Giveaway: Homemade Living with Ashley English

Homemade Living with Ashley English

Ashley English is one of the hardest working women in the homemade movement that I know. In the last two years, she had published a series of four books (having only managed to write one in the same period of time, I am entirely gobsmacked by this accomplishment) with another one in the works. She also maintains her blog and contributes to Design*Sponge. And did I mention that she also had a baby during that same period. Truly, she is a marvel.

Homemade Living with Ashley English

More than a month ago now, Ashley sent me an email to ask if I’d be interested in giving away a collection of her four Homemade Living books, Canning & Preserving, Keeping Chickens, Home Dairy and Keeping Bees. Delighted (and more than a little starstruck), I said yes because I think her books are great.

I’ve used recipes from both Canning & Preserving and Home Dairy to really good result. The writing is appealing and approachable and the recipes just work.Β  And while I don’t have the ability to keep either chickens or bees, I must confess to occasionally flipping through those books. Aspirational reading, if you will.

Homemade Living with Ashley English

Now, to the giveaway. Here are the details…

  1. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post and share which book you’re most excited about.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Wednesday, September 7, 2011.
  3. Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only (apologies to my more far-flung readers).
  4. One entry/comment per person, please.

Disclosure: Ashley’s publisher sent me copies of three of these books (I already owned the canning & preserving book having bought it when it first came out) and are provided the set of four for the giveaway. However, despite the books and my unconcealed admiration for Ashley and her homemade living empire, my opinions are still all my own.

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1,291 responses to “Giveaway: Homemade Living with Ashley English”

  1. I would personally use the canning book, but the Bee Keeping books is the one I can not wait for!!!!! My father in law is so interested in this and is hoping to be able to start bee keeping at the river house. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

    • The canning and preserving book seems great. I just finished making Blue berry Jam It was my first time. I would love to do it again so it would be a great help if you pick me.

      Cheers ,^^

    • I would love the book on canning and preserving and the bee keeping. All four of them would make for very good reading and day dreaming material. Thank you

  2. I would *love* to own all of these books, but I would be most excited to read Keeping Bees. I’m in the early days of learning about bee keeping, and just can’t wait to have my own hives.

  3. Obviously I would love to read the canning and preserving book, but I’ve been trying for ages to convince my mom that we should keep Chickens. We have all this space in our backyard and I would love to learn more about it!

  4. I’ld really like that home dairy book. I already have had chickens for 4 years, and I have been doing large amounts of canning for years. Most dairy books are more involved than I’m interested in, but this looks at the level I’ld be into

  5. I have been wanting to read all four of these. But I think I am most wanting to read the keeping chickens book as we are starting to work on a coop here. πŸ™‚


  6. I honestly would love the entire set…but the canning and preserving as well as the keeping chickens both interest me the most! I WANT THEM! ;o) – thanks for all your posts…look forward to learning new things and your pics are great!

  7. oh wow. This is amazing! Honestly, I’m most excited about Canning and Preserving. Why? because I just bought my first 16 widemouth jars today and I feel like an entire world has just opened up to me! It’s a teensy bit overwhelming which is why an awesome book set including canning recipes would be most fantastic πŸ˜‰

  8. The book on chickens was very helpful when we started out (um yeah, I checked it out from our library over and over and over, sorry everyone else who wanted to read it!), but the one I am most interested in now is the canning and preserving book.

  9. I think I’m most excited about Home Dairy. I remember when I was in elementary another student’s mom brought in homemade goat cheese and it was awesome. Ever since then I’ve dreamed of the day I can try this art out myself. Love your site!

  10. Wow, what an amazing give away! I think bee keeping is a fascinating subject I would love to get my hands on that one, I think. It’s also the one that I’m least likely to buy for myself, so yes please!

  11. The canning book would be my choice, I am new to canning & the other books are exciting as well, just not doable at this time. Want to learn about them all.

  12. I think the bee keeping would be interesting. I currently do all I can to promote the bee population in my yard, and I have the most wonderful fruit because of it. While the rest of the central valley is suffering from poor crop quality and vanishing bees I have swarms.

  13. I really really want the home dairy book, but i would love to give the chicken book to my mother and her four chicks… or as she calls it her “eggs-periment”

  14. I would love to win these canning books, because they would really be helpful to me as a person that is new to canning. I follow you on facebook and enjoy your blogs, ideas,etc. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  15. All of these books look fantastic…my husband and I are actually laying plans to create dedicated segments of our property for keeping both bees and chickens. The four of these together definitely look to be a must-have for all canners/cheesemakers and keepers of things that buzz and cluck!

  16. The only book I’d be able to utilize right away is Canning & Preserving, but I would LOVE to read the other three. I love learning and expanding my horizons, so it’s really hard for me to decide which I’m most excited about. All of them would be useful at some point…I guess it’d have to be Home Dairy…..

  17. I would love to have these books in my personal library. The canning book would be so handy as well as the chicken book but I would be most interested in the dairy and beekeeping as those are things we have talked about but do not at this time do.

  18. These books look great! I am brand new to the world of canning – this summer I dove in and have been loving it! So the canning and preserving book is very appealing to me. I want to keep learning more! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  19. I am most excited about the Canning and Preserving book, though secretly I wish I could be most excited about Chickens. Alas, not for a little while yet. Maybe someday? Okay and Home Dairy too. You got me – they all sound absolutely fantastic!

  20. I think I’d like the Home Dairy book most! I recently picked up books on preserving and chickens, and have bees maintained by a beekeeper in the yard as my intro to beekeeping. I’d like to learn more about dairy at home.

  21. I would totally LOVE all four of them! We raise chickens, I am learning to can, my grandparents used to raise bees and anything with dairy is always grand!!! This would definitely be a cherished treasure, to own all 4!!! πŸ™‚

  22. I would like to be entered in the giveaway! The book about Keeping Chickens is most exciting to me because I am planning on getting some of my own next summer πŸ™‚

  23. I imagine I would use the canning book most seriously but I can dream of keeping chickens and bees, can’t I? I do have friends I can pass them on to, IF I can stand to part with them

  24. Keeping Chickens! Wanted chickens for years, but I’m not sure how it would go with our Jack Russell and a good guide might get me over my concerns. I have read her canning book and i love it.

  25. Oh please oh please let THIS be the Food in Jars giveaway that I win! (I know I’ll win one of them…) I found Ashley’s canning book randomly at the library (although my librarian friends will tell me that it was nothing like random) and fell in love with how easy and wonderful and beautiful everything was. Having all four books would be a dream!

  26. I’d love all of them but the one I’d be most excited about would be the dairy one. I am already scouring the interwebs for books on that topic for Christmas. It’s something I was looking to get into next year after Charcutepalooza is over.

  27. The home dairy book! I am always joking about getting a cow to keep in the little grassy area behind our apartment building πŸ™‚

  28. All the books appeal to me- I think they should be required reading in schools- I personally would love to read the Chicken one since that is something I know nothing about! ok I don’t know anything about bees either but chickens don’t sting!

  29. The one I would be most excited about receiving is the Canning and Preserving book! I love to can and am always looking for new recipes!!

  30. i’ve been working with my community to change the laws regarding keeping chickens in our twn and we are really getting some traction behind our movement–i’d love the chicken book for our community garden library, but i’m sure i’d be delighted by the whole collection! what a great giveaway!

  31. I so wish I could keep chickens and bees but the city I live in won’t allow it. πŸ™ I’d love to read those books but would be sooo happy to have the canning book! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  32. I’m most excited about the canning book. I started canning two seasons ago and I’m constantly looking for great new recipes. That’s how I found your blog!

  33. The entire series is truly wonderful. As a poor college student, I checked all of Ashley’s books out of the library and I was struck by how detailed and lovely they are! I have to say my favorite is ‘Home Dairy’ though πŸ™‚

  34. Honestly they all sound exciting- but I would devour the canning book first! (My husband, however, says he’d claim the beekeeping one…)

  35. it’s a tie — I love to can so the Canning & Preserving book is right up my alley. but we keep chickens and I can’t get enough cute chicken pics, so the Keeping Chickens book would be loved as well. pick me!

  36. OH GOSH!!!! CANNING OR CHICKENS????? Chickens or canning???? Oh! The dilemma! I’m going to saaaaay … since our coop arrives via fed ex tomorrow …
    CHICKENS!!! Because I have NO idea what I’m doing!

  37. I am most excited about the Keeping Bees book. A bee hive took up residence in my brother’s log cabin home while he and his family were on vacation this past summer. No one near our hometown would come and get them so he had to get rid of them. We were saddened by this but having small children in home it had to be done. I have been fascinated with their habitat ever since and would love to learn more about them. Unbelievable the size of hive they can make in just a few days!! I also love Canning and Preserving our garden’s harvest so that book would be a great read from cover to cover as well!! Please let this be the time I win something!!

  38. How fun are those! I think I would like the book on Chickens….I want my own now that I’m here in the PNW and actually have room for them πŸ™‚

  39. I would love canning book to add to my repertoire, I am excited to see the keeping chickens book as I have been toying with, and my father has been cajoling me about the ideas of chickens in our yard.

  40. I want to keep both chickens and bees, but mu hubby is vetoing both. So realistically, I will get the most use out of the canning volume.

  41. i got her canning book from the library this summer and really enjoyed it, though i think i am most excited about the bees one, since i am sort of an armchair apiarist. πŸ™‚

  42. Beekeeping book! We’re going to start with mason bees next year and see how it goes. I was inspired by the bumblebees who set up shop in a pipe access next to my car this year.

  43. I would have a serious dilemma deciding which to read first – canning or chickens? I love to can, but am dying to have chickens! I’m still working on convincing my hubby that chickens are a good idea. Maybe a lovely book would push him over the edge. Or maybe if I bribed him with wonderful canned goodies he would cave. So many options!

  44. I think it’s a tie between the Canning & Dairy books. I would use the canning one most, but I love the idea of making cheese & yogurt (and already make my own paneer.)

  45. I would love all of these but right now as I’m starting my first time canning tomatoes, the Canning and Preserving book would be wonderful!

  46. What a coincidence!!!! I just saw Ashley English’s books on yesterday, looked two of them up (CHEESE and CANNING!) on amazon, and hesitated because I was trying to decide if I wanted to pay the shipping! Needless to say, theyre still in checkout. Abandoned for now… I am new to canning, but incredibly interested in beginning the hobby/lifestyle of putting up. I come from a family of farmers – but somewhere along the line, my dad dropped the ball on passing the skill along. When I told him I’m going to start canning, he almost laughed at the revival of his childhood! Ashley English’s canning book looks like the perfect way to start! (And Food in Jars, which I’ve been following for a year, too!) I jsut finished Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle book – talk about an ODE TO CANNING/CHEEEESE making! The canning book takes precedence as a right here, right now (I have invested in all of the jars and works!) book interest, but Kingsolver SOLD me on making cheese – sounds fascinating!! So, book number two of major interest=Dairy πŸ™‚ …Raising poultry – I dont have the land right now, but I Absolutely plan to when I go from renting >> buying and I can invest in a coop. A how-to guide would be essential! And then of course… there’s the allure of the idea of beekeeping…. I wonder if Ashley English’s book might spark some sincere interest in that hobby.. Either way, what a great giveaway! Kudos to Ashley and her publications!!

  47. All the books look wonderful..I’m thinking about all the goodies in my garden and would love the Book on Canning and Preserving!!! Oh what a beautiful pantry I would have!!!! Thanks for posting such a wonderful offer!!!

  48. I have been after these books for months now, but I always find a way to talk myself out of spending the money, but I really, really, really, want to read the Home Dairy. Although, I also have a small obsession with the idea of keeping bees.

  49. We have a small flock of chickens, might be interested in bees, interested in canning & preserving, and anything with recipes. Love that you used the word “gobsmacked”. I vow to use it tomorrow around my kids!

  50. Hi, This is a great giveaway. I would be most excited to get the book on bee keeping. I am interested it this but a little afraid. I would love to see what she says. Thanks

  51. We already keep bees and can galore, so I’m stuck between the dairy book and keeping chickens. I love, love, love a good cheese and have never made my own, so I think that one probably wins. πŸ™‚

  52. All of these books look amazing! I would be most interested in the dairy one, since we just signed up to start receiving raw milk from a local dairy. I really want to make my own cheese and yoghurt! Cheers to creating a truly sustainable collection-timeless! I’m so excited.

  53. Totally excited about the keeping bees book. Something I know I want to do. Also the Canning and Preserving Book, because the is the first year that I’ve really started to get into canning.

  54. chicks or bees….hmmmm…BEES! I am so afraid of what is happening to our bee populations, so I would LOVE to learn how to create a safe home for some bees in my backyard!

  55. All of the books look great! My favorite would be the canning book, because we live in the burbs and are only allowed to have pets…no dairy farming, chickens, or bees for us (sigh)

  56. I like the canning, but the bee one could be nice, maybe even the chicken one. I don’t think the neighbors would like a cow on the property but we do have room for a few of them. :o)

  57. Home dairy! My partner and I have been talking about getting into cheesemaking for some time now. Her posts are incredible and these books look truly lovely

  58. While I’d love to have the books on canning and keeping chickens I would also be interested in reading the ones on dairy and bees. I wasn’t aware of Ashely or her books thanks for bringing her to my attention!

  59. These books look amazing. I’ve picked up a copy of a couple of them, just to browse but have never taken one home. I would have to say that I am terribly excited about the home dairy book, as it’s the only thing of the 4 that I don’t have much experience with.

  60. I would love all four of the books. I would be most interested in the Dairy book because I already have a lot of canning books and we have our own chickens. Bees might be interesting to add to our family though…

  61. I love being exposed to new people and blogs. I will definitely be putting Ashley’s blog in my rotation. While I’d love to read all 4 of the books, I am most interested in the chicken book. I’ve been wanting to raise chickens for awhile and have a goal of making this happen before next summer. Thanks for the giveaway!

  62. Oh man! How do I choose?!? It’s a tie between Keeping Bees (which I’m new at) and Canning & Preserving (because I’ve never done it and am absolutely itching to)!!!

  63. I’m really excited about them all, these are all topics, I’ve really been wanting to get into but if I have to pick just one, it would be “Keeping Chickens!!!!!!!!!!” Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  64. Oh the Canning and Preserving one for sure, though I confess, I fantasize about bees and chickens. It’s possible these books would make it a reality. Want!!!

  65. I am a single mother who is in the process of saving up for a little chunk of land to pass on to my son. I plan to learn all of these arts and I am determined to teach my son everything I can about self sufficiency and stewardship to the earth. We are both very excited about raising our own chickens, being that we are animal lovers. While I wait for my little nest egg to grow, I am soaking up all the information I can find so that I am prepared for the wondrous day that we can put into practice all the knowledge I am collecting. These books would truly help me on my quest.

  66. The design and layout of these books looks gorgeous! I am sure I would use the Canning & Preserving book right away, but I’m also interested in learning about chickens, too!

  67. Sign us up! I’d love all four for our home library, and I’m sure our girls would love to pore over them as well. The home dairy book is especially intriguing πŸ™‚

  68. oh i would love all of them, but especially the canning and preserving book. this is my first year canning and i am learning so much!

  69. I’d use the canning and dairy books right away, but I might be most excited about Keeping Chickens. I can’t do that in my town, but I’d like to be ready for the day that I can – and, maybe even be knowledgable enough to help change the local law.

  70. I’d love to have the Keeping Chickens book. I live in a small town that allows up to nine hens in a backyard (but no crowing roosters, understandable!)

  71. After having just finished reading Canning & Preserving (borrowed it from the library), I’m most excited to read Home Dairy. I love her tone and approachable take on home economy projects. And, while I’m in the same boat of not being able to keep bees or chickens, it’s something my grandfather would love (he’s a retired butcher and used to keep rabbits).

  72. I am most excited about the Keeping Bees book, I have been wanting to keep my own bees for a while now and I would love to do some more reading up on it.

  73. i can’t decide between the keeping chickens of the keeping bees. we already do both but it’s great to have more resources to turn to.

  74. I am excited about Keeping Bees. I want my NEIGHBOR to raise the chickens and I’ll buy the eggs and meat from the neighbor! hahahha.

  75. We have chickens, but I always love reading books about keeping them. There’s always something to learn! I also think I’d get a kick out of the dairy book.

  76. I love the chicken book, which I’ve read about a dozen times so far, and can’t say if I’m more excited about the beekeeping or canning. She was the one who first turned me on to a whole back to basics way of living when I read Keeping Chickens. Why oh why can’t she be my next door neighbor???

  77. The dairy book, first and foremost, and the canning/preserving is a close second. I don’t quite have enough room for chickens or bees…yet. πŸ™‚

  78. Honestly all of them. Hubs used to keep bees and wants to again, we are planning our coop for chickens, and love canning this time of year. Homemade dairy is a new frontier for us, so another must have.

  79. I’m interested in all of these things! Haven’t ventured in bees or chickens (yet) but would love some good resources on them. Both are things I’ve considered adding to our household.

  80. I live in the Chelan Valley aka The Apple Capital of the World and have watched bee keepers but don’t know a lot about it. Even if I don’t win the books I think I will be looking into buying these books and incorporating the ideas into my blog!!!

  81. I am really excited about the dairy book – i recently had to switch from cow’s milk to goat’s milk due to allergies and the goat cheese world can be a bit limited (especially on the young cheese) but the goat cheddar is delicious! I’d love to make my own yogurt, ricotta and creme fresh – this book set sounds like the perfect push!

  82. Lets see, our bees failed after one year.. the local bee inspector couldn’t figure out why. I beg for chickens every birthday since we’ve moved from Massachusets to Washington state.. so far no one is taking me seriously. I did have a couple milking goats once upon a time.. lots of yogurt/frozen yogurt, and i’ve just started exploring cheese again. But truthfully the canning book would probably get the most use. Thanks to Raina’s magnificent sister i’m back to putting things in jars again, even though we no longer have our half acre garden.

  83. I am blessed with family & friends with diverse interests; so while I would love the canning book, I have a friend interested in the chickens and family members with a dairy and also one who keeps bees. Thanks so much for hosting this fab giveaway!

  84. Most intested in the Keeping Chickens book. Sacramento just started allowing backyard chickens and I have the room, so will give it a try.


  85. I’d love the Keeping Chickens book as I’m planning to have chickens whether I have to sneek them into my backyard or move to a new neighborhood.

  86. I would love to have all of the books, but the book I would be most interested in and/or read first would be the book about bees. I already “keep” chickens, have a kitchen garden, have experience canning, and would when I retire will work on the dairy aspect of my sustainable living plan. I would love to have the collection and would read all four without delay! Thanks for the opportunity!

  87. All of these books look absolutely delightful! I have been aching to start canning as the fall begins to creep it’s way in and I have a feeling that the canning book would be a savior for a novice like myself. Thanks!

  88. My personal goal is to get chickens within the year – bees and goats are more long-term goals for me – so “Keeping Chickens” might be the most exciting one. I am however in the middle of my first “real” canning season, so it may be a tie.

  89. I don’t know anything about bee-keeping, so that’s the book I’d be most interested in reading first. Thanks for the give-away!

  90. Sah-weeeeeet! I am dying to own these books! I really really want the canning and preserving book, but even more so do I want the home dairy book. I need to get over my intimidation of making dairy products and I feel confident her book would decimate my fears πŸ˜‰ thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  91. Wish my apartment had space for bees! I think I would be most excited about the canning book, however. After a first failed attempt, I could use the courage to try again!

  92. Oh my goodness, what great books! I would love all of them, but especially the book on Keeping Chickens! Our city now allows backyard hens, so someday, when I have my own yard, I’ll have a few!

  93. Bees!! Chickens!!! I don’t even know. I am dying to have some of my own chickens (we’re allowed up to 3 hens here in Portland!) but don’t have a yard right now. If I had my own eggs, I would basically almost never need to grocery shop anymore. Totally compelling! Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  94. I would love the book on dairy. We have three goats right now and I have been making yogurt, and paneer cheese. We are hoping to get a cow in the next year or two and this book would be very helpful I am sure! Thanks so much!

  95. Decisions, decisions! I’ve really gotten into canning recently, so if I must choose just one the canning book excites me most. However, I’ve always been fascinated with bee keeping and would really like to read the beekeeping book to see if I think I could do it. I’m taken with the homesteading movement, and the books on keeping chickens and dairy get my blood pumping too!

  96. hard call…..I think I would use the canning book the most, get a host of information from the bee keeping which will be helpful since my husband plans on getting a hive. Just have a good old fashion read with the chicken book and plan for the day when my town can be persuaded to change the ordinance. The dairy book will enlighten me-I know absolutely nothing about it:( πŸ™‚

  97. My plan is to be 90% self reliant in 5 years. I have wanted these books for a while now, I hope my number is picked πŸ˜‰

  98. I always love a food canning book, but I’d be most interested in the home dairy right now. I have cheese making on my mind.

  99. I am currently most excited about her book, Raising Chickens, because it is the one I own. My partner and I built a chicken coop over the past month and purchased our first flock of 6 chickens last weekend. Her book has been a great help and inspiration. Our chickens are a great joy and I would be thrilled to read her other books. I love canning and playing with dairy – and I can only hope that sometime I’ll be keeping bees as well.

  100. I’m excited about the canning and preserving book. I’m just getting started canning this year, and it looks like it makes it really easy for a beginning canner!

  101. I am most excited about canning & preserving as I’m using this summer to learn all I can in anticipation of throwing myself into the process next summer.

  102. It’s so hard to pick! They all look great and so useful. I guess I’d have to go with the home dairy one because we have milk goats and I am always trying to improve my knowledge and skills. But the beekeeping one is a close second since we’ve tried twice to do bees without success.

  103. Oh my goodness! These look so good! I’m torn between the canning & preserving book–because I’m going to start canning as soon as we’re moved into our new house (eep) and back from hosting our wedding reception on the east coast (eep!). I have some frozen berries ready for the task!

    BUT… I really really really want to raise chickens, even though I don’t entirely know what I’m doing. It just became legal in my city (Anchorage, Alaska–it’s not part of the contiguous US, but the US Postal Service totally sends things here and doesn’t even charge extra! so I hope I still qualify!), and I am thinking of making a chicken area at the same time as I set up my garden/anti-moose enclosure (no kidding), next spring!

    And I love birds.

    So the chicken book is probably the one I’m most excited about, even though the canning book is the one I’d use soonest. πŸ™‚

  104. I checked out Home Dairy’s reviews on Amazon, and nothing mentioned about a backyard goat and milking, so I’ll go with Keeping Bees ^_^

  105. I am new to the homemade world!!! I am loving canning and preserving but also want chickens so bad!!!! I can’t decide!! It’s a tie!

  106. Oh my goodness! I have each of these books on my list! I am in the midst of canning and preserving right now but will be getting our chicks this coming winter so I have to say…”Keeping Chickens” is my most anticipated at the moment! (although “Canning and Preserving” is a close second right now too!)

  107. I would love to read the book about keeping bees. I’ve been contemplating bees for a while but definitely want to read and learn about them before I take it on.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  108. I so covet these books. I’m really interested in all of them, but I think keeping chickens is my next goal, so that’s probably the one I’m most immediately interested in. I already can a lot, but I’d love some new recipes. I’d adore keeping bees, although I can’t just now, and I definitely plan to get into cheese making sometime soon.

  109. wow, it would be awesome to have such a collection! I think I’d like the Home Dairy book most; I’ve got books on most everything else, but nothing like that. I can’t wait to keep bees and chickens!! Just have to talk my DH into goats, lol!

  110. canning, of course. but really, keeping bees! we have NO bees at our house, and there i am all summer, pollinating cucumber vines (&c) with q-tips at 6am… someday i hope to have bee gums and let things happen in the natural way.

  111. Oh, the one on keeping chickens definitely has me lusting after this set! We plan on starting our poultry adventures in the next couple of years and I need instructions to start with!

  112. I’d be just tickled to read the dairy one. Working on my dissertation makes me desperate to do something that involves producing something with actual results. Kitchen work, unlike academic work, feels good. Calming, even!

  113. Oh, I’d love to delve into the dairy book. But the canning book would be wonderful too. And the chickens. And maybe the bees! All of them!

    I’m assisting at a cheesemaking class in a couple of weeks … it would sure be nice to know more than the zero I know presently.

  114. I am most excited about the dairy and the chicken books. My husband and I have 10 bee hives and have been canning for a several months. We use our honey and wax in soapmaking and lip balm making and would love to have chickens and goats. That is our short term goal is to set up a little dairy for goat cheese (and goats milk soap) and who doesn’t want a few chickens running around. I can’t wait!

  115. Would LOVE to own Home Dairy. And…my copy of Canning and Preserving could stand to be replaced. There seem to be a lot of stains in mine??

  116. I have every single one of these books on my Amazon wishlist but alas, I am too broke to buy them. I am really stoked for the canning and chickens books. I really want chickens but it has been slow going convincing my boyfriend. Someday…

  117. I do think that all the titles would be an excellent read. My father was brought up on a farm and I would really like to experience through reading what it is all about….the cows, the chickens..the bees!

  118. I just bought a small farm. What a dream come true! I would love to read Home Dairy as well as the others. My farm is a blank slate so it’s time to put those acres to good use!

  119. I checked the library for these books but they aren’t available yet. I am interested in chickens and plan to voice my opinion at town meetings near me this winter (while the garden rests) to work on changing laws against keeping them. Reading up on chickens is the goal before I start so the chicken book would be my start.

  120. Appreciate the wonder of the bees. The little fellows and gals do more than we know to provide us life. After having a bee keeper come and remove about 80,000 from my garage, I try to read and see as much info as I can about them. All the titles sound grand.

  121. How am I supposed to pick one????? Hmmmm, I guess it would be Keeping Bees. I am researching about keeping bees right now and this would be most helpful!!!

  122. It’s a toss up which one I’m more excited about, chickens or canning???!?? We have chickens and would love to learn more about them and I am addicted to canning/preserving books! I think I’d love all of them actually!

  123. I have checked out the canning book from the library and found some great preserving recipes that I’d been searching for. They would all come in handy, but the beekeeping volume is also of interest as we are well on our way to keeping honeybees next season.


  124. As one who enjoys being more self sufficient and exploring ways of doing things myself, I know my family would enjoy reading these books. My daughter just started raising chickens and I have been talking about trying my hand at bee keeping. Look forward to exploring these books…even if I am not the lucky one in this giveaway.
    Thanks for sharing.

  125. Since I live in an apartment right now (saving up for the farm πŸ˜‰ I guess the canning one would be of most use. I’ve wanted these books forever though.

  126. I’m really excited about the home dairy and beekeeping books. I’ve been hoping to get into both of the above at some point and would love a little extra reading on the subjects.

  127. I would love to have all of these books, but the one I am most interested in is the homemade dairy book. I have been wanting to try my hand at some homemade cheeses. The canning book would also be very useful to me. I love to browse through canning books to find new recipes and twists on traditional favorites.

  128. Most likely I would use the books on canning and keeping chickens. I can / freeze and dehydrate a great deal. We are also raising our own chickens and beef

  129. All of them look wonderful. Currently recovering form about 10 bee stings after pulling frames of honey from two hives I manage. So of course the bee keeping book is of interest but I am an avid canner and would love that one too. Heck, any of them!

  130. These books are high on my wish list. So to find this blog and the others you link to– learning so much from this online linked community. The dairy and preserving books would be most immediately useful to me. I could probably find a way to delve into bees and/or chickens and have interest but time is a factor. You never know where life brings you though, right?

  131. I and my daughter would like the canning book and she would especially like the chicken book as she has just started keeping them herself. So if I win she gets the chicken book.

  132. I would LOVE to read the Canning and Preserving book. I just decided to learn how to can, after reading recipes for 2 years and getting over the fear of killing all of my friends and family with spoiled food. So far I have made a few things but am still really scared of the possible “botulism” salsa, so I am reading everything I can get my hands on before I try to attempt it.

    Honestly though, any of them would be a HUGE treat.

    Thank you!

  133. These books look great. I would be most interested in the books about raising chickens and keeping bees. Have always wanted to raise chickens and many of the plantings in my gardens are there specifically to attract honey bees. How cool would it be to be able to raise my own chickens and be able to collect my own honey while further helping the honey bees,.

  134. At this stage in my life and (very-soon-to-be) marriage, I’m most excited about “Home Dairy”, as my fiancee and I have made several types of cheese at home with wonderful results. Once our home is built and we’re a bit more established, I will be — we will be — equally excited about “Keeping Chickens” and “Canning and Preserving.” We’ve already talked about both having a large garden and chickens, so these would come in handy. As for “Keeping Bees”, my fiancee isn’t too keen on the insect, but my mother has always wanted an apiary, and who doesn’t love honey… He can be swayed!



  135. The beekeeping and chicken books would be, as you said, aspirational. Chickens are not allowed in our area : ( . I have made a couple of types of YUMMY jam from the canning book. I have yet to see the dairy book, and am therefore most excited about it!

  136. I would love the canning book… and the chicken book. I just am starting to learn canning by myself and more info is helpful. I hope to start keeping chickens next year… so maybe the chicken book πŸ™‚

  137. hard one – probably the bees as I would like to start investigating getting some of the little buggers….otherwise, the dairy as I am really hard trying to convince my hubby to get me a dairy cow, so all the info I can gather would be great on what to do with all that wonderful, fresh milk! They all sound great though!

  138. OH WOW! I would love these books! I raise dairy goats, so I would definitely need the dairy book. I have chickens, so the chicken book would come in handy! I have two bee hives, of course, there is the bee book!! And I also can and that takes care of the canning and preserving books. These books were meant for me! What else can I say!

  139. I’m interested in the Canning and Preserving book myself. I’ve just started playing around in the kitchen with that. Would love to get my hands on one of those books πŸ˜‰

  140. Hello, I recently subscribed to this group as I was having trouble with a batch of jam and the advice I receive was brilliant. I would love to receive copies of these books as I’m embarking on a new way of living through diy, cooking from scratch and foraging etc and believe these books would really help with my endeavours. I’m vocal about my new established values and hope to influence more people to make one or two if not all the changes I have made to help the world through sustainable, socially healthy living. Good luck to all!

  141. Most excited.. Beekeeping. But I’m a new Chicken owner, so more insight will be helpful! Then there’s the dairy book.. hmm.

  142. Squeal! Friends have been loving these books, and I would be especially excited to see Home Dairy. We got a cheesemaking kit for Christmas and have really enjoyed our homemade mozzarella!

  143. Wow! The Canning and Preserving book would be invaluable in my kitchen. However, I would most enjoy the Keeping Chickens, having been a closet chicken “coveter” since the mid 1980’s. I would love to head out back to my own chicken coop and have fresh, organic, vegetarian-fed chicken eggs!! Unfortunately, our home owners association would most likely have something to say about a coop in the “back 40”. Still, Keeping Chickens would be a great read!! Thanks for the give away opportunity!

  144. Keeping Chickens would be my first pick, as my son builds movable pens/coops, and we are now getting nice amounts of eggs, but have questions. Always great to get fresh ideas…..Also I do a lot of canning and always love new ideas there too!

  145. All four look amazing! But the beekeeping interests me the most right now. We’re looking to get bees soon so it would be helpful!

  146. I’ve been eyeing all of them at the local tractor supply and they are on my amazon wish list but I think I’m most interested in the chickens and I’m a dairy farmer and am planning on getting chickens in the spring!

  147. Well I would love to have them all, but I am most excited about the keeping chickens book! My boyfriend and I are getting them next spring and it would be so great to have Ashley English’s book as a primer!

  148. It’s hard to pick just one…but I guess I’d be most excited about the canning book since it’s the one I can use right now. But my dream house includes a couple of goats, a flock of chickens and a hive or two in the orchard (which brings us right back around to the canning!).

  149. I would love them all! But the first one I would read would be the chickens! I live in a large city and we are allowed to raise chickens in our backyards, so this is right up my alley!

  150. I have checked all of these out from the library. I have dreams of having chickens and bees. Those two are my favorite but I also really enjoyed the dairy one.

  151. How awesome! oh man, I like all the books! But if I really had to choose I chose the (eany meany miny mo) Keeping Chickens. But I am really wanting to read them all now!

  152. So hard to choose….. so hard to choose! I would love to have all of them, but the one I would love to acquire first (!) and win in this give away would have to be Keeping Chickens. I’ve never had chickens before and have had a burning desire to get a small flock for years. We are finally going to do it and I need all the help I can get to make sure I do it right! Thanks for such a great opportunity!

  153. I would be most excited about the canning & preserving book, but I think my husband would be super excited about the beekeeping and raising chickens books.

  154. We’ve had chickens but would love to have them again but the bee keeping is what I want to try next so that book will be the first one I read!

  155. I would love these books. I’m torn between the canning and preserving and the home dairy. Probably the home dairy would most interest me as I have a lot of info on canning and preserving.

  156. I would love to read the canning and preserving book so I can learn more about canning since I just started this year and I am addicted!

  157. Wow. To pick just one. That’s a toughie. I’d have to go with the canning one. No wait. Make that the bee keeping. Noooo. Ummm. How about the dairy? Shoot, but that leaves out the chickens. *sigh* I’d have to say… The home dairy only because that is where I need the most help. πŸ™‚ All of her books would have a permanent place on my bookshelves. Very nice.

  158. All of these books look fantastic and will be well-used at my home. My husband and daughter are building a chicken coop for my birthday, so the Keeping Chickens book is really calling my name! Thanks for introducing me to this series. I love your site!

  159. The canning book is overdue from the library! I didn’t know about the other books, after I leave this comment I’m going to make sure they have them, if not put in requests that they purchase them! To have my own lovely set of her books would be wonderful, as I’ve already gotten hooked on the canning book, can’t wait to read the rest. All four books are things that interest me, the dairy, bees and chickens I’d love to learn more about.

  160. The four books sound like four corners for a sound foundation in being self-reliant. I’d love to have them. I’ve been wanting chickens and bees for a while now. Thinking of asking for a hive set up for Christmas!

  161. I love her books!!! I have the Keeping Chickens one which I read cover to cover πŸ™‚ I would love a copy of the Home Dairy. What a cool giveaway!

  162. Oh how wonderful πŸ™‚ I would use all of those books. I can A LOT. And I have always wanted to have chickens… Bees at my moms too. What an awesome collection!

  163. This is such an exciting giveaway. Now, how to pick just one that I am most excited about? I guess it would be home dairying as we are planning to start a home dairying project next year! Bee keeping, canning, and raising chickens are on our list as well. We already have just a few chickens we are getting eggs from. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity.

  164. Definitely the chicken book. Although I’m interested in the beekeeping book, and of course the canning one. One can never have enough books about canning.

  165. Wow, great giveaway! I would be most excited about the beekeeping and home dairy books, because I plan on adding bees and goats to my small homestead next year, but I could also use the other two since I’m still fairly new at keeping chickens and canning. Thanks for the opportunity to win! πŸ™‚

  166. BEES! I have admired all of these books at the bookstore, but I am most excited about the bee book. I just started getting mail order beekeeping catalogues and this could be the final push to prepping and ordering πŸ™‚


  167. This is looks like an great collection of books! I have 2 hens and love canning, but im interested in making cheese… the bee book will be interesting as well.

  168. All of the books look interesting. I am most interested in the Keeping Chickens and Canning and Preserving. My parents raised chickens when I was a kid (and various other farm animals. My mom always sends me preserves (YUM). I need to start making my own, and sharing with my own kids.

  169. The canning and preserving book would be my first interest. The choices are all great and would be happy to receive any of the books. I am working towards buying land and living totally off grid, raising my own meat and garden.
    Thank You for all the information you share.

  170. I am most interested in the backyard chicken material and my daughter-in-law is working to become proficient with regard to canning and preserving food. She also took me on a chicken coop tour so I think all of these books will interest her a great deal.

  171. Wow, I would be very excited to have all 4! I’d like to try my hand at all of these processes one day and these would be great books to get me started. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to have livestock or bees in our rental house, so for now I’d utilize the canning book while reading up on the others. Thank for the giveaway!

  172. Now this is a tough decision. I am an avid canner, but I would love to raise chickens I hear they have quite the personalities, dairy hadn’t thought of that …. Do I need a cow, my husband would have a cow, bees did that but not very successfully …. Guess I should read up on bee keeping!

  173. What a great giveaway! My husband and I joined a CSA this year, and even with a half-share we have more produce than we know what to do with, so the canning and preserving would be perfect! And I’ve been wondering if we could squeeze a chicken or two into our suburban backyard, so I’d love to have the resource of the chicken one too.

  174. The Canning and Preserving book is the one I am most interested in, but I would like to read them all. My husband would love to live in the country where we could have bees, chickens and cows. His best childhood memories are of spending summers with relatives in Minnesota who lived on farms with dairy cows and vegetable gardens.

  175. The beekeeping book is most exciting! I’ve been researching getting a hive going in my yard this year and hope to have one ready for next spring. I have checked out the canning book from the library and tried some of the recipes – I loved them! I had no idea the other 3 books existed.

  176. I would love the canning and preserving book just on principle, but I have experience with that area so the one I would be most excited about is the dairy book! Actually, all of them – what a great giveaway!

  177. I have a bit of a canning addiction and am always on the look out for cool new recipes and ideas, so the Canning and Preserving book is all kinds of up my alley.

  178. I am fascinated by them all! If you made me choose, I would pick the book on bees. Just started to make my own beeswax candles! I am going to see if our little library can get this collection in. They sound like they would be a hit in my area. πŸ™‚

  179. I am most excited about the home dairy book. I want to learn how to make cheese and yogurt at home. Thanks for the giveaway!

  180. I currently have the home dairy one from the library and it is very good. So I would love to have that in my personal collection, but the other books look wonderful as well!

  181. I’d definitely use the canning book as I do quite a bit, but the beekeeping book is the one I’d be fascinated to see as I’m contemplating starting up.

  182. Which book? How about all of them! All four books are so amazingly fascinating. I do hope to one day own chickens and I’m already in the process of becoming a better jam maker.

  183. I would love to have the beekeeping book. A friend and I had two hives in college and unfortunately when real life took over the bees were a casualty.

  184. I have the chicken book out from the library, but right now the canning book would be the most useful to me. I adore Ashley’s blog, and I am so happy to have found yours through hers!

  185. I don’t think I can choose one over the others! But if forced, I’d have to go with dairy since I already have several canning books and as much as I would love to have both bees AND chickens, it’s not going to happen anywhere in the near future!

  186. I am excited about the dairy book, but they all look great. My parents would love the bee one and my sister would love the chicken one. Also, I am making your strawberry rhubarb butter this morning – I am trying it in the crock pot (actually 2 pots) this morning. Smells so good.

  187. I would love to have all of the books but the canning one is the one that I am most excited about. Thanks for the opportunity.

  188. I would be most excited for the canning book, because I am a newbie to canning and I’m very excited to get better and can more! I made my first batch of “quickles” a year ago and this year I made my own jam for the first time. πŸ™‚

  189. They all sound wonderful and useful! Being from WI I love all things dairy (my college friends from IL call me a cheese snob) but unfortunately my son has an allergy to milk (we’re really hoping he’ll grow out of it!). So although I would love the dairy book I think the canning and preserving book would fit my life the best right now (helpful for CSA harvest season!). I love to share books though and I know my neighbor and mother-in-law will devour the information these books contain as well!

  190. Wait, I have to choose ONE that I am most excited about? Dairy. No, wait, bees. No, wait chickens! Canning & Preserving? I can’t choose just one.

  191. I would love a chance to win the books for my cousin Pammy. She lives out east Long Island on a nice little piece of land with a little brick house. I’ve always been impressed that even while working and raising kids you could still go to her house and be served a full dinner all supplied from her garden ! Now the kids are off to college I think she has more time for projects so lets put her to work !

  192. While I love the thought of all of them, I’m most excited about the Keeping Bees book! I want to have my own hive someday and I feel like that would be a great start for the process!

  193. Canning and Preserving would be great for right now. Some day I might own a place where I can keep chickens or have bees. Thanks for the giveaway!

  194. My cookbook library would of course have room for one more canning book, but I think I’d like to try my hand at the Home Dairy projects…of course I’d like to do bees, but I feel that my family’s allergies might get in the way of that, but I guess and epi pen may help! I have chickens and another book on keeping them never hurts! Love your posts all the time, Marisa! Thanks!

  195. Great to meet you at the Phoenixville Farmer’s Market last week! I would love all of these books but am most interested in “Keeping Chickens”. There is nothing quite like fresh eggs and I would love to have my own flock some day.

  196. All 4 are so relevant! I’m just returning to preserving, having grown up on a farm where we did plenty of it, and intrigued by the Dairy book. My brother is really keen to start keeping chickens, and my sister bee keeping, so these books would be invaluable to 3 different families. Thank you for the opportunity, keep up the great work!

  197. While I would love to have all of these books, for the moment I would get the most use out of Canning & Preserving. We do a huge garden every year and I’m just starting to get into canning as an alternative to freezing everything in sight.

  198. Ashley’s canning and preserving book taught me to can, and as my collection has grown, remains one of my favorites by far. I’d love to try her dairy projects, so I’m most looking forward to that one.

  199. I would be SO thrilled to have this set of books. I am a 30yr first time homebuyer in the northwoods town of Superior, Wisconsin. Although I live right in the middle of town, I am trying my hardest to convert my home to an urban homestead and learn the trades of preservation, canning, vertical gardening, herb drying, etc. I’ve raised chickens this last year with my supervisor from work at his home outside of town, and that process has been so wonderful to know exactly where my food comes from, and know that we’ve taken them from chick to harvest. Please consider me, I believe I embody the young people that you want to help teach these skills to!

  200. Oooh, fun! I love your giveaways. I’d be pleased as punch to read any of the four, but the canning and home dairy editions would probably get the most use in my kitchen.

  201. I already own the Canning and Chickens books, and they are fabulous, but I would LOVE to also have the Dairy and Bee books too! (Of course I would pass along the redundant copies to my sister.) Maybe luck will be on my side, as this closes on my birthday!

  202. I would probably use the canning one the most, but I’m most excited about the beekeeping one. I have always wanted bees!

  203. I love the idea of homesteading in general! The art of canning is a valuable skill, I have tried my hand at raising chickens and love being a “chicken rancher,” and I live right down the country road from a dairy and have wonderful dairy farmers as a resource, so those three books would be wonderful, but well within my comfort zone. Beekeeping, however, seems like a mystical art somewhat akin to snake charming and lion taming. I would love to explore the magical world of beekeeping with the beekeeping book and embark on a new frontier in home-making πŸ™‚

  204. I am very excited about the canning and preserving book—I can keep bees in town, but not chickens (yet!) and the others would come in very handy over the next couple of years! Please enter me!

  205. For whatever slothful reason, I’ve been putting off my cheesemaking efforts for ages – I would love to have the Home Dairy book!

  206. I’m most excited about the canning book. I’ve recently discovered home canning and want to learn all I can about it.

  207. While I am definately a canner, I think I am most excited to read “Keeping Chickens”. I have recently become fascinated with having my own chickens…I just need to figure out how to get my husband to let me have some πŸ™‚

  208. Love her blog πŸ™‚ I would have to say that it is between the cannning book and chicken keeping book, although all four interest me! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  209. I’d love to peruse the one on bee keeping. I find bees so fascinating. With a new baby this spring I decided it probably wasn’t the best time to get a hive, but maybe next spring?!

  210. If my township didn’t have an ordinance against owning farm animals it would be the “Keeping Chickens” book that would have me excited, however, Canning and Preserving has been the highlight of my summer so I am interested most in that book. I have a fairly large collection of cookbooks and not even a single pamphlet on canning. Thank goodness for the internet and the Food In Jars website!

  211. Would love the canning book. I started canning 2 years ago and I absolutely love staring at the beautiful food in jars in my pantry. Chickens and bees are on my list!

  212. Oh, my – how wonderful!! As for which I’m most excited about. . . it’s definitely a tie between Keeping Chickens and Canning & Preserving. Home Dairy is really intriguing, too, though!

  213. Chickens!!! I have an 18 month old son and we’ve seen some chickens (nature center, local farm) and he is entranced. I would love for him to learn early on where “real” food comes from. I think there’s no better life lesson than tending chickens, collecting eggs, and growing vegetables. I’ve been keeping a vegetable garden and am hoping to expand it so that in another year or so we will grow enough to do some canning.

  214. I love browsing Ashley’s books (they’re all so beautiful!), but I’d have to pick Home Dairy so that I can pursue my dream of having my own farmstead one day… πŸ™‚

  215. Keeping Bees, sounds so much fun. Seems like people are doing this more & more. I’d love to learn to the dismay of my neighboors!

  216. Like you, Marisa, I do not have chickens or bees in my immediate future. I would love to expand my canning efforts, so the canning book is clearly quite appealing, and I have been meaning to try making my own cheese, so I’d love to read the dairy one too.

  217. All four sound interesting but the one that I would like the most is the Canning and Preserving Book. I have been canning on and off for years and this book would be great to add to my ever growing selection on canning.

  218. I love Canning and Preserving! Her Persian Pickles recipe is to die for…I’ve gotten this book from he library several times, but I have often wished I had my own copy to flip open whenever I wanted, instead of cramming all the pickles into the week when I’ve go it checked out :). Ashley English is super amazing…

  219. I would love all of the books! We are expanding our “farming” knowledge and would love the keeping chickens and/or the keeping bees books! We have a few chickens now, and are looking to expand both the amount we have along with our knowledge!

  220. I would love the read these, and I don’t even like to read! lol But having chickens have been a real interest for quite some time. I just started canning this year so the canning book would be a great resource.

  221. Since my class took a trip in fourth grade to a local beekeeper hobbyist, I have been fascintated. The interest has been renewed with the current colony collapse disorder plaguing the industry. I’m moving to Minnesota with my family this year and I want to start beekeeping with my sons in addition to our business.

  222. How could anyone pick just one?! My gut says the Dairy book, because making hard cheeses is on the top of my winter to-do list, but I also want bees and chickens in the near-term. These look like great books- I’ve got to get my hands on them soon. Thanks for the heads up!!

  223. I’d love to explore the canning book as I’m always looking for great new recipes. However, we live on a small farm and the dairy book would be very interesting as well. Can I have a tie for first?

  224. So much goodness to choose from. I’m addicted to canning, so I would welcome a new canning book. And dairy…everything is better with cheese. However I am slightly suspicious that the dairy book will require me to keep a cow or a goat, not happening on my city lot. However for me, it would be all about the bees and chickens. Let me tell you, I long for chickens. I love fresh eggs, and something about having a protein source produced in my back yard year round appeals to the closet survivalist in me I never knew existed. And having read some alarming reports about the decline of bee populations, I’ve been itching to have my own backyard apiary. I’ve even heard that bees and chickens work well together, though I’m not sure why.

  225. I’d love to read them all, but especially Keeping Bees – this is something my husband and I have been wanting to do for a while. It would be great for our garden, and great to help out the bee population (not to mention the HONEY!)

  226. They all look great — how have I missed these? — but I think I would be most excited about the chicken-keeping book; my mom is going to get chickens in the spring and my daughter is so excited (and wants to be involved). Now I’m off to the library to see if they have any of these!

  227. Over the past several years I too have kept up with Ashley and have honestly been a little jealous of what stage of life she is in (the non-grad school one). All of her books resonate with the direction that I wish to take my life, but for the moment I will be content with having my first garden and canning (goats will have to wait). The canning book would be most useful for the present.

  228. Hi-ya! what a great give away ! Which book am I most excited about… oh my! all of them – but I have to go with Keeping Bees, or maybe Chickens… oh the Canning book… well dairy cows maybe ?? Right now in my life I’d have to go with canning since I am doing that today and tomorrow…. but honey bees are a dream that will come true & chickens too!

  229. Though my husband and I have kept bees in the past (our hives got taken out by a couple of black bears!), I’m most interested in the Canning and Preserving book. I’m always on the lookout for new was to save the flavors of summer!

  230. i actually took childbirth classes with mrs. english last year–we live pretty close to each other. the weird part is i have been reading her blog for about 2 years and actually got to meet her πŸ™‚
    i would love the homemade dairy book–i want to start trying to make some cheeses–at home!

  231. I would love to read the one about keeping bees as I am a beginner bee keeper and love reading and learning all I can about these magical little insect women!!

  232. ‘Keeping Bees’ I was raised on a farm and we kept bees but it has been more than 27 years since I’ve been near a hive. There are now new concerns, pests/diseases associated with honeybees and I’d love to learn about them and keep bees again.

  233. I have read the canning and chicken books and they were awesome. I would like to read the bee book next as we plan to get bees next year! cool giveaway!

  234. Oh my goodness. I remember seeing these on D*S and oohing and aahing over them. I think the one I’m *most* excited about is Keeping chickens followed closely by Keeping bees. My husband SAYS he doesn’t want to keep chickens when/if we get our dream home(stead) but I would talk him into it. πŸ˜‰
    Thank you SO much for the chance to win! The books are just beautiful.

  235. I would love the Home Dairy book…I keep bees, chickens and can weekly (year round) and my next venture is a small home dairy…in the Spring I think.

  236. Having just met Ashley at her first canning class, I have to say I would be most excited about her canning and preserving book – followed closely by Keeping Chickens!

  237. While I just got started canning (about three weeks ago) and would love the canning book, I’m most excited about the book on keeping chickens….It’s something that I’ve been secretly wanting to do for the past year. To bad we live in the city right now!

  238. I lived for about 5 years on a dairy farm in VT, where – if I didn’t grow/preserve it, we didn’t have it! Nut – I never learned to make cheese, beyond ricotta, and I’d love the book. Keeping chickens, too – I do love to watch hens scratching!

  239. Any of the books are of interest to me. My husband grew up raising chickens and dairy cows and that is something we hope to expose our kids to in the future. I grew up with my mom raising bees and recently my dad has resumed this so I would also be interested in that book. I am a home canner/ preserver for 2 years now so as a novice I am always looking for new recipes or methods. Thanks so much to you and Ashley for providing a wonderful opportunity of learning. It is very refreshing in this day and age!

  240. I have to choose just ONE!? The canning one is a clear favorite, but bee keeping & home dairy sound intriguing, too. I’m not sure i’m ready for chickens, but perhaps that book could change my mind…

  241. We so want to start raising chickens! Can’t wait to win this…my husband also wants bees. We also can and do a little dairy…. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Everyone have a great weekend!

  242. What wonderful books! I love them all, although I would love to get to read the “Home Dairy” book first, as I am starting to make my own yoghurt and cheese. We already have chickens and I have been dehydrating most of our produce with a little canning (pickles, jams and jellies) on the side.

  243. It’s always amazing to hear about people like that who seem to do everything…..we need to figure out how to take their energy and preserve that!

  244. I had checked out her Canning book and Keeping Chickens from the library and loved them. I am most excited about Home Dairy!

  245. BEES! We would love to be producing our own sugar while supporting our garden and other local gardens with such awesome pollinators. Hooray for these great books.

  246. I’d love to read all of these books. It is hard to pick a most-favored. But, since this is a canning blog, I’ll say the canning book. Or, the dairy. Or, the chickens. Or, the beekeeping.

  247. It’s tough to say which I would be most excited to have, but I think Keeping Chickens is in the lead. I have wanted chickens for years now but, being a lowly apartment dweller, lack the space. When I was a child, my grandparents’ next door neighbors had chickens and their daughters and I would head out to the coop to collect eggs in the summer. Nothing better than an egg still warm from the roost.

  248. I am excited about the dairy one!! (and the canning one and the bee one ect) these books appear easy to read and understand without scaring you off!

  249. I’m always amazed at what Ashely has and will accomplish. Overwhelmed again by the late season harvest from our garden, I think that “Canning & Preserving” would fit the bill perfectly for us.

  250. Since my husband is in grad school and we are living in a (very small) apartment, canning is the only one of these that is currently feasible for us… but I am eager (oh so eager!) to one day own chickens… and would love (love!) to read about dairy and bees as well. And in the mean time dream and scheme about eating all home-grown/produced foods. Please, please, oh pretty please! I would love to own this set of books (and my current budget doesn’t have enough wiggle room for purchasing them (sorry, Ashley).

    Thank you!

  251. Home dairy–I make yogurt once a week. But they all look great! (My aunt would be all over the bee book; she’s been trying to win my uncle over to the idea!)

  252. I would be most excited about the canning one at the point in my life, as someone who rents a small apartment with no land, this is the best I can do! But eventually, I would love to keep bees so I would keep this on my shelves for quite some time. πŸ™‚

  253. I would say that the chicken book would be the one for me. My Grampa had chickens and my brother has chickens….you can’t beat a fresh egg! I can have them in the city limits where I live, and have considered it several times, but I’m afraid I’ll mess it all up or won’t do it right! I would hope this book would convince me” I can do it!”

  254. While I would love any and all of them, I am most interested in Keeping Chickens. More and more of my friends are establishing small flocks, but I’m not sure I’d have the ability or nerve. Perhaps Ashley could persuade me that even I could do it (or confirm that I’m not really up to the challenge.)

  255. I’m excited about Keeping Chickens. We’re planning on building a chicken run and henhouse and getting our own hens in the next month!!!

  256. I have already read through the canning and preserving book from the library and found a lot of useful information so it would be great to have on hand. I have bees and would really enjoy to see her hive management techniques. But I am most excited for the Keeping Chickens series because that is our next goal down the road to start keeping Chickens and I need to learn as much as possible!

  257. My husband has for a long time wanted to keep bees. We have not yet taken that plunge so I am most excited about the bee keeping book. Although I do can and am always on the hunt for new recipes. Thanks for the giveaway.

  258. I am always excited for new canning recipes, but I have been thinking about getting into home cheese making, so the Home Dairy would probably be put to use immediately! One day when, we own our own home perhaps, I would delve into chicken and bee keeping.

  259. I recently discovered your blog and am so excited that I found it! Your blog is beautiful and full of great ideas, recipes, and information. All of the books look great, but the Canning & Preserving book would probably be the most immediately useful. But I must say, I’m pretty excited about the Keeping Bees and Keeping Chickens books too!

  260. I’d be most excited about the raising the chickens book. I’ve been raising my own for about 5 months now but I still have a lot to learn! Amazing giveaway, thank you for the chance to win!

  261. What a wonderful give-away! I’ve canned off and on for many years–but recently have wondered about raising chickens, and this could get me off my duff and just do it! Keep all the inspiration and tips and recipes coming–I just love your blog!

  262. My parents started beekeeping a couple of years ago, so I have had the pleasure of learning about honey production from them. I am most interested in the book on a Home Dairy. Who doesn’t love cheese and butter? especially homemade cheese and butter!

  263. Last year, I gave my whole family homemade pickles for Christmas, which I was so excited about! When everyone took their first bite, a look of disgust came across all of their faces, and I am now known for making terrible pickles. I would love to get the canning book so I can give it another try this Christmas! I want to be known as the person who makes amazing pickles instead!

  264. I would love ANY of them, but am most interested in the Bee book. We got a bee a few weeks ago and are hoping to get it into operation by the spring. Keeping Bees would be an asset! Thanks! kim

  265. I love her books! I checked the chicken one out of the library last spring and the kids I was watching loved reading it with me too! Thanks for the giveaway!

  266. Oh, wow WoW! Which one? Chickens pretty please! I just learned that in my little city yard I am allowed to keep some! Thank you πŸ™‚

  267. With five kids in the house who love to eat eggs and a backyard begging for a chicken coop, I’d say I would be most excited to read the chicken book!

  268. Oh my goodness, these books are ALL awesome looking. I guess I would say that Keeping Bees and Home Dairy are the two I’m most excited about – because these are both things I’ve thought hard about starting, but have been too intimidated to try. Maybe the books would give me a little push. πŸ™‚

  269. Oh my goodness! Those look incredible. I am most excited about keeping bees, but probably would use the homemade dairy & the keeping chickens book the most in my current situation.

  270. I have Ashley’s wonderful canning book and just taught my first canning class on Wednesday night, quoting liberally from the introductory chemistry section to explain some of the whys behind canning science. I would LOVE to have the other three, and to gift the canning book to my local library. Thanks for this offer, and for your great work!

  271. I’d love to read the chicken book. I’ve been on a mission to get chickens approved by our city for backyard farmers. We’d love to have hens without the roosters and be more self-sufficient. The books are beautiful and I hope they find a lovely home.

  272. I think I’m most excited about the Canning & Preserving – though the Keeping Bees and Keeping Chickens looks interesting too. (Might have to wait for a bit more space for the keeping dairy!) Thanks!

  273. I don’t know which one I would want to open first! While I love canning and cheesemaking, I just can’t resist a book about chickens.

  274. I’d love all these books! Realistically, I’m excited for the canning one which I’d use a lot – thanks to this blog and a few others I went from no canning experience this summer to having a pantry full of jam!. But I’m super excited for the beekeeping book because some day when I have a house I want to have bees – I have ever since Neil Gaiman started keeping bees and detailed it on his blog!

  275. I love this giveaway!
    I’ve been eyeing the Canning and Preserving book. Yip, that would be grand to have in my collection. Although, I would love to get my read on with all of them.
    Good luck everyone! Peace!

  276. Oh! I would love these, especially the dairy book. I’ve been wanting to make my own butter and cheese for a while now. Maybe having the book will finally get me to!

  277. Love. Them. All! Faves should be the Home Dairy and Canning/Preserving, as those are the projects I can currently accomplish in an apartment, but love the Chickens one too for future planning. Thanks for the opportunity!

  278. I don’t know which book I would prefer! I am raising chickens and bees, and I’ve been canning for almost 10 years now. I guess I’d pick the Home Dairy book since cows and goats are next on my list! Hope I win!

  279. All of the books!! We are in our first year of keeping chickens and our second year of canning. I am currently trying to convince my husband that bees would be fun!

  280. I would love to read the one about Keeping Chickens! This is something I have wanted to do for quite a few years and now that I’ve moved I have room in my back yard for a chicken coop!

  281. I love her Canning & Preserving book! I would love the home dairy one, and I’m excited about the opportunity to give the Canning & Preserving copy to a friend, since I already have my own!

  282. I would LOVE to get the DAIRY and the Chicken books but honestly would love them all, I haven’t seen any of them and love to can and preserve too. The whole collection sounds just grand! Thanks so much for the entry!! πŸ˜€

  283. Excited to read all of them. Chickens – because so much of what I read about raising your own chickens seems so complicated and too much info that just gets too confusing. I have the room and the time to raise them, just don’t know what I’m doing!

  284. I’d love to check out the canning and preserving book because that’s what I do the most of, but hopefully someday I can keep chickens, bees and make use of the dairy book too! Not enough yard space right now. πŸ™‚

  285. I’m most excited about the canning and preserving book, I live in a city where I can’t raise livestock (as much as I would LOVE to keep chickens). I just started canning this year and I can’t get enough of it. I’ve made a lot of jam, some salsa, relish, and I’ve got some mustard on the slate. Hope everyone is well. πŸ™‚

  286. I can’t decide between the canning or the dairy books. I think both would be very useful to me. but I think all 4 wold be awesome reads.

  287. I’m excited for the beekeeping book. I have already kept chickens, and actively can and make my own food. One day I’m going to have a little self-sufficient farm and that will be my little slice of heaven.

  288. I am so excited about the Home Dairy book!! We have had chickens for three years, are learning how to can, and the next big step is a Home Dairy!!

  289. All will be interesting to read and the canning book is the one I would mostly use but the beekeeping book is the one I am looking forward to most.

  290. Which one am I most interested in? All of them! They sound absolutely wonderful. But if I had to choose one, I guess it would be “Keeping Chickens.” I am in the process now of converting a wood shed into a chicken coop, so this book would particularly come in handy right now!

  291. Keeping Bees looks the most interesting to me, but I don’t think my neighbors would appreciate the hum of an apiary. Canning & Preserving would definitely get the most use in my house.

  292. Clearly I have no chance of winning these, but I’m so glad to have been introduced to them here! I should be most excited about the preserving book, since that’s something that I can actually do, but I am *really* most excited about the chicken book– or maybe the bee book. In any case, keeping either creature would be a major life decision, one I am not yet prepared to make, but I feel giddy at the idea that maybe some day I *could* be that self-reliant . . . .

  293. All of these books have been on my wishlist for quite some time, but I think the ones I am most drawn to are the Home Dairy and Keeping Chickens. There is a rooftop farm not far from my apartment in NYC, and I have been talking to them off and on about starting an egg operation up there as well – the chickens eat the weeds/veggie scraps from the farm, the manure fertilizes the “imported” soil, and then the eggs are another product for their produce market. I’d love to see the concept of rooftop poultry take NYC by storm (as we’ve already got rooftop farms and rooftop bees)!

  294. Dang, she does sound amazing. I’d like to be amazing, do you think I could be amazing if I were to read her books? Does she can her energy in jars, I think I’d need some of that.

  295. I would likely using the canning and preserving book the most, but I’m really curious about the Home Dairy book. I’ve been getting into making my own cheese and yogurt at home and would love some guidance!

  296. Here’s my comment on Ashley English’s books as well as my comment to thank you for all your work providing us ‘food in jars’ fans with innumerable suggestions and recipes. I would love to have a set of Ashley’s books, especially the “Canning and Preserving” one. I am very curious about the Dairy book info, and my son is thinking of raising chickens, so that book would be welcome as well. Actually, I would love to read the one about bees, because hundreds of bees are flocking (wrong word, I know) to our blueberry orchard sipping the berries and I would love to find out how to attract them to build a hive nearby (can you imagine blueberry honey – drool).

    Thanks for all your hard work on our behalf. I have learned so much from your website. I also get your posts on my FB wall and share them with my family and friends. Enjoy your Labor Day!

    Mary Ann Sweeney

  297. What a collection I would love to have them and can only hope my number is pulled. I farm in the desert and have a CSA, chickens and I teach canning. The next is bees. My husband and I have taken courses from the University and are assisting in caring for their hives. Our next goal is to have our own hives and reap the benefits of local honey from the bees collecting from the desert environment and our yard. This set of books looks great and I’m sure filled with great information. I know that the neighbors would freak if they knew we had a small goat the we rescued after being abandoned by mother goat at birth. She is three months old and we are still bottle feeding. Home dairy in urban living how crazy am I. So how do I choose which book I think home dairy it is my weakest understanding. How do you milk a goat anyway?

  298. I would love to read all 4 of the books, but the canning and preserving book would be the one I’d enjoy the most and get the most use out of.

  299. I’ve been dabbling in preserving and making yogurt & cheese, so the Home Dairy and Canning & Preserving books would be exciting to me. With my postage-stamp yard, I’d probably give the books on keeping chickens & bees to my best friend for Christmas — after reading them, of course!

  300. I have chickens, I have been canning and preserving for about 3 years, I don’t have a goat or cow but there is room here for bees. I think the bee keeping book would be a winner for me.

  301. I am most excited to get a chance to win the Canning book. I have checked it out from the library once and it gave me the courage to think I could begin canning. I am excited to learn how from Ashley and her book!

  302. I am most excited about the canning book! We already raise chickens and I have taken an extensive class on bee keeping my last year of college.

  303. You’re making us choose ONE favorite? Well, if I must…I’m so excited to get my hands on the home dairy book and start working on my own cheese and yogurt!

  304. ALL of them! Tough choice to pick one – Home Dairy (I’ve made a few cheeses and can’t wait to try more) would be so useful and fascinating, but Keeping Bees would be the main star for me – I absolutely love the idea of creating a haven for pollinators like bees! Lovely!!

  305. I am literally most excited about all of these books. If I don’t win this giveaway they’re going on my list “to buy.” Amazing topics to explore!

  306. I am most excited about the chicken book, as we received a set of three hand-me-down chickens early this summer, and I’m looking for advice on how to keep them fat and sassy through a New England winter.

  307. I would use the Canning and Preserving book because I have really gotten into canning and preserving this summer. I would also love the Home Dairy book because I’ve just started to make cheese – mastering ricotta before moving on to more difficult ones. I’d read the Keeping Chickens book to re-ignite my desire to raise some hens. And, maybe, by the time I got to the Keeping Bees book, I’d learn a couple of Ashley’s secrets for getting so many things done!

  308. Wow! What a woman! I sure need to step up my game! I act like creating 2 blog posts a week is worth gold. Thanks for the kick in the pants! πŸ™‚
    I would love her chicken keeping book most because we’re going to take chickens in a very different direction this year (pasture raised/grass fed). Hoping for success!

  309. I am most excited about the home dairy book! I have been doing a lot of preserving this summer and to have fresh, home-made yogurt and cheese to eat with jam and jelly over the winter would be amazing!

  310. I just recently came across your blog and both my husband and I have been devouring all your archives. We live in the Los Angeles area but have a passion to be urban homesteaders who feed our family healthy food. We have just started canning and freezing. Without much space for growing our own food part of our adventure is to find fresh food to preserve that fits within our tight budget. It is challenging but we are learning so much with each season. Your blog is so inspiring. In fact yesterday I found watermelon for 9 cents a pound so we will be trying out your watermelon jelly recipe this afternoon. All of these books look amazing but the canning and preserving one is on my current wish list so I’d probably stay up all night reading through that one first. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  311. These books are so awesome. i am very interested in bess but my brother (whom i live with) in interested in chickens. we live in the city and mid 50’s and hoping to learn to live a bit off the land…thansk for helping us to do and enjoy that..

  312. I purchased Ashley’s book “Keeping Chickens” back in January when I got my first little flock of ladies. I have used her book many….many times! My wife attended one of Ashley’s canning classes at her home several weeks ago! We both said how we need to buy the rest of her books b/c she is brilliant in sustainable homestead! We love her blog as well! It was great to meet her, her family, and her flock as well! We would love to add her books to our library so that we can benefit from her wisdom! Thanks!

  313. I would be thrilled with any of these books!!! With the down-turned economy and crushing financial losses many of us have had to face, it forced our family to look at life differently. Life doesn’t seem as devastating because we no longer see the losses we’ve endured and as a family we feel blessed we have the chance to grow towards something simpler and realize when we had more money we see how truly lost we were. Ideas of sustainability had seemed so out of reach and now we can see with some work these ideas are becoming realities. We are at the ground level of our learning so these books would enrich our lives and help change our world.

  314. I’m excited about all of them, but certainly that canning and preserving book would be my favorite! I just learned that you don’t need the canning rings on your jars after everything seals and cools. Perhaps this should have been a no brainer to all of you veterans, but for this rookie I was thrilled to learn something new about canning!

  315. The one that interests me the most is the beekeeping book. I am actually looking to start my own hives next year, so I am sure that would be an awesome resource. However, all the books look spectacular! πŸ™‚

  316. it really is terribly hard to choose which book id be most interested in. If they were all stuck together in one book I’d say THAT ONE! I am currently stuck in the city dreaming constantly of moving to a farm. Im trying to make that happen right now but have a feeling ill be let down.

    Im attempting to prepare myself for that bad news by thinking of how I could make my current situation reflect my dreams as much as possible…. I was recently gifted my grandmothers canning supplies and have a huge pile of tomatoes on my counter, so the canning and preserving book would lend me the confidence I need to try that out for the first time… Im also going to turn part of our detached garage into a chicken coop, so the raising chickens book would be of great help!

    And If I do by some miracle I get the farm Ill be adding an apiary so the bees book would be handy… And my best friend (a cattle farmer) offered to gift me my first cow when I get there so the home dairy book would be great as well….

    Thats basically it. I dream about it, and maybe soon ill read about it πŸ™‚

  317. I’m excited about the canning book, however, my sister would love the chickens book. She has just started raising chickens and it’s been an adventure for her!

  318. Oh, please! I’ve checked these books out from the library more times than I can count. I love them all, but am especially excited about the Dairy book. Keeping Chickens is a close second. Thanks!

  319. I have been canning since helping my mother when I was a little girl. Quite a few years back. I am always interested in new recipes but, I think my favorite would be the Keeping Chickens book. I have always wanted to have them and I know I can keep them even though I live in a city.

  320. I would most look forward to the book on raising chickens. My husband and I have been talking about trying to raise chickens for the last few years.

  321. I would love these books. We have always been into” back to the land” stuff. We are looking into keeping chickens next spring so the chicken book would Really help! I have a small lot but use it to the max with fruit trees and a huge garden!

  322. I borrowed the Beekeeping book from the library and really liked it. I will be adding it to my resource library. Haven’t had chance to see the others but I’m sure they are equally well written and easy to use.
    Thanks for opportunity of win them.

  323. I think I’m most interested in the Home Dairy book for myself. But I have friends who have chickens and bees, so those would be interesting reading as well. And the canning book goes without saying for any reader of this blog, right?

    Really, they all sound interesting. And they’re just really pretty books!

  324. I’m saving space for each of these books on my shelf but am most excited about the chicken book. I’m hoping to convert a storage shed into a lovely chicken home next year.

  325. Oh, what a great giveaway…The book I’m most excited about is the chicken-keeping book, because I’ve wanted chickens for a while. I’m gathering as much information as I can so I can make the case that they’re not filthy (especially when cared for by a neat freak such as myself) or disease carriers when I ask for a variance from my city!

    Thank you! πŸ™‚

  326. WOW,I have them on my wishlist on AMAZON.We have lots of chickens and I am starting to can now.We are thinking of bees in the future to help our garden grow.thanks for this opportunity to WIN

  327. I am dying to have some chickens but my husband would murder me. However, I think i could get away with the Canning and Preserving.

  328. I would like the book about chickens and the dairy. To win the books would be great because I am trying to do a “no spend” challenge for the month of September.

  329. I have the canning book and refer to it often. Have often thought about the keeping chicken book, but haven’t got that far yet — too busy canning!

  330. You’re asking me to pick between my dreams here. If I had to narrow it down to one, I’d probably going with keeping chickens. My bf and I are already conspiring and budgeting for how we’re going to own some laying hens one day: fresh eggs, live-in bug eaters, and free manure-makers? What more could a girl ask for? Oh wait, I do know: some homemade yogurt and fresh jam made with locally sourced wildflower honey (I recently read a mouthwatering recipe for some stone-fruit honey-based jam) to go with that breakfast omelet. Yum!

  331. I love, love, love Ashley English’s style of writing. I have devoured the canning and chicken books and have the bee one on hold at the library. So, of course, I’d LOVE to get my hands on the dairy book!!! Plus, now I’m excited to explore your blog! Thanks for hosting the giveaway! πŸ™‚

    (I will be on vacation and away from email until Sept 12)

  332. I already have the canning one, which i love, and would pay forward to someone if I were to win the set. Of the other ones, I’d be really excited to peruse the Home Dairy book, and learn to make cheese at home!

  333. ‘Keeping Chickens’ is the book I am most excited about, however, they all get me a little energized! We’ve just decided to start our urban chicken family and I will be converting a 1969 Serro Scotty camper into a chick coop. I can’t wait to share pictures!

  334. Today I’m going to try to can some green beans for the first time! The Canning book would really come in handy right now! The others are all subjects I have been trying to learn about since moving out to the country.

  335. My passion is for canning and preserving, but I aspire to keeping chickens and bees. I would use the canning book, but the beekeeping and chicken keeping books would definitely be my bedside reading.
    Thank you to you and Ms. English for offering these beautiful books.

  336. Any of these books would be an asset!! both canning & dairy would be my top picks. I’m on my first canning year and alway can use more knowledge. And so far yogurt is my only dairy attemt!

  337. I think I’m most excited about the canning book. While bees and chickens are something I’d like to have eventually, and dairy is something I’d like to get into, canning is one thing that I can do where I am now, which is a huge motivator.

  338. My goal of home ownership is less than a year away from reality; I hope to find a manageable homestead that I can expound on my current knowledge of gardening and canning, and branch out to raising chicks, bees, and maybe even a goat or two – these books would be a great additon to those goals. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! πŸ™‚

  339. Geez, hard to pick just one! Very interested in all 4 topics, but especially want to explore home dairy — trying my hand on goat cheese with some girlfriends this weekend!

  340. Hello! I would love to use the canning book. It’s that time of the year and I need new recipes for Christmas gifts. Have a good day!

  341. I wish I could keep chickens. Oh well. I think the dairy book is the one I would love to read most, though the canning book might be the one I would use the most.

  342. I’d actually love to look through the bee-keeping one. Our local library has the other 3, but not that one. I love her books and would love to have my own set!

  343. Wow! All four sound great! I know I’d use the Canning and Preserving book. We have chickens already, but I can always use more information about “my girls.” I’d probably wait on Home Dairy (even though anything dairy is divine) and dive into the book about bees. Bees are next on the home project list so I’d have to say Keeping Bees is my now-favorite.

  344. For me it’s the canning and preserving but for my children it’s the book about keeping bees – they are fascinated by the prospect of bee keeping.

  345. I am most excited to read the volume on bee keeping. The chicken one would go to my best friend who’s got 3 birds in her coop.

  346. They all look wonderful, but I’d probably be most interested in the dairy book first, then canning. What a wealth of information.

  347. Bees, definitely the bees, though they all look interesting. These books hadn’t been on my radar before your post and now I may have to check them out.

  348. I am excited about these books! We just bought some vacant land and are starting from scratch which is why I started canning and dehydrating. These are just the subjects we have been talking about; chickens, bees and yogurt/cheese. How great it would be to have these books as a resource. If she has one about building a log home, I’ll buy that! :o)

  349. Oh, oh, I’d love to win. We started keeping bees this year so I can always use more info there, but the place where we are really trying to get started is the home dairy. I’d love to win it.

  350. These books look so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing these on your blog! I think the one that I’m most eager to drink in, is Home Dairy! It appears as if there are perhaps, delectable recipes and LOTS of simple information on ventures with dairy at home-something I hope to begin within the next couple of years!

  351. All the books are interesting….but my pick and desire would be the Canning and Preserving. My parents and grandparents always put up their veggies, etc. and would like to do the same. Thank you, great site.

  352. I am really interested in the canning and preserving. It’s not knowledge I have inherited and am giving gardening a real go for the first time this year. They all look fascinating and informative.

  353. OH I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!!!! I’ve checked them all out from the library and they’re on my MUST GET list. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the look and feel of each of them…the photos, the colors. All of it. Being a chicken freak, I adored the chicken book, but the dairy and bee books would be most helpful to own, as I am getting bees next year, and also want ot learn more about cheese making. So, go ahread and send them my way. I’d be THRILLED to have them. THANKS!!

  354. Yeah! This is the reason I read blogs. Ashley English looks like the cosmic love child of Tasha Tudor and Martha Stewart! Plus I like how Marisa used the word gobsmacked in her post, (I’m driving that like I stole it). I’d take the canning book because I live among a lot of “undocumented” neighbors and my chickens would disappear.

  355. Ooh, the chicken one! We had them growing up in town and they all had names like Henny Penny and Chicken Licken! My husband and I failed at worm composting (too hot), but chickens are way cuter and accomplish the same thing!

  356. I would love to read the Home Dairy book becuase I have always been interested in making my own cheese and other great dairy products.

  357. I want to learn how to keep bees! Within the past year, we bought a house with a lot of land. I bought the chicken book in the Spring before starting our coop, and now we have six chickens (who just started laying eggs this week!) and plans to get more. We also really would love to have our own bee hive, but my husband thinks it would be too difficult to maintain. I would love to learn more about it!

  358. Having only recently tasted raw honey, I would love to learn more about beekeeping, though really all of these books spark my interest. Now to find that farmette and live the good life!

  359. Home dairy all the way.

    After growing up on a dairy farm and now living in the city, I’m downright desperate for crazy fresh butter and cheeses.

  360. Been canning like crazy! I love to try new recipes. I would love the canning and preserving book. So far this year we have canned strawberry jam, sauerkraut, 5 different kind of pickles, pickled asperagus, dilly beans, green beans, whole tomatoes, 3 different kinds of tomato juice etc. Also have done some pickled gizzards and pickled eggs. (My parents love them)
    I would really love to win your books!

  361. Yes. Yes! YES! She IS amazing, and incredibly creative and awe inspiring and down-to-earth and oh, how I wish I lived near Candler, North Carolina, so I could spend time with her and her family in the garden and kitchen learning from her. I would love to win this collection of books in lieu of that. I have dabbled in canning since the late 70s and am so thrilled to see it return to popularity, especially among younger women. And Ashley does all that she does so WELL! She makes it all look
    easy + accomplishable=inspiring.

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  363. Bee Keeping Bee Keeping, would be the book I’d crack open first! Just because I know so little and am very curious. The Canning and Preserving would probalby be the most worn out though!!

  364. I’m not sure which I’m more excited about. The canning and preserving I can use now, but I would ideally be using all of them to show my fiance that we need to have chickens, bees and dairy goats! πŸ˜›

  365. After an article in last months national geographic out rescue chickens from factory farms im most excited for keeping chickens.

  366. I would be most interested in the Bee Keeping book! This is something I have wanted to get started in ever since I became a gardening fanatic. I would also love the Chicken book….I’m slowly convincing my husband to build me a coop πŸ™‚

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    Thank you for the give away.

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    I’m always up for a new preserving book. But this year, we bought our first house. With that yard, I’m definitely becoming more and more excited about outside projects, keeping bees being one of them.

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  372. We may be moving to a new house that has a potential for a rooftop garden that would be perfect for beekeeping, so “Keeping Bees” would be very inspiring and helpful.