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March 31, 2015

glass dharma boxes

I first started building my collection of jars a decade ago. At that point, I wasn’t using them for canning (that was still yet to come). I simply didn’t like storing dry goods, leftovers, and lunches in plastic and found that wide mouth jars were the best and most affordable way to switch to glass. During my time as an office worker, you’d often find me heading to work a daily trio of jars containing coffee, breakfast, and lunch (and padded with a cloth napkin or two).

bent glass dharma straw

I am always looking for ways to consume less and reuse more. I’ve conditioned myself to always carry reusable bags. I’m militant about using travel mugs (or a mason jar fitted with a Cuppow) when out for coffee. I am religious about returning egg cartons to farmers and metal hangers to the laundry that does Scott’s work shirts. And about four years ago, I bought a small stash of glass straws from Glass Dharma to replace the package of plastic Ikea ones that I had been using.

glass dharma end labels

I have loved these straws and they’re still going strong. They are easy to use, simple to clean with a skinny brush and are impossible to break. Awhile back, I dropped one behind the washing machine and when we finally pulled the machine out enough that I could reach back and retrieve it, the straw was in perfect shape, save a coating of dust and laundry lint.

glass dharma straw tip

The best thing about Glass Dharma is that they’re not just trying to sell a product. They see their work as a sustainability mission and to that end, they distribute a ton of free straws each April in honor of Earth Day. They hope that one day, they’ll have provided glass straws to at least 2% of the American public (that works out to about 6 million straws).

What this means is that today, you have two chances to get some free glass straws. First, click here to read more about Glass Dharma’s Earth Day promotion. Then go sign up for their newsletter to get yourself in the loop for said promotion.

Finally, come back here and leave a comment for chance to win one of three $25 gift codes for use on the Glass Dharma website.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me a story about a straw. Do you love them? Are you someone who drinks hot beverages through straws?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, April 4, 2015. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, April 5, 2015.
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only. Void where prohibited.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Glass Dharma sent me a few straws to add to my collection for photography purposes. They are also providing the three gift codes at no cost to me. They have not paid me for this post beyond those sample straws and all opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

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256 thoughts on "Giveaway: Glass Dharma Straws"

  • I’ve used stainless steel straws for years now, taking whatever steps (large and small) I can to reduce my household waste. We’ve enjoyed using them, but I always worry if food waste (hello, smoothies!) gets left behind – even with the cleaning brush that came with them – simply because I can’t “see” that they’re clean. Glass straws would eliminate that worry for me!

  • The Easter Bunny is bringing some stainless steel straws for the kids. I’d love to try the glass!

  • I have stopped using straws because they are made of plastic. I’m so upset about the cities of microbeads floating in the ocean. I will use paper straws. But I love seeing this product and even posted it on my FB page. The fact that it includes a cleaning brush is genius. So glad to see a sustainable product out there.

  • Reducing waste is important to me. These would work great. Plastic straws create an incredible amount of waste.

  • My goal over the last few years has been eliminating the use of plastic items that can come in contact with heat and then me ingesting food and/or liquid from it. I would love to try these straws out for myself and then convert my mother to them (since she always has a plastic straw between her lips). Thanks for this offer!

  • When I was young, I used to go to this rummage sale every year (they still have it!) and one of my favorite things to look for was glass ice cream soda straws. Some of them had seashell shaped spoons on the end. They were very fragile and never lasted until the next year. I hadn’t thought about them in years until I read your post. Thanks for evoking this memory.

    I would love to have some glass straws again.

  • I never really thought about how wasteful plastic straws are. Who knows what type of chemicals are in those suckers *pun intended!!! lol. But seriously, Ew!!!

  • I had no idea there are glass straws. Love this! I’m going to order some – gift code or no. Must have something to do with my childhood, but using a straw makes the drink taste special to me.

  • I simply adore straws and never without one. I drink everything with a straw. I don’t have a story about straws but my husband and everyone in my family knows I can’t drink anything without one.
    Hopefully I will win this giveaway. If not, I signed up for the newsletter and will purchase glass straws.

  • I used to buy straws for my kids when they were young. I love the glass straw idea and would use one to drink cold tea from. My youngest daughter was born on Earth Day before it became that and this would make a great birthday gift for her.

  • My husband is a waiter, and constantly brings home pockets full of straws. Drives me crazy. I would love to have reusable glass ones! I’ll have to start thinking about ways to sneak our stash of plastic ones back to the restaurant…

  • I switched (and have encouraged my kids to switch) from disposable plastic straws to stainless steel ones (frankly, because I was afraid of the glass ones breaking). However, after your post about the glass straw behind the washing machine (unbroken) I think I’m trying out the glass ones! If nothing else, I can see how clean they are……or aren’t, if my husband is doing dishes and doesn’t use the small brush to clean inside!!
    What a great giveaway!

  • We recycle, reuse & repurpose as many items as possible so I know we would love these glass straws. What a great idea!

  • I am never without something to drink, especially when on the go, and I am constantly on the go. I was so thrilled when you could buy a cup with a straw because I used to save the ones I got from the convenience stores or fast food restaurants, washing them until so thin they couldn’t hold a beverage any longer. Hot or cold, I love my “to go” cup and my clean straw to savor each sip.

  • I don’t use a lot of straws but this past weekend we were at a VERY cold soccer game. And while we jiggled our hands, passed around hand warmers and tried to heat from the inside out with some liquored hot chocolate someone made a really good observation:

    If we only had some straws we could hide 95% of our face and still get the hot liquid and warming liquor into our bodies. It is the first time I have yearned for a good straw!

  • I use a straw everyday at home to drink water. It makes it easier for me to get my daily “8”. I do use a reusable plastic straw instead of disposable ones, but would love a glass one. Thanks for a great giveaway and passing along the info for a great company. Going to check them out now.

  • I hate plastic straws! I feel better about paper ones, but they always disintegrate. Glass would be awesome. I must confess to washing out the plastic ones and reusing them over and over – can’t stand to throw them out after each use. Go glass. Count me in.

  • I love straws for my daily smoothies, but have always felt guilty about the waste. I just couldn’t embrace the metal straw movement (ugh, when it hits against your teeth), but glass straws would be awesome! Thank you for the chance to win!

  • i don’t use straws terribly often, but my honey much prefers them, and i’d love to switch them over to these!

  • I love this product! I had no idea that there was even such thing as a glass straw. You’ve converted me…goodbye plastic, hello glass!

  • Very cool! My husband and I love using straws, as we find we drink significantly more water when using them (maybe it’s a mental thing). It would be great to swap re-usable ones for our plastic and paper ones!

  • My household is taking steps everyday to reduce and reuse and recycle. Straws have always been hard. Plastic straws are hard to clean and warp when warm. And the thought of shedding from the straw is not a pleasant one!
    Glass straws seems like an idea solution -especially if they have a special brush! You can see in side them to tell if they are clean. No shedding because they are inert BS glass. Wonderful!

  • These could be fun to have around. I used to have a water bottle with a straw built in and it was really easy to drink a lot that way.

  • I’m really trying to use less plastic. I have to use a lid and straw for my beverage at work for health code reasons. I drink hot tea in my glass canning jar and would love to try these glass straws.

  • I’ve been thinking about buying these, but have been concerned about cleaning them and breaking them (or my 3 year old). This would be great opportunity to try them out!

  • I love straws. I know that sounds weird but I’m chronically dehydrated from a medication that I’m on and living in the hot southern state. I have found the only way I get enough water in is by drinking with a straw. I keep them in my purse and desk drawer, because being plastic they start smelling after a day or 2.

  • I use straws a lot because of nerve damage on my lower lip. They reduce the odds of dribbles. Even though I recycle my disposable straws, a glass one that only requires daily cleaning would be an improvement.

  • I don’t use straws much but my kids would love these. And maybe they’d stop drinking hot tea from spoons (what a mess!)

  • Straws! I definitely a in the hot beverages with straws camp, which is unfortunate since my only reusable straw is a heavy plastic & I’m afraid it will melt someday. But coffee through a straw while you’re working at the library is the best! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  • I love straws. The moment I knew that my roommate and I were made for each other was when I saw her stash of straws. As much as I adore them, I wish I used fewer straws. I would love glass ones.

  • Hot drinks through straws? Sounds great. I have heard of glass straws, but was fearful that they would break easily. Now, after reading what you have said about these being tough, I’ll give them a try. I’m leery of plastic straws and hate throwing more stuff into the trash. These solve those problems.

  • I love straws! I often get bubble tea as an afternoon treat, and I love slurping the tapioca up through the giant straw.

  • Very cool! I’ve seen these before but figured they’d break at the first washing. Good to know they are pretty sturdy – I’ll have to give them a try.

  • Thank you for supporting sustainable products and sustainable business models! We are in desperate need for a straw update. We are using IKEA straws that are more than 5 years old and have been run through the dishwasher until the color is practically scratched to a frosted look. I think I will just order from Glass Dharma and consider my sweepstakes win a pleasant bonus.

  • I definitely want to try these. I use IKEA straws like crazy now for my morning smoothie (drank out of a big jar)! Would love to use something more sturdy, reusable, and sustainable 🙂

  • I am drinking iced coffee right now out of a mason jar with an Eco-jars lid and a stainless steel straw. I’d be interested in trying one of these glass straws.

  • I would love to try the glass straws and am happy to see anything that is sustainable. I recycle, always take my cloth bags when I go shopping, not just for groceries.

  • I love straws. I use them in everything. I had never thought of using reusable straws till I read this article and now I’m hooked. I would love to win them and i will buy some of my own.

  • We use straws for smoothies, Apple Cider Vinegar tonics and travelling with the reCAPs on our mason jars…stick the straw through the pouring spout works like a charm. Glass straws would be fantastic.

  • I don’t use straws because I don’t like drinking through plastic. However, there are times when it would be really useful to have a straw, especially when I’m using a mason jar as a mug with a straw-friendly lid. I had never thought of glass straws!

  • I don’t exactly *love* straws, but I do find them VERY convenient! My favorite summer lunch, when I worked in an office, was a smoothie of, usually, yogurt and frozen mixed fruit – too thick to drink from a glass, but awkward to eat with a spoon when walking or sitting at the desk.

    And my mother saves and washes plastic straws (even the accordion-pleated bendable ones) – maybe a glass straw or two would enable me to throw away her hoard (yes, I mean that literally) of plastic ones.

  • I do enjoy drinking from straws (out of my mason jars as well) but I have not yet found a brand that is easy for me to clean- maybe these are the ones!!

  • When I was a kid, straws were usually paper. I got very good at using them without making mush at the tip . . . just about the time plastic straws came on the scene. I’d love to try a glass straw. Sounds very posh.

  • I never use straws anymore because my husband and I are working towards zero waste, 100% composting and reusing everything that comes into the house (that means not filling up the recycling bin with plastic containers!) I love straws but they didn’t fit into that picture, this is soo exciting that they make glass straws! I hope we win!

  • I always have ginger ale with a straw, ever since I was a kid. Thought lately I’ve been feeling a little guilty about throwing away the plastic ones.

  • I love straws! But I really, really feel bad about the waste of disposable straws so I stopped using them until I got some re-usable plastic ones. However, I can’t use those in hot beverages.

  • I drink ginger syrup that I make diluted with sparkling water with a straw every day! I used to use the one precious glass straw that I owned, but one summer day my dog knocked over my glass and the straw broke. I am still sad!

  • learned to love glass straws many many (40+) while spending 6months in traction.the only way to drink when almost flat. even works with coffee

  • I definitely stay better hydrated when I tote around a water bottle/beverage with a straw, so these would be awesome!

  • I would love to use the glass straws! I too have a box of straws from Ikea mine just sit in a drawer. I have been using those straws to pull the air out of bags of food going into the freezer.

  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom does not provide straws for their drinks in an effort to be animal friendly. Initially, years ago I didn’t like not having a straw. What a fabulous invention!

  • when I was a kid my mom worked in a small coffee shop, and we would go and have a soda once in a while. Mom would let us blow the wrapper, and blow bubbles. Straws a great fun

  • I was always worried about getting glass straws and having them break! I’m anxious to try these now that you’ve tried them out for their durability. I definitely am a straw person, all day, every day.

  • Smoothies, iced coffee, water…everything tastes better through a straw. I have a couple stainless steel straws, but find that they tend to make things taste metallic after a while, so I’d love to try an alternative! And if Glass Dharma ever comes out with glass curly straws…they have me for life :o)

  • I am an occasional straw user only because I don’t like the plastic ones. I have wondered about some of the reusable options available but am working through my Ikea box for now. I do recycle the plastic ones after I use them. We have a pretty generous recycling program in my town and they let us put many different types of plastic in for recycling.

  • I have been using stainless steel straws but I’d prefer clear glass, just to see they are clean. I don’t drink hot drinks through a straw very often, never through plastic ones.

  • I like straws for any drink with lots of ice because I don’t like fighting the ice to drink and straws are an absolute must for the occasional Coke that I drink. I don’t like straws for hot beverages but my Dad uses them for his coffee since he has Bell’s Palsy and he cannot drink coffee without a straw.

  • I LOVE straws … but don’t like waste. I have four hard plastic straws that I’ve been washing and reusing for about two years now. I don’t really like using plastic, either, so I would love me some glass straws to replace the plastic ones (which I would recyle!). I would undoubtedly drink my homemade hot chai latte with a straw, if said straw were glass!

  • I have been using the same battered insulated cup for years now. It has outlasted several jobs and apartments. The problem is the plastic straw is nearly useless. I have to clean it carefully to avoid it looking like a source of sickness. A glass straw would be much easier to clean and would also allow me to sample my kombucha in a more sanitary way.

  • I love straws! I drink more when I have a straw and I’m always trying to stay as hydrated as possible. My liter water bottle is fitted with a straw cap and I have a couple of metal straws for smoothies. But glass seems like it would be more hygienic. I’m going to check these out. I was always afraid of the glass breaking.

  • We drink smoothies through straws. No way would I drink a hot drink with a straw — seems designed to burn the top of my mouth. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • My son loves to drink almost everything through a straw. Personally I enjoy my iced coffee and tea that way. Glass straws definitely a cool invention.

  • I have never tried a glass straw. I appreciate you mentioning how sturdy they are as that was my first thought. I find that I drink more water when I drink out of a straw so we have several reusable drinking containers that use straws.

  • my mornings start with breakfast smoothies. i always use a straw to drink it down. i like the bendy ones!

  • I’ve loved bendy/twisty straws since I was a kid–thought they were the neatest thing ever! That begin said, I totally LOVE the idea of reusable straws. A winning idea, in my book!

  • These look great! I love to use straws, but rarely do in the home, because I don’t have a reusable option. My daughter has also become hooked on straws and thinks that any drink with a straw is at least four times better than a drink without one. I’ve never tried a hot beverage with a straw, though.

  • We have metal straws here, but now that my kids are older I am not as worried about using the glass ones and would love to try them.

  • I have a set of metal iced tea spoon straws that I love, except that I can’t use them for anything else for fear of not getting really clean. Clear glass would solve that problem!

    My husband and I have a childish habit of blowing the paper cover off of restaurant straws at each other. What can I say, we’re middle aged newly weds 🙂 Anyway, we were in the DQ drive through and a straw wrapper ended up in the ear of the person working the window. Luckily they thought it was as funny as we did.

    As for straws in hot liquids, I use one to stir the sugar into my tea on the rare occasion I’m at Starbucks. Can’t stand wood stir sticks… I have a glass stir stick at work but have always been afraid to carry it with me.

    1. I like the “clean” sip you get with using a straw
      In elementary we used paper straws don’t see them around anymore
      Have not tried the glass ones bet they are kool

  • Would love to have glass straws for all my cold beverages. Currently using metal bottles with “sipppy” tops. The tops on these are hard to keep clean. LOVE glass, use it for a lot of storage!

  • I love to make an ultra thick shake or smoothie, dunk the straw in, pull it out, and then consume all the deliciousness. Who needs a spoon?

  • I LOVE straws! I always prefer to use straws when drinking anything. If I get water while eating out and my husband gets a soda and therefore a straw…I steal it because he hates them!

  • When my kids were younger I carried bendy straws around in my purse to use at restaurants that didn’t have them. They just weren’t tall enough to sip out of a straw that was straight!

  • Hardly-breakable glass straws – what a great idea!

    Recently I’ve been spending time sorting through things from my parents’ home – it’s hard to do but has to happen. I found an old box of Scoopy’s Plastic Flexible Straws in a kitchen drawer and simply sat and smiled.

    The straws reminded me of when I was growing up and my father and I would share a soda or a milkshake (treats!) while my mother drank iced tea. Late in his life my father had to use a straw to drink his hot coffee or hot tea but he always offered to share. Some things never change! Bent or flexible straws bring back good memories….

  • I’d like to have one. I think it would come in handy cause the ice could make the straw cold and that would just make everything better for me. I love better.

  • When I was young, I was given a gift with a parfait glass filled with small bath products/lip balm/etc, and it was topped with a mech shower poof and a crazy straw to make it look like a milk shake- it was really cute and something that I always remembered.