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August 14, 2012(updated on October 3, 2018)

ticking lunch bag

During my tenure as a full-time office employee, I packed my breakfast and lunch up in canning jars on a near-daily basis. I drank iced coffee out of a pint and a half jar, spooned yogurt out of a wide mouth pint and toted servings of soup around in whatever mason jar would do the job.

The one issue I always had with this food in glass habit was that the jars were prone to clanking in my lunch bag. Many times, I wished for a bag that kept them padded and contained.

mason jar lunch tote

Recently (and without knowing about my desire for such a product), the owner of the Etsy shop called A Tiny Forest got in touch. Kim wanted to know if I’d be interested in checking out her design. It was a handmade cloth lunch bag, fitted with padded sleeves that were intended to keep a pair of canning jars firmly in place. Of course I said yes.

When it arrived, I did my fair share of cooing and squealing over this sweet little bag (each one comes with a coordinating cloth napkin, a touch that makes me love it all the more). I even packed myself a little picnic as an excuse to use it. It does an excellent job of keeping the jars secure while still being roomy (and sturdy) enough to hold a piece of fruit and a big container of salad (or whatever other item you feel moved to add).

lunch tote

The bags come in a number of fabric choices and each one is delightful. With September just around the corner, treating oneself to a new lunch bag seems like the right choice (I don’t know about there rest of you, but I’ve never lost the desire for new pens, notebooks and back packs come Fall).

If a new lunch tote isn’t in the budget right now, you may also be in luck. Because Kim is lovely, she’s letting me give one of her sturdy bags away here on the blog. The winner even gets to choose the fabric, so if the classic blue striped number you see above doesn’t float your boat, there are many others to choose from. Here’s what to do to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what your favorite home-packed lunch is.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Friday, August 17. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Saturday, August 18, 2012.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: A Tiny Forest sent me a one of their lunch totes for trial and review and are providing an additional bag for giveaway purposes. My opinions, as always, remain entirely my own. 


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1,075 thoughts on "Giveaway: Jars To Go Lunch Tote"

  • Jar of homemade salsa, some homemade bread and an avocado. Assemble before eating
    for dessert, some honey (from my hive) and fruit

    can’t beat it on a hot day!

    love the tote!!!

  • Salad in the summer, homemade soup or chili in the winter. Love the versatility of this adorable lunch tote 🙂

  • I am a teacher and would love this bag. I often go into school very early. I would pack breakfast on one side and lunch on another. Oatmeal with fruit and nuts and a side of grapefruit. Lunch would be humus and veggies or soup. If I don’t win what is the website so I can purchase one?

  • Usually my lunch includes several mason jar items. Applesauce, pickles, dressing, salad. This bag would be perfect!

  • Favorite lunch to take to school (I am a substitute teacher, and never sure if a microwave will be available for use), would have to be salad. Stacked in a jar in this order: lettuce, carrots, green peppers, chicken strips, and a packet of lemon juice and olive oil. yum yum yum@

  • A jar of homemade salsa, a jar of homemade hummus, and some pitas. Assemble into as many sandwiches as my belly permits.

  • I like to pack, either a salad in a jar, or make a wrap with anything I have in the frig. Spinach wrap usually and love to slice an avocado in there somewhere! I love Marzetti Sweet Italian dressing and a little mayo, some cheese and maybe turkey, lettuce or fresh spinach. Drink tea, always tea. 😉 Thanks, LOVE that bag! A great idea!

  • Take my lunch to work everyday but never thought to put things in jars. I do grab a pint of homemade canned fruit every once in a while and eat the whole thing!

  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But the homemade yogurt goes in jars! I am going back to work after 7.5 years as a stay at home mom. Gulp. I could use a pretty lunch bag!

  • sometimes it’s great left over like speg. and garlic bread with salad. love having organic vanillia yourgert with pumkin flax granola..yumo and you can’t go wrong with hot roast beef and mash pot. i think any good left a awesomeone.

  • I love homemade salsa and chips. I often use the mason jars for chicken soup too!!! It would be such a blessing to have a bag like this!!!

  • I love a sandwich packed with fresh deli cuts and tons of fresh from the garden veggies! A perfect side would be any fruit or soup! I love this tote for delivering canned gifts to my friends and family!!!

  • Pickled beets, with salad of frisee, tomatoes, cuks and goat chesse. Plus a few sunflower seeds to salt it and add a bit of crunch.

  • We cook our weekly lunches on Sunday. Pack them up in glass containers for reheating. Saves alot of time during the week…plus we only cook once. This is the cutest lunch bag; such creative people in this world. Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Leftover pasta! With bolognese sauce, or Marcella Hazan’s spinach ricotta and ham sauce. Or spicy cold sesame noodles. And chocolate pudding!

  • I would love one of these! I’ve been using mason jars for storage, so pretty much any lunch will include multiple jars. This week, it was cheese and charcuterie with crackers, along with pickled carrots and a jar of homemade kombucha! YUM!!

  • Well as of now, I have a 1 in 1037 chance to win! Here’s hoping!

    I always put my homemade kombucha in canning jars to go (with the plastic lids because the metal ones mixed with acidic kombucha tastes like you’re drinking pennies), and a sandwich packed a mile high with sprouts, and a cup of chowder. And If I’m pregnant, which I always seem to be, lots of stuff made with vinegar.

  • Oh My Gosh! What a great bag! Taking some of my home made salsa(first attempt this year) Not so bad if I say so myself! With chips, of course. Milk or yogurt from my very own dairy cow! I work in a hospital, where the cafeteria food will certainly shorten your life!

  • I love this bag! I can’t count how many times I have lost my lunch from a glass rolling around in my bag and cracking or breaking. I am a teacher and pack a lot of food to get me through my long day with the kiddos. I like to bring chia pudding, a smoothie, soup, salad and a piece of fruit. Yummers!

  • My graduate student son is a big fan of canning jars… Makes tea in a quart one and carries it in his back pack on the cold winter walk to classes in Chicago then it’s a good temperature once he arrives at class.

  • I love reheat stew in the pint jars, I love it’s the right size and portable. I love to have yogurt in the 1/2 pint jar.

  • In the winter it would be homemade soup. In the summer I almost always take a salad and usually it is a grain salad – quinoa with cherry tomatoes, edamame, feta, and kalamata olives

  • My favorite lunch is a sandwich (tuna, ham, chicken salad) with fresh tomatoes from our garden and pickles that I canned last summer. Yum!

  • Such a cute bag! In the winter I like to have my soup. The rest of the year it is salads and sandwiches, in summer with our omegrown tomatoes

  • My favorite lunch is a wide-mouth quart mason jar filled with juicy cut-up tomatoes, a dollop of mayonnaise, a generous handful of blue cheese crumbles, and freshly ground sea salt and black pepper. Home-brewed ice tea in another jar and you’re good to go. Yummy!!!

  • These are so cute! Favorite lunch on the go?… hmm. Anything homemade. Right now a homemade vegetarian meatloaf-knockoff (say a dinner loaf) sounds delicious – even better with homemade ketchup!

  • Papaya chunks and Greek yogurt with granola and artisan bread. The bag is a great idea. I also like kippers and crackers for lunch.

  • Yippee! It would hold my homemade goat mozzarella sliced and layered with my fresh heirloom tomatoes and purple basil, drizzled with EVOO…while the other would cradle some homegrown canteloupe from my friends at the farmers market. Love it.

  • I vacuum seal romaine lettuce in pint jars with small containers of dried cranberries, feta and almonds and rasberry vinegrette.

  • I don’t know if someone mentioned these already, but I’ve become recently obsessed with layered salads in jars. Dressing on the bottom, followed by heartier stuff (chickpeas, carrots, peppers, etc), then lighter stuff (quinoa, nuts, seeds, berries), then spinach. The greens don’t get slimy, everything keeps well in the fridge for days, AND it’s beautiful! I like to bring greek yogurt with a spoonful of jam (in a jar, of course) as my side. Jars really are the ultimate to-go container.

  • My favorite thing to take in my lunch is leftovers rom dinner. I work really hard on dinner so it is nice to show off what I made with the other teachers.

  • If only this were open to Canadians. Sigh. Oh well, I will still answer the question by saying that my lunch pick would be green bean and farmer sausage soup in a jar, a homebaked bun, and chocolate cake in a jar.

    And congrats to whichever US winner is chosen. 🙂

  • I love tomato soup! I’m also a sucker for salads and fresh fruit! Lunches in jars makes everything so much easier. This tote would be perfect!