Giveaway: Mason Jar Lids from reCAP + Flip Cap Kickstarter News

reCAP lids

Truly, it is a great time to be a mason jar lover. All those new products from EcoJarz that I featured last week are one good example. Another is the activity happening over that reCAP HQ these days.

They make those leakproof flip-top lids that are so good for using on jars that contain salad dressings, maple syrup, and really anything else you want to pour neatly from a jar. They also sell adaptors that convert mason jars into pumping dispensers and (my favorite) spray bottles. I have a bottle of orange-infused vinegar fitted with one of those spray lids that I keep on the kitchen counter for easy clean-ups.

regular mouth reCAP

The folks at reCAP are currently in the midst of a Kickstarter, working to fund their latest jar brainwave. It’s a flip-top lid that has a wide opening that can be popped open for easy dispensing of larger items. It can also be fitted with a shaker screen for sifting and dusting.

Their fundraising campaign is nearly halfway to the goal and if you’re so moved, they would love your help. Their campaign page can be found here (and don’t skip the video. It’s hilarious and once scene includes a copy of my first book).

new blue reCAP

One of the ways that the reCAP team is spreading the word about their Kickstarter is by sponsoring a number of product giveaways across the internet. This is one such giveaway. I have three sets of reCAPs to giveaway.

Each set contains one silver wide mouth reCAP, one silver regular mouth reCAP, and one of their new blue wide mouth reCAPs (pretend that the wide mouth lid featured in the image at the top of this post is a silver lid. I couldn’t find my silver one at picture time).

Here’s how you enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me how you’re using mason jars these days. Are you canning? Stashing leftovers? Using them for oatmeal? Painting them silver and filling them with flowers?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, October 11, 2014. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog by the end of the day on Sunday, October 12, 2014.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Disclosure: reCAP sent me two of the lids you see above for testing and photography purposes (I had the black one floating around from a previous project). They are also providing the prizes for the giveaway. No additional compensation was provided. 

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484 responses to “Giveaway: Mason Jar Lids from reCAP + Flip Cap Kickstarter News”

  1. I am canning lots of things! About to start on Apple pie filling and applesauce tomorrow. Thought I was done until I found a u-pick place up the road. Lol

  2. Hi, I’ve been canning with mom since I was little and now we are teaching my daughters. So far they have canned peaches and spaghetti sauce and four types of jelly! Thanks for the chance to try out this new gadget!

  3. I used mine to can this year ( tomatoes, peaches, figs ,apples) but my husband uses them in his art studio ( holds brushes and pallet knives), too!

  4. i love my canning jars! Aside from canning, storing staples and spices, mixing salad dressings, drinking from them, displaying cut flowers, and using for a safe votive light, they are wonderful just being part of my kitchen.
    I’d love to try out the lids. Thank you!

  5. I’ve been using mason jars lately for storage, leftovers and canning. We’ve been canning maple syrup, pickles, currant jam, vanilla, and lately liqueurs.

  6. Leftovers and canning lately. Will be making some salads in them in the near future and probably some layered desserts in the smaller ones.

  7. i’m using mine for canning, leftovers, and magic mousse for my husbands dinner. so far in the past few weeks, I’ve been canning your creamsicle jelly, applesauce, and peach sauce recipes, as well as brandy apple rings.

  8. I’m canning some stuff from the garden and using some empty ones to hold sea glass, coins, buttons, quick sewing kits and my crocheting needles.

  9. Mason jars are for drinking beverages, storing homemade brown sugar and pesto, canning jam, containing breakfast, keeping chopped garlic and ginger in the fridge, and so much more.

  10. I love my jars, using to can and for storage of dry foods. Leftovers in the fridge. These lids would be nice for the ones I keep my dry milk powder in and such stuff as that. Like my popcorn I use almost daily!

  11. I use all sizes – canning, storing dry goods. I even use a quart wide mouth jar as my spoon holder when cooking. Use the half gallon size for storing dehydrated veggies & fruits, plus for making/storing my cordials.

  12. I haven’t been canning much this year but regularly use them for dry food storage. I’ll usually take empty jars to the grocery store and fill directly from the bulk section.

  13. Pantry storage, misc things in the fridge, jams and pickles (in the pantry and the fridge). These lids would be so useful for dressings, drinks, etc!

  14. I am teaching my husband to can! Also, making mason jar lamps with a stash of vintage colored jars from Grandma’s house. The mason jar lamp fad may pass, but these have family history!

  15. Where aren’t I using them? I have on by the dryer for things left in pockets… I have them in the bathroom as wall sconce tooth brush holders (no counters!) they are by all the sinks with soap and pumps, they are painted gold in the living room for vases, they are wrapped in gauze for mummy Halloween decorations, they are sterilizing in the dishwasher so they can be filled with yummy food and be processed…

  16. So many uses for mason jars. Right now I have kombucha brewing in one, another kombucha in the fridge for drinking, kim chi fermenting on the counter, more kim chi in the fridge, apple butter/sauce, jams (of course), storing lentils and beans, and tomorrow morning a smoothie to go.

  17. I do a lot of jam & jelly making. Lately, I’ve been doing more & more pressure canning of the produce from my garden – field peas, green beans, tomatoes. Even my husband’s chili!! It’s so very convenient to have a meal all ready in a jar.

  18. Any mason jar in my house has a multipurpose. It can serve as my wineglass to keeper of my garden harvest. Enjoy.

  19. I use Mason Jars in my cupboard to store rice, orzo, coconut, grits, oatmeal, sugar, cocoa, chai tea, and flour! I also use them in groups of 3 or more and fill them with beautiful flowers to put in our small co-op lobbies – so pretty. Using them to take my neighbors home-made soup is another use that perfectly feeds two! Love my jars!

  20. Cooking overnight steel cut oats in the crockpot (one wide mouth pint, 2-3 servings), homemade yogurt (wide mouth half pints), homemade chili or potato soup (wide mouth pints) for lunch at work, as well as canning in regular quarts and pints, and jellies in regular half pints.

  21. Drinking glasses. Salad dressing shaker. Dry and refrigerated storage. Flower vase. Just a few uses that pop to mind. Mason jars rule.

  22. Lots of uses: Storage for spices and other party items. Refrigerator and freezer jams and pickles. Leftover and craft supply storage.

  23. So many uses! Canning of course, drinking glasses, food storage, I eat my breakfast out of one everyday, vases, and so much more.

  24. I use mine for l lemon water to travel with me all day. We use small pint size for water. I store nuts, raisins, oats, etc.

  25. I use mine for canning, of course, and they’re great to store things in the garage as well. It’s a bonus that you not only keep the garage nice and neat with their use but you can see what’s in each of them as well. I mason jars!

  26. I use mason jars for everything! Canning, lunches, leftovers, spices–basically anything that will fit in them.

  27. This weekend I canned six quarts of apple pie filling and 9 quarts of chicken breast. My next endeavor with canning jars, however, will be using the blue ball jars as centerpiece vases at my daughters baptism luncheon.

  28. I use canning jars for canning, storing ingredients in my pantry and right now I have 2qt jars filled with feathers from my moulting chickens!

  29. have been using them for canning but I also use them for storing some of my pantry items in; beans, pasta, etc. and then I love making / baking individual desserts in them as well.

  30. I have been looking all over for a container for my my kids lunches that won’t leak when I send frozen berries or another juicy fruit with them…Despite all the claims, what seems to work best are the smallest mason jars and that is what we’ve been using.

  31. The cutest current use? I have a chick feed dispenser, a trough that screw’s Onto an inverted Mason jar to feed my little chicks!

  32. I use them for canning (applesauce is being canned today), small jars for spices, assorted sizes for dry goods. Would love to try the recap lids. Love your posts, reading about all the new things and old things that I’ve missed.

  33. Right now my place is canning central! 🙂 This last weekend was all about apples. I canned applesauce, apple butter and apple jelly.

  34. I have been canning Cowboy Candy and I also use a Mason Jar for a flower arrangement with the Zinnas I grow in my garden.

  35. Canning the crap out of apples!! Also, using a huge mason jar for an experiment (for me): following in the footsteps of others to make apple scrap vinegar.

  36. I use jars for canning, mostly, but I use them for salad dressings, simple syrup, and leftover liquids like pancake batter that wasn’t all used.

  37. I use my jars for canning, homemade spice blends and just about everything else. Those lids would be great for pouring the barbecue sauce I’m going to be canning today!

  38. We can all of our green beans, tomatoes, apple sauce….we store all of can all our garden goodies to feed our 4 kids all winter!

  39. It might be easier to tell you what I don’t use them for! I love storing things in mason jars – dehydrated veggies from my garden; dry, oven-canned flour, rice, cereal, etc.; I make soy candles and emergency candles in them; use them as drinking glasses; pump dispensers; store leftovers in the refrigerator; scoops for our chicken feed; storing craft supplies; and the list goes on…..

  40. I use mine for flowers, canning, and drinking. I am going to try the overnight oatmeal this week see how that works to transport to work.

  41. My husband and I are new to canning this year. We have been buying anything and everything we can get our hands on at the local Farmer’s Market or the few things we can grow. Our favorite so far would be the Apple Butter and fruity applesauces we’ve been canning since our trip to Michigan. I’m amazed at how many different ways people are using their jars. We will definitely be sticking with this new found passion.

  42. I’ve been using mine for canning. We did a huge batch of tomatoes, and now I have a small batch of fig preserves in the works. I also use them to store dry goods sometimes or leftover sauces I’ve made.

  43. We use canning jars for several things around the house – salad dressing, making sour cream, canning, storing dehydrated veggies and herbs from the garden, dry goods & spices in the pantry, leftovers, for freezing things we’d prefer not to can, vases, candle holders, a measuring cup, and the list goes on. I love how versatile canning jars are!

  44. I can like crazy (a little obsessed!) but would like to start using my extra mason jars for other food storage as healthier alternatives!

  45. I use my jars for everything. We drink out of them, put finger paint in them and store things. I have not tried the over night oatmeal yet but plan too. Oh and I also can food with them.

  46. Beyond canning, I’ve been using my jars to tote leftover soup to work and as the occasional classy cocktail vessel

  47. My jars are mostly in a canning rotation. I have also been using a bunch of half pints for making my own yogurt. I figured why buy those ‘yogurt jars’ when I have jars. No fancy yogurt maker needed! Just jars and a heating pad!

  48. I use jars for everything! I’m almost sad when I run out of empty jars because I’ve used them for canning – almost. These lids are exactly what I’m looking for to tote milk to work – something that doesn’t leak. Thanks for the opportunity.

  49. I use them for everything! Leftovers, food storage, occasionally a vase…. The only thing I haven’t done recently is can!

  50. I love making jams and jellies for gifts but I use my jars for everything. These products look amazing and are one of the things that jars have needed. Thanks for the chance to try out such cool products.

  51. Yes! Cool lids. Other than canning, I use mason jars for refrigerator oatmeal and smoothies. I use an immersion blender for my smoothies and a quart jar is the perfect thing for blending…nothing flies out of the top because the jar is tall. Pop in a glass straw and enjoy that smoothie.

  52. What DON’T I use mason jars for? Canning, drinking glasses, homemade butter storage, herb mayo storage, protein drink shaker, I make candles in them, store pens and markers in them, etc.

    I wish I could re-do my wedding registry from a few years ago and just register for a ton of mason jars!

  53. I have been canning a few things again after many years away from it, I also store dried goods in the pantry, homemade stocks in the fridge, as well as other made items like roasted garlic

  54. Canning jars, how I love thee…
    Our jars are used for milk (we have cows and goats), juice, general storage (rice, cereal, etc). Need a drink? Mason jars ranging from 1/2pint to pint and 1/2. Need it to go? Cap it. Lunch snacks into the jars.

    Chandeliers, picture ‘frames’, medicine keepers (nice for sick season to keep things on hand but out of your kiddos hands). Soaking utensils (they won’t fall over).

    Oh yeah and canning. So much canning. Mason jars make me happy.

  55. Mostly filling them with leftovers, but also with fresh-made yogurt, and for soaking grains with some of the yogurt whey. Infinite uses for those guys!

  56. I have been making apple jelly and apple sauce this week and last week, before that we have put up tomatoes crushed and made pickled jalapeno’s with carrots and onions.

  57. I use them for everything – canning, storage, salad dressings, leftovers, freezing…these lids would give me a few new tricks.

  58. I use them for EVERYTHING….Canning, storage, vase, mixing salad dressing, picnic drinks on the go, and the list goes on and on.

  59. Just refilled a qt mason jar of my mother’s canned beets with fertilizer. You got it. A mix of corn meal, bone meal, powdered mils and epsom salts. I make then some each year for their tomatoes & peppers.

  60. Imuse my jars for everything, canning, storage, mixes, salad dressings, leftovers, would love these kids for salad dressings and milk storage too

  61. I use them for canning and we take the canned goods camping with us. The lids would be great for using on salsa that way when the kids pour some out they don’t get it everywhere.

  62. I use mason jars for storing food – I take them to the co-op and fill them from things from the bulk section. I also use them to store leftovers. And in the last two days I’ve canned 21 pints of salsa and ran so short of jars that I had to go buy more! Next up – apple jam!

  63. this morning i finished up my batch of oven dried tomatoes… and it went in a jar and up on the shelf with my jars filled with dried herbs… aside from storing anything that will fit into them, lately i’ve been using them for yogurt making, shrub conncocting, cold brew coffee making, and my first attempt at acv… 🙂

  64. I use mason jars for many things, I store my spices in them, prepare my weekly meals lunch and breakfast, I use them to organize my craft beads by color and I use mason jars instead of glasses. This top will be great in preventing me from spilling my coffee in route to work in the mornings.

  65. When I use up the jam in my jars, I start using them for coffee, yogurt, soup, and salad dressing until it’s time to make jam again.

  66. We use mason jars every day around here. To drink out of. To eat jam out of. To hold dry beans and rice. These caps would come in so handy!!

  67. What don’t I use jars for is a better question!! Canning, food storage, over night oats, pencil holder, bug prisons (that one is from my little man)…I’m also making my own vanilla extract in a mason jar right now – fun!

  68. I currently use them for canning, occasional left overs, and a sourdough starter. I just saw one this weekend for a soap dispenser and really want one of those!

  69. oh I always use little ones to stash my homemade masks and lotions in for friends. And also, for bringing smoothies to work!

  70. I use mason jars for *everything*!!! Lately, I’ve been using them for individual servings of yogurt and pudding for my grandkids. (and of course, a dollop of my low-sugar homemade jam flavors the yogurt) The 1/4 pints are the *perfect* size for my little bunchkins. : )

  71. I use canning jars for canning, of course! And flower vases, food storage, candle holders, and gifting homemade lotions and bath salts.

  72. This week I have made raspberry jam. My raspberry patch is in my front yard, which makes it look rather sloppy and unkempt, but the jam, pies, vinegars, etc I get from that “mess” are incredible. Who knew that canning jars would become the blue jeans of the world, from the kitchen no less!

  73. I use my jars for literally everything. We use the smaller ones to store seeds for next years garden, use larger ones for actual canning projects and even use them for storing left overs and bringing sauces for pot lucks. I can imagine these lids would be used daily…

  74. I have a ton of things pickling in jars – but right now the most interesting use is weighing down the cabbage for some sauerkraut!!

  75. use the jars for eating, drinking, storage, cut flowers, all these new caps just make my life alot easier and extend the many ways a mason jar can be my friend.

  76. I have recently started making big batches of homemade yogurt. I make layered fruit and yogurt parfait in pint jars so my boys and I can grab them for breakfast or to add to our lunchbox as we run out the door in the morning.

  77. I use mason jars for storing nuts, grains, raisins – whatever -in the pantry. I also use one to store my sour dough starter in the fridge. And of course, I can with them! They also make beautiful flower vases.

  78. My sister and I were just discussing how we missed the old Good Seasons cruets from the 70’s that had snap-top lids exactly like these. We used those jars for everything until the lids broke. Now I see a terrific replacement with ReCAP!

  79. I love jars as much as you do. I use them to store nuts, etc in my pantry. I drink out of them. I bought small jars, filled them with lavender and used the daisy caps from Fillmore for drawer fresheners. If they get a small crack I will retire them to hold buttons.

  80. I’m using them mostly for leftovers at this point, although a lot of them are currently filled with pickles from summer cucs.

  81. With almost fifty years of canning under my belt, I’ve got a bunch! During the summer wide mouths are used for guest’s drinks. Canning , dry staple storage and frig. leftovers. My antique and blue ones are used for cuttings of herbs or flowers. I even keep a box of chipped rim ones filled part way with sand and a votive for outdoor evening mood lighting . I mark any that are not safe to can in with a dab of red fingernail polish on the bottom….then I know instantly to repurpose for other uses. Love that young gals are keeping this skill alive. Great blog !

  82. I am using mine mostly for canning right now, but also for storing salad dressings and other quick perishables like pesto.

  83. I canned for the first time this year and used a ton of jars for tomatoes, pickles, eggplant tomato relish, and tomatillo salsa. These lids would definitely be a great addition to my new jar collection. Thanks for the opportunity!

  84. I am using my mason jars for canning, holding soup and chili for leftovers in the fridge. Making salads up ahead of time, storing my homemade tomato juice & Apple juice. I even froze some soup in a few. I love all the things they store…nothing but goodness 🙂

  85. Canning, vacuum sealing raisins and dry goods, and storing leftovers. I’m just trying infused vinegars, so these would be perfect!

  86. Canning jars in my house are for actual canned goods (just did tomatoes and pickled beets last weekend!), plus storage of small amounts of stuff like diaper bag snacks for my daughters, plus storage of quarts of homemade yogurt, plus drinking (with cuppow lids)… we use them a lot!

  87. I use mine for canning, fermenting, and storing juices. I also use a quart size as a water glass so I can keep track of how much water I’ve had throughout the day.

  88. We use them for salads, storing homemade tomato sauce, leftovers, vases, water glasses. Incredibly versatile. Love them!

  89. I love , love, love mason jars I use them to keep food fresh in my fridge, I can with them, I cook with them AKA banana nut bread in jars. I use them for storage I live in the country and glass is the only thing mice cannot chew through. I make meals in jars to take with us on vacation in our motor home. I sometimes use them for flowers and we drink tea out of them. They are versatile and fairly inexpensive and can be re-used over and over again. Mason Jars are the Bomb!

  90. Most of my jars are sitting on a shelf unused at the moment. The garden was a disaster this year, so I had very little to can. Hoping for better luck next year.

  91. I can, stash and drink out of my canning jars. Just got a new idea from another comment to store leftover chili and soups in them. Would be great to grab and go on my way to work.

  92. Lots of canning, storing dried fruit/veggies, dried beans and dried spices from garden. Freezing and refrigeration of leftovers.

  93. I cut the top our of the morton salt canister and put it in the ring to a quart jar. It is more protected form moisture and more easily accessible for either pouring or spooning.

  94. Right now, most of them are empty, as I’ve been in the process of moving. We use them for storage and making salad dressing and if I can get everything squared away in the new house before the end of the season, I want to can applesauce.

  95. I am about to fill about 2 dozen pints with applesauce. My sister, brother-in-law and I, all retired, go away for a week and spend some of the time making applesauce and usually end up with 40+ pints.

  96. I’m kind of all over the place with mason jars these days — a bit of canning, but also lots of food storage (mostly liquids). My fridge feels more organized with clear glass jars instead of fuzzy plastic containers.

  97. Well, canning is wrapping up for us right now, though applesauce is sometime in the near future. We use mason jars for storing food and for on-the-go food, but I really need a system to separate the “canning” jars from the “using” jars!

  98. Canning: check. But also I’ve been making these pumpkin/yogurt/graham cracker parfaits. Putting them in jars lets me make a huge batch once and week and they improve with the sitting…

  99. How did you know that I painted two of mine silver? They are sitting on my kitchen windowsill and I store the lighter and the candle wick cutter in them. The other ones, contains the produce from the garden.

  100. These days I use my jars for salads to go for my lunch at work. I plan to make glow in the dark lanterns with them for Halloween and then use some for Christmas decorations like putting fake snow little plastic trees and a battery operated candle in each jars.

  101. I started using them for canning, and still use the majority that way. But I started buying wide mouth quarts for storing dried grains and beans, and now I can’t imagine storing them any other way! I’ve used jars for storing salads, and found that they kept the greens better than plastic containers did. Just this weekend I was trying to figure out how to fit a pot of soup in my very full fridge when I remembered I had clean half-gallon jars, and voila! One of the best things about jars is their versatility and resueability 🙂

  102. I use mason jars for canning, leftovers, drinking smoothies and tea… as soup bowls… whatever you need a mason jar works. .. and the chipped one for crafts…

  103. My Mason jars used to be handy was to store leftovers, or dried goods in the pantry. But, then canning season kicked into high gear and now they’re filled with greenbeans, and pickles, and jams, and fruits. I’m not complaining, mind you, just sayin’…things change. 🙂

  104. Boringly, I am only using them for canning tomatoes and jams. I’m sure because the only lids I have are for canning.

    If I had a sifter lid (sounds great) or pump lid or spray lid or flip top lid I’m sure I’d use them for other things.

    I bought some lovely retro vintage style Ball jars this summer in blue and green and have been saving them for something special.

    Maybe it’s time to get some lids.

  105. I am using them for everything. Travel mugs, travel lunch and snacks, vacuum sealing products, canning and have been absolutely amazed at how the use of jars has cut down on my use of plastic wraps and bags. It’s making life greener.

  106. I’ve been mostly canning with all of my jars. Although I did just see a trick of replacing the cup on the silver bullet with a canning jar for a larger smoothie. I’m all over that one!

  107. My granddaughter’s school uses mason jars to house “fairy wishes” for the birthday child of the day. Parents are asked to paint/decorate the jar in some way, and the class deposits their wishes for the child!

  108. Mason jars rule as I use them for everything from canning to storing leftovers & other small items. I use those ball screw on plastic caps right now but I would absolutely love to have these caps!

  109. I use them to can, store leftovers, for packing lunches, to store simple syrup and fresh-squeezed citrus juice in the fridge for cocktails, and I use them for drinking.

  110. I use most of my jars for canning, but I also use them for drinking glasses, storing food in refrigerator, transporting soups.

  111. I use mason jars for almost everything. Lots of canning – most of my christmas gifts this year will be various jams and sauces! dry goods in the pantry, salad dressing, bacon grease, barbeque sauce in the fridge, pumpkin butter in the freezer, muffin cups, buttons, pretty much anything that will fit.

  112. I am still canning stuff from my garden, but I use them for oatmeal, salad dressings, juice, and my morning tea. A sugar duster sounds great.

  113. I am using them for drinking, storing, and canning jelly and jams. I like using them to shake up salad dressings and I also bring soup to work for lunch in them. Love finding new uses for them.

  114. I have been canning…lots of pickles! I also love the 1.5 pint jars for dries herbs, but these lids would be great for travel and yard work. I spill a lot!

  115. The versatile Mason jar! Jam, pickles, dry goods and spices in the pantry, leftovers in the fridge. Flower vase, pencil cup, drinking glass, salad dressing, fly trap by the countertop composter. Sometimes I bring soup to work in a wide mouth pint jar — it transports, heats in the microwave and is a bowl! So many uses for the beloved Mason jar!

  116. We’re storing grains and nuts in mason jars. functional and beautiful! Plus I just started using a cuppow for drinking ice water around the house.

  117. Yesterday’s mason jar adventures included canning some spiced concord grape jelly and starting some fruit scrap vinegar with the grape skins and seeds. It is an experiment!

  118. I just canned a big batch of apples, but I use and reuse my jars for everything from saving leftover coffee for later, to freezing single portions of soups for my husband to take for work lunches, and everything in between!

  119. I use my jars for almost everything….goal of clearing out all plastic storage containers.
    cold soaked oatmeal, drinks, grain/seed storage and of course canning. canning salsa today. yay

  120. I have been trying my hand at canning this year, Done tomatoes hot sauces and want to do chilies now. salad dressing and chutneys go great in them and Indian style pickle.

  121. I am using jars for canning, bulk dry storage, leftovers for the freezer, my pumpkin syrup I made to add to my coffee. 🙂

  122. I’m CANNING! 🙂 Right now my jar count for this year is 316! I’ve got more applesauce to go and possibly some dry beans. I think I have enough pint jars now from canned goods we’ve eaten!

  123. I always use them to hold flowers & I often use them to make overnight cold oatmeal. I’ve recently done a little freezer canning as well.

  124. I’ve been using a quart jar as my water glass… it’s an easy way to make sure i’m drinking enough water. As long as i fill it up twice a day, I know i’m getting my full 8 glasses!

  125. I use them for canning of course, mostly tomatoes, pickles and jams. But use them for drinking glasses (with and without fitted lids) and for salad dressing (with a shaker lid). I can’t get enough of them!

  126. I use mason jars for everything! Actual canning, refrigerator pickles, infusing liqueurs, holding the big root-on basil bunches we got from the CSA this summer. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  127. Mason jars are my go to for drinking glasses: water, coffee, tea, smoothies, etc. I also use them for storing leftovers like soups or for making salad dressings.

  128. I’ve been using mason jars for my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. It’s not terribly creative, but it’s certainly practical.

  129. I use jars for just about everything: drinking my green smoothie, storing homemade salad dressings, making kombucha, making sauerkraut, pickling, and I just made a batch of your pear and cinnamon jam!

  130. Mostly canning, but some dry storage, some food-in-the-fridge storage, as a mixer/shaker container, and to store knick-knacks in throughout the house.

  131. Canning, everyday drinking glasses – my teenage son uses a quart jar! – and making yogurt are the constant uses here. I use them some times for portable breakfast or lunches also. Great idea on the shaker top!

  132. I use mason jars for everything!! Canning, freezing, storing leftovers, my husband uses them as travel coffee mugs, storing our homemade salad dressings, lard and maple syrup, etc. etc. These pour caps would be awesome for our dressings!

  133. Running a farm we use jars all harvest season for canning. I always make iced tea and coffee in a mason jar and I store all my dry herbs in them.

  134. Let’s see… still doing a last bit of canning but I also have: two jars of orange peels in vinegar, one for my morning smoothie, one for keeping infused water on my desk at work, one to dump the coffee grounds into before I dump them into the compost bin… and, I think that’s it!

  135. I have been canning a lot this summer thanks to an awesome CSA share. I also like to use the jars in the pantry for dry goods: beans, rice, grain products. Since they are clear I can always tell what’s inside.

  136. I use mason jars all over my life! Work I have my jar at my desk for drinks. In my kitchen jars hold beans barley, quinoa oatmeal and popcorn. The pantry has my canned food. This year smaller jars were used when I made “boozy” infusion s. Inside my refrigerator are jars of refrigerator oatmeal cooking away. Couldn’t be without them.

  137. Using my mason jars for everything: canning, leftovers, drinks with a straw, yoghurt with berries and granola for a late breakfast, pesto in the freezer, refrigerator pickles – who can run a kitchen w/o them?

  138. Mason jars are my favorite thing to use for my salad lunches and for bringing my coffee creamer to work. Not to mention a cabinet full of jams and other preserves!

  139. I use canning jars for everything these days! They are perfect for storing small batches of stock, or rendered fats, for cooking. Also for small amounts of things like olives. I am planning to get a bulk order of chicken backs, and make and pressure-can some really good stock.

  140. We use them as our water glasses… but I’ve also been canning tomatoes, peaches, and anything else lying around.

  141. Canning, carrying my lunch, travel tea mug, pint drinking glasses at the dinner table, quart-size soap dispenser at the kitchen sink, fill one with sugar scrub for the shower, plus kid’s crafts & art supplies of all sorts. Pretty much if I can put it in a jar, I do. Inexpensive and durable without nasty chemicals is the way to go!

  142. Holy cow, what am I *not* using mason jars for? Canning, dry storage, freezing, making yogurt, fermenting, making butter, infusing alcohol, growing sprouts, refrigerator pickles, pen & pencil holders, storage for my buttons…

  143. In addition to traditional canning and freezing, I used one of the new blue Ball glasses to hold my dessert forks for an appetizer and dessert spread that I made using a lot of the different canned foods I made this year. (I served a hot reuben dip that included sweet pickle relish, bread and butter pickles on deviled eggs, ham and cream cheese dill pickle roll-ups, shortbread jam bars with two different home made jams, and tomato jam over goat cheese.)

  144. All my smaller jars are currently full of jams for this winter, but I recently used a quart sized jar for vase when I couldn’t find my good one!

  145. I store my homemade dry cocoa mix, homemade salad dressing, spiced Tang [orange drink], also
    use them for iced tea and smoothies. I had to poke a hole in a lid for a straw. Would love to have
    lids for pouring, drinking and sifting. What wonderful ideas you have.

  146. What don’t I use Mason jars for? Love them! We drink out of them daily. I make my cold coffee, store food, and sauces. Also make pickles from the cucumbers in our garden. Couldn’t live without my Cuppow, and EcoJarz products either? Glass jars have definitely made a positive impact in our lives!

  147. Right now, I’m trying to work them into my kitchen goods storage. Otherwise, still doing some jam canning and such with them 🙂

  148. I use them for everything but I love to use them for leftovers and I have also been painting them with chalk paint.

  149. Canning, storing leftovers, bringing milk to work to add to my cereal or oatmeal, as drinking cups for my 6 year-old (and her pals), and displaying small flowers picked by the aforementioned 6 year-old. 🙂 the possibilities are endless!

  150. Golly. What DON’T we use canning jars for! The latest thing is the tea light holders I accidently discovered at a craft store. We are storing extra tea lights inside the jar, too, so there will always be some handy. (Not filling the jars – wouldn’t want the heat to melt or ignite them!)

    Not as much canning going on due to some health and injury issues, but managing some. Peppers in tomato sauce are up next.

  151. Jamming mostly — I just put up a batch of thai hot pepper, basil, and lemongrass jelly (and last week was rsapberry ginger). But I also use them to hold spice mixtures (berbere, rib rub), hot fudge sauce, and just about anything else that comes out of my kitchen.

    In my youth, I bought a couple cases of 1 pint jars that I filled with spices — I’ve mostly moved to smaller jars, but still use a few for the spices that I go through in huge quantities (like chili powder, cumin, and cinnamon).

  152. I just finished canning a batch of spiced pears in apple syrup. The spiced apple syrup I canned for mixing with vodka for wonderful fall apple martinis!

  153. Canning, flowers, smoothies. And I just used jars as bead-holders for a big group craft project for kiddos. Thanks for the giveaway.

  154. I have been using them for storage and also as a “pot” in my solar oven. Paint one black and put inside a glass cooking vessel (like pyrex) and the greenhouse effect increases the efficiency of your solar oven.

  155. We’re using jars for canning and daily as drinking glasses… just about the only thing that doesn’t get broken in this house!

  156. It’s been so hot here in So. California, I’ve been drinking iced tea out of the quart sized jars. These lids would be perfect!!

  157. I put beans ,chopped greens, grains in a mason jar topped with a little vinegar and oil and take it to the bay to eat whilst catching crabs. Yumm!

  158. I have been saving pickle juice to put sliced carrots and onions in to soak up all the great vinegar taste in a mason jar in the frig, makes for a great healthy snack

  159. Stashing leftovers, salads for lunchtime. I made some jam from frozen berries and chia seeds that I use for child’s pbj sandwiches everyday.

  160. I am staring at 3 jars that have just been emptied of their contents – peaches and (my favourite) the tomato jam from this website! Would love some of these lids to extend the usefulness of my many jars.

  161. I like to use them to sort beads. Also, the looks from coffee barristas when I hand them my jar for coffee are priceless.

  162. Are you kidding?!!! I can make jelly, jam, pickles, juice for my kids, store granola….There are so many uses for the canning jars with these lids!!!!!

  163. Drinking coffee, water, ice tea, and making smoothies (and modeling this for my daughter, who has discovered that mason jars fit the blender apparatus and is using it regularly for making milkshakes!)

  164. I have been canning vegetable soups, pear butter and pickles. Finishing up the garden for the season. Winter greens will be coming soon!

  165. Leftovers, freezing pesto, and believe it or not, for breastmilk. I have a baby who for medical reasons ended up unable to breastfeed and I discovered that I hate pumping, so I hand express into pint jars. I also have a stash of frozen milk… All in ball jars.

  166. Canning, storing leftovers, and as a toothbrush holder in the bathroom. Would love to start making my own salad dressing and pour it from a mason jar.

  167. I use mine for dressing and sauces. I also have a pint size jar over my washing machine that holds all of the loose change I find when doing laundry – my “fee” for having to wash the household’s clothes. 🙂

  168. i recently bought a pump lid and put it on one of my green mason jars to use as a soap dispenser in the kitchen! i love the look of it 🙂

  169. We have a dozen jars of Peach Jam ready to go for the fall, and we’re making Apple Pumpkin butter this weekend, and we always have jars of oats with fruit in the fridge for work-day breakfast. Yay Mason Jars!

  170. I’ve got one set of jars bought just for packing small amounts of snacks or spreads in lunches. The pint jars have been used for canning, storing overflow bulk grains and beans and stashing leftover liquids.

  171. This week, I used them to “put up” spiced pear slices… by the way anyone know the origin of the phrase “put up” in the preserving context?


  172. Canning, canning, canning, storing dehydrated apple rings, some freezing, and will be starting sauerkraut in them shortly and more canning 🙂

  173. I have canned 40 pints tomatoes, 20 pints peaches and am just waiting for the right apple to come along for applesauce. I use jars regularly for leftovers, keep my sourdough in the fridge, milk kefir etc. I call it my jar collection and add to it regularly.

  174. I use mason jars for just about everything! I can (latest adventures include 7 quarts of pickles from my tiny garden this year and some homemade sriracha hot sauce), I use them to store leftovers (always have one in my purse for going out to eat so I don’t have to take styrofoam home!), I carry my morning smoothies and juice in them, and I store jewelry making supplies and beads in them. I’m going to attempt to make a candle in a cracked rim mason jar, as well. Best invention ever.

  175. I store my dry beans in some, dried rose bud from my wedding in another. I can my tomato and salsa verdi, put up picked dukes and beets and a large assortment of jellies jams and fruit butters in mine. Occasionally the work for other needs!

  176. I have about half a dozen mini-jars stashed around my office, holding sauces, tea, vitamins, and other things! And am also using them for my homemade pumpkin spice lattes…so glad that it’s fall!

  177. Use (and re-use) ’em for canning, of course – on a chutney kick! – but also for leftovers, salad dressing for lunch at work, snacks bought in bulk…and, as a mom of young boys, I also have a couple filled with Legos. 🙂

  178. I have always loved Mason Jars. I use them for canning, vases,glasses, etc. We even have the Straw Sippy Cup Tops, the kids love them.

  179. I use a wide mouth mason jar as part of a double boiler to melt things to make lotions. I use another with my perfect pickler to make one jar of pickled food at a time. I use small jars to store my home grown herbs an spices. I use large jars to store rice and flours from the bulk section of my co op. I Use mason jars for so many things.

  180. Mason jars are a daily occurrence. I use them for freezing and storing pantry goods. I just emptied

    the last of my herbal oils and tincture from pints where they have soaked for 6 weeks. The finished

    product goes back into the jars. These reCaps would be great for the pouring of oils and tinctures. I

    also store the dried herbs in the mason jars, and of course canning. I am trying to avoid BPA so my

    pantry overflows with the results of canning all summer and I haven’t stopped yet. Still want to do

    beans for the winter months.

  181. I’m using canning jars for making plum jam and for collecting bugs and making ranch dressing and for making my iced tea and I could go on and on and on. Love the lids!!

  182. Love, love, LOVE Mason jars! For years we’ve used them for everything from storage (beans, pasta, buttons, marbles, etc., etc., etc.) to candle holders when the power goes out, from drinking glasses to flower vases, to (gasp!) canning. Lately, we’ve ditched all the plastic food containers in favour of glass and, once, again, mason jars have saved the day!

  183. I’m always mixing up my salad dressing in a jar…easy to blend, just shake! So many use! I pour my pancake batter from them, build individual salads for grab n go, organizing small crafts or hardware items. I even have a few in the bathroom to hold q-tips, cotton balls, band-aids, mini tubes of toothpaste. Thank goodness for Ball jars!!

  184. We use them for canning, to store our freshly milked goat milk in the freezer, and also to make individual serving sizes of kombucha that we keep in the fridge.

  185. My homemade almond milk is the latest thing I’m storing in mason jars, which are so much easier to clean than the thin-necked fliptop bottles I had been using.

  186. I use them to take leftovers for my work lunch and to store small pantry items — dog treats, protein shake mix, etc. Ridiculously handy!

    • I would love to try these re-caps. I’m using jars for all sorts of things lately. I canned tomatoes and pickles. I’ve got rice, soup mix, chocolate chips, buttons, ribbon scraps, mug cake mix etc. etc.

    • I’m savoring the work of my grandmother and I from this summer, opening jars of a fig chutney recipe I made up, marinara, squash pickles, and more!

      Too boot, we’re in the heart of apple season right now. mY boyfriend and I are dutifully picking up windfall apples and making applesauce and the occasional batch of apple butter!

  187. Jars are everywhere in my house but mostly I use them for canning. I can all year long but am just now reclaiming my kitchen from the Great Summer Canning Festival of 2014. I do have quite a few antique jars that I store dried beans and grains in. And I am forever stashing food in them in the fridge and for packed lunches.

    And cottonballs in the bath. And herbs rooting on the windowsill. And flowers in the bedroom. And, and…

    Totally stoked about this giveaway and I MUST get a spray bottle lid too. <3 that idea!

  188. What doesn’t get put in a mason jar. I blend and freeze smoothies in them, take cereal on the road to work me in them, I can in them, use them for storage, drinking glasses with chalk board stickers for get togethers, made margarita glasses out of them with candle sticks glued to the bottoms, my kitchen utitensils are stored in them on my kitchen counter, candle holders (with candy corn in the bottom right now), sewing kit, dinner leftovers, sauces, dry can large quantites of rice, beans and other grains to save money, store all baking staples in 1/2 gallon jars, and best of all I make lemondrop moonshine in them.

  189. I use mason jars for jam, jam, and more jam as well as several different sourdough starters, dill pickle relish and tomato chutney.

  190. I use mason jars for nut storage, I make mixes, I have even made sewing kits with pincushions on them. I purchase bulk grains and store in mason jars, I am an avid canner I had hundreds of jars and I recently moved and had to eliminate and start from scratch. Whew I am still having nightmares about that mistake. We drink out of them, we used them to catch bugs and view them for a few minutes and release them. They have even worked as temporary fish bowls. If I see one at a yard sale….it’s mine.

  191. Mason jars are a staple in our house….canning, leftovers in the fridge, general household storage, smoothies on the go, homemade yogurt and kefir and doing small fermented batches or veggies. We use pint jars for drinking glasses too!

  192. I use them for storing leftovers and batches of things– for example, I make a large batch of marinara sauce every couple of weeks, and it goes in a quart jar! My husband has been using them for overnight oats– so delicious!

  193. Mostly canning. But I just made hanging lanterns for citronella votives for my deck this summer. No mosquitos while eating al fresco!

  194. I use my jars for canning and storage. Sometimes I’ve arranged a small bouquet in a jar because it’s so charming. But I don’t carry around food or drinks in glass jars. It’s just not necessary when there are unbreakable and insulated containers that are far more suitable.

    Probably not the response your advertiser is looking for but I think it’s gotten silly for people who don’t can to carry these things around like fashion accessories.

  195. Lately I’ve been using mason jars to organize my plastic utensils. Boring, eh? Well, my kitchen has been out of commission for months, and so all I can say is that I am coping. But its my hope that today is that special day that will bring me my cooktop, and that I can quickly can up the tomatoes from my garden.

  196. I use a jar each morning to froth up the 1/2 and 1/2 for my coffee, store dog treats, freeze pasta sauce, and quick pickle! Pickle, Pick me!

  197. It is just the perfect lid for using simple syrup from a mason jar. Pour in correct amount of water and sugar in a jar, stir, then microwave until hot, stir the syrup some more, then cool, attach flip cap, and refrigerate. Use with any drinks or beverages needing a little sugar.

  198. Asking a question on a giveaway likely isn’t good – but have they fixed these lids? Because I bought one a while back (over a year?) and it is decidedly NOT leakproof which was a huge disappointment. I’d be willing to get one if they are remade!

  199. I store all my grains & beans in them. And I got lids to make small jars spice jars! I also got screens to screw in & make a vase out of jar(stems held by screen like florist do). It’s like repurposing the jars but when they are NEW vs old.

  200. I just last week canned 48 pints of green beans. I use jars for storage, spices, leftovers, and just about everything.

  201. I use my Mason Jars for canning! When I tell my husband I’m going to be canning all afternoon he groans, but he is a good sport about it. Just this last week I did applesauce and plums and this weekend I’m planning on doing plum jelly and maybe potatoes! I’ve never done potatoes before so I hope they turn out. If anyone has any advice about potatoes I would love to hear about it!

  202. I’ve adopted mason/canning jars for just about everything: canning, pickling and storing of leftovers. I also use them to store most everything in my pantry cause it’s so nice to be able to walk in and see exactly what things are. I’m also addicted to the overnight oats so I do that in a mason jar. We also love to drink out of them especially sweet tea, cold coffee with evaporated milk and yummy grapefruit mimosas. So many more things like vessels to hold utensils for parties or flowers….the list is endless and fun, just like this site!

  203. Our jars are everywhere! Pickles, jam, applesauce and storing all our dried goods. Also storing dried fruit and dog treats.

  204. Aside from operating a canning CSA from my home and using a bounty of jars each season, my family and I use them for all dry goods, my daughter makes her oatmeal the night before in them, they house hair accessories, spare keys, rubber bands, collected sea shells…you name it, we house it in a mason jar.

  205. I use mason jars of all sizes. I make jellies, my most recent fav is fig jam. Made with the turkey figs on our tree. I can tomatoes, peaches, applesauce, apple butter and pickles. I won’t get started on the different types! And I love to bake pot pies in them. And for those that like BBQ beer can chicken, use a mason jar instead of the beer can….no chemicals!

  206. I love Mason jars. I use them for canning and storage. I make green pepper vinaigrette and use a shaker/pour top. This morning I made kim chi and it’s sitting on the cupboard in a Mason jar fermenting.

  207. I am using Mason jars in a number of ways; storage of non-food items; to hold left overs; I use them as soup containers, easier to microwave; and beverage holder with special lid and straws.

  208. Large and small jars are used for most of our storage. We can see the contents and should a mouse decide to enter the pantry, it will have a hard time mooching a free meal! Plus all the goods we have put up – applesauce, beets, peaches, pickles, relish….

  209. I’m savoring the work of my grandmother and I from this summer, opening jars of a fig chutney recipe I made up, marinara, squash pickles, and more!
    Too boot, we’re in the heart of apple season right now. mY boyfriend and I are dutifully picking up windfall apples and making applesauce and the occasional batch of apple butter!

  210. I’m canning – I really just discovered it this year. Had only made pickles previously. Also love them as beverage holders! And, storing grains in the cupboard with come “chalkboard tape” or white erase labels.

  211. Canning and juicing the results of our annual garden. Recently I’ve started using my antique ones for more than simple decoration, and some have become hanging indoor lighting & outdoor rechargeable LED porch and garden lighting.

  212. I use my mason jars not only for canning and making jelly, but as soap dispensers, rice storage and I use the pint jars to freeze my leftover spaghetti sauce for a couple of weeks. It’s just the right size for one meal for my husband and I.

  213. Omg…I found. I love jars and they are in every room of my house. I use them for the standard kitchen duties…canning, spices, storage, leftovers and such. Also use them for storage on the craft room, piggy banks and soap dispensers. Gotta love them.

  214. I use mason jars for everything! I can anything I am able/inclined to; I use them for dry storage for grains and spices and all sorts of food stuffs. My candy jar is a 1 pint ball jar that wanders around with little sweet nibbles in it. I use them to store various household items, and all of my plant cuttings are rooting in water in mason jars. I also use them for homemade bath products like sugar scrubs and lotions. They are cheap, easy, and look nicer than most plastic containers.

  215. I am a massage therapist and skin care practitioner. Aside from the regular use as a tea container, lunch mixer(salads, yogurt fruit and granola), I have just started jamming after a friend told me about this blog. Out of all the uses I find for mason jars my favorite is using them to make products for my business, to sun-infuse my massage oil with herbs. I just finished straining a batch of arnica, lavender and St. John’s wort which seems to be the running favorite at my practice especially when I add some spruce and sweet orange essential oil. Not to mention all my infusions make the window sill look nice in my shoebox apt.

  216. Of course, I use mason jars for canning, leftovers, and homemade salad dressings. Then I use them to corral craft supplies, like beads and sewing notions. But my big plan right now is to use mason jars for holding sourdough starter, then sell the starter along with a loaf of sourdough bread and recipes as a church fundraiser at a Christmas fair.

  217. I use them for storing leftovers in the fridge, like soups, sauces and extra pancake batter. I also use them to store beans and grains in my pantry. Is there anything they’re not good for? 🙂

  218. Really, I use my Mason jars for making and/or storing lacto pickles in the frig. I need to purchase plastic lids, and then I will be able to use them more often for storage. I’m trying to get rid of all of my plastic containers! A sifter would be great!

  219. Learning how to can with my friend (who is a veteran), so I’m finally using Mason jars for canning. I also love them for general storage (beans, rice, oatmeal, etc.) I’ve also got several that I used for flowers and as hurricane candle holders this summer.

  220. I use small ones for salad dressings and marinades that just need a shake before using, and larger ones to take soup to work in. Half gallons work great for juice, too! My fridge looks like a chemistry lab sometimes…

  221. Yes! Canning, overnight raw oatmeal, storage, Iced tea, homemade detergent, drinking glasses, I can’t get enough!

  222. Pickles and left-overs
    My boy likes to eat the pickles from mason jars with his chop sticks while he does his homework =D

  223. I use jars to store nearly everything in. Mason jars, reused jars, jars I pick up at garage sales and thrift stores all get pressed into storing nearly all food products in one form or another. Also, I’m doing a LOT of canning!

  224. I just moved and have not been able to can. We have been using our mason jars for lots of other purposes. My husband used a case of pint jars as screw organizers. He screwed the tops of the mason jars to the bottom of a shelf in the garage in order to hang them. I have been using them for dry goods.

  225. Aside from the tomatoes, pizza sauce, pickles, salsa, and chicken i have canned, I love to use Mason jars to store grains, beans, cereals etc. They look pretty on the shelves and have inspired many a good meal. I also use them to transport soup, milk, juice etc to the cabin.

  226. I’ve been using a mason jar (regular mouth) instead of my glass blender. Those jars fit perfectly on the blender with the cutting blades inside, so you can make a small batch of smoothies, sauces, etc. very easily. I didn’t believe it either, until I tried it.

  227. Really, what don’t we use mason jars for? Right now they’re bean and grain storage, tupperwares, filled with relish and jam, vessels for displaying branches and flowers, drinking glasses…we’re fans. Fancy lids like these help facilitate even more uses, I’m sure.

  228. I have just started canning this year, and have been doing different flavors of applesauce. Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  229. I used mason jars to can the last of the summer tomatoes. I use the quart size to organize my pantry (store rice, grains, nuts, etc.). I also like to make mixes in a jar and store in the pantry for quick soups or brownies (my family’s favorite).

  230. Mason jars are overrunning here since we’re plowing through the last of the 2013 put-up. Empty jars are mostly being used for lunch, like yogurts and fruit mixes. Some of or be spices are in jelly jars. I’d love to try the salad in the jar thing I’ve seen around. We’ll see.

  231. We use them all the time! This is my first year canning. I’ve used them to freeze in the past. They’re drinking cups and flower holders too!

  232. I am using the 24 ounce jars for my daily smoothies. I am loving smoothies with raw beets in them. The color is amazing. Just filled 9 pint jars with some homemade sugar free and spice free applesauce.

  233. I am making home-made instant noodle soup and taking it for lunch in wide mouth mason jars. I add water, heat in the microwave, and voila! instant noodle soup.

    I am also using them for refrigerator steel cut oats.

  234. I am canning sliced apples & apple juice, tomato sauce & green beans, and dehydrating apples, bananas, “old” apricots, and “old” Bing cherries. All of those are going into mason jars. I prefer the wide mouth jars for dried fruit, since it is easier to reach inside to get the fruit!

  235. I use them for all my dry goods and for my homemade barbecue sauce. Those lids will be perfect for my sauce storage.

  236. I use mason jars for so many things: drinking glasses, salads in jars, storing leftovers, making salad dressing, soaking chia, and my new obsession – canning small batches of jam that I’ve made in my bread machine! Right now I’m waiting impatiently for your books to be available at my library as they’re currently checked out.

  237. What don’t I use mason jars for? My favorite right now is making them into mummies for Halloween. Wrapping them a few times in cheesecloth or gauze and then putting on a pair of googly eyes, insert candle. Mummy light!

  238. Mostly I use jars (mason and other) to store rice, quinoa, etc. which I buy in bulk. Also, currently, leftover decaf coffee for people who get up in the middle of the night needing some. A pouring lid would be nice for that!

  239. Besides using mason jars for canning I love to use them to make and shake dressing. The recap would be perfect for my dressings.

  240. Canning jars fulfill a multitude of uses at our house… storing condiments (both preserved and fresh). I’m making sherry vinegar in a half gallon jar tucked away in a corner of my kitchen and another filled with cold brewed coffee. I enjoy smoothies w/them and best of all I can pop a blade and blender lid on them, then blend and go!

  241. use them for everything!! canning of course,spices,dried beans,drinking the new green and blue with matching rings.

  242. I am currently starting my holiday liquor making and am using my jars to store the liquor that is being flavored by lemon, vanilla, basil, honey, and many other spices and herbs.

  243. I am filling jars. In every manner. Canned, refrigerated, dry storage, it does not matter. If it needs a home, it is in a jar. Box Tops for education to sharpie markers to rainbow crayons, I have given over to the awesomeness that is the jar.

  244. 1. Canning
    2. storage of dry foods
    3 measuring for soap making
    4. Decorative as stick and flower holders
    5. Shelf holders/yarn storage
    6 Salve Jars

  245. Oh how I love Mason jars at this time of year! Tis the season to be canning! In addition to apple ginger jam (found on food in jars, and yum yum yum!) apple cranberry jam and apple chutney, I’ve been using my pint size mason jars to bring my green smoothies to work. These flip top lids look perfect for bevvies!!

  246. Now I’m using my Mason jars for canning mostly. During the summer, though, I used them to raise Monarch butterflies! Well, actually, I used them for raising the Monarch caterpillars, then I released them as butterflies. Just last week, we let the last two go, and with luck, they’re on their way to Mexico for the winter.

  247. Ha, I’m filling my jars with everything, it seems. Canning like mad, freezing stuff in them, storing dried goods, storing used lids (regular mouth fit perfectly in a wide mouth jar), storing infusions in them, making small batch sauerkraut in them, and I’m getting ready to start canning fresh cider in quart jars.

    I think I may need more jars. 🙂

  248. My wee basement bachelor apartment is overrun with Mason jars… Fridge pickles, jams, dry goods on the kitchen shelf, dried herbs, travel mug for smoothies…

  249. Glass is the best! I use my jars for dry storage, fridge pickles (and any other veggie that can be pickled), storing my homemade mustards and relishes…and then there are the normal things you do like canning tomatoes, fruits, and whatever else you have more than you can use fresh. I haven’t done this yet, but plan to soon, is to make some homemade lotions, potions, and salves and store in those cute tiny half-pint jars.

  250. I use them every day – for canning whatever is available (applesauce and hot dill green beans this morning), for carrying hot soup to my neighbor, for dividing up a gallon of candy between 4 grandkids, for measuring pints of anything, for saving bits of leftover pickling brine or the tailings of a batch of jam, for bouquets, drinking glasses, as canisters for oatmeal, pasta, etc. …… can you tell I’m not a big user of plastic?

  251. With the thermometer dipping regularly in my area, there has been a lot of soup on the menu. Lots of jars are being used to store and can it! Also for drinking cocktails 🙂

  252. I use mason jars for many things – honey, apple butter, vase for flowers, pen holder, homemade BBQ sauce, cups. I love them!

  253. Normally my jars are filled with leftovers and dry goods, but not at this time of year! I have hit max mason jar capacity — I made so much jam I had to raid the fridge and empty every mason jar in there so I didn’t have to buy yet another new flat. Every open jar was moved into a bowl or plastic container and washed out and filled with mixed-berry or raspberry jam. P: Delish.

  254. I use them for canning sweet and savory things. I also use them for storing dry foods, like rice and beans; so far, no mice have been able to screw open the jars! Salad dressing is made, poured into a jar, and stored in the fridge. I’m sure there is more…

  255. Food storage (dry goods & leftovers in the refrigerator) and canning (I have two half-pints of spiced apple tart filling in the canner right now — 10 minutes to go !!)

  256. Unfortunately, not making jam! I’ve been too busy, so they are carting my morning smoothies back and forth to work. One of these caps would be perfect for that!

  257. Lots of dry goods and leftovers storage. I have honey in a jar that sure could use a pour lid! I have three jars of peanut butter, and another jar waiting for the chocolate peanut butter that I haven’t gotten around to making. And I recently used a wide mouth pint jar as a change jar for a road trip that involved tolls.

  258. Hello, Thank you for your time and energy maintaining this Blog. I appreciate the shared knowledge.

    I use mason jars for just about everything.
    I just bought 1/2 gallon size for different types of flours (since I am trying to be more gluten free) and dried fruits/veggies from my dehydrator.
    Yesterday I made a different type of mixed refrig pickle to give in !/2 pints to family and friends.
    I store art supplies in all sizes. The 4oz are great for alcohol inks made with Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol
    I am always trying to save cuttings from pruning indoor/outdoor plants and mason jars are wonderful for rooting stems.
    They are great for leftovers that can go into the microwave.
    I could go on……

  259. My husband would likely ask what I’m NOT using mason jars for these days. One is holding a pineapple top, hoping it will sprout. Another is holding my homemade kefir. More are in the pantry with applesauce and peaches. And yes, I do find myself more and more often pouring in whatever beverage I currently desire and skipping the traditional glass altogether.

  260. I love all my canning jars. I collect the old colored ones for vases and storage. I’ve been canning for the last month or so. Jelly jars, quarts, pints I love all the different shapes and sizes. I pick the shapes and designs by what I’m canning.

  261. I started out using mason jars because I was looking for a glass sippy cup option for my toddler..found out that certain nuby and nuk brand silicone lids will fit into a regular mouth mason jar (I also have made and plan to make more cozies for her to keep her hands warm and to personalize her cup) so she uses the 8oz regular mouth jars as a sippy cup and for oatmeal..and ball actually makes there own “sip & straw” lids (not leak proof) which I love to use when I’m out and about on a 12 oz regular mouth jar…I use 4oz jars to store spices & 32oz wide mouth jars to store dry goods in my pantry & I LOVE how beautiful, organized (and fun) it is…next I’m going to look for a half gallon wide mouth jar to store homemade horchata…I also have some of the design series green and blue lids, I think the reCap lid would make a perfect addition to my collection (:

  262. I am using Mason jars in the traditional manner – I did try some new stuff this summer though – bread and butter pickles and Blueberry jam (both from your book, which my mom gave me for Christmas)! Both so delicious.

  263. In addition to canning, I use mason jars for holding various teas. Just bought a half-gallon Ball jar for pickled beets and eggs. Also, when I make soup, the leftovers fit nicely into a wide mouth quart jar. Would love to use a jar with a pump dispenser to hold liquid soap in the kitchen. These new caps are awesome!

  264. I just got into canning this year and loving it. With my family’s help we have canned peaches, apples, and grapes. The taste is amazing and I went though 6 cases of jars within 2 months. Can’t wait to learn more and build up my pantry.

  265. My latest use of a mason jar was for holding squash seeds that I brined and roasted. Not exactly original, but useful. I love the idea of pump sprayers, I’ll have to investigate that.

  266. Wow, I use them for everything… canning, dry storage, pencil cups, vases, drinking glasses and currently I’m making some ginger ale in a jar.

  267. What am I not using canning jars for! To store odd and ends grains, flours, beans on my shelf and freezer; for leftovers; for wet cat food; for fermenting yogurt and veg and fruits; and as a container for to-go lunches. They are so great!

  268. In no particular order:
    Making yogurt
    Salads to go
    Art Supply storage
    Sauerkraut fermenter
    plastic storage bag replacer
    yarn holder

  269. I Love to use canning Jars for Canning and to store left overs….we also use them for drinking glasses…the small fruit jars are for morning juice at breakfast..!!
    I Love your products !!

  270. My house is filled with mason jars. I use them mainly for storage. All of my dried goods, dried herbs, tinctures, herbal oils – basically any wonderful potion I’m brewing up gets made and stored in mason jars. they are also perfect this time for cough and cold time as I use them to make a quart of herbal tea and can sip it throughout the day.

  271. I am trying for the first time ever to make homemade apple cider vinegar with my 1/2 gallon jars! I saved the cores and peelings from my apple recipes last week, covered them with water and am stirring them every day. Hopefully in two months my homemade vinegar will be amazing! I love learning how to do new things and becoming more self-reliant! Thanks for all, your hints and helps!

  272. I’m using Mason jars for everything right now – salad dressings; freezer jam; storing bulk nuts, seeds, and dry beans; and even birthday candles, matches, and baking cup liners. A little of everything. These little flip tops look like a great addition!

  273. I used a couple to DIY some air-fresheners for my apartment (with baking soda and essential oil). They’re working pretty well so far!

  274. I love mason jars for homemade salad dressing. Just pour in your vinegar and oil (and a little mustard for emulsification), then put the lid on and shake! Done. Delicious, homemade, easy.

  275. I, too, use all different sizes of mason jars to store all sorts of things around my house. I use them for canning and making yogurt and kefir, homemade salad dressing, chia seed pudding, and basically anything liquid and in danger of spilling! When my kids were babies, I used them for storing and freezing extra breastmilk for use in a bottle for the babysitter or for mixing baby cereal or mashed foods into later. I currently take my breakfast omelet (uncooked eggs with whatever veggies and spices included) to work in them; 1 minute in the microwave and voila! gourmet breakfast over email! The very smallest sizes make excellent packing containers for jewellry and hair ties for travelling. I keep one beside me whenever I’m doing small home repair and/or putting together DIY furniture, to keep the screws, nuts, bolts, washers, etc. from getting lost. I give them to my kids to portion out grapes and goldfish crackers at snack time. They make great paint containers for my budding preschool artist. And the best part of all of this is that, since I’ve given so many jars of jam and other homemade goodies as Christmas/housewarming/baby shower gifts, I’ve always got a supply of jars being returned to me on a regular basis, by those hopeful of getting a full one back again – and I usually have something in the freezer or pantry to continue the cycle 🙂

  276. Still canning jam – but also making yogurt, storing dry goods, and all manner of things. Dang useful, those jars!! My pantry would benefit greatly from these cool lids!

  277. Right now I am using my mason jars for Salad in a jar. I started a diet and I can make the salads to take to work for the whole week. So easy to grab and go.

  278. I use Mason jars to store candy, to make my husband iced tea, to store bacon fat, to hold leftovers, and I have a frog insert to use them to hold flowers in the summer. I love my Mason jars.

  279. I mostly use mine for storage, but I did just make my first batch of jam and was also recently gifted some canning tools from a friend’s mother. So, the sky is the limit!

  280. I’ve been using jars for a lot around the house recently. I take iced coffee to work in a pint and a half jar and freeze batches of soup in quarts. I use half gallon jars to keep the coffee in the fridge and to make kimchi.

  281. I use mason jars for everything! Canning, leftovers, my homemade instant noodle lunches, my coffee cup and even my dry shampoo!

  282. I use mason jars for canning, air tight sealing, herb/tea holder, tinctures, salves, drinking, decor, candles, yea basically everything. I LOVE MASON JARS!!!

  283. Using mason jars for canning and using the left over jars for drinks and eating my oatmeal out of in the mornings…way better than plastic!

  284. Jam, and I am going to start making baked oatmeal and taking it to work in jars for breakfast. I keep meaning to make more salad dressings, and it would be helpful to have a leakproof lid for the jars!

  285. These days, I’m fermenting in my jars, more than anything. I have a bunch of water kefir going currently, and two kinds of pickles. Fermentation has been a little more time-crunch-lifestyle friendly: set it and forget it (but not completely, because then your jars can explode from the pressure).

  286. I have okra pickling and jam setting…and always fresh cut flowers in mason jars all over the house. Now, on to green tomato jalapeno jam!

  287. Canning. Yogurt and muesli, ice tea, hot coffee, and takaboost (which is a local South Jersey drink mix) which I carry in a handmade crocheted carrier.

  288. What am I not using mason jars for :)? Lately, for storing fermented sauerkraut, canning tomato sauce, preserving jam, and salsa. Those lids would be perfect for making salad dressing, I think!

  289. Drink containers, canned goods. Vitamin storage, a mason jar paint gun, and trail mix. So really, just about everything. These would be great for trail mix!

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