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ticking lunch bag

During my tenure as a full-time office employee, I packed my breakfast and lunch up in canning jars on a near-daily basis. I drank iced coffee out of a pint and a half jar, spooned yogurt out of a wide mouth pint and toted servings of soup around in whatever mason jar would do the job.

The one issue I always had with this food in glass habit was that the jars were prone to clanking in my lunch bag. Many times, I wished for a bag that kept them padded and contained.

mason jar lunch tote

Recently (and without knowing about my desire for such a product), the owner of the Etsy shop called A Tiny Forest got in touch. Kim wanted to know if I’d be interested in checking out her design. It was a handmade cloth lunch bag, fitted with padded sleeves that were intended to keep a pair of canning jars firmly in place. Of course I said yes.

When it arrived, I did my fair share of cooing and squealing over this sweet little bag (each one comes with a coordinating cloth napkin, a touch that makes me love it all the more). I even packed myself a little picnic as an excuse to use it. It does an excellent job of keeping the jars secure while still being roomy (and sturdy) enough to hold a piece of fruit and a big container of salad (or whatever other item you feel moved to add).

lunch tote

The bags come in a number of fabric choices and each one is delightful. With September just around the corner, treating oneself to a new lunch bag seems like the right choice (I don’t know about there rest of you, but I’ve never lost the desire for new pens, notebooks and back packs come Fall).

If a new lunch tote isn’t in the budget right now, you may also be in luck. Because Kim is lovely, she’s letting me give one of her sturdy bags away here on the blog. The winner even gets to choose the fabric, so if the classic blue striped number you see above doesn’t float your boat, there are many others to choose from. Here’s what to do to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what your favorite home-packed lunch is.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Friday, August 17.Β Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Saturday, August 18, 2012.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: A Tiny Forest sent me a one of their lunch totes for trial and review and are providing an additional bag for giveaway purposes. My opinions, as always, remain entirely my own.Β 


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1,075 responses to “Giveaway: Jars To Go Lunch Tote”

  1. I don’t usually pack my lunch in jars, but I love bringing my breakfast to work in jars! I’ve been using Skinnytaste’s recipe for overnight oats, and the best part is that if I forget to prep it the night before, I can throw it together when I get up and it’s ready to eat when I get to work!

  2. I like to take left over spaghetti for lunch. It tastes better the next day. We have a microwave and I just heat it up and have a great lunch.

  3. This is exactly what I need! I always pack my breakfast and lunch in jars, and had a jar of beet/berry smoothie break on me last week on the bus ride to work. Spent the day looking like an extra in a Tarantino film.

  4. I’m not much for packing my lunch, but I love packing my breakfast! Homemade yogurt w/ jam, granola, maybe a little extra fruit. But, then again, if I had this tote maybe I would start bringing lunch!

  5. My favorite home packed lunch is a wrap sandwich with a layered spinach couscous salad, and I would love one of those bags to carry it all in! thank you!

  6. I love taking leftover dinner in a jar– somehow, the flavors just get better and better!
    I always buy the large tub of yogurt and parcel it out into pint jars for the week with a little wheat germ to soak in.

  7. I have started to pack mini salads in my canning jars = so much easier to take with me with salad dressing included. Plus they fit real nice and tidy in the fridge.

  8. I make homemade lemonade in jars for my husband and son lunch. They try to bring lunch most of the week. So salads ..leftovers chicken..just about everything.

  9. My favorite lunch has always been turkey sandwich with chunky chicken noodle soup. I also love drinking out of mason jars. These bags are very cool.

  10. My favorite pack lunch is anything that needs to be reheated because I love having a nice warm lunch in my cold air conditioned office!

  11. My go-to lunch (or dinner) is a roasted chicken sandwich with spinach and tomato jam or slow-roasted tomatoes. Recently though, I’ve been on a waffle kick. I freeze my homemade waffles and pop them in the toaster at work! A little bit of jam and some whipped cream and I’m good to go.

  12. i work from home now but when i worked in an office, my favorite packed lunch was an egg salad sandwich, some homemade soup, and if i was lucky, a chocolate chip cookie!

  13. This is the coolest thing ever! My favorite packed lunch is soup in one jar and toppings in the other, like cheese or veggies. On a side note, don’t you just love Etsy? There isn’t much you can’t find on it. Thanks for posting this!

  14. Everything is superior tasting out of a jar. Iced coffee in the morning. Left over stir fry for lunch, quinoa on the bottom. Shake it up! Perfecto.

  15. Wow-super cute! I, too, pack most of my lunch in mason jars. My coworkers think I’m nuts. My favorite home packed lunch is quinoa stirred into leftovers (especially mozarella & tomato salad).

  16. I do pretty basic sandwiches, but jars for my drinks. Mostly sun-brewed iced tea. Next step: home-brewed Thai Iced Tea.

  17. Soup is great in a jar, goes right into the microwave (as will any other leftovers). Green tea with mint and tangerine slices in a quart jar is a great compliment to any lunch. This bag is sweet and ingenious. I’d love to have one.

  18. Leftovers from last night’s dinner is my standard packed lunch, and of course it’s packed in a jar if appropriate πŸ™‚

  19. I bring my lunch most days. During the summer I enjoy salads with leftover chicken or turkey. In the winter I love hearty things like leftover rice and beans or hot soups.

  20. I like to pack my dinner for my evening job, or during day on the go. Often salads, fruits and items that can go in jar or tupper. I have wanted to get another attractive way to pack my goodies so they don’t get crushed! I will go to A Tiny Forest website as well, perhaps I will win at both attempts! Super idea!

  21. This summer I have really gotten into canning and saving. So, I recently learned of the idea of taking your lunch in jars. If I won this tote, I would fix a salad in one jar, put a great tasting chili that my husband makes in another jar, and maybe put some tea or water in another jar. I really think this is a great idea and with me being new at this, the back would be a great helper!

  22. I eat on the go a lot. Most of the time, my lunch is some kind of big scoopable salad I make early in the week and tote portions of all week long… but when I know my meal is going to be consumed at a lukewarm room temp, I pack a serving of a veggie puree soup (like a gazpacho or potage) or some quinoa/veggie concoction in a jar and throw it in my bag. If it’s meant to be eaten on the warm side, I’ll heat it before I go; if chilled, then I make sure it’s fresh from the fridge. The glass holds onto a touch of the residual heat, and I’m usually fairly please when mealtime comes around… but that insulated bag would probably help even more. (PS: My friends always look a bit jealous as I eat my homemade goodies and they’re snarfing down fast food.)

  23. I pack everything in jars for lunch too! I love it for yogurt and granola in the morning and my favourite lunch food is pasta. It looks so pretty in the jar!

  24. my favorite lunch is a pasta salad. so easy to take in a jar! Usually do some sort of dessert too, a parfait or pudding. YUM! Adorable bag!!

  25. It depeds on the season, but my summer favorite lately has been a quinoa salad with lots of lightly steamed, chilled, veggies and tofu, chicken, or lentils depending on my mood with a nice simple lemon/olive dressing.

    Wintertime is chicken or ham and dumplings. Both back well in jars! The salad is particularly easy – I cook up a big batch of quinoa and veggies and store them seperately in the fridge, then just spoon in whatever I want, add the dressing, and shake. I might start doing the “dressing on the bottom, then veggies, then starch” trick to keep things less soggy until I’m ready to eat it.

  26. I can’t really think of a favorite packed lunch. I pack my lunch every day, and it’s always leftovers from whatever we’ve been cooking lately. Thankfully, there’s enough variety to keep it from getting old.

  27. I’ve been doing the whole salad in a jar thing for the past few weeks so it’s a quart jar of salad and a pint jar of iced tea, topped with a Greek yogurt and a fruit of some sort in my lunch bag. This looks like it would accommodate perfectly.

  28. I always look forward to leftover soup for my home-packed lunch. I’m happy fall is fast approaching so soup will be one the menu again.

  29. That is super cute. Are they machine washable? (I love using jars, but I find my salad dressing leaks.)
    My favorite lunch is greek salad–I can eat it every day. This bag would be perfect for the smoothies I carry to work.

  30. I love mason jars for so many things. I bring my yogurt/fruit/granola in one for breakfast every day. As much as possible I use mason jars to transport my lunch, since they are so handy, and I hate plastic around my food, so I use them for soups, salads, fruit, whatever I’ve got. I love the idea of the padded lunch bag for them, it’s a little stroke of genius. I’m off to peruse this etsy shop now πŸ™‚

  31. I like to pack homemade smoothie in the mason jar (now with a pour cap) for breakfast, and milk in another 1/2 pint jar for afternoon tea. Meal-wise, i love packing japanese cold noodle with steamed veggies, marbled egg and with miso vinagrette.

  32. I love to bring soup or leftovers (especially egg dishes) for lunch and then I keep a jar of Cherry Almond Cinnamon Granola in my desk drawer for those mornings I only had time for a cup of coffee on my way out the door!

  33. I love it!
    I love snacky foods. Hummus and crackers, hardboiled egg, berries. Yogurt.
    Not exactly jar worthy but there are several jar+salads I’ve wanted to try too!

  34. I love to put together a quick panzanella – chunks of stale bread, tomatoes and cucumbers from my garden or CSA, fresh basil, and a simple red wine vinaigrette. Throw in a peach for dessert, and you have the perfect summer lunch!

  35. I’m a stay-at-home mom, so I don’t usually pack our lunch. However, I ALWAYS have snacks on hand that are packed away in jars. This bag would hold all the stuff I need for the kids when we are out and about for the day! Thank you!

  36. Neat! My fave lunch (of the moment) is plain yogurt with peaches and homemade granola, and hard-boiled eggs with salt.

  37. This tote would be perfect for my husband to take breakfast and lunch to work. He loves my leftovers, and I prefer he use glass containers over plastic any day.

  38. I’ve been drinking my iced coffee & tea from my wide mouths, I bring soup during the winter in my jars…not to mention any leftover salads. Love this bag!

  39. I have never packed my lunch in jars, but it does look interesting. I try to NOT use the sandwich bags, so this would work very well.

  40. Hands down: Pesto pasta in a pint-sized wide-mouth Ball jar with a 1/2 pint of yogurt and granola parfait. Easy to fill, devour and clean. πŸ™‚ (But hard to carry so this tote would be all kinds of awesome.)

  41. My favorite lunch in a jar is salad in a jar. I can do a few ahead and just grab one in the morning. Love jars for transporting my fruit and yogurt too.

  42. I pack my breakfast in jars. I dont like to eat much in the morning, so in a 4oz jar I put a spoonful or 2 of whatever homemade jam I am in the mood for and top with strained yogurt. In a second tiny jar I have some cereal to add crunch to the yogurt/jam when i am ready to eat it.

    And of course my iced coffee in a pint jar with a cuppow lid and my knit cozy.

  43. The lunch I most love to pack is leftovers from a big pot of beef and bowtie pasta mixed with delicious gravy. My wife and I are both deathly allergic to mushrooms, so I like to call the dish Stroga-NOT. It’s so hearty and good!

  44. I am always transporting salad dressing in mason jars and this would be the perfect solution! So cute. Any leftover tastes better out of a jar.

  45. I love what ever leftovers we had from the night before, especially if its pasta or Cajun. Glass jars don’t get stained from the red sauces like plastic tends to.

  46. I like homemade chicken salad sandwiches made from my home canned chicken. Add some grapes and a cookie, and I am happy.

  47. I love taking home-made chicken soup for lunch. It’s so comforting and feels indulgent while still being healthy. It had never occurred to me to try carrying it in a jar. I think I may have to contemplate making jar cozies for my current tote bag.

  48. I like to make bean salads, or if I’m feeling decadent, Tuscan Kale Salad. Always with an herby, cold-brewed tea and a ferment of some kind.

  49. Lentil soup is my favorite item to put in a jar for taking to work. The combo yogurt/jam/granola is another. What an awesome bag!

  50. I bring a barley or wheat berry salad every day! This week is wheat berries with roasted eggplant, onions and summer squash with a soy dressing. YUM!

  51. Those look great! I like packing a big salad lunch with a separate dressing container, and a little assortment of veggies, fruits, crackers, whatever’s hanging around. And a little chocolate bar or cookie for sure.

  52. I always take my lunch to work in a mason jar! my favorite has to be either chicken quinoa chili or kale and sweet potatoes.

  53. I take my breakfast, lunch and snacks daily to the office, I have often wished for exactly this as I keep and store many things in my canning jar collection. Drinking iced coffee is the best from a canning jar :).

  54. We don’t eat out in my house, so leftovers for lunch are common. But every lunch has to have yogurt. I just started making my own – thank you Marisa for posting about that, your blog along with many others convinced me to try it and I can’t go back now! I am also loving the skillet jams. On homemade bread… Sad to go back to work in another week as a teacher. That means less kitchen time!

  55. I love to pack my breakfast and lunch in jars! I am forever juggeling jars of food and hoping that they all make it to the office in one piece! I would LOVE. To have a bag like this !

  56. I love to pack field greens and veggies for a salad in one mason jar, that way none of the contents are wilted or crushed in my lunchbag. Then, a smaller one holds my salad dressing or vinegrette.

    The beauty is drizzling the dressing and a few light shakes of my mason jar make for a beautiful salad for lunch!

    I would LOVE this bag!

  57. Oh, I just swooned a bit. Maybe more than a bit. I always pack my lunch in glass – soup, leftover non-lettuce salads, cut up fruit and yogurt. And I’m always trying to figure out how to pad the jars better. Also, a cold jar in an uninsulated bag on a hot day means all that sweating on your newspaper. These bags look perfect!

  58. I love to pack a 1/2 pint jar full of smoked salmon for lunch! I also love a quart jar with an attractive layering of salad ingredients. Looks pretty and tastes awesome AND it’s good for me! πŸ™‚ Bonus: put the smoked salmon on TOP of the prepared salad. YUMMO!

  59. Such a great idea! I can’t think of anything better than hot soup on a cool fall day. Especially when it’s chicken & dumpling soup!!

  60. I actually take a lot of salads to work and with the new “salads in a jar” recipes you see all over the internet, this “Jars To Go Lunch Tote” would be perfect.

  61. I carry my lunch to work most every day. 99.9% of the time my lunch is leftovers from dinners earlier in the week. My favorite leftover is Thai food, because I love Thai food. But i’m pretty happy with anything. Some days all I have in the fridge is an ear of corn, so that’s what I’ll eat for lunch. Something’s better than nothing.

  62. I bring my lunch every day, but it changes all the time. I try to cook up whatever vegetables are in season with beans. And I always have some fruit as dessert.
    I bring yogurt in a jar almost every day – I still need to try salad in a jar.

  63. I prefer the classics – my favorite being a spin on PB&J – dark opal basil jelly with homemade seed butter on a deli flat (with a side of soup or kale chips!!) Yum!!

  64. I love packing soup in jars–so easy to heat up and you just pop the lid on if you have leftovers for the fridge!

  65. I love to pack my husband’s lentil curry. I’ve been urging him to stop storing food in plastic. left over mason jars do the trick!

  66. I’ve become known at work as the one who packs everything in canning jars! Since I’ve started infusing water I even bring a quart of that with me (on bike or by car even). I love packing a pint jar full of veggies of some variety or another – a combo of sugar snap peas, baby carrots and radishes has been a fav combo and having that along with a sandwich of some variety – usually turkey and cheese. I find it so easy to get my vegetables in each day when I pack them in 2-cup servings. I also often bring breakfast of oats and chia seeds soaked overnight in greek yogurt and milk, sometimes with cocoa and other times with fruit and spices ( with me because I head to work straight from the gym.

  67. My favorite home-packed lunch is avocado chickpea salad sandwich, with homegrown tomatoes when I have them, and fresh fruit when it’s in season! This bag would be incredible to have – I’m always on the go with jars of grains, soups, jams, etc and am constantly worried about keeping them safe and secure. What a great idea for those of us who are jar-obsessed. πŸ™‚

  68. I always take my lunch to work in jars! I love layering grains, beans, and veggies so that when I pour it out into a bowl it all mixes together. Split pea soup is also a good standby.

  69. we love the new salads in a mason jar, also love packing leftovers in a mason jar that hubby can reheat in the micro at work.

  70. My favorite packed lunch would have to be cold-brewed iced coffee I bring in a jar (add it to some cream and ice cubes once time to eat), leftover quinoa paired with stir fried veggies: portobellos, zucchini ribbons, green or red peppers, etc., and a small fruit salad I make in one-serving batches at the beginning of the week.

    A cookie or two never hurt either!

  71. When I am smart enough to bring my lunch to work, I love a fresh green salad along with whatever leftovers we have hanging around (chili, spaghetti, stew)…perfect for mason jars!

  72. I’m a huge Mac-n-Cheese fan, so my favorite lunch is leftover homemade Mac-n-Cheese with some kind of vegetable (salad, green beans, etc.). I love being able to take my lunch to work everyday!

  73. Often leftovers with a salad, or soup with a salad. I have been wrapping jars with a cloth napkin to keep them from clanging together, but this bag is such a great idea! I’m off to check out her fabric choices!

  74. I love a nice spinach salad that I take for lunch- in a mason jar of course! Balsamic vinaigrette on the bottom, sun flower seeds, garbanzo beans, garden grown cherry tomatoes, peppers and lots of spinach! Yuuuumm! Shake when ready!

  75. Favorite is hands down orzo salad with sardines and edamame, yummie hot and cold plus some yoghurt with fresh strawberries and honey. The bag is so cute, love the variety in fabrics!

  76. I love a jar with brown rice, black beans, and kale, with Yum sauce (a delicious nutritional yeast sauce), salsa, and sour cream in a separate jar, so you can heat up the rice & beans and put the cold sauces on separately.

  77. So cute and practical! I always take my coffee to school in a jar and usually lunch is a jar of soup with some bread or yogurt with fruit, nuts, and granola. This would also be great for when I’m going to a party and bringing some jam or dilly beans for the host!

  78. What a great idea! I am allergic to soy so I always have to pack my food where ever I go. My first choice is a hearty soup or stew with crackers and a piece of bread. If my destination does not have a microwave I like to bring canned sardines or chicken with raw veggies and fruit.

  79. I’ve been loving iced coffee in a jar lately with the Cuppow but for lunch I like an awesome salad with fresh veggies of summer.

  80. Homemade corncakes with a “salad” of whatever veggies I have–often more corn, tomatoes, cilantro, peppers, onions, and whatever else I have that goes with them. I’d be thrilled to bring a jar of salad, a jar of guac, and some cakes in this adorable bag!

  81. I love taking leftovers to work. Yummy dinner one night, turned mindless easy lunch the next day? That’s what I’m talking about.

  82. What a FAB idea! I use canning jars every day – yogurt/granola for breakfast, hummus & veg for lunch with an iced coffee side…..
    I need to investigate these bags.

  83. Such a brilliant idea! I usually just wrap a cloth napkin around jars so they don’t rattle, but these bags would definitely make packing lunch quick & easy. Lately my favorite lunch has been a salad in a jar, a half-pint of chicken or tuna salad with crackers, and some grapes or a peach.

  84. i usually end up with leftovers for lunch.
    But just in case, i have a stash of soups in the freezer to pick from.

  85. I like to take a half-pint of homemade yogurt with frozen berries for breakfast or snack, and a pint of whatever leftovers we have around; soup, stirfry, grain salad, etc. Also, what an adorable bag!

  86. Oh, this would be perfect for fresh brushetta! With all my tomatoes ripening right now, I love this idea. For having closets full of jars, I’ve never actually thought of using them for lunches. Thank you for the great idea, and love the bag too!

  87. Such a cute bag and a great idea!

    I love to take a chunk of brie, smothered in glazed figs, and a crusty loaf of some tasty bread. A handful of almonds and a crisp apple top it off!

  88. I’m from Canada but am posting on this blog despite the contest being open to US residents only because of how awesome this bag is… I just found my love of canning and using mason jars for everything – I’m 30-where have I been!? I’m luckily a sewing fanatic and have been inspired to make my own lunch bag like this… thanks for sharing – what an awesome idea! Love your blog and recipes!

  89. MMM homemade gazpacho, ice cold, in a jar with a side of crunchy corn chips. Then of course I have to have my iced coffee! Summer meal in a jar! Lovely bag.

  90. I love layering leftovers, they look so pretty. Most recently it has been homemade green salaam, shredded carnitas pork, and Spanish rice with homemade corn tortillas in the side. Super pretty and yummy.

  91. This is ingenious! Why didn’t I think of this?

    I not only pack lunch but also breakfast, yogurt and fruit or honey. Lunch in the summer is some kind of summer veggie salad with tuna or a hard-boiled egg.

    Fingers crossed!

  92. I love sandwiches on my homemade bread with my homemade mustards to go with meat & cheese, or I put almond butter with my jams or jellies, I like to add a salad also. For my afternoon snack I pack plain greek yogurt with 1 or 2 tablespoons homemade jam or marmalade.

  93. Favorite home-packed lunch? Hmm — my favorite is a hunk of queso fresco, a few stems of cilantro, a wedge of lime, and a short stack of blue corn tortillas thrown in with whatever I had for dinner last night. It’s never not time for tacos.

  94. My favorite home packed lunch is a huge salad topped with leftovers from the previous night’s dinner. I’d love to win this tote and bring my lunch in it!

  95. Salad in the summer and soup once it starts getting cold. Never have left overs…I feed my teenage son and all his friends!

  96. I love using recycled glass jars to pack lunches and have been using them for several years now! One of my favorites is leftover taco salad – beans, rice, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, salsa, and guacamole – topped with a crushed taco shell of course!

  97. I love packing leftovers for lunch in jars, especially stew in the winter. I also often pack my yogurt, fruit and granola in a jar for a late breakfast. Those bags are a great idea!

  98. I love packing soup in the winter! But in the summer… fruit salad, chilled drinks, & salads. When in a morning rush, I sometimes put granola or dry cereal in a jar to easily shake-eat when in the car! Great for kids snacks too as the jars fit in our cup holders!

  99. LOVE this!

    I take a quart of iced chai tea with heavy whipping cream, and a wide mouth pint of whatever layered. I don’t work outside the home, but I always take my own food when I go somewhere because of diet issues. This weekend it was chicken diced and coated with a mixture of trader joe’s real mayo and trader joe’s garlic aioli, chopped romaine and cherry tomatoes.


  100. Leftovers with a dollop of homemade sauerkraut and a jar of homemade beet kvass or kombucha. In a smaller jar I take crispy almonds and a coconut butter square for a snack.

  101. I usually bring last night’s dinner leftovers as my work lunch. If we don’t have any leftovers, then lunch is usually a couple of hard boiled eggs (I do a dozen of them at the beginning of the week), some cut of veggies, a few crackers, and a few cubes of cheese.

  102. My favorite home packed lunch is a giant green salad with lots of veggies. Homemade dressing, of course, comes along in a mason jar!

  103. I take my lunch to work along with my ice coffee. I work night shift so tend to eat lighter but I pack my ice coffee and youagrt with fruit in pint jars and wrap them carefully in tea towels before packing into a traditional lunch box.

  104. Soooo cute! My favorite homepacked lunch is leftovers because I have a microwave at work, but not at home, so it’s my chance to heat them up easily and enjoy the meal a second time!

  105. My favorite home-packed lunch would have to be an avocado, tomato, and sprout sandwich on fresh bread, accompanied by a homemade juice in one of my 5 dozen Ball jars. Toss in a piece of dark chocolate, and you’ve got yourself one happy gal πŸ™‚

  106. My favorite home packed lunch is a home canned jar of my personal vegetable soup made with everything from my garden and even herbs from the herb garden. I can enjoy other fancy meals, I have canned, but this simple meal is always my favorite, it reminds me of my mother and mam-maw, being a kid and knowing their soup always healed all wounds. I like to take a few pieces of cornbread and a splat of butter in another jar, dump it in a bowl with the soup on top and it is a meal fit for a King or Pauper.

  107. I love taking leftovers to lunch. Especially those meals that need a few days to really develop their flavor, like meatloaf, shepherd’s pie and lasagne. But then again, when produce is at its peak, I love packing little containers of fresh, chopped veggies and a pile of hummus on a bed of arugula….it’s like a picnic in the middle of the day!

  108. What a great idea! I love taking yogurt parfais and jars work so well. A little cookie or other goodie should always be included in the lunch as well:). Thanks!

  109. These days – gazpacho! I don’t have to heat it up – just put in a jar and when lunch time rolls around, take it out of the fridge and head to the park with a book and my spoon πŸ™‚

  110. I love these totes, what a great idea for those of us who pack their lunch this way! I enjoy taking a pint jar of kefir yogurt, a pint of whatever delicious snack I have femented recently, and a quart jar with a mix of albacore, mustard, and kefir that I eat with crackers. It’s a yummy lunch!

  111. soup of all kinds! I lurv soup and use my mason jars for it all the time. I can’t wait for soup season….mmmm soup…..

  112. I love to bring fresh salads or green beans. I just bring in the beans from the pantry shelf and warm them up!! This bag rocks!!! I may have to some to pack home canned Christmas presents in!!!

  113. I love packing my lunch in jars and this bag would be perfect! Sooo cute! I like to take homemade soup, salad, and some crackers and cheese.

  114. I like putting together a nice big salad, with any veggies I can get my hands on. Chickpeas, corn, edamame, geen peppers, tomato, cucumber… Yum!

  115. Usually a sandwich, but I’m going to try food in Mason jars when school starts in a few weeks. I can see salads and soups in my future, as well as jars of iced tea!

  116. With two babies under 2, it is all about leftovers, especially heartyy pasta dishes and vegetables stewed in tomatoes over rice. This bag would also be perfect for packing picnics for me and the kids.

    • My favorite lunch is tuna with avocado on crackers, cottage cheese with pineapple and blueberries, and icy cold water to drink. πŸ™‚

  117. You have the most amazing giveaways! I want everything!

    I take a mason jar almost every day. My fav lunch is homemade soup though

  118. Left overs! It gives me and hubby a break from the lunch doldrums! The best are usually my throw in the crock quick.

  119. How cute! I just love that little tote, especially the dividers.
    My favorite home packed lunch is any home-cooked leftovers from the night before OR black bean and corn salad. πŸ™‚

  120. Fabulous idea!!!! My favorite lunch to pack is a salad (in a jar) and last night’s leftovers. A bit of homemade granola for a mid day snack and I am good to go.

  121. I love to bring chili to work in the winter, and cut up fruit in the summer. I would love to use this tote to get all that food to work!

  122. that bag is adorable! Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Of course, I want to win it, but at least I know where to get one! πŸ™‚

  123. Lately my favorite thing has been to bring a little (homemade, of course) jam and a little blue or goat cheese and spread the two on some baguette right here at my desk at work. It makes me feel like I am vacationing on the French Riviera instead partaking in the daily grind. πŸ™‚

  124. I use jars ALL THE TIME! Salad with smoked salmon and goat cheese in one big jar, pieces of fruit on yogurt drizzled with honey for the afternoon, and of course: iced coffee in a mason jar for the summertime! I also bring jars of nuts to leave at work so I can have a quick, healthy snack! I love these bags, what a great idea!

  125. These are adorable! So clever.

    I bring my lunch every day and the knocking around of the container in my bag influences what I bring. I usually bring a salad and a little jar of dressing to go with it, worrying about leaking or breaking the whole time. But this opens things up and I’d love to bring soups to heat up in winter and not worry about them getting tossed around.

  126. Wow..this is adorable! And these lunch ideas sound pretty amazing…can I eat with everyone here? I am a SAHM so on the go lunches don’t happen often and if they do it is mostly sandwiches. When traveling we do pack a cooler and most often I prefer a pasta salad of some sort! But really, I’d like to trade with everyone on here! And I’d LOVE this bag to give the a whirl πŸ™‚

  127. I love Tomato Jam and cream cheese spread on a piece of crusty french bread. A jar full of soup can be added or a juicy tangerine πŸ™‚

  128. I love taking a peanut butter sandwich (with homemade jam!) and a jar of my homemade cinnamon applesauce for lunch. Sometimes, I even pack a jar of my homemade dill pickles to snack on throughout the day!

  129. I would love to take my favorite cereal like hot oatmeal w/fruit and nut toppings and some cold milk to go with it and by the way I love the blue ticking on the lunch tote, it’s very nostalgic!

  130. I love to make my husband homemade soups and chicken salad for him to take for lunch! (My boxed lunches usually include sandwiches.)

    Adorable bags, btw!

  131. My weekly chicken soup- homemade stock with veg and spices- every week is different and amazing, and sometimes has a hard boiled egg yolk on top!

  132. My favourite lunch is cold roast chicken and cold roasted asparagus leftover from the night before with a few slices of nice bread. Though I might be stealing some of the ideas from the comments as I never event thought of using my canning jars to take lunch in and gazpacho sounds good.

  133. I love homemade soup for lunch. I make all kinds of vegetable soups and freeze them so there is always something to eat. This is a darling bag. If I don’t win, I might just have to download the pattern and make some lunch bags for xmas presents. Wouldn’t that be cute with mason jars too?

  134. i love bringing our home canned spicy pickled beans. They don’t need to be kept cold, and are a refreshing snack anytime. This bag is genius for us glass bearing folks! What a great giveaway!!

  135. I love to pack a jar full of curried quinoa and french lentil salad with purple onion, red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, balsamic roasted yams, and a nice sharp pecorino romano cheese!

  136. I love packing leftovers, but my favorite leftover might be “burrito bowl” — beans, rice, and cheese in one container, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. in a second container, to be added once the beans are heated up!

  137. Every so often, I’ll purchase a giant pork loin, marinate it, and put it on my version of a cubano. It makes a wonderful lunch, even if it doesnt actually go in a jar! (thats where my morning yogurt goes!)

  138. i love a good ploughman’s sandwich. mustard, cheddar cheese, pickles, lettuce, hardboiled egg if i have it. and a jar of tomato soup on the side would make it ultra-perfect.

  139. I love packing salads. I use a wide mouth pint jar and put the dressing at the bottom, then tomatoes and then the lettuce. That way the lettuce isn’t touching the dressing and isn’t soggy by lunch time.

  140. I love to pack leftovers for lunch! Sometimes they get repeated and sometimes I morph them into something new. Either way, it’s one of the many ways I reduce waste in our house. πŸ™‚

  141. Smoothies!
    A little kefir & frozen pineapple, strawberries, and blueberries. Or spinach, kefir, frozen banana, nut butter, and of course a dash of cayenne.

    Make them on the weekend or a few at a time. Put them in mason jars, then into the freezer. When you need a quick meal for breakfasts or lunch. BAM! Grab and go at its best in my book.

  142. What a great giveaway! My favorite lunch in a jar (this week) is Thai marinated cucumbers layered with curried lacto-fermented carrots. Yummy stuff!

  143. Any and all leftovers! I always strive to make a little extra of whatever we’re having for supper to toss in my lunch with a container of carrots and fresh fruit.

  144. I love taking either a wheatberry salad or curry chicked salad, plus fruit and yogurt and some carrots. The bag is lovely!

  145. I bring my lunch nearly every day. Last year, I canned a bunch of peaches in half pint jars. They are the perfect size to take for lunch, so it was easy to Grab-n-go. I am definitely doing that again this year.

  146. The coziest lunch for me seems to be dal – I made up several servings and keep them in the freezer for when I don’t have any leftovers.

  147. I used them often for home made salad dressing and sometimes to transport milk (because I never use an entire container at home or at work). I love the previously
    Mentioned ideas. I will definitely have to expand my repertoire.

  148. Fabulous give-away! This would be so awesome as I’m preparing to return to the working world soon and I HATE frozen lunch entrees! My favorite for lunch is usually left-over pasta that I can leave at room temperature and have it be ready to eat by lunch time.

  149. I think that my favorite to go lunch would have to be Southern Sweet Tea with a garden salad and chili mac. These bags are so cute, I have been looking for something that I like to carry my lunch to work in.

  150. So much cuteness! My lunches are usually tasty, better the next day leftovers. One of my personal favs is simply white rice and mango chili lime pickle.

  151. My favorite kale and cauliflower pasta recipe – reheats well and definitely doesn’t mind a day or two in the fridge! Other than that, soups are always tasty and comforting (even in the heat of summer, when you’re stuck in icy air conditioning!)

  152. My favorite packed lunch is left over dinner. With 2 little ones I do get the luxury of sitting down and enjoying my dinner. It always tastes better the next day when I get to eat it in peace at work.

  153. I love to take jars for lunch. Easy, leak proof, ready to heat. I’m a huge soup eater and it is perfect for that. But lately I’m using a jam jar for two apricots to keep them from smooshing in my bag.

  154. As a teacher I have been looking forward to a new school year simply in order to pack my salads, soups, and leftovers in my jars to take to school. I pack fresh veggie juices, too. This is a marvelous solution. So cute, too!

  155. The day and/or week after Thanksgiving ALWAYS produces my favorite home-packed lunch. A sandwich made with left over turkey, stuffing, cranberry and gravy…my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

  156. What a cute tote! I like to have salads for lunch. My favorite right now is halved cherry tomatoes with a little salt, pepper, and balsamic vinegar. Yum!

  157. Jars are perfect for rolled-up tortilla wraps, carrot, cucumber & celery sticks, salad rolls, and the Blondies I can’t seem to cut into 2″ x 2″ squares…mine are more like 2″ x 6″! πŸ™‚

  158. My favorite packed lunch is any kind of white bean soup with whatever fresh fruit I have in the bowl. In fact, right now I am looking at a jar of white bean and leek soup and an organic mango!

  159. This is such a great idea and new to me. Why haven’t I thought of it before? Cottage cheese, yogurt, apple sauce, cheese chunks, grapes. I’m all wound up just thinking about the possibilities!

  160. This is so great! I actually brought yogurt and homemade chili to work in jars today and was complaining to my coworker about how the jars clanked together during my whole commute!

  161. My favourite packed lunches are almost always leftovers. The flavors have come together and almost always beat the previous evening’s version. I love packing a big quart jar of sun tea during the summer. SO yummy!

  162. My favorite lunch is leftover “hippie rice” (I think the real name is Woodstock rice & beans??). Would love to win this awesome bag!!

  163. I would have to say I like all things leftovers in my jars. Your blog has been such a help for me I just started canning last summer and can’t stop πŸ™‚

  164. pint jar of water with lemon and lime slices
    half pint yogurt with whatever berries on hand
    cold soup of some kind in a pint jar

  165. Whatever is leftover is the best for lunch–most of the time that is some kind of soup, stir-fry or chili. These bags are really precious and a much needed item–gets away from the paper bag and baggies–ugh!

  166. My favorite home packed lunch is one I had as a child, and I’ve done it for my own kids. A thermos of hot chicken soup, with a hot dog in it (heated up before it was put in the soup). My dad would pack a hot dog bun plus those little packets of ketchup, mustard and relish. My brother and I were the envy of all our friends and classmates!

  167. Favorite lunch is, (I have several favorites) salad, with plenty of nuts; plain yogurt with fruit, leftover soup (ok, so soup is number 1), granola (homemade) and fruit. All of these would travel beautifully in the lunch tote.

  168. I love the little bag! It can be used to tote scrapbooking supplies too…like buttons, ribbon, etc. As for lunch, water is my favorite drink (yep!), and any leftovers I have from last night’s supper is great the next day, too, for an awesome and cheap lunch!

  169. Anything from my crockpot. Lamb shanks is a favorite….the meat falls from thebones…mixes with the veggies and liquid…..and makes a delicious hardy stew.

  170. Those bags are adorable! I usually pack leftovers for lunch, with a thermos of tea (iced tea in the summer, and hot tea in the winter).

  171. I love to take leftovers…or pastas…or soups…or salads in jars for my lunch. Depends on what time of year it is…and what was for dinner the night before. πŸ™‚

  172. This bag is perfect! I bring a small salad in a jar and usually fruit in a jar as part of my lunch and this is perfect. perfect!

  173. My favorite lunch to pack is mapo tofu with ground beef! It always gets compliments from anyone within sniffing-distance, and it’s so easy to make and store ahead of time (my roommate and I call it “asian hamburger helper”).

  174. I think this tote is brilliant. My favorite summertime lunch comes from my garden – heirloom tomatoes and basil, with mozzarella and olive oil (not from my garden).

  175. Adorable lunch bags! I’m so glad the artist is getting some good press here.

    I’m a traditionalist: Sandwiches keep me going, and some fresh fruit balances out the heaviness of bread and protein. A while back I nabbed a nice velcro-fastened, reusable, washable sandwich wrapper so I don’t have to use plastic bags!

  176. My most favorite lunch is soup and salad. I take both in canning jars and just microwave the soup. The salad is packed with the dressing on the bottom and I just shake and voila. Lunch!

  177. My favorite packed Hot lunch is leftover chili and cornbread – the flavor is always better the next day. πŸ™‚ But I also live on lettuce, tomato (from my garden) and mayo sandwiches on white toast in the summer – I have been eating them for breakfast this week.

  178. We do fairly well with spiced lentils and pita, sometimes with hummus or meat as well. You can throw whatever vegetables you want in with the lentils and everything gets delicious!

  179. I’ve spent the last 5 years working from home, but now that I’m looking for a new job, my vision of a home-packed lunch is some sort of grain salad (today I’m making a farro salad with chicken, cherry tomatoes, and chevre), plus homemade yogurt and fruit for a snack.

  180. These bags are adorable! My favorite packed lunch is chicken salad sandwich with fresh fruit. Jars would be perfect for fruit! Love you Kim!

  181. Curry under rice (flip-flop when it is time to eat, I like some of it to say sauce free) with another jar of just sweetened ice tea and a bar of chocolate.

  182. This little bag is adorable!! My favorite lunch, especially in the colder months, is homemade soup — so this little bag would be perfect to hold a mason jar of vegetable beef and a side of crackers! What a great idea. I applaud Kim for her creative thinking.

  183. I’m a little ashamed to say that I honestly never thought about using my excess jars to tote food in. BPA free, no funky staining, no leftover food smells, cost effective, etc.–genius! I love soup the next day with grilled cheese.

  184. I work 12 hr shifts so I like to bring lunch and snacks. I usually bring yogurt with fruit & granola and soup & sandwich. I also won’t microwave food unless it’s in glass so this tote is perfect!

  185. My most common packed lunch is soup, cream (for coffee), fruit, iced tea, all in canning jars. I refuse to fight with Tupperware and all the lids, any more. My favorite lunch would be Pulled Pork, but that is a dream!!

  186. Usually leftovers plus fruit. Happily, leftovers often includes soup or stew so this would really come in handy! I’m checking out her etsy shop in case I don’t win.


  187. Thai Tom Yum soup is at the top of my list along with steamed rice. I could eat this nearly every day. Having lived in Thailand these past eight years I get plenty.

  188. What a lovely idea, to make every lunch feel like a picnic! I never seem to tire of edamame, fresh fruit, and natural PB on crackers, sometimes with homemade blueberry jam. Of course a jar would keep the crackers intact. Thank you for the chance to win such an inspiring bag!

  189. This time of year all I want to eat is salad, fruit salad, pear and blue cheese salad, tomato salad, or maybe gazpacho to mix it up. Yum! Love the bag!

  190. My favorite workday lunch is chicken sandwiches with a touch of cranberries or lingonberry sauce. It taste like Thanksgiving leftovers all year long!

  191. I always pack salad in a wide mouth jar. Often I share it with my boss, who is an even more responsble recycler than I am.

  192. First off, I just came across your blog in a fervent search for dilly beans and absolutely love it! You’ve got some great stuff on here.

    Also, YES. To all of this. I get the avoidance of such clanking–even though jars are so sturdy, I’m always afraid they’re going to break! This is an exciting bag.

    My absolute favorite meal I’ve ever brought to school with me was simple leftovers–but it was a jar of leftover creamy asparagus soup, along with a little-too-stale homemade bread that was just perfect for dipping. It might not seem so exciting, but in the middle of March, just when spring is about to start, it’s a fantastic, warming promise of all that’s in store.

  193. I usually pack leftovers from the night before. My favorite lunches end up being pasta or soup based. They always seem to taste better the next day!

  194. Layered salad with the dressing on the bottom, tomatoes, cheese, greens, onions, peas, carrots, olives, dried fruit, you name it. The bag is TOO cute!

  195. As a busy student, I tend towards packed lunches with lots of little nibbly bits and things to eat with my fingers on the go. I love baby carrots dipped in hummus, raw almonds, fruit (sliced or whole), cheese, and crackers. I will break my no-utensils policy for some nice thick Greek yogurt with honey or a spoonful of jam however!

  196. I have been bring salad and soup forever in jars for lunches. i add the dressing first and anythiing salad related on top and my coworkers arealways teasing me till they realizew how smart it is

  197. Hey! I love the bags! That’s even a great size just for a book & a water bottle. I love a good tuna fish sandwich for lunch. I still love applesauce and/or a banana. I really like all kinds of totes. This one is definitely a winner. πŸ™‚

  198. My favorite lunch to bring to work is currently caprese pasta salad. It’s a great way to use the tomatoes and basil from my garden and is awesome to have on a hot summer day!

  199. I don’t really have a favorite lunch, as it changes from week to week. These bags are so cute and functional!!!

  200. I work 12 hour shifts so I take 2 meals and a few snacks. Usually(hopefully) at least one of those meals wil be the previous days leftovers.

  201. Left overs! During the summer that often means gazpacho or any cold soup I can make by blending up veggies from the garden.

  202. Garbanzo bean and shredded kale salad with homemade vinaigrette and whatever pickled products I feel like throwing in… often beets. A little feta or blue kicks it up a notch. But in autumn and winter, I’m all about soup.

  203. My favorite lunches are always leftovers, whether it’s Beef and Red Wine, Thai Red Curry, Mile High Bologna Pie, or Quiche! Love the clever bag!

  204. My favorite canning jar lunches are layered quinoa salads! Very favorite is quinoa salad with sliced grape tomatoes, fresh basil and sliced mozzarella balls. Mmm

  205. I love to pack layers of tomato, basil and mozzarella or yogurt, fresh fruit and homemade granola. Kudos to Kim-great looking design!

  206. What a great idea! I love bags AND mason jars. I like to take taco salad in mine. Crumble up the chips just before you eat. yum!

  207. I absolutely love the bag and my favorite lunch item is Homemade tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich.

  208. favorite leftover is some sort of lentil/bean salad. always tastes that much better the next day. this is such a great idea!

  209. We like to take chili, stew or soup in a canning jar. We also bring our coffee, fruit juice or ice water. My family also likes to use canning jars for yogurt with grandly or other treats! That is granola. .. : )We usually throw some corn bread or extra treat on top.

  210. This is INCREDIBLE!! You see, last night we were discussing the fact that I even though I love to include mason jars in lunches, it just isn’t prudent because of the clanking. I definitely need to contact Kim to see about a more masculine design (I have two teenage boys.)
    Favorite packed lunch…. artisan bread w/ nutella, in-season fruit, and a mason jar of yogurt.

  211. My favorite lunch is ANYTHING FROM HOME! I absolutely hate having to decide what’s for lunch, waiting too late too eat, and then end up grabbing something from a fast food chain. That decision ends up costing me too much money, time and CALORIES!

    I love the idea of packing lunch in a mason jar!

  212. Whatever leftovers are available, that’s my favorite lunch! But this bag would make everything taste even better, I think!!

  213. When it (finally) gets chilly down here, I love to cook up a huge batch of a fabulous soup and bring it it. I never thought to use Mason jars for the purpose, though. I’ll be doing so this year definitely!

  214. Wow, up to this point my favorite lunch has been cheddar slices, apple slices, and crackers or bread . . . but reading the comments made me hungry! I got lots of ideas from the other commenters, and with a bag like this, I could really branch out.

  215. Creamy Chicken enchiladas!! They ALWAYS taste even better the next day πŸ™‚

    Have never tried using my canning jars as to-go lunch containers but I’ll try it now! Thanks for the confidence you have given may husband and I in our new-found canning abilities!

  216. My favorite lunches are probably of the soup and salad variety, with some fruit for dessert. My favorite salad of late is a marinated kale salad and my all-time favorite soup is lentil.

  217. My favorite thing to eat from a jar is Chinese Chicken Salad with another jar of crispy Won Tons! Love these bags~super cute and practical~just like my jars!

  218. I love packing yogurt! Cookies are lovely too though. Anything that will fit in a jar or bento box, I adore. Ty for the great giveaway!!!

  219. My current fave is a salad with whatever vegs I have with home made buttermilk dressing and my new obsession freeze dried corn (carried separately to keep it crisp)

  220. Leftovers from the night before! A piece of steak or a grilled pork chop, a nice spinach salad, and an apple. Let’s not forget the iced tea.

    In winter… leftover soup or whatever popped out of the slow cooker!

  221. I’ve recently realized I’m more of a snacker than a lunch eater. So, my lunch usually includes a sandwich, trail mix, some dried fruit, hummus and veggies, possibly some chips. Basically enough food to be both a small lunch and at least one snack during the work day. I’d love to try using these adorable bags. πŸ™‚

  222. I’ve recently changed jobs and plan to pack my lunch in wide mouth jars – 1) yogurt + granola + berries and 2) soup of the week.

  223. I love any type of cheesy rice lunch. It seems to fill you up and the cheese is just great! Love the idea of the separate sleeves for the jars. Great idea!

  224. These are lovely. My favorite lunch is homemade yogurt over fruit and topped with homemade granola. (But who am I kidding, I eat three times that much ffod when I’m at work?!)

  225. Love to bring left-overs from the night before or a BIG salad with lots of goodies especially avocado and sunflower seeds and raisins scattered across the top. Very cool bag!

  226. For the first time today I saw someone heating an item in a glass canning jar…call me uninformed, but how do you heat things in the microwave in the jar? Doesn’t the jar itself get hot? Thanks for the information.

  227. my co-workers always know which lunch is mine – it’s the one in a jar! i love to bring anything leftover from the night before…one of my favorites is chili made with a homemade (and canned!) tomoto/veggie sauce.

  228. Love this bag, especially in the ticking stripe! My favorite lunch right now is a hearty grain/kale/fruit salad (kamut, kale and cherries or peaches, for example) with a bright citrus vinaigrette, some crackers, cheese and a piece of fruit.

  229. I love taking leftovers to work! πŸ™‚ (too vague?) Another favorite is plums-yogurt-oatmeal and tomatoes-cottage cheese. So yummy!

    Those bags are adorable! thank you for sharing the link, I think it may make a great gift!

  230. I love packing leftovers – especially soups! Something about reliving an especially delicious meal is SO satisfying! I think it helps me *feel* like I’m getting a second helping while still eating small portions πŸ™‚

  231. If I don’t have any left-overs, I love to scramble eggs, saute spinach and add to quinoa–quick and easy lunch! ;o)

  232. My favorite lunch to go is the leftovers of a pot of chana masala, or as my friend Sujata calls it, chole. The tomato in the sauce is always better the next day. I like to mix it with basmati rice. I also like drinking iced coffee w/almond milk or iced green tea out of a big mason jar.

  233. Favorite lunch by far is home-cooked rice and beans with some chutney and a piece of fruit. Gives me power to make it through the long school day!

  234. As a baker, I’m less concerned about bringing lunch to work, and more likely toting along breakfast. I love yogurt, and some fresh fruit to accompany.

  235. Anything packed with love from home is a favorite of mine! I work on a large university campus and Fall is an incredibly busy time for me. It’s also a busy time on campus, so to leave my office and have to stand in line with all of the new students means I have less time to myself during my lunch break. A home-made lunch is a nice respite during that busy time.

  236. We make a salad for our lunch (with black beans and a hard cooked egg) everyday, and also pack fresh fruit and water.

  237. Leftovers definitely – usually some kind of grilled cheeseburger or chicken and a jar of soup (yep, I use the Mason jars, too!). Some of my chocolate ( always seems to make its way in there, too. ; p

  238. I pack the lunches at our house but I don’t eat them. My husband gets a sandwich with lunchmeat cheese mayo and occasionally spinach, a bag of pretzels, an apple, some carrot or green pepper sticks, a few cookies or a brownie and a candy bar. It’s my favorite because it’s simple to pack at 530 in the morning when i’m still half asleep.

  239. Oh this bag is so adorable, another one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” items.
    I usually pack lunches for my kids so it would be yogurt and granola, or pasta and sauce for our jars.

  240. I love taking vanilla greek yogurt and a little home made peach or strawberry jam for stirring in. Beyond that, it’s whatever other food group is handiest. πŸ™‚

  241. My favorite, homemade gf pita bread stuffed with chicken,quiona, avacado tomato and lime juice. Yogurt with fresh fruit for desert.

  242. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so hopeful about winning a giveaway! This is ingenious.

    I don’t pack lunches for myself (I’m a stay at home mom), but my kids and I are often out and about come lunchtime. I tend to pack easy foods for eating on the go, like granola and yogurt, popcorn, apples, carrots, etc.

  243. My favorite home-packed lunch is anything Italian. There is just something about a nice piece of leftover lasagna for lunch πŸ™‚

  244. Oh MY!!! Hubby takes lunch to work and just this past week we put a stop to packing in plastic after a container of soup was contaminated with a strong taste of plastic! ick! That being said, our favorite packed lunch is a chunky soup, biscuits, and fresh fruit. yum!

  245. Pureed soup or homemade chili, both of which work perfectly in jars, or quiche with salad. I’ve been shoving jars and tupperware into a plastic grocery bag, which then gets tossed into my backpack . . . not very elegant!

  246. A favorite lunch of mine would be caesar salad with grilled chicken, croutons, and tomatoes!! Yummy! Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome tote!

  247. Balsamic over an ‘anything fresh from the garden’ salad, and a layered quinoa/last night’s grilled chicken = delicious brain food to get me through the day. A blueberry/strawberry/yogurt jar with a drizzle of honey is also to die for! LOVE the bags and the posts, as always!

  248. I’m not sure I have a favorite lunch that I bring to work but I do think I will be bringing more soup to work in jars this fall. I love a nice vegetable soup.

  249. My favorite packed lunch is Otsu, from 101 Cookbooks blog, a Japanese style cold noodle salad with a ginger-soy dressing. And yes, I’ve put in jars to go before.

  250. These look awesome! I never met a leftover I didn’t like, but ratatouille is even better the next day and is a lot more satisfying to me than a salad

  251. How cute is that?! I bring my lunch to work in jars most days and can definitely relate to the “clanking around” in the bag. I actually brought my favorites to work today – a huge salad in a quart jar & a pint jar filled with a green smoothie!

  252. My daughter takes her breakfast coffee in a travel mug and some leftovers in a ball jar.
    This would really be a godsend to free up her hands without the sloshing or clanking around. Wonderful idea and too long coming.

  253. I usually pack leftovers from the previous night’s supper into jars for my lunch (they ALWAYS taste better the next day!), along with some water frozen in a mason jar to cool my lunch as well as provide me with cold water to drink. And I usually have a tiny jar (capers or pimentos come in these cuties) of nuts as a snack.

  254. My fav jar lunch is quinoa and three bean salad. i also love to make and take soup in a jar during the winter. crossing my fingers!

  255. I always take breakfast and lunch to work. My favorite breakfast is yogurt with granola and homemade apple sauce. I don’t have a favorite lunch but I love having a hot lunch so it’s usually leftovers from the previous nights dinner.

  256. My favorite canning jar lunch is homemade high-protein oatmeal with a little apple butter & brown sugar. Love that I can pack it ahead and warm it up at work the next day in the microwave for a toasty-warm lunch on a cold, snowy day.

  257. Not only do I pack my lunch in canning jars, but I use a Cuppow also! Check these babies out – they’re totally rad! (I’m just a customer/fan, not a paid person.) My fave lunch in leftovers from the night before and a smoothie. YUM!!

  258. Those are gorgeous!

    I stockpile leftovers frozen into lunch portions for work. And I’ll stack about 30 of them in the freezer at work, so I have enough to shuffle.

    On the other hand, on particularly rough days, I do grab a pint of applesauce to take in for breakfast. Seriously – I never ate applesauce before I learned to can, and now it’s very useful to have on hand. I’m down to my last 3 jars (of 24 or so) that I’m rationing until the start of apple season (soon). They were great last weekend when I was camping, too.

  259. I usually make my own fruit on the bottom yogurt and string cheese and fruit. Sometimes a sandwich. Or Leftovers. Whatever I can get my hands on!

  260. I eat salad for lunch everyday. In the winter I take soup too. Every once in awhile I have some leftovers. My favorite part of lunch is turning off the lights and catching up with my blogs!

  261. In the summer, I love hummus and fresh veggies for a to-go lunch, but as cooler weather arrives, home made soup would be my hands down favorite. It would be perfect sipped out of a canning jar! I would carry a drink or dessert in a second jar. Thinking of the possibilities has me wanting my own personal picnic!

  262. What I had today was pretty great. Leftover homemade ratatouille (brought to work in a jar) that I put on fig and pepper baguette with a ripe peach for dessert!

  263. Believe it or not-leftover casserol..almost any kind–unless I was experimenting and it didn’t get rave reviews from the fam….I thought it sounded good :0

  264. Leftovers from dinner! When I took my lunch to work last year gradually my tupperware disappeared, but packing in jars is more appealing anyway and nobody takes them!

  265. So cute! My lunch is usually a smoothie and something in a tortilla (veggies, cheese, etc). This would work great for me!

  266. Layered salad, consisting of any or all of the following local and/or organic ingredients:

    Romaine lettuce
    Grape Tomatoes
    Avocado, prepped at home with lemon juice to keep it green
    Goat, Feta or Cheddar cheese (Or a mix!)
    1-3 kinds of beans, such as pinto, garbanzo and black
    Tangerine slices
    Apples slices, prepped at home with fresh lemon juice to keep them fresh
    Slivered almonds
    Cashew pieces
    Pine nuts
    Sunflower seeds

    …etc… etc…

    Dressing: a few drops of virgin olive oil and the juice of a fresh lemon and/or lime

  267. My favorite lunch is a meat chopped up with baby spinach, sunflower seeds and an avacado. Tasty and full of healthy stuff.

  268. Oh my goodness! I really *need* one of these… I’m always bringing jars of goodies to work for my lunch! I can/preserve so much at my home that it makes lunch time a breeze. My favorites? Split Pea Soup, Chili, Peaches and TUNA! Life is GREAT!

  269. My favorite take-to-work-lunch is soup (in a jar) and cornbread – or chili (in a jar) and cornbread. I have taken cereal and milk for breakfast in jars also. Thanks!

  270. I have to agree with some of the other posts. My favorite lunch is leftovers. When cooking dinner, I purposely make too much. This is to ensure that there are leftovers to take for lunch. There’s nothing liked a nutritional warm meal for lunch πŸ™‚

  271. What a great idea!! My favorite packed lunch is left overs from my moms! Anytime I am lucky enough to go to her house for some dinner function and I get sent home with left overs I am one happy girl! Too bad I didn’t pay enough attention growing up to actually be as good of a cook!

  272. What a great bag!

    My favorite bring-from-home-lunch involves quinoa, black beans, cherry tomatoes, and green goddess dressing.

  273. I love a nice salad with dressing on the side…. some leftovers from dinner too. Along with a nice tall glass of iced tea! YUM and the perfect lunch bag/tote!

  274. I love packing yogurt and fruit. Maybe leftovers of something like homemade chili. Good stuff!

    The bag is adorable, btw. What a great idea!

  275. I make steel cut oats in the crockpot and parcel it out into jars for the week. I love it. For lunch, I love crockpot tortilla soup.

  276. Since you said home-packed and not homemade, I’ll say Thai leftovers. I do usually augment them with extra veggies.

  277. Typical packed lunch – zucchini basil muffins, 1 egg scrambled with some soy sauce, and whatever vegetable is in. But I’d love to branch out!

  278. What a great idea! I love making fresh salads in mason jars because all the colors shining through the glass makes lunchtime more fun.

  279. What a great idea! This would be great for transporting jarred food to sick friends also! My favorite work day lunch is homemade soup and baked potato. We have a microwave at the office, so a fresh “baked” potato is a treat in the winter. In summertime, I like chicken salad, breton whole wheat crackers, and laughing cow cheese spread!

  280. When I carry a lunch, some of my favorites are salad, home made soup, and home made greek yogurt. All jarrable (is that a word?).

  281. My favorite packed lunch is either some quinoa or brown rice with some veggies and cranberries mixed in with some fruit on the side. Yum!

  282. My favorite take-to-work lunch is veggie stir-fry but I also pack refrigerator oatmeal for breakfast nearly every day.

  283. Good lord do I need one of these! I had granola (in a jar) yogurt & jam (in a jar) and an iced coffee (naturally, in a jar) clanking around in my bag. Typical breakfast – had a very boring sandwich and tomatoes for lunch.

  284. I love just knowing that whatever I pack is real food!! When I don’t take the time to pack my lunch I usually grab something that makes me feel like crap the rest of the day. Cook at home and eat REAL food, your body will thank you!!!!

  285. Leftovers is my go-to lunch to take to work. However, my favorite is a salad with lots of crunchy and yummy flavors. What a darling bag!!!

  286. How smart! I usually bring a random pile of stuff to eat throughout the day. I think my record is five jars at once. Iced tea, yogurt, some kind of salad, some other leftovers, maybe some carrot sticks. Jars Jars Jars! I would love this for those days when I’m a bit more reasonable in my lunch-jarring.

  287. Salads. Lemonade sweetened with lemon flavor Stevia, in a pint jar. Foods that I “planned over” from the night before…we call them plan-overs because we plan to have them tomorrow…No left-overs at our house. πŸ™‚

  288. My favorite lunch in a jar would be home made chicken noodle soup with a side salad–home made dressing in a jar of course. The bag would make travel cozy πŸ™‚

  289. This is such a lovely bag I ended up emailing Kim just in case I don’t win. Lately I’ve been taking lots of salads in jars to work. I’m and artisan bread baker and as it goes also an avid jammer. So in addition to the salads I’ve been bringing little jars of my latest jam for my friends at work to try with out breads. This bag is stupendous! It means I could stop carrying my jars in socks. Thanks for the info and potentially thanks for the bag. Cheers -Liz

  290. Undoubtedly leftovers. I always make enough to feed whoever might stop by for dinner, and then one or two leftover meals. Somehow they always taste better then next day!

  291. Soup. Any soup. Usually a lentil soup of some kind, but mmmmmm. Soup. Broccoli watercress and pumpkin with adobo are really good soups also. I love soup.

  292. My favorite take to work lunch is when my (fabulous, wonderful, thoughtful) boyfriend packs me a nicoise salad. He makes the best salad dressing and always leaves it on the side, in a small mason jar. =)

  293. What an amazing tote! I love it. My favorite packed lunch is soup with a little falafel in a pita. Perfect lunch πŸ™‚

  294. I love LEFTOVERS! But, there are so many great ideas in these posts, I am going to be using my jars for a whole lot more than just canning! I love this lunch bag!

  295. I’ve been eating low carb since May 1st so my favorite lunch is salad in a jar! I pack multiple jars of romaine at a time and vacuum seal them. The lettuce stays super fresh and I love how cold it is in the jar!

  296. I love this idea, my lunch was clanging around this morning as I ran for my train! Most of my lunches are leftovers. Today, veggie encliladas in one jar a fruit and cottage cheese in the other.

  297. I’ve been taking my coffee and yoghurt in jars to work every morning and I’ve been wishing for a bag just like this to come along! Thank you!

  298. I haven’t packed lunch in a long time, but I’ve been trying to bring in homemade yogurt with me for breakfast. And when I was in school, lunches often had sandwiches, soup, chili, or leftover meat/pasta mix (usually a hamburger helper).

  299. This is so absolutely genius. I LOVE packing leftovers in canning jars for lunch, but the jars always rattle around in the bottom of my bag. Now I can bring lentil stew to the office without it all winding up in the bottom of my bag! Thanks for sharing this Etsy seller.

  300. This is the cutest little thing! I too have taken the plunge and have been diligently trying to purge plastic containers from my packed lunch repetoire, but the clanking of glass containers is a bit worrying when I’m commuting with my bag in the basket of my bike.

    ANYWAY, I’m a huge fan of taking tacos for work– I toasted up a few fresh tortillas and then in separate containers pack a little green pepper sauce, some black beans, some sauteed CSA veggies and a few spears of julienned radishes that I’ve quick-pickled in lime juice. Come lunch time, I have easy-assemble tacos that are filling and super yummy.

  301. I make yogurt in quart jars, and tote them in to eat during the week with granola. How handy to have one of these bags to do the toting in!

  302. This is brilliant!! My favorite lunch is a fresh salad of garden veggies, butternut squash soup and homemade mint leaf lemonade… In mason jars, of course!! πŸ™‚

  303. I always pack my lunch in jars. Homemade yogurt and granola. Sometimes soup and bread. But always in a glass canning jar. Iced coffee in summer, hot coffee in winter. Love the blue and white stripe.

  304. This time of year, lunch is all about salads with fresh veggies, tangy cheese, then yogurt with fruit. Love the lunch bag!

  305. My very favorite home-packed lunch is homemade soup (often from the freezer) with home-baked bread (or croutons made from stale home-baked bread!)

  306. I pack lunch EVERY day. I take leftovers mostly with dried and fresh fruit and veggies. Jars are the bomb! I can like a madwoman. When you have to start stacking them in the hallway, do you need an intervention? LOL

  307. Milk! I carry milk and cheerios in my jars (seperate of course) then at work I mix them together for a tasty treat.

  308. I am also a fan of leftovers for lunch when I need to pack a lunch. I do a fair amount of garden produce and I love a good homemade soup in fall and winter. These bags are adorable!

  309. I love using mason jars for zero waste containers; what fantastic bags!

    My favorite home packed lunch just might be strawberry spinach salad, Greek lemon (Avgolemono) soup, and a crusty French sourdough bread.

  310. Not positive what my favorite food to bring for lunch is, but I am a school teacher and on week 3 back at work am finding my need to get creative ever more pressing. Tonight I realized I had stowed away some lovely lentil and brown rice goodness in a wide mouth pint jar from this summer and so now I don’t have to worry about tomorrow’s lunch. So for now, I’ll say my favorite is brown rice and lentil goodness- because it’s prepared and thawing out in my fridge tonight! And that makes life easier for me!

  311. love this! whenever i am working (subbing) i always pack a lunch, usually a salad loaded with sprouts, nuts, avocado, cukes and homemade dressing. also often a side of nuts/dried fruits and seeds to get me through the day. this tote bag is genius! even if i don’t win, i’ll be taking a look at the website, thanks!

  312. Wow, so many things to choose from… I think my favorite homemade packable lunch would have to be soup with fresh, homemade bread. Now that I am discovering the joys of homemade jam, a nice homemade bread, some jam and some fresh fruit doesn’t sound bad either…

  313. Since I fly so much, packing lunch is an art form. It can’t be difficult to eat. It needs to be good at room temperature. It cannot require a knife. PB & J…Homemade bread, homemade peanut butter and homemade jam.

  314. Being a teacher, I hardly have time to chew at lunch. I usually bring two smoothies in jars to school in the morning and drink throughout the day. This bag would be perfect!

  315. I love a Caprese sandwich. Home grown tomatoes and basil with fresh mozzarella and a splash of oil and balsamic vinegar. Perfect!

  316. It was *just* this morning when I put my jar of yogurt in my lunchbag that I thought “I wish I had a bag that would stand my jar up and not knock against things”.

    This is exactly what I wanted! I went ahead and bought the pattern so I can modify it for my 1/2 pint jar of yogurt.

  317. Not to cop on other posts, lol, but a good homemade soup, a nice thick slice of bread, any type of fruit and of course a sweet tea in a mason jar.

  318. My favorites change with the seasons. Now I am loving cold fruit soups (strawberry is awesome) along with some nuts and unsweetened ice tea. In the fall, I usually have homemade soup with crusty bread.

    This tote would be awesome!

  319. Super cute bag!

    Almost always bring my own lunch, rotating among hummus (hopefully homemade) or other bean spread + veggies, cottage cheese w/herbs + veggies, homemade soup (veggies inside), hard boiled eggs + veggies. Sensing a theme? Oh and always fruit.

  320. I’ve been taking a salad in a jar to work. Dressing on the bottom, pack in lettuce, then tomatoes, cheese (whatever leftover veggies are on hand) on top. At lunchtime I just upend the whole thing in a bowl and chow down!

  321. I am a teacher and I almost always bring a jar of Greek yogurt with fruit, nuts, and maple syrup with me for breakfast along with some dinner left overs, my favorite being veggie chili. LOVE this bag–I’ll definitely be checking out the etsy site. Thanks!

  322. How did I not ever clue in to packing my lunch in mason jars? I am so excited to start doing this for the upcoming school year (middle school teacher). I looked at their website and they have pretty fabric choices. However, I’m a little more of a ‘plain’ person. Hope they offer the subtle stripe ones at some point. What will I pack for my first lunch? Some sort of salad with balsamic dressing, carrots, tomatoes, sprouts, feta, cukes, lettuce, and whatever shows up in the fridge that week!

  323. My fave is a layered greek salad, with feta cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, and some chopped strawberries. shake and enjoy! this is really great because I’m still in school and i barely have 20 minutes to eat, and I’m into organic, not stuffed crust pizza. And sometimes (I know they aren’t hand made, but I get the Riot dark chocolate 80% coco nibs.)Delish!

  324. I go back to work next week and have been planning to pack salads in jars for my lunches. What a perfect bag!

  325. I love packing soup (roasted tomato with lots of hot peppers!) when it’s cold and miserable out here in Seattle. My desk sits next to a door that is opened every few minutes so I get quite chilly. Once I’ve heated and eaten my soup, I’ll clean out the jar and use it for hot tea during the rest of my shift.

  326. oh-! Those are DARLING! I would love to have one!

    I’m in grad school right now, and am too broke and stubborn to eat out, so I pack my own lunch (and dinner, and snacks) every morning: some sort of hearty soup/stew in a Thermos; yogurt and granola in a jar; a slice of homemade bread; and usually some sort of fruit (or coffee cake, if I’m fancy!). I also keep a large water jar with a Cuppow lid at school and everyone knows me by it. But I just throw it all in whatever canvas tote is closest – a dedicated bag with compartments would be perfect!

  327. Bread and Butter zucchini pickles, a hunk of cheese, hard boiled egg, greek yogurt with a spoonful of homemade preserves.

  328. Soup! On weekends I make a BIG pot & that is my lunch for the week. I have never thought of putting them in my canning jars, but thinking about it, I can microwave in them, so it might be the thing to do from now on!

  329. Hmm… well, when it isn’t leftovers I tend to make a big batch of a grain, veggie and bean salad to take throughout the week. I think it would make day four of those lunches much more interesting to have a cute little bag to transport it in!

  330. I pack the fixings for scrambled eggs in a mason jar for breakfast (egg sammies), and my favorite lunch is my three bean, sausage, and kale soup. Heck, even if I don’t win, what a great sewing project!

  331. My husband is the one who goes to work daily, and he loves to make smoothies for his first break and always puts them in mason jars. With a bag like that, I could pack all sorts of things for him, because if he’s left to his own devises, he doesn’t pack enough lunch!

  332. Mmm, during my pregnancy my husband made me smoothies in the mornings and sent them to work with me in pint jars. Lunch is usually delicious leftovers, from stir fry to black bean soup to homemade pizza. Love these bags!

  333. Personally, my favorite packed lunch is this awesome pasta dish my mama made up from scratch. I usually end up with a turkey sandwich with Swiss cheese and mustard. Some times, I even remember to take with me when I leave for work, too. πŸ™‚

  334. My husband and I “brown-bag” everyday except Sunday. I always cook enough the night before for our lunches the next day. In the winter, there’s nothing better than spaghetti the next day…YUM

  335. i rarely have to pack myself a lunch but i pack lunches for my husband almost everyday, his answer when asked what his favorite is was “tasty”, which likely means whatever the leftovers are from last night πŸ™‚

  336. Lately, it’s been broccoli and sardines (on a limited diet at the moment, though it’s quite tasty!). Roasted veggies would be another favorite.

  337. any home-packed lunch is good in my book-but recently, I’ve been taking a raw corn/tomato/cucumber/green bean/mint/lemon salad-ish dish with an apple on the side, and it’s really the perfect lunch for the summer heat.

  338. Greek yogurt parfait… yogurt, homemade granola, and local honey OR homemade fruit sauce, especially of it’s apricot. Oh, a few nuts on top, pecans preferably.

  339. I have been looking for something just like this! I normally make a big batch of soup on the weekend and then bring it to work all work for lunch.

  340. I do love left over soup in the winter, but lately my favorite lunch has been homemade chicken salad with lots of red grapes and pineapple.

  341. Oh, I do surely love that pretty ticking -striped bag! I would pack my favorite lunch of cold fried chicken and potato salad in it and head for the beach, even in the winter, and even if I had to sit in my car to watch the waves roll in! But there are a couple more months to go for beach-appreciation, so there are a lot more lunches before winter that would have me well prepared, if I just had a bag like that. Did I mention I love blue ticking-striped bags?

  342. This is such a wonderful idea! I am obsessed with mason jars! My favorite lunch is anything that involves pasta. Gotta love me some carbs…

  343. Any kind of grain-based salad, and/or anything with kale. Yogurt and homemade granola for breakfast! All in all, way too many containers!

  344. I like putting together a salad in a jar with the dressing on the bottom followed by vegis, then lettuce. Shake it all together when you’re ready to eat! I also pack parfaits with plain yogurt, a handful of fruit and a few drops of homemade vanilla extract. This bag would be perfect for a salad and a parfait!

  345. peaches. anything with peaches..{because i get to go meet my little boy for lunch and he always asks with hope, “peaches?!” and i bring them all sorts of ways. He says “is there anything better mom, than a salted peach?” } our fave: peaches cut in slices in jars with little salt packets on the side πŸ™‚
    Just love all your bags! especially the blue & white stripes in photo.
    ahhh, food in jars

  346. Lately it’s been tabbouleh with some hummus and either sliced stonefruit or sliced melon, but come fall it’ll be tomato soup or turkey chili time again.

  347. Wow- I love your facebook page and your site!! These bags are incredible. I love to pack just about everything in a jar,But its so hard to get the husbnand to carryb them due to there scaryness in hauling to and from work! This bag would be awesomely useful in my household!!
    I could take my salsa to work everyday too!

  348. Too cute! I love leftover soup for lunch although it’s a challenge to transport securely. These bags look like a great solution. I ALSO love reading about what everyone else likes for lunch! πŸ™‚

  349. Greek yogurt, homemade granola, and assorted toppers. I mix it up everyday and never tire of this breakfast. 3 little jars that need a home with insulation.

  350. Is it horribly un-foodie of me to say that my favorite lunch is the one I don’t have to prep new…so any leftovers are alright by me πŸ™‚

  351. oh, what an awesome bag! thanks for the opportunity!

    my favorite lunch that I use to take to work was tomato soup with cheese and crackers. OR a cheese sandwich with pickles and yogurt topped with granola for dessert.

  352. Lunch is usually leftovers but I’ve recently I’ve been hooked on a raw zucchini “pasta” (made with a julienne peeler), chopped up tomato and cucumber with a spicy peanut sauce. Of course I take it to work in mason jars πŸ™‚ I love the wide mouth pints and pint and a halfs. I use quart jars as drinking glasses–I find I drink more water throughout the day when my “glass” is bigger.

  353. This is probably terrible to say but leftovers – we out alot and we always have leftovers. I take them for lunch – and everyone wants to know where they came from.

  354. My favorite packed lunch is fancy crackers with some kind of spread (hummus, chicken salad, rillettes, or a nice cheese) with some carrot sticks and snap peas….filling but light. Oh, and maybe a little something sweet.

  355. I donated all my plastic leftover containers last year – now its lunch packed in mason jars every day! I’ll put anything in a mason jar- seriously. Sometimes it’s a leftover burrito; yesterday it was a big jar of salad, a small jar of roasted sweet potatoes, and somehow I got a turkey burger into a pint jar. πŸ™‚

    The food is always different, but the packaging is the same.

  356. I became a lunch-packing fiend during the last school year, usually toting several meals at once. For simplicity and satisfaction, you can’t go wrong with a tuna sandwich on Ezekiel bread — but for comfort, I like a jarful of lemon-garlicky chicken soup with chickpeas and kale. …Now I want some.

  357. i love salads packed in a jar. i do all kinds in one day and put them in the fridge and grab one to go or to eat at home. i love fruit salads. its an easy way for me to eat a healthy meal/snack without taking the time to do it every day.

  358. I love a big serving of roasted, spiced chickpeas with a dollop of yogurt on top. It’s so satisfying and gets me through the afternoon. I always carry my lunch in glass containers and jars – what a great product!

  359. lately, the lunch I’m most craving is gazpacho, crusty bread, and yogurt with honey or homemade (of course) jam for dessert.

  360. I love this idea! My current favorite is leftover corn, fresh cherry tomato, black bean salad. It’s perfect in a jar….

  361. My favorite lunch to take to work was the one I seldom took and when I did I shared with some of my favorite people. One day just to make something special out of the day I invited five of my friends to sit outside and share my lunch. It was like tea party but I had cappuccinos, toasted slices of baguette, Brie, caviar, and little sandwiches. I even brought little demitasse cups and saucers. It was so much fun and a great memory.

  362. I take my lunch to work with me everyday. I have many favorites, but today I want to make some smoked jalapeΓ±o hummus to eat with crunchy raw vegetables and multigrain pita chips.

  363. So clever! I’ve been using my jars for more and more purposes lately, and have just discovered how perfect they are for transporting summer fruit that tends to get bruised and mashed on my way to work. This would be perfect for me!

  364. That’s easy….PB&J! We go fishing almost everyweekend and I make organic peanut butter with wild grape jelly on seven grain bread from my favorite baker!

  365. I got into bento lunches last summer, “sushi” with cream cheese and smoked salmon in the bottom tier and pepperoni spiced beets with spinach and some sort of fruit in the top tier.

  366. A fresh garden salad packed in a wide mouth canning jar- keeps everything fresher than plastic ! w/ homemade maple balsamic dressing, homemade greek style yogurt with frozen blueberries added to keep it cold (of course in another jar!). Yum!

  367. Right now I’m in a yogurt phase. Pack it along with some granola to mix in come lunch time, a piece of fruit, and something small for dessert, and I have a complete lunch. People commonly kid about my third grade style lunch, but there’s a reason that’s what your mom packed for you back in the day.

  368. What a smart idea! Love the fabric shown in the photo as well! I bring my lunch all the time so many favorites but a good salad or leftover pasta dish is always delish!

  369. Leftovers! Whenever I make a casserole or soup for dinner, I freeze the leftovers in containers to take for lunch. This way I’m not eating the same thing every day for a week, but can just pull a container out of the freezer to take with me. If I don’t have access to a refrigerator, I grab the container that morning and take it frozen, using it to chill my lunch bag. If there is a fridge, I set the container down in my refrigerator the night before.

  370. What a perfect little lunch bag! I love layered bean dip in a jar. Another jar for a bit of tossed salad and fresh watermelon and blueberries with a dollop of vanilla yogurt for dessert. Yum!

  371. These are awesome! My favorite lunch item is a turkey wrap with an avacado mayo. I put lettuce and sprouts in there also. Jason’s deli makes a good one and I try to mimic theirs, lol. Mine is much better!

  372. I have to be at work at 7:00 am so I usually bring breakfast with me. My favorite right now is a pint jar with low fat yogurt, apple butter, a sprinkle of nuts and some homemade granola. Soooooo good!
    My favorite lunch is usually leftovers. I like to throw pastas in mason harass well as soups and fruit salad.
    Love the tote!

  373. My favorite lunch is a peanut butter and homemade peach jam sandwich, salad made from baby greens, homemade dressing, grapes and some homemade wheat crackers. Having a dairy allergy means a lot of things are now homemade and better tasting!!!

  374. nice leftovers or ravioli are my usual. But a nice toasted bagette and an avocado and some goat cheese… heaven. But dressing is hard to bring.. especially to picinics when I pack them in mason jars. this little bag is perfect to stop them clanking and clinking around while transporting!

  375. My favorite home packed lunch is when the one you love delivers that lunch…it really does not matter what is in it…but I do love a nice cold jar of ice tea and a peanutbutter sandwich.

    thanks for an opportunity to win..this is a great bag.