Giveaway: Four Ounce Smooth Sided Jars from Fillmore Container

September 24, 2012(updated on October 3, 2018)

solo four ounce jar

Over the years that I’ve been canning, I’ve acquired a fairly vast assortment of jars. Some of the basic type that can be picked up at any grocery or hardware store, while others are older models that can only be found at yard sales and secondhand shops.

Whenever I take pictures of my preserves in these vintage jars, I’m asked to name the source of these pretty jars. Most of the time, I end up disappointing the questioner when I confess that I picked up the jars in question at a tag sale in rural Pennsylvania some years back.

smooth sides close-up

Happily, today is going to be a little different. The jars I’m showing off in these photos aren’t vintage and impossible to find. These four-ounce, smooth-sided jars are from Fillmore Container, cost just $3.99 a dozen and are quite easy to order (the shipping can get spendy though, so consider pairing up with a friend to keep it affordable).

When I first discovered these jars, I was ridiculously happy (yes, I do realize that it’s a little silly to have one’s joy level attached to the accessibility of a particular canning jar, but it’s me we’re talking about). You see, while I’ve always appreciated having the four-ounce jar as an option in my canning, I’ve never liked the quilted finish that Ball uses on that size. I’d seen photos of these smooth-sided quarter pints in the past, but I wasn’t sure how to get my hands on some.

labeled smooth sided jar

Then, back in August, Lisa Reinhart from Fillmore Container came to my canning demo at Lemon Street Market in Lancaster City and brought a dozen of these smooth-sided little jars with her. I was over the moon (particularly since she sent me home with the box). I’ve since used them for all manner of things from basic canning projects to spice storage (without the quilting, it’s much easier to tell the dried basil from the oregano with just a glance).

I also love the absence of pattern because it means that there are far fewer limitations when it comes to labeling these jars. Instead of being tethered to a small label, you can devise a longer sticker that bends around the entirety of the jar. Or, you can use one of the new stickers from Ball that dissolves when soaked (that’s what I’m using above), but not worry about placing it precisely in the area designed for it.

As you start to plan your holiday gift giving, consider this size for your projects. I am certain that my Pear Vanilla Jam would look gorgeous in these jars, as would any number of chutneys, jellies and syrups.

four ounce comparison

As you can see from the photo above, these smooth-sided jars (on the left) are little squatter than the quilted versions. However, they hold the same amount and the conventional two-piece lids fit them perfectly. That said, if you want to go for a different look, Fillmore also sells one-piece lids that are designed for boiling water bath canning as well. They come in red, green, yellow, black, white, silver and gold and are quite easy to use (I’ll have a tutorial on using one-piece lids up later this week).

Thanks to Fillmore Container, I have a case of 12 jars and 12 one-piece lids (winner gets to choose the color) to give away to one reader of this blog. Here’s what you do to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me how you’d use these four-ounce, smooth-sided jars.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Friday, September 28, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog over the weekend.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Finally, make sure to click on over to the Fillmore Container blog. They have a little interview with me up there right now and have a signed copy of my book, along with my favorite blossom trivet, to give away as well.

Disclosure: Fillmore Container gave me a dozen of these jars and lids to try out and they’re also providing the same for this giveaway. However, my opinions are uninfluenced by the gift and my opinions are entirely my own. 

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1,262 thoughts on "Giveaway: Four Ounce Smooth Sided Jars from Fillmore Container"

  • While I am sure that I would make some jams to go in these gorgeous jars, more than that I would love to use them to make homemade gel air freshners. They are the perfect size!

  • Oh, my mind is spinning! I think I would use them to put jelly or sweet and hot pecans for Christmas presents.

  • Love these jars! Besides the obvious jelly/syrup fillings, these would be so great for the next time we grow borax crystals with the kids. No pesky quilting to hide the show!

  • I started buying these from Fillmore about 2 years ago, and then they ran out. I was heartbroken! So happy to see that they’re back! What would I use them for? Why, JAM, of course! 😀

  • Oooh I love the idea of jams and jellys, although I may fill these with little bits of syrup for the perfect single-use, breakfast with my sweetie, amount. Love these!

  • I grow quite a few different herbs in my greenhouse and then dry them for the winter. I would love to use the jars to put the dried herbs in for my Christmas gift baskets.

  • I’m in jelly-mode. I just loaded up on cherry bomb peppers and blackberries so it will be a jelly making weekend. I’ve ordered from Fillmore before and love them!

  • I made apple crisps in jars for our canning party last night and they were a hit. I think I’ll make more, level them off so I can put a lid on them and freeze them. It will be nice to just pop one out of the oven and bake it and they’re the perfect individual serving size! They were a hit at the party!

  • How adorable! I would use them for the lemon curd recipe I have been dying to make since I got your cookbook. I think the green lids would be perfect!

  • I would make the Myer Lemon Curd recipe from your book and put it in there. Have you ever thought of adding rosemary to the batch while cooking? I’m going to try it this weekend. Since you run it through the strainer, it will take out all of the rosemary but leave the yumminess behind. Wish me luck!

  • These jars are so cute! The perfect size for applesauce I my son’s lunchbox. Or for jelly to take on a little picnic after a hike with my family.

  • I love using 4-oz jars for gifts. I stack up several little jars of preserves in different colors in a tall cellophane bag, and tie the top with fancy ribbons.

  • I love Fillmore Container, and I especially covet these jars!!! I think they’d be perfect for your yellow tomato and basil jam (which I sometimes make with rosemary instead of the basil – it’s delightfully different and equally as delicious)! I also think they’d be perfect for gifts of homemade mustard!

  • I’ve been making jam to give away as holiday gifts this year, and I did most of it in 4 oz jars. I’m going apple picking this weekend, and I think I’d like to make some Honey Lemon Apple Jam to give as gifts, as well.

  • I’ve been following your blog for about six months now. I’ve never canned anything. I want to start though :). Times are tough and preserving things is a great way to save money. I want to make a few different syrups and showcase them in the little jars for presents t christmas. I work in a natural food market that just throws produce away if and when it gets spotty. What a great way to use up product and learn about preserving different fruits and veggies.

  • Love these!! I would use them for the sour cherry syrup I’m making as well as some spices I have just harvested and dried 🙂

  • I love these. I would use them for jams/jellies and give as gifts or to keep myself as being by myself I hate to open the bigger ones just for me.

  • Oh, I love the look of these! I would be making fig and strawberry jam. I am a fig and strawberry jam fan. And so are all my friends who get some as gifts.

  • I’m getting ready to reorganize all my spices, and I would use these beautiful smooth sided jars to store dried herbs from my own garden.

  • I would use these four-ounce, smooth sided jars to make something delicious for Christmas gifts! I never canned until this summer and now I can’t stop! 🙂

  • I would use them for my first canning adventure and hopefully Christmas gifts! I haven’t gotten the time to get the gear yet, with two pregnancies in the past two years, but I’ve been biding my time. . .

  • I would make your delicious looking pear vanilla jam (I’m a vanilla addict, it sounds wonderful) and try to keep at least some long enough to give away for Christmas!

  • Those look perfect for our empty nest home to use with jams, jellies, relish, maraschino cherries and most importantly….trying out the recipes in your book I just purchased. Can’t wait to try new things.

  • I would sneak over to my neighbors’ house at night to take the tuna off their cactus. Then I’d make prickly pear jelly to put in those adorable jars.

  • I have some frozen berries that I have gathered and frozen waiting to make jam, these jars would be perfect… I have never seen these jars before…

  • I’d love these jars for canning for gifts! I love putting several 4oz jars in a basket for a hostess gift during the holidays.

  • Whenever I make jam, I need a small jar to save the last bit of jam in the pot. There is always some leftover after I fill my 1/2 pint jars. These small jars would be perfect.

  • I will use them for single servings of homemade Greek yogurt and can think of a bunch of uses for Christmas gifts!

  • These little jars are just way too cute!! I am just soooo into this jam building business now, I would love to put them into Christmas stockings. They are just a perfect size!,

  • I’d use them for pesto! Homemade mustard and ketchup! Canned stuff that isn’t jam so I can quickly tell them apart!

  • I’d been on the hunt for 4oz jars since I read your Spicy Honey Mustard recipe. Can’t wait to try it. Was hoping to purchase just a few jars, rather than a full case, but couldn’t find any sold separately anywhere. It’s not like I couldn’t put a whole case to use though!

  • Perfect size for a batch of limited quantity ground cherry and chai jam! Agreed, so great to have a non-quilted version of a 4oz…definitely going to look these out. thanks for sharing.

  • The Farmer’s Market here in Southern Illinois does not also us to give away free samples. These jars would allow me to sell small quantites of my jams and relishes for a low price to promote my product.

  • Perfect for teacher gifts, small for greater yield of small batch jams- elderberry jam to keep my friends healthy for this up and coming hard winter.

  • I would use the jars for apple butter. Yesterday at a yardsale, I bought a bag of tiny spools of thread. One jar would be filled with spools to complement my old peddle Singer(Great-Aunt Nora’s).

  • I’d use these little smoothies for jams and chutneys when I’m planning on sharing a sampler package and when I end up with small amounts that won’t fill a half or whole pint.

  • These jars would be perfect for my “Neighbor Jam”. They supply the figs and I supply the love and labor!” Then we share the bounty!