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February 11, 2013(updated on October 3, 2018)

Hamilton Beach Kettle front view

I came to the world of electric kettles fairly late. I was raised with a stove top kettle and thought it the best way to manage my hot water needs (plus, I’ve always liked the way they looked sitting out on a burner). But then in the fall of 2011, I went to visit my sister. She had a relatively inexpensive electric kettle that boiled water at miraculous speed. There was no ten+ minute wait for a pokey stove to heat and transfer its warmth. I was sold.

Soon after I got home, I ordered my first electric kettle. I got this fairly basic model that didn’t have any fancy features beyond the fact that it shut off after boiling and there wasn’t any plastic in the interior of the kettle (call me crazy, but I don’t love the idea of boiling large amounts of plastic on a regular basis).

Hamilton Beach Kettle side view

Soon enough, I was using it multiple times a day. It served up hot water for morning cups of coffee and tea. In the afternoon, I’d use the cooled water in the kettle to help feed my sourdough starter (boiling helps evaporate out any chlorine in the water supply that can harm or kill the sour bacteria. Just make sure the water is under 100F when you add it to your starter). During dinner prep, I’d heat water to hydrate spoonfuls of Better Than Bouillon or to speed up soup making.

I also found myself turning to the electric kettle during canning. As you know, I make a lot of small batches of preserves, and often I make three or four things in succession (I like to take advantage of a hot canning pot). These small batches range in size from two half pints to four or five. If I don’t plan well, I can wind up trying to process jars without having enough hot water to cover. Instead of adding hot tap water and hoping that the pot returns to a boil quickly, I can keep the kettle hot and top off the canning pot immediately. It has sped things up immeasurably.

This summer was also the first time I had the electric kettle during tomato canning season. I do the bulk of my tomatoes whole, peeled and packed in water (makes for a shorter processing time) and with an electric kettle, having that hot water takes no time at all.

Hamilton Beach Kettle display

Thanks to the kind folks at Hamilton Beach, I recently upgraded my electric kettle to their programmable model (my previous kettle was also made by HB, but I bought it with my own dollars, long before I started teaming up with them for giveaways). This guy allows you to select the temperature to which your water heats. That makes it particularly great if you have fussy coffee habits (I say this lovingly and as someone who regularly weighs her beans to ensure a close-to-perfect brew), drink green tea, or live at high elevations where water boils at lower temperatures.

It also has a outside fill indicator (the trade-off is that there’s a small amount of plastic inside the kettle to allow for this) and pours far more smoothly than my previous kettle. I also like the fact that it has a timer, so you can schedule the moment you want it to switch on to boil. With a fast boiling kettle, it’s not really entirely necessary, but I have been enjoying the luxury of walking into the kitchen each morning to a just-boiled kettle of water. It’s the little things.

Finally, the giveaway. Hamilton Beach has generously given me eight of these Programmable 1.7 Liter Electric Kettles to give away to my readers. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share your water boiling habits. Stove top kettle? Electric tap in the sink? Microwaved mug? If you don’t do hot drinks, what gets you moving in the morning?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Friday, February 15, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog over the weekend.
  3. Giveaway open US residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.
Disclosure: Hamilton Beach gave me one Programmable Electric Kettle for review and photography purposes and they’re providing eight additional units for this giveaway. They did not pay for inclusion on the blog and my opinions remain entirely my own. 


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1,089 thoughts on "Giveaway: Hamilton Beach Programmable Electric Kettle"

  • I used my Keurig for hot water by the cup, but since it doesn’t boil and only does a limited amount at once, I have been considering an electric kettle.

  • Mmm, hot water for tea, coffee, pre-heating water for soups…I use a stove-top kettle that is bright Kelly green. It’s lovely, but I miss the electric one when all burners are fired up.

  • How fun to land on this giveaway just as I find myself preparing to boil water in a sauce pan so I can dip a candy thermometer into it to get a reading before I make a cup of tea. I’ve been yearning for a programmable electric kettle ever since I learned that certain teas (and even coffee) are best when the water is “off a boil” (or 180 degrees). My sauce pan method works, but it’s tedious. Fingers crossed for one of these dream machines.

  • kettle all the way, right now it’s a old plastic hot pot that is slow and smells of melting plastic if you let it boil for too long.
    Occasionally I’ll heat water in a glass measuring cup in the microwave if I’m in a rush.

  • We have two cheap electric kettles that get a full workout every day. We use them for coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and for cooking. I would love to have a better quality one!

  • I typically just boil water on the stove. If I’m making a drink I’ll just microwave the water for a couple of minutes. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Coffee in the coffee pot for the morning, and my Le Crusset kettle in the afternoon for tea, but I’ve been wanting an electric kettle for heating up tea quickly! How lovely!

  • I’m using a stovetop kettle but have been thinking seriously about making the switch to electric. It would make our tea-making ‘ritual’ so much simpler!

  • When I want hot tea, I use my drip coffee pot, but it takes awhile. My son has an electric kettle and boy does it heat water fast, I just love it as we’ll as reading your posts.

  • I have a coffee maker for morning coffee, tea kettle on the stove for tea, oatmeal, hot chocolate, but I have been known to nuke a big cup of water for a quick hot drink, I wish I had hot water on the sink, but alas, my old fashioned kitchen isn’t up to that. This would be great for so many things!!

  • I am one of those old fashioned, but kitchen space challenged persons who uses a 2 qt. stainless saucepan to heat water. It just usually sits out on the burner as it’s used every morning for coffee or tea.

  • I, too, do not like to wait for my hot water – I want it fast. And I don’t like my cups to be too hot to handle when I microwave cups of water. This would be perfect for several people to enjoy hot chocolate, hot/iced tea, and instant coffee when I don’t want to make a whole pot. Also, I feel it has a vintage look & I love it.

  • While I’m a kettle girl by birth (I grew up with a perpetually full kettle on back burner of my mom’s stove), I must say that having to move the kettle on my stove to the counter top when I’m cooking or canning and need that extra burner can be a hassle. When I’m canning peaches, and need a burner for the lids, one for the canner, another for the syrup and another to blanch the fruit, having an electric kettle off the stove would be priceless!

  • I heat water for tea in a Pyrex measuring cup in the microwave. If I need a lot of boiling water, I use a saucepan/stockpot on the stove. I’ve wanted an electric kettle for ages, but in my tiny kitchen, I’m not sure where I’d put it.

  • I use a tea kettle and a phin filter to make coffee — but tried out an electric kettle last week and was amaaaaaazed!

  • We ( a family of six) boil gallons of water in the winter on the stove top in a little red tea kettle that whistles because we are all very forgetful. Then we pour the boiling water in a insulated 25 year disgustedly stained thermos so there is no waste of the hot water. This, once white thermos is covered with peeling dingy stickers. Harley Davidson mingles with the Little mermaid and even s few Chiquita banana stickers. When we have guests we hide the thermos under the sink and pretend we use a pretty pottery teapot we keep on the sink shelf just for the charade.

  • I have a teakettle on the stove – but now that it’s warming season, I also have been known to put the teakettle on the woodstove!

  • I usually use a kettle on the stove, but I now live with friends who have a HB electric kettle… and now I would like one for my myself! So convenient!

  • Oh I’ve been pining after a programmable electric kettle for awhile now!

    I’m already an electric kettle convert, but I drink a TON of white and green teas, and having that smidge of extra temperature control would be super.

  • Every morning, I toss 1 mug of water in the microwave so I can pour it in my travel mug for tea. Gotta have a hot beverage standing outside in the Wisconsin winters keeping an eye on students before school! When it’s more than 1 serving, we’re a kettle-on-the-stove family.

  • Microwave. And I try desperately to get enough sleep so I don’t need caffeine get me moving in the mornings – very difficult when I have to leave before the sun starts to peek up in the mornings!

  • My electric kettle is cool, it is glass and you can see it boil, but it is dying. I love not having to worry about boiling water screaming at me like the stove top tea kettle used to do. I need my french press coffee each morning!

  • I use my stovetop kettle every night to prep two hot water bottles for the bed. They are my most prized possessions in winter!

  • I have an electric kettle, but this one sounds much nicer! My husband stands with a thermometer to make sure the water doesn’t get too hot for his tea.

  • I grew up with electric, but when I left home someone bought me a beautiful stovetop kettle that I feel guilty replacing. I really miss electric though and this one looks great. Perfect for the endless cups of tea I drink!

  • I used an electric kettle for years but now I guess I just use the microwave. That kettle could easily bring me back.

  • I usually use a stovetop tea kettle at home and the microwave at work (I drink tea like it’s my job). I used to have an electric kettle, but it was ancient and has died. I’ve been wanting a new one for a while now, so this would be perfect!

  • Oh boy…I bought an electric kettle at a garage sale 3 yrs ago. It is corded–what a pain to have to unplug to fill, or fill a measuring cup to pour into it. BUT, I boil so much water throughout the day that it is very handy. I’d love to win this electric pot!

  • I have an electric kettle with a dial for setting temperature. It’s rather approximate, but as long as it works… I do like the idea of being able to set a timer. Mine gets used from the time I get up in the morning (tea for me, start breakfast before I go running, then tea again when I get back) until bed time (boiling water for cube broths, herb tea in the evening, maybe some hot chocolate…). We don’t have a microwave and to me the kettle is the best way to quickly heat up water for a cup – or pot – of tea. The auto-off is a must for me; I tend to start 3 things at the same time and get waywardly distracted by at least one of the three.

  • I do a stovetop kettle. I used to have an electric kettle in my classroom for “book chat tea time” it was awesome!!

  • I know this sounds ridiculous, but I hate how tea tastes when you use the microwave. I use a stove top kettle at home and bought my office one of the cheap basic plastic ones. I have been contemplating one for home use for awhile, but would want to buy something higher end for my home.

  • This looks really nice! I’ve never used one of these. I just nuke my water in my mug for coffee. lol πŸ™‚

  • I boil water in my stovetop kettle or in a glass measuring cup in the microwave, but I would LOVE an electric kettle.

  • Our old stove recently died (finally! Yay!) and we were lucky to get a new stove that was really close to the stove of our dreams! One of the front burners has a kick butt “power boil” feature that boils water in seconds! (Ok, maybe not really seconds but..) As a multiple pot of coffee a day drinker, I have found myself straying away towards cups of tea just because it is sooo much quicker to boil the water than the coffee maker! Plus, switching to a few cups of green tea a day isn’t a bad health decision either! I really love your idea of keeping the boiling water ready for topping off the pot while canning! Thanks for all of your insights and info! Great website!

  • Right now I use the microwave but would so LOVE to have an electric one. I drink hot tea and drink 6 to 8 cups a day. OMG this would be wonderful.

  • I normally do a Pyrex measuring cup in the microwave. I only have a 16 oz. cup, though, so there’s trouble when Hubby and I both want coffee!

  • I have an electric kettle, very basic, and unfortunately made of plastic. I’ve been seeking to upgrade!

  • This could not be more timely!!

    I have been dying to get an electric kettle to replace my charming but inefficient stovetop kettle, but as a grad student, I’ve been holding out on making the investment.

    I often use a pressure cooker for big batches of soup and beans, and the ability to reduce the sometimes seemingly interminable wait for the thing to come up to pressure would be such a helpβ€”adding already boiling water is just the thing. I also feel much better about using electricity, purchased through our utility’s 100% wind power program, than gas to make tea for myself… So nice to have hot drinks in the winter especially, but sometimes I talk myself out of it thinking about my current kettle. I’ve also been in exactly the same place with needing to top up a small-batch canning bath…

  • I’ve been using my Keurig for my hot water, but since I’ve become more varied in my tea consumption, I’ve been in the market for an electric kettle! I’d certainly drink more green tea, not having to wait by the stove with a thermometer.

  • I use an electric kettle too, but it’s not nearly as nice as that and it’s aging quickly. We use it for coffee (of course), tea, and Choffy (brewed chocolate). It would be SO nice to have a kettle set on a timer, so it’s all ready to use when we get up in the morning! Keeping my fingers crossed that I win one of these.

  • I have been a stove top kettle girl all my life, but I would probably use an electric kettle for all of the things you mention. Plus, I have been thinking about how nice it would be to have hot water whenever I wanted it in my office (a library carrel) without having to walk down to the coffeeshop.

  • I love the look and feel and whistle of my stovetop kettle, but I always love using my mom’s electric kettle when I visit – it’s so quick!

  • I have used a stove top glass teapot for years to heat water and I broke it last month. This would be a perfect replacement! πŸ™‚

  • I use the ‘nuke’. I would love to try electric. I really dislike having to go through all my cups to find the one(s) that work in the microwave without becoming so hot you can’t touch it without burning yourself.

  • coffee pot to make hot water to make my pot of tea…. of course, I need to run the water thru twice – 1st time to remove the coffee flavor from the basket, then the 2nd time for my tea….

  • I usually put the tea kettle on the stove burner and wait for it to ‘Blow’. Mom heats her water in the microwave.

  • I have an all-glass stovetop kettle, which is a vast improvement on my last kettle in that it whistles. My last one was cute but just boils with no alert system, and I often nearly forgot I was trying to make coffee. Now I use it to water plants.

  • I use a pan on the stove for my tea, but I’ve been thinking about an electric kettle for a while. I love the idea of a programmed timer. It could be ready when I come down from my shower, that would make things a bit smoother in the morning.

  • I love electric kettles! My South African relatives all have them, and near-instant tea 6x/day is a highlight of our visits out there. At home, we use the red enamel teapot my best friend gave us as a wedding present. (Can you understand why I haven’t switched to an electric kettle??)

    Tea at work has to be microwaved, or made using hot water from the Keurig, which usually tastes…bleh. But so-so tea is better than no tea at all!

  • I use my electric kettle each morning to make coffee. I’d love to program it so I can walk into the kitchen and have the water hot already!

  • I have an old stovetop kettle that I’ve had for years and it takes about forever to boil.
    It’s ugly, worn and my husband hates it. I’ve looked at electric kettles and have never splurged on one because I still had the stovetop one that holds water.
    An electric kettle would be really nice for our whole family for tea, hot chocolate, adding hot water to pots, etc..

  • I use the electric kettle in the kitchen at work. It’s disgusting!!!! Full of brown crud, but I can’t bring myself to buy my own. Save me from myself!

  • Electric water kettles are the best! I don’t know what I’d do without mine…. but the one I have right now is plastic, and I’ve started to worry about that a bit. I’d love to have this spiffy one!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  • When I’m sick, it’s a stovetop kettle that gets used all day long. But usually it’s just a mug in the microwave. Now day dreaming of pour overs at work.

  • I am a stove top kettle person, but have been envious of a friends electric kettle. Tea in the morning and evening, quick hot chocolate, boiling water to cover a canning lid or two, nearly instant miso soup, a kettle is a beautiful thing!

  • I used to be a stove top kettle girl but after a semester in Scotland I became an electric kettle fan — but that was 20 years ago before we could find them in the States! Alas, I’ve been waiting for the U.S. to catch up and be cultured enough for a 120v option. I guess that day is finally here!

  • I heat a cup of water everyday and drink it before eating anything. It has a lot of benefits, mainly in my case takes care of sinus problems. This kettle would be a lot of help. πŸ™‚

  • Id love an electric kettle. I dont have one and use a plain old pan to heat water, sloowwwwwly πŸ™‚ for canning, tea, and french press coffee its be great

  • I have an electric kettle, but mine does not have any of those nifty features. I didn’t even know they existed. Now I must have them.

  • I currently have a stove top kettle which works ok as long as I remember to start it boiling before it’s time to run out the door. I purchased my daughter an electric kettle for her dorm room and she LOVES it!

  • We don’t drink coffee, but hot cocoa on cold mornings is the best. We usually heat on the stovetop or in the microwave.

  • I use a kettle on the stove, I always turn it on right before I shower. Keeps me quick, because otherwise it squeals really obnoxiously.

  • I boil water in the microwave or on the stove for anything, but have been using my Keurig lately for cups of tea – without the k-cups, just using it as kind of a glorified kettle for spitting out hot water quickish. Kind of a hassle to do larger amounts of water, though, than just a quick cup.

  • Cool! I have an electric kettle that my husband got on sale. Never saw a use for one but like you I am a convert. However, while I love its speed and convenience it is all plastic! Plus it does not understand that if the water is gone it should turn off so it keeps boiling the empty plastic pot. How about that for a potential fire hazard?

  • To boil water for hot drinks, I use a Sunbeam “Hot Shot” which quickly heats up to 2 cups of water and dispenses it into a mug.

  • Ooh, that looks like a really nice kettle. My current electric kettle has no display and is just on/off, and like you, Marisa, I’ve found it superhandy not just for tea and coffee, but for canning, for speeding up cooking pasta, etc., especially since my stove is super-slow. My family gave me a Keurig coffee maker last Christmas and I end up using it for coffee most of the time, since I’m the only coffee drinker in the house. It’s pretty decent (I’m the opposite of a coffee snob – as long as it has caffeine and sugar in it I’m good to go).