece lids we use for canning can be leak proof, if they’re not sealed to the jar they’re not always perfectly reliable.

A handful of companies have brought various leak proof lids to market in recent years, and while they are perfectly useful, they don’t always meet the affordability market. Happily, the folks at Mason Jar Lifestyle have cracked the code. They’ve recently introduced a line of totally leak proof, airtight, and entirely affordable lids. I could not be more pleased.

The lids come in both regular and wide mouth sizes. Sold in boxes of five, they cost $14.99 for the regular mouth and $16.99 for the wide mouth. Each box contains a rainbow of lids, which means you can color-code your leftovers or lunch packing (a different color for everyone in the family, perhaps?).

The thing that makes these lids different from all the other storage lids out there is the fact that each one is fitted a removable liner made out of food safe, platinum cured silicone. Because it’s a full liner rather than a gasket, your food or drink never comes in contact with the plastic lid (though it is BPA-free, if you’re concerned). Both lids and liners are dish washer safe.

These are now the first lids I reach for when I’m putting away leftovers or opening a jar of jam for the fridge. I may need to buy another set, just to keep from running out!

The good folks at Mason Jar Lifestyle want to share the storage lid love and so have offered up two sets of lids (each set includes on box each of regular and wide mouth lids) to our Food in Jars community. Please use the widget below to enter (US residents only).

Know also that Mason Jar Lifestyle is going to be having a giant sale over Black Friday, so make sure to visit their site and sign up for their newsletter to stay in the loop and get your hands on that discount code!

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Disclosure: Mason Jar Lifestyle is a Food in Jars partner and this blog post has been written as part of our ongoing partnership. Additionally, they sent the lids you see pictured here to me at no cost to me. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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121 responses to “Giveaway: Mason Jar Lifestyle Leak Proof Plastic Storage Lids”

  1. I’d definitely use these for packed lunches! I have had so many lunch bags stained and ruined because of leaky containers, but these look like an awesome solution!

  2. I would use for salad dressings,marinades,storing dry ingredients..just love cute and practical… thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I would love to try this in our home. I pick up my milk in 1/2 gallon jars and it would be so great to know they wouldn’t leak and then make my fridge constantly look messy 🙂

  4. I would love a lid like this that does not leak….I have some plastic ones but they leak and did not come with the extra ‘seal’ that these seem to have. Plus I LOVE Mason jar lifestyle!

  5. I like to use jars for storage (pantry & refrigerator). I also try to do food prep ahead, so items like steel cut oats, pasta and salad are ready to grab. Great lids!

  6. I’ve just started doing a bunch of canning at work (getting an old farm set up as a ’30s living history farm), and it’d be handy to have these lids to shut things as I take ’em around for coworkers to taste!

  7. My husband takes his lunch in mason jars but isn’t always good about keeping them upright. This would solve all sorts of problems.

  8. These would be perfect! I live on a sailboat and am trying to limit plastics as best I can. These would hold up well and best of all, not rust in the salt air.

  9. I would definitely use these lids for storing leftover bits of sauces and dressings. I am always looking for lids that will have a good seal for foods that could leak.

  10. I would use these lids on jars storing leftovers: soups, dressing, and canning extras. I would also use them for the flavored simple syrup I make for our coffee.

  11. The only lids I’ve ever found that are leak proof are Trader Joe’s coconut oil lids. Over the years, I’ve collected a bunch of them. It would be fantastic to have leak proof lids in different colors besides white or black.
    In the kitchen I would use them to top jars of salsa, bbq sauce, apple sauce, etc. that have been opened and placed in the refrigerator.

  12. I absolutely have a jar obsession and love FIJ and Mason Jar Lifestyle. These leak-proof lids would be perfect for ensuring the soup I take to work doesn’t leak in my lunch bag. Plus, those colors!

  13. Of any giveaway, I think this is the BEST ONE OF ALL. I use mason jars for just about everything and having a leak proof lid is exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve tried just about everything but this would fit the bill!

  14. Love that these are leakproof. I will use for anything liquid, as the inexpensive plastic lids I have are definitely not leakproof.

  15. I would use these for my lunches every day! I always pack my lunch in a mason jar because it is more leak proof (since it’s vertical) than tupperware, and I’m too cheap/lazy to buy an actual lunch box. having these would guarantee I won’t spill anything on important documents!

  16. These sound great. I’ve bought the white lids from one of the canning companies, but always wonder about leakage. This will be one of my next purchases.

  17. I would love these for my overnight oats, which I make in individual servings in jars and like to give them a good shake when making to incorporate everything. The regular plastic lids are fine, but often leak a bit and these look much better! Same for making salad dressing and stir fry sauces.

  18. OMG these would amazing – I’ve been looking for something leak proof forEVER to transport foodstuffs to work for lunch!

  19. Omg I love these, I could use them daily, food storage on my counter and fridge but also in my lunch and on the go. I live in florida and the metal lids and rings seem to rust really easy here

  20. I love these! I store leftovers in jars in my fridge and would love a leak proof top to help with everyday spills.

  21. I’d use these for all the veg stock I make that I end up storing in the fridge! I always feel weird laying the jars on their sides and occasionally I’ve had a leak so these sound perfect!

  22. Always looking for new ways to use all my jars lying around! These look great for toting to friends’ homes or for leftovers.

  23. The lids are perfect for storing leftovers in the fridge and I can easily tell by the lid that it’s not sealed by canning. They would also be great for storing soup and transporting it for lunch at work

  24. Oh man, could switch a bunch of things we have stored in plastic containers to mason jars! Be great for storing puckles in the fridge so the rings don’t rust.

  25. What a great product! I would love to use these for storing pickles or anything acidic in the fridge. It would be so much better than metal rings which corrode when exposed to brine.

  26. A great give-away! I would use these for making my different salad dressings, that I like to make in mason jars. Great colors too!
    Thank you.

  27. I’d definitely use these for finished ferments stored in the fridge. I like the idea of them not getting rusty 🙂

  28. These are so much nicer than reusing the lid and band after opening a ferment or a canned product.
    Will check the black friday sale as well.

  29. I would lovvve these! I would use them to top my jar of dressing, leftover sauces, jar of chicken stock, applesauce, or the other countries things my Mason jars contain!

  30. These lids would come in very handy! Need something to bring cream to work in my lunchbox for coffee, love the colors.

  31. For opened canned jars but also I love just storing food in them. The double lids are such a pain. These would be awesome! Grated cheese, Chimichurri sauce etc.

  32. These will be perfect transporting back and forth to work. The regular white lids are not leak proof. I will definitely be buying these. But winning them would be great!

  33. I would use these lids to replace the two-piece ones I am currently using to store mainly pasta (keeps the second half of the package fresh) and grains.

  34. I love these! Too often I can’t use the metal lids and the plastic ones I have are barely useful. I use widemouth jars every day, for tea and lunch and lots of things. I’d probably have all the lids in use at the same time!

  35. I would use these lids on the mason jar overnight oatmeal breakfast mixture before I refrigerated it. Because there are so many colors, I would use them for leftovers with a note on the refrigerator door telling me which color is the oldest.

  36. I love all the colors! I would use them for so many things, where do I start….? Storage in the frig for canned items after opened, leftovers, lunch, pantry!!

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