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January 6, 2015

Fresh & Fermented cover | Food in Jars

Over the last year or so, I’ve been getting more and more into making my own fermented foods. I’ve dabbled in sauerkraut for years, but more recently have added kimchi, kombucha, brined radishes, and other little batches of brined vegetables to my repertory.

One of the things that has been encouraging me along this path has been the wave of new books devoted to fermentation (as well as Amanda’s fabulous blog, Phickle).

Fresh & Fermented spine | Food in Jars

One such book that has been providing much inspiration in recent days has been Fresh & Fermented by Julie O’Brien and Richard J. Climenhage of Firefly Kitchens (I mentioned this one in my Class of 2014 round-up, but thought it deserved a little more attention).

What makes this book stand apart is that it’s not just about basic ferments. It focuses on drinks, dips, salads, casseroles, burgers, and desserts all made with a goodly portion of one of the eight basic krauts and kimchis featured in the first chapter. As someone who is always looking for ways to use up a cup or two of sauerkraut, it is proving invaluable.

Thanks to the nice folks at Sasquatch Books, I have a copy of Fresh & Fermented to give away. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post. This time, I’m curious to hear if you made any preserving-related resolutions this year.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, January 10, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog by Sunday, January 11, 2015.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents only (sorry!).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Disclosure: Sasquatch Books sent me the review copy of this book I now have in my library and they are also providing the giveaway unit. However, my thoughts remain my own. It’s a good book. I think you’ll like it. 

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392 thoughts on "Giveaway: Fresh & Fermented"

  • This book sounds fabulous. Love that it is not just the basics and would love a copy to try on my own!

  • I want to try to make more fermented preserves. I have experimented in the past but have been frustrated because my results are too variable. But I am learning that this is part of the process of trying to control living organisms–one can only do so much. Anyway, I enjoy the process and can’t wait to learn new, better techniques for fermentation and preservation!

  • I love canning & want to try my hand in fermenting…have to admit, I’m a little anxious about it.
    this book would be great to add to my library..
    Thanks so much for all you do….I’m canning because of you…
    Your website motivates me….

  • I am determined to start fermenting more than just sauerkraut this year, not only for taste reasons, but also for health, and this book would make a wonderful contribution to my resolution. Thank you for the opportunity to win your book. It sounds wonderfully helpful and inspiring.

  • I’m new to canning…I’ve started with some simple jams so far. I would like to do so much more this year! This would be great to add to my list of sources.

  • my canning resolution is to can one of everything in my garden this year! Haven’t been able to commit to that in the past, but I’m planning to this year!

  • No resolutions for me, but I a, hoping to have better luck with water kefir and flavors once it warms up a little. And as for various ferments, hoping to get a new refrigerator and then the old one will move to garage hopefully allow more space for ferment storage. I’m currently limited by my husbands complaints that when Im in full pickle mode he has no room for groceries!

  • I’d like to think I might actually preserve only what I know we’ll use for sure and love. Previous years too much overload on certain items just because we live on a farm and it’s available.

  • My goal is to do more frequent small batches of various ferments. So far I’ve only done large batches with excess summer produce.

  • My family preserve everything from jam to sauerkraut, it is some thing my family has done for many years and my fater is teaching me to do. This year we plan on doing just as much as we have done in past years. This year I want to try fermenting kimchi.

  • Not specifically preserving, however I vow to incorporate some item from my weekly CSA into every meal (and, many of them end up being of the jam/jelly/canned/fermented concept!). The weak link is my skill in fermenting….

  • My goal for 2015 is to take on (at least) one seasonally-appropriate preserving project each month. I’m sure I’ll do more in the heavier growing months, but winter’s a good time for trying something new with less traditional ingredients. January’s project was a small batch of a salted cranberry-grapefruit jam that I’m not sure I love, but having a goal made me go for it anyway.

  • This is my first year canning, I got the goods from Santa! My canning resolution is to can small batches of the tomatoes and hot peppers in my garden this summer, to be enjoyed when they are out of season.

    Gotta start somewhere 🙂

  • My goal this year is to do more pressure canning. I’ve been experimenting with ferments as well. This book looks interesting. I would love to win it!

  • That book looks lovely! My goal for the new year is to always eat kimchi or sauerkraut with dinner to help with digestion. That being said, I need to spend the time making it regularly!

  • Since discovering some genetic anomalies that affect my ability to properly metabolize, the more real, fermented foods the better!

  • A dear friend game me some homemade sauerkraut and it is to die for so, I’m on the hunt for a used crock and have ordered cabbage seeds.

  • My resolution is to grow food specifically to be canned! Last year I stumbled on some great recipes late in the season (myself fairly new to canning just in the last year) — I’ve been kicking myself since on the wasted opportunities – I mean how many more jars of delicious smoked paprika tomato jam would be on the shelf if I had picked more of those lovely small red pear tomatoes with a purpose, not just random snacking as I went through the garden? And those peaches that never seemed to ripen perfectly? Chopped up and made into peach preserves, one would lever know of their imperfections!

  • I am learning how to make kraut, and want to expand to other kinds of veggies. This book looks perfect, because I want to incorporate fermented foods into all meals! Thanks for the heads up on this!!

  • No, I haven’t made any but Jan. is never the month that I think about preserving anything. Ask me in August!! mary in Cincinnati

  • I want to learn how to can salsa this year. Salsa with fire roasted tomatoes, lime, and cilantro. Other ingredients are optional ;).

  • Make more pickled veg, especially asparagus when it’s in season. Learning how to make sauerkraut would be good, too. I’ve not tried that yet.

  • I’m getting a pressure canner, so my resolution is 1 learn how to use it, and 2 completely expand by canning world!

  • No resolutions, but I would like to preserve more of our garden produce to use during the winter months.

  • preserving related resolutions… branch out from the basics and to continue to keep all recipes organic, sugar free, store bought pectin free.

  • The book sounds interesting. 2015 canning resolutions are to find some more recipes to preserve my garden output and to find some space to store the items I do can.

  • We are going to try fermenting veggies other than just cabbage for not only the deliciousness but also the many health benefits. Would love to have a book to help with this goal. love your site!!!

  • I didn’t make any preserving resolutions, in fact, I haven’t made any (they only set me up for failure…). But, I do like to preserve things and haven’t dabbled in fermented yet (other than wine, which we make), but it’s an interesting concept!

  • Thanks for the entry! I love making ferments & love the Phickle blog too!

    This year, I’m hoping to can a bumper crop of San Marzano tomatoes (fingers crossed) . They are my husband’s favorite and when we run out, our spaghetti budget goes out the window! 🙂

  • I got a crock as a Christmas present (thank you Jamie). I am really excited to try out this new style of preserving.

  • I am going to try out more relishes this year, using more of a variety of veggies. Looking forward to reading this book during the winter months and making some appropriate garden plans to work on the preserving this summer!

  • I’m hoping to get a nice canning set together so that when produce starts rolling in come spring and summer that I can make it last year round!

  • I recently attended a short class about healing your gut with fermented foods. This book looks like what I’m looking for to help with adding more fermented foods in our diet, both fresh and canned.

  • I’ve resolved to only repeat recipes from this year’s rash of experiments if I love the results and the preserves actually got eaten.

  • I hope to preserve a larger variety of food besides pickles, tomatoes and jam. My goals this year are to do mustards, sauerkraut, soups and meats.

  • I recently moved from Portland, OR where I enjoyed a large garden and canned primarily my own produce. I recently moved to Orange County and now have a tiny balcony! My resolution for 2015 is to not stop canning and learn how to find healthy local produce for my canning projects.

  • Hello and thanks for your website. I have learned quite a bit through reading it. I have begun experimenting with fermenting. I purchased a simple mason jar lid w/airlock for some adventures. I also have been talking with my Mother’s friends (She is 85) and am going to make traditional sauerkraut with one of them. Our older citizens have plenty of knowledge and wonderful stories to share.There are so many stories of familty recipes that got “lost”. I hope to find some!

  • One, to make more staples (things I know we’ll use up) and slightly less exotic jams. I’m starting to think one can have too much jam.
    Two, to make fermented pickles. Hopefully from cucumbers I grow in my own garden.

  • My resolution is to give more of my jams and preserves away to friends. I’ve been a little shy about sharing my efforts, afraid that they won’t be considered as tasty as store bought equivalents. I’m starting the year out by donating several of my jams, fruit butters and preserves to an upcoming charity auction.

  • my canning resolution is to make the perfect pickle, and experiment with kim chi and sauerkraut! This book would be a great help.

  • Wow this book looks great. My New Years resolution was to make the perfect pickle. I also wanted to start making my own sauerkraut as it is so good for us. I have a huge stack of recipes of both. This offer has reminded me that I need to look through them.

  • I resolve to make strawberry jam when our local berries are in season—somehow have missed that in the last two years.
    Also maybe try sauerkraut like my grandmother made.

  • My resolution is to add more fermented foods into my diet. I want to try doing my own instead of only buying at the farmers market.

  • 2015 – add new plants to my garden – cabbage and hot sweet peppers – and try out some Kim chi recipes…

  • My resolution this year is to try to make more in the kitchen. I want to make (from scratch) mustard, fermented dill pickles, pickled garlic and beef jerky. I also know the basics of canning and would like to attempt to try to do it myself.

  • My canning goals this year are to get more use out of my pressure canner. I got it for Christmas in 2013 and I’ve only used it once or twice. I just used my last jar of broth last week so I’m ready to start planning for some more!

  • Pickled Okra!!! I have to say that since I have moved to the Deep South, 8 months ago, I have learned that pickled things are important. Pickled okra is my favorite…because it helps me stir my Bloody Mary’s!! Try it y’all!!!!

  • I want to do more small batch canning and preserving. I just read the Kitchen Ecosystem and she talks about doing canning right along with making dinner – making it more a part of the whole process.

  • My resolution this year is to experiment more with citrus fruits; i.e. more marmalades. So far I’ve only done jams.

  • My resolution this year is to be more mindful about what I preserve. I have begun canning up lunches for my husband and hope to find my pantry more “well rounded” by 2016.

  • I have resolved to do a lot more preserving this year, both by fermenting and canning… especially finally trying pressure canning!

  • Not to use my pressure canner on my glass topped stove anymore. I found out that they can crack if a pressure canner is used on them, and I did probably 20 canner’s full this year already.

  • My goal is to build up my canning stock in my pantry! We go through things so quickly but I want to have a little stock pile for a rainy day.

  • I’m planning to increase the quantity and variety of vegetables in my garden this year with the intent of learning how to can, preserve, and pickle the harvest.

  • Family medical emergencies put our home garden out of the questions. I want to get a large quantity of tomatoes planted this year, and want to try my hand at my own tomato sauce!