Giveaway: iLids Drink and Storage Lids for Mason Jars

February 23, 2015

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Last summer while promoting Preserving by the Pint, I spent a couple days in Portland. During my stay, I made a stop at one of my favorite grocery stores on the planet – the New Seasons Market on 33rd Avenue – and discovered iLids. I snapped a quick picture, posted it to Instagram, bought one to take home with me, and made a mental note to look up more information about iLids as soon as I had a spare moment.

Thanks to the interconnectedness of the internet, before I had a chance to do more research, Traci from iLids found me. A few days later, I was in Seattle doing an event at the Book Larder and she dashed in to introduce herself and hand off a few iLid samples.

iLid on jar

I’ve been using the lids ever since. They come in both a solid, one-piece storage lid and a one-piece drinking lid (and both are available in either regular or wide mouth sizes). I use the storage lids for leftovers and lunch packing and they are satisfyingly airtight and leakproof.

The drink lids are equally sturdy. They are fitted with a sliding tab that you can use to block off the drinking hole (just like the ones that many traditional travel mugs have) and when you lid the tab back, you can either sip directly from the lid or slip a straw into the space (it has a thoughtful bump-out designed expressly for a straw!).

iLid with straw

iLids come in nine colors, are made in the USA and are free of BPA, BPS, or phthalates. You can order them directly from the company or seek out one of their retailers. You can also enter today’s giveaway. Thanks to Traci at iLids, I have two sets of lids to give away. Both winners will get four lids apiece, one of each size and function. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share something jar related. New accessory discovery? Have you finished your summer tomatoes? Did you recently break a favorite jar? I’m feeling open-ended, so go for it.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, February 28, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog by Sunday, March 1, 2015.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents only (sorry!).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Disclosure: The nice folks at iLid gave me some free lids for photography purposes and are also providing the lids for the winners of this giveaway. They are not currently Food in Jars sponsors and no money has changed hands. I simply like these lids and am happy to share them with all of you. 

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468 thoughts on "Giveaway: iLids Drink and Storage Lids for Mason Jars"

    1. Deb, Check out Michael’s or JoAnn Fabric if you have them in your area. Here in Mass. they have been in the stores for a couple of months now.

  • I made orange marmalade a couple of days ago and thought of you as I made just three jars and put them in a regular kettle. The jars rattled a bit and I realized I needed to put a cloth at the bottom of the pot. Wished I had one of your flower trivets. I love looking at the three jars (widemouth Kerr pints) and will put them in the pantry tonight.

  • I’ll confess that I’ve mostly thought the “drinking out of a mason jar” to be a bit of a hipster affectation up until now, but I went to a waffle place this weekend where they did that with the really wide jars (the ones that have straight sides) and actually found it quite pleasant! The lip of the jar actually worked pretty well and the rings on the edges didn’t bother me as much as I thought they might. I’ll probably still stick to mostly using other drinking vessels though, since I somehow collected all these free water bottles, but I better understand that whole thing now 🙂

  • Love the look of these! Recently lost a jar when the man in my life and his friend tried to save hot bacon fat for a later project in a cold jar. It split perfectly right across the middle!

  • I have been using up my yarn “odds and ends” knitting “sweaters for jars” (aka jar cozies)….they get a few weird looks when I use them, but mostly, “cool!” comments! Perhaps in my next life, I’ll be able to make a living selling them!! (Ah…!)

  • I actually ended up breaking the bottom half of one of my quart jars. Since it broke off so neatly, I decided to sand it down and use it as a plant jar. :p

  • the idea of ilids for my oatmeal-in-a-jar breakfast would be awesome!! Also for lunch salad in a jar!!! They have my mind racing to see what else I could put in them for a grab & go. Live in a tiny town, so am so glad when you tell me what is out there for us. Thanks!! & also for a chance to win. lbg

  • I have a couple kits stored in jars.
    My favorite is a sewing kit: slim, rectangular pin cushion with pins (and often a threaded needle), tiny thread scissors, a spool of thread or two, thimble, and a piece of denim scrap holding un-threaded sewing needles. The basics are all together.

  • I organized everything in my pantry by putting things into jars. It is life changing!! 🙂 Everything is easy to see, organized, looks great and not stored in plastic!

  • My favorite snack is plain yogurt with fruit from our freezer with homemade granola; eaten from a half-pint canning jar, of course!

  • I have just done my very first canning session with my father and learned a ton! We made seedless vanilla bourbon blackberry jam with my great grandmother’s seeding collander. It was so fun to be connected to my past and learn something new.

  • Love the lids. I use my jars for everything-storing dry goods , baking supplies, home dried veggies and fruits, drinking, keep milk in them in the refrigerator so the milk is colder, holding buttons, my knitting needles and crochet hooks, game pieces so they don’t get lost, spice jars, and the antique ones are used in decorating the kitchen. Oh and most of all–canning!

  • My husband was diagnosed with breast cancer and while going through chemo could not stand to drink out of any but glass. These are a perfect solution!

  • I just bought a blue quart Ball jar wired for a lamp @ a yard sale. A great find. These caps look great…and they don’t leak.

  • I like caps for jars. Years ago, my mom had a great lid for a Ball jar (half-gallon was best). The lid screwed onto the top of the jar, and the top was a flip top. It also had a handle about 4 inches long. It turned a jar into a great, easy to use pitcher! I wish I could find one now — perfect for tea.

  • I use jars for everything. I love collecting old vintage jars too. Some for display, spices, toothpicks, homemade cocktails, vase, money, cotton balls, you name it. Can’t wait for doing crops to come do I can begin my berry jam making! I would love to try these jar lids. So cool.

  • i absolutely love these lids for drinking – using jars means I’ll never have to worry about having matching replacements! And they serve double duty…meaning 1 storage area serves two purposes – no longer needing to maintain a jar storage place as my jars are now glasses to drink from! But when not in use for drinking, I will fill them with blackberry refrigerator jam. No need to go through the “canning” requirements, as the jam never lasts long enough to be stored! Please consider me for the giveaway – I could really use this.

  • I’ve never tried canning but a friend recently gave me a book and some supplies so I’m going to give it a whirl this year.

  • I made apple butter last week, and it is delicious! I didn’t have time to can it, so I put it in jars, and popped them in the fridge once they cooled. I now just have to eat them before they go bad (or bake with them before they go bad!).

  • Pulling canned items from the freezer’s making it a bit possible to get through the seemingly never ending cold: cranberry chutney tonight, applesauce for snack and cherry-mint jam as part of breakfast.

  • I recently polished off my last 8oz jar of apricot jam and nearly wept. Now I have to wait until August to make them again. The price of living in western ny.

  • I recently cracked open a jar of pickled jalapenos (used your recipe) and sliced one over masa bread with soft swiss cheese! It was delicious.

  • I’ve been making pudding for my daughter’s lunches and started putting it in 4 oz. jam jars. We use the white plastic lids, but these leakproof lids would be perfect for her to tote to school. I love that they’re made in the USA.

  • I wish I would have been able to see you when you were here at the book larder! I’ve loved cooking many of your recipes from both books and making up some of my own variations now.

  • Would love to try these leakproof lids. I mostly just use jars for canning and for storage, but they are also perfect in the summer for flowers and candles in the back yard.

  • Are these freezer safe? I freeze homemade stock and leftover soup in canning jars, and also use a lot of them in my pantry. Will have to inquire at the local hardware store that seems to be my best source for canning supplies. How come so few of the “kitchen” stores carry canning supplies?

    We opened the last of the blackberry preserves…

  • I have a lovely experiment going in some jars right now. I have been passively mulling over how to get my favorite spring scent, plum blossoms, preserved in some way. I have thought about attempting an oil or tincture of some kind but they just didn’t seem the thing to really capture it. Well they are blooming this week in Oregon. I came across a recipe for vanilla sugar yesterday, and went “Aha! Maybe THAT will capture the beloved aroma!”

    I clipped a couple boughs and pulled off blossoms and layered them in sugar in a couple mason jars. I did a smell-check after a half hour and was quite impressed. This morning? Intense!! It’s like honey and flowers and plums and cherries and raspberries and syrup, and it make my mouth water. I think I may try using it in a gelatine, or a jelly, or maybe a cheesecake. I hope it holds up!

  • We are enjoying a lot of cold brew coffee, and I use a Kerr wide mouth quart for mine. It’s fun trying different flavors, and it’s so easy to do.

  • I would love to try these tops, I’ve been thinking about buying some and so these would be perfect for trying out. I also like the colors they come in.

  • I can’t wait for spring! I’m so ready to try some new jam recipes. I’m looking forward to cooking my first batch of rhubarb and strawberries. I’m also wanting some new jars and lids.

  • These are so cool!! I’ve been drinking smoothies from my green mason jars recently, and these would be a lovely way to make them to go. I also started storing popcorn kernels from trader joes in my green mason jars because they’re gorgeous, and who wants to deal with a floppy bag of popcorn kernels anyway?

  • Recently saw this book “Mason Jar Salads and More” that looks really interesting, particularly for lunches for my daughter.

  • My husband cut the top with a spout from an empty salt container and trimmed it to fit a pint canning jar. He then filled it with sugar and put a ring on. I now have a great sugar container with a spout. Such ingenuity from a man! Hahaha.

  • I love to store dried marigold petals in jars to save for soap making. I would love to convert one of my canning jars into a drink holder.

  • My father inlaw was cleaning out his basement- offered me a huge box of jars, otherwise he was going to recycle them! I took them of course.

  • I have some cuppow lids, but I would love to try these as I won’t need a dome if I want to travel w/ a beverage somewhere. I am addicted to cold brew ice coffee and it tastes better when I use a glass container instead of one of my Tervis tumblers!

  • My favorite thing is a neoprene sleeve for my pint-and-a-half jars to keep tea hot while I’m working from home. 🙂

  • We always share what we make and although I live sharing, I never get my jars back! I think I will have to start asking for their return.

  • I’m so sad. I’m having to build my jar stock back up. I donated all my jars to goodwill before I moved from Oregon to Florida. I could only fit do many in my car.

  • The storage lids sound great! Too often once the jar is open and in the fridge, the metal band gets sticky and gross. These sound way better. I hate sticky stuff.

  • I learned to use my jars to store dry items like my homemade granola in the fridge and freezer! Better than a ziplock and reusable 🙂

  • I’ve been using so many preserved things as housewarming gifts lately: grape juice, chipotle peppers, pickled cherry tomatoes! I have to remember to actually eat the dang things myself too!

  • I use my antique blue ball jars to hold my thread, buttons and other sewing notions on my sewing table. Beautiful!

  • Canned corned beef hash this winter with wonderful Idaho potatoes we bought directly from the grower this past fall. It is wonderfully. So much better than store bought and easy to make a fast breakfast.

    Thanks for the introduction to the new accessories.

  • I use a couple of mason jars to make cold brew coffee. I can’t live without jars! Use them daily for so many things.

  • I just moved and realized how many jars I actually have! Probably not as many as some of y’all, but far more than I thought. On the flip side, it did encourage me to finish my Lenten canning (Grapefruit Marmalade) so I am set for hostess gifts, housewarmings and surprise gifts until the end of summer.

  • We’ve been using up jars of applesauce around here like it’s going out of style. I also had an interesting discussion with my father (who is an older individual) about why you can freeze the widemout pint jars and not the regular ones. They hadn’t had the widemouth ones when he was growing up thus had never dealt with them before…

  • Those look awesome! I’ve been getting more and more into the habit lately of storing everything in jars – leftovers, spices, sauces, whatever. I keep eyeing my collection of plastic food containers and thinking about just getting rid of them all in favor of my jars.

  • My usually tomato-shunning 9-year-old LOVES the salsa I made last September. Unfortunately, the other day I discovered that we have only two more jars of it in the pantry. (She has already informed me that I must make A LOT MORE of it this autumn…)

  • I recently gave an old friend a jar of crushed tomatoes and she later e-mailed me to thank me for the tomatoes but mostly to tell me how handy the jar is!

  • I love these lids. Since I started canning I found 101 uses for the canning jars. These kids would definitely be a great accessory

  • I keep going to the canning goods aisles in every store I visit, looking for the new purple Ball Heritage jars to finally show up. Purple is my favorite color, so I can’t wait!

  • I have the ball storage lids but they are white and these from iLid look so great with their bright colors! I could certainly use the drinking version. 🙂

  • I just finished my biggest canning project yet and am obsessed with the tall skinny 12 oz quilted jars for dilly beans and pickled red onion. so . pretty. Love the idea of these reusable lids!!

  • I’ve been using Weck jars to make chia pudding. I make it the night before and it’s a quick and easy breakfast! Eating it out of the Weck jars makes it feel fancy 🙂

  • I was digging around last night in the pantry and rearranging things when I came across a few jars of apple pie filling that I’d forgotten about. What joy! They’re so succulent looking and it won’t be long before the contents are gobbled up.

  • There was a Kickstarter campaign for a silicone sleeve for mason jars. I supported that and am waiting to receive it. I also found baby bottle nipples adapted to fit mason jars so that they work like sippy cups on Etsy. So many jar related products now!! The last one I found that I really like is the SipSnap which is a silicon top in two different configurations that can be pulled over any cup to turn it into a kids cup or sippy cup. I used one a regular half pint jar for my cousin’s toddler and it worked beautifully.

  • I use my antique Aqua jars for fresh cut flowers or starting paper white bulbs in stones. The rest are fair game for storing dry food staples and of course canning. So delighted to see it back in vogue with all you young hipsters ! Love to see the grandsons faces light up when I open a jar of some goodie I’ve made them.

  • I need to find more wide mouth pint (and smaller) jars. They are perfect for putting out sugar and other scooped items.

  • I just found a recipe for a Wendy’s chocolate Frosty knockoff, and I will put it in a jar as soon as I make it, and I’d love these lids to sip them through while the Hubs and I watch TV! Man, these ilids are seriously CUTE!

  • I’ve been using Ball jars for all of my canning up until this point. I recently got my hands on 4 Weck jars so I think I’ll try these for a small batch of something this year.

  • Coming to the end of canning lots of different small batches in 4 oz jars to use as party favors for my 50th birthday…using the new purple Ball jars as centerpieces.

  • I love Ball jars – use clear class for canning and freezing and use the pretty blue ones for everyday glasses – these lids would be awesome!

  • I’ve been collecting jars, to hopefully make the jump into canning at some point. But man are they useful in the mean time. I use them for holding my yeast excess for beer brewing, and for various dry goods around the house. Wonderful stuff.

  • I’ve been making lots of smoothies lately and transporting them with me to work in my favorite mason jars. I would love to give these lids a try.

  • I have a love for wide mouth short square pint jars. I have a few vintage ones and they are by far my favorite things to drink out of. I would be tickled if I had some of these lids. I’ve seen different lid options for sale and the ones in this give away are really unique. Love this site for all the info it has to offer. Keep up the hard work 🙂

  • I shop estate sales and I’m seeing people head for the jars first now! And the competition is fierce – it’s amazing how fast they go.

  • I really love using jars for storage, and would love sturdier lids for that!

    I especially like jars for storing various fats that either are made by cooking (like bacon), or I’ve rendered. The glass is so much better than plastic for storing these!