Giveaway: FreshTECH Jam and Jelly Maker

FreshTech Jam and Jelly Maker

Over the summer, the folks at Ball sent me one of their new to FreshTECH Jam and Jelly MakersΒ to try out. I spent a few weeks playing around with it and in early September, I wrote a blog post documenting how it works and how the jam I made turned out. You can read that postΒ here.

Essentially, it’s a terrific tool for beginning jam makers focused on small batches, folks who don’t want to heat up their kitchens in the summer months, and anyone else who needs an extra hand when it comes time to preserve. If you make larger batches, really like using your stovetop and controlling the process (count me among that group), then it may not be the perfect appliance for you. Happily, there’s enough space in the canning world for all of us.


One of the limitations of the FreshTECH is simply that there aren’t a ton of recipes designed to make use of it at this time. However, the recipe developers over at Fresh Preserving (that’s Ball’s online home) are trying to change that. They are regularly adding new fruit and spice combinations to the website (click here to see all the currently available recipes) and are asking for input on which seasonal recipes they should work on creating in advance of the holiday months.

If there’s a particular preserve that you’d like to see, make sure to click over to the Ball Facebook and leave a suggestion. You can also tag them on Pinterest if you’ve made a preserve you think might be good transformed into one for the FreshTECH.

Now, for the fun part. They’ve given me a FreshTECH Jam and Jelly MakerΒ to give away. If you want a shot a winning this unit, here’s what you do.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share your favorite method for cooking preserves. Crock pot? Stove top? Dehydrator? FreshTECH?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, November 3, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog over the weekend.
  3. Giveaway open to US residents only (so sorry, far-flung friends).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post. I do not accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: Ball provided both the review unit pictured above and the giveaway unit at no cost to me. However, my opinions remain firmly my own.Β 

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563 responses to “Giveaway: FreshTECH Jam and Jelly Maker”

  1. I like all the different ways you mentioned. I like the slow cooker, when I need to get things done and don’t have the time to stand at the stove. I like the dehydrator, when I need to reduced the amount of space for the produce. Lastly I like the stove, when I’m in the kitchen just puttering around.

  2. I am a fan of the crockpot for preserves. I start things on the stove but move them to the crockpot. It may take longer but I worry less about the food getting burned on the bottom of the pot from lack of vigilance and stirring. However I would be happy to learn a new way with a new device πŸ™‚

  3. I use my stovetop, but in the summer I hate heating up my house and have been known to drag out my camp stove on our back porch to put up some jam! This looks awesome, though!

  4. I have only used a stove so that’s my favorite? I however only deal in small batches and have destroyed preserves by being too impatient so I’d like to try one of these!

  5. I tend to use the stovetop but my 11 year old son is now loving to help and this would be a perfect size for him to experiment with some of his ideas in smaller batches and with less risk.

  6. I preserve on the stove top with my Mauviel Copper Jam Pot and also Use a Kilner Jam Pot when I cook on my induction burner. I often make small batches though and this would be GREAT for those times.

  7. All I have is the stove and a crock pot. I tend to use the stove but only because I have not learned enough to use the crock pot more. I would love something for smaller batches. It would be really helpful.

  8. I usually do the stovetop. Although to be fair I have only tried stovetop and my slow cooker so some experimentation with the other methods is still in order. Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. I DEFINITELY prefer stovetop. Problem is, I make such small batches that it’s often overwhelming to think about making such a huge mess for six half-pints!

  10. I prefer preserving on the stovetop, so I can obsessively keep an eye on what is happening. But this device seems like a great way to control recipes that tend to spatter more! Just look at that nifty lid.

  11. I’ve only ever tried the stove top method. I have a recipe for the crockpot and hope to try it soon. This tool looks useful! Thank you for the giveaway!

  12. I mainly use the stovetop for my canning/jamming efforts, though my favorite apple butter recipe that uses NO added sugar, just some Italian prune plums to sweeten, is dynamite when cooked down in the crockpot. After it’s sufficiently thickened, it goes into the hot water bath so there again I’m using the stovetop. So, I’ll need to learn more about this new method, and would love to be a winner of one! Thanks for the opportunity.

  13. I would love a new toy to experiment with. I use my crappy rental kitchen stovetop, which works, but isn’t without its drawbacks. Making something like apple butter has been difficult on a stovetop with pronounced hot spots.

  14. Right now I have only cooked on the stove. I thought about doing a very small batch in the microwave, but I chickened out (splatter-patrol!). I would love to use this appliance! Thank you for such a generous give-away!

  15. I’ve made preserves using the stovetop and crockpot. I like the crockpot for its ease and just letting things sit for awhile without having to constantly be watching over it. But then again, I like the feeling of doing work and accomplishing something after being over the stovetop all day!

  16. I am relatively new to preserves and canning. Everything is on the stove top at the present time. I read your review and it seems like this would be good for the small batch of preserves or jams I might make. We have satsumas that are getting close!

  17. My crockpot is truly my best friend. I use it for making a lot of my preserves, homemade greek yogurt, and of course dinner on a regular basis. I’d definately start making my jam in a freshtech if I had it, because that would allow me to get the crock pot working on something else.

  18. I love my crockpot for butters and sauces (apple, pear, peach) but use the stove top for more traditional jams. I’ve recently started making smaller batch/less sugar jams in a large open skillet. I would love to have one of these jam pots to play around with!

  19. I haven’t made preserves yet because I haven’t had time. This looks like it would be a great way to get into making them though!

  20. I’ve only used the stove top, but have been working on utilizing my slow cooker for more things and more often. As a person relatively new to preserves, I’m trying to get a range of experiences.

  21. I use the stove top for jam making, but we stay at a RV park April thru October and the stove top in our camper is pretty small. A FreshTECH would definitely help. Maybe my 3 year old can help in making jam, instead of just helping in eating it.

  22. I’m very new to making preserves and the few times I’ve done it have been on the stovetop, but I’m planning to give the crockpot a try to see how I like it. It’s an awesome tool when used well. πŸ™‚

  23. My favorite way of making preserves is the old school way. Fruit, sugar and pectin, maybe a little water, but not much.

  24. I own a grove of lime, orange & grapefruit trees. I make a lot of Marmalade on the stovetop. I’d love to try this machine…I’d also love to find a machine that can supreme the fruit for me!

  25. This is my first year canning, but I’ve made apple, peach, & pear butter in the crockpot because it was so easy. The rest I did on the stovetop. I like the ease of the crockpot but the quickness of the stovetop. πŸ™‚

  26. I haven’t ventured into making jellies yet but prefer my stove top for jam making. However, I won’t use anything but my crockpot to make butters (apple, pumpkin,peach). The crock allows my butters to cook to perfection without having to devote all of my attention to it.

  27. This summer we set up a canopy at a friend’s house and set up an outdoor canning kitchen. Set up several six foot tables so we could really spread out and didn’t have to any mess. It’s so nice to be able to hose down your work surfaces! We use propane burners and I must say its now my favorite way to can.

  28. Stove top canning is the only method I’ve ever used, but I’d sure love to try the Fresh TECH, especially for some no-added sugar recipes!

  29. I haven’t actually preserved food on my own but Saturday Nov 3rd, 2012 is going to be my first try, with my mom, we are using a pressure canner. I will be preparing a batch of apple butter overnight to put right into jars on Saturday morning. Looking forward to it and many more!!

  30. I use the stove top method. It works well and when I remember to use a wide bottom pot, it works great! I’ve been thinking of plum preserves lately. I need to find the pot and make some jam…..

  31. I love my giant orange Le Creuset, but I’d also love to have this handy unit for those sweltering summer days (no AC!)

  32. Canning is new to me, so far I have only used the stovetop. But I’d love to have a new way to preserve the fruits of summer.

  33. This is my first year, and I used both my stovetop and my crockpot. I’d love to try this,
    the holidays are coming and I am starting to make the edible gift baskets.

  34. I usually use the stovetop, but I just made applesauce for the first time in my crockpot last week and it came out really good!

  35. I always use the stovetop for jams, and the crock pot for butters, but I always end up most of those in the summer and would to have something that isn’t so hot!

  36. Currently it’s stovetop. But man, that FreshTech looks sexy!!!! (And it would be awesome to not have a 110F kitchen in July!)

  37. I would love to win this, and try it out on the sugar free jams. I make those in small batches so I think this would be good for that. I always loved making jams on my stove, but now being older and not wanting all that sugar, I cook on stove in small batches thanks for the chance to win Kathy

  38. I just started dabbling this summer and have only used the stovetop method. But this new device looks really easy & intriguing!

  39. I never knew there was another way other than stove top until this year. This would make my life even more stress free as I could have the stove top to be multi-tasking!

  40. I’m a fan of the stovetop, but I’ve finally made my first batch or apple butter in the crockpot, and I can certainly see myself doing more of that!

  41. I have been canning for years now and I love it! I was taught by a one hundred year old woman who was just amazing. She always talked about making apple jelly. I have not found the right recipe yet and I would love to try out the FreshTech!!

  42. I have just started on my journey of canning and preserving. So far I have just made relishes and pickles but am eager to learn more!

  43. I have used the stovetop and crockpot. I love making preserves on the stovetop in the wintertime but think that this new maker would be great for trying new flavors/types of preserves. Thanks for doing this!

  44. I am a canning n00b. I’ve only ever done stovetop. I like small batches, sometimes they don’t even make it onto the shelf, we’re spreading it all over toast and crackers and ice cream and more toast… πŸ˜‰

  45. I do all of my preserving on the stovetop or through lactofermentation. my big problem is that I commit myself to using enormous amounts of produce, so this gadget might help me work in smaller batches.

  46. I’ve only ever used the stovetop, but this looks like a worthwhile shortcut. If I don’t win, I may just put it in my Christmas wish list.

  47. This is my first year canning and I have just tried the water bath on the stove top, next year I am hoping to try other ways.

  48. I’ve tried dehydrator, crock pot and stove top and I think I like the crockpot the best for fruit butters for sure. I’m still trying out jams and jellies. I got as far as picking berries but just froze them because of timing. Intrigued by the maker for sure!

  49. I have not canned or dehydrated anything in years and my new hubby loves home canned food items so you can bet I will start. This jam maker would be perfect. When my children was small and I canned I used on the stove method and used my dehydrator all the time. Now I would use the crockpot for ease and I need to get a new dehydrator.

  50. I love making jams and jellies. I recently made some crockpot blueberry butter using the recipe I found on this site. It was really delicious, everyone liked it. I would have never thought to use my crockpot to make jam. I really enjoy making it from fresh fruits, there’s nothing better. My husband is diabetic and he likes my sugar free peach jam.

  51. I like all three methods of preserving. They all serve the purpose with each having strengths and weaknesses. I would love to give this a go!

  52. So far I’ve only made jams and jellies on my stove top. I love apple butter and think the crock pot would be interesting. Having a jam maker would be great so I can keep my stove burners free for other uses.

  53. I have always made preserves on the stove top….I love to can, & I love new “tools” for any kind of cooking…this would be a fabulous thing to have !

  54. I have canned for many years. Always cooking the jelly the old fashioned way that I was taught. No store bought pectin and boiling it for at least a couple hours. Depending on how much juice you have. This year was the first time I bought pectin and made some jalapeno jelly. Its a hit at our house. I’ll be making it again. I also made peach jalapeno with no store bought pectin. It was a huge hit to.

  55. I do a little of everything though not every year. The past couple years I have used my crock pot quite a lot which makes awesome fruit butters. However my biggest challenge is that there are only two of us now so I am learning to do things in small batches. So I that means that if I don’t win the give away I will be putting the FreshTECH Jam and Jelly Maker on my Christmas wish list. Thank you for hosting the giveaway and good luck everybody! =-D

  56. I learned to make jams on a stove, so that’s why I’m most comfortable with. It’s such a great way to preserve fruits. My mother had strong cravings for jams when she was pregnant with me, and I attribute my love of them to that fact.

  57. We like making jellies from the different variety’s of super hot peppers we grow. This would be just the thing.
    Our current favorite method is stovetop.

  58. I have only used the stovetop, but I have looked at the Freshtech in the store. I’m a beginner canner, so the product does have it’s appeal.

  59. I’d love it! I do mostly small batches and have a freezer full of fruit that I didnt have time yet to do… currents, blueberries, raspberries, figs, apricots and I have a bag full of seeped violets to make violet jam. It would really clear out the freezer and leave room for more veggies

  60. I usually use the stove top, but I’ve tried the crock pot and my favorite was a batch of mixed citrus marmalade that I cooked over a fire, it retained just a tinge of the smoke and it’s fantastic over pork.

  61. I mostly use the stove top. I dream of the day I have an outdoor set up with a gas stove but that’s still just a dream and the stove has always served me well. Classic, I like to think.

  62. I have yet to make jam. When you said it was good for beginners I had to leave a comment. I want to try my hand at jam. I’m still a beginning canner and haven’t ventured into jams. Although I did make candied peppers which are amazing, especially with home made farmers cheese.

  63. So far I have only used my stove top for preserving, but this is my first year. Sadly most of my jellies turned out weird but that’s not going to keep me from trying.

  64. I use my crockpot to make apple butter and such. I would love one of these to make jam and jellies in. I am slightly disabled right now and this would help the process.

  65. I have made jam on cook top and in a crock pot. I much prefer the stove top but am interested in trying the new fangled FreshTECH!

  66. Making jelly and jams are my 2 favorite things to put in jars. I have done Crockpot, but prefer StoveTop. Nothing like the smell (and Taste) of homemade jam on toast or biscuits!!!

  67. I’m a huge fan of canning stove-top. However, my old crockpot has turned plain old apple sauce into the most rich, delicious Southern Apple Butter ever.
    Would love to see how this little gadget does on jalapeΓ±o jam!

  68. Favorite method? Stovetop jam making. But last summer I had the crockpot and dehydrator both going while coming up with mango jam recipes during the height of the season. I didn’t love mango butter, but the dehydrator was going non-stop for at least a month this year!

  69. I do stove top, crock pot and dehydrator. I am doing apples and pears right now in my dehydrator. Try misting with a little vanilla, it really brings out the flavor. Yum!
    This sure would be nice to have!

  70. I’m new to preserving. I’ve only done jelly on the stovetop before, but I have several crockpot recipes saved to try. I like the idea of not heating up the house, especially in the summer.

  71. My canning is done primarily on my stovetop. The more I do, the more I want to do! Mother Nature is rebelling though…Arthritis is back with a vengeance. I hope this product would help to relieve this for myself and many others!

  72. So far I’ve done fruit butters on the stove and in the Crock Pot – like the ease of the Crock Pot. I haven’t done any other jams/jellies yet except freezer jam a few years ago. This was my first year canning.

  73. I’m a newbie to canning and there are only 2 of us here. This would be wonderful for the jams I’d like to make! And I wouldn’t have to use the stove and heat the house up during the time I’m using it! It looks like a great product and I’d love to try it!

  74. I love stove top with my Le Creuset pot but I recently got a slow cooker and made apple butter and applesauce. Never been easier!

  75. I’ve only tried jam preserving once, we picked huge amounts of strawberries, cooked it and canned all without issue, unfortunetly no one told us about not using cast iron, makes for quite the change in taste. I would love to be able to make jam at my house instead of someone else’s I’ve looked at that machine. I have a cooktop and I’m told I shouldn’t use it to can. I didn’t really think about using a crock pot I’ll have to check that out too. Thanks!

  76. We use all, but this method so far, but this would be great for if you have a big batch on the stove, and just want to “whip up” a smaller batch of something else at the same time… We make Jams/Preserves/Jelly/Butter/Sauce/Soup Starter.

  77. We can and dehydrate. If we have a ton of something or it isn’t so great dehydrated (like cucumbers) we’ll can it. Otherwise, the small batches go in the dehydrator. I tried jam on the stovetop and was more successful with the stone fruit jams. I seem to have trouble with pectin. I’d love the opportunity to try out the FreshTECH!

  78. I’m a newbie so I don’t have a favorite method yet. Would love one of these as I am single and small batches appeal to me.

  79. I love using the stovetop to cook my jams, although I would be interested in giving this FreshTECH Jam and Jelly Maker a try!

  80. Just the traditional stove top method but very anxious to make small batches and customize spices and flavorings. Plan to make some more elderberry jelly or jam next year, also quince and crabapple.

  81. I am still fairly new to canning and have thus far only tried the stovetop method. The FreshTECH Jam and Jelly Maker sounds like something I would like to try.

  82. As a canner who likes to compete with my canned goods, the FreshTECH is the answer to a lot of prayers! It allows me the ability to make one pot on the stove (my standard way of jammin’) and one in the FreshTECH when I am under the gun on time getting my goods prepared to go to the fair. I was able to use my 4H clubs unit to make several jams for a fair this year and I found it to be amazingly wonderful in helping me get ‘er done. Several of the jams I made with the FreshTECH were even winners!! I love the idea of multitasking and getting a variety of things done as the same time. WooHoo Ball!! Great gizmo!!
    I would love to win your prize so I can keep on keepin’ on!!

  83. I like to make jam/jellies on the stovetop. This gadget would probably help me be more efficient while making jams for my wedding guests this year!!!

  84. Straight up enamel-coated cast iron Dutch oven. Although if anything gets a little too sticky or burned on it is a giant pain to get clean. One of these jam/jelly makers would be wonderful!

  85. My 84 year old mom is the jam maker in the family and I’d love to keep the tradition going. This looks like a great way to start πŸ™‚

  86. I use the stove top and would love to try the FreshTECH Jam and Jelly Maker for my specials jams. Retirement has brought about much more canning and freezing and we are enjoying it very much! Anything to make it easier!!

  87. I have only made jam the old fashioned way on the stove. Usually around the holidays: cranberry, fig, or pear jam. Would love a chance to win this!

  88. Im quite new to canning. I just started this season to try teaching myself from books and from online. So far, I’ve only done stove top method. But this FreshTECH appliance looks amazing!

  89. I have always used the stovetop, but thanks to this blog I made apple butter in my crockpot this year which I was amazingly easy but very messy,LOL. I would love to try this as I like to make small batches of many different varieties of jam and jelly.

  90. I am absolutely fascinated by this machine and had shown the girls at work this sweet little machine when you first posted about it. It would be great to have the option of making smaller batches of jams and jellies! I am thrilled that they gave you one that we could get a chance at owning and experimenting with!! πŸ™‚

    I am an old fashioned girl and use my stove for all of my jams and jellies currently. Thanks for the opportunity to try out one of these little beauties!

  91. I always use the stove top, but recently with the chillier weather I have been doin some butters in the crock pot. I love my crockpot and the house smells divine while it cooks down for so long. The FreshTECH would be great for during the week when I have a craving for a small batch of something in particular but little time.

  92. I’m a born again canner. Resurrected my childhood observations, memories and conversations and started to can. Stove top. I didn’t know there was any other way, until I stumbled on a crock pot recipe! Both methods are fabulous, but I’m really ready to try this beauty!!

  93. I’m a rookie canner/jam maker. I made my first batches this year on the stove-top. I would love to try this gadget out!

  94. I use the stovetop method with pectin. My favorites include strawberry banana and banana bread butter. A new method would be fun to try.

  95. I usually make my jams and preserves on the stove-top. My neighbor has one of these, however, and it’s wonderful! I’d be thrilled to death for the opportunity to have one of my own.

  96. I make freezer jam for my husband. It’s just the two of us, so small batches last a long time. He loves the raspberry jam I make. The Fresh Tech looks like it would fit right in with my style.

  97. Depends on what I’m making! I love to dehydrate fruits, and I’ve started pickling…I tend to do butters in the crockpot (pumpkin butter is the latest), while I tend to do jams in a pot on the stove. Have been eye-balling one of these for a while and would love to try it out!

  98. My new favorite way make jam is to use my oven and bake the fruit. Then to run the fruit through my food processor, can it and be done. I can cook fruit in the oven while I am cooking apples down on the stovetop. It makes life a lot easier!

  99. I’m a fan of the stovetop method, but it definitely heats up the kitchen. The flip side, of course, is that the steam that’s heating the kitchen is mixed in with the fragrant jam smells, a smell that’s worth all of that heat!

  100. I have only done it on the stovetop. Last year I made grape jelly and apple butter. This year made strawberry jam. They always taste so fresh. I would like to try more and small batches with the fresh tech would be a great way to try many different recipes.

  101. I always use stovetop, but my daughter has finally exhibited an interest in learning about canning and preserving, and I think this would be perfect for her to learn and experiment!

  102. Right now I do all of my jam and jelly making via stovetop, but I would love to see if this would make easy work for all of my Holiday preserving plans.

  103. I’ve got to say that I’ve always been a stove top girl because of the size of batches I had to do for a large family. Now that the kids are leaving the nest, I am looking for easier methods to make smaller batches. This would be perfect. Thanks for hosting this give-a-way!

  104. My favorite method to use to make preserves is the stovetop method, but the only other method I’ve used is freezer jam, which I don’t care for. This machine is really intriguing; especially when I have small batches to deal with.

  105. I love the process of making jam on the stove. However, having two very young children, (& 70 lbs of apples last year), crockpot apple butter was a life-saver.

  106. I’m definitely a stove-top girl. If I’m going to make jam, I usually don’t have the patience to wait for the crockpot. Plus, with a crockpot, I can’t control the amount of liquid cooked out of the finished product quite the same way as on the stove. But I have to admit, I’d really like a chance to try out the new gadget.

  107. I use a nice electric kettle for my preserves, with nice high walls and a more precise temperature control. It also saves room on the stove for canning.

  108. My wife is the jam and jelly maker in the family. She has always used the stovetop method to keep us stocked with strawberry (her favorite), raspberry (my daughter’s favorite), and blueberry (my favorite) preserves. I, however, am the cleanup crew. I think I am the one who needs the Fresh Tech!

  109. This is sure Handy. If it could make small easy batches, then I’d like to try one, considering that this household is entirely electric based, and it’s harder to adapt to rather than a Gas operated one. My health requrires home made food; but my fingers are not nimble enough to keep stirring.

  110. I usually use the stovetop but with just the two of us small batches would make more sense. Thanks for the chance to win.

  111. I’ve usually used the stovetop, although I just did a batch of stovetop apple butter that was pretty good. This is something I’ve been eyeing for a while. Hmmmmm………

  112. I am a hands off preserves maker. Tried making fruit butters in the crockpot peach turned out way better than apple butter. I do however like the control of the stove top for other canning projects.

  113. i use the stove top when making jam and make sure that i have everything ready or i end up flustered πŸ™‚ this little jam/jelly maker would be A M A Z I N G ! thanks for sharing!

  114. I have tried to make some of Ball’s receipes. Am new to canning but determined. Being empty nesters this would be great. Thanks for the chance.

  115. We live near a peach orchard!! I can’t wait for summer because of this very fact!! We put our camp chef stove outside on the patio and CAN CAN CAN!!! Using the stove top method outdoors is CRUCIAL when you live in southeast Arizona!!!

  116. I use the stovetop but try the crock pot every now and them. Would like the convenience of this without the crockpot wait! Thanks

  117. Stove top for jams and jelly because I like to watch it and see how it’s doing, but I was going to make a butter in the oven to see how that goes since it take so long. I would love to give the FreshTech a try though!

  118. Stove top, definitely, although in my most recent attempt at making apple butter it took /forever/ on my elderly electric stove and I wished my previous attempts at apple butter in the crockpot had been more successful.

  119. I am old fashioned, and use the stovetop and a wooden spoon. I never thought about doing preserves in the crock pot. When I make preserves, I want to do it and be done.

  120. i have a FreshTech and i really love it! If i had two i could do more batches at once which is the only downside i have run into. Made raspberry jam last week and it is divine

  121. I have made jams on the stovetop and butters in the oven. I like the stovetop method best. Oh, I did make a batch of blueberry butter in the crockpot once. As I said, stovetop’s my fave.

  122. I used to do the melted wax method until it was deemed dangerous so now it is the hot water bath after cooking and putting into hot half pint jars

  123. I’m a stovetop girl, too. But I make apple butter in the crockpot and would surely give this guy a try for some small batches (I’m thinking of the cherries I drag back from the Northwest in the late summer!).

  124. This would be amazing,to make a small batch of different jams.I seem to say if I am going to make jam,I make enough for an army.This would help me try smaller batches and maybe be more diverse!!!!Thanks for the opportunity to try to win!!!!

  125. i love the crock pot. I put the items in Pumpkin and set the timer and go off and do what i need to do. when i come back it is already to be bottled & labeled. thanks

  126. I use the stove top method although lately I’ve been taking the last of the tomatoes and throwing them into a pie plate and roasting them in the oven with pepper and lots of garlic.

  127. This would be soooo much fun to play with! I love new “gadgets”! But being a mom of 5 I rarely have the extra income to purchase something like this! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  128. My favorite method for making strawberry preserves is stovetop. However I am always open to new gadgets and this one looks very interesting!

  129. I’ve only ever canned on the stove, usually big batches because I can’t see heating up my kitchen for just a couple of jars.

  130. I still love to make preserves on the stovetop! I would love to try new things though. I love to read your posts and see the many differents that I can make at home to keep us free of all the preservatives! Thank you for all your knowledge!!

  131. Preserves on the stovetop is my favorite, although I’ve made some nice things in the crockpot, too. Thanks for the nice giveaway opportunity.

  132. I’ve always made my jams and preserves on the stovetop. I love trying new recipies and techniques so this would make a great addition to my kitchen!

  133. I still love the stove top! And now that our 5 children like to help, I would love one of these to teach them a new method!

  134. I cook all my jams, jellys, chutneys, and conserves on the stovetop in a big all-clad pot. I love watching the contents start to break down and change color.

  135. I still do my canning the old fashioned way on top of my stove. However, I am willing to always try something new and the FreshTech has me intrigued. Thanks for the opportunity to be in this give-away.

  136. I love to use my big, old crock to make pure applesauce at the end of apple season. Nothing is easier! Except maybe that Fresh TECH!

  137. I love to make applesauce in my big, old crock at the end of apple season. Nothing is easier — except maybe that Fresh TECH!

  138. I am a stovetop girl, but I am always willing to try anything!!! Would be helpful to be able to make small batches.

  139. I use the stove because that’s what I learned on and so does my granny (mom’s mom). My mom doesn’t can much anymore (didn’t much to begin with anyway) but when she does she’s usually making apple butter. That she cooks in the crock pot until it’s ready to go into the jars. Always found that interesting.

  140. I have done crock pot and stove top and don”t mind either one. I don’t like when it gets really hot and the kitchen is even hotter. I would like to try the Fresh Tech, since I would love to preserve more.

  141. I have made apple butter in the crock pot but usually I make it on the stove top, and try to make it earlier in the day to avoid the heat in the summer.

  142. As far back as I can remember its always been stove top. I was helping pick, wash, prep, and can in my Grandmothers canning kitchen. It’s one of my favorite memories.
    I was lucky to be handed down her recipes when she passed. Now I’m teaching my children all of her best! With love.

  143. THe stove top as i have to make sure it will jell or set with the spoon double drip test πŸ™‚

    I made 4 batches of jam, YEP the Pear Vanilla Jam from you OMG IT IS A HIT LOVE IT..(THank you)! but this would have come in handy i could have done two batches at a time πŸ™‚ I have always wanted to try the Fresh Tech.

    thanks for an opportunity to win..

  144. Hi Marissa! Thanks for hosting the giveaway! I use the stove-top for all my jam, jelly, and preserve making! But I would love to win this item! I like to make small batches of certain jellies just for me! The FreshTECH would be perfect for that! Blessings from Bama!

  145. I’ve only tried the stove top method. I would love love love to try the Fresh Tech. Its been on my want list for some time now!

  146. I use the stovetop for pretty much any recipe that combines flavors like cherry plum or blackberry apricot. Those are two of my favorites!!

  147. I am still doing the stove top routine, but now that it is just the two of us smaller batches would be nice, maybe small and several different kinds.

  148. truthfully, I’ve never canned before.. I got interested in your site because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I have gotten a few supplies since reading your blog, but been too chicken to give it a go. I will do it on the stove top once I get started. This would sure help in taking that fear away..

  149. I’ve had my eye on one of these for awhile now, in fact it’s on my Christmas list!
    Since I don’t currently own one, I still use the stove top for most preserves but I do like the crockpot to make butters with.
    Pick me! Pick me!

  150. I usually do stove top, but now with a 5 month old baby I would love to try the FreshTech (one less thing on the stove to worry about as she become mobile)

  151. I usually always use the stovetop, but to be honest I didn’t realize there was any other way until very recently! I’m a very novice beginner (is that redundant!? it feels necessary πŸ™‚ so this would be amazingly helpful…as is, of course, your fantastic blog. Thanks!

  152. I would love to try this new jam maker- sounds great! I am from the old school-
    stovetop. Want to try the crockpot, though.

  153. We do the stovetop method, we’re just beginners and would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this awesome gadget!
    Thanks bunches πŸ™‚ Happy Halloween πŸ™‚
    Stacy in Lancaster, PA

  154. I’m a stovetop cooker, but I’ve been using the oven to roast up sauces and fruit butters lately.

    Also no Halloween decorations around here with the storm. The few we had up we took down and I’m certainly not bothering to put them back up just for today.

  155. My preferred method is definately the stove top. I would love to give this a whirl for the small batches that I like to stash when I only get a few berries out of my garden.

  156. Right now, I make my jam using my 6qt crock pot. I like not having to watch it like a mother hen so I can get some other chores done at teh same time.

  157. I am a loyal stovetop type… yet because of your blog I made tomato paste in the oven, and today I make pineapple guava jam. This looks interesting…

  158. I’ve tried the stove top, but ended up with delicious strawberry ice cream topping instead of jam. Despite long cooking and much pectin, no jelling (or is that gelling?) occurred. The FreshTech would solve my problems!

  159. I use my stovetop with an old pot but have been looking for a used copper jam pot, hoping to find one at a garage sale!!!

  160. I’m a cooktop girl. I always say I’m going to try the slow cooker version, but when I pull it out, I end up making steel cut oats or something for dinner instead. That wouldn’t be a problem with this new toy, now would it?

  161. I have an electric stove top with a large stainless steel pot. However, I hve YET to make a jelly that sets!! I’m stuck with LOYS of fruity syrups. Do you think this special jam and jelly cooker would be the tipping point for me?

  162. It’s the stove top for me, so I can stand over it and steam my face with the fabulous smell of fruit. I would love a new gadget to play with.

  163. I like to use the crockpot for most preserves because I can walk away and it gets done. Occasionally I’m in more of a hurry and will use the stove top.

  164. Jams and Jellies have always kind of intimidated me! But, I’ve gotten really good at making butters, like peach and apple, in the crockpot. I tried pepper jelly this year for the first time on the stove and canned in a water bath – I was so worried – but it turned into Jelly! πŸ™‚ Getting this FreshTech would be amazing in helping me get over my silly fear of making jelly! lol!

  165. My favorite way to make preserves is alone (with no children). Just me the stove top and some fruit. This summer I was sitting in a rocker nursing an almost a sleep baby while my jam simmered on the stove. That’s when I flashed on how the FreshTech might be helpful. Either that or a 10 foot long spoon that would attach to my rocking chair. Then I could rock and stir simultaneously:-)

  166. I have only tried the stove top method. With your recent post on the plum butter, I am looking forward to cooking it in the oven and the crock pot method for some of the butters. The FreshTECH sounds interesting also. It seems good for small batches.

  167. I am a beginner jam maker, we just moved into a home with the yummiest wild blackberry bushes! I have been making berry jam on the stove top and apple butter in my slow-cooker.

  168. I do all my jam and jelly making on the stove-top in the bottom of an old (about 50 years, in fact) bottom of a pressure canner. I had never heard of an automatic jam/jelly maker. Since I am recovering from a knee replacement, I could use one since it is coming time to make my Christmas Jam and real, old-fashioned, bitter British Orange Marmalade.

  169. I would love to have this. Ball has been sending me emails about it. I’m a gadget person. I just love kitchen gadgets. If I had enough room I’d have a lot more, but I’d make room for this if I get it, lol. I have a gas stove and that where I make my jam. I don’t usually make jelly, but I do like jam and would love to give this a try.

  170. Stove top canner. I have such limited space between the stove top and the microwave it would be nice to use the FreshTECH on my abundant countertops!

  171. Stovetop when I have the time and am feeling creative but I also have a FreshTech and LOVE it for the times I need a last minute gift for someone or the fruit on the table has seen better days and I have other things to do besides stand over the stove. If I win this would go to a friend who has been borrowing mine quite a bit lately

  172. Definitely stovetop, although as my schedule gets busier something I could “set and forget” could be nicer. This would also make a great holiday gift for a couple of my busy friends who want to jam more.

  173. I like starting my canning in my crockpot then finishing it on stovetop. Thanks to you for showing us how to make it thick by having the lid ajar. I would like to try it with FreshTECH, though.

  174. Lately it has been the crockpot. I scored “less than perfect” pears at 25 cents a pound and just couldn’t help myself to 55 pounds! Some of those beauties are gently simmering away right now for a pear butter.

  175. I’ve used the stovetop, the oven, and a crockpot. I like the stovetop best. I would love to try the FreshTECH because I’ve started to make small batches of lots of different jams and preserves which has provided much more variety.

  176. I can’t say it is my favorite method, but I have only made jams and jellies on the cooktop. I have been looking at the FreshTech and I think it would be perfect for my uses. I only make small batches with our own homegrown berries. I freeze some berries whole and make jelly or jam with the rest.

  177. I would like to do more small batch experimentation with my homegrown pomegranates and mulberries and homebrewed wine by adding different spices and flavors. Big batches on a hot stove in Central CA in hot weather isn’t always fun! And big batches gone awry after said experimentation, not good πŸ™‚ .

  178. Stovetop is all I’ve done. I would love this as I am a traveling nurse & can’t possibly take all the canning stuff with me on the road.

  179. I just started using the crockpot for the first time this summer and I love it or fruit butter. I generally just use my stove top, blender, and processor. I love using my blender for things that say to deseed a tomato sauce, or something like that, because it blasts those seeds to smithereens! πŸ™‚

  180. Just stovetop so far. I’m a newbie. But I plan to do more as I love the pretty jars and the sastifaction of knowing that I made it!

  181. I’ve always cooked down preserves on the stove top, though the crock-pot concept intrigues me. This looks the perfect tool for keeping my kitchen cooler when we actually have hot days and ripe fruit.

  182. I have 6 lbs of sale strawberry begging to be made into jam, I have always made it on my stove, but I would love another way! Stove space is precious in my house!

  183. The stove top is my only option at the moment and I have already burned out one burner. I would like to try this FreshTECH.

  184. Pretty much stove top water bath canner. Everything I’ve made in the slow cooker, I freeze and let’s face it, there’s only so much freezer space. I would like to try the FreshTECH because there are days when it’s just too darn busy to do regular canning.

  185. Stovetop, but I keep running into small batches of berries from neighbors that just don’t justify breaking out the big equipment.

  186. I make preserves on the stovetop in my Lodge skillet. It’s a boring existence. I’m actually trying a recipe in the crock pot tonight. Would love more tech!

  187. I’ve only experimented making preserves on the stovetop in my (much used and abused) Le Creuset but I would love to experiment with other methods! I just need a little courage!

  188. I haven’t yet taken on the task of making preserves, but I’ve been wanting to, and this will make getting started that much easier.

  189. Stove top is the only method I’ve tried. I have only been canning for a short time. I really enjoy staking up glass jars full of yummy food. πŸ™‚

  190. Just the stovetop — which is at least as much because it’s tied to the memory of jamming with my grandmother as with anything practical. But on the practical side, I love jam and didn’t get around to making any this year, because I don’t have much focused time. I could see something like this helping in that department.

  191. Truthfully, the best canning experiences have been when we do larger batches on the stove top, taking over the entire kitchen and everyone getting involved. The crock pot is the perfect tool for fruit butters and our dehydrator gets a good amount of use as well! Would love to get our hands on the FreshTech to make smaller batches of test recipes and when we have smaller amounts of fruits, berries and vegetables!

  192. Stovetop …. But I keep over cooking and ending up with something resembling the consistency of a 100 year old gummy bear.

  193. I typically jam out on the stove, the cooking process and the canning. Super small batches that would work great in something contained.

  194. I have to admit, I do like the stove top method, even though my kitchen is never really cool enough to do this comfortably (it’s sweltering in summer, and we don’t control our own heat, so it’s always way too hot in winter too!)

    Now if only I could get a stove with more than one working burner!!!

  195. Stovetop! I’ve never done it any other way. Crockpot takes too log and with a very active 4 year old, I don’t have much time!

  196. I am still new to it, have made it in a crock pot, and stove top method This jam maker is so neat “) Good luck everyone!

  197. just in my 2nd year of preserving – dehydrator is what I am using now – I have been looking at this appliance for a while.

  198. At this point my favorite preserves method would have to be the stovetop, because I am fairly new to canning/preserving and that is all I’ve tried. πŸ™‚

  199. stove top- I make my jam the old fashion way like my mother and grandmother has made for many years. I love the fact that there is a bit of family history in each batch I make.

  200. Stovetop – My girlfriend has been begging me for months to buy her this FreshTECH Jam and Jelly Maker so I’ll do my part and at least try to win one for her – she definitely deserves it and I love her jalepeno jelly!!!

  201. I’ve made apple butter in the crock pot and it was so easy. However, I enjoy the stove top process more and like to control and add things as I go. Would love to win this applicance and try out some new recipes!

  202. I made watermelon syrup in my big roaster this summer. It takes a lot of watermelon to make a little syrup and my big roaster was perfect to cook the watermelon down before waterbath canning it.

  203. I would love to win this, it would be perfect for a busy person like me, and I like to make small batches of jams and pickles. I work full time, and I am a caregiver for an elderly parent, but I am determined to eat well, and love sharing what I make with friends and family.

  204. I use the slow cooker to make apple butter. Jams and jellies I do in small batches on the stove. Would love to win the FreshTECH. Would be ideal to make Holiday gifts with this machine.

  205. Actually, I prefer my outdoor kitchen (aka, my patio with a wooden workbench and a couple of propane cookers set -up beside the bench). I set up an electric fan nearby to stand in front of to cool off when needed. I have a portable sink that I hook the water hose up to for water needed for cooking or cleaning. I don’t heat up the inside of my house and can wash down everything with a water hose when I am done!

  206. I’ve only tried stovetop. I’m a bit of a new canner, this is only my 3rd year. The first year none of my jam set and I had to reprocess everything. I learned alot and the next year was much better. I only do small batches right now so this might be something worth looking into.

  207. Stove top. Started back when using old jars and wax was the way to do jams. Times have changed. Still make several batches. My family loves my jams.

  208. Stove top is my favorite, although the best apple butter I ever made was cooked in a Crock Pot all night because I had given up trying to cook it on the stove top.

  209. I think this is a good idea, If you had just a few fruit plants/ trees and wanted to keep the jams/ jellies made as the fruit got rip this would be a fantastic idea. Small Batches + less margin for error and People who want to try their hand at artisan jam / jellie making wont feel so overwhelmed ! Or Pros who just like to experiment but not waste …

  210. I’ve only used the stovetop method. I’ve tried several times to make jams & jellies but I always seem to over process them. The finished product is edible but not worth the hard work to get it out of the jar. I would love to win the Jam & Jelly maker so that we could enjoy the fruits of our garden labor.

  211. I am a beginner and I use the stove top method with the boiling water method. I live in an apartment with little room on my stove top for many things. So when I am making preserves that is all I can do. I would really love to use the new FreshTECH Jam and Jelly Makers. It would be great for me to make my sister and mother some jam and jelly.

  212. I am a stove top girl. I’m still a novice as of yet, but I’m learning the ropes quickly & am enjoying the fruits of our labor. I put the Ball FreshTECH on my Santa list this year, so I would be thrilled to win one! Thank you & good luck everyone! πŸ™‚

  213. I use the stove top method boiling water bath. Im new to canning but enjoy learning something new about it all the time.

  214. I always make my jelly, jam, preserves the stove top, waterbath method, way I was taught but would love one of these- have been looking at them all summer– would love to see my tomatoe jelly in one of these, people say oh yuk tomatoe jelly but when they are eating it they think they are eating strawberry jelly- ha ha ha

  215. I never knew there was any other way to make jam except on the stove top. I would love to make it in a jam maker to have more room on my stove. I always have more than one thing going at a time on my stove & have to always put something off until something else is done.

  216. I currently make all my jams on the stovetop but I would love to get one of these! I made about twelve different kinds of jams so far this year and two large batches of apple butter.

  217. I typically use the stovetop, but when it is really hot, I use the crockpot – especially for marmalade. The Jam & Jelly Maker would be a great warm-weather option.

  218. Lately, I have been doing a lot dehydrating. Mostly for space sake. I am planning to to do a lot more canning during the month in time for Christmas.

  219. I’m pretty much a novice at this. I’ve made peach jam, peach preserve, pear jam and pear preserve all on the cook top. I have a flat top electric over I absolute hate. I’m used to cooking on gas. I want to make more jams, jellies, and preserves but I don’t have good pots to use nor the consistancy of the heat. Would love to win one of these. I love homemade stuff and do canning of tomatoes, green beans, and peaches. Would love one of these. It would make my world almost complete

  220. I still use the stove top method with a porcelain lined cast iron pot and I used a slow cooker crockpot for apple butter.

  221. Stove top. Newbie in the jams and jellies arena. My sister-in-law gave me a bunch of huckleberries that she picked and would be nice to have a no fail way of preserving them, not ruining them! Lol

  222. this would be a blessing to have as i will be canning to give to the elderly . i help feed the elderly and the needy. i like to make all kinds of jams ect.. they sure come in handy during the winter months. i have always used stove top as my mother taught me.but am willing to try new items out. ty

  223. I would love to win this for my wife. She is all about stovetop preserves and jam, but I’m sure we could convince her to switch. Pick me! Pick me!

  224. I’d have to say my favorite method of cooking jams and preserves is by stove top, preferable a gas one. Call me a control freak, but I like being able to adjust temperature and cooking time to get the results I’m after, which can vary from recipe to recipe.

  225. This year, for the first time, I used the oven to do all the cooking for my spiced plum butter and it turned out wonderful!!

  226. My wife cans all the sweets and I can all the savory type things—pickles, relishes and chutneys. I use the plain old method of cooking pan and canning pot. Nothing high tech or fancy. Life has been easier since I discovered small batch canning, since a lot of times our garden only produces enough excess for one or two jars of pickles (until another batch of pickles all seem to ripen at the same time!)

  227. Stovetop for me for sure. This summer I canned SEVERAL dozen various jams, jellies, salsa, etc. – all while standing at my stovetop. πŸ™‚ I’m of mixed opinions for myself on this unit, but I’d love to win one and get to try it out for free!

  228. I love the ease of the crock pot, but we usually go stovetop. Almost exclusively sweet jams, sometimes with a bit of home-grown hot pepper tossed in. This is a cool appliance!

  229. i have always used the stove top but in our little 26 ft. travel trailer this would be great you have a great blog keep up the great work even older people learn this here

  230. The only method I’ve tried is stovetop and I have had no success making jam. Last year I juiced my own grapes and had the jam boil over 3 times. When I finally got it canned, it turned out the texture of molasses – not so good! I think this cooker would be perfect πŸ™‚

  231. I love to make apple butter in the crock-pot, but all other jams and jellies on the stove top! If I won this I would give it to my Mom, who’s 85 and still love to make jam, but just in small batches!

  232. I love to make jam, chutney, pickles…cherry jam is our favorite. I would love to try out this small batch canner. I seldom want to make enough to invest in a big canning setup, and often I make jam with less sugar than can be kept in the fridge for weeks without canning. But, I run out of room. I’d really like to be able to can some chutney to keep in the cabinet. Love your blog, love your recipes, would love to have this canner!

  233. Oooh fun! I like my big old copper preserving pan, but it’s just too big for really small batch stuff. I’m intrigued by the stirrer.

  234. The only way I’ve ever done jam is on the stovetop, but I did make a pretty successful peach butter in the crock pot…

  235. I’ve only tried stovetop but am planning on venturing into new worlds, like a crockpot (or a jam maker?!). Maybe it would be an improvement on the burnt fig jam I made last year? I bet it would be my kitchen’s favorite method if it had a vote.

  236. The only method I’ve ever tried is stovetop. My last batch was not too great. I’d love to try this new appliance to see if it would help with my jam success!

  237. I make my jelly and jam on the stove. I made my first batch, (pomegranate), 2 weeks ago and it turned out perfect! Whew! I then moved on to a batch of jalapeno jelly/jam and it also turned out perfect! Whew, whew! Today I made another batch and it didn’t set up. What?! I did everything the same. Hummmm. So I got online looking for an answer and found your site. Great! Loved your solutions………pick one and move on with your life. πŸ™‚ It will be perfect over goat cheese served with crackers for an appetizer.

  238. I have always used the stove top for all of my canning. I have never made jelly, but my preserves are done on the stove top as is chutney, which I make from mango and raisins.
    This past summer I did a lot less preserve making because the temperatures were so hi here in Florida! I live on a fixed income and would love to have a Ball Jam and Jelly Maker. It’s something that I would likely not be able to afford but would be a fantastic addition to my kitchen when I am canning for my friends and relatives, or charity giveaways.

  239. I love using my old pot on the stove for making jam. It’s they way Mom did it when I was a kid. Monkey see monkey do, I guess. I make plum and peach in the summer and apple butter in the fall and winter. Would love to make it in an easy to process way as this appliance provides.

  240. I’ve only made chutney, stovetop method, one time. I would love to try this gadget out for making fruit butters though!

  241. As a newcomer to canning, I’ve done the stovetop method a couple times. But I have yet to try out my new pressure canner – I’ll bust it out for the upcoming holidays!

  242. I use my dutch oven to be sure that it doesn’t begin to burn. That and it’s how my Grandma, who taught me how to can, always did it. πŸ™‚

  243. I have not actually made any preserves yet, but have been doing research to start making my own! πŸ™‚ This blog inspires me so much! πŸ™‚

  244. This would totally get me out of the JAM I’m in…As a newbie, I really haven’t ventured into the canning arena yet, I am a little scared although if you check out my blog, I love to cook…I plan on making Jams and Sauces as Christmas gifts…Help get me out of this sticky mess so like Obama I can say “yes I CAN”!!!

  245. I like to use my Tamale pot to water bathe my preserves. I got it free last year when I bought something else at the grocery store. It is very light aluminum I think. And it has a solid rack with holes on the bottom. I really like it for water baths, and I’m always interested in dual purpose kitchen tools. If you want a tamale pot they are usually in stores around Nov-Dec and they are super cheap! I use the stovetop method, but since I have an electric its uneven. i think I will try the dutch oven method Brittany commented on….unless I win….then its Freshtech all the way!

  246. First year canning at all! was taught to use the crockpot for making jam.. the apricots did fairly well but the peaches have a slight bitter taste to them, almost like they burned.. would love to try this out!

  247. I’ve mostly used a stainless, wider and shallower stock pot for making jams, etc. Been tempted to get one of the jam specific pots with sloped sides. This seems it’d be nice for basic recipes as you say.

  248. The only way (and thus my favorite) I have made preserves is on the stovetop. I’m going to have to try it in the CrockPot!

    Thank you so much!

  249. This summer was the first time I have eery made preserves and it was very successful in large part thanks to this site! I have used both the stovetop and the slow cooker but think I preferred the stovetop. However, the slow cooker, or something like this appliance would be great for when I need to multitask!

  250. I would love to be able to make jams & jellies; I’ve tried & tried but it won’t set up for me…I’ve asked experts, but all are clueless as to what I’m doing wrong.

  251. I cook preserves stovetop. I’m reading crock-pot recipes, but so far have been happy enough with stove-top that I’m sticking with it.

  252. I always prefer a big stainless-steel pot and a wooden spoon. Everything goes in the dishwasher after, so easy to clean up.

  253. This has been my first canning season and it’s been fewer preserves and more butters. Whenever possible, I’ve used my oven rather than the stovetop. Otherwise the stovetop.

  254. I usually throw things in one of my pots and make a go of it on the stove top πŸ™‚ I’m still pretty new, so I don’t have much in terms of dedicated equipment.

  255. I would love to make small batches. Last time I attempted jam was on the stove top over 30 years ago. I have less energy, and only the use of one arm now, but I still want to make my own. Raspberry, blackberry, and cherry are my favorites.

  256. Since I do not have any other equipment, I only do stove top. Would love to try other methods, like this one. Looks fabulous!

  257. Love your blog. I’ve only jarred a few times (with your help). I have used the stovetop in the same large stock pot I make soup in.

  258. I am so lucky to have lots of access to fresh fruit from trees in our area! I do a lot of small batch canning as I get fresh fruit and vegetables from friends as well as my trees. I would love the FreshTech!

  259. I like to make my preserves in my small size crock pot; i think the Ball Brand FreshTECH Jam and Jelly Maker looks FANTASTIC! I would love to have one in my home.

    Thank you,

  260. Would LOVE to have something like this. I am always making jams and jellies for my husband’s 95 year old Aunt. She is always asking me to make one kind or another! This would be perfect to make them in! πŸ™‚

  261. I’m still relatively new to canning. I’ve made preserves exactly 3 times and they were all stovetop. (and delicious.)

  262. I am embarassed to say that I have not yet made jam at home. I want to try, which is why I read your blog, and if I owned a device like this I would have great fun with it inventing new recipes!

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