Giveaway: Mason Jar Lifestyle Gift Cards

mason jar lifestyle lid

Friends, let me introduce you to a website called Mason Jar Lifestyle, a one-stop shopping site for a very wide array of canning jar accessories! We truly live in the golden age for mason jar lovers.

mason jar lifestyle gear

They’ve got silicone drink lids, fruit infusers, silicone jar seals (great for those times when you want to ensure that your jars aren’t going to leak), copper regular mouth lids (fun for gifts!), and even pin cushion toppers.

straw with ridge

They carry straws of all shapes and sizes. You can get glass ones, stainless steel ones, super skinny ones, and even rounded-end straws with a little bump so that they stay put inside the drink topper. They also carry brushes designed to clean straws, so that you don’t get any funky growth.

mason jar lifestyle airlock

You’ll also find an array of useful fermentation gear available on Mason Jar Lifestyle. One particularly clever thing is that they’ve created a line of silicone toppers that work both with straws and airlocks, so you can choose how you use them. Here’s the complete fermentation kit.

mason jar lids with designs

Other cool items they have in stock are soap dispenser pumps (in so many different finishes!), wax warmers, a mason speaker for your phone, solar light inserts, and mason jar handles and caddies.

mason jar tealight holder

If some of this gear is floating your boat, and you don’t want to wait to see if you win the giveaway below, I have a couple offers for you. The first is that all Food in Jars readers can get 10% off your purchase by using the code ” jars10.” Second, shipping is free if you order more than $25 worth of gear (if your order is less than that, shipping is a flat $4).

mason jar lifestyle sticker

Now, for the giveaway. Maggie from Mason Jar Lifestyle has offered up two $25 gift cards to the site. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post, sharing a jar accessory you’d like to have.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, October 3, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, October 4, 2015.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents only (and is void where prohibited).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog.

Disclosure: I received an assortment of gear from the folks at Mason Jar Lifestyle for review and photography purposes at no cost to me. My opinions remain my own.

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389 responses to “Giveaway: Mason Jar Lifestyle Gift Cards”

  1. I would really like to have the galvanized vintage reproduction lids. I look for these every time I go to a flea market. So happy to know there is a reproduction now. Thank you for the chance to win some!

  2. Impossible to pick just one! I’d get the wire whisk ball and a pour over top to keep homead salad dressing in the fridge, and the solar lights for backaryd parites, and some more reusable straws since they seem to always be in the dishwasher…and…pretty much everything else. Definitely saving this site for my next paycheck…

  3. I would love to have the soap dispenser pump. We could always use more straws. Quite a few of the other canning jar gadgets would be really cool to have too!

  4. Wow! That’s a lot of choices! I’d definitely choose the fermentation kit. My attempts at the baggie of water style of fermentation lock have been failures so I definitely need an upgrade!

  5. I would love to win this… on vacation at Cape Cod we stayed at a friends house. I used their mason jars constantly to transport drinks to the beach, (my mojito makings in one jar… another filled with ice, and my bottle of seltzer… I was all set! AND water, etc. I thought how much I would like to get them a set of tops for the jars for straws, etc. So! Ironically I have been looking around on different sites, but this link is the best by far. So glad I subscribe to Food in Jars! Thanks!

  6. I love the Mason Jar Caddy for Pint Jars With 4 Lids and 4 Straws!!
    So cute ! I love all of the different designs, and ideas on this website! VERY Creative!

  7. The chalkboard labels and pen, or the glass straws, or the colored lids with handles, or the chicken wire frog lids…or….or….or, what choices!

  8. The Copper coin slot lid is perfect for my son (who’s 8 and has started collecting State coins this summer, keeping them in a mason jar for easy access), but I love the silicone drinking lids, too!

  9. What would I love to have? Yes. Just, yes. All of it. It seems I reach for a mason jar if I am preserving, storing, decorating or if the lights go out!

  10. I love the idea of a pincushion topper. I could see buttons in the jar, or safety pins, and a pincushion on top for my straight pins.

  11. Honestly never knew a mason jar can do so much! I would start with the solar I think our little one would love it the most.

  12. Well, the two things that caught my eye were that straw with the stopper so it wouldn’t fall out and the little brushes to clean it with and the hanger with the tealight holder.

    But I’ll bet I could find a lot more that piques my fancy.

  13. What a fun site to explore, thanks for introducing it! The pincushion lid reminds me of a homemade padded lid that floated around our house when I was a kid. A circle of gingham fabric was cut to extend past the ring by 1/2 and inch or so, and some kind of batting was stuffed between the lid and the fabric, both secured by the ring, and screwed onto the jar. Cute country look for a shower gift, as I recall. Can’t wait to explore the site. Thanks!

  14. I would *love* to have one or two of the solar lights, the speaker sounds so cool and the red gingham lids–they’d match my kitchen curtains. : )

  15. I want a fermentation kit! Or soap dispenser! With all the jars around here in use you’d think I’d decorate with them a little too, but alas they are filling with produce, not soap 🙂

  16. I had no idea I was missing out on so much. The solar lights, the LED tealight holder, the various lids and rings… and the copper?! Wow! (I actually bookmarked the site to reference when I make that lovely little thing in November called a Christmas List.) So happy you profiled Mason Jar Lifestyle- you just helped me take my canning game to a whole new level. <3

  17. What a great site! I’d love to use the fermentation items. Well actually I’d like just about anything for a mason jar. I use them for all sorts of things and reasons….

  18. Wow, who knew there would be so many choices. Great gathering of ideas and equipment.
    I would have a hard time picking , probably going for gift toppers. Thanks for this super offer !

  19. All of it!
    Or, if I’m more focused, the gift toppers. I love giving homemade food at the holidays, and those would help with my impaired presentation gene.

  20. Lots of lovely choices, but at present I’d be most interested in the fermentation kit as that’s what I’d like to start doing. Thanks!

  21. I would love love love to have the little tea light holders. I’ve been using the blue, green, and purple Ball pint jars for outdoor candle holders, but getting the tea lights in and out of them is a bit of a hassle, especially when the wax overflows and sticks everything. The copper lids and rings look wonderful, too!

  22. Oh my gosh I took a peek at the web site, I shouldn’t have because I have a giant wish list. I think at the top of my list are the reproduction galvanized lids. I love that old look.

  23. I was going to say I still want a pouring lid and haven’t bothered to get myself one yet, but then I saw the solar light lid and I’m changing my answer! Those are so cool!

  24. I use jars for EVERYTHING! and my husband and I just started doing smoothies so the jars are an even greater must!!!! I’d love to use the lids for quick chalk labeling! What a time saver that would be verses my masking tape!

  25. Oooo I think the sprayer lid! I mix up lots of homemade cleaner in jars, and this would make that a one-step process from mixing to using!

  26. The fermentation kit looks fascinating. I have extra jars around and would like to try this technique. Thanks for the ideas!

  27. I’d really like to get a soap pump lid – the soap pump in my bathroom is falling apart and I never remember to get a new one when I’m out and about!

  28. Cute short straws for half pint jars. My 4 year old has decided she will no longer drink from plastic cups, only glasses. These will be perfect for her!

  29. the solar light insert and the soap pump insert! what a great way to use those jars that are starting to chip just a little – so no longer good for canning, but still usable!

  30. I love the tealight holders. I have the green vintage pint jars in my windows with clear pebbles and tea lights, would be awesome to suspend the tea lights with that contraption!

  31. I love my straw attachment. I’d actually just like a new large jar as mine smashed at the airport two weeks ago 🙁 I don’t can asparagus or anything like that so I can’t bring myself to buy a dozen of them just to have a water bottle.

  32. Definitely a fermentation starter kit… I’ve been trying to assemble one from brick and mortar stores around me, and it has turned into an epic quest of sadness.

  33. Love the fermentation kit… I’ve been doing it haphazardly in jars with plates and bags of water and other jars full of pennies and… so it would be great to not do that any more 🙂

  34. The Medium Thin Glass Straw for Pint Mason Jars is exactly the size straw I’ve been looking for! What a great site, I’m going to have fun poking around.

  35. We have one tiny Asian pear tree in our backyard that produces hundreds of pounds of fruit each year. We have gotten very creative in our use of this abundance. After some unsuccessful hard cider two seasons ago, we think we got it right. I would love to adapt my jars to be a fermentation kit-how cool!!

  36. I gave Ball Mason jar adaptors, with straws, to several of my grandchildren this year. They were delighted with them. The problem, one cannot always find these in any local stores.

  37. I’d like to find a screen-like lid so I can replace the cheesecloth that I have been using, for growing sprouts in a quart jar.

    • Oh would love love straws and straw cleaners to save our house and our part of the world from our plastic straw waste each day. Crossing my fingers !

  38. I’d love the Sure Tight Band Ring tool so that I don’t have to worry as much about the seal while canning! Or the stainless straw!

  39. I think the copper lids are so-ooo cute. Reminds me of the punched copper fronts to a pie safe. Ball needs to offer more of these styles.

  40. I’d love to have that fermentation gear! 🙂 I’m getting started with Kombucha this year, and would like to move in to wine/beer making eventually.

  41. Oh, my! We have most of those things, but could always use more. Especially brushes. Need more of those.

    The tea light lids are especially nice when used on a variety of jar sizes in a grouping. And we keep extra tea lights stored in the same jars. So handy.

  42. There are some really neat lids. I must have missed the solar ones, they are new to me. The straw brushes I would love to have also.

  43. I would be excited to try any one of these items , the silicone tops. tea lights, copper tops,etc., but I think the mason jar caddie would come in handy with the holidays coming. It would be really cute to serve the jams I’ve made over this summer.

  44. A tough choice, but I would like to start doing more fermentation so I would love the fermentation kit. But luckily, everything else is available also!

  45. This would be such a fun gift card to spend! I would love it all, but especially the accessories for converting the jars into drinking glasses. Or the solar light inserts!

  46. A straw brush? I never knew they existed. I need that! And I am totally digging on the cool lid styles and the caddy…well, I guess I really like all of it!

  47. I live alone, and I would love to get the single jar airlock fermentation set so I can make small batches of fermented veggies.

  48. The Stainless Steel Wire Whisk Mixing Ball would be pretty cool tool to have in the kitchen and could be used for so many different things. I would try using it for mixing homemade salad dressings.

  49. I’ve had my eye on a pour spout top, but after looking at their website, I like the grain spout too. Decisions, decisions!

  50. A lot of this was floating my boat for sure 🙂 The gold star lids, the solar light and wax warmer all look cool! But as a recently returned Coloradoan I’m in love with the Colorado straw lids!

  51. I would love, love to find a drip-resistant spout top, so we could pour strawberry syrup or simple syrup out of a mason jar and not get sticky drips everywhere.

  52. What a site. I love these products! Many of these would look great with some of the old jars or the colored heritage jars. I’d like to try the solar light gadget in one of those. Plus the fermentation top would be a good follow up to a fermentation class I’m taking next week. Good luck, these should be big sellers

  53. OK, time to bite the bullet and ferment something. I’ve been canning for years, but it seems that dilly beans would be an excellent first-time fermenting project. So it’s the fermenting kit that caught my eye.

  54. Oh, there’s so many!!!
    The whisk ball and silicone sealer might be my first 2 I would order…but the spouts..the solar lights…Ahhh!

  55. Oh my goodness…there’s so much to choose from at this site that my first thought was one of everything, but that’s no plausible given my current state of finances, so maybe the soap dispenser lids…they’d help me use some long out of canning service, yes still have lots of life in them, jars! Or maybe the solar lights or candle set up. Hmmmmmmm…could be the oil lamp since we’re in hurricane season and our electricity goes out. It could help keep the room warm and well lit at the same time! Oh hell, I don’t know! I may take the eenie, meenie, minie, moe tactic and whatever I land on, I’ll get! But I’m getting something!

  56. Add me to the long list of people interested in the fermenting supplies. I also like the idea of leak proof lids for drinks on the go.

  57. The solar light inserts! In my apartment, we have a clear story with a big window. We’ve wanted to add some solar lights, and have many colored jars. A solar insert would be perfect!

  58. I am all about all things mason jar. I use them in so many different ways. I can definitely use some of these accessories. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to participate!

  59. the cocktail shaker tops… thier price on them is so reasonable. I have never seen the tops sold without a glass jar attached.

  60. I love canning and mason jars has been giving advice for years on how to safely can. Their new website is an extension of the kitchen to lifestyles.

  61. I have just started my foray into fermenting veggies. So far, I’ve done sauerkraut which turned out fantastic…so much better than anything I’ve ever purchased. The best thing to have (canning jars, of course!) are the air lock systems. I have two and after trying them, want more!

  62. As a life-long canner, I was in heaven when I found this website. Too cool for school (am I showing my age)? Any of these items would be great, but I love the Quart Mason Jar Pinwheel Wax Warmer. I always have some type of scent going on in my house, so this would be a great addition. Thank you!

  63. Just started fermenting veggies and would love to try mini set-ups that look like wine making! But I do much with my jars and am still perusing the many ideas I had not considered!

  64. I have wanted the solar lights that fit on mason jars since seeing them the first time. It would be such a great way to use those jars that are too old to use for canning as a charming centerpiece for an outdoor dinner.

  65. I think I could probably purchase one of each of the fun mason jar adaptors that mason jar lifestyle offers, but I am especially excited about the silicone lid that doubles as a to go lid and a fermenting lid!

  66. I often use Mason jars as vases, so I love the frog lids. My favorite is the “Frog Lid Galvanized Chicken Wire Vintage Reproduction for Regular Mouth Mason Jars.” So pretty, and useful, too!

    • Every day I bring oatmeal in a mason jar to work for lunch – better lids would be amazing. And I’m really intrigued by fermentation – definitely need to check out this vendor’s gear!

  67. I’d like the metal straws (and cleaning kit) and an airlock. I haven’t used an airlock when making sauerkraut, but I think it would be handy for the hot sauce recipe you just posted. Thanks.

  68. The combination of the silicone lid and glass weights would be awesome. I have one airlock but the ease of this set up is so enticing – I might begin fermenting more items!

  69. Oh, the metal straws (and cleaning brush) and a silicone topper and glass weight – I already have airlocks and I want to try some new pickles next summer (yellow squash plants are about played out *sigh*)

  70. I’d like to have the money slot lids…my Hubby has been asking me to get some for ages and I can’t find them anywhere!

  71. Wow! Talk about feeling like a kid in a candy store. 🙂 I think the fermentation stuff might be fun to try… or sturdy straws…. fun lids…. hmmm?

  72. I would absolutely love to have a fermentation kit. I visited today to get your recipe so I could use the fermentation top a friend lent me yesterday. It would be so nice to have my own!!

  73. Choose only one? I’m not able to! I like the straws, the straw cleaners, the decorative lids, the candle holders, I could go on and on!!

  74. Fun shop! I love the Solar Light Lid for Regular Mouth Mason Jars. I’d be wondering if something like that existed.

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