Giveaway: Itty Bitty Jars and Food in Jars from Fillmore Container


Dear friends, let us rejoice! The weekly giveaway is back! Today, we have a fun prize pack from our friends at Fillmore Container. They are giving one lucky FiJ reader a copy of my book and two dozen itty bitty jarsΒ (the winner gets to choose which ones they want). The book you know about, so let’s talk just a little bit about these cute little jars.

They typically hold just an ounce or two and are just the thing for gifts and holiday sampler packs. Fillmore carries them in both round and hex shaped. They seal with one-piece lids, which though not approved by the USDA, can be safely used if you follow a few simple instructions (here’s my tutorial on how to use the continuous thread one-piece lids, and here’s the lug version).


If you’re starting to plot out your holiday giving (yes, I know it seems impossible to be talking about it, but we’re closing in on the end of September), consider adding some wider variety to your gifts by canning some of them up in these little jars. I’m thinking a super rich jam like this pear chocolate one might be a good candidate for such things.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share what you’d put in these itty bitty jars.
  2. Comments will close at 5 pm east coast time on Friday, September 27, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random (using and will be posted on Sunday, September 29, 2013.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: Fillmore Container is a paid sponsor of this blog. They are providing the prize for this giveaway as part of that promotional agreement. However, all opinions expressed here remain my own.Β 

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1,389 responses to “Giveaway: Itty Bitty Jars and Food in Jars from Fillmore Container”

  1. I would use these little darlings for herbs and maybe a single serve of some type of chutney. I would of course tie a tiny bow with tag explaining what this cute little jar held for the lucky receiver !

  2. I threw a bunch of raspberries in the freezer when I was in a rush. I would pull those out and make some jam. Sigh. I love jars. And your book is the icing on this great giveaway.

  3. I just picked what I think are the last of my tomatoes. And I intend to make a batch of your tomato jam. That would make a great gift in a tiny jar!

  4. Homemade lavender lotion and salted caramel…obviously, not mixed together, but separate, as a little care pack. Nothing better than a soppy love story, luxurious lotion and a jar of salted caramel!

  5. They’d be perfect for giving samples of my jams and jellies for gifts…Christmas Presents…Thank You Gifts…and Just for Fun gifts. Your book I would keep for myself…selfish aren’t I?

  6. Oooh… jam samplers β€”Β endless possibilities. I’d probably make up a little batch of Sour Cherry Preserves with Honey & Almond Extract. Heaven in a jar.

  7. we moved late in the year to our new home and we are renting so could not put in a garden this year but was offered a “rent to own” from the landlord so next year we can put in a garden and I will be canning for the first time. would love these to put in samples of jam or dried herbs that im going to do.

  8. I just made some AMAZING pumpkin applesauce. Since it can’t be canned, and it’s kinda rich, I think I’d put that in mini jars & give it to family! Or… use the little jars for bringing some to lunch.

  9. Oh. Where to begin. I would put flavored salts, spices, homemade facial moisturizer and cleaners in them for gifts and just because. The possibilities are endless!

  10. I would probably put dried herbs in them. But then again, maybe some jam to use as prizes at our church’s Christmas party. Would LOVE to have a copy of your book!!

  11. These would be perfect to use as little gifts for friends and family. I would put apple butter into them, or some home made preserves. They would also be good to store spices in, or things on my desk like paper clips, thumb tacks, etc.

  12. I use small jars to make my own spice mixes. I dehydrate onions, a variety of peppers, garlic, tomatoes, and other goodies from my garden and combine them for use in my cooking.

  13. Just the thing for holiday gifts… Some spicy pepper jam perhaps or my new obsession, peach vanilla bourbon jam. The jars fulfill my love of cute containers. And your book would help full out my obsession with all things canning πŸ™‚

  14. I have too many ideas of what I’d like to put in these adorable little jars! I think I’d wait & see what fresh goodies I could get at the farmer’s market.

  15. Summer’s ending over here, so I’m in the mide of drying all my herbs! These jars would be perfect for storing my dried herbs.

  16. These would be great for homemade condiments for lunch-on-the-go – some herbed goat cheese, grainy mustard, olive tapenade, or homemade butterscotch! I’d love to find such things in my stocking, but I’m not promising I’ll share.

  17. Spiced tomato jam to give away to friends who want to try it but I’d hate for them to waste a larger jar in case they didnt like it…but who wouldnt?! It’s divine!

  18. I would LOVE to have that book!! As for the jars, I would put spices, dried herbs, jams and whatever recipes I try from Food in Jars that will fit in them!!

  19. Ok, I’ll go there and be candid, in my younger more wild years, I would have said that these would have been the absolutely perfect jars for my weed.
    Now that I am old and tamed (mostly), I would really like to see spices and herbs, and oil/spice mixtures in a few of them. In the remaining, I would put homemade beauty products in them, things like salt scrubs and hair oils. πŸ™‚

  20. I love Fillmore Containers!! I would make some applesauce and pear baby food to send to my daughter for my first grandbaby due in October πŸ™‚

  21. hmm I was thinking some jam to give away as gifts but I see some really great other ideas on the posted comments. Ijust got a dehydrator so now the possibilities are endless. thank you

  22. I just found my grandma’s long-lost recipe for a cinnamon peanut butter spread. I would use the jars for holiday surprise for all my family members!

  23. I love the small jars for dried herbs and veggie mix… also really great for gifts, just enough to say you are thinking of someone…

  24. i think these little jars would be very neat for christmas gifts always trying to find uniquehomemade ideas for gifts. id probably put jams in them! im newer to canning so im always looking for new ideas and recipies so the recipie book would be very helpful to me!

  25. I have several things I would happily use them for, including but not limited to:

    1) malt vinegar salt
    2) chocolate & blackberry, strawberry, and/or almond sauce
    3) bourbon cherries

  26. I’ve made a chocolate pear jam flavored with a bit of Clear Creek pear brandy. People swooned. I need to make more of that this year, though putting it in such itty bitty jars seems almost cruel. πŸ™‚

  27. I think I would love to make bananas foster jam and serve them to people in the jars during a holiday meal… it is so rich that these seem like the perfect size!

  28. I’ve got apple butter on my mind since my apple tree is full of beautiful delicious fruit! I think I’d make a few different spiced varieties to make a little sampler pack with those fabulous itty bitty jars πŸ™‚

  29. 1) Spices
    2) Butter. (I buy in bulk and just keep a little in the fridge or on the counter.
    3) Honey for facewash in the bathroom (it’s the best face cleanser I know)

  30. Since citrus is going full blast right around Christmas, I’d probably make some lime curd, orange curd, etc., and put them in these sweet little jars for my family.

  31. I ADORE your blog! I would put ‘Cowboy Candy’ in the jars. They are a sweet brined jalapeno and then wrap the jars with a great red grosgrain ribbon bow and give them out as Holiday Favors at my annual Holiday Fest! Super excited to possibly get your book too!! Thanks!

  32. I would love these bitty jars!! My Kellogg’s yellow tomato jam would look lovely in them, and I do love giving gifts to my friends..

  33. Everyone has so many wonderful ideas for using their jars. I would use mine for a your tomato jam with honey. I can’t wait to try it.

  34. I am inundated with chocolate mint. I thought, “Wow, this mint really does smell like chocolate mint!” Then I made the mistake of planting it in my herb garden. Only the sage survived the mint takeover. So, I’m now going to make some chocolate mint syrup for warm cups of tea…which these little jars would be perfect for. If anyone lives in Denver and wants chocolate mint for their garden, come and get some! I have more than enough. πŸ™‚

  35. I could find about a hundred uses for them but the ones I would do first are:

    Gourmet salt varieties
    Jalapeno jellies
    Beeswax balm
    Infused honeys
    Coffee scrubs
    Dried herbs
    Apple, pear & pumpkin butters
    Infused oils
    Pumpkin spice coffee flavoring

  36. I use these little jars already. Love them! And have had my eye on the FiJs book for some time. I recently put my Summer Berry Lavender Scented Jam in them and would use them for some more of the same!

  37. Spiders! They look perfect for catch and release!
    But srsly…
    I’ve recently discovered pickling. And I like to do small batches. Jams, too.
    Also, beautiful little jars double as bud vases.

  38. Peach lavender jam and/or lemon curd. Oh I love these itty bitty jars. I love having lots of little jars open in my fridge, so that I can variety without the commitment of opening a larger jar.

  39. oh i am single so all of my jams, including my favorite, your recipe of tomato jam will go into these jars. Being diabetic i have to be careful of how much jam i consume, so the little jars are perfect!

  40. Lemon curd. i love it. i put it in big jars and put it in small jars. i put it in my mouth πŸ™‚
    These jars would be perfect for transporting curd to the itty bity picnics with delicately trimmed toasts. (I have two daughters, 6 and 4 and we like to pack and picnic)

  41. Those lovely little jars would be perfect for purΓ©ed preserved lemon. Or chili garlic sauce. Or maybe some of each…. Your book is great. I already own it but would love to give a copy, if I won, to my sister who has recently begun canning on her own.

  42. I’d put my homemade jalapeΓ±o – lime rind jelly I make as my primal recipe into these cutie- pies! Just the right size for a great recipe that is all mine and a little bit of my wonder jelly packs a pinch and goes a long way!!!!

  43. I think the jars would be perfect for different kinds of pesto…basil, cilantro, parsley, sun-dried tomato… since just a little pesto goes a long way.

  44. I would put the homemade grenadine syrup that we’ve been doing in them. Among other things. I think they are delightful and I’ve been longing for your book so that I could do exactly that, start canning in small batches! Thank you for the chance to win!

  45. I’d love to put different favors of syrup in them for my granddaughter to have a new flavor every day for her pancakes!!!! She thinks Grammy makes the best east ones ever !

  46. I will use these perfect size jars for fresh ground spices and herbs. Maybe even a tea blend or two. Thank you the opportunity.

  47. Just purchased your book for the library I work in. Good stuff! I would love these jars for concoctions I make such as balms, spice blends, herbal rubs, and much more. Creating is such fun!!

  48. I would have such a hard time deciding what to put in the jars. They are awesome especially for us single person family. I would be doing a lot of experimenting with jellies, mustard, Asian chili paste and oil,

  49. These jars would be perfect for some of my Bar B Que sauce, Jalapeno Pepper Jelly, Jalapeno Pepper Relish or Honey Mustard!

  50. Quince jelly! They are starting to look yellow on the tree and they much such a lovely (but very sweet) jelly. Small quantities is ideal!

  51. I’m giving sampler sets to celebrate the harvest. With these jars I’d make gift bags on themes like a salsa sampler that contains: roasted corn salsa, peach salsa, tomato fire roasted hatch green chili salsa and/or mango peach habanero hot sauce; jams and such like lemon lavender marmalade or lemony pear preserves, peach-plum-ginger jam, cardamom or cinnamon plum jam, etc; and stuff that goes with meat like apple pear chutney, mango lime jam, something cranberry, and red caramelized onion relish. I’m pondering an ice cream topping gift bag with sauces like berry orange vanilla sauce and others yet to be determined but wouldn’t a banana split topping set be fun for a gift? These jars would be perfect for sampler gift sets like I’m making now. In fact as I think on it I’d love to make a-things-that-go-with-tea set like orange vanilla curd, the peach-plum-ginger jam, and lemon lavender marmalade and include some Harneys and Sons tea and some shortbread in the bag. These jars would be perfect for the goes-with-tea set.

  52. I love making special gift baskets for my family and friends during the holidays and these jars would be perfect to put samples of my different types of jams and jellys I make.

  53. I would NOT put food. I would put the glitter I like to hand mix for special colors for my art projects. Right now I have them in baby food jars but baby is growing up and we don’t buy premade foods anymore (only did for trips). So I could really use these.

  54. I would put my combo, blackberry/raspberry, jam in them and give them as gifts.

    (NOTE: I posted this same comment over an hour ago…when there were only 20 posts listed. Mine stayed there for a while…saying it “needed to be moderated”…and now it is nowhere. What’s up with this???) Thank you πŸ™‚

  55. I’d put oregano and basil in these babies. Half-pint jars are too dang big – we sell hand carved wood kitchen tools, and include my husband’s amazing marinara sauce recipe, and the spices he uses – from our garden. So, yep. That’s what would go into these little jars.

    BUT, I would LOVE to know how to use them for processed food. When the oranges are in in the winter? Are you kidding? Mar Maaa Lade! For all the relations. In leetle teeny jahs. Perfect!

  56. I would love to have some of these little jars! I see small batches of spicy jellies and jams. I also would love to use them for different fruit sauces. A favorite is the raspberry chocolate sauce. Winter is on it’s way, time to stock up on yummy treats!

  57. They are the perfect size for my sister’s bacon jam….yep, bacon and more bacon. I want to make some but finding small jars for this amazing jam are hard to find. Thank you for posting them….

  58. I make my own mayo and salad dressings, these jars would be perfect for me to carry my dressing when I go out to eat. I only use olive or coconut oil so I do not use what the restaurants offer. They would also be great for packing small snacks.

  59. I would make a batch of Mom’s chili sauce and use the little jars for lunchbox size jars of chili sauce. Good on potatoes, beef, turkey, bread . . . well, practically ANYTHING . . . LOVE the little jars! I’m single; sometimes “a little dab will do ya!”

  60. First off, I love everything in miniature form. πŸ™‚ And second, I made that roasted plum butter you shared from the Wednesday Chef – that would be perfect to gift to others. It is amazing! Thanks!

  61. Dehydrated Parsley seasoning mix to gift to my bffs , It’s called Elvis Parsley cause it tastes like a hunka hunka burning love on pasta with cream sauce or mixes into diced tomatoes

  62. I would store oven roasted cloves of garlic in olive oil in these handy jars so that whenever I want some garlic infused olive oil to cook with, I can be ready for any cooking adventure that comes my way.

  63. I am rather new to canning but find that I really enjoy it and love to show off and gift my little treasures. In looking at these little jars, I would fill them with Lemon Jam, or Habanero Jelly. Just the right size for friends and family to try just a bit instead of wasting a whole full sized jar of a unique Jam or jelly. I am really excited about this idea.

  64. I would fill those itty bitty jars with my Blackberry Christmas Ale Jam. When we go out to a restaurant for breakfast, I always bring a jar of jam so we don’t have to use the jam-like substance that fills the little plastic tubs that sit on the table. Those itty bitty jars would be the perfect size!

  65. It’s screaming for something rich – like caramel applesauce or bourbon chocolate sauce. A little bit goes a long way!

  66. I plan on making homemade applesauce for my Christmas baskets this year and this little jars would be perfect. I’ve been looking for ideas for other things also and I’m sure the book could help me with that.

  67. I saw a wall of jelly in someone’s kitchen. Tiny jars on tiny shelves in the window, and while I know that’s not ideal for food storage, it was as beautiful as stained glass. I’m thinking jelly, rich wine based jelly to go with cheese and home made crackers, and something floral …

  68. I would love to can pepper jelly and roasted garlic jam in these jars. They are the perfect size and style to show off two of myfavorite flavors. To die for on poultry or fish.

  69. I would put in my three favorite jams…strawberry rhubarb, seedless blackberry and apple butter. The jars remind me the ones filled with raspberry jam and served at a Paris hotel with breakfast. Sweet memories!

  70. I would use these little jars to make my homemade preserves in for Christmas presents! Last year I gave everyone homemade laundry soap, half of everyone switched.

  71. These little jars would be so perfect for samples of my jams, my herbs, even my pickled radishes…what a joy to give these away for Christmas to my friends…And your book…I can already see myself reading, should I say devouring all your recipes…What a wonderful present this would be!

  72. Well I had so many ideas and thoughts on what I would put into these but reading through these comments and I am inspired!!! Roasted garlic jam sounds heavenly, spice blends are perfect, or a wine jam. Oooh a nice dark port jam served with blue cheese or maybe try a dark stout beer conserve.

    I am going to need a lot more jars now. Thanks for all the great ideas everyone. Good Luck!

  73. Those jars are works of art in themselves..I would put my home-made peach preserves with almonds in a some of them, make a snow-globe out of another, and home-made orange marmalade for presents..Then I would take a dozen of them, paint them or fill them with fun things and string them with lights inside..

  74. Oh my gosh! These jars would be perfect for same many different things; from crafting items to jellies to sauces to put in lunch boxes. Love them!

  75. I am having to cut out commercial condiments so I would try canning some ketchup in them. I wouldn’t want too large a container for ketchup so that it would stay fresh. It isn’t clear whether we would still have to buy 1 piece lids?

  76. I would put candles and herbs, maybe special butters/honey for christmas. This would be a life saver for me as times are tight! I would love love love to get a copy of your book too!

  77. Wine jellies would be perfectly suited for these jars. Think Merlot, which is wonderful when served on beef sandwiches, and Chardonnay as two possibilities. Adding a jar of cranberry chutney would make a great trio.

  78. These are perfect. So cute and just right for making gift size jar eps of different body scrubs, lotions, bath salts and fragment oils p. I love making gift baskets to pamper my friends and people who need a pick me up or reminder to take a little time for themselves.

  79. These are perfect for homemade gifts at holiday time. I have to mail gifts to my family so I’m always on the look out for small jars that package easily.

  80. I plan to give Christmas gifts of Honey-Sweetened Tomato Jam with Homemade Pita Crisps. These jars will be perfect for my gift project – if you choose me! πŸ™‚

  81. I just began a Real Food lifestyle a month ago and am preparing to make Pumpkin Apple Butter for the first time! I hope to give it out as gifts this year and these little jars are perfect for it!! I could really make use of the cookbook since I’m so new to this as well! Save me from having to stay on the internet while trying to jar foods!!

  82. i would definately make a basket for someone special using these jars. maybe fill them with nuts,homemade pesto sauces etc….. for the holidays.

  83. What cute little jars! Just right for travel-size portions for my dried herbs, coconut oil, tomato powder and also for that tiny taste sample I want to give to someone.

  84. Love these itty bitty jars! So cute, would be perfect for my applbe butter samplers at Christmas! Thank you for this chance, and for the post on how to use the one-piece lid, too!

  85. I would fill them with home grown 4 bean soup mix. The beans, herbs and veggies are all homegrown and the veggies are dehydrated in my brand-spanking-new dehydrator.

    The beans are gorgeous, I put them in a glass jar on the table so I can look at them. Add dried zukes, tomatoes, carrots, herbs, etc. and it will make a very pretty, tasty holiday gift for my family and friends.

  86. I would put my Iraqi watermelon rind jam (cubed, boiled, cooked in simple syrup, cardamom and I add orange blossom water. Lemon juice added at the end). It’s very sweet and rich so little jars are perfect.

  87. These jars would be perfect to put all my saved heirloom tomato and pepper seeds in! I’ve been looking for something just like them.

  88. putting up small amounts of food, specially for singles, who find even jelly jars too large for some items like mushrooms,olives, etc.

  89. I would put my natural body products in the jars. I’m giving them for Christmas gifts, and these jars are just the right size for some of them!

  90. I would, of course, put jam in them! Also, I would put my home-made face and body scrubs in them too! Talk about adorable packaging!!

  91. What a wonderful giveaway! I really want a copy of your book, I have to get it!! And the jars should be perfect for seasoning mixes and rubs and the like. I love cute little things like that and having a shelf full of colorful mixes in the kitchen would be not only attractive, but useful, as well.

  92. I would put apple butter and jams in them. Great for when people want to try my recipes, but don’t want a lot right away.

    I also think trying the DIY deodorants and lip balms world work great in these.

  93. An assortment of pesto…..basil, cilantro, parley, lemon verbena. I’m madly trying to put up as amny herbs as possible befroe the frost totally desimates my garden!

  94. I love these jars! I would put our homemade chili sauce in them or samples of my delicious strawberry/jalapeno jam! This would be awesome!

  95. I would love to win these jars! I would use them to make “sampler” jars of the different jellies, jams, and fruit butters I make to give away for Christmas.

  96. My daughter has tons of allergies. I can single servings for her to make my life easier. I know I could fill this with sauces made just for her.

  97. I would love to put some citrus curd in these little jars and maybe some candied citus peel! I am inspired by Put ‘Em Up: Fruit you posted about being a steal on Amazon right now. Dove into that gem of a book last night!

  98. Flavored salts such as celery salt made with dehydrated celery leaves and sea salt or lime salt with dehydrated lime rind and sea salt, just to name a few!

  99. Since I was diagnosed as a diabetic I have been reading labels more carefully. Wow! Sugar is everywhere! I have started making my own mixes and would use some of the jars for storing my seasoning mixes with some used to make my sugar free jams!

  100. For this season, I will most likely make hot pepper jelly, apple butter and everyone’s favorite, pear and vanilla bean jam. Little jars are perfect for giving an assortment as gifts!!

  101. I would definitely use the jars for refrigerator jellies and in the spring – honeysuckle jelly as I have friends who’ve never had it and sometimes a sampling of heaven is enough. :))

  102. I would package lemon curd for family (always a big hit for New Year’s Day brunch) and containers of Asian Pear butter for co-workers! (I have your book already so if I win, it would be the perfect gift for my sister-in-law).

  103. These little jars would be perfect for packaging samplers of homemade condiments for Christmas gifts. I may have to buy some if I don’t win!

  104. these would be perfect for lunch boxes, but I would probably use some for gifting apple butter and your awesome tomato jam. Of course I’d probably look through your book to more wonderful ideas πŸ˜‰

  105. Probably some peach or apple jam. But definitely would be using them for give away jars. My son’s school teach this yr is in high deserving of a big jar

  106. These jars are PERFECT for gift Jam and Jellies! THis book is great, I’ve borrowed one for a while and really need to update my canning books and acquire my own.

  107. I would gift them out for Christmas with my homemade spice mixes! I make ones like veggie dip, french onion, chilli spice, and egg salad spice mix.

  108. I love your web site and visit it often. Many of your recipes are already becoming some of my “go to” recipes. I think I’d use the little jars for my elderberry syrup so that I could hand them out when people have colds. I tried making elderberry jelly, didn’t get enough pectin. Then, I came across a site that told about the benefits of elderberry syrup – which is what I inadvertently had preserved. I’ll be darned if it didn’t shorten the life of my colds. I’ve been spreading the word and will make some each year. I’m sure your recipe book will be as wonderful as your web page.

  109. Short of using them for some sort of sewing supplies, I think I’d have to give the jars to one of my daughters and have them find something to put them in.

  110. These would be great for things like chili salt, celery salt, or garlic salt. I know this site is about “food” in jars but I would also put my homemade deodorant in it.

  111. This year I steeped lilac blossoms in honey, and a little of the result goes a long way. These would be way to share manageable amounts of the stuff.

  112. I would but some apple butter in those or some cranberry relish!! I love little jars:) Plus i would LOVVVVE to have your book; love your website, SO much!

  113. In a 2 week span, muy husband and I have picked well over 1000 tomatoes from our home garden. I planted tomatoes from seed last year and none grew at all.This year after tilling 3 times, tomatoes grew all over the garden in a jungle fashion. Needless to say we are making and canning tons of salsa. The jars will make nice presents for winter salsa. Ane may hands hurt from peeling tomatoes,lol.

  114. I have found the most amazing figs-oranges-lemon-butter marmalade, I couldn’t stop eating it… do not requires any pectin and gets almost solid just by the figs… its simply wonderful.
    I made last week also ruby red pomegranate marmalade requires a crazy amount of work but still deserving it…!

  115. How cute! And the recipe in your link–Pear Chocolate–looks awesome. I think I’d give that one a try for sure. Pear season around here. These would be sweet stocking stuffers for my grown kiddos.

  116. I would actually make some homemade baby food for a friend of mine who just had a lil bambino and is trying to go natural and make homemade food!!

  117. these would be awesome for jellies to give away at Christmas for teachers, Sunday School teachers, bus drivers, etc – very cute!!!

  118. My original thought was for a seasoning blend as a gift. Or maybe onion jam or pepper jelly. But then I saw someone else mention giving away homemade mustard. I love that idea. So many ideas!

  119. I would put homemade jam into those little jars so my loved ones can bring my jam with them to work/school. Also for Holiday/Birthday presents – they are perfect!!!!

  120. Christmas fun packs, oh my! Such a good idea! Along with your pear chocolate I would put in my elder duo, elderflower Gelee and elderberry jan from our tree overhanging our chicken coup at our farm here in Germany , caps two seasons on the same tree nicely. I would also add my wild gooseberry jelly. Berries picked at my friends high altitude cattle ranch at the base of Mt Lassen in the Southern Cascade Mts. You need a pair of leather gloves to pick these spiny monsters. How about some alpine strawberry jam and some things for a cocktail party , red wine jelly, blackberry sage or fig with orange and fresh ginger. Oh please oh please let me win!

  121. These jars would be perfect for jams!! Personally I would love to use the jars to try out some of the recipes in the book. The book has been on my wishlist for a while!

  122. I would put cranberry sauce in them. The perfect single serving size to send several to my lovely 101 year old grandmother that loves cranberries!

  123. Cute jars – I would either make the cranberry mustard I’ve been wanting to try, or might use them for my dried herbs from the garden as teachers’ gifts. Either way, thanks for the opportunity! I would love to win your book.

  124. How about some strawberry/meyer lemon/honey jam…made these the other day and it was delicious. The little jars will come in handy for giving these away as the meyer lemons are hard to find in my neck of the woods.

  125. I loooove tiny jars! The options for filling them is limitless. I live in Maine and we do a ton of preserving in order to eat from our garden year round. I love trying new recipes to preserve the goodness and especially enjoy recipes posted here. That book would be soooo fun to have! Also, I am trying to start teaching my 2 and 3 year olds about food preservation, and these would be the perfect size for them to get excited about! My son helped harvest and cut all the apples for sauce the other day…… I just imagine how excited he would be to have his own tiny jar of it canned!

  126. Would love to have your book and the itty bittys with the one piece lids – especially since you provide a tutorial on how to properly apply them (my local extension office refuses to even discuss the one piece lids). They would be perfect size compliments to the host/hostess gift baskets of 1/2 pint/pint jams and preserves I make for friends and family for the holidays.

  127. I would like to make your new recipe for tomato jam made with honey and put it in these jars to give as Christmas gifts to my family and friends!

  128. I think you’re right. The chocolate pear jam would be perfect for the itty bitty jars. I made some a couple weeks ago, and… AMAZING! Definitely a little trio of jams for a hostess gift would be so great.

  129. I make Meyer lemon and rosemary salt that would be great to put in those jars. I started with the lemon salt recipe you posted and tweaked it a bit.

  130. OH the possibilities!! I can see making a savory package for my sister-in-law… flavored butters, salts, herbal jams, and so much more! I already have the book but would give it to a friend whose finances are stretched paper thin since her husband lost his job.

  131. Love these cute little jars! They would be perfect for to give gifts of fresh baby food to friends (homemade apple and pear sauce). Hoping I win these!

  132. Perfect size for Baby Food or homemade vanilla or….well lets just say, my mind went crazy and I can think of everything under the sun for these cuties.

  133. hot pepper jelly, jams & preserve samplers for holiday gifts…. thanks for the opportunity….. and for all the interesting info on your blog…..

    s cree

  134. Would be quite nice to fill with dried, native spice berries (ground, of course) to be used in recipes, to be used in place of nutmeg spice. Also, nasturtium capers would be perfect in these little glass containers.

  135. Right now, I’d fill them with homemade baby food but we’re almost out of the puree stage, so I’d have to find a recipe in your book after that. Working on getting the plastic out of my kitchen!

  136. I make herb infused garlic paste that my family just loves. I’d use the jars to make an assortment to include in gift baskets to friends and family for the holidays!

  137. I am thinking Christmas gifts in these jars – like lemon curd or grapefruit marmalade. I always think of citrus in the winter. Oooh, or homemade candied ginger!

  138. For gifting I would put my Indian-Spiced Cranberry Chutney or a version of Rubies & Emeralds Pepper Relish in the jars. Thanks for posting so many great ideas.

  139. I like the idea of filling them with snacks – pretzel bits, choco chips, nuts, raisins – that the kids could easily get when they need a little something. Also, I’d love a copy of your book; will have to purchase eventually, if I don’t win it!

  140. I would make some lovely apple preserves since it is fall…possibly apple butter. I like the idea of thinking about holiday giving and homemade items are the best to give!!

  141. Crab Apple Jelly! would look fantastic in these little jars. Wonderful for gift giving to single and elderly folks who only use little bits!

  142. I’d use these to can smaller portions in our Culinary Arts classes; so each student can take a small sample of what they’ve made home. πŸ™‚

  143. You already inspired me to do this from your previous hex canning post… I bought 2 dozen of the 1.5oz jars and have canned peach/pear/plum jam so far. Earlier this year in February I canned (in jelly jars) the pear chocolate and it was DIVINE! love your blog and Fillmore πŸ™‚

  144. Ohhhhhhhhh. I have been on a salsa kick recently, so I bet I could make some lovely Christmas gifts for my family and friends. Salsa sampler pack here we come!

  145. My daughters and granddaughter made plum honey for the first time this year. The fruit comes from my a vintage plum tree that grows on my 81 year old mother’s property. The recipe is from my grandmother. These little jars would be perfect for sharing the bounty of our highly prized five generation traditon.

  146. I was thinking something like tomato jam, but then you reminded me of the pear chocolate jam which is absolutely delicious! I’m hoarding my last jar of it from my last batch. This would be a great reason to make more – and my farmer will be loading me up with pears soon enough!

  147. I’d totally use these as an excuse to make a bunch of different small batches of jam, canning a big jar for myself and a little jar to give away as a gift. what a wonderful way to get through the winter.

  148. Hot sauce!! Recently got a cookbook that is a collection of hot sauces from around the world, and am thinking of making these as Christmas presents … these would be perfect!

  149. I would put homemade apple butter in these cute little jars to give away to teachers. They deserve something this cute and special for being such an awesome influence and caring so much about my boys everyday.

  150. LOVE THERE NAME!…itty bitty jars…cowboy candy would be my first batch…apple butter as gifts would be next..hopefully I would get the jars back when empty…lol…o my they are so cute!….and the book…awesome!

  151. […] Food in Jars posted about gifting these itty-bitty jars and we partnered with her to give some away.Β  Here’s a look at some of our itty bitty jars. They all seal with one-piece lids. Here’s a tutorial from Food in Jars about how to use continuous thread (CT) one-piece lids, and lug lids. […]

  152. I love the idea of canning smaller jars for myself. I can pints as gifts, but have been known to keep several open jars in the fridge at any given time. I would love to can smaller jars to easily switch flavors without worrying about them going bad. Definitely going to investigate these 4oz jars!

  153. I have been thinking of doing a trio of mustards — pickled mustard seeds, spicy honey mustard, and a classic dijon — as holiday party hostess gifts this year. These jars would be perfect for that!

  154. I made your pear vanilla jam (with cinnamon added) and it is so yummy! I just got some more pears from a neighbor and they are ripening in my pantry. I would make the jam again so I can give it as gifts over the holidays. Thanks!

  155. I would pack those babies chock full of beeswax lip balm! Or, for a more edible option, a tiny bit of Apple Butter for a gift with a note that said “Not to Butter You Up…But You’re the Apple of my Eye!”

  156. I would put the last bit of each jam batch that doesn’t make a full jar in these. Then I would give the small jars away in gift baskets.

  157. little samples of the jams i’ve made! I love changing up my morning jam and it would be great to not have to open pint or half pint jars to do it!

  158. I would love these little jars for all my jam making this season for gifts! The tomato jam would be
    perfect in these! Making pear jam next!

  159. Those little jars are adorable, the sky is the limit as to what to put in them! I would make red pepper jelly or zucchini lime marmalade! Yum!

  160. These jars are so stinkin’ cute! I would obviously have to purchase more, so I could make some type of pepper jelly, a marmalade, and some pear jams. Nothing like giving recipients a choice!

  161. wow, fantabulous giveaway!
    I would make your tomatoe jam for gifts to special friends….special jam, special jars…it all goes together!

  162. I would make batches of lemon, siracha, lavender and sage salts…..put smalls of each into pretty boxes or baskets and gift all the ladies at the library…..might need to buy more to cover that lovely collection of good people!

  163. This year one of my bee hives produced and an absolutely beautiful BURGUNDY HONEY that is really fruity and the last flavor is grape! That would make beautiful gifts for tat Christmas.

  164. I like Shelby’s idea of using them throughout the season for the last little bits of jam and ending up with a bunch of samplers to give away. I might do peach ginger or peach marmalade, two of my most popular flavors for giveaway, but now I think I need to try pear chocolate jam. I appreciate your discussion about safety of canning it as I’ve done a lot of reading about chocolate and it definitely raised red flags for me. I said I was done canning for the year except for apple sauce, but I think I might have to try this.

  165. I would put jams and butters in them and give to my grandchildren in hopes they would like them enough to want to learn to can. Would love to pass down this dying art to a loved one.

  166. I am just getting ready to start my holiday jam making and these would be perfect for al the little gift baskets I will be making!

  167. Don’t know which I am more excited about – your book or the itty bitty jars. I think I would do some kind of a fig preserve. But I am sure I would find lots of inspiration in your book!

  168. I’d fill them with the hottest Hot Pepper Jelly I’ve ever made….habanero and ginger, with a dash of port or balsamic at the end. Perfect gift size or party size, with cheese and thin slices of whole grain bread.

  169. So cute! I would actually use these to store spices. We’ve been wanting to redo our spice drawer so that everything’s in the same size jar, and these look perfect!

  170. So often when I’m making preserves, applesauce, etc, I have a little bit leftover that doesnt take up a whole pint or even half-pint jar. These would be perfect for those small leftover amounts! Tiny jars of jam would make great gifts.

  171. apple butter! we eat so little sugary stuff in our house, that wonderful things like apple butter always go bad, even in 1/2 pints. these are great.

  172. I scored 30 pounds of dried figs (yummmm), and have been using them in all sorts of configurations- my favorite and best received is a chocolate fig spread. I would love these little jars for gifting that spread to my elderly friends and neighbors who would be overwhelmed by a larger jar of that stuff!

  173. Oooh! What wouldn’t I put in these? We visit out-of-state relatives for several days at Christmas, and I’m always looking for the right hostess gift. These would be perfect for a gift basket of little canned jewels: honey-peach-thyme jam, plum-allspice jam, homemade vanilla extract, fig preserves, pepper jelly. Ah, the possibilities!

  174. would use for many things, can jam and jellies for gifts, also use to make and give hot cider mix gifts. so I hope I’m chosen.

  175. Hmmm… I am so new to canning that I’ve only made a two dozen jars of pepper jelllies. So, I think I’d put some of my dried Thai Bird peppers in these jars and give them to my spice loving friends paired with a jar or two of my pepper jellies.

  176. Dark cherry jam and dark cherry jalapeΓ±o jam. This year as much as I could. Much for holiday gifts. Also can’t forget those 6 bushel of bush beans. Now to just get them to either cost for my guys who ordered them from their grandma. That’s all they want for Christmas.

  177. My son will soon be moving from MI to CO and I have been wondering how my homemade goodies will get to him. These little jars will meet the regulations to travel with him on the plane or are even small enough that I can ship them in bubble wrap. This is very exciting to know that he can have MI berries, apples, peaches, etc. even when he forges his own path in another state.

  178. I have several flavors that I make. I’d love to mix the left overs! Try a mix & match with the little jars and put in with my cookie and candy baskets I make for Christmas gifts to neighbors!!
    Thank you!!!

  179. These teeny jars would be great for new recipes. For example, this year I am trying a new pepper relish recipe where I’m swapping out some of the bell peppers for unripe habanero and scotch bonnet peppers. I’m not going to know how it tastes until after I make it. The little jars would be great to try it on friends for the first time.

  180. My canning sessions always leave me with leftover dollops that don’t fill up a 1/2 jar. I’d love to use these to can them and create samplers to give away.

  181. I would fill them with my favorite loose teas, packaged with an infuser and recipes for how you can use tea in unusual recipes! I made Creme Brulee today with a citrus black tea! This would be a lovely little gift.

  182. I just finished making Apple Butter and the world all seems to want some, these jars would be a nice place to put my apple butter in and give to friends and neighbors. Tank you for offering this giveaway.

  183. I’m excited! This will be my first year jarring and I can’t wait to start! I’m thinking apple butter, jams, maybe even some tomato sauce!

  184. I could put these cute jars to work every week in the kids lunch boxes! I’m always looking for small containers that are not plastic to add condiments, hummus, and nuts to lunches πŸ™‚

  185. My hubby and I just returned from Amish Country in Lancaster, PA and the jams, jellies, and relishes we sampled were heavenly. We didn’t buy too much, but it would be wonderful to be able to make small batches of homemade items ourselves, since it was so nice to read an ingredient list on the jar and be able to pronounce everything! I want to get into clean eating, and this would be the perfect start to that!!

  186. Love these jars! I gave a slew of homemade goodies in gift baskets as Christmas presents last year, and these jars would be perfect for diversifying without having to up production. Already thinking apple and pumpkin butter, pepper jelly, caramel sauce…so many options! Thanks for the great giveaway.