Giveaway: Itty Bitty Jars and Food in Jars from Fillmore Container

September 24, 2013


Dear friends, let us rejoice! The weekly giveaway is back! Today, we have a fun prize pack from our friends at Fillmore Container. They are giving one lucky FiJ reader a copy of my book and two dozen itty bitty jars (the winner gets to choose which ones they want). The book you know about, so let’s talk just a little bit about these cute little jars.

They typically hold just an ounce or two and are just the thing for gifts and holiday sampler packs. Fillmore carries them in both round and hex shaped. They seal with one-piece lids, which though not approved by the USDA, can be safely used if you follow a few simple instructions (here’s my tutorial on how to use the continuous thread one-piece lids, and here’s the lug version).


If you’re starting to plot out your holiday giving (yes, I know it seems impossible to be talking about it, but we’re closing in on the end of September), consider adding some wider variety to your gifts by canning some of them up in these little jars. I’m thinking a super rich jam like this pear chocolate one might be a good candidate for such things.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share what you’d put in these itty bitty jars.
  2. Comments will close at 5 pm east coast time on Friday, September 27, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random (using and will be posted on Sunday, September 29, 2013.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: Fillmore Container is a paid sponsor of this blog. They are providing the prize for this giveaway as part of that promotional agreement. However, all opinions expressed here remain my own. 

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1,389 thoughts on "Giveaway: Itty Bitty Jars and Food in Jars from Fillmore Container"

  • I have pears in the fridge waiting to be made into that Chocolate Pear Jam. I just need these cute little jars to put it in!

  • The possibilities are endless as to what this little jars can be used for. I think I would probably use them to make some homemade baby food as a gift for my expecting friends.

  • I have been harvesting spices and herbs from my garden for the very first time and have no place to store them. These are the perfect solution for my first ever home grown organic herb/spice collection!!!

  • My first thought was orange or lemon marmalade. Possibly spiced. I try to make a triple batch once a year and I’m always anxious to share some. But the jars a so small that it’s be enough for just a few slices of toast.

    Maybe I’d go for one of my own curry spice mixes (or sloppy janes, taco seasoning or sweet potato soup…)

  • I would put jams and jellies in them for presents. I could make a variety and put them in baskets with breads and crackers..

  • I love these jars!! These are perfect just for me. I would put a bit of strawberry in one, apricot in another, lemon curd…… These are fantastic for a single person who loves to can!

  • The only trouble with such lovely jars is that I would be tempted to keep them all for myself and not give any of them away!

  • Definitely tomato jam – that stuff is more precious than gold! I can only bear to give a away tiny portions. The same goes for your pear ginger jam; half-pint jars for me, teeny jars for gifts.
    Selfish in St. Paul

  • I love small & cute things…these are sweet. They would be great for gift-giving homemade stuff. Thank you for this great giveaway oppty!

  • I just finished making salsa with fresh tomatoes and corn from the local farm! I have made apple sauce and tomato sauce already and I am planning on creating many more recipes to jar because this year everyone is getting home made ‘Food in Jars’ for Christmas!

  • Oooooh, itty bitty jars! They are more than just cute – they are soooo useful.

    The first time I used tiny jars was in gift baskets – the small jars were perfect for a spice mix. Then for some preserved figs. And now for all sorts of things – home dried spices, leftover bits of this and that, gifts, of course, samples of experiments for the neighbors to try, and much more.

  • Since I have decided that this year will be mostly a homemade, homegrown Christmas, these little jars would be perfect for sharing small portions of my various preserving endeavors — tomato paste, tomato jam, onion relish, cucumber pickle relish, peach ketchup, apple butter and so forth. I could make little samplers and put them in gift boxes or baskets. Storing homemade spice blends would be a good plan, too.

  • Oh, my! I can’t decide. Maybe “samples” of jelly, chutney or curd. Homegrown dried herbs. Homemade spice mixes or dressing mixes. So many possibilities.

  • I will fill these jars with my last batch of Crab Apple Jelly, and share them with everyone in the family.

    My Mother taught me how to make this when I was young, and I’ve made it for years as holiday gifts for friends. Sadly, we lost Mom last year, and Dad just sold the family homestead so this will be the last batch of jelly from the Crab Apple trees that were planted 48 years ago when we first moved into the house.

    I’ll leave a jar for the new owners, too!

  • Spiced apple butter! Yummy on warm toast on a cool morning! These jars would be perfect to hold the perfect amount of that seasonal treat!

  • i love cooking, backing and well i would love to try canning…this comming summer i have decided to start my own gardeing….which leads to canning! i cant wait to try …what will i put in them to be honest not sure thinking the first thing i would like to can is jalepeno jelly! or maybe stawbery/jalepeno jelly!

  • I would love to use these jars to create some fresh organic jams, or even to make some of my beauty products in, so cute!

  • I just moved far from friends and family to a new state (new for me) with my fiance. We plan to elope to keep things budget friendly and focus on what’s important – our love and commitment for each other. When we return, we will plan a simple, small gathering at our home to invite our most special friends and family to celebrate our recent commitment. I am going to plan the whole menu and cook everything myself, hopefully with a lot of fresh veggies from our own garden and local farmers we know. I would love to use these little jars to make a great jam or something special and homemade to send home with my guests as gift (I could also promote your site on a small label on the jar!!). Also, I would use some of the tiny jars to put little tea lights in – they will coordinate great with the mason jar and other handmade lanterns that I plan to hang from all the trees that surround our home to create a whimsical, but down-home, budget-friendly atmosphere. I hope I win, but I already won so I’m very happy either way!! <3

  • Since I am not able to can this year (waiting on a new oven) I would make this delicious cookies and cream peanut butter recipe I found and give them away for the holidays!

  • This winter, I’m planning on making a sampler for my friends consisting of:

    – hot pepper jelly
    – cranberry preserves
    – earl grey jelly

    These little jars would be the perfect size to hold these holiday delights!

  • I just found your blog, am going to sit and read many of the posts to get caught up especially the one about acid and ph. I have a really good herb garden this year and would use those tiny jars for dried herbs, spice mixes and maybe herb butter and special mustards. Wonderful for gifts. Could you can in them?

    Thanks, Diana

  • My husband loves tomatillo salsa. I never can it because we devour it before it would even start to go bad in the fridge 😉 I would love to use your itty bitty jars and can some for him. It would be great for him to take to work with some chips to go along with his lunch!

  • I would put anything that would fit! I am new to canning and am still learning. Define try having fun learning!!!

  • I’m not sure which of my holiday gift recipes I’d use in here, but they would definitely be gifts!! They’re fabulous!

  • I had a baby in February and since he turned 4 months old, I have been making his baby food myself. I try to buy the freshest ingredients for his food from the local farms. Now that fall is here, my food selections are starting to dwindle. I would use these jars to freeze his baby food so that he can eat locally grown fruits and veggies throughout the winter.

  • I don’t have a huge canning repertoire, so strawberry vanilla jam is a good candidate. Whenever I give some away, it’s a huge hit

  • I would use those Adorable hexagon jars to hold homemade pumpkin butter, body scrub made of brown sugar and coconut oil and a few other things. 🙂 <3

  • I be making baskets with mini jars of homemade toppings for an ice cream sundae themed basket.
    Chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, caramel sauce, peanuts, sprinkles, etc.

  • I would use these mini jars for some pickled cocktail onions. I have a bunch of mini onions from my garden that would fit perfectly!

  • I would use them for anything I can think of! Leftover sauces. Teeny batches of jam. Essential oil blends. I would have to use them ALL THE TIME, those hex jars are so CUTE!

  • Love the looks of the jars, I think your vanilla pear jam would be great in them. Or you could make several different types of jams and giveaway a sampler for the holidays. Love your cookbook, I’ve made several things from it. I can’t wait until your new ones available.

  • These itty bitty jars would be great for single serving of pickled jalapenos, or jelly. Perfect size! I love the look!!

  • Lemon and lime curds! My grandma has a ton of Meyer lemons year round, so I get a few pounds from her. One of the things I make is lemon curd, and I love to put them in little jars like that. It’s so rich and goes bad quickly, so little jars are best. And this year I want to do some lime curd for my more adventurous friends.

  • First, our homemade cottonwood balm would go in those perfect little hexagonal jars. And then what’s left of my homemade ketchup for gift giving and jeepers, something from the book I’m sure!

  • I would make gifts for my volunteers (I am an elementary school teacher) to show my appreciation for all of their hard work and devotion to students.

  • I love this blog! I was looking up tomatillo salsas and yours was the first up, hurray. I think I will try my hand at strawberry curd. ambreroseat aol dot com

  • I use jars for everything! They are the greatest vessels to store any thing in. I hate waste so these would come in handy for those times when you should not throw it away but just need something small enough to put it in-especially now while living in an RV waiting for our forever home-space is so important-:)

  • I actually cleared out the last of my little jars with chocolate pear jam, so it’s funny you should say that. If I got these jars I may use them for the flavored vinegars I have been brewing for gifts

  • i just started my love affair with canning, so i am not yet sure what i would put in them! maybe the pepper jelly ive been wanting to try =)

  • I would put currant syrup in the tiny jars from the currants from my back yard that are frozen and just waiting to be turned into something wonderful.

  • I’d use them for a sampling of lemon curd, jams, and jellies and maybe pumpkin butter. I am trying to convince my sister to start making all these with me, so i’ve been meaning to do several small batches to give to her to nudge her along 😛