Giveaway: iLids Drink and Storage Lids for Mason Jars

February 23, 2015

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Last summer while promoting Preserving by the Pint, I spent a couple days in Portland. During my stay, I made a stop at one of my favorite grocery stores on the planet – the New Seasons Market on 33rd Avenue – and discovered iLids. I snapped a quick picture, posted it to Instagram, bought one to take home with me, and made a mental note to look up more information about iLids as soon as I had a spare moment.

Thanks to the interconnectedness of the internet, before I had a chance to do more research, Traci from iLids found me. A few days later, I was in Seattle doing an event at the Book Larder and she dashed in to introduce herself and hand off a few iLid samples.

iLid on jar

I’ve been using the lids ever since. They come in both a solid, one-piece storage lid and a one-piece drinking lid (and both are available in either regular or wide mouth sizes). I use the storage lids for leftovers and lunch packing and they are satisfyingly airtight and leakproof.

The drink lids are equally sturdy. They are fitted with a sliding tab that you can use to block off the drinking hole (just like the ones that many traditional travel mugs have) and when you lid the tab back, you can either sip directly from the lid or slip a straw into the space (it has a thoughtful bump-out designed expressly for a straw!).

iLid with straw

iLids come in nine colors, are made in the USA and are free of BPA, BPS, or phthalates. You can order them directly from the company or seek out one of their retailers. You can also enter today’s giveaway. Thanks to Traci at iLids, I have two sets of lids to give away. Both winners will get four lids apiece, one of each size and function. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share something jar related. New accessory discovery? Have you finished your summer tomatoes? Did you recently break a favorite jar? I’m feeling open-ended, so go for it.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, February 28, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog by Sunday, March 1, 2015.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents only (sorry!).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Disclosure: The nice folks at iLid gave me some free lids for photography purposes and are also providing the lids for the winners of this giveaway. They are not currently Food in Jars sponsors and no money has changed hands. I simply like these lids and am happy to share them with all of you. 

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468 thoughts on "Giveaway: iLids Drink and Storage Lids for Mason Jars"

  • I made my first batch of overnight oats in mason jars tonight. The two piece lids were kind of a pain though. These kids look like they’d be perfect for what I need!

  • I use mason jars for storing vegetable stock. I cook the stock all day and the strain it and pour it into pint jars and freeze it for when I need it for cooking.

  • I am using mason jars for my wedding favors, and am really excited to get custom labels for the tops. Spent time this weekend canning some of your delicious peach jam to pop into guest bags!

  • I’ve been on a steel cut oats kick for a couple of weeks. I make a big batch in the rice cooker and then portion it into pint jars about 2/3 full. Then each morning I add whatever viddles I want (today was dried cherries, frozen blueberries, nutmeg and maple syrup), add a splash of milk, and head out. Breakfast at work = done!

  • Super excited about these lids!

    Also, I continuously make more jams and jellies than we could ever eat. It’s a problem 😉 Maybe 2015 will hold more freezing than canning…

  • I have started counting down the jam jars in my basement and realized I only have a few “gift” size left! I must have miscalculated this year but it sure helps planning for next year to know I was short a few. I’ve also started asking around for my jars. . . only to the close friends and family of course 🙂

  • We’re crushing on our blue pint jars lately. They’ve become our favorite drinking glasses, and they are perfect for dinner parties. Simple and beautiful. Green and purple jars are in our future!

  • My friend just gave me FOUR jars of her pickles!!! I am so happy to have them, hers are better than mine. I’ll have to get her the jars back if I want them refilled. 😉

  • I need to inventory my jars before my canning season starts. I might treat myself to the limited ball colors this year.

  • I brought three jars of preserves to Florida last week – escaping frigid Philly winter with a visit to my man’s dad’s house. Apricot-nut conserve, peach mostarda, and balsamic pickled figs! We ate them with PA and VT cheeses.

  • When my husband and I moved into his late grandparents house, I inherited all of his grandmother’s old canning supplies. Her jars, her pressure cooker and even some of her canning recipes. It’s truly beautiful. I hope I am honoring her by continuing the tradition of gardening and preserving on her lot.

  • We just planted a peach tree and a plum tree in our backyard. We also purchased an apple tree, but haven’t been able to put it in the ground yet. I am so excited for all the jars I’ll be able to fill! Maybe not until next next summer, though. The guy at the nursery said we’ll get 3 peaches this year. Haha. I’ll just have to eat those.

  • I finally bought some plastic storage lids because the previous owner of our house left us with a pantry that stinks of laundry detergent and scented candles, no matter what we do. Air-tight is the rule these days.

  • Every time I go out and see people I know they’ve been giving me back jelly jars! I’ve either gifted them homemade preserves or sold my products like sugar scrubs and body butters. I love getting the empties back with requests for more!

  • These look wonderful. Can hardly wait to acquire a few of them.

    Biggest jar news here is they are beginning to get organized. A friend made some wooden storage boxes for some of the filled jars, but the box storage made very little sense, and the empty jar storage made even less sense! Winter seems like a great time to make some sense of it all. Hurray!

  • Oh these look fun! My latest jar-related activity is actually (no really!) buying some Meyer lemons to preserve from Preserving the Pint. I am aiming for candied lemons and the strawberry lemonade preserves, which may make it into my belly before the larder!

  • Last year I canned for the first time and loved it! I made three types of jams and one syrup and gave them as gifts for Christmas. I’d love to make some more, and this time I’ll be sure to keep at least one of each flavor!

  • Personally, I’m just loving all the great things I’m reading in these comments! Plastic lids have made my life so much better, but bored with all white–looking for more color in my life.

  • Those are pretty. I hope I win. We love jars at our house for many purposes. I recently learned how to use a pressure canner. It was scary and empowering. I now know I can preserve anything my family would need. Next up meats!

  • I’m always excited to finish a straight-sided wide mouth half pint jar of elderberry jelly so I can use it for homemade yogurt, or to put soup in it for lunch.

  • I often use a wide mouth quart jar to make my breakfast smoothie. No, I don’t drink a gigantic smoothie.
    The bigger jar is perfect to use with my immersion blender without making a mess or dirtying another container for drinking. I then use a glass straw to drink my breakfast.

  • really want purple jars this year. My favorite color and I think they would be so fun for gifts. Also excited that strawberries are starting to come out on the west coast. Looking forward to the first batch of strawberry jam.

  • Oh, the ball jars. I was super happy to see the purple ones this year and as soon as I find them in my little community I will use them for salsa this summer. I have a faithful fallowing and since they all know my favorite color is purple they won’t forget where they got it and return it for more!! Yeah!!

  • I love brussels sprouts. But I hate the prep. So, I use my food processor on the weekend to shred them. Then I vacuum seal them in half gallon jars. During the week, all I have to do is pop the lid and the sprouts are all ready to go. I don’t know where I would be without a food processor and canning jars.

  • Apple cider syrup has almost completely replaced traditional maple syrup at our house. Thank you for such a lovely recipe!

  • I am so anxious to start finding the purple jars around! Haven’t seen them in the stores yet, but looking forward to using them for canning this summer 🙂

  • Just canned up a large crock pot of homemade applesauce plus I also stored my tuna and egg salad mixture in my wide mouth jars plus I store my dry beans in my quart size wide mouth jars

  • I’ve taken a hiatus from canning due to starting work again after a few years home with the boys. I’m itching to start canning again but right now I use my stash of jars for holding lunches and smoothies! Love, love the colors of these lids and they would look perfect capping off a layered mason jar salad or green smoothie! 🙂

  • Breakfast jars are my latest favorite! I prepare oatmeal for the week. Then the night befor, I add milk to the jar. In the morning, pop it in the microwave for two minutes, and I have a perfect breakfast!

  • I’ve been canning way over 50 years and I still love to can. I love to can in Mason jars to give for gifts to family and friends. I’m always on the lookout for new canning recipes.

  • My favorite thing about jars right now is the stocks in the freezer in straight sided jars. It’s a nice secure feeling at a shaky time.

  • My favorite little snack after work is a few crackers and cheese with a dollup of jam. This week I used my homemade peach jam. It was so delicious and even better when the cheese is melted just a bit!

  • Everyday I bring to work a small jar filled with my own homemade Greek yogurt. I have to bag the jar with a plastic bag because it leaks so having a lid that does not leak would be a great improvement.

  • Someone at my job was giving away a mixed lot of canning supplies from his mother’s estate and I managed to score one of those blue vintage jars! It’s so pretty and one of my prized decorative pieces.

  • Well, I am so ready for summer- I am thinking about my favorite warm weather drink that I made lay year: iced coffee in a mason jar. Yum. Gonna try it with a little coconut sugar this year!

  • I frequently bring a jar of water to work to drink throughout the day. Can’t begin to count the number of “moonshine” comments I get from coworkers! Too funny. But it’s so nice to feel like I am drinking at my desk from a real glass, and not some random squirt bottle. Much more homey.

  • In looking at my empty jars on my very cold shelves. I dreaming and planning which varieties of vegetables I’d like to try this year in my garden. Ah, the planning and dreaming, its about all I can do right now. Jars just waiting to be filled. We’ll get there, it can’t be too terribly far ahead right?

  • Out of school again for snow! I plan on taking inventory of what’s left of the summer and fall canning. It will be fun to see what’s left in the jars! Let it snow!

  • I love the bright colored lids. I usually give a lid with my my canned gifts. It’s so much easier to store. So many neat new items these days!

  • Among my favorite jars are the old fashioned blue canning jars that my father bought me 30 years ago at a farm auction. They always make me smile.

  • Most of my canning jars are empty. I have only used them for fig preserves (but there are five flats of them!) I am hoping the figs produce heartily this year so I can fill them all up with yummy goodness.
    Of course I could use these lids in the meantime to make good use of my jars.

    1. Had a really bad mouse problem in a house that I lived in 20 years ago . I socked the problem with mason jars for everything! The habit stays with me, even though I live in a mouse-free house now.
      I hope!

  • I have some pickles I made this summer that I haven’t tried yet. Maybe eating them in this frigid weather will make it feel like summer.

  • I’ve recently had to temporarily go full-time at work. Consequently, I haven’t had much time for jamming and my freezers are still pretty full. (By this time, I am usually looking for a way to use up the bits & pieces) Spring will be here before I know it and it will be time to pick wild dewberries! Then, peaches, pears and figs! There are a lot of empty jars around here…I need a vacation.

  • I would love to have some storage lids. I make daikon pickles for our not-so-traditional banh mi sandwiches and recently made some sauerkraut. I need something other than the metal canning lids.

  • I haven’t canned since the summer. Busy moving and fixing up the house. Hope to can tomatoes, corn and blueberries this year.

  • My gf’s little girl will only eat my raspberry jam now, no store bought. Her mother can’t fool her because she looks for the canning jars I use 😉

  • Newby canner but have always jars to store dry goods – and have taken my jars to the store to fill my bulk items – have the customer service weigh the jar and mark it for checkout and fill it up – no more plastic bags to bring home and empty!

  • Thanks for the information on iLids. I just placed my first order for wide mouth lids. Always looking for innovative storage ideas. Glass jars are ideal, but I’m not too fond of metal lids. These look like they’ll not only be perfect, but bright & cheerful as well.

  • I love jars! I use them for everything….from taking drinks along with me, to storage in the kitchen ans bathroom, to making them into dispensers. So much better than paper or plastic.

  • I make tomato onion curries that go well for many indian dishes easy for to stack it from the jar and ready to cook

  • I have lots of empty jars that I am using to pack healthy snacks in for my always hungry boys to grab for their school lunches or breakfast or on their way to sports practice. Things like yogurt parfaits, overnight oatmeal, energy bites, soup, apples and peanut butter, veggies with dip……

  • I’ve been using quart wide-mouth ball jars for making sprouts and smaller jars (4 or 8 oz) for storing homemade lotions 🙂

  • I use mason jars for everything! Storage, canning, snack jars, for medicines and beauty care products that I make at home! I love to drink out of mason jars too…this product would make those car rides a lot less wet!

  • I had no idea how many awesome mason jar accessories exist these days! I need to sit down and devote some time to research all the goodies there are out there.

  • I use my empty jars to hold everything from Quinoa to antique buttons. Hoping to get a pressure canner so I can put up more of my garden harvest this year. If it EVER stops being below zero here in MI!

  • all my jars are favorites and not only did I break one, I broke about 40????. It was necessary to move the cabinet I store my canned goods in so I had to empty it first. I thought the easiest way would be to transfer all my food to my sewing table which I put right next to it. As I put the very last jar on it, the entire table shifted and went down. Quite the mess and not only the huge loss of jars but the loss of all the food. It took 2 hours to clean up. I wish I could show you the pictures.

  • I have vowed to not buy plastic vessels to send school lunches and snacks to school with my sweet third grade girl! Jars it is and the colored lids would be an awesome addition! Great giveaway!

  • Just yesterday I found two jars of crabapple butter that had come unsealed. The contents had completely dehydrated…in all the years I’ve been canning, I’ve never seen anything like that! Needless to say I threw away the contents:)

  • I use Mason jars for everything – storing beans, grains, nuts, dried fruit (they look so beautiful I display them on open shelves under my kitchen cabinets); extra smoothie goes from Vita-Mix to jar in the fridge for later; I freeze extra soup in them; and I use them to gift my homemade granola in…. I wold love to try the new lids!

  • I have so many empty jars right now, so these are perfect! Really looking forward to warmer weather and things that I can… can. 🙂

  • I’ve been finding vintage jars and using them for canisters. My “new” jars are filled with jams. I love jars for everything!

  • Always looking for the right lid for the jar. this looks great. We can all sorts of things and have sooo many jars lying around!

  • I have the opposite problem – I am out of jars right now! My freezer is full of single serving meals in wide mouth pints, my fridge is crammed with regular mouth pints full of permeasured juices for smoothies, and I have about 6 empty jars left, but without lids! I NEED MORE BALL JARS! 🙂

  • We are currently working on eating down the stock. I canned a ton of fruit last year. The iLids look so great for drinks on the go. We are at the park all the time during the summer and I like to bring ice tea or iced coffe with me, but worry about spilling on the way there.

  • Last year, I made some killer savory pumpkin soup. This soup was so good, I always felt like I had just gotten a hug after eating it. Forgetting that liquids expand when frozen, I filled several quart jars all the way to the top and put them in the freezer. I was heartbroken when I discovered two broken jars and two quarts of ruined hug soup.

  • I am proud to say I am doing much better about storing dry goods and many other small items in jars. I love jars and would love to try some of these lids.

  • I finally broke down and dumped out all of the jam I had that was over three years old along with the mass amounts of pickles I made a few years ago that just plain weren’t good. On to planning my first garden in years so I can fill those jars back up with stuff we’ll actually eat.

  • This year I discovered pint and a half jars. I love them bc they are feezer safe, and I think they’re just perfect for tomatoes!

  • I just purchased the Heritage Ball Jars in Blue and Purple. They are so pretty, I use them for pantry storage. Then I purchased the purple ones for my two besties for galentines day. I just had to share the love.

  • I recently obtained very old large blue mason jars from my mother in law. They are from around 1916-1920 and they originally belonged to my husband’s great grandmother. I love them!

  • Not only do I hoard canning jars, but other jars like pickle jars, spagetti jars, and on and on….
    The big gallon pickle jars come in handy for making kombucha.

  • I freeze my nuts and seeds in mason jars 🙂
    I LOVE slurping my smoothies out of mason jars through a glass straw…Lids like these would be a smashing hit, the jars would officially be able to take car trips with me without the fear of wearing my smoothies on my shirt 🙂

  • Love these colorful lids! Been using jars lately for all sorts of homemade lotions and deodorant. And my son has super-dry skin — I’ll only trust a mason jar to tote around olive oil for his skin on trips. Thanks for the giveaway.