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February 11, 2013(updated on October 3, 2018)

Hamilton Beach Kettle front view

I came to the world of electric kettles fairly late. I was raised with a stove top kettle and thought it the best way to manage my hot water needs (plus, I’ve always liked the way they looked sitting out on a burner). But then in the fall of 2011, I went to visit my sister. She had a relatively inexpensive electric kettle that boiled water at miraculous speed. There was no ten+ minute wait for a pokey stove to heat and transfer its warmth. I was sold.

Soon after I got home, I ordered my first electric kettle. I got this fairly basic model that didn’t have any fancy features beyond the fact that it shut off after boiling and there wasn’t any plastic in the interior of the kettle (call me crazy, but I don’t love the idea of boiling large amounts of plastic on a regular basis).

Hamilton Beach Kettle side view

Soon enough, I was using it multiple times a day. It served up hot water for morning cups of coffee and tea. In the afternoon, I’d use the cooled water in the kettle to help feed my sourdough starter (boiling helps evaporate out any chlorine in the water supply that can harm or kill the sour bacteria. Just make sure the water is under 100F when you add it to your starter). During dinner prep, I’d heat water to hydrate spoonfuls of Better Than Bouillon or to speed up soup making.

I also found myself turning to the electric kettle during canning. As you know, I make a lot of small batches of preserves, and often I make three or four things in succession (I like to take advantage of a hot canning pot). These small batches range in size from two half pints to four or five. If I don’t plan well, I can wind up trying to process jars without having enough hot water to cover. Instead of adding hot tap water and hoping that the pot returns to a boil quickly, I can keep the kettle hot and top off the canning pot immediately. It has sped things up immeasurably.

This summer was also the first time I had the electric kettle during tomato canning season. I do the bulk of my tomatoes whole, peeled and packed in water (makes for a shorter processing time) and with an electric kettle, having that hot water takes no time at all.

Hamilton Beach Kettle display

Thanks to the kind folks at Hamilton Beach, I recently upgraded my electric kettle to their programmable model (my previous kettle was also made by HB, but I bought it with my own dollars, long before I started teaming up with them for giveaways). This guy allows you to select the temperature to which your water heats. That makes it particularly great if you have fussy coffee habits (I say this lovingly and as someone who regularly weighs her beans to ensure a close-to-perfect brew), drink green tea, or live at high elevations where water boils at lower temperatures.

It also has a outside fill indicator (the trade-off is that there’s a small amount of plastic inside the kettle to allow for this) and pours far more smoothly than my previous kettle. I also like the fact that it has a timer, so you can schedule the moment you want it to switch on to boil. With a fast boiling kettle, it’s not really entirely necessary, but I have been enjoying the luxury of walking into the kitchen each morning to a just-boiled kettle of water. It’s the little things.

Finally, the giveaway. Hamilton Beach has generously given me eight of these Programmable 1.7 Liter Electric Kettles to give away to my readers. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share your water boiling habits. Stove top kettle? Electric tap in the sink? Microwaved mug? If you don’t do hot drinks, what gets you moving in the morning?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Friday, February 15, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog over the weekend.
  3. Giveaway open US residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.
Disclosure: Hamilton Beach gave me one Programmable Electric Kettle for review and photography purposes and they’re providing eight additional units for this giveaway. They did not pay for inclusion on the blog and my opinions remain entirely my own. 


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1,089 thoughts on "Giveaway: Hamilton Beach Programmable Electric Kettle"

  • I’m a stove top kettle gal. I use it for my mid-afternoon tea. However, I’ve been researching how to make the perfect cup of joe – my electric coffee maker just isn’t cutting it – and an electric tea kettle is the place to start. My water doesn’t get hot enough. So, thanks for a chance to win a HB kettle!

  • Stove-top for me…but during a year in Europe, the flat we were living in had an electric kettle – we’ve had delightful memories of it!

  • This kettle looks very impressive, since I usually am a slacker who microwaves mugs of water for tea. This would be nice for summer to do large amounts of water for ice tea.

  • This would be a wonderful Father’s Day gift for my husband because he is a daily TEA drinker. I drink too but more coffee. He currently microwaves his water but it would be much better having water from the electric kettle!:-). I even asked if he wanted for Christmas but he didn’t want me to spend any more money.

  • i bought a plastic electric kettle ages ago. sadly it died. although, fortunately it died as it was plastic. we microwave water for hummingbird food, for canning i heat water on the stove, and use an electric coffee pot for the necessity of life.

  • It’s a plain, old stovetop kettle for me. I spent a year abroad in England, though, and I do appreciate the convenience of an electric kettle.

  • Stove top for this house. But having spent several months abroad, I definitely appreciate the speed of the electric kettle!

  • I have a kettle on the stove, but I must admit I mostly microwave cups of water. I have often thought this would be something I would use a lot. Thank you for the offer.

  • I use to have an instant hot that I loved! Instant gratification, but sadly it’s been broken and we can’t seem to get it fixed. So…stove top it has been. Of course it works just fine but it’s hard to wait some times! 🙂

  • I heat a mug in the microwave. Heating water in the microwave is about the only reason I ever use the microwave!

  • Zapping in the microwave for a cuppa instant coffee first thing… (at that time of the morning is is purely a caffeine delivery method). THEN a tea kettle and french press for the good stuff.

  • I use mainly a stove top tea kettle but also the microwave at times. I have a small porcelain electric “kettle” that I loved but it has developed a leak and I can’t use it any more.

  • We have an electric hot water kettle that I received as a gift from my (then future) mother in law. I asked her for something to replace my stove top kettle that her son forgot about when he was heating water for coffee that ended up melting into the burners of my electric stove. The kettle is about nine years old and I worry that it is getting a bit ornery sometimes and might need replacing. Thank you for sharign eight of these with your readers.

  • my favorite winter drink, aside from decaf coffee in the morning, is just warm water with honey and lemon in it. such a comfort. I usually just do it by the cupful in the microwave, and only drink it once in a while as a treat. I would drink more if I had this around. I also see this working with some home dehydrated soup bases too.

  • Ever since I melted my tea kettle into an electric burner on my stove I have thought that an electric kettle would be a better option for me. Don’t want to burn my house down!!!

  • We boil on the stovetop for coffee and tea. Unfortunately my husband has ruined three pots by forgetting about them and letting them boil away until dry. One pot even fused to the burner which was rather shocking. Sigh.

  • We use a stove top kettle for our morning tea and coffee, but I’ve been a bit envious of my parents’ nice electric kettle. After reading your post explaining all the smart ways you use your’s, I’d love to win myself one!

  • My highly inefficient electric stove heats my hot water for my morning cup of joe. I’ve been dying for an electric kettle!

  • I have Never seen so many comments here. I use a whistling tea kettle on the electric stove and make many cups of herbal tea on days I’m home. Yesterday I came back from an errand in the neighborhood and discovered I’d left a burner turned to high. No kettle on it, thankfully, but scary to see that red glow and feel the heat in the kitchen.

  • I use an old stove-top kettle but bought an electric kettle for my mom for Christmas. Why? Because as she went to take her hot water out of the microwave (we both use french press for coffee), a large bubble of water burst out. It burnt my mom a bit above her eyebrow and up her forehead and on her upper cheek. Luckily she was wearing her reading glasses and ducked behind the open microwave door. My old Bessie of a Kettle has expanded on the bottom and makes popping noise when it boils. It’s starting to scare me. I need an electric one too.

  • Stove-top in my awesome red kettle, but we have an electric one at work and time saving is one of its merits.

    1. Marisa, I had to switch from coffee to tea four months ago and now in the morning
      I have to wait for the water to get hot before I can make a pot of tea. It would be
      wonderful to have a programmable electric pot and have hot water waiting for me
      when I get up in the morning. It would also be good for softening raisins, mixing
      with baking soda for muffins, etc,etc. I would love to have one.

  • I ruined a beautiful kettle by forgetting it on the burner. I now use a pan every morning for press coffee. Tea during the day. Also, micro bullion often. A kettle would be much safer and it sounds like it would also save some toe-taping time.

  • I actually found out about electric many years ago. Love them. my Dad always says you can tell the difference from electrically heated water.. Huh???

    wouldn’t be without one and mine is getting close to 9 years old now

  • I LOVE my electric kettle and upgraded from a plastic model to a HB model. I only used the plastic model a few times because I wasn’t comfortable with boiling water in plastic, over and over. It’s plain, not programmable and love the speed at which I can fix coffee in the morning. It makes using my French press a dream. While the water is heating, I’m readying the beans and heating my creamer so the five minute wait for the coffee to brew is over, relatively quickly. Like you, the electric kettle is used a lot…canning, soup, beverages, cleaning the sinks or dog bowls. I’m not really sure how I’ve done without one all these years -smile-.
    Very nice giveaway, thank you for the opportunity.

  • I live in an apartment, and cook with a tiny 24″ stove. We can applesauce, peaches, and various jams every year. I have wanted an electric kettle for a long time, but have not found the cash to get a good one. I like your idea about boiling water in the kettle to top off the canner.

    Did you know that a natural drain cleaner is baking soda and vinegar followed by boiling water? It would be so useful to have an electric kettle for this use as well. Half of my drains are upstairs and far away from the stove, where I heat my water in a regular kettle.

  • We’ve always used the old tea kettle on the stove method. But recently my parents purchased an electric kettle similar to the Hamilton Beach models you are showing here, and I’m very impressed with it. It boils in a flash!

  • Stovetop kettle all the way, ever since we moved and I killed my beloved electric kettle by accidentally plugging it in empty and turned on in the new kitchen. Sigh. Love tea. A major civilizing substance.

  • Sometimes I microwave a cup of water. Other times I’ll boil water in a pan on top of the stove. This appliance looks awesome!

  • I usually use a stovetop kettle at home, but it doesn’t whistle and I’m too rushed most mornings to get in a cup of tea before I leave for work. A programmable tea kettle would be awesome! I use a plain old regular electric kettle at work, but it’s all plastic– which probably isn’t the best thing.

  • My current boiling water need are met by a sauce pan and an electric stove. Yup, I don’t even have a tea kettle.

    But I have been looking at electric kettles, just not wanting to invest the money in one yet. I would use it for my Earl Grey, or the occasional french press coffee on a good weekend.

  • currently I make my hot water in the microwave. I would love to make it in a kettle though. Then my lazy butt would not stop at one cup.

  • I have a Le Creuset teakettle that sits on my stovetop. It was a gift, and I adore it. But I agree, this would be super handy to use when I’m canning or making soup and have little room on my stove for boiling extra water.

  • I always use my roommate’s gooseneck kettle. It’s great for making drip coffee but I always have trouble paying attention to when it’s boiling, because it doesn’t whistle! I was spoiled by the electric kettle at my old office and have been missing it since coming back to grad school.

  • I first encountered an electric kettle about twenty years ago on a visit to my cousin who was living in London at the time. As soon as I got home I ordered the same model, made by Bodum, and although it’s still going strong, it’s showing signs of age, not surprising given that it is all plastic. I use it to boil water for tea, for dripping coffee, for topping off my BWB canner, but my favorite use is to boil water that I then pour into a little pan on the stove for making soft-boiled eggs for breakfast.

  • I use the stovetop, although since we moved and my stove is one of those useless glass-topped things I could be dead before anything boils. The kettle sounds like magic!

  • I also got hooked on the electric kettle when I lived in the UK. Since then, I’ve converted my mom and (now) husband over as well! I’ve been through about 3 kettles since then, including plastic ones and the one my husband inadvertantly placed on the gas stovetop (OOPS!) and melted!

  • Love, love, LOVE the electric kettles! They are used here frequently, but especially are handy when entertaining. And, of course, when canning. And, I am finding, that 2 are not enough, especially since one is quite old and the newer one is plastic.

    In answer to the question – I heat water in the microwave, too! (When making a single cup of cocoa, for instance.) And still keep a copper teakettle on the stove top most of the time just because it is pretty.

  • I used to have a kettle that sat on the stove but it disappeared when we moved a few years ago. Now it’s the microwave or a pot on the stove. I have thought about an electric kettle but don’t know anyone that has one to get some feedback on them. Sounds like it could be a huge time saver.

  • I heat water in every possible in my kitchen. I have a stovetop kettle, sometimes I use the microwave, I travel with a small electric kettle, and I use my Keurig for quick hot water(but not boiling). It just depends on what I need it for and the amount.

  • i had my first exposure to an electric kettle when my college roomie brought one with her. for coffee and oatmeal it was fabulous! when i started working, the microwave was the only way to heat water but the tea always tatsted flat. and never stayed hot very long. then my mom gave me an electric kettle. bingo! suddenly there was a group of us in the office having an afternoon cuppa!

  • I have a stovetop kettle, and with a glass cooktop, I think it takes longer to boil water than it did with our old electric stove with the “coiled” burners.

  • I use a stovetop kettle at home and an electric kettle at work. The electric kettle is far from my office and I would love to have one to share with the people in my immediate work area.

  • stovetop kettle over here, but it’s an ugly old metal one that I hate to use. Bottom of the line… I would love a nice electric kettle!

  • I currently have a plastic electric kettle that is on its last legs, and I’d really like not to be boiling my water in something plastic.

  • Electric kettles are amazing. I love using my (cheap, old, in need of replacement) kettle to boil water for tea and to make hard boiled eggs, and to always have boiling water to top up my canner. Such a time saver. I would LOVE to have a programmable one–I honestly didn’t know they existed.

  • I am currently using a cheap plastic electric kettle (that works great, but I do worry about the plastic boiling a bit) that came with my apartment. When I visit my in-laws though.. I boil water in a mug in the microwave for my green tea. I’m not sure if I’d keep it or give it to them if I won..

  • When I drink green tea, I boil the water in a mug in the microwave. I also like the look of the kettle on the stove, but it does take some time. I would love to have an electric kettle, so handy!

  • I used a tea kettle years ago, when we lived in Scotland, but have never owned one in the U.S. I use it for, what else, tea!

  • I usually boil it in a pot or (for smaller quantities like for tea) I put it in a Pyrex measuring cup in the microwave.

  • I use my Great-Grandmother’s copper tea kettle, an heirloom I treasure, for quickly boiling water and steeping tea. Any other needs for boiling are met by my copper-bottomed pots.

  • I use a cheap electric kettle that is now slowly taking longer and longer. Time for an upgrade, programmable would be a nice feature.

  • My Braun electric kettle recently died after many years of unfailing service which has left me somewhat dis-oriented. I do not own a microwave and have been using a saucepan on the stove-top which gets the job done but is really cumbersome and slow! So I started browsing online for a new electric kettle and there are so many to choose from that I have put this acquisition on the back burner for the time being. However, my morning tea ritual is just not the same. I did not know there are programmable electric kettles and that just might be the way to go in 2013! Thanks…

  • I have an awesome, cute little Bodum electric kettle that I mostly use for tea and french press coffee, but I always try and boil a little more water than necessary to sanitize our sink (I have a crappy college apartment sink that doesn’t drain properly).

    1. I use an electric sink tap. I suspect it’s expensive to operate, but it’s very convenient, even for cleaning up. One problem: moving pots around, I smacked it. It’s now bent into an ugly shape. I need a kettle.

  • Besides having it to make tea. I use the kettle to heat water for my washing machine so when I felt my wool the water is really hot. A few kettles of water makes it felt so much better.

  • I use a teapot that has a harmonic whistle. When I boil water, and the teapot hums, the kids try to see who can come closest to matching the tone! Always fun!

  • We use a cute little stove-top kettle that we picked up from the local thrift store. I’m with you- ours is all metal and I think it’s important. We make coffee (I weigh out my beans too!) and tea every morning and multiple times per day, so the kettle is kept busy.

  • I’d never even thought of using an electric kettle for canning-related activities! I own a blue Le Creuset kettle that is cute but given the amount of tea I could drink, it would be convenient and easy to get an electric one that goes so much faster.

  • my water boiling habits…heh. I do pretty much all of the above. Here (the US) the gas stove is terrifically strong (right next to the pipeline) and so if I’m filling a teapot of tea I fire up the stove. For a single cup though, the microwave it is and I also use the microwave to bring the water for yeast up to temperature b/c there’s so much more control than any other method. In the UK though, on the electric hob, it can take up to 15 minutes to boil, 15! No wonder it’s a nation addicted to electric kettles. Since I’m always looking for ways to avoid using the microwave (it’s old), a programmable kettle seems just about right.

  • I use a whistling tea kettle on my gas stove, so my husband won’t start and forget it and boil it dry. We both use it for hot tea, and I also use it for topping off the water bath canner. But, I would love the electric kettle, especially at canning time.

  • My electric kettle just died. I am back to stovetop heating. While I like my red stovetop kettle, it is slow. I miss the fast heating from an electric kettle. I use boiling water for individual cups of drip coffee, tea, and to top off boiling canning water:-)

  • This would be so handy for canning. It takes forever to bring tap water up to a boil for water bath canning. I also use a kettle on my stovetop for tea & etc. Much better than the micowave. It is cool and rainy as I type & hot tea so so comforting.

  • Old metal kettle on the gas stove top. No whistle to alert me to the boiling so I have to remember that I have turned on the burner!

  • I drink tea every morning. I’ve got an electric kettle, but it’s not programmable – and the idea of being able to set a temperature for green or white tea sounds quite nifty!

  • It entirely depends on what for and what I feel like. If its for canning its on the stovetop. If its in the morning, Keurig all the way, or if I need a lot of cocoa my hot cocoa maker.

  • I’ve been using my trusty Braun electric tea kettle for years without ever peering inside. My mother-in-law is currently staying with us and noted that the interior is plastic. I know, gasp! Each time I’ve used it recently, I cringe a little bit thinking about my convenient, but questionable hot water.

  • I tend to do the microwaved mug of water most of the time unless I need more than a single cup – then I use a stove top teapot. I can think of a dozen different uses for an electric kettle though – imagine not having to wait forever for water to come to aboil before making a pot of spaghetti!