Giveaway: Mason Jar Lids from reCAP + Flip Cap Kickstarter News

October 6, 2014

reCAP lids

Truly, it is a great time to be a mason jar lover. All those new products from EcoJarz that I featured last week are one good example. Another is the activity happening over that reCAP HQ these days.

They make those leakproof flip-top lids that are so good for using on jars that contain salad dressings, maple syrup, and really anything else you want to pour neatly from a jar. They also sell adaptors that convert mason jars into pumping dispensers and (my favorite) spray bottles. I have a bottle of orange-infused vinegar fitted with one of those spray lids that I keep on the kitchen counter for easy clean-ups.

regular mouth reCAP

The folks at reCAP are currently in the midst of a Kickstarter, working to fund their latest jar brainwave. It’s a flip-top lid that has a wide opening that can be popped open for easy dispensing of larger items. It can also be fitted with a shaker screen for sifting and dusting.

Their fundraising campaign is nearly halfway to the goal and if you’re so moved, they would love your help. Their campaign page can be found here (and don’t skip the video. It’s hilarious and once scene includes a copy of my first book).

new blue reCAP

One of the ways that the reCAP team is spreading the word about their Kickstarter is by sponsoring a number of product giveaways across the internet. This is one such giveaway. I have three sets of reCAPs to giveaway.

Each set contains one silver wide mouth reCAP, one silver regular mouth reCAP, and one of their new blue wide mouth reCAPs (pretend that the wide mouth lid featured in the image at the top of this post is a silver lid. I couldn’t find my silver one at picture time).

Here’s how you enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me how you’re using mason jars these days. Are you canning? Stashing leftovers? Using them for oatmeal? Painting them silver and filling them with flowers?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, October 11, 2014. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog by the end of the day on Sunday, October 12, 2014.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Disclosure: reCAP sent me two of the lids you see above for testing and photography purposes (I had the black one floating around from a previous project). They are also providing the prizes for the giveaway. No additional compensation was provided. 

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484 thoughts on "Giveaway: Mason Jar Lids from reCAP + Flip Cap Kickstarter News"

  • I am filling jars. In every manner. Canned, refrigerated, dry storage, it does not matter. If it needs a home, it is in a jar. Box Tops for education to sharpie markers to rainbow crayons, I have given over to the awesomeness that is the jar.

  • 1. Canning
    2. storage of dry foods
    3 measuring for soap making
    4. Decorative as stick and flower holders
    5. Shelf holders/yarn storage
    6 Salve Jars

  • Canning mostly. Also use as vases for cut flowers. Dry storage. I love reading about other peoples uses. It gives me ideas!

  • Oh how I love Mason jars at this time of year! Tis the season to be canning! In addition to apple ginger jam (found on food in jars, and yum yum yum!) apple cranberry jam and apple chutney, I’ve been using my pint size mason jars to bring my green smoothies to work. These flip top lids look perfect for bevvies!!

  • Now I’m using my Mason jars for canning mostly. During the summer, though, I used them to raise Monarch butterflies! Well, actually, I used them for raising the Monarch caterpillars, then I released them as butterflies. Just last week, we let the last two go, and with luck, they’re on their way to Mexico for the winter.

  • Ha, I’m filling my jars with everything, it seems. Canning like mad, freezing stuff in them, storing dried goods, storing used lids (regular mouth fit perfectly in a wide mouth jar), storing infusions in them, making small batch sauerkraut in them, and I’m getting ready to start canning fresh cider in quart jars.

    I think I may need more jars. 🙂

  • My wee basement bachelor apartment is overrun with Mason jars… Fridge pickles, jams, dry goods on the kitchen shelf, dried herbs, travel mug for smoothies…

  • Glass is the best! I use my jars for dry storage, fridge pickles (and any other veggie that can be pickled), storing my homemade mustards and relishes…and then there are the normal things you do like canning tomatoes, fruits, and whatever else you have more than you can use fresh. I haven’t done this yet, but plan to soon, is to make some homemade lotions, potions, and salves and store in those cute tiny half-pint jars.

  • I use them every day – for canning whatever is available (applesauce and hot dill green beans this morning), for carrying hot soup to my neighbor, for dividing up a gallon of candy between 4 grandkids, for measuring pints of anything, for saving bits of leftover pickling brine or the tailings of a batch of jam, for bouquets, drinking glasses, as canisters for oatmeal, pasta, etc. …… can you tell I’m not a big user of plastic?

  • With the thermometer dipping regularly in my area, there has been a lot of soup on the menu. Lots of jars are being used to store and can it! Also for drinking cocktails 🙂

  • I use mason jars for many things – honey, apple butter, vase for flowers, pen holder, homemade BBQ sauce, cups. I love them!

  • I’m currently using canning to make Overnight Oats, and also store leftovers. We’re starting to learn how to make pickles and I can’t wait!

  • Normally my jars are filled with leftovers and dry goods, but not at this time of year! I have hit max mason jar capacity — I made so much jam I had to raid the fridge and empty every mason jar in there so I didn’t have to buy yet another new flat. Every open jar was moved into a bowl or plastic container and washed out and filled with mixed-berry or raspberry jam. P: Delish.

  • I’m just about to embark on mustard-making and plan to use smaller jars to store the deliciousness.

  • I use them for canning sweet and savory things. I also use them for storing dry foods, like rice and beans; so far, no mice have been able to screw open the jars! Salad dressing is made, poured into a jar, and stored in the fridge. I’m sure there is more…

  • Food storage (dry goods & leftovers in the refrigerator) and canning (I have two half-pints of spiced apple tart filling in the canner right now — 10 minutes to go !!)

  • Unfortunately, not making jam! I’ve been too busy, so they are carting my morning smoothies back and forth to work. One of these caps would be perfect for that!

  • Lots of dry goods and leftovers storage. I have honey in a jar that sure could use a pour lid! I have three jars of peanut butter, and another jar waiting for the chocolate peanut butter that I haven’t gotten around to making. And I recently used a wide mouth pint jar as a change jar for a road trip that involved tolls.

  • Hello, Thank you for your time and energy maintaining this Blog. I appreciate the shared knowledge.

    I use mason jars for just about everything.
    I just bought 1/2 gallon size for different types of flours (since I am trying to be more gluten free) and dried fruits/veggies from my dehydrator.
    Yesterday I made a different type of mixed refrig pickle to give in !/2 pints to family and friends.
    I store art supplies in all sizes. The 4oz are great for alcohol inks made with Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol
    I am always trying to save cuttings from pruning indoor/outdoor plants and mason jars are wonderful for rooting stems.
    They are great for leftovers that can go into the microwave.
    I could go on……

  • I have been canning all summer but also use my jars to do refrigerator pickles and store leftovers.

  • My husband would likely ask what I’m NOT using mason jars for these days. One is holding a pineapple top, hoping it will sprout. Another is holding my homemade kefir. More are in the pantry with applesauce and peaches. And yes, I do find myself more and more often pouring in whatever beverage I currently desire and skipping the traditional glass altogether.

  • I love all my canning jars. I collect the old colored ones for vases and storage. I’ve been canning for the last month or so. Jelly jars, quarts, pints I love all the different shapes and sizes. I pick the shapes and designs by what I’m canning.

  • I started out using mason jars because I was looking for a glass sippy cup option for my toddler..found out that certain nuby and nuk brand silicone lids will fit into a regular mouth mason jar (I also have made and plan to make more cozies for her to keep her hands warm and to personalize her cup) so she uses the 8oz regular mouth jars as a sippy cup and for oatmeal..and ball actually makes there own “sip & straw” lids (not leak proof) which I love to use when I’m out and about on a 12 oz regular mouth jar…I use 4oz jars to store spices & 32oz wide mouth jars to store dry goods in my pantry & I LOVE how beautiful, organized (and fun) it is…next I’m going to look for a half gallon wide mouth jar to store homemade horchata…I also have some of the design series green and blue lids, I think the reCap lid would make a perfect addition to my collection (:

  • I am using Mason jars in the traditional manner – I did try some new stuff this summer though – bread and butter pickles and Blueberry jam (both from your book, which my mom gave me for Christmas)! Both so delicious.

  • In addition to canning, I use mason jars for holding various teas. Just bought a half-gallon Ball jar for pickled beets and eggs. Also, when I make soup, the leftovers fit nicely into a wide mouth quart jar. Would love to use a jar with a pump dispenser to hold liquid soap in the kitchen. These new caps are awesome!

  • I just got into canning this year and loving it. With my family’s help we have canned peaches, apples, and grapes. The taste is amazing and I went though 6 cases of jars within 2 months. Can’t wait to learn more and build up my pantry.

  • Jam, zucchini relish, pickled onions, & also quinoa, ground flaxseed, chia seeds & other seeds, grains & dry goods.

  • My latest use of a mason jar was for holding squash seeds that I brined and roasted. Not exactly original, but useful. I love the idea of pump sprayers, I’ll have to investigate that.

  • Wow, I use them for everything… canning, dry storage, pencil cups, vases, drinking glasses and currently I’m making some ginger ale in a jar.

  • I’m still canning! Hoping for october apples for pie filling soon, and cranberry sauce coming up this weekend.

  • Canning, noodles, homemade lotion, hair bands, salad dressing., dried apples and parsley… We use jars for everything!

  • What am I not using canning jars for! To store odd and ends grains, flours, beans on my shelf and freezer; for leftovers; for wet cat food; for fermenting yogurt and veg and fruits; and as a container for to-go lunches. They are so great!

  • In no particular order:
    Making yogurt
    Salads to go
    Art Supply storage
    Sauerkraut fermenter
    plastic storage bag replacer
    yarn holder

  • I Love to use canning Jars for Canning and to store left overs….we also use them for drinking glasses…the small fruit jars are for morning juice at breakfast..!!
    I Love your products !!

  • My house is filled with mason jars. I use them mainly for storage. All of my dried goods, dried herbs, tinctures, herbal oils – basically any wonderful potion I’m brewing up gets made and stored in mason jars. they are also perfect this time for cough and cold time as I use them to make a quart of herbal tea and can sip it throughout the day.

  • I am trying for the first time ever to make homemade apple cider vinegar with my 1/2 gallon jars! I saved the cores and peelings from my apple recipes last week, covered them with water and am stirring them every day. Hopefully in two months my homemade vinegar will be amazing! I love learning how to do new things and becoming more self-reliant! Thanks for all, your hints and helps!

  • I’m using Mason jars for everything right now – salad dressings; freezer jam; storing bulk nuts, seeds, and dry beans; and even birthday candles, matches, and baking cup liners. A little of everything. These little flip tops look like a great addition!

  • I used a couple to DIY some air-fresheners for my apartment (with baking soda and essential oil). They’re working pretty well so far!

  • I love mason jars for homemade salad dressing. Just pour in your vinegar and oil (and a little mustard for emulsification), then put the lid on and shake! Done. Delicious, homemade, easy.

  • I, too, use all different sizes of mason jars to store all sorts of things around my house. I use them for canning and making yogurt and kefir, homemade salad dressing, chia seed pudding, and basically anything liquid and in danger of spilling! When my kids were babies, I used them for storing and freezing extra breastmilk for use in a bottle for the babysitter or for mixing baby cereal or mashed foods into later. I currently take my breakfast omelet (uncooked eggs with whatever veggies and spices included) to work in them; 1 minute in the microwave and voila! gourmet breakfast over email! The very smallest sizes make excellent packing containers for jewellry and hair ties for travelling. I keep one beside me whenever I’m doing small home repair and/or putting together DIY furniture, to keep the screws, nuts, bolts, washers, etc. from getting lost. I give them to my kids to portion out grapes and goldfish crackers at snack time. They make great paint containers for my budding preschool artist. And the best part of all of this is that, since I’ve given so many jars of jam and other homemade goodies as Christmas/housewarming/baby shower gifts, I’ve always got a supply of jars being returned to me on a regular basis, by those hopeful of getting a full one back again – and I usually have something in the freezer or pantry to continue the cycle 🙂

  • Canning, dry good storage, vases for herbs, more canning. I am also using them to make homemade air fresheners.

  • Still canning jam – but also making yogurt, storing dry goods, and all manner of things. Dang useful, those jars!! My pantry would benefit greatly from these cool lids!

  • Right now I am using my mason jars for Salad in a jar. I started a diet and I can make the salads to take to work for the whole week. So easy to grab and go.

  • storage of lots of things including, but not limited to, jam, dried fruit, measuring spoons, cupcake liners, flours, tea bags, and qtips

  • I use Mason jars to store candy, to make my husband iced tea, to store bacon fat, to hold leftovers, and I have a frog insert to use them to hold flowers in the summer. I love my Mason jars.

  • I mostly use mine for storage, but I did just make my first batch of jam and was also recently gifted some canning tools from a friend’s mother. So, the sky is the limit!

  • I’ve been using jars for a lot around the house recently. I take iced coffee to work in a pint and a half jar and freeze batches of soup in quarts. I use half gallon jars to keep the coffee in the fridge and to make kimchi.

  • I use mason jars for everything! Canning, leftovers, my homemade instant noodle lunches, my coffee cup and even my dry shampoo!

  • I use mason jars for canning, air tight sealing, herb/tea holder, tinctures, salves, drinking, decor, candles, yea basically everything. I LOVE MASON JARS!!!

  • Using mason jars for canning and using the left over jars for drinks and eating my oatmeal out of in the mornings…way better than plastic!

  • Jam, and I am going to start making baked oatmeal and taking it to work in jars for breakfast. I keep meaning to make more salad dressings, and it would be helpful to have a leakproof lid for the jars!

  • These days, I’m fermenting in my jars, more than anything. I have a bunch of water kefir going currently, and two kinds of pickles. Fermentation has been a little more time-crunch-lifestyle friendly: set it and forget it (but not completely, because then your jars can explode from the pressure).

  • I have okra pickling and jam setting…and always fresh cut flowers in mason jars all over the house. Now, on to green tomato jalapeno jam!

  • Canning. Yogurt and muesli, ice tea, hot coffee, and takaboost (which is a local South Jersey drink mix) which I carry in a handmade crocheted carrier.

  • What am I not using mason jars for :)? Lately, for storing fermented sauerkraut, canning tomato sauce, preserving jam, and salsa. Those lids would be perfect for making salad dressing, I think!

  • Drink containers, canned goods. Vitamin storage, a mason jar paint gun, and trail mix. So really, just about everything. These would be great for trail mix!