Giveaway: Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap 10 Cup Food Processor

Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap Food Processor

One of the things I’ve learned in my years of canning is that once the produce starts coming on in great waves, it’s helpful to have a small appliance or two in your kitchen arsenal to help break fruits and vegetables down into preservable shapes and sizes. I often use my blender to help soften fruit for jam making (pulse, don’t puree) and often use the grater blade for my food processor to shred all manner of veg for batches of relish or salsa.

control buttons

Recently, the nice folks at Hamilton Beach asked if I’d be interested in trying out their new Stack & Snap 10 Cup Food Processor. Since I’m always curious about new appliances (particularly ones that can help out during canning season), I said yes. I’ve had this guy in my kitchen for a couple of months now and there are a bunch of things I really like about it.

chopping blade

First off, I really like its general concept. Instead of having to turn and lock the pieces into alignment, the components of this machine simply stack together. Once you’re ready to process, two little pieces click and hold the lid in place. When I first used the machine, I found it a little disconcerting that the bowl doesn’t lock onto the base, but it has proven to be plenty sturdy, so it doesn’t worry me at all.

I also really appreciate the fact that both the chopping blade and the slicing/grating disc fit into the bowl for storage (I’ve never found a good method for storing the accessory discs for my other food processor).

grate and slice blade

It’s also a seriously powerful in the shredding and slicing department. I have used it to grate many pounds of carrots, cabbage, potatoes, fennel, and very old, hard Parmesan cheese. It’s been a champ with them all. I also appreciate how wide the feed tube is. Makes it really easy to get large root vegetables in there.

The chopping blade is also a workhorse, though I was disappointed to find that it sits up a little too high to be truly useful for moderately sized batches of pastry dough and pie crust. Still, it makes quick work of larger batches of dough and things like these sunflower seed and cheddar crackers.


My one complaint about this machine has to do with the length of the cord. It’s too darn short! Truly though, I find this to be the case with most modern appliances. Because my kitchen is 47 years old (and has never been remodeled), I have just a couple of outlets placed at either end of the room. I either end up positioning the processor at an awkward angle and stretching the cord to its full length or getting an extension cord. If you have a space with more generously positioned electrical outlets, this shouldn’t be an issue for you.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with this food processor. I’ve long used a first generation Cuisinart (my aunt Flora bought it sometime in the mid-seventies) for my processing needs and I was pleased to see that this inexpensive unit could do much of what I ask of my vintage machine.

Finally, the giveaway. Hamilton Beach has generously given me eight of these Stack & Snap 10 Cup Food Processors to give away to my readers. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about your favorite small kitchen appliance. Food processor? Coffee maker? Immersion blender? Hand-cranked coffee grinder?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Friday, June 14, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog over the weekend.
  3. Giveaway open US residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Also, make sure to check back tomorrow, when I’ll be sharing a recipe for fennel relish made right in the Stack & Snap (with action pictures and everything). If you’re a fennel fan, it’s certain to be a new favorite.

Disclosure: Hamilton Beach gave me one Stack & Snap 10 Cup Food Processor for review and photography purposes and they’re providing eight additional units for this giveaway. They did not pay for inclusion on the blog and my opinions remain entirely my own. 


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1,230 responses to “Giveaway: Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap 10 Cup Food Processor”

  1. My absolute favorite kitchen appliance is my kitchen and mixer. I wanted one for so long and I finally got one.

    But I can tell you my husband would quickly fall in love with something that will grate cheese and potatoes for him! 🙂

  2. definitely my immersion blender…before i got one, i doubted it would be any more useful than just a regular blender, but i use it so much more often than my regular blender–easier to clean, and so convenient for making smoothies right in the cup, or blending soups right in the pot.

  3. I had a lovely little food processor / blender — or rather, I still do. But last week, inexplicably, the silicone gasket got caught in the blending action and was sliced to bits into a flourless chocolate almond cake! After fishing all (excepting two, embarrassing, small shards) I baked and served it anyhow. I and one guest got a small bite of silicone, and I had to apologize profusely.

  4. I think at the moment my favorite has to be my newest 🙂 I just got a little cuisinart ICE21 ice cream maker and can barely wait the 24 hours between batches, especially now that perfect nectarines have hit my market!

  5. I have a crank type turning peeler for making curly fries and zucchini noodles. I think I paid $20 for it on Amazon. What a fun thing! Especially with grandkids.

  6. My favorite kitchen gadget, believe it or not, is my vegetable peeler. I’ve lived without one for 10 months now and miss it. But, I’ll be moving back to the U.S. in two weeks, and going home to no only it but also a small food processor that cuts up veggies in one or two short whirls. Nice. I love it too. It’ll help with all the Chinese dishes I’ve learned to make while in China.

  7. So hard to choose just one, I love my Kitchen Aid mixer, recently discovered how much I needed an immersion blender but this time of year I use my iced tea/iced coffee maker the most of all.

  8. Definitely the food processor! It does so many different things from grating to chopping to making dough, I couldn’t do much without it!

  9. My must-have kitchen appliance is my Kitchen-Aid. I can’t imagine trying to bake cookies (or make frosting, or whip egg whites) without it!

  10. My most favorite kitchen appliance is my Kitchen Aid mixer. I love that thing…and I use it almost everyday!!!

  11. Current favorite is my Cuisinart ice cream maker. I can control the fat, sugar content and still end up with a tasty frozen desert. Right now I’m playing with different variations on coffee ice cream.

  12. I know you asked for one favorite, but I have three, my kitchen-aid mixer, my electric teakettle, and my immersion blender.

  13. At the moment, I’d have to go with immersion blender. It’s so easy to puree some delicious soups without worrying about hot liquid going everywhere.

  14. The only thing I have is one of those plastic wheel things that half the time I get mad at and finish cutting with a knife. Sure takes longer but sanity is in tact. LOL

  15. I love my mixer and my food processor. Both were wedding gifts 10 years ago and have been used almost nonstop until…last month. My husband busted the top on our FP and “Fixed” it by folding a piece of paper where the plastic hook used to be. Did I mention that you have to press on not with a seriously sharp knife (continuously) to keep it going. Good times. Don’t even get me started on the mixer. The fave that works is my blender because it is trying to make pesto, hummus and more the way the FP used to.

  16. What a great machine! My favorite kitchen appliance is my Oster blender, but mostly because I don’t own a food processor. And soon I won’t even own a blender as I am moving and leaving my beloved blender with my sister. I would LOVE to win one of these!

  17. I have gone through so many “favorite appliances.” I had a real love affair with my stand mixer when I first started baking breads, but that’s gone with my obsession with Lahey bread. I loved my crockpot to pieces when I was in the Army and had to have some way of having food at the end of the day, but it’s been a long time since that. I think at this point, my favorite kitchen appliance is my current food processor, but she’s about ready to go to the appliance graveyard in the sky – she’s my grandmother’s from the 80s, and I’ve just worked her to death. We got the burny smell again today while I was making cat food, and I’m scared of whatever is growing in around the spring that you cannot get to to clean… It looks like seaweed.

  18. Gotta go with the tried & true food processor. Although it would be more esoteric to name a more novel gadget, I don’t seem to reach for more than the food processor for all my staples and crazy experiments.

    It helps me to maintain a minimalist kitchen.

  19. My favorite appliance is a little cheap hand cranked mixer. I use it to whip egg whites all the time! Everytime I use it I think about burning my own calories instead of using electricity! 🙂

  20. My favorite kitchen appliance is my pressure canner. I use it for waterbath canning, pressure canning, and making giant batches of homemade vegetable stock from vegetable scraps. My second favorite was my Cuisinart food processor, but the bowl dropped and cracked. 🙁

  21. We use the immersion blender, the toaster oven, the kitchen aid mixer and the ice cream maker on a regular and frequent basis. Picked 16 pounds of strawberries, capped and froze them. Time for jam this week!

  22. I could easily be a kitchen gadget junky !! My favorite overall is my mixer. Love it for all types of baking. I need a better food processor – This would do the trick I’m sure. Thanks for giving us the chance to win !! PS Loving your cookbook – can’t wait to start jamming soon. Been raining so much – I hope the berries don’t drown 🙁

  23. one of my very favorite is my old Hamilton Beach food processor! I’ve used it for everything – including crushing ice, and grating hard cheese! The poor thing is ready to retire…

  24. I love my Nissan insulated French press. It brews a tremendous cup of coffee, and keeps it warm long enough to enjoy a second cup.

  25. Lately it has been my Blendtec blender which I use every day for smoothies and green juice but I also love my Kitchen aid mixer. I feel torn having to choose.

  26. My favorite small appliance is my coffee grinder. I didn’t believe that it would make a difference in my coffee, but it is just wonderful.

  27. I love my immersion blender. Mine came with a mini chopper that is perfect for chopping nuts or small amounts of onion or other vegetable. I also use it for making things like cream of broccoli soup and aioli. Couldn’t live without it.

  28. I have to say that my favorite small kitchen appliance is my electric tea kettle. It gets used several times a day!

  29. I could not live without my Kitchen Aid stand mixer!! It allows me to multitask without messing my creations up. Plus it helps me make a mean meatloaf .

  30. These days I am totally enamoured with my hand held Foodsaver vacuum sealer. On Sundays I pack all of my breakfasts and lunches for the work week in jars and seal them up!

  31. It’s a toss-up between the immersion blender and our new electric tea kettle. Boils water in 4 minutes. Can’t beat that!

  32. My all time kitchen fave is an old-style, hand crank slicing & grating machine called a Griscer Slicer. We live in Amish country, so non-electric kitchen things are kind of common & this one is even made by a local company! I use it for everything from shredding cabbage & carrots to grating soap for my homemade laundry detergent!

  33. Ummmm… my hand-me-down food processor that is currently leaking oil, has a cracked bowl and I’m sure, any day now, will completely shut down on me after close to 20+ years of use.

  34. I use my Kitchen aide the most. My Cuisenart is next in use. It is 20 years old and hte plastic is cracking, so I have been researching replacements for it.

  35. I use my Kitchen aide the most. My Cuisenart is next in use. It is 20 years old and hte plastic is cracking, so I have been researching replacements for it.

  36. Definitely my immersion blender. I use it all the time for healthy soups and smoothies. And it’s really easy to clean!

  37. Hmmm, I guess it would be my coffee maker since I use it every day! A close second is my stick blender, but I use it for soap-making and blending my oils with the lye 🙂

  38. My favorite kitchen appliance is my beloved workhorse standing mixer. I think I use it for pretty much everything and almost everyday. Second place goes to my immersion blender. I feel like a ninja when I use it. 😉

  39. My heavy-duty Bosch mixer gets the most use. It has a blender attachment, ice cream maker, and citrus reamer which makes it very versatile.

  40. My favorite appliance and also newest, is my simple food processor. What a difference it makes with prep for canning. I also have to say my coffee maker is my most important! Without it, I don’t know how I would get my day started!!

  41. I don’t have a lot of kitchen appliances, but I really love my air popper for popcorn. I don’t have a microwave, so that’s how I eat my popcorn! With real butter too, mmm.

  42. My favorite is my panini grill. I use it for so many different things besides just paninis. It is in constant use.

  43. My favorite small kitchen appliance is my food mill. Even though it’s not electric and can be tiresome to process large batches, I use it for everything!

  44. I *adore* my immersion blender. It’s a cheap one but it has made many batches, smooth as silk, apple and pear butter. In addition, I depend *heavily* on my crock pot–I also use if to make the butters mentioned above and regularly use it to make Greek yogurt for my DIL and grandkids.

  45. This is hard…by appliance I imagine you mean ‘electrical’ or crank powered…but, I have to say I have two microplane graters and just love how they make quick work of things like garlic, ginger, cheese and clean up is easy…if it has to be electric, I think my immersion blender would be tops for its ease of use as well. For canning there’s just nothing better than my food processor to slice and dice and grate.

  46. My favorite appliance ha to be my newest – a hot water kettle. We bought it for tea, but I find myself using it all the time, especially when canning.

  47. Immersion Blender! However I do use it for tasks best suited for a Food Processor and occasionally smell burning….

  48. If you exclude everything related to my morning survival cup of coffee, my favorite appliance is my immersion blender. Making applesauce is a snap with it, because you just stick it right into the pot. I only got one last year and I don’t know how I went so long without it!

  49. Wow! What a gift! My favorite appliance? This has to be my mini food processor. She has served me well – even if I wish she was a little bigger sometimes. I love the fact that I can whip up a chopped onion with very few tears! The small size forces small batch processing so the end product is more consistent.

  50. This summer my plan is to use my blender with regular mouth mason jars for individual serving sized smoothies for me and my 3 year old! 🙂

  51. My favorite kitchen appliance . . . well, that depends what I happen to be doing that day. One that I use every day and would hate to be without is my Bunn coffee maker. When I see my dad drive in, I grind the coffee, put it and fresh water into the Bunn and by the time he gets to the door (which is only a few minutes), the coffee is ready!

  52. I’ve come to adore my kitchen scale. I find baking so much easier now that I’m weighing most of the ingredients instead of measuring them. There are fewer things to clean, and I think my baked goods turn out better.

  53. My favorite small appliance is my hand crank nut chopper. It is attached to a 1 cup container, so I know when I have enough nuts chopped for cookies or muffins. It is also my favorite because it was my Mom’s, and I have many memories of sitting at the table chopping nuts while she baked & we talked about everything & nothing.

  54. I use my coffee roaster every couple of days because we are huge coffee drinkers. I suppose I could also mention the frequency with which I use my coffee maker 😉

  55. At the moment my favorite is a heavy duty coffee grinder. It will never see coffee though. I use it to turn dried beans into flour in one easy step – beats all the grain mills I’ve used.

  56. It is hard to pick just one. I love my immersion blender, hand mixer and processor.
    My processor is too small. and the feeding tube is too small. I need a larger capacity.

  57. My KitchenAid is the workhorse of my kitchen, therefore making it my favorite.
    My “vintage” Cuisinart has been limping along for a few years and I could really use a new one.

  58. Far and away my favorite is my Cuisinart immersion blender. It came with a small chopping attachment, and between the two heads of the device I get a lot done. I make a lot of creamy vegetable soup in the winter, and being able to puree it without having to ladle hot soup into the blender — priceless. I also tend to puree or part puree right in the pan before I turn on the heat when making jam.

    I, like you, have an old and inefficient kitchen and no present options for upgrade – so I don’t have a lot of appliances. I just don’t have room! I’m starting to think about expanding a little for functional reasons. Hand shredding jalepenos, for example, is a very iffy process! Lots of what I do could stand a technical upgrade.

  59. My favorite kitchen appliance is a grinder. I have two – one for coffee beans, one for dried peppers and spices.

  60. My favorite machine in the kitchen is the coffee maker. I DON’T start my day without my coffee. 😉 I would love to add a food processor to it.

  61. My most used is my coffee pot, my favorite is currently my KitchenAid mixer. I recently had to put my food processor down, it was about 20 years old (it was used more than any appliance) and had cracks in the plastic part of the blade but it did it’s time with much grace! 🙂

    Love your blog, just love it.

  62. In our house the blender is the most used for smoothies. This is because the food processer is a monster and a little unreliable. Hamiton Beech is all about simplicity it looks like. And I like that.

  63. It’s a toss up between my hot water kettle (gets used most days and I have had it for 10 years) and my food processor (hummus, pesto, banana soft serve, yum)!

  64. I love my coffee maker first and foremost. I will say my food processor ties with my coffee maker. I use it for all my chopping needs as well I make butter every week in it.

  65. My toaster oven. My first apartment in Chicago was a 10×13 studio without a working oven for the first 8 months or so. I did everything in my toaster oven from baking chicken to melty nachos, and I nearly mastered baking cookies in it. I’ve moved into a bigger apartment, with a full size working oven, but I still use my toaster oven on a regular basis. Old habits as they say.

  66. That’s a tough one….coffee maker has to be the number one must have…but a new food processor would be close to number one 🙂

  67. My favorite kitchen appliance is my KitchenAid Stand Mixer. I absolutely LOVE it and it never leaves the counter. 🙂

  68. A manual processer has been my favorite for making hot pepper jelly for the last several years, although it has started to wear. There are many cracks in the container itself from so much use!!! The food processor would be a much needed addition. Thanks sharing your thoughts on so many useful products!

  69. I guess my favorite appliance other than the coffee-maker, would have to be the 35+ year old food processor. Though after several cross country moves all but the all-purpose blade have long since disappeared. The blade storage feature on these new Hamilton Beach ones would be a real godsend for us!

  70. My fave is my mini food processor. The container holds about 2 cups which works well when grinding up small batches for 2 people. But a larger processor – oh the possibilities! 🙂

  71. My favorite is my Cuisinart Miniprep food processor. It only holds about 2 cups, but it’s just perfect for small jobs where maybe you just want to chop some onions or garlic in a hurry.

  72. Does an electric kettle count as a small appliance? Because it’s definitely one of my favorite things in my kitchen.

  73. I was stumped trying to think of a favorite kitchen appliance. The coffee maker is important, love the stand mixer and food processor, the immersion blender is handy dandy. But quite honestly, my FAVORITE appliance is one I never use. It’s a vintage (50+ years old) waffle iron that was passed down from my grandmother to my mother to me. Yes, it still works… I just haven’t made waffles in ages.

  74. Food processor! I couldn’t make pesto without it. I asked for one for Christmas some years ago and my mom lugged it on the subway all the way to Queens for me. If I win this one, I’m giving it to friends who keep talking about how they want one.

  75. Countertop real estate is sparse in my kitchen but during the summer months I keep my ice cream maker out and use it regularly for ice creams and sorbets to fend off the heat and humidity! It’s a seasonal favorite!

  76. I think that my favorite small appliance may be the crock pot. Or my Kitchen Aid. Or a food processor.

    I have a small kitchen problem.

  77. Right now my favorite small appliance is a Cuisinart immersion blender. So portable & it comes apart for easy cleaning & storage. I use it almost every day! I don’t have a food processor so I would LOVE to win one!

  78. I love my blender it’s a kitchen aid with a food processor attachment that can be swapped out! I used the food processor so much last year in my first canning season that it is time for an upgrade. 🙂

  79. Favorite is probably an old Black & Decker steamer/rice cooker – often I cook rice for dinner a bit early then add more water & steam the vegetable also.

  80. My all-time favorite appliance is my blender at this point. Normally it’s my juicer but I don’t have one at the moment. I’d love to have a food processor for whipping up all sorts of rawsome creations. Thank you for the amazing giveaway!!!

  81. Right now, my favorite kitchen appliance is my blender. I LOVE smoothies and having tried it both in the blender and the food processor, blender works so much better. Second, though, is my KitchenAid mixer. Not only as a mixer, but with the attachments, when I am canning, it saves TONS of time.

  82. I love my coffee grinder for freshly ground spices! My food processor is about to die, though, and I would LOVE a shiny new one before canning season starts!

  83. I used to love my old blender, which was slowly wearing away from so much use. As a birthday and engagement gift, my parents just gave us a beautiful Vitamix, and I know that will quickly become my new favorite applicance.

  84. Gotta be my coffee maker, a matte black Cuisinatr one I’ve had for 10 years or so. This model is so perfect for me I have a brand new one sitting in the box so I’m covered when this one finally says good-bye.

  85. I can’t imagine life without my food processor. Without it, I’d be devoid of many soups and sauces. Unfortunately, in the 10 years I’ve owned it, I’ve managed to bump and damage it a bit.

  86. Coffee pot. Hands down. Without that, I can’t function well enough to use sharp instruments. That food processor looks awesome!

  87. I love my trusty Kitchen Aid stand mixer for baking. It’s been with me 25 years and has never let me down. Lately, though, I’m addicted to homemade peanut butter made with my food processor. Yum!

  88. Our most relied on kitchen appliance right now is our rice cooker. We use it all the time for steaming fresh veg, making hard boiled eggs, white and brown rice, and making beans from scratch. It saves us tons of time and allows us to focus on rating less convenience food and more homemade.

  89. Our most relied on kitchen appliance right now is our rice cooker. We use it all the time for steaming fresh veg, making hard boiled eggs, white and brown rice, and making beans from scratch. It saves us tons of time and allows us to focus on rating less convenience food and more homemade.

  90. My favorite appliance in the kitchen is the apple corer…OMG love it!! It peals apples so nice and evenly…What can I say I am from the Apple Country…

    Thanks for a great Giveaway..this would be a great addition to my kitchen!

  91. Love my immersion blender. Received it at a bridal shower and it stayed in the box for a while until I figured out how awesome it was!

  92. I love my Braun coffee grinder. I am a big coffee drinker and prefer freshly ground beans. This grinder has been in use for many, many years.

  93. I could not survive without my coffee maker or my stand mixer! But I’ve been aching for a good food processor so I’ll be crossing my fingers on this one. Thanks!

  94. I love my blender and couldn’t live without it! We use it everyday for smoothies and it does an awesome job making frozen banana ice-cream.

    Course….prob couldn’t live without my coffee maker either…. :o)

  95. My Immersion Blender with the mini food processor has to be my favorite small kitchen appliance. Its so versatile ( i hate products that only have one function) from blending soups into creamy deliciousness, to chopping basil and garlic for pesto and power whipping cream for an airy dessert topping.

  96. my favorite kitchen item would either be my Cobalt Blue Kitchen Aid stand mixer – I think I’ve had it for about 25 years and it still works great! or my Vita mix blender – which I use almost every day.

  97. My favorite kitchen appliance has to be my 28 year old Kitchenaid mixer. It’s a bright red workhorse that continues to do anything and everything that I want it to do.

  98. I have a favorite food processor is the one my mom has been using in Slovakia for years – back there the brand was Ronic and it was medium size (4 c)one. When my neighbor in the US was cleaning her house and ask me if I want the food processor she had and never used, I almost squealed. It was the exact same one my mom had (except the brand was Sunbean in the US). I already knew how versatile it was and love it until today. That said i would welcome bigger food processor with a few more options. Thanks for blogging, I have your book and use it regularly while canning.

  99. I received an immersion blender for Christmas a few years back that I now don’t know how I ever lived without. As much as I love the immersion blender, I’m in need of an actually food processor to help with chopping big batches of vegetables, making breadcrumbs, etc. etc.

  100. I’m still working on my morning coffee, so definetly my coffee maker at the moment. Its an ultra fancy model that also produces hot water on demand. Though my mixer comes in at a close 2nd.

  101. My “most used” appliance right now is my keurig coffee machine because I had a baby in February! But my “favorite” kitchen appliances are my food dehydrator & kitchen aid!

  102. I do love me some immersion blender! It’s one of those appliances you do not even realize how much you need until it becomes an essential ingredient in your cooking experience!

  103. Kitchenaid stand mixer. Between the mixer and all of the attachments, it gets used the most. Oxo serrated vegetable peeler might sneak in second.

  104. My favorite appliance – that’s tough. I do enjoy my bread machine. I teach full time, so the pleasures of kneading and rising are not in my schedule. The bread machine makes bread of many kinds, dough for pizza crust, and in general makes the house smell great.

    Then there are the slow cooker – in three sizes – but that would take more than a comment box for a description.

  105. My favorite appliance is probably my rice cooker. Probably because, in 30 years, I have never figured out how *not* to burn rice on the stove.

  106. I have two favorites, my mini food chopper and my electric knife sharpener. Would love to win the processor!!

  107. My toaster oven. We have given up having a microwave, so this is invaluable in quickly heating up food, warming plates, or baking when it’s too hot outside to turn on the oven.

  108. Sadly I don’t have a favorite electric appliance. Tho my stove is pretty darn nifty, for a 1980’s model.. Cast-iron burners and a build in, interchangeable grill/griddle.

  109. It’s a tie in my kitchen between the coffee maker and the immersion blender. I’m sure that this food processor would soon make it a three way tie!

  110. I’m in love with my toaster. There is nothing better than perfectly toasted bread with some butter on it. It’s a black and decker 4 slicer that has 3 different settings including a frozen and bagel setting. It’s great!

  111. I love my immersion blender. It originally came with a little mini chopper, but I’ve list the blade to that. I’m very interested in this processor. I, too have and old Cuisinart.

  112. In the summer my favorite appliance is my food processor. I put tons of veggies in with Very Veggie juice to make gazpacho- delicious! Unfortunately my food processor is limping along and wil need replacing soon.

  113. I’d say it’s a tie between my immersion blender and my Crock-Pot. Especially when I make a pureed soup in the Crock-Pot and I get to use them both together!

  114. I have an itty bitty cuisianart chop and grind that is handy, but my kitchenaid stand mixer is probably my favorite appliance. Easy to use and clean!

  115. I love my immersion blender for making smoothies. It was only $30, but strong enough to blend ice. My husband loves that we don’t have to wash a whole blender and its parts, just the blades and stem of the blender.

  116. My favorite is my immersion blender. It’s so versatile, very compact and easy to store and clean up is a breeze compared to other small appliances.

  117. Favorite appliance? My water boiler! I make a pot of tea every morning and some evenings and it boils water faster than anything.

  118. I absolutely love my immersion blender and use it for everything from salad dressings to soups to various purees. I don’t own a food processor (gasp!) and would love to add one to my arsenal!

  119. I’d have to say that my food processor is an absolute necessity in my kitchen. I’ve used it so much that I’ve broken one the blades off!

  120. My KitchenAid Mixer is by far my most used and loved kitchen appliance! I have many attachments for it and it meets almost every cooking and canning need that I have.

  121. Only recently purchased an Immersion Blender – love it especially for canning all the fruit butters I make. It makes short work of pureed cooked apples, peaches, plums and other fruits (with their skins on) so I can put up small batches of healthy foods. Gotta say, though, that my very old but very functional coffee pot is probably my favorite kitchen appliance. Couldn’t start the day without it!

  122. Right now, my favorite small appliance in my kitchen is my Nutribullet. It’s great for mixing up smoothies, fresh tomato sauces, pancake batter, and other liquidy mixtures.

  123. My favorite kitchen appliance? That’s a hard one, is it my canning pot, my coffee grinder, my coffee pot or is it my new mandoline? Have to go with the mandoline, it’s made life much easier. I’m guessing that this will be my favorite appliance when I win it! 😉

  124. The best small appliance gift I’ve received is a vacuum sealer. Once I got the hang of it, it has greatly expanded my ability to store food bought and prepped at the height of their freshness. Can’t live without it now!

  125. Immersion blenders are the best thing since sliced bread! I love to make thick soups and stews, so no more worrying about hot contents in a regular blender.

  126. Immersion blender. It took my husband years to convince me that they were a good idea. Now I don’t know what I’d do without it.

  127. My favorite appliance is definetly the coffee pot. The rest of what I do can pretty easily be made without the electrical outlets. The coffee can too – I just find it easier to do in a machiene than on the stove. 🙂

  128. I do love my immersion blender. It’s such a simple thing that makes creamy soups, smooth apple butters and more so easy! I also love my micro-plane grater as I am forever zesting frozen lemons. 🙂

  129. My KitchenAid stand mixer – it was my first “major” appliance buy upon graduating from college (all too many years ago now!) and it has mixed many a batch of cookies!

  130. My favorite small appliance? Immersion blender. Of course soups and smoothies and such, but it also helps me get smooth ice cream from cream-on-top milk.

  131. I have a VitaMix (a wonderful birthday gift from my husband this year) that I use tons and LOVE. However, some things you just need a food processor for. I would love a really great one!

  132. My KitchenAid mixer is my favorite appliance. Next up would be my Ninja blender. I’ve had it for only a couple of months but it’s the bomb!

  133. I love my mom’s Vitamix. I live with her right now and use it all the time. It’s so much better than the cheap blender that we used to use. I need to get a food processor or great blender of my own for when we move to our own place in the near future.

  134. My first thought was my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. But really, my immersion blender gets used far more often. Unless you count my coffee maker. That ultimately wins hands down. Love me, love my Keurig.

  135. It’s a little weird, but my French press is my most useful kitchen tool! Besides the obvious hot coffee use, I strain cold brew, nut milk, and blended fruits and vegetables to strain the pulp and make juice.

  136. I love my Cuisinart but it too is an older one and lacking certain design features I need. A new one would be great, especially during canning season!

  137. My favorite is my Keurig coffee machine, since my husband doesn’t drink coffee. With this I can have a hot cup of coffee any time without feeling like I wasted a whole pot.

  138. Probably my stand mixer, right now. It’s not a Kitchen Aid, but I have attachments for a blender, grinder and slicer/grater.

  139. For putting up jams and preserves, I really enjoy an immersion blender. I do not have a dishwasher so, anything I can use to minimize washing is great! I do love my food processor for making hollandaise and curds. My workhorse is a 1988 Cuisenart. I do need a new bowl for that.

  140. my favorite gadget is probably my salad spinner. makes my life SO much easier. followed by the food processor. i’m on my 2nd one since 1999, both hamilton beaches. those babies are built to last! but mine’s a little 4-cup job. i’d love to get my hands on the big’un.

  141. I love my kitchenaid stand mixer. I have many attachments for it, but I really want the pasta attachment. I would love to make my own pasta someday.

  142. My favorite is probably my Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer. It can do so much, but it can’t do everything, which is why this food processor would be an amazing addition to my kitchen. Thanks for the chance to win!

  143. My bread maker is probably my favorite right now, it doesn’t heat up the house in the summer they way making it in the oven would.

  144. I love many of my kitchen appliances. My toaster oven is probably my favorite, but also my waffle iron for stocking up on freezer waffles for my kiddo. I also really enjoy my dehydrator.

  145. I make a fair amount of soups thus, my favorite appliance is my immersion blender. In fact, by regular blender died on me and I have not replaced it as my immersion blender has done all I need it to do.

  146. I love my immersion blender, my grain mill, my mixer, my blender and my bread machine for kneading dough for me…I did LOVE my food processor until it died less than 6 months after I got it. I’m praying really hard to win this one as I would LOVE to have one for canning season again! After having one one time I’m not sure if my wrists would be willing to go back to the shredding and chopping all by hand again!

    And yes, you did say one appliance, but really, I use them all frequently, often multiple times a week and I’m grateful to have them!

  147. My most used kitchen appliance is the kitchen aid mixer. But right now everyone in my house is IN LOVE with the cuisinart ice cream maker. Ice cream for dinner!

  148. most used is the coffee maker, but i actually rather dislike it (plain old drip coffee tastes so much better and is more pleasant to make, but unfortunately my mornings are not really designed for pleasant anymore). favorite is probably my immersion blender for versatility (and ease of cleaning). or crockpot for making beans. or sodastream if it counts as a kitchen appliance. hmm

  149. My favorite ( for it’s longevity) , is the Braun “citromatic” 2. A true survivor, going on 30 years of use and abuse!

  150. My favorite is probably my sandwich press. It was a gift from my husband last year and we use it to make all sorts of grilled sandwiches,… one of my favorites is granny smith apple, brie, and honey.

  151. The tiny food processor my friend got me when I had my little girl is my favorite. It processed just the right amount for the freezer containers I stored her food in.

  152. Immersion blender and small food processor. It’s nearly the season to use both for fresh tomato gazpacho, yum. I do have an ancient multi cup Cuisinart food processor that lives in my car because I need it both at home and at camp; definitely could use a new Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap 10 Cup Food Processor!

  153. I love my blender, we use it for smoothies, protein shakes, and milkshakes. Although i use my crockpot a ton and really love that too.

  154. My favorite small appliance has to be my Kitchen-aid stand mixer – I love that thing! But I also loved my food processor before it broke 🙁

  155. My cordless immersion blender is amazing. It is the best for pureeing soups and even has attachments so I can easily chop nuts, herbs, etc. in its own container. The best thing about it being cordless is I don’t have to worry about plugging it in and having the cord fall in the pot!

  156. My favorite small kitchen appliances are my electric kettle and my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I would like my food processor more, except that is is ancient and missing its shedding disc. A new food processor would be lovely!

  157. I love my immersion blender, I have so much fun making soup because of it, and it’s just so generally handy, not to mention fitting easily in a drawer.

  158. Probably my mini blender. My large one bit the dust so the little one has been used more than ever. A nice big one would be awefully nice.

  159. I love my Vitamix, but I sometimes forget that pulsing is possible – I tend to let it’s power get away from me so a food processor would help me control my ‘puree’ monster..^_^

  160. My stand mixer is my go to gadget. My food processor bowl is cracked & I haven’t gotten a replacement yet, so this would be great as canning season begins!

  161. Our Zojirushi rice cooker. It has a timer so we can set it at night for hot cereal in the morning or in the morning for grains at night.

  162. Even though I got a KitchenAid stand mixer not long ago, I really like my Cuisinart hand mixer. It does as well as the other, except that you can’t leave it and go off for a minute or two!

  163. I love my toaster oven. We use it multiple times per day, for all kinds of things. I loathe my current food processor and never use it. Winning this would be a blessing.

  164. I am so dependent on my appliances. It’s hard to pick one, because my favorite depends on what I am doing. The one I couldn’t live without is my food processor-an early Cuisinart that I’ve had for more than 30 years!

  165. I used to have a mini chopper/food processor that was perfect for making smaller portions of hummus, pesto, chopping herbs, etc. I hate getting the big one out for those small tasks but since I don’t have it any more I usually get out a knife and cutting board.

  166. Appliance-wise I can get by with only a handheld blender and small food processor in my kitchen…I don’t even need a microwave (lived without one for 6 years before getting one as a gift)

  167. I make my tomato sauce in the food processor. Instead of boiling the tomatoes and peeling them, I just throw them in the food processor. Saves a bunch of time and I always have an influx of tomatoes at the end of the gardening year.

  168. I have a tiny 2 cup food processor that I use all the time. A bigger one (my previous big one needs replacement) would be fantastic!

  169. I’m not a huge gadget girl but have been thinking I need to get a reliable food processor. I currently use my hand chopper from Pampered Chef for most things but it’s a LOT of work when making big batches of relish and salsa!!

  170. I have to say my favorite appliance is my coffee maker. Without it I would be a daily mess and not able to see what I am supposed to be canning as my eyes would be too blurry, lol.

  171. I have to say my favorite small appliance is my immersion blender. I love using it in the Fall to puree butternut squash for soup!

  172. oh my, my old old hand-me-down food processor recently died entirely, and trying to make do with my immersion blender (which is so by far my favorite small appliance, especially with the whisk attachment… looooove it) and a teensy cheap-o mini-processor that I regularly overfill… well it just hasn’t been cutting it. love this!

  173. My KitchenAid mixer! And my digital scale. I use them both all the time. I bet I would get plenty of use out of a food processor too!

  174. My espresso machine Sylvia and my coffee grinder Rocky. I know you said just one, but Sylvia and Rocky have been a couple from the start. They’ve been with me for almost 12 years now and still going strong.

  175. I got an immersion blender as a wedding gift and Ive used it several times a week for years. Salad dressing, pesto, soup and of course applesauce and fruit butters!

  176. I can’t go a day without my Keurig! But most of the rest of what I tend to use in the kitchen is non-electric, and I don’t even own a food processor so that would be a wonderful addition. Thanks!

  177. I love my immersion blender for soups and the waffle maker. This food processor would be perfect for homemade baby food- I have a little one on the way!

  178. I think my favorite small appliance right now is my Sodastream which I use for bubbly water. I love to throw a few strawberries from the garden into the water for a little added flavor.

  179. My favorite kitchen appliance has to be my Keurig machine. It’s doesn’t chop, puree, mix, or anything like that, but without it, nothing gets done.

    Second place goes to my Kitchen-Aid stand mixer. That thing is a workhorse.

  180. i have a weird obsession with kitchen appliances – but my favorite would probably be my small (like 1 or 2 cup) food processor – but i dont think that’s gonna cut it when i want to start making my own baby food.

  181. It’s a tossup between my mini-food processor, my Kitchen Aid hand mixer, and my salad spinner. I like my mini-food processor but there are times when I could certainly use a larger one! Thanks for the chance at this very nice giveaway.

  182. i love my immersion blender so much, i love using it in hot soups! but i am in need of a food processor, been chopping too much cabbage by hand for kraut and my hand gets tired 🙂

  183. My Kitchen Aid – what a good thing it is ! I would love to win this contest so I could quit using my hand crank grinder – relish making would be so much easier .

  184. Mine has to be my soymilk maker. I havent used it in awhile but it’s awesome because it makes nut milks too, and leaves me with the pulp which i make into veggie burgers. yum!

  185. My favorite kitchen appliance is/are my electric beaters. I still use the same ones that I remember my dad making chocolate chip cookies with when I was a kid in the 70’s. In fact, it’s quite possible it could have been a wedding present to my parents. It still works, although sometimes it can’t handle whipping, so I have a newer one for that, but it’s the only time I use the new one. I’m sure I’ve licked the beaters a million times and I just can’t bear to use new ones. I hope it lasts forever!

  186. My fav appliance is my mini food processor! I use it a million times a day. I use it to make salad dressing, guacamole, to grind home-grown spices…anything, you name it 🙂 What I don’t have is a BIG one. Much needed in my kitchen!!

  187. My favorite is my jelly maker ! Love being able to make fresh jam and jellies right from my garden! LOVE IT !

  188. I adore my immersion blender. My brother got it for me for Christmas about 4 years ago, and at the time he asked, “Are you sure you’re really going to use this thing?” Now I text him every time I pull it out — smoothies, soups, butters, sauces, and a million other uses — to show him how much I’ve gotten out of it. 🙂

  189. My favorite kitchen appliance is my food dehydrator. I use it daily either making snacks for the kids or for preserving food to put in jars for future use.

  190. It’s embarrassing to say – but my George Foreman grill. Seriously. We make a ton of grilled cheese in my house, and this makes it easy (ier).

  191. I have a old school mandolin my mother gave me. I love slicing with it but my husband gets upset every time I use it. He says I’ll slice my finger. Guess thats why they’re made with guards 🙂

  192. My favorite is the mixer. Always trying to make a different cake recipe. If a get this new food processor I will try to make the recipes for your book. One of my “summer manifesto” is to learn how to make jam/ jelly.Thank you for this chance.

  193. Favorite appliance? I hate to say coffee maker but that’s absolutely true. I will say my newest passion is my food dehydrator though. It’s amazing.

  194. i love my coffee maker…couldn’t live with out it- or I would at least go broke at starbucks. thanks for the chance to win this. looks like an awesome kitchen tool.

  195. My Blender. I live off of smoothies so much of the time! My food processor is 25 years old, and a new one would be amazing!

  196. I love my Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. The attachments make it far more versatile than I would have ever imagined. (Big fan of the Nutribullet, also!)

  197. Coffee Grinder: This was the best purchase I made when it came to kitchen tools this past year. It has made amazing spice blends out of my garden grown herbs. It has allowed me to use the leftover tomato skins and “gunk” from making tomato sauce and bloody mary canned mixes. I take the “gunk”…dry it on parchment paper in the oven and then grind it up in the coffee grinder with some salt-Yum!. Perfect for seasoning future tomato sauce, making pasta, on salads, or putting on the rim of a bloody mary drink. I also toss in dried jalapeno peppers and more! So many awesome things can be mixed up and used in the future! You can do sweet blends too…with dried fruits and sugar or just dried fruits. 🙂

  198. I love my food processer!! My favorite things to make in it are hummus, eggplant dip & guacamoli, Mmmmmmm! My processer is on its last leg, I think my mom gave it to me when I moved out…cough cough, years ago!! It would be lovely to have this one fill its shoes!! 😉

  199. My sister gave me an immersion blender last year, and I’m not sure how I got along without one for so long! This spring, I’ve been making tons of soups with it (nettle, sorrel, ramp, and potato soup is a new favorite).

    That food processor is mighty shiny! I also make/freeze a lot of different pestos (I’ve got pea vine in the fridge that I need to pesto-ize tonight), and that would be a lot nicer machine than the tiny 1-cup processor I have now.

  200. The one I probably use most is my Aeropress, which keeps us caffeinated on a daily basis (the Chemex is for weekends/brunch/visitors). It’s nice because my partner and I keep very different schedules, so we can each make a single cup of coffee at different times.

  201. I’ve had my Hamilton Beach coffee grinder for 15 years! I use it every single day, often more than once! I wouldn’t get to the rest of the tools in the kitchen, without it. 🙂 Great little machine, made very sturdily.

  202. I have a 20 year old Cuisinart whose motor is still grinding but the parts have about had it. Would love to try out something new and different!

  203. My favorite is probably my Kitchenaid mixer. I got the big one for making bread and double batches of cookie dough. However, the one I literally use all the time is my sunbeam electric water heater. We make tea all day long and it is so handy to heat up a cup of water. I have one on my desk at work too.

  204. I love my food processor – I wasn’t sure how often I would be using it so I only have a four cup one, but now that I’m in to it, a larger one would be superb! I love making pestos and sauces with it.

    And it’s funny, but my second favorite appliance lately has been a rice cooker. I always thought they were a little silly (how hard is it to make rice?). But it makes perfect rice EVERY time (which I do not) and it leaves a burner free on your stove and keeps things nice and warm. It’s kind of perfect.

  205. My pressure cooker is my favorite kitchen appliance. I will be canning a ton of stuff next month. Also love my counter top farberware electric grill.

  206. I love my extra coffee grinder, which I use for spices, but mostly to grind up dehydrated tomatoes to turn them into intense tomato powder.

  207. Depends on the moment. KUERIG in the morning, ninjas cooking system for easy dinners, but I just got a food strainer and grinder fir my kitchenware stand mixer which I look forward to using during canning season!!

  208. Our fav is the Nutribullet – We use it everyday – but would totally love a food processor! Thanks so much for the chance to win : )

  209. I’m almost embarrassed to say but my “Magic Bullet” that I got as a christmas gift. As a single guy, it is perfect to grind spices (so I don’t have to use my coffee grinder), make marinades, vinaigrettes, etc.

  210. My favorite kitchen appliance is my kitchen aid stand alone mixer. It is nice to turn on the mixer and be able to do something else for a minute. Especially when beating egg whites!

  211. By far, my immersion blender. It really helps make the smoother jams I prefer, and it doesn’t spatter at all. It comes with a cute storage bag, too!

  212. Like many, it’s absolutely my KitchenAid mixer. I never realized how incompletely I was mixing things before and now everything is so beautiful I can hardly get over it. Second place definitely goes to my Braun coffee grinder — an amazing little thing that makes my French press coffee so much nicer.

  213. You will totally laugh at me, but my favorite kitchen appliance (and most used next to the coffee maker) is my air popper. We eat a ton of popcorn around here, and it is so much yummier when it is air popped!

  214. Wow! I am torn between my toaster oven because it is convenient and cooler when in use, and my KitchenAid stand mixer, which is still going strong after 35 years. I love them both! In fact, I bought a kitchen island/cart to put them on together, side by side, because I have a tiny kitchen.

  215. I received a Hamilton Beach food processor as a wedding present 32 years ago. It lasted 30 years before I dropped and broke it one day. I never realized how much I depended on it until it was gone and I would love to have a new one!

  216. My immersion blender rocks! Blends everything from roasted tomatillo salsa, to awesome kefir smoothies and makes an incredible soup!

  217. My favorite kitchen item would be my garlic press. I use that soooooo much! But if it needs to be electric…..I guess my blender. It gets used quite a bit as well! 🙂

  218. My favorite is the coffee maker! Hands down
    I would use this processor for salsa for canning- looks handy 🙂 Thanks!

  219. My favorite appliance would be my Waring Pro Waffle Iron, oh the crazy waffles I make with ease of access to family made maple syrup. I broke my last food processor and after throwing away my mandaline slicer post finger injury I have little to slice correctly.

  220. Ooh, that’s a toughie. I’m going to give the award to best small appliance in a supporting role to my immersion blender. Who’da thought?

  221. My favorite tool is my Cuisinart FP. Grates hash browns every weekend! I’d love to send this little Hamilton Beach beauty to my daughter who has a tiny kitchen and desperately needs a food processor. She was just promoted to prep cook and I’d love to congratulate her success with this cutie looking food processor. Thanks for sharing your experience with it!

  222. I love my little kitchen aide chopper. It’s tiny and I usually end up making several small batches to get the job done! I do a lot of cooking and prepping but could not afford a big fancy food processor. This would be a dream come true 🙂

  223. I love my coffee grinder! I eat gluten free and use it to grind my own small batches of nut and seed flours. I would love to see how this Hamilton Beach Food Processor handles some of these tasks.

  224. I really enjoy my KitchenAid mixer…I use it so often and it’s beautiful enough to live out on the counter full-time, especially with the new glass mixing bowl.

  225. I love my good old Salad Shooter. That feels strange to say, but it’s super handy for making piles of shredded veggies for lettuce wraps, spring rolls, etc. and clean up is fast and simple.

  226. As a Mom in a two income/two career family I don’t have time for things like chewing. I live on smoothies. A few years ago I splurged on a high speed blender and it’s been a wonderful time saver. Also, frozen margaritas.

  227. Breadman bread maker. I used to make bread maybe twice a year. With the bread maker, I’m probably making it once a week (or dinner rolls or pizza dough). I like that I don’t have to heat up the oven in the summer for a loaf of bread. My only complaint is I wish it would beep before it started the baking cycle so I could remove the mixing paddle.

  228. I work my little immersion blender half to death sometimes, but it hasn’t failed me yet! Smoothies, salad dressings, and all manner of other yummies from the kitchen!

  229. I would have to say it’s a toss up between my immersion blender and my food dehydrator. Don’t know what I’d do without either of them.

  230. I love my vacuum sealer (yes I consider it an appliance because I use it all the time). Buy larger packages and break them down into smaller uses.
    I would love to have this for my garden in the summer, then I can seal all my stuff up after processing!!

  231. I love my food dehydrator! As someone with many food allergies and restrictions I have to make most of my food from scratch at home. The food dehydrator makes it so much easier to always have healthy snacks on hand when I need them. Your blog is also a great help to keep me cooking at home!

  232. My favorite small appliance has to be my little espresso machine…I don’t use it often, but when I do, it’s heaven!
    My food processor is almost 30 years old, I got it as a wedding present, so I’d really like to see how a newer model compares, but I can’t justify buying a new one since mine still works fine.
    ps…love your blog, and your cookbook!

  233. My immersion blender is my favorite small tool to use… makes me smile every time! I’ve never had a food processor and would love to see how one would work in our kitchen. Thanks for the chance.

  234. Almost 8 years ago when I was pregnant with my first I bought a Magic Bullet Blender. I got the extra cup accessory package and made smoothies for breakfast while pregnant. Since then I have used it more then any other small appliance in my kitchen. Individual smoothies, milkshakes, frozen alcoholic beverages, pecan butter, pancakes, and more, all made in it over the years, and if the blade isn’t on tight it might leak. But overall it is my favorite blender.

  235. Have to say our hand mixer/Immersion blender wand has to be the most used. We use it to make soup, used to use it to make baby food, make lot’s of sauces with it.

  236. My extra coffee grinder is my favorite tool currently (even though I use my immersion blender more often). I use it to grind medicinal herbs like milk thistle seed for myself and my dog.

  237. I’m still in the honeymoon phase with my month-old Vitamix (I’m just now branching beyond smoothies), but will have to award the gold medal for longevity to my good ol’ toaster.

  238. I love my immersion blender. I do a lot of canning and it’s quick and easy to use when I need something smooth. Great for making individual drinks or snacks for the kids and us.

  239. I love my immersion blender. I used it last night to puree garlic scape soup (also used my food processor yesterday to make garlic scape pesto!). It’s so hard to choose just one — that’s like asking which child you like best! I love them differently.

  240. My favorite small appliance is my Cuisinart coffee grinder. I love to buy whole beans and make coffee on the stove top, so I use the grinder all the time.

  241. My favorite uber-low-tech “appliance” is my garlic/ginger grater—just a nice, small, handmade ceramic plate with tines carved into it. I do not want to live without it!

    This Hamilton-Beach sounds great!

  242. I use my regular ol’ handmixer quite often and my favorite part is the plastic storage container it snaps into – holds all the attachments. Turns out it’s a Hamilton-Beach…who knew?

  243. Every time I use my cheap, old toaster, I have to smile. I’m not usually a fan of single-purpose kitchen appliances, but nothing beats a piece of hot toast spread with butter and home-made jam!

  244. I love my old salad shooter/mixer. (It has mixer attachments) I bought it for around $15 clearance at Walmart some time ago. I love using it to make cucumber salad because I love how quick it slices the cucumber. The mixer attachment is great for my kids to use when making cakes/cookies.

  245. I’d say my Kitchenaid stand mixer, I have many attachments so I get a lot of use out of it.
    Hamilton Beech has always been a tried and true company. I kick myself for not choosing their food processor. Foolishly I purchased a Cuisnart, I’ve had to replace the top and the new one broke as well. I can’t open the top, which is very frustrating and time consuming!!

  246. I use my super old food processor A LOT but I’ve lost the slicing top blade which would be sooooo useful (hey, when you get things 2nd hand you really can’t complain about missing parts!)

  247. My favorite kitchen gadget is the electric teapot. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heated water to start my canning bath off faster or just to top it off.

  248. I wouldn’t survive without my coffee grinder! My husband uses a hand crank, but my electric one gets the job done fast!

  249. I love my coffee grinder. The smell of fresh ground coffee in the morning is wonderful. I have a food processor, but it is old and in dire need of replacing. I would love to have this.

  250. My cuisinart immersion blender with chop attachment. I love it for smoothies, soups and small to medi jobs.

  251. I love my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. It is well worth what I paid and the attachments make it even better. I don’t currently have a food processor but I desperately need one for canning this year.

  252. Toss up between my ice cream maker (nothing beats home-made ice cream) and my electric kettle with different temperature settings for different types of tea.

  253. I’m gonna have to say my Breville juicer is the most magical appliance in my kitchen. Instant delicious fresh juice to fuel your day or a beautiful addition to a creative cocktail!

  254. My favorite kitchen appliance is my Keurig. My favorite food related appliance is my Kitchenaid mixer. I don’t know what I would do without either one!

  255. That is a tough one, depending on the time of year as to which is my favorite! Right now I couldn’t be without my salad spinner with all the greens coming out of the garden! I just got a yogurt maker and it is on the top of my list right now too! Come canning season I could really use a good food processor, I wore mine out a couple years back and have been using my Ninja blender in it’s place. The Ninja will be my favorite appliance when it’s time to make soups to freeze for the winter, the 72oz pitcher is great for soups!

  256. With the type of canning I do, the Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap would be a real boon to my pantry! But in lieu of having one, I have to say my immersion blender is perfect for smoothing out sauces and quick purees, not to mention the occasional lumps in the gravy! Love your site, keep up the yummy good work!

  257. According to which season it is. If its winter my mixer would win (always baking something) summertime it would be my food processor for all the bounty from the garden.

  258. Electric tea kettle. I use it multiple times a day to boil water for tea or for cooking. It’s super easy. I also use it when canning to add boiling water to the canning pot and help everything heat up faster.

  259. Oh! Thats a tough one! I love my stick blender, and I used to have a teeny tiny food processor (maybe 2 cups) that I loved everything about ( except size) that I have yet to replace since breaking… Maybe if I am lucky! I could win a replacement!

  260. MDaysvorite kitchen appliance is the coffee maker 🙂 I wouldn’t have gotten through some days without it!

  261. Hmmm, hard to choose my favorite small kitchen appliance, depends on my mood and the season I think. Would have to be either my immersion blender or my regular blender, they both get used a lot!!

  262. I love all my kitchen gadgets/appliances, but my favorite is still my Vitamix. It was a splurge, but well worth it. But the food processor would come in handy when prepping for canning 🙂

  263. My favorite is my old Cuisinart food processor. My husband gave it to me before we were married so it is about 18-19 years old. Slowly all of the pieces have broken apart. You need to use a butter knife to rig it to work and hold the top down so it doesn’t fly off along with the blade. But, oh the wonderful things it can do! Saves so much time!

  264. My coffee grinder has been used for many things besides coffee beans. I love it. I also love my coffee press. I have never made coffee in it either.

  265. It’s a tie between my food processor and my immersion blender. If I had to choose I would pick my immersion blender since it’s so versatile.

  266. I love my french press and use it every day. I’m the only one who drinks decaf so I can bring it along when we travel or even go camping. Just because you’re pooping in the woods doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a good cup of coffee!

  267. us citizen traveling in scotland’s western isles, the hebrides, the inner hebrides, on the isle of mull at kilbrennan farm b&b – using a different kitchen to me ~ different utensils, different appliances ~ finding an electric hand mixer with semi-flexible wire beaters did the mixing job fine and was way easier to clean than the typical us rugged-style beaters ~ that HB stack and snap food processor would do the trick in my kitchen ~ no garden this summer as we are traveling in europe – but will take advantage of the community farm at the bottom of the hill when home for veggies, tomatoes and such to put up ~ like your site and book ~ thank you!!

  268. My all time favorite small kitchen appliance is my immersion blender. I never knew that I could love an appliance, but I love that thing to pieces 🙂

    I’ve had a couple food processors, but I’ve yet to find one that really sings for me, maybe this will be the one.

  269. It’s a tough choice, but I’m going with my rice cooker. It has been saving my busy ass lately. And coffee grinders should be a different category, they would always win!

  270. My favorite appliance is a 30 year old Oster Kitchen Center that my husband bought me as an anniversary gift. I didn’t really appreciate it at the time, but it’s done everything I needed/wanted it to do. As most things do, the motor is starting to wear out and the plastics are getting old and yellowed. I will be replacing it with all separate appliances. Maybe I can start with a new food processor!

  271. I LOVE my immersion blender. It’s just a small little thing, but it comes in SO handy. My food processor is a thing I rescued from my church store. It’s cracked and barely works, but I haven’t brought myself to shell out for a real food processor. The chance of winning a brand spanking new one my really excited!

  272. I love my kitchen aid mixer! It was my mom’s 1st big purchase in the 70’s! It is over 40 years old, avocado green, and still works like the 1st day she bought it. I have had it over 20 years now.

  273. my kitchenaid stand mixer – i wanted it for so long and now that i finally have it, i use it for all kinds of things, even when it probably isn’t necessary. 🙂

  274. I can’t go without my morning coffee, so of course I love my coffee maker. I also loved my food processor until I left it on the stove and melted it. Major bummer!

  275. I think my absolute favorite is my blender with the wide mouth tube. It is vital for processing from the garden. I have replaced parts several times. I really would be happy to win an new one!

  276. I have a few….the one I use the most is my electric kettle…then the immersion blender and the small food processor…I cook a mainly from scratch, and use those two to prep ingredients almost daily. I really need a larger food processor 🙂

  277. I really like the immersion blender. We don’t have a regular blender so it is nice to use for making smoothies and such.

  278. I really like my Hamilton Beach single cup coffee maker. I’ve used it every morning for the last 2 years or so and little bugger only cost me $18 or so. 🙂

  279. My grandma’s old hand mixer! Christmas cookies taste best when mixed with nostalgia, and the 2 detachable beaters means no fighting over who gets the first lick.

  280. My Vitamix. I got it primarily to grind grains into flour, and it does that very well. But it also makes great smoothies, sorbets, and soups.

  281. Wow – 8 food processors! That is a crazy giveaway. 🙂

    I have a tiny Cuisinart that is also ‘vintage’ (i.e. from my childhood). It does the job, but there are times when I wish I had a larger model, especially in the heyday of summer preserving. My favorite appliance is probably the immersion blender: so, so much easier than transferring hot soups & fruit butters!

  282. My favorite is my old Regal food processor. My husband got it for me 18 yrs ago and I never used it until a few years ago when I seriously got into canning. I have used it for countless batches of sweet pickle relish, tomato sauce, jams , applesauce…it has made fast work of all of these. I am grateful for all these neat appliances that make our lives easier than grandparents had it !

  283. Thinking about my favorite, I realized I don’t actually have that many! I probably use my old Waring blender (two speeds – on and off) the most. I like the immersion blender, but I haven’t quite got the hang of it yet. My mixer died and hasn’t been replaced yet, and I’m not a coffee drinker. Then again, there’s the toaster….

  284. Absolutely my purple KitchenAid stand mixer.
    But I’ve been in the market for a food processor to start making some serious nut butters & flours. Totally exciting!

  285. My fav electric appliance is a toss up between my hot water kettle and stand mixer! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  286. Definitely my coffee grinder. It’s an oldie but a goodie – a hand me down from my mom, and it’s still grinding away every day!

  287. I love my stand mixer. I find it hard to kneed bread by hand, and this makes it sooo easy to make bread daily, not to mention all the other goodies I can mix up quick and easy.

  288. I recently inherited my bf’s Mother’s 35 year old Kitchen Aid she got as a Wedding Gift – it’s a heavy son of a b* but it’s my first one and love it!

  289. My favorite appliance is totally my immersion blender. I have one with a bunch of different attachments, including a whisk attachment, so it doubles as a hand mixer. It spends very little time in the drawer due to waffle making and soup blending…

  290. I have a very small (2 cup) Ninja that I use to chop fruit when making jam. I love it, but wish is was bigger. My absolute favorite is my old crank grinder that attaches to my table. I don’t have a slicer or chopper, so this would be great when canning.

  291. I love my immersion blender, it makes things so much easier. But my Kitchen Aid stand mixer is a very close second 🙂

  292. My favorite small kitchen appliance is a tie between my juicer and my blender. I love fresh grown goodness! (That is what has drawn me to canning to begin with.) My blender turns ordinary fruits and veggies into delicious smoothies and the juicer can take any produce and extract the delicious nutrients for energy in a glass. The best part is I can make adjustments to customize my flavors (just like I’ve learned to do with *some* of my canning recipes.) 🙂

  293. My all time favorite kitchen appliance is my immersion blender. I don’t know how I lived without one so long! It makes so many tasks simple.

  294. My coffeemaker (or any coffeemaker for that matter) will always be my favorite (and necessary) kitchen appliance. I grew up with the scent of freshly roasted coffee, and my morning is not complete without it!

  295. That would be my workhorse mixer that I’d have to call my favorite. It does so many different jobs for me!

  296. I’ve been very happy for years with just a mini food processor (which I’ve had to replace a couple times), and it’s the most-used appliance in my kitchen other than the coffee maker, but this post is making me think I might truly need a full-size one. Hm.

  297. The Cuisinart ( I’ve had it over 20 years ) is the work horse during canning season. But the over all everyday most used is our Big KitchenAid mixer.

  298. My favorite is probably my immersion blender. I love using that thing for jams, butters, and spreads.
    And I’m expecting my first child in September so I’ve started using it to make purees for baby food…I’m sure this food processor would help with that too!

  299. I have a food processor I use like crazy during canning season It has got to be at least 24 years old. I would love a new one : )

  300. my kitchenaid mixer; it’s not quite ‘small’, but…it does many things! and, i use it all the time–for baking! and, now, for pasta making (w/the attachment)!

  301. Since learning that regular mouth mason jars fit on my blender’s blade base, it’s been the blender. Last minute grab n go smoothies have been a lifesaver this last week of school.

  302. My immersion blender wins hands down! Love that I can puree a soup without moving the hot soup to a blender to process. Great for salad dressings too. Yesterday my blender died, so I whipped out the immersion blender and made my berry breakfast smoothie and it was perfect.

  303. Don’t laugh, but my favorite appliance is my old La Machine food processor (circa 1985 I think). It’s old and falling apart, so I’d love a replacement for it!

  304. I use my Cuisinart Smart Stick nearly every day. It’s great for soups, smoothies, protein shakes, instant pudding, frozen coffee, apple butter, spaghetti sauce… yeah, I use it for everything. Love the small size for storage in my itty bitty kitchen and love the easy clean up. Even bought one for my best friend for Christmas!

  305. I love my Blendtec blender. I can do just about anything in it-smoothies, nut butters, you name it. I would love to have a new food processor as well.

  306. My butter yellow KitchenAid Epicurean mixer is a true love, and a vintage 1920’s tea kettle large enough for anyone to shout, “Hot water and plenty of it!”

  307. My Nutribullet. I only ever used my coffee grinder to grind seeds, and now I have a blender and grinder in one. Loving it!

  308. My favorite is my waffle maker. It is the one thing that cant be replicated by any other tool and easy to never mess up. I am gluten free so its hard to find a good GF waffle. A good food processor help me make great toppings for any waffle.

  309. I love my immersion blender. My husband actually pushed me to get it. I didn’t think I’d ever use it, maybe during canning season. But it’s handy for all kinds of things. Second is out hand crank coffee grinder. Grinds it perfect, fits on top of a canning jar and slows down the pace of the morning…which I like.

  310. I love my food processor! However, it is an older model, and like you mentioned about the older ones you have used, it is a pain to store all of the accessories for it, since you cannot store more than one disk/blade in it at a time. I would LOVE to have a new one! Love the blog, and love, love, love all the awesome knowledge you pass on to us!!

  311. I just recently learned the joys of an immersion blender, and although a rather specialized tool, when it’s the right one for the job – it’s amazing!

  312. I am in the middle of a passionate love story with…my Vitamix! Can’t spend a day without using it! Food processor and Mandoline come quite close though!
    This new food processor looks very good…I would love to win one!

  313. 2 favorites in my kitchen are my coffe grinder that is solely used for grinding spices and my stick blender. Those are the two that get the most use in my house.

  314. I guess it would be a tie between my coffee maker (I really shouldn’t be allowed in public without coffee) or my immersion blender. I’ve found lots of great uses for it!

  315. Not sure if this qualifies..but my favorite small kitchen appliance is my digital thermometer. If not, my Vitamix.

  316. My rice cooker is my favorite small kitchen appliance. It’s so nice to be able to make a big batch of rice one day and have it stay fresh and hot for the next 4-5 days. My crock put would be a close runner-up, because we use it for everything from cooking meals to making apple butter to rendering fat.

  317. My favorite kitchen appliance would have to be my coffee maker. She’s not fancy but she gets me up and ready for the world every single day! 🙂

  318. I use my immersion blender quite a bit, especially now that I’ve been making smoothies most mornings in order to use up the whey left over from making yogurt. It’s also great for making pesto (I use almond meal instead of whole nuts, though it’s possible that the blender would do just fine). Just last month I was asking friends on Facebook what a food processor would do for me that my immersion blender wouldn’t, and though they convinced me that I should buy one, I haven’t yet.

  319. I think I love my blender and food processor equally. They both allow me to cook with whole foods and save so much time in the kitchen.

  320. I tend to go in phases with favorite appliances. Right now it’s a tie between my yogurt maker and blender. I make the yogurt then make smoothies in the blender.

  321. I loved my immersion blender – until it died. Now I love my Ninja blender. It makes great smoothies and can still give me some good soups like the immersion blender did (just not as easily).

  322. My Kitchen Aid mixer gets a workout every week. I think I have every attachment available from the strainer to the sausage stuffer.

  323. Love my Kitchen Aid mixer … use it all the time! But I’ve been dying for a food processor (the mixer was a wedding gift). Thanks!

  324. I use my little 4-cup food processor constantly for making dressings, chopping nuts, pureeing veggies and beans, etc. It’s a workhorse but I’m afraid that its old motor is going to burn out any day now. I’ve been dreaming of upgrading to a bigger model for just the tasks you mention: shredding and slicing.

  325. My favorite small kitchen appliance, without a doubt, is my vitamix. It truly is a wonderful, time-saving device. However, it doesn’t shred as a food processer would.

  326. I use my food grater probably the most. I like to grate my own cheeses and I also use it for zesting citrus, as well as slicing different vegetables.

  327. Honestly, I think that my food processor is my favorite appliance! This week alone I’ve pureed strawberries for ice cream, whirled up some hummus, and made kofte.

  328. I love my electric peppermill, gravity fed. Alot of times I am cooking and only have one hand available and cannot use both hands to grind the pepper, my gravity fed peppermill is awesome! Need a food processor for canning though, 🙂

  329. I have a mini food chopper. I use it almost everyday in food preparation. This year I am planning on canning and could use this food processor in many ways. Thanks!

  330. well….I’d have to say my immersion blender…use it for soups, jams & milkshakes! I’d like to say my processor, but one of the plastic pieces snapped off shortley after I got it…still functional, but not as easy to use….therefore got pushed to the back of the lineup! This would be a delightful replacement! Thanks for sharing!

  331. My favorite appliance is definitely my Magic Bullet. I’ve been using it to make smoothies and milkshakes for years and its still going strong. I love making green smoothies in the morning. Only downside is when you want to make a batch of something (ie salsa) the blender attachment doesn’t hold much and it can only do very small batches. For that, a real food processor would be MUCH handier. 🙂

  332. My immersion blender gets a *lot* of use. It was a gift from a friend who swears by hers as well. It took me awhile to use it, but once I did, I never looked back.

  333. it’s most likely the addiction talking but i love my french press for everthing. He’s an awsome multitasker and makes a damn fine cup of coffee… much better than that german fellow mr. kurig

  334. I also have big problems with all the appliance cords being too short! Maybe it’s because our kitchen hasn’t been rewired since it was built in 1948. 😛 So I do an awful lot of appliance work either on the kitchen table (delightfully backbreaking) or right next to the sink. I have three essential appliances: the toaster oven, the rice cooker, and the immersion blender. As always, thanks for a great giveaway!

  335. I love my immersion blender for all sorts of soups and sauces. I never bother with a regular blender, my immersion blender does it all.

  336. I love love love my coffee maker. I work nights so it is a necessity. The next best in my opinion is a food processor but unfortunately I do not have one but would so love to be able to invest in a really nice one…

  337. my blender/processor which is about 12 years old … although it’s teeny tiny compared to this giveaway – the processor is used for all sorts of small projects. wouldn’t mind a bigger one though as I have always wanted to try making cookie dough in the processor.

  338. The appliance I use and love the most is my Kitchen Aid mixer. I have started making more things from scratch and couldn’t do without it.

  339. I love my 50 yr. old Kitchen Aid Mixer. It was handed down to me by my mom who got it from her mom. We do so much with it from baking to meat grinding and now we are looking into the pasta attachment.

  340. I am definitely in love with my electric kettle. It’s a holdover from study abroad that speeds up a number of “boil water then add X” processes in addition to being in almost constant use for tea.

  341. We got this great Breville blender with a dome-shaped bottom and these cool blades that suck the particles downward because we couldn’t afford a Vitamix and we LOVE it. Other than that, does my shihtzu count? She’s tiny and follows me around the kitchen like a Roomba catching crumbs!

  342. Favorite? Well, that depends, but probably the VitaMix would be the most missed if it disappeared. Or the immersion blender, if a VitaMix is “bigger” than “small.”

    Do not have a food processor and tend to use the VitaMix and the KA attachments instead. But there are times when a food processor would be very nice to have. This one looks about ideal. Thanks!

  343. oh gosh, my panini press, no contest – but I think that’s because it doesn’t have a lot of competition – right now I don’t even have a toaster! I like to use it for grilled cheese (obvious) but also to grill veggies for salads or to toast bagels.

  344. My HB coffeemaker. The timer allowing the coffee to be ready when I get up is a great feature. Never fails me.

  345. I have a mini chopper that gets a lot of use! I use it to blend cashew dips and chop up ginger and garlic for Indian food.

  346. Right now my favorite and most used appliance is the Soda Stream soda maker. I am addicted to bubbly water. I drink it all day long!

  347. My very favorite kitchen appliance is my Champion juicer. I’ve had it for 18 years and it still lives up to its name. It’s a champ. My Cuisinart food processor died a couple of years ago and I just have not replaced it. Food prep does get tedious without it, I must admit. I would so love to win one of the Hamilton Beach food processors to make my life easier. Thanks for the contest.

  348. My little immersion blender has put in many years of service, and is still my favorite small appliance! In fact, it may be my favorite kitchen appliance, period (sorry KitchenAid, but I could technically live without you)!

  349. My most used appliance these days would have to be my Magic Bullet blender, it’s smoothie season! 🙂 I am looking to upgrade to a Vitamix soon!

  350. I wish I could say that my favorite thing was my hand crank coffee grinder, but I don’t have one. But my favorite appliance is my electric coffee grinder. With out it I would not be able to have great tasting coffee every day.

  351. My coffee/spice grinders are my favorite small appliances. I have two. One is for sweet spices and one for savory.

  352. In memory of 17 years of excellent service, my food processor was my favorite small appliance. Sadly it has retired and I am in ther market for a new one so this is a perfectly timed give away!

  353. My Vitamix blender. It’s held up better than any fridge, oven, microwave,dishwasher, washer/dryer or mixer that we’ve had. Yes, even better than my Kitchenaid mixer.

  354. My favorite small appliance, believe it or not, is my handheld mixer. Works like a dream after ten years, doesn’t take up much space and always there when I need it!

  355. I dragged my feet for a long time on buying an immersion blender. But after having oral surgery done in Dec and needing to eat liquids for a while, I’m completely sold. I love my immersion blender and wish I’d bought on long ago!

  356. My favorite kitchen tool are my hands. The gift that the good lord gave me. However, this lovely food processor would be a wonderful gift to speed things up and spare the hands of many tasks.

  357. I love my Tupperware hand crank chopper. I can’t remember the official name of it, but it is great for smaller batches of fruits and veggies for jam, salsa, etc.

  358. I love my KA mixer. I use it so often I don’t bother putting it away even though I have NO space. My Keurig though… Ya know the saying “ain’t nobody happy if momma isn’t caffeinated”? Yeah, I’d be completely lost without it.

  359. I love my emersion blender. It made making strawberry jam without the large pieces so easy to make. I love it for soups and smoothies too!

  360. I don’t have any small appliances that are my favorite. We don’t have many small appliances expect a can opener lol. I’ve been in the market to buy a food processor so this giveaway is good timing. There are so many recipes that I want to make, but I can’t because they say to use a food processor.

  361. my favorite is the Hamilton Beach Smoothie maker. For under $18.00 it will blend broccoli, cauliflower, squash as easily as blending a banana. The name is worn off the side I have used it so much. Please enter me, I would love to win.

  362. Good knives! Does that count? Next it would be my blender/food processor. It is a teeny food processor and all it does is pulverize. I dream of slicing and grating…I have been shopping for a food processor, but get overwhelmed and mystified.

  363. It’s so hard to decide which appliance is my favorite! The main three (Keurig, KA mixer, and food processor) are all so important to making cooking (and mornings in the case of the Keurig) easier. I’d have to say my favorite of those three would probably be the mixer because pulling it out means either bread or cookies are in my near future. 🙂 The Keurig comes in at a close second because I use it most days and because its the only coffee maker I’ve had that gets the coffee hot enough and it only makes one cup, which is perfect when The Husband isn’t in the mood for coffee or isn’t at home.

  364. My favorite appliance? I’d have to say my Snackmaster. Remember those from the 90’s? Mine is a knock-off that’s not nearly as old as the one I had as a teen, but I do love it so. It’s the ultimate comfort food creator. Ham and cheese sandwiches are melty and delicious, and you can use fancy ingredients to elevate the outcome. Pancake batter and breakfast sausage triangles are breakfast on the go! Ever try one? You can put pie filling inside bread to make little “pie pockets”. My favorite is chocolate chips, coconut, and marshmallow sandwiches. I do it probably three times a year and they’re melty, gooey, and delicious.

  365. I love the Vitamix that we saved up for. I thought that it would cover all my needs food processor and blender wise, but unfortunately it does not. It makes the best smoothies and soups for my texture phobic daughter, but it does not chop my veggies for salsa like I had read that it would. So I hand chop all the veggies for my 100+ pints of salsa, relish and chutney that I do each year. I sure could use a food processor!

  366. My favorite appliance is my Keurig. Oh mylanta I love that thing. So much better than making a pot each day and throwing most of it out. I’d love to add this new chopped to my counter for canning this summer!

  367. I love my blender, because in the summer, I have a smoothie for breakfast more than half the time. And my stand mixer. I use it 3 or 4 times a week. But that’s probably not really a SMALL appliance.

  368. I would say my Kitchenaid stand mixer is one of my favorites. I love the ice cream maker and fruit strainer attachments.

  369. I love my little Black and Decker mini-processor. It is great for nuts and small items and I use it to save my hands. I just cannot imagine what a ‘real’ processor would be like. I love canning and just finished making strawberry jam. Next up….peach jam. Love your blog.

  370. Great giveaway! My favorite small kitchen appliance would also have to be my immersion blender. It is 10 years old and I still use it constantly.

  371. My standmixer would have to be my favorite. I love being able to use to hands to add things to the mix while it’s working. A handheld mixer seems so awkward now!

  372. The Delonghi Manifica Espresso Machine I bought for my husband 3 yrs ago…it makes him SO happy that it was worth every penny I scraped together to get it for him.

  373. My Hamilton Beach single serve smoothie maker $15. I use it for smoothies and making nut milk. It has outlasted my blender and food processor.

  374. Our favorite kitchen appliance is our incredibly old and small food processor. Although small, it is mighty and makes quick work for someone with poor knife skills. However, it has no attachments and the base is cracked so liquids are not an option!

  375. the little contraption that you put inside a tuna can lets you strain the oil/water without all the tuna going down the drain.

  376. My current favorite is my small immersion blender. It is a recently discovered appliance for me and I don’t think I could live without it now! It is the Cuisinart one that comes with the little food processor attachment. I just used it yesterday to make strawberry jam.

  377. We just got a K-Cup maker for Christmas and I am in love. If you love coffee, this machine can be dangerous!!

  378. Guess if I REALLY had to I could do without all of my appliances, but gee whiz, what fun would that be. Since friends rave over my coffee, made by Hamilton Beach with a tank instead of a pot, I would have to choose that one. Incidentally, we redid the kitchen 43 years ago when we moved in and have only replace the major appliances once for the most part. Oh how I envy those on tv who have complete kitchen makeovers. Now, that’s a prize I’d love to win, too…are you doing that contest yet?

  379. My BlendTec blender is by far my favorite kitchen appliance. I use it the most often and it does a great job!

  380. Fennel relish sounds interesting. I just saw fennel at our Farmer’s Market. . .I’ve never used it fresh so might have to try that out.

    My favorite small appliance is my electric tea kettle. I like how fast I can make tea water and i have one that makes the right temp water for the right kind of tea. Love it!

  381. I use my spice grinder a lot. It’s just so useful, and nothing beats freshly ground spices. It’s just a coffee grinder that I use only for spices.

    Thanks for all these great give-aways!