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October 20, 2014

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One trend that I’m very much enjoying these days is the rise of the curated subscription box. It used to be that subscriptions were limited to books, magazines, music, and occasionally, cheese. These days, you can sign up to receive all manner of items on monthly or quarterly basis.

A Kitchen Box is one such subscription box company. They focus on products and recipes designed to inspire you in the kitchen and they make sure to include something to see, taste, learn, and try in every box.

Recently, I teamed up with the folks at A Kitchen Box on a Food in Jars-themed box and it turned out even more beautifully than I could have imagined.

a kitchen box

The box includes a gorgeously printed copy of my recipe for Orange Tomato and Smoked Paprika Jam, a pretty picture postcard of that jam, a packet of Sweet Smoked Paprika from Whole Spice, two Le Parfait 324 ml French Jam Storage Jars (you treat these like any other lug lid jar), canning labels, music downloads, and a grey flour sack towel. They also donate $1 from each purchase to Rogue Valley Orphanage Outreach.

Brooke and Ang from A Kitchn Box have offered one of these Food In Jars Box for this week’s giveaway. Additionally, they’re offering all Food in Jars readers $10 off the first month of any new AKB Subscription, along with a free Mini Box (while their limited stash lasts). If you want in on the deal, use the code ‘foodinjars’ in the coupon field at check-out.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about either something to which you subscribe, or something you wish you could subscribe to (I once had a subscription to toilet paper through Amazon. It was an amazing way to never run out).
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, October 25, 2014. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog by the end of the day on Sunday, October 26, 2014.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Disclosure: A Kitchen Box sent me one of the Food in Jars boxes for photography purposes. No additional compensation was provided. 

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461 thoughts on "Giveaway: A Kitchen Box + Discount Code"

  • I would like to get a sock yarn subscription, but I know myself well enough to know I’d never knit fast enough. Therefore, I just subscribe to the knitting mags instead.

  • I have signed up for CSA boxes every summer for several years. I get great fresh produce that lasts forever in my refrigerator.

  • I am subscribed to Consumer Reports magazine and have been for the last 25 years or so. I also use Consumer Reports on-line.

  • When we lived in the midwest someone gave us a subscription to a fruit of the month club. It was amazing to get such luscious, juicy fruit in the middle of a frigid winter. A kitchen box sounds like so much fun!

  • I love my Amazon Prime subscription! The two day shipping is incredible when I come back with my haul of fruits and veggies and realize I’m low on jars. A quick order and they’re neatly packaged at my doorstep within 2 days, usually sooner!

  • Currently I subscribe to Ipsy. Every month you receive 5 different makeup products and a makeup bag. Its like Christmas whenever the package comes in the mail. I’m always excited to see what was sent. I love the idea of subscription boxes. You can try different things that you normally would never get a chance to try without spending a fortune. Your giveaway to A Kitchen Box is exciting. What a great idea to try something new.

  • I subscribe to magazines….I’d love to subscribe to this kind of cooking related box. It sounds amazing.

  • I currently subscribe to magazines (though not as many as in past years); I wish I had an Amazon Prime subscription.

  • I have a subscription for vitamins and replacement cutting blades for my Silhouette, as well as a monthly rubber stamping kit. I also had a subscription for stationery supplies from around the world (it was a birthday gift). I love dishtowels, and would love a dishtowel of the month subscription… lovely silkscreened linen dishtowels… happiness! This seems like it’s pretty close!

  • I would love to have the fruit of the month service from Harry and David – I guess I should suggest it to my husband as a gift for me!!!

  • I absolutely adore sub boxes! I have a tea box ( which sends four sample a month. I used two of them to make an adaptaton of your peach oolong jelly, and they turned out absolutely delicious!

  • I’ve tried several of these subscription boxes lately! They’re addicting! The one that has stuck around is Love with Food. It’s a fun box full of new snacks that I like to be able to try. This box looks awesome! I’m off to check it out now!

  • while a sophomore in college, i had a citrus subscription during the winter months, it was awesome! just today i have also learned of sewing box subscriptions too! some of my fav things….food and sewing. 🙂 i’d also be very interested in a monthly subscription of “how to get your baby to sleep” that’d be awesome too 😛

  • I used to love to subscribe to magazines. They were very inexpensive but I felt bad about the pile up of paper in the recycling bin. Reducing, I subscribe now to all kinds of online sites and blogs!

  • I have a snack subscription box sent to my office every couple of weeks. It makes for anice surprise that brightens up my workday.

    Things I would like to subscribe to, and probably could if I wanted; craft beers, hot sauces.

  • CSA subscriptions are the best, earthy surprises!

    I also love the earlier poster’s comment about having a snack box sent to her office to brighten her work day. Who couldn’t use that?

  • I subscribe to Runner’s World Magazine. I want a subscription to Blue Apron, the service that NPR advertises that sends ingredients to prepare a healthy, gourmet meal all contained in a box. It would be nice to win this A Kitchen Box, too!

  • I like to give subscriptions as gifts – that way the gift lasts the whole year. Sometimes magazines, but often homemade or handpicked items. I gave my husband a different kind of cheese every month for his birthday once.

  • My cousin subscribed me to fitness magazine and didn’t tell me. It just started showing up. Other than that, I haven’t subscribed to anything other than email lists for coupons and deals, free of course.

  • I currently have a few magazine subscriptions. I used to subscribe to a CSA farm to table box and I would love to renew that subscription.

  • I’m subscribed to Graze, a box of four healthy snacks that come about every couple weeks. My son and I fight over the boxes. Yummy nuts, fruit & nut mixes, crackers and dip, etc. Yummy!

  • I would like to subscribe to a wine of the month club and I keep meaning to sign up for Graze. I’m going to peruse the comments to this post to get other ideas!

  • I’d love to do a CSA. I don’t know of many specialty boxes with goodies inside, they seem sooo expensive to do, I have to stay frugal. 😉

  • I wish had a subscription to birch box and whimsy box, and now that I know about it, Mitchum box sounds great!

  • I would love to subscribe to a milk delivery program system like when I was a kid. Milk was left in a cooler behind the shrubs.

  • I have subscribed to country living since 1978! As everything goes digital I still enjoy curling up with the latest issue and a cup of tea. as much as i love my iPad its tough to beat a brand new magazine with an uncracked spine

  • I have an underwear subscription from a great local company called Make it Good! It’s the best ever. All their designs are sewn and printed locally, and each month’s pattern is different and super creative.

  • I have a subscription to Real Simple and Bon Appetit, and we are CSA members, which is sort of like a subscription to local organic food.

  • I wish I could subscribe to Barkbox for my dog, but I really can’t justify it, he’s spoiled already and monthly box of treats and toys might be a bit much….but maybe Ill get it for him for Christmas!

  • I am a member of a local CSA. It is a fantastic way to get fresh, local produce to inspire my cooking and canning.

  • I’m a quilter and one year, I subscribed to a fabric stash “basics” club. It was awesome to have a yummy little bundle of curated fabric show up every month! Unfortunately, the service was discontinued. I sort of wish another shop would start something similar, but my wallet is happier this way!

  • I miss the milk subscriptions—glass bottles, fresh milk in the box on the porch—I don’t think there’s anybody that does that anymore.

  • I get a Wild Berry Tea by subscription and also an English Toffee Cappuccino, I get the tea once a month and the cappuccino once a month just for the fall and winter. I would have never been able to find these where I live and look forward to every delivery.

  • I do have a subscription at Amazon for KIND bars…my Hubby and kids luv them and after shopping around I found that Amazon usually has the best price.

  • I subscribe to This Old House and Organic Gardening magazine. I wish I could have a subscription of jars delivered to my house, because I always seem to run out of pints and half pints.

  • I subscribe to a kind of grown-up arts and crafts box called For the Makers which is super fun and lets you make your own jewelry.

  • I’d like a monthly subscription to a fruit/produce CSA that would send me a variety of things to try canning. It would encourage me to be more adventuresome in my canning endeavors.

  • I love magazines. I wish I could subscribe to about 10 of them. And that I had time to read all of that every month! I just let my subscription to Real Simple end because I wasn’t finding enough time to read it and what a waste that is. I’ll just have to buy a copy from the newsstand now and then!

  • I bought my mom a subscription to a monthly vegan snack box. She loves it, and makes me want one too! What a lovely idea for a box here 🙂

  • I subscribe to a CSA box through a local organic farm. I will soon be subscribing to diapers, as we’re expecting our first baby next year!

  • I once subscribed to a tea sampler but quickly got inundated and had to quit it.

    These days I manage to keep up with my CSA subscription; I will miss it come winter.

  • I would really like to start subscribing to a CSA, I’ve been meaning to for years but somehow it still hasn’t happened.

  • I wish I could subscribe to yeast. Somehow I always remember what kind of flour we are running low on, but yeast never seems to stick in my brain. Bread doesn’t do it’s thing without yeast!

  • I have a permanent subscription to Tastes of Italia magazine since I wrote for them years ago. Doesn’t get better than this…-djs

  • I would choose home delivery for milk, like I had as a kid. Milk is one item we’re constantly picking up when we’re out somewhere, plus I love the glass bottles.

  • I subscribe to a few magazines, but would love to subscribe to seasonal produce delivery from the farmers market.

  • I have a subscription to both EatYourBooks (a recipe organizing site = fabulous) and CreativeBug (a crafting tutorial site) and love them both.

  • I paid for a one year subscription to Bicycling magazine roughly 6 years ago. I still get a monthly edition mailed to my home.

  • I subscribe to my favorite magazine, Country Living. And each year, my husband and I subscribe to a wonderful local CSA – can’t wait for more vegetables next year!

  • I would love to get a subscription to the Mitten Crate, its a box of products from my home state of Michigan & to a CSA. Right now my subscriptions are to Martha Stewart & Smithsonian magazines.

  • An arts and crafts box for my daughters, and coffee! Both were fantastic! But this is even better! I can’t wait to try it!

  • I would love to have a subscription to Cook’s Illustrated and Fine Cooking magazines. They’re a bit too pricey for me.

  • If I thought I could cook and eat everything in time before it started to go bad, I’d probably want to subscribe to a CSA and get CSA boxes of fruits and veggies, but the reality is that I’m too short on time to do much of anything beyond really simple things these days. If I could get anything at all delivered, I’d probably ask for time… or sleep. Preferably both.

  • I have a favorite coffee roasting company from my hometown, and while they do sell their flavored coffees online, they only sell them pre-ground, and I only like it when I grind it myself. So I end up having to stock up a few times a year when I’m back in my hometown visiting family, but I would LOVE IT if there were some way to subscribe to them sending my favorite flavors of coffee whole-bean style. Ideally through a set of pneumatic tubes, Futurama-style, that’d be activated the instant the empty mason jar was removed from the shelves, immediately replacing it with a fresh container of beans.

    Barring that, of course, a normal continuous mail delivery would be fine.

  • I subscribe to Stitch Fix. It is like a personal shopper that sends you clothes however often you want and you keep or send back what you like.

  • Oh there’s so much. Mainly though I wish I had a subscription to our local CSA. Or even a subscription to local milk/dairy (if that was possible?). We did have a subscription to a magazine, but it didn’t pan out (none of us were particular to photography).

  • OMG! I just made that Smoked Paprika Jam tonight, using up a bounty of red pear tomatoes from my garden. I found that recipe in your Preserving by the Pint cookbook that I just got this week. Only made four 1/4 pint jars, but looks fabulous — the red pear tomatoes give it a gorgeous ruby red color. I think my dream subscription would be spices, ones that I normally can’t find at my local store — it would be fun to receive something different each month and then challenge myself to find recipes using those spices.

  • This time of year, I wish I had a soup subscription. Imagine a new type of soup delivered each week October through March… That would be delightful.

  • I only subscribe to a couple magazines, but the amazon subscription service sounds awesome. It’d be so nice to have things like that show up regularly…toilet paper, cat food & litter, canning jars…

  • CSAs are pretty fantastic “subscriptions”, but I’d have to say my favorite would be a Brew of the Month/Wine of the Month subscription.