Giveaway: FreshTECH Jam and Jelly Maker

October 30, 2012(updated on June 21, 2022)
FreshTech Jam and Jelly Maker

Over the summer, the folks at Ball sent me one of their new to FreshTECH Jam and Jelly Makers to try out. I spent a few weeks playing around with it and in early September, I wrote a blog post documenting how it works and how the jam I made turned out. You can read that post here.

Essentially, it’s a terrific tool for beginning jam makers focused on small batches, folks who don’t want to heat up their kitchens in the summer months, and anyone else who needs an extra hand when it comes time to preserve. If you make larger batches, really like using your stovetop and controlling the process (count me among that group), then it may not be the perfect appliance for you. Happily, there’s enough space in the canning world for all of us.


One of the limitations of the FreshTECH is simply that there aren’t a ton of recipes designed to make use of it at this time. However, the recipe developers over at Fresh Preserving (that’s Ball’s online home) are trying to change that. They are regularly adding new fruit and spice combinations to the website (click here to see all the currently available recipes) and are asking for input on which seasonal recipes they should work on creating in advance of the holiday months.

If there’s a particular preserve that you’d like to see, make sure to click over to the Ball Facebook and leave a suggestion. You can also tag them on Pinterest if you’ve made a preserve you think might be good transformed into one for the FreshTECH.

This giveaway has closed.

Disclosure: Ball provided both the review unit pictured above and the giveaway unit at no cost to me. However, my opinions remain firmly my own. 

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564 thoughts on "Giveaway: FreshTECH Jam and Jelly Maker"

  • Right now, I make my jam using my 6qt crock pot. I like not having to watch it like a mother hen so I can get some other chores done at teh same time.

  • I am a loyal stovetop type… yet because of your blog I made tomato paste in the oven, and today I make pineapple guava jam. This looks interesting…

  • I’ve tried the stove top, but ended up with delicious strawberry ice cream topping instead of jam. Despite long cooking and much pectin, no jelling (or is that gelling?) occurred. The FreshTech would solve my problems!

  • I use my stovetop with an old pot but have been looking for a used copper jam pot, hoping to find one at a garage sale!!!

  • I’m a cooktop girl. I always say I’m going to try the slow cooker version, but when I pull it out, I end up making steel cut oats or something for dinner instead. That wouldn’t be a problem with this new toy, now would it?

  • I have an electric stove top with a large stainless steel pot. However, I hve YET to make a jelly that sets!! I’m stuck with LOYS of fruity syrups. Do you think this special jam and jelly cooker would be the tipping point for me?

  • My method for cooking preserves is stove top but I would LOVE to make it using a FreshTECH Jam Maker, I heard so much about it !

  • It’s the stove top for me, so I can stand over it and steam my face with the fabulous smell of fruit. I would love a new gadget to play with.

  • I like to use the crockpot for most preserves because I can walk away and it gets done. Occasionally I’m in more of a hurry and will use the stove top.

  • Jams and Jellies have always kind of intimidated me! But, I’ve gotten really good at making butters, like peach and apple, in the crockpot. I tried pepper jelly this year for the first time on the stove and canned in a water bath – I was so worried – but it turned into Jelly! 🙂 Getting this FreshTech would be amazing in helping me get over my silly fear of making jelly! lol!

  • I use my stovetop, though a larger stock pot would stop me catching it on fire all the time. Alternatively, this jam and jelly maker seems to lower my odds of another kitchen fire considerably!

  • My favorite way to make preserves is alone (with no children). Just me the stove top and some fruit. This summer I was sitting in a rocker nursing an almost a sleep baby while my jam simmered on the stove. That’s when I flashed on how the FreshTech might be helpful. Either that or a 10 foot long spoon that would attach to my rocking chair. Then I could rock and stir simultaneously:-)

  • Right now I’m limiting myself to the crock pot. I so miss my grandmother’s jams and this would help give me the nudge to try things that are more difficult.

  • I have only tried the stove top method. With your recent post on the plum butter, I am looking forward to cooking it in the oven and the crock pot method for some of the butters. The FreshTECH sounds interesting also. It seems good for small batches.

  • I am a beginner jam maker, we just moved into a home with the yummiest wild blackberry bushes! I have been making berry jam on the stove top and apple butter in my slow-cooker.

  • I do all my jam and jelly making on the stove-top in the bottom of an old (about 50 years, in fact) bottom of a pressure canner. I had never heard of an automatic jam/jelly maker. Since I am recovering from a knee replacement, I could use one since it is coming time to make my Christmas Jam and real, old-fashioned, bitter British Orange Marmalade.

  • Stove top! I would like to try crock pot, because with two small kids underfoot sometimes it’s hard to keep on top of the constant stirring on the stove.

  • I would love to have this. Ball has been sending me emails about it. I’m a gadget person. I just love kitchen gadgets. If I had enough room I’d have a lot more, but I’d make room for this if I get it, lol. I have a gas stove and that where I make my jam. I don’t usually make jelly, but I do like jam and would love to give this a try.

  • Stove top canner. I have such limited space between the stove top and the microwave it would be nice to use the FreshTECH on my abundant countertops!

  • Just stove top canning for me. I’m new to canning but have loved everything I’ve made so far. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Stovetop when I have the time and am feeling creative but I also have a FreshTech and LOVE it for the times I need a last minute gift for someone or the fruit on the table has seen better days and I have other things to do besides stand over the stove. If I win this would go to a friend who has been borrowing mine quite a bit lately

  • Microwave. Small batch jams and marms. This would fit into my style perfectly! Thanks for letting us know about it.

  • Definitely stovetop, although as my schedule gets busier something I could “set and forget” could be nicer. This would also make a great holiday gift for a couple of my busy friends who want to jam more.

  • I like starting my canning in my crockpot then finishing it on stovetop. Thanks to you for showing us how to make it thick by having the lid ajar. I would like to try it with FreshTECH, though.

  • Lately it has been the crockpot. I scored “less than perfect” pears at 25 cents a pound and just couldn’t help myself to 55 pounds! Some of those beauties are gently simmering away right now for a pear butter.

  • I’ve used the stovetop, the oven, and a crockpot. I like the stovetop best. I would love to try the FreshTECH because I’ve started to make small batches of lots of different jams and preserves which has provided much more variety.

  • Hi. Top o’ my tiny stove in my tiny kitchen with my big boiling water canner. Jams.
    I jam to tunes as I make jam.

  • I can’t say it is my favorite method, but I have only made jams and jellies on the cooktop. I have been looking at the FreshTech and I think it would be perfect for my uses. I only make small batches with our own homegrown berries. I freeze some berries whole and make jelly or jam with the rest.

  • I would like to do more small batch experimentation with my homegrown pomegranates and mulberries and homebrewed wine by adding different spices and flavors. Big batches on a hot stove in Central CA in hot weather isn’t always fun! And big batches gone awry after said experimentation, not good 🙂 .

  • Stovetop is all I’ve done. I would love this as I am a traveling nurse & can’t possibly take all the canning stuff with me on the road.

  • I just started using the crockpot for the first time this summer and I love it or fruit butter. I generally just use my stove top, blender, and processor. I love using my blender for things that say to deseed a tomato sauce, or something like that, because it blasts those seeds to smithereens! 🙂

  • Just stovetop so far. I’m a newbie. But I plan to do more as I love the pretty jars and the sastifaction of knowing that I made it!

  • I’ve always cooked down preserves on the stove top, though the crock-pot concept intrigues me. This looks the perfect tool for keeping my kitchen cooler when we actually have hot days and ripe fruit.

  • I have 6 lbs of sale strawberry begging to be made into jam, I have always made it on my stove, but I would love another way! Stove space is precious in my house!

  • The stove top is my only option at the moment and I have already burned out one burner. I would like to try this FreshTECH.

  • Pretty much stove top water bath canner. Everything I’ve made in the slow cooker, I freeze and let’s face it, there’s only so much freezer space. I would like to try the FreshTECH because there are days when it’s just too darn busy to do regular canning.

  • Stovetop, but I keep running into small batches of berries from neighbors that just don’t justify breaking out the big equipment.

  • Stovetop, in a heavy pan, although I have used a crock pot and/or a raoster pan in the oven for apple butter.

  • I make preserves on the stovetop in my Lodge skillet. It’s a boring existence. I’m actually trying a recipe in the crock pot tonight. Would love more tech!

  • I’ve only experimented making preserves on the stovetop in my (much used and abused) Le Creuset but I would love to experiment with other methods! I just need a little courage!

  • I haven’t yet taken on the task of making preserves, but I’ve been wanting to, and this will make getting started that much easier.

  • Stove top is the only method I’ve tried. I have only been canning for a short time. I really enjoy staking up glass jars full of yummy food. 🙂

  • Just the stovetop — which is at least as much because it’s tied to the memory of jamming with my grandmother as with anything practical. But on the practical side, I love jam and didn’t get around to making any this year, because I don’t have much focused time. I could see something like this helping in that department.

  • I usually do stovetop, but would love to have something like this so I don’t have to make such huge batches!

  • I use the stovetop… but this would be really nice for smaller batches! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!