Giveaway: Hamilton Beach SaladXpress

November 5, 2013(updated on October 3, 2018)

Hamilton Beach SaladXpress

Over the years, one of the things I’ve learned about myself is that I am not a kitchen minimalist. I like useful tools, sturdy knives that hold their edge, and gadgets that make cooking and preserving projects faster. If it works well and serves a role in my regular culinary life, I will make room for it in my overstuffed (but well-stocked) kitchen.

Hamilton Beach SaladXpress

This is why my assortment of kitchen gear includes a specialized yogurt strainer (for homemade Greek yogurt), a sweet little pan designed specifically for making caramel sauce, and Hamilton Beach’s SaladXpress. The SaladXpress is the newest tool to enter my kitchen and I’ve found that even though I’m outfitted with a food processor and a number of slicers, peelers, and graters, I’m happy to make room for it.

Hamilton Beach SaladXpress

What I like about it is that it has a smaller footprint than a traditional food processor, dispenses right into your mixing bowl or saute pan, and cleans up more quickly than any food processor I’ve ever used. I’m totally smitten by the crinkle cut blade, because it means that I can give my pickles a classic wavy edge.

Hamilton Beach SaladXpress

Thanks to a spur of the moment apple chip making project at my canning workshop last weekend (one of the class participants just happened to have a dehydrator in her car), I am currently on something of dehydrating kick. When I got home from the workshop, I pulled out the SaladXpress and my trusty Nesco and got down to work. I like to toss the sliced apples with a little cinnamon, lemon juice, and freshly grated ginger before laying them out on the trays.

Hamilton Beach SaladXpress

Another thing that the SaladXpress does very well is the shredding of potatoes and other root vegetables for latkes and fritters. I find that it creates a flat, wide shred that feels closer to the one you get when you hand grate. I prefer it to the thicker, narrower piece that food processors typically produce (though I know that there are multiple schools of thought one the best way to prep potatoes for latkes).

Hamilton Beach SaladXpress

Thanks to the incredibly generous folks at Hamilton Beach, I have eight of these SaladXpress devices to give away. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about a gadget or tool that you make room for in your kitchen. Whether it’s the spaetzle maker that you use twice a year or the ableskiver pan that you know you’ll make good use of someday, I want to hear about it.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, November 9, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random (using and will be posted on Sunday, November 10, 2013.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email or social media.
Disclosure: Hamilton Beach gave me a SaladXpress for review and photography purposes and is providing the eight units for giveaway. They did not compensate me to host this giveaway beyond the use of that single review unit. All opinions expressed in this post remain my own.

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909 thoughts on "Giveaway: Hamilton Beach SaladXpress"

  • The one gadget that sees little use but that I would never banish from my kitchen is a hot air popcorn popper. It uses just popcorn and hot air. Minutes later, you have fresh popped hot popcorn!

  • Top of my list would be my cream whipper. I love that tool! Awesome whipped cream with no effort! After that, I’d say the Magic Bullet – so easy to clean; and maybe the George Foreman grill.

  • The tool I make room for in my kitchen is my apple peeler/chopper/corer. I only use it when I am canning pears or apples, but it is GREAT for that and makes the job fly by.

  • I am obsessed with my crock pots. They are huge but can do a variety of tasks so I love having them at my disposal!

  • A set of three brand new, graduated cast iron pans. I use the large all of the time but never seasoned the smaller three.

  • I love my Salad Spinner! It has changed my life. Spent the summer buying greens because I could finally dry them thoroughly.

  • The espresso machine takes front and center on our counters, but the immersion blender is the item I keep tucked away to pull out when making soup. I love the immersion tool- it’s so much easier than transferring hot liquids back and forth!

  • i have many kitchen gadget loves. its hard to speak of just one,the one i use the most is an old frugal gourmet hand crank egg beater from my moms kitchen.such a simple tool,and a good go to gadget.

  • Hah, I have *two* ebelskiver pans, of all the ridiculous things to own. One of them may be getting passed on to someone else sometime soon. Probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever made room for in my kitchen, though, is a hot cocoa maker the size of a food processor. Also getting donated.

    Most useful single-function thing I’ve ever made room for is this new apple peeler:
    Dirt cheap and so, so easy to use. I’m in love.

  • I use my potato ricer several times a month and feel its soooo worth it. creamy mashed potatoes every time!!!

  • I actually own two bread machines. They’re space hogs, but definitely worth it. The first was a gift more than a decade ago; the second I picked up at a garage sale.

  • I very rarely bust out my deep fryer, and even though it sees little use and it is kind of huge, it will always have a place in my cupboard. Sometimes, there is just no other way to go! 🙂

  • I love my mom’s old apple peeler that she kindly bequeathed to me once I took over the Thanksgiving pie duties. It’s old and works like a champ.

  • I am a crock pot cooker and I would so love to be able to slice some veggies in a hurry when I finally slap dinner down on the table. This looks so useful!

  • I have a ravioli maker/plaque that I love using for ravioli which I only make a couple times a year! I love it though!

  • My giant UFO-style Stir Crazy popcorn maker. It is effective and nostalgic! Wouldn’t trade it for the shelf space.

  • What an awesome tool to be used when all the slicing starts.. My favorite gadget in my kitchen has to be my FoodSaver. What can’t be canned is usually put in bags vacuum sealed.

  • I make room for my Pampered Chef Food Chopper. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to win this Hamilton Beach SaladXpress Food Processor! If I don’t win this I’ll just have to save up and go buy one!

  • Omg I am such a gadget collector I love getting a new one and trying it out! My favorite would probably be an old victorio strainer I found on eBay!

  • My Tofu Xpress! It’s SO much better than pressing tofu between plates or stacking a bunch of stuff on top of it. I’m not sure I could live without it at this point.

  • I love all my kitchen tools… but the one I ‘make’ room for is my old cast iron pasta maker w/ it’s several changable rollers.

  • I had to have a mortar and pestle. Hubby finally bought a granite one fore me. I garden so I had a ton of herb I have since dried for use in my kitchen. I use the mortar and pestle to grind herbs, salts, garlic all for cooking. I love it.

  • I have lots of gadgets I keep but don’t use all of the time like Mt Salad Shooter, citrus juicer, pressure cooker, bread maker and kitchen torch.

  • I Love gadgets and gizmos, The one I use all the time especially when making homemade rolls is a kitchen scale, I like my rolls, loafs, buns to all be about the same size .

  • Oh I would *love* this! I don’t have a food processor (aside from great knives and my own hands) and it would be so handy in my teeny kitchen!

    What do I make room for? That’s a toss between my Foley food mill (ahhh fresh tomato juice!) and my little electric espresso machine (… just ahhhh!).

  • No fancy gadgets here. It would be a toss up between my hand crank Victorio popcorn popper, food processor or the Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker. What’s a ebelskiver?

  • I have my trusty hand crank pasta machine. I have had it for at least 20 years. I don’t use it enough. I love my homemade pasta but it does take more time than cutting open a package. Thanks for a chance at a new toy!

  • I make room for my cherry pitter, it can do about 50 cherries in minutes, well worth the space for the one week that I use in the summer.

  • The gadget I cannot part with is one I have never used. I received a gift of a heavy stainless steel cooking set from my husband on my first mother’s day. I was a new cook at the time and I did not save any paperwork that may have came with it. The brand is no longer made. It came with some “extras”. I am sure one is an egg poacher and the other I am not sure. It has a handle and is sort of a 90 degree angle spatula. I have kept it for 19 years and have become attached to the mysterious tool. Others have laughed and joked about it, but until I am sure what its purpose is, I can never part with it. Who knows, it may be something very useful.

  • I make room for my ka food mill attachment although I only really use it when making applesauce. It does work awesomely though!

  • I’ve got a spot on the counter just for the small Ozeri scale i bought, so it’s readily available for recipes and for portion control when I eat.

  • I love kitchen gadgets…they make me more creative! I have some favorites that include my spaetzle maker and dumpling maker. Simple, but delicious results. For fancy days, I love my lemon zester and pastry bag!

  • I love my microplaners but I have a family who love popcorn cooked in a little bit of oil. After several whirly, hand-cranked popcorn makers that fell apart, I bought an electric domed one. Fantastic!

  • Recently divorced where he got everything I’m trying to start over with my kitchen equipment. I would love to have this! At age 77 on a fixed income starting over is not easy but I WILL do it with or without help. Sending blessings to everyone! Thank you…

  • My wok, it’s massive, ugly and ungainly….too large to fit into a cupboard so it hangs on the wall next to the stove, we use it a few times a year for stir fry gone wild! Love it.

  • We try to adhere to the “no single use kitchen tools” rule, but we broke this several years ago when my son asked for a panini press for Christmas. Surprising how much we like it, even if it gets used infrequently.

  • I absolutely love my immersion blender! I use it to make the puree for cream of fresh vegetable soup, smoothies, mashed potatoes (but I need to be careful… too much action makes them a bit gloppier than I like), and even egg salad- plop the ingredients in a bowl and “pulse” it with the blender.

  • I love dehydrating. I am constantly drying something from the garden or farmers market. I like it so much that I just bought a second dehydrator, and am trying to convince hubby that a third one is necessary for proper preservation of the garden surplus.

  • Since buying a pasta maker, I’ve found it to be indispensable. How can anyone say no to fresh, al dente pasta made by one’s own hand? I know I can’t :-).

  • I’d have to say it’s my coffee maker right now. I have lots of other appliances and gadgets that take up space, but the coffee maker’s the only one I really could replace with something much smaller. I don’t, however, because it’s programmable, which means it sort of serves as both caffeine delivery system and secondary alarm clock.

  • Either the dehydrater I use every couple years to stock up on dried pears that I adore or the rice cooker which revolutionized the fact that I can NOT no matter how hard I try make a successful batch of rice!

  • My cherry-red KitchenAid mixer, which I use, sad to say, only about twice a year, but which looks gorgeous on my counter (it was a gift, not something I would have spent my own hundreds of dollars on!)

  • I make room for my big KitchenAid mixer! After only having a hand mixer for 19 years, I finally gave in and bought my self one last year for Christmas!

  • I have a place of honor on my counter for my kitchenaid professional mixer. I have several attachments with it and use it nearly every day-from making bread and cookies, to grinding meat into burger, or slicing cabbage or other veggies to pickle!

  • I have come to love my immersion blender, purchased it either at an auction or a garage sale for probably $2 or less – it has come in handy to puree apples while making applesauce to can as well as the tomato’s when I canned tomato sauce. Your gadget would take the place of SOOO many items I have but don’t bother getting them out of the cupboard and putting them together !!

  • I can’t part with my heavy, big, ancient, hand-me-down Cuisinart food processor that still works like a charm – even though it takes up so much counter room!

  • I love all nine of my crockpots!!!!!! You never know when you need more than one. All different sizes.. I keep telling my husband that one day I am going to make a complete dinner using all of them..

  • My gadget collection is pretty small (student apartments leave little room, and student budgets don’t allow for much anyways) but I do keep my electric kettle out on the countertop all winter. It takes up far too much space and I could always just boil water in a pot, but it’s so much simpler with the kettle.
    Oh, and I have a vintage ToasTite (a gift from my parents)-I rarely use it, but it stays all the same 🙂

  • I have discovered that the full size cooling racks (you know, the size of a full sheet cake) are exactly the dimensions of an oven rack. I can set the oven really low and dehydrate 6 trays of tomatoes, or peppers, or strawberries, or whatever at the same time. They do take up a fair bit of real estate when they are not being used, but it’s worth it.

  • I have one of those apple peeler/corer/slicer hand crank things. I don’t use it a lot, but every time I want an apple pie or crisp, it becomes necessary. It makes processing apples so easy.

  • My electric citrus juicer. I barely have room for it, but it’s so worth it when my family sends boxes of oranges and grapefruits from Florida in the winter.

  • I have the biggest juicer in the world that I used like 10 times max… now it just sits there looking pretty.

  • I have a large ice cream maker. I only use it a few times per year but I think it’s worth the space it takes up. Homemade ice cream is an impressive dessert at a party.

  • My two favorite (if not most heavily-used) kitchen items are the molcajete that my sister brought me from Mexico to make guacamole and the cast iron mini bundt pans I bought years ago but use only rarely because they’re so hard to clean. But they’re both so perfect every once in a while!

  • Even though it is only used once a year for Christmas cookies, my pizzelle maker and great-grandmother’s recipe will always have space in my kitchen.

  • My most used gadget in my kitchen is my regular food processor. It takes up a lot of space but also gets a lot of use.

  • We made the space for an enormous cast iron skillet. I think it’s about 16″ across, and it takes up a lot of space. But for certain cooking tasks, nothing gets the job done quite as well as this!

  • My kitchen aid mixer. I love my mixer and it helps me make yummy treats all year long, but it does take up a lot of space on my counter.

  • My stand mixer. My wrists get tendonitis easily, but I love homemade bread. I will happily sacrifice a square foot of counter space for my Kitchenaid!

  • Electric kettle! I hate microwaved water, which sounds strange, but the electric kettle is quicker than stovetop but heats like stovetop.

  • My rotisserie cooker is on it’s last legs but will be replaced when it does finally give out. There is nothing more tender and easy than a roasted chicken. Maybe it’s too big to be considered a gadget, but the rotisserie is a keeper.