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February 11, 2013(updated on October 3, 2018)

Hamilton Beach Kettle front view

I came to the world of electric kettles fairly late. I was raised with a stove top kettle and thought it the best way to manage my hot water needs (plus, I’ve always liked the way they looked sitting out on a burner). But then in the fall of 2011, I went to visit my sister. She had a relatively inexpensive electric kettle that boiled water at miraculous speed. There was no ten+ minute wait for a pokey stove to heat and transfer its warmth. I was sold.

Soon after I got home, I ordered my first electric kettle. I got this fairly basic model that didn’t have any fancy features beyond the fact that it shut off after boiling and there wasn’t any plastic in the interior of the kettle (call me crazy, but I don’t love the idea of boiling large amounts of plastic on a regular basis).

Hamilton Beach Kettle side view

Soon enough, I was using it multiple times a day. It served up hot water for morning cups of coffee and tea. In the afternoon, I’d use the cooled water in the kettle to help feed my sourdough starter (boiling helps evaporate out any chlorine in the water supply that can harm or kill the sour bacteria. Just make sure the water is under 100F when you add it to your starter). During dinner prep, I’d heat water to hydrate spoonfuls of Better Than Bouillon or to speed up soup making.

I also found myself turning to the electric kettle during canning. As you know, I make a lot of small batches of preserves, and often I make three or four things in succession (I like to take advantage of a hot canning pot). These small batches range in size from two half pints to four or five. If I don’t plan well, I can wind up trying to process jars without having enough hot water to cover. Instead of adding hot tap water and hoping that the pot returns to a boil quickly, I can keep the kettle hot and top off the canning pot immediately. It has sped things up immeasurably.

This summer was also the first time I had the electric kettle during tomato canning season. I do the bulk of my tomatoes whole, peeled and packed in water (makes for a shorter processing time) and with an electric kettle, having that hot water takes no time at all.

Hamilton Beach Kettle display

Thanks to the kind folks at Hamilton Beach, I recently upgraded my electric kettle to their programmable model (my previous kettle was also made by HB, but I bought it with my own dollars, long before I started teaming up with them for giveaways). This guy allows you to select the temperature to which your water heats. That makes it particularly great if you have fussy coffee habits (I say this lovingly and as someone who regularly weighs her beans to ensure a close-to-perfect brew), drink green tea, or live at high elevations where water boils at lower temperatures.

It also has a outside fill indicator (the trade-off is that there’s a small amount of plastic inside the kettle to allow for this) and pours far more smoothly than my previous kettle. I also like the fact that it has a timer, so you can schedule the moment you want it to switch on to boil. With a fast boiling kettle, it’s not really entirely necessary, but I have been enjoying the luxury of walking into the kitchen each morning to a just-boiled kettle of water. It’s the little things.

Finally, the giveaway. Hamilton Beach has generously given me eight of these Programmable 1.7 Liter Electric Kettles to give away to my readers. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share your water boiling habits. Stove top kettle? Electric tap in the sink? Microwaved mug? If you don’t do hot drinks, what gets you moving in the morning?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Friday, February 15, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog over the weekend.
  3. Giveaway open US residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.
Disclosure: Hamilton Beach gave me one Programmable Electric Kettle for review and photography purposes and they’re providing eight additional units for this giveaway. They did not pay for inclusion on the blog and my opinions remain entirely my own. 


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1,089 thoughts on "Giveaway: Hamilton Beach Programmable Electric Kettle"

  • I am of the Red Kettle on the Stove Top at all times. My cheif complaints boil time and boiling it all away because I missed hearing the asmathtic train whistle.

  • Our burners take forever to boil the canning pot. It’s so bad we actually use a camp stove outside for big batches. This would solve our problem for small batches. And we could stay inside!!

  • I do it the old-fashioned way — on the stove, in a kettle — but after using a roommate’s electric kettle once, my eyes were definitely opened. What a great giveaway!

  • I’ve been mulling over giving up some counter space to an electric kettle. I currently use a stovetop kettle to heat water for my french press in the morning and my cups of tea throughout the day.

  • Ooh! Every morning my husband gets to wake up to coffee ready to drink and I fill the kettle and wait for water to boil to make my tea, I’m so excited to know that this can be programed!

  • I have been using a stove top kettle but have been looking at electric ones. A programable one would mean that I could have a few extra minutes of sleep and my favorite tea before my 8am class on mondays.

  • I have a kettle on the stove. If I’m really lucky, I remember to turn the kettle off before I walk away! Having an electric kettle that’s smarter than me probably wouldn’t be a bad idea. 🙂

  • We use these at work all the time. They are terrific for tea, instant noodles, oatmeal, soup and also for aroma therapy! Put in a cinnamon stick or two and your space will be wonderous to all who enter.

  • I’ve bought three stovetop kettles in the last two years, all of which have been failures in one way or another — too hot to pick up, faulty whistler, random broken pots — so this electric kettle situation intrigues me.

  • Up until very recently we had an instant tap. It has been replaced with a sprayer nozzle and I am lost without it! It drives me crazy to have to wait for hot water on the stovetop.

  • At our house, we drink tea in the morning and are still using a stove-top kettle. The long wait for boiling water is ridiculous…although it does allow time to do any dishes left over from the previous night and general tidying up.

  • Love my electric kettle … use it for tea and cooking applications that require boiling water quickly. Would love a programmable electric kettle. Once I tried electric kettles they spoiled me for stove top. Great for extended travel too . I love a cup of tea in the evening after a long day of exploring

  • I like my chai tea at 120 degrees – it would be lovely to program the kettle to get it exactly the right temperature. I currently use the microwave.

  • What a great way to make everyday treats (like tea) easier. I’m constantly wanting hot tea or needing 1/4 cup of boiling water for my buttercream icing. Right now I’m using a sauce pot on my stove. I always forget and end up having to start all over!!

  • I am a multiple-cups-a-day tea drinker, and I make pour-over drip coffee in a Chemex. I’ve had some form of electric kettle since my dorm days, when it was otherwise impossible to make a nice pot of tea or coffee. I have lived without one after a badly-packed breakup move, but these are one of life’s little luxuries that I’d love to have again.

  • I sometimes use a stove top one, and sometimes use an electric (but all plastic) one. If I’m sure I just want one mug of something hot, I’ll microwave a mug of milk or water. I also don’t like the idea of boiling water in an all-plastic vessel, so I’d love to win one of these!

  • Stove top kettle all the time at home. If I want a lower temp, I just turn it off and wait a bit. Sometimes that works, and sometimes I just forget it and then have to boil again. At work I have a sad little Sunbeam ultra-basic electric pot. It works great, but is all plastic and doesn’t automatically turn off, which often ends in me boiling off most of my tea water.

  • i use an electric kettle, but it’s plastic and not wonderful. it seems to take it FOREVER to heat water. i think i actually timed it once and it was well over 4 minutes. doesn’t stay hot long, either. 🙁

    i drink all kinds of tea. sometimes instant cocoa, but not often. my latest obsession has been kombucha tea. ty for the opportunity.

  • I learned about electric kettles on a trip to England in 1994. I had never seen one and was impressed with how great it was.
    I have had the same electric kettle for many years now, to long. I have used it to boil hot water for Ramen noodle soup, a few years ago I stayed in a Brooklyn sublet which had no gas so it was used to boil pasta. Now I use it for my daily cup of tea, which is way better than making pasta in it and occasionally to top off a hot bath when my cold water runs out. They are so great.

  • I either boil my water on the stovetop in a kettle, or heat it in the microwave. I would love to do away with using the microwave. I only use it because it is so much faster than the stovetop. The Hamilton Beach electric kettle looks awesome and would be a welcome addition to my kitchen!

  • We have one of these at work. My daughters are drinking lots of loose leaf tea and this electric kettle would be great for the before school preparation. I do love my Calphalon stove top kettle but this would be a welcome addition.

  • We ditched our microwave about five years ago, so our water is heated on the stove. If I’m doing large canning batches, I’ll throw a huge pot on the grill. We’ve just moved and will be starting over with the garden this year, so I see more small batch canning in my future. This would be lovely! I’m also thinking it would be perfect when re-hydrating my dehydrated vegetables! 🙂

  • My electric kettle – a Braun model found at a Goodwill store in grad school – also saves my life during canning. Oh to have one with a programmable temperature! Mine is always a guess and check for coffee.

  • Our water boiling habits are started to get laughable..errr pitiful. In the morning we use a french press to make our coffee so we fill a small pot with water and stick it on the stove top and wait. Nothing worse than waiting for the first bubbles of boiling to happen when all you want is coffee NOW. Especially when you’re trying to get out the door by 630 to get to class on time. Eep.

    (PICK ME!) hahaha <3

  • I work from home most days and after my morning cappuccino, it’s tea for the rest of the day – tea bags, loose tea, black, herbal, red roobios – you name it, it’s in my cupboard.

    I have a very serviceable English stove top kettle, but after years of kettle-destroying use, I was considering purchasing an electric one; one that would not be so routinely subjected to flame, grease accumulation and such.

  • A while ago, I bought cheap electric kettle for work and the next thing I knew, everyone came to visit my office for an afternoon cup of tea 🙂 I never know there was a programmable one. Pretty cool!

  • Wow – never thought about all the ways one might use boiling water if it were right there at the ready. We do stovetop mostly and microwave occasionally. Love the idea of aromatherapy! I’m going to try mint right now.

  • I will either use stovetop or microwave depending on how quickly I need hot water. I used to have a whistle kettle but I realized a pot worked just as well.

  • I used to prefer a kettle on a gas stove but both my father and I have trouble with remembering it’s there. After a couple scary incidents, I switched to electric kettle. But my father just managed to burn that up. It was sitting on the griddle and he turned the griddle on without noticing!

  • I have a basic electric kettle but would love to upgrade like you did! My favorite use of my kettle is that while my husband is putting our daughters to bed I heat the water, and when he comes down he asks me what kind of tea I want. A relaxing ritual!

  • I usually get my hot water from the keurig or boiling on top of the stove. Though, I would love to be able to use the electric kettle – more water & it stays warm! What’s better than that?

  • We use a kettle on the stove. It is red with a very loud whistle. My boyfriend has his morning coffee, and I my morning tea (a recent switch). For the winter, we also make hot cocoa for us and the kids.


  • I generally use a stovetop kettle at home and the electric kettle at work. But I never thought to use an electric one to heat up water for the waterbath canner! So smart.

  • We had a hot/just under boiling water faucet in our kitchen in our previous house and I loved it! But in our current house it’s either the stovetop or the microwave. I would love this kettle.

  • I currently boil my water for coffee in a saucepan and then add it to my french press. I also boil the water for my canner on the stove. An electric kettle would be a lot faster and more energy efficient method and would help me process the HUGE amounts of veggies I hope to get from my backyard garden this summer :).

  • I use a Paul Revere whistling tea kettle for all my hot water needs. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate (when not cooked with milk).

  • I have tea every morning before I head out for the day and every evening a few hours before bed! I have used a stove-top kettle up until now, which I enjoy, but I would really like the speed of an electric kettle! I haven’t purchased one yet, because like you, I do not want a plastic interior! I’m excited to see this model- If I don’t win one (fingers crossed) I will definitely consider buying one!

  • I am an electric kettle fanatic! I have used my Capresso glass kettle for 5 years and I’ve loved it, but parts are starting to degrade because I used it a billion times a day. I make tea many times a day and use it for canning too. I’ve been eying the ones like this that have the temp control to perfect my green tea! Very cool!

  • For the last 3.5 years I have had the pleasure of using an electric tea kettle & LOVE it!
    However over the last month I have noticed it doesn’t always work & I know it’s at any moment I will need to replace it. What a treasure to win a new programmable electric kettle!!! Maybe you will be my valentine gift

  • We boil water in a kettle via the stovetop a few times a day, to make coffee with a press pot, tea and oatmeal for breakfast, and usually in the evening to make soup.

  • I also use an electric kettle but mine isn’t programmable. I like mine so much I gave them out as Christmas presents. I would love to upgrade!

  • Hmmm…I’m strictly a tea drinker and do the boiling water thing every morning on the stove top. I’m also an Anglophile and noticed that during any British movie/tv show they almost always have an electric kettle. I’ve seriously considered buying one of these for some time now. The price has put me off a little…what if I didn’t like it lol? I think the fact that it frees up a burner; yes mine kettle is always sitting on a burner is a real plus. I would love to win this and give it a go!

  • I made the switch from stove top to electric after staying with friends in England. They’d say ” The kettle’s popped, tea’s on”

  • I’ve used an inexpensive electric kettle for the past few years, but have been coveting one of these programmable kettles!

  • I currently use a stovetop kettle but this would be wonderful for canning when the burners are otherwise occupied and you need to add more hot water.

  • My daughter lived in Germany for 7 years and had an electric kettle that she used all the time. They are so convenient and fast! At home, I’ve used a stove top kettle; I didn’t realize electric kettles were becoming popular here. They are amazing.

  • Usually boil water in a teapot on the stovetop. Sometimes microwave. My best friend loves hers and does her hard-boiled eggs in one of these! I’m long overdue! lol

  • I’m a kettle on the gas or wood stove water boiler. I have friends who swear by the electrick kettle, but I’ve been too frugal to buy one. I’d love to be swayed to the dark side by winning one 🙂

  • I once boiled a stovetop enameled kettle dry and it popped the bottom right out. Still, I continue to use a stovetop kettle. But would love to try an electric one instead, as have started using my kettle daily rather than occasionally.

  • Stovetop or microwave. Years ago I had something you plugged into the wall but it was plastic and I ended up generally using it for hot cocoa during the winter. I thought it kinda made the water to where it tasted “odd”. Eventually it ended up in a yard sale or tossed out. I would love, love this one to use! I can think of numerous things I would use it for, oh the endless possibilities and no more waiting on the water to boil yay! #awatchedpot lol
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway & to HB for making it possible!!

  • I boil water on the stovetop. This seems much nicer. I can’t do the microwave cause I’m always afraid of overdoing it and burning myself when I move the cup.

  • Now, I use the microwave to boil water because in the past I would forget the water was on in the sauce pan & leave the house (not a good thing). What a wonderful invention an electric programmable water kettle!

  • We use a stove top kettle, but I’ve been thinking about an electric kettle for a while now. I like tea in the mornings, when I don’t mind waiting for a boil, and also sometimes during the day when I don’t really want to take as much time to get my tea going.

  • After ruining several teapots, I am reduce to using a heavy saucepan or the microwave. This electric pot is a great idea for me! 🙂

  • I use a plastic electric kettle at work, so I can hopefully catch the cancer inducing agents after boiling. At home I’ve got a basic steel kettle.

    I boil once a day or so, for coffee and tea. Sometimes I use it to heat water for cooking.

  • I do the stovetop-kettle method, mostly because I love the way my red kettle looks on my stove. But it certainly lacks convenience, so I’d love this one!

  • I’ve got an old stainless steel stovetop kettle…I would love one that doesn’t get spotted with grease from having to leave it on the stove 😉

  • I’m a kettle on the gas or wood stove water boiler. I have friends who rave about their electric kettles, but I’ve been too frugal to buy one since I don’t really “need” it. I’d love to win one and be won over 🙂

  • I would LOVE one of these. Sometimes, coffee can’t be made fast enough! I use a French Press which involves boiling the water in my teakettle on the stove and then pouring it over the grounds in the French press, letting it sit for 4 minutes, then pressing the “thingy” (yes, that must be the scientific term for it). So, we are talking 14 minutes here! LOL

  • I switched over to an electric kettle and French press years ago and love it, although we do have a couple reg kettles in reserve. Did have a coffee maker for awhile with automatic timer, was great. Fresh brewed when you walk in the kitchen is nice indeed. A kettle with a timer, yeah, seems like something I need.

  • In college, I survived on my electric kettle: perfect for ramen on snowdays and tea at all ours of the night during paper-writing marathons. Once I had my own grown-up apartment, I swore by a stove top kettle; it was being refilled constantly by multiple roommates and thus was always humming with warmth. Most recently, I’ve just moved in with my loved one, and we have been boiling our tea-water in a pot, as we haven’t found the perfect kettle just yet. I’ve been researching the pros and cons of electric vs. stove top, being mindful of environmental concerns, and have been surprised to read over and over again that electric kettles are an energy-saver. I would be honored to welcome one back into my life in my new little home!

  • i drink instant coffee everyday and use the microwave to heat up my water, would luv to have one of these warmers. thanks.

  • I use a kettle on the stove, but it seems like it takes forever! I usually drink tea in the mid morning and afternoon. Kids use the kettle for their morning oatmeal, I bet they wish it was quicker too!

  • I currently use a stove-top metal kettle, and I do love the way it whistles at me and I come running from the other room to grab it before it screams for too long. But I have long wanted something that will bring my water to a set temperature. I’ve seen those kettles in Japan that holds the water at the right temperature, but those seem a little extreme for my twice a day coffee and/or tea. This kettle seems like the answer I’ve been looking for!

  • I stove top boil at home but only because I donated my electric kettle to my office. I find myself regretting that decision a lot lately… it’s too cold to wait for water to boil for my tea!