Giveaway: Lids and Jar Sleeves from Intelligent Lids

November 7, 2016

Looking for storage lids that are liquid and air tight? Want a one-piece drink lid for your mason jar? In need of a cute, waste-free jar sleeves in which to wrap your jars for giving? Look no further than Intelligent Lids!


Back in the days when I worked in an office, I transported a lot of my food to work in mason jars. I’d pack yogurt and jam in a wide mouth half pint. I’d have my coffee in the three-cup capacity pint & half. And my lunchtime soup would be in a regular mouth pint (I always kept a bowl at my desk, into which I’d decant the soup for the microwave).


There were two primary challenges to all these jars. The first was that options for one-piece lids that didn’t leak were scarce. The second was that I had to carefully wrap my jars in dish towels to keep them upright and unbroken in my lunch bag (the totes from A Tiny Forest would have been so useful back then).

Colorful fabric jar sleeves from Intelligent Lids

Happily, there are so many more options for jar lids and sleeves these days. Some of the best are coming from the folks at Intelligent Lids in Seattle. They make one-piece drink and storage lids, and just recently added a line of colorful, fabric jar sleeves to their product line (they’re not up on the website yet, but should be soon!).

Drink lid from Intelligent Lids on a wide mouth pint jar

The drink lids have a slider so that you can open and close the opening. The one-piece storage lids are truly liquid and air tight. They are my preferred storage lids for things that absolutely cannot leak or get stale. Plus, they come in an array of bright colors, which I really enjoy.

The jar sleeves are designed as a fabric bag that cinches at the top, so that they’ll fit both regular and wide mouth jars. In addition serving as insulator, breakage preventer, or hand protector, you can also use them as a cute, waste-free wrapping for jars that you’re giving as a gift.


For this week’s giveaway, I have two lid and sleeve sets from the folks at Intelligent Lids to share with you guys. Each set includes a drink lid, a storage lid, and a sleeve. The winners will get to choose between regular and wide mouth lids, and pint or quart sized sleeves.

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Disclosure: Intelligent Lids sent me the product you see pictured here. All opinions expressed remain entirely my own.

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131 thoughts on "Giveaway: Lids and Jar Sleeves from Intelligent Lids"

  • I use my mason jars for storing everything from nuts & bolts in the garage to spices in the kitchen. Having a lid for a straw would be great for days out in the garden when I don’t want wind-blown material getting in my iced tea.

  • I would 12 hour shifts. I am not allowed to leave for lunch, so I ALWAYS pack my lunches. These would make it so much easier to pack them.

  • I would love to start bringing my coffee in a mason jar so the sleeve and lid would definitely make that a more comfortable idea!

  • I am a stay at home mom and would like to start making my left over lunches a bit classier. Also when I take my lunches off to a park these accessories would make life easier.

  • These are great for my morning meal replacement shake! I also envision them as useful with my 3 year old granddaughter!!! 🙂

  • It’s be nice to have a non metal lid when I store something in the fridge. I also use jars as back-up travel tea mugs when I leave my actual travel tea mug at work.

  • It’s been on my mind to renew my commitment to reusable materials, I would probably start bringing a jar-mug with me to get coffee while out and about, or use it to bring juice or smoothies to work!

  • I would use one lid on the jar I use for sugar and I would use a lid and sleeve on another for drinking. I probably would use one sleeve on a gift because they are just too cute to keep only for myself.

  • I really need those lids. My jars are constantly falling over in my fridge (it’s packed) and making a mess.

    I accidentally cut and pasted the wrong thing on the twitter entry. I did post on twitter.

  • I would love the no leak lids for taking drinks to my Mom’s meetings for our homeschool group. These look great!

  • i would use these all the time!!! Especially the one piece lids. After I’ve worked so hard canning and preserving I get frustrated by how gunky and rusty the metal rings and canning lids can become with continual storage use. Using the one pice lids would melt away that feeling and I could just focus on my excitement to eat something I made myself!

  • I would use these all the time!!! Especially the one piece lids. After I’ve worked so hard canning and preserving I get frustrated by how gunky and rusty the metal rings and canning lids can become with continual storage use. Using the one piece lids would melt away that feeling and I could just focus on my excitement to eat something I made myself!

  • I live in an old house & keep all my dry goods, dried foods & spices in jars. My favorites are the two quart & the half pint!! Since I buy my dried fruits & spices in bulk, I could use a bunch of those air tight lids to keep things fresh!!! And a slider opening would make measuring a whole lot easier!!! Bring them on, I’ve been waiting for these for years.

  • I also carry my lunches in jars a lot of times. The sleeves would come in so handy to cushion them in my lunch bag!

  • I would send them in my daughters lunch- the lunches taste better!, and store my healthy snacks in the frig in them

  • I would use the lids for either (long term) food storage or for packing my lunches. I’ve gotten back into mason jars for lunch – I like packing various salads in a wide mouth pint, good size and easy to eat out of.

  • I too keep a great many dry goods is jars. Had a wonderful dry bean crop this year and all those varieties are so pretty in jars ; ). Airtight lids would be wonderful!! Especially as cute as these.

  • I work in an office, too, and I would love to start transporting my lunch and drinks in jars. I’m such a fan of the beautiful glass! (I’ll have to check out that tote you mention, too.) I’d bring tea, yogurt and granola, soup, and apple sauce.

  • Soooo many ways these lids would be used. The original white ones are already everywhere in our household. But colors? Oh, what joy they would bring to the kitchen, the pantry, the garage, the bathroom, the office – well, EVERYWHERE!

  • I would use them to store absolutely everything and not worry about lids rusting or leaking. And I would definitely start transporting my lunches to work in jars if I no longer had to worry about leakage or breakage.

  • I usually have at least one jar in my lunch everyday. More leak proof lid options would make packing and taking my lunch easier.

  • i love the sleeve – i often pack parts of my breakfast or lunch in mason jars, and the sleeves would help keep them from rattling around in my lunch bag. and it would be nice to have different options for lids, especially in bright colors.

  • I would definitely use these for all the times it’s easier to grab an empty jar from the canning counter to drink out of instead of walking to the cabinet to get a proper glass.

  • I would use these for taking lunch to work or food anywhere; the sleeve is a great idea so you don’t have to get separate sizes for each jar!

  • So many jars in this house! We use them for everything….canning and preserving, storage, containers for frogs and salamanders (!), etc. I’d use the sleeves to dress up a gift to my mom probably.

  • Those jar sleeves look wonderful. I would love to use them and the lids for drinking on the deck since we have so many flies.

  • I’m always trying to travel with canned jars. The sleeves would be great for that. The lids I would use alot for drinking out of jars on the go and storing items in the fridge.

  • I’ve always wanted to use my jars more than for just canning. What a great way to use them for drinks and traveling. I recently began using metamucil fiber and it would be great to drink it from one of these new lids and covering it for privacy of the contents. Attractive! Cool! I think it is a wonderful idea. Thank you

  • These are so cute! I’ve taken to making kombucha and I store it in my canning jars. I’ve also taken to the DIY noodle cups. These accessories would make things a bit more convenient to lug around.

  • These are great! They would be super useful for taking food to work, on the rare days I have to go into the office.

  • My 5 month old decided she never wants me to sleep again 🙂 so I’d use these to cozy up my new morning coffee ritual. This looks super cool. Thanks for the giveaway + sharing this new product! Would be great for Christmas!!!

  • Lids that legitimately don’t leak would be amazing. I would use these lids every day for coffee, water, breakfast smoothie on the way to work, leftovers, etc. And the colors are just so dang cute! Thanks for putting together this great giveaway.

  • It be these lids! I didn’t know they made sleeves. I would use these to keep tea and hot chocolate warm for traveling! ?

  • GENIUS!! I pack my kids lunches w jars every single day. I would love to use a real wrap instead of concocting a wrap from dish towels.

  • iLids are amazing! I have them on various sizes of wide-mouth mason jars that are in view in my kitchen (salts, cocoas, and such) and they are so quality and so pretty. Plus they’re made in the USA. Whoever wins them (maybe even me!) will love them!

  • So many uses. I use my jars for everything in the kitchen, especially drinks and leftovers (besides canning, of course). Leak proof for the win!

  • A handful of plastic storage containers remain in our collection for my overnight work trips and the lunches packed for my husband, but I would really like to ditch those in favor of our glass containers. These would eliminate my fear of breakage, so I can finally clear out the cabinet!

  • I’d use them for transporting and drinking smoothies, and taking lunches to work. And probably for storing leftovers. Super cute lids!