Giveaway: FreshTECH Jam and Jelly Maker

October 30, 2012(updated on June 21, 2022)
FreshTech Jam and Jelly Maker

Over the summer, the folks at Ball sent me one of their new to FreshTECH Jam and Jelly Makers to try out. I spent a few weeks playing around with it and in early September, I wrote a blog post documenting how it works and how the jam I made turned out. You can read that post here.

Essentially, it’s a terrific tool for beginning jam makers focused on small batches, folks who don’t want to heat up their kitchens in the summer months, and anyone else who needs an extra hand when it comes time to preserve. If you make larger batches, really like using your stovetop and controlling the process (count me among that group), then it may not be the perfect appliance for you. Happily, there’s enough space in the canning world for all of us.


One of the limitations of the FreshTECH is simply that there aren’t a ton of recipes designed to make use of it at this time. However, the recipe developers over at Fresh Preserving (that’s Ball’s online home) are trying to change that. They are regularly adding new fruit and spice combinations to the website (click here to see all the currently available recipes) and are asking for input on which seasonal recipes they should work on creating in advance of the holiday months.

If there’s a particular preserve that you’d like to see, make sure to click over to the Ball Facebook and leave a suggestion. You can also tag them on Pinterest if you’ve made a preserve you think might be good transformed into one for the FreshTECH.

This giveaway has closed.

Disclosure: Ball provided both the review unit pictured above and the giveaway unit at no cost to me. However, my opinions remain firmly my own. 

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564 thoughts on "Giveaway: FreshTECH Jam and Jelly Maker"

  • Truthfully, the best canning experiences have been when we do larger batches on the stove top, taking over the entire kitchen and everyone getting involved. The crock pot is the perfect tool for fruit butters and our dehydrator gets a good amount of use as well! Would love to get our hands on the FreshTech to make smaller batches of test recipes and when we have smaller amounts of fruits, berries and vegetables!

  • Stovetop …. But I keep over cooking and ending up with something resembling the consistency of a 100 year old gummy bear.

  • I typically jam out on the stove, the cooking process and the canning. Super small batches that would work great in something contained.

  • I have to admit, I do like the stove top method, even though my kitchen is never really cool enough to do this comfortably (it’s sweltering in summer, and we don’t control our own heat, so it’s always way too hot in winter too!)

    Now if only I could get a stove with more than one working burner!!!

  • Stovetop! I’ve never done it any other way. Crockpot takes too log and with a very active 4 year old, I don’t have much time!

  • I am still new to it, have made it in a crock pot, and stove top method This jam maker is so neat “) Good luck everyone!

  • just in my 2nd year of preserving – dehydrator is what I am using now – I have been looking at this appliance for a while.

  • At this point my favorite preserves method would have to be the stovetop, because I am fairly new to canning/preserving and that is all I’ve tried. šŸ™‚

  • stove top- I make my jam the old fashion way like my mother and grandmother has made for many years. I love the fact that there is a bit of family history in each batch I make.

  • Stovetop – but I want my new favorite method to include Ball’s FreshTECH Jam and Jelly Maker! Hint hint hint…

  • Stovetop – My girlfriend has been begging me for months to buy her this FreshTECH Jam and Jelly Maker so I’ll do my part and at least try to win one for her – she definitely deserves it and I love her jalepeno jelly!!!

  • I’ve made apple butter in the crock pot and it was so easy. However, I enjoy the stove top process more and like to control and add things as I go. Would love to win this applicance and try out some new recipes!

  • I made watermelon syrup in my big roaster this summer. It takes a lot of watermelon to make a little syrup and my big roaster was perfect to cook the watermelon down before waterbath canning it.

  • I would love to win this, it would be perfect for a busy person like me, and I like to make small batches of jams and pickles. I work full time, and I am a caregiver for an elderly parent, but I am determined to eat well, and love sharing what I make with friends and family.

  • I use the slow cooker to make apple butter. Jams and jellies I do in small batches on the stove. Would love to win the FreshTECH. Would be ideal to make Holiday gifts with this machine.

  • I love using both the stove top and slow cooker…but in florida it gets soooo hot! This would be such a blessing!

  • Actually, I prefer my outdoor kitchen (aka, my patio with a wooden workbench and a couple of propane cookers set -up beside the bench). I set up an electric fan nearby to stand in front of to cool off when needed. I have a portable sink that I hook the water hose up to for water needed for cooking or cleaning. I don’t heat up the inside of my house and can wash down everything with a water hose when I am done!

  • I’ve only tried stovetop. I’m a bit of a new canner, this is only my 3rd year. The first year none of my jam set and I had to reprocess everything. I learned alot and the next year was much better. I only do small batches right now so this might be something worth looking into.

  • Stove top. Started back when using old jars and wax was the way to do jams. Times have changed. Still make several batches. My family loves my jams.

  • Stove top is my favorite, although the best apple butter I ever made was cooked in a Crock Pot all night because I had given up trying to cook it on the stove top.

  • I think this is a good idea, If you had just a few fruit plants/ trees and wanted to keep the jams/ jellies made as the fruit got rip this would be a fantastic idea. Small Batches + less margin for error and People who want to try their hand at artisan jam / jellie making wont feel so overwhelmed ! Or Pros who just like to experiment but not waste …

  • I’ve only used the stovetop method. I’ve tried several times to make jams & jellies but I always seem to over process them. The finished product is edible but not worth the hard work to get it out of the jar. I would love to win the Jam & Jelly maker so that we could enjoy the fruits of our garden labor.

  • I am a beginner and I use the stove top method with the boiling water method. I live in an apartment with little room on my stove top for many things. So when I am making preserves that is all I can do. I would really love to use the new FreshTECH Jam and Jelly Makers. It would be great for me to make my sister and mother some jam and jelly.

  • I am a stove top girl. I’m still a novice as of yet, but I’m learning the ropes quickly & am enjoying the fruits of our labor. I put the Ball FreshTECH on my Santa list this year, so I would be thrilled to win one! Thank you & good luck everyone! šŸ™‚

  • I use the stove top method boiling water bath. Im new to canning but enjoy learning something new about it all the time.

  • I always make my jelly, jam, preserves the stove top, waterbath method, way I was taught but would love one of these- have been looking at them all summer– would love to see my tomatoe jelly in one of these, people say oh yuk tomatoe jelly but when they are eating it they think they are eating strawberry jelly- ha ha ha

  • I never knew there was any other way to make jam except on the stove top. I would love to make it in a jam maker to have more room on my stove. I always have more than one thing going at a time on my stove & have to always put something off until something else is done.

  • I currently make all my jams on the stovetop but I would love to get one of these! I made about twelve different kinds of jams so far this year and two large batches of apple butter.

  • I typically use the stovetop, but when it is really hot, I use the crockpot – especially for marmalade. The Jam & Jelly Maker would be a great warm-weather option.

  • Lately, I have been doing a lot dehydrating. Mostly for space sake. I am planning to to do a lot more canning during the month in time for Christmas.

  • The good ‘ole stovetop is the my tried and true. The crockpot loves my chicken and pork but I find preserves and butters come out with an overcooked flavor.

  • I’m pretty much a novice at this. I’ve made peach jam, peach preserve, pear jam and pear preserve all on the cook top. I have a flat top electric over I absolute hate. I’m used to cooking on gas. I want to make more jams, jellies, and preserves but I don’t have good pots to use nor the consistancy of the heat. Would love to win one of these. I love homemade stuff and do canning of tomatoes, green beans, and peaches. Would love one of these. It would make my world almost complete

  • I still use the stove top method with a porcelain lined cast iron pot and I used a slow cooker crockpot for apple butter.

  • Stove top. Newbie in the jams and jellies arena. My sister-in-law gave me a bunch of huckleberries that she picked and would be nice to have a no fail way of preserving them, not ruining them! Lol

  • this would be a blessing to have as i will be canning to give to the elderly . i help feed the elderly and the needy. i like to make all kinds of jams ect.. they sure come in handy during the winter months. i have always used stove top as my mother taught me.but am willing to try new items out. ty

  • I would love to win this for my wife. She is all about stovetop preserves and jam, but I’m sure we could convince her to switch. Pick me! Pick me!

  • Iā€™d have to say my favorite method of cooking jams and preserves is by stove top, preferable a gas one. Call me a control freak, but I like being able to adjust temperature and cooking time to get the results Iā€™m after, which can vary from recipe to recipe.

  • I’ve always used the stovetop or the crockpot. Of course, I’ve only been canning for about 8 months now.

  • Stove top but recently I have started using my crock pot for Apple and pear butter. Soul love to try the jelly maker.

  • This year, for the first time, I used the oven to do all the cooking for my spiced plum butter and it turned out wonderful!!

  • My wife cans all the sweets and I can all the savory type things—pickles, relishes and chutneys. I use the plain old method of cooking pan and canning pot. Nothing high tech or fancy. Life has been easier since I discovered small batch canning, since a lot of times our garden only produces enough excess for one or two jars of pickles (until another batch of pickles all seem to ripen at the same time!)

  • Stovetop for me for sure. This summer I canned SEVERAL dozen various jams, jellies, salsa, etc. – all while standing at my stovetop. šŸ™‚ I’m of mixed opinions for myself on this unit, but I’d love to win one and get to try it out for free!

  • My favorite way is using the crockpot as much as possible. Mostly do sweet stuff. Would love to win this!!

  • I love the ease of the crock pot, but we usually go stovetop. Almost exclusively sweet jams, sometimes with a bit of home-grown hot pepper tossed in. This is a cool appliance!

  • i have always used the stove top but in our little 26 ft. travel trailer this would be great you have a great blog keep up the great work even older people learn this here

  • The only method I’ve tried is stovetop and I have had no success making jam. Last year I juiced my own grapes and had the jam boil over 3 times. When I finally got it canned, it turned out the texture of molasses – not so good! I think this cooker would be perfect šŸ™‚

  • I love to make apple butter in the crock-pot, but all other jams and jellies on the stove top! If I won this I would give it to my Mom, who’s 85 and still love to make jam, but just in small batches!

  • I love to make jam, chutney, pickles…cherry jam is our favorite. I would love to try out this small batch canner. I seldom want to make enough to invest in a big canning setup, and often I make jam with less sugar than can be kept in the fridge for weeks without canning. But, I run out of room. I’d really like to be able to can some chutney to keep in the cabinet. Love your blog, love your recipes, would love to have this canner!

  • Oooh fun! I like my big old copper preserving pan, but it’s just too big for really small batch stuff. I’m intrigued by the stirrer.

  • My wife uses the stovetop but her favorite method is having me do all the heavy work with the canner. šŸ˜‰

  • The only way I’ve ever done jam is on the stovetop, but I did make a pretty successful peach butter in the crock pot…

  • I’ve only tried stovetop but am planning on venturing into new worlds, like a crockpot (or a jam maker?!). Maybe it would be an improvement on the burnt fig jam I made last year? I bet it would be my kitchen’s favorite method if it had a vote.

  • The only method I’ve ever tried is stovetop. My last batch was not too great. I’d love to try this new appliance to see if it would help with my jam success!

  • I make my jelly and jam on the stove. I made my first batch, (pomegranate), 2 weeks ago and it turned out perfect! Whew! I then moved on to a batch of jalapeno jelly/jam and it also turned out perfect! Whew, whew! Today I made another batch and it didn’t set up. What?! I did everything the same. Hummmm. So I got online looking for an answer and found your site. Great! Loved your solutions………pick one and move on with your life. šŸ™‚ It will be perfect over goat cheese served with crackers for an appetizer.

  • I have only tried the stovetop method. The August heat makes it almost unbearable to can in my tiny condo kitchen.

  • I have always used the stove top for all of my canning. I have never made jelly, but my preserves are done on the stove top as is chutney, which I make from mango and raisins.
    This past summer I did a lot less preserve making because the temperatures were so hi here in Florida! I live on a fixed income and would love to have a Ball Jam and Jelly Maker. It’s something that I would likely not be able to afford but would be a fantastic addition to my kitchen when I am canning for my friends and relatives, or charity giveaways.

  • I love using my old pot on the stove for making jam. It’s they way Mom did it when I was a kid. Monkey see monkey do, I guess. I make plum and peach in the summer and apple butter in the fall and winter. Would love to make it in an easy to process way as this appliance provides.

  • Mostly stovetop for preserves/jams, but quite a bit of general canning from the crockpot. This would be fun to try!

  • I’ve only made chutney, stovetop method, one time. I would love to try this gadget out for making fruit butters though!

  • As a newcomer to canning, I’ve done the stovetop method a couple times. But I have yet to try out my new pressure canner – I’ll bust it out for the upcoming holidays!