Giveaway: iLids Drink and Storage Lids for Mason Jars

February 23, 2015

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Last summer while promoting Preserving by the Pint, I spent a couple days in Portland. During my stay, I made a stop at one of my favorite grocery stores on the planet – the New Seasons Market on 33rd Avenue – and discovered iLids. I snapped a quick picture, posted it to Instagram, bought one to take home with me, and made a mental note to look up more information about iLids as soon as I had a spare moment.

Thanks to the interconnectedness of the internet, before I had a chance to do more research, Traci from iLids found me. A few days later, I was in Seattle doing an event at the Book Larder and she dashed in to introduce herself and hand off a few iLid samples.

iLid on jar

I’ve been using the lids ever since. They come in both a solid, one-piece storage lid and a one-piece drinking lid (and both are available in either regular or wide mouth sizes). I use the storage lids for leftovers and lunch packing and they are satisfyingly airtight and leakproof.

The drink lids are equally sturdy. They are fitted with a sliding tab that you can use to block off the drinking hole (just like the ones that many traditional travel mugs have) and when you lid the tab back, you can either sip directly from the lid or slip a straw into the space (it has a thoughtful bump-out designed expressly for a straw!).

iLid with straw

iLids come in nine colors, are made in the USA and are free of BPA, BPS, or phthalates. You can order them directly from the company or seek out one of their retailers. You can also enter today’s giveaway. Thanks to Traci at iLids, I have two sets of lids to give away. Both winners will get four lids apiece, one of each size and function. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share something jar related. New accessory discovery? Have you finished your summer tomatoes? Did you recently break a favorite jar? I’m feeling open-ended, so go for it.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, February 28, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog by Sunday, March 1, 2015.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents only (sorry!).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Disclosure: The nice folks at iLid gave me some free lids for photography purposes and are also providing the lids for the winners of this giveaway. They are not currently Food in Jars sponsors and no money has changed hands. I simply like these lids and am happy to share them with all of you. 

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468 thoughts on "Giveaway: iLids Drink and Storage Lids for Mason Jars"

  • My toddler and I have been splitting smoothies for breakfast, and I pour the next day’s worth into a big ole jar in the fridge. That way I can just open it for her in the morning. These lids would be perfect!

  • My mother isn’t able to can anymore, so the last time I visited her I went through her (huge) jar collection. What fun! MANY jars came my way. These lids would be great.

  • I am watching my jars slowly transition from full to empty. The tomatoes are almost gone, but lots of salsa left. We still have a lot to eat before summer canning starts! These lids look interesting but I sure love my cuppows. I have a lot of brand loyalty going right now.

  • I’ve been looking for a lid that could be used for storage in the fridge or pantry (for dried beans, lentils, etc). I only have one jar of apricot jam left ๐Ÿ™ I’m going to be sad to break it open, but it tastes like summer so it will be worth it during this arctic winter.

  • I pickled and pickled and pickled last summer, canning enough sweet sandwich slices to keep my husband happy for a long time – hopefully enough that I wouldn’t have to grow cukes this upcoming summer.

    Then, he un-retired, and his once or twice weekly sandwiches turned into 5, 6, 7 times a week sandwiches, using up the small jars of slices much too quickly!

    We may have to grow cucumbers (and fight downy mildew and squash borers) after all…

  • I have my grandmothers ‘quilted’ canning jars. I use them as storage for beans, rice, etc. Pretty and functional. These lids would be perfect!

  • My latest use for my jars is storing my freshly brewed Kombucha. Delicious!!! These lids look like they’d be perfect!

  • My canning adventures this week will include chicken stock, glazed baby carrots and mushrooms which I’m going to can and dry. Who cares if there’s snow on the ground!

  • I use my canning jars for EVERYTHING! I can, craft, use them for vases and even use them just to sit around on the window sills and look pretty! I have canning jars that were my grammas’ and cherish every memory that they invoke.

  • I recently discovered that Target carries frog lids for jars to use when arranging flowers. They also have lids with different kinds of holes in them to turn your jars into a piggy bank, a potpourri diffuser, or a votive holder. I only wish you could buy a variety pack… pretty sure I don’t need 5 frog tops! They don’t, however, yet have the purple heritage jars – I would buy those in a hot second and they would be perfect for these kind of non-canning uses!

  • A friend recently gave me two boxes of jars. There were the usual jars already in my collection but there were a few unique jars in there too – I love “different’ jars. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Just opened up a jar of blueberry jam, which really gave me a burst of much-needed thoughts of summer during this brutally cold Chicago winter!

  • I make a batch of steel cut oats at the beginning of each week, divide them up between 5 pint jars and bring one to work each morning for breakfast. Different flavors each week: apple cinnamon, peanut butter and cocoa, apricot almond…

  • Ohhh, they look nice!

    I just canned your pickled mushrooms the other week (still working on the blog post photos) and I’m about to can stock this week in my pressure canner. Canning in the winter is THE BEST with all the heat and moisture so very welcome in the house.

  • Wow, these lids would be perfect for the salads I pack for lunch in one quart mason jars. Also, I am a big fan of using a straw, the drinking lid would be perfect too!

  • Those lids are so diverse – I can think of 10 ways I would use them right now. My husband and I are preparing to make a variety of jams and jellies for the spring/summer season! Just trying to escape from this bitter winter weather.

  • My canning season for my jams and jellies is in full mode to start preparing for the Arts and Craft Fairs. Now the search for reasonably priced jars starts. Last year my search led me to Target. You have to be a little tricky and make them compare their own website prices verses shelf price but worth the game.

  • I’m going to start pickling asparagus that is in your latest book. I did it last year and I got raves from so many people that I gave it to. I saw some in the farmers market the other day so I’m getting ready for that. These lids look great! Thanks!

  • Perfect timing! I was just talking to my nephew about random things and he mentioned that he loves drinking out of canning jars. Now to hop over and order some lids for him.

  • I love the way filled jars look on a built-in in my kitchen. I love the look so much, I sometimes forget that there is real food in those jars! I worked my way through the tomato sauce from last year’s bumper tomato crop, when I realized I still have three small jars of tomato marmalade. I think one of them will become a glaze on tomorrow night’s pork chops…

  • Always looking for ways to use my jars. Now my kids are hooked on them too – use for drinking glasses. Love these lids..

  • We are currently on an emptying jars mission. There are so many yummy jars filled with so many good things, but sometimes we forget to incorporate them all into our cooking/eating, so we’re working on a one-empty/per week system since the beginning of the year. Got a little out of practice with some traveling, but we’re hopping back on the wagon next week.

  • I love all my jars! I just got the purple heritage quart and pint jars and they are fantastic. I store snacks, dried beans, lentils, leftovers and so much more in all my jars. Right now we eat dinner at the gym between swim lessons and jars are great for a hot soup!

  • I have so many jars of stuff I have preserved that I had to add shelves to my pantry in order to accommodate them. Now if I could only remember to use the contents more.

  • I just got some new purple jars. I like the color when held up to light but they look kinda like a smoke color when put on a surface. I just put daffodils in one and they look great. Just waiting for spring !

  • I make homemade juices and smoothies and they stay so fresh in glass canning jars:) I’m hoping to find some of these kids soon!!

  • Oh! I’ve been looking for something like this! I did break one of my favorite blue Ball jars this week whilst aggressively stirring my chia “pudding” that had lumped up in a most unpalatable glob. My take-away is to have a nice tight LID and spend a few minutes shaking the mix intermittently before I pop it in the fridge.

  • Canning jars are my favorite! They’re perfect for everyday uses, from actually canning food to storing worms for fishing.

  • My hour-long commute to work each day involves biking, walking, and a vanpool ride. I bring my lunch from home, and I need containers that won’t spill no matter how much jostling they endure. The best solution I’ve found is canning jars, which have never once leaked on me (and only once ever broken, which was a total anomaly). Today for lunch I’ve brought matzoh ball soup, yogurt, and grapefruit juice, all in mason jars. I’ve been looking for affordable, versatile, spill-proof lids that are a bit more attractive than my used caning lids that no amount of scrubbing will clean of labels like “raspberry jam 2012”!

  • Before this summer I had never used canning jars for anything other than canning and drinks. I’ve seen lots of neat uses…just hadn’t tried any. My daughter was married in August and decided to use them for centerpieces for her outdoor mountain wedding. We painted them varied shades of cream and peach, then tied raffia around the neck and put babies breath in them. Turned out beautiful!!!

  • I am taking over the office room. it is going to be another pantry for my hundreds of jars. One thing I struggle with is jars collecting on the counter above the dishwasher. I need a handy spot to keep my empties too!

  • I am working towards making another batch of chili. I can mixtures of peppers and tomatoes just to use for chili in the winter months!

  • I’ve recently discovered wide mouth half gallon jars, and love them to store…almost everything! I’m on the lookout for more.

  • I am dying to get my hands on those purple heritage jars! They are gorgeous! I’ve been in a soup mood and have been ferrying some to work in one of my blue heritage pints. Can’t wait to do the same with the purple! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I keep having to remember to leave the door to the closet ajar so the canned goods inside don’t freaking freeze. Please send spring!

  • I always seem to be juggling multiple fermentation and canning projects at any given time, so the volume of jars to be found around my home is rather mind-boggling. All the new accessories that are being developed really increase the usefulness of these amazing multi-taskers!

  • I’ve been looking for some good solid lids for taking yogurt to work. Right now I’ve been sandwiching a piece of plastic wrap in between the jar and screw band. It works, but I’m sure there’s a better way!

  • I’ve been using my mason jars for general storage more frequently these days. I often just use an old canning lid & ring.

  • My favourite jars are definitely my Le Parfait ones. I have so many saved from preserves etc that i have had to stop saving them as i have a cupboard full, but the Le parfait win hands down. I use them all the time – most often just to put my (homemade) yogurt in to take to work.

  • Pressure canned chili yesterday. Such a great lunch or an easy dinner when my hubby is out of town. Looking forward to this years harvest and all the canning I’ll do.

  • My biggest jar related drama of late is storage related. I have simply run out of space within the bounds of my kitchen. I think you have meantioned hiding boxes under your sofa, but mine is in the middle of the room with no skirt to help hide them. I am considering long term storage in the crawl space. However, there is a snake that lives under there and I don’t want to disturb it.

  • Not only do I love my jars of jams and tomatoes in the pantry but my jar full of threads with the pin cushion top is my favorite jar craft!

  • I broke down and bought a lid rack and used it for the first time last weekend…I kinda love it now. So much easier to to grab a lid now with my lid wand than it was before.

  • We’re thinking about either redoing our kitchen or buying a new house. Either way, I totally want to incorporate jars more permanently than they are now. Maybe some light fixtures?

  • Going to search out iLidsโ€ฆ..would be great for taking my green drink to workโ€ฆ.can now use a straw!!! Great postโ€ฆ.thank you.

  • These look very useful! I have been using the drink lids from Ball that come with striped straws with great success.

  • I recently bought a “made by Anoush” stamp with the words inside a little jar. Great for labeling my canned goods, and even anything else I make to gift!

  • Also running out of product storage space! Husband is building shelves for the laundry room but I think it may have too much temperature fluctuation. I will think on what I can put there instead. After all the shelves won’t be finished anytime soon!

  • My SO always accuses me of being clumsy and breaking stuff, but in the last 2 months he has broken 2 of my favorite vintage jars! That I only had a dozen of to begin with! At least I still have ten *sniff*. And I’d rather we use them and break them, I guess, then pack them away never to be seen again. OK, rant over!

  • I use jars for everything, storage, canning, pencils, cotton, workbench, except as eating or drinking units. I love the idea of not replacing my water bottles, travel mugs, lunch boxes instead beginning to use “mason” jars. Looking online now for all the new lids.

  • When I first started canning 4 years ago I bought a few dozen jars at retail. Since then I’ve searched out jars at garage sales, estate sales, and occasionally at stores when on deep discount. I’ve some how amassed more than enough jars for my needs. I’ve put them on my “do no buy” list and even passed up a couple that I could have had for a quarter each.

    Ahhhh…but I may still need so me purple ones.

  • I’m a novice, just getting started with canning, so I look forward to reading other posts as I don’t have a story to share as I get my supplies to start this spring/summer with bountiful seasonal veggies.

  • I recently discovered that the Ball storage lids are NOT leak-proof enough to shake up a batch of dressing in, so I’d love to try an alternative!

  • I recently start dehydrating and in the process of learning and putting the dried food in canning jars. So much fun and makes an addition to my canning. Also I have started planting potatoes and onions. Come on Spring.

  • I have a canning shelf that is central to my kitchen. It looks great lined with jars full of pickled beets, cucumber pickles, applesauce, pickled pears, and jams. I also have some kitchen staples in larger quart and half-gallon jars, such as quinoa, specialty flours, muesli, rice, and oats.

  • I used to think canning jars were specifically and exclusively for canning. How wrong I was! I have yet to do much canning (as in, I mostly only can applesauce, albeit several bushels worth), but the mason jars in my kitchen continue to multiply as I find more and more uses for them.

  • Do bottles count? I have a lidless, 1-litre Weck bottle. It’s the perfect size for a carafe of sweet tea, but I hesitate to use it without a lid. Are there similar toppers for Weck bottles? I would love to have a handful of such lovelis (insurance for the next times they are lost.)

  • I’m almost out of canned tomato products but I still have lots of pickles left! I guess this means I know what to concentrate on for next year- lots of tomatoes!

  • Finished all my bottled tomatoes this week. Bottling chicken today and planning the garden. I can’t wait to try canning beans.

  • This weekend I peeled a whole bunch of lemons and threw them into a half gallon Ball jar with a bottle of 100 proof vodka. My forward-thinking in February will reap delicious and refreshing limoncello in the summer!

  • I like the look of these! I have a couple of the CupWow lids and like the drinking lids. But I also like the storage lid. Jar accessories are addictive to me!
    In canning news, I’m completely out of apple butter. My hubby asked me how I could have let that happen – I guess I’m not the only one disappointed about it! But I did just do 7 more pints of mushrooms in beef broth, so that should earn me back some brownie points!

  • These tops look pretty awesome. My latest obsession is drinking out of quart sized mason jar (a few a day!) and the tops look like they would be pretty handy.

  • I recently was given several boxes of jars that were left in a garage when my elderly neighbor went to a nursing home. Love it, there were several Atlas jars and a few “Mom’s” jars.

  • This winter, we’ve destroyed so many coffee mugs because they are stored on an un-insulated wall and the mugs crack the moment they’ve come into contact with hot coffee. As an alternative, I’ve been using my mason jars as mugs. They work great, and not a single one has cracked despite them being stored on the same wall. I could really use a regular mug lid.

  • These look like what I’ve been looking for! I’m addicted to pickled jalapeno’s but once open the brine corrodes my rings! On another note, one of my students drinks smoothies out of a large ball jar it makes my morning every morning.

  • Canning is so much of my lifestyle AND now you are making it even easier. Will be moving soon, I want to create a “Canning” spot in my new kitchen. ..near my coffee pot. [smile]

  • I have so many jars, but not enough ways to use them. That doesn’t stop me from collecting them though (I blame the depression-era lifestyle learned from my grandparents). Finally a way to use all my jars and not have to justify my ragtag collection!

  • I am obsessed with the new colorful mason jars popping up everywhere. I’ve bought blue and green, and spotted purple on this site. Love to use them all around the house!

  • My husband has taken to repurposing jars with chips all over the house. So now we have a jar for straws, one holds his wallet and change, one holds our toothbrushes, etc etc. House of jars……

  • I bought some of the new vintage green quart Mason jars and are using them to make and store homemade yogurt. They are really pretty and stand out in the fridge. Love them!

  • I love using a mason jar for carrying my drinking water around the house. I’ve even made an insulated cozy for it! I would love to add a new colorful drinking lid to my collection!

  • We are in the middle of spending two months in Florida in our travel trailer. We pulled it from Montana and I didn’t put in glass things because I wasn’t sure how they would travel. You can be sure I will figure out how to pack them when we get back because I MISS MY JARS!

  • We just finished the last jar of vanilla peaches this past weekend, we had them with waffles and they were amazing but now they are gone ๐Ÿ™ I think I will have to make 3 batches next summer ๐Ÿ™‚