Giveaway: Four Ounce Smooth Sided Jars from Fillmore Container

solo four ounce jar

Over the years that I’ve been canning, I’ve acquired a fairly vast assortment of jars. Some of the basic type that can be picked up at any grocery or hardware store, while others are older models that can only be found at yard sales and secondhand shops.

Whenever I take pictures of my preserves in these vintage jars, I’m asked to name the source of these pretty jars. Most of the time, I end up disappointing the questioner when I confess that I picked up the jars in question at a tag sale in rural Pennsylvania some years back.

smooth sides close-up

Happily, today is going to be a little different. The jars I’m showing off in these photos aren’t vintage and impossible to find. These four-ounce, smooth-sided jars are from Fillmore Container, cost just $3.99 a dozenΒ and are quite easy to order (the shipping can get spendy though, so consider pairing up with a friend to keep it affordable).

When I first discovered these jars, I was ridiculously happy (yes, I do realize that it’s a little silly to have one’s joy level attached to the accessibility of a particular canning jar, but it’s me we’re talking about). You see, while I’ve always appreciated having the four-ounce jar as an option in my canning, I’ve never liked the quilted finish that Ball uses on that size. I’d seen photos of these smooth-sided quarter pints in the past, but I wasn’t sure how to get my hands on some.

labeled smooth sided jar

Then, back in August, Lisa Reinhart from Fillmore Container came to my canning demo at Lemon Street Market in Lancaster City and brought a dozen of these smooth-sided little jars with her. I was over the moon (particularly since she sent me home with the box). I’ve since used them for all manner of things from basic canning projects to spice storage (without the quilting, it’s much easier to tell the dried basil from the oregano with just a glance).

I also love the absence of pattern because it means that there are far fewer limitations when it comes to labeling these jars. Instead of being tethered to a small label, you can devise a longer sticker that bends around the entirety of the jar. Or, you can use one of the new stickers from Ball that dissolves when soaked (that’s what I’m using above), but not worry about placing it precisely in the area designed for it.

As you start to plan your holiday gift giving, consider this size for your projects. I am certain that my Pear Vanilla Jam would look gorgeous in these jars, as would any number of chutneys, jellies and syrups.

four ounce comparison

As you can see from the photo above, these smooth-sided jars (on the left) are little squatter than the quilted versions. However, they hold the same amount and the conventional two-piece lids fit them perfectly. That said, if you want to go for a different look, Fillmore also sells one-piece lids that are designed for boiling water bath canning as well. They come in red, green, yellow, black, white, silver and gold and are quite easy to use (I’ll have a tutorial on using one-piece lids up later this week).

Thanks to Fillmore Container, I have a case of 12 jars and 12 one-piece lids (winner gets to choose the color) to give away to one reader of this blog. Here’s what you do to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me how you’d use these four-ounce, smooth-sided jars.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Friday, September 28, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog over the weekend.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Finally, make sure to click on over to the Fillmore Container blog. They have a little interview with me up there right now and have a signed copy of my book, along with my favorite blossom trivet, to give away as well.

Disclosure: Fillmore Container gave me a dozen of these jars and lids to try out and they’re also providing the same for this giveaway. However, my opinions are uninfluenced by the gift and my opinions are entirely my own.Β 

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1,267 responses to “Giveaway: Four Ounce Smooth Sided Jars from Fillmore Container”

  1. I make a killer green tomato relish. I love it so much, but I find that gift recipients just don’t use it in large quantities (as I do). I hate to see good preserves go to waste, so a 4 oz jar is just perfect for this purpose!

  2. Oh gosh, I love the smooth sides! I’m planning on apple picking soon, so I’d love to use these to can some of my pickings ….. I’m thinking apple butter or jam!

  3. I LOVE plum jam (so it’s funny that’s what’s in your pic!), but I use it pretty sparingly, and I often find it going bad in my half pint jars. (I can’t believe I’ve let this happen, but I have, and more than once.) I have been thinking that I should seek out some 4 oz jars for my homemade plum jam, because I think that size would be perfect to avoid this problem!

  4. I make a lot of jam. These would be perfect for mixing and matching different kinds of jam to give away as gifts.

  5. I’ve been wanting to make apple butter for years. The thing that’s holding me back from canning more right now is that I don’t have a true stock pot. This means that even normal half pint jars are (almost) too tall for my canning pot. These squat little jars would be GREAT for the setup I’m working with now and would allow me to put the stock pot on my Christmas list. πŸ™‚

  6. I make a lot of low-sugar jams/jellies, so small sizes are great and help prevent them from going bad in the fridge (right now we have three different samples (grape, plum, strawberry) from all the summer preserving and they’ve started to go bad, which might have been prevented if I’d had more 4-oz. jars!).

  7. I always sterilize a 4 oz jar along with my 8 oz jars when I make jam for when that last scraping of the pot is short of a half-pint. So I end up with a nice little assortment of half-pint jam jars for gift-giving.

  8. I’m really new to canning, but am enthusiastic! These jars are a fantastic size for gifting, so I would use them with the holidays in mind. πŸ™‚

  9. This is exactly the size and kind of jar I too have been looking for! Thanks for putting their info here. And if I don’t win I know where to get them!

  10. I really like small jars for most of my canning needs! Unless it’s something like soup or pie filling, having the little 4-ounce jars is just easier to use up for 2 people! I just made ketchup, I think next it’s time for some compotes!

  11. I’d use mine for wild strawberry jam. Those wild strawberries take so long to pick that I just want to give everyone a taste of the jam!

  12. I’m in love with the jars! Haven’t been able to find anything I really like in the smaller size! Perfect for Christmas gifts!.

  13. I would use them to can small amounts of my favorite jams that only I eat (how do I live in a house full of non-fruit eaters). Also, they would be great for giving spice mixtures, etc at Christmas.

  14. I would LOVE these for freezing smaller batches of stock, cream, etc. It would just dump out once it thawed for a just a little while.

  15. Those are adorable! We have so many ideas for Christmas gifts that these jars would be perfect for! I think travel candles might be my top pick!

  16. I like small jars, but the quilted design never appealed to me. I would use the jars to make some of Marisa’s pear vanilla jam.

  17. Ooooh, pretty! I would love to use these jars for a batch of Vanilla Bourbon Peach Jam. Love the size and flat sides.

  18. I hate to admit it, but I’d use the quilted ones for gifting and hoard these like a really unkind canner. I LOVE the straight sides! I would use them for the million small storage things in my frig: salad dressing, yogurt dip, bits and pieces of left over food from my kids that can still be eaten. Love these!

  19. Yes! Not quilted! Single piece lids! I am so so excited for these! If I win, I’ll probably use them to upgrade my spice storage, but I’m also going to order some for all of my fall can-ables: apple butter, confit onions, pear butter and who knows what else I’ll get to.

  20. OMG, you are NOT crazy….I’m just as excited about these as you! πŸ™‚

    For awhile, I was selling my home preserves and I had a hard time finding affordable jars with flat sides so I could develop a branded label. I ended-up having to label only the flat lid, which doesn’t necessarily look that professional. I also just plain dislike the quilted jelly jars (wish they made the 12oz ones without quilts). I’d much rather seem the product inside clearly.

    I’m also excited to see the array of one-piece lids. Kitchen Krafts carries white and brass ones and only the brass ones have the pop-down seal indicator (who uses brass anymore?). I like to have a few on-hand for dry goods and refrigerator storage but the price and shipping costs have kept me from ordering more. Maybe theirs will be more economical.

  21. I like the idea of using these for dressings or dips in a packed lunch. And using them for spices. But my first use would be gifted preserves that people don’t want in large quantities: hot pepper jelly, tomato marmalade etc.

  22. OMG! i am so excited about the smooth sided 4oz jars. i too dislike the quilted look of the Ball 4oz jars!! i’d definitely use these for jams and fruit butters for gift giving, and as well as for salts and spices at home. thanks for sharing!

  23. These are perfect for giftable small batch jams. They are much more contemporary looking than their quilted 4oz counterpart. love them!

  24. Peach butter! Apple Butter! Condiments! (I use jars for EVERYTHING and this is favorite size and design for all the same reasons you stated! Label maker and I can be friends with this jar!)

  25. i am trying to make more space in my schedule for actually canning food but these jars look like the perfect size to hold my home made lip balms and salves! i just finished infusing a jar of calendula oil and can’t wait to make it into balm.

  26. I found some ghost pepper over the weekend and made an outrageously hot hot sauce. The 4 ounce jar would be the perfect vessel for this.

  27. I would like to use these jars for all kinds of projects I have in mind. Single servings of applesauce for lunches, Ketchup, Mustards, jams, relishes… the list goes on. I also enjoy designing my own labels, and these jars would allow me more freedom with that project!

  28. I would fill them with pear butter and jalapeΓ±o relish – this year’s planned holiday gift offerings. πŸ™‚ What pretty jars!

  29. I would use them for spice storage. I switched over to half pint jars for the spices and dried herbs I use frequently and need larger quantities on hand. But I have a lot that I don’t use as often so I need smaller supplies. This size would be perfect. I haven’t switched over to the 4 oz containers from Ball due to my dislike of the quilted sides. I try to avoid them in when making jam as well!

  30. jams and spices in my spice drawer. the traditional quilted ones just barely fit in my drawer if I hold my mouth just right when I close the drawer… these ones are simply delicious!

  31. Small batch jams, I’ve been having fun trying out lots of different flavor combinations and 4oz jars are perfect for giveaways.

  32. Pesto! I love 4 oz jars to make pesto for the freezer – just the right size for a batch of pasta. It also makes for a great gift at Christmas when packaged in cute jars.

  33. I’d use these wonderful jars for the dried spices from the garden.. They would look wonderful displayed in my cupboard that way!

  34. I’ve recently become a fan of making mustards and other condiments, and this is the perfect size (and it seems wrong somehow to put mustard in the quilted jars!)

  35. i’d make more of your tomato jam for sure-since i only got 2 pints and i won’t be giving any of that away. i’d also can up some salsa verde for holiday gifts. thanks!

  36. My office mates have been admiring my home made jam and I’d love to give out my jam in those jars as winter/holiday presents. I’ve been working on a recipe for cinnamon-red plum jam, and I think the jars would be so lovely.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  37. I love this size jar and I couldn’t agree more about the versatility of not having the quilted pattern. I would definitely use these for tomato paste as I am currently knee deep in tomatoes! :0)

  38. I like to process a small jar or two of most things I can. It reduces the number of partially filled jars I have in my fridge afterwards that can’t be processed, and lets me test the way flavors have blended in salsas and things after a few weeks without needing to open a larger jar.

  39. These would be perfect for the caramel sauce recipe I just found! Both for gift giving and helping us limit our own portions. πŸ˜‰

  40. These look great. I would use them for gifts — probably fill them with peach jam, although I might do tomato jam from your recipe!

  41. Mustards! This year I jumped into making mustards. I love these little jars for that. I also might pack them full with some pickled ginger, another new project I am about to tackle!

  42. I’d love to fill these with apple butter or vanilla bean strawberry jam!

    I have 1 jar that is 8 oz, and wide mouth. Someone gave it to me b/c they thought I had given it to them. Nope, wasn’t me, but I’ll take it! It’s now my favorite!

  43. I am always looking for small containers for my family to use but I’d love to make some jam or preserves to give as gifts – these are so pretty.

  44. My son is getting married next August and his girlfriend has requested that I make little containers of jam for favors. These would be perfect!

  45. I just canned for the first time this afternoon and used your plum jam with star annise recipe! It was amazing! I’d love to make enough to give in the holiday gift baskets I’m putting together this year, so those sizes would be perfect!

  46. In addition to using them for jams and butters as holiday gifts, and putting away homemade dried spices and the like, I think I’d use them to help organize my office. They’re perfect for paperclips, rubber-bands, etc. and will go a long way to helping my clear my clutter.

  47. I just paid $7.99 for my dozen of 4 oz jars! I hope I win more, but I am going to buy more!!

    I use them for herbal tinctures and jellies as gifts and ketchup

  48. I’d love to put the bourbon peach jam i’m going to make this week in these! I love that they don’t have a textured outside, but that said it might be better for showing a more textured jam or chutney than what i’m planning.

  49. I’d use them to gift people my canned goods that people are a little unsure of at first (and then they eat them, and declare them delicious): tomato jam, grapefruit jelly, candied jalapenos, etc.

  50. I just met the last of the boyfriend’s family this weekend; they all were amazed that I made my own spicy mustard [your spicy mustard]. I’d fill the batch of them for his family for Christmas. πŸ™‚

  51. I have a jar topper that says “Happy Birthday” so I not only jelly, jam and other thing for every day use, I give them to my friends on their birthdays. (I would like the smooth sided jars better) Might have to buy some if I don’t win!

  52. Those are definitely a good size for gift giving, especially if the intended recipient isn’t the most adventurous eater, but is willing to try the unusual recipe that they’re getting a holiday sample of. They would also be great for lunches. I usually bring granola for my yogurt in a mini-tupperware. But I tend to buy the cheap ones that don’t last as long, so the lids don’t always want to fit quite right. A jar like that with a screw band cap would solve my container closing problems.

  53. I recently found out the ‘weed’ I had in my yard is actually horseradish and I’m dying to do something with it. I ran across a recipe for horseradish jelly which I can imagine looking awesome in these jars!! Thanks for the tip on the new labels – I have been putting my labels on the lids to avoid the scrubbing. πŸ™‚

  54. I haven’t gotten into canning yet, someday hopefully. These would be great to freeze serving size onions and peppers, plus the thought of using them for spices sounds great too.

  55. These sure would have come in handy during my canning extravaganza this past weekend! I’d love to fill them up with some apple butter this fall.

  56. Hooray for jars! I’d probably fill these little guys with peach butter–just because I have a big bag of peaches in my fridge, just waiting to be peach buttered up. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  57. Not only Jam for me..Dried spices from the garden and Dry Rubs for meat..They are small and stack wonderful for storage or on my Homemade spice rack πŸ™‚

  58. I’ve been looking all over for these in the stores. I would use them for classic fig jam, but also for yogurt for lunches. 4 oz is the perfect size!

  59. I would use the smooth sided jars for pepper jelly and other more masculine gifts I intend to give my coworkers. The quilted jars are a little to foo foo for the guys in the office.

  60. I have been planning on trying my hand at homemade mustard. These jars would be perfect for some Cranberry mustard to give as gifts.

  61. I love the 4oz size jars! Perfect size for gifting and with the smooth sides, it will be easier to see the chucks of figs in my fig jam!

  62. They would prefectly showcase some Jalapeno Jelly. I can just imagine the flecks of red and green; perfect size!

  63. Ooh! These would be perfect for the apple butter I’m in hopes to make this fall once we go apple picking! Perfect size for a holiday gift! : )

  64. Since I just did my first canning project (fruit butter) thanks to this blog and all the great information, I’d probably use these little guys to try my hand at a jam or jelly. I’m not sure I could bear to give any away, they’re so cute!

  65. Tomato-Basil Jam and homemade salve! (I was just pricing these out this morning!!) Perfect timing! πŸ™‚

    oh! and they would be the PERFECT size for homemade baby food!

  66. I love 4oz jars for gift-giving!

    (Also, I have to say it warmed my heart to read “spendy.” My husband constantly makes fun of my for saying this Portland oddity.)

  67. As I’m going into the americorps (crosses fingers) I’ll be looking for low-cost gifts to give this christmas. Small capacity? beautiful jars? sounds perfect.

  68. I love the smooth side of the jars for more creative labeling. I’d use them for some of the sauces, jams and chutneys I’m planning on canning and gifting using fruits, vegetables and herbs from my mini orchard and garden.

  69. I’d put your tomato jam in these! I made a batch last night and it’s amazing. I’ll have to make a new batch to give as gifts (I can’t part with my own supply), and these jars would be perfect.

  70. I just picked about 30 pounds of apples this weekend at my local orchard and, after several batches of apple sauce and apple pie jam, I still have a couple pounds leftover for apple chutney. These jars would be perfect for that!

  71. That’s the perfect size for tomato jam … and I also freeze homemade pesto in 4 ounce jars. I don’t care for the quilted sides either – funny how such details can really get on one’s nerves.

  72. Oh, I love these; I’d never heard of them. The 4 ounce size is tough but marmalade season is on it’s way–I made a bunch this year, more because I just wanted to can something, but now I’m a die-hard marmalade lover.

  73. This is my first year of really enjoying canning and learning to get better at it. The small jars would be perfect to share with friends and family, because I have jam and salsa coming out of my ears! πŸ˜‰

  74. Oh my goodness!! These are absolutely adorable. I can my own food all the time but have never even seen these jars. These would be perfect for my homemade applebutter. Not so sure Icould part with them although they would be ideal to give as gifts. Hmmm…corn cob jelly would look fabulous in them, yes?

  75. i love the smooth sides!!! i would love to use these for some of the small batch chutneys i’ve been making. they would make great gifts — and apple butter – who doesn’t love little jars of apple butter???

  76. Great gifting size for homemade artisan mustards (canned) or flavored butters (not canned). I’ve had my eye on a cranberry mustard that sounds delicious and giftable. Cran-Orange butter also rocks on hot biscuits … or toast … or …

  77. I have been gathering canning supplies for some time now, and I am looking forward to putting up food. These jars would be perfect for bulk spices that I keep on hand, and their uses are limitless in my canning exploits. Currently I am thinking lemon curd. YUM!

  78. A friend from high school and I have started a small home based business producing and selling gourmet wine jellies. I would love to use these for our limited edition flavors. We have some exciting ideas.

  79. Ooo, I would definitely use them for holiday gifts this winter. Premixed spices? Homemade skin products? Endless possibilities!

  80. Perfect size for Xmas gifts! Limited budget for Xmas, so like to make gifts for my friends and family. Would love to win the jars & lids. Thank you for the giveaway.

  81. I love these!! And the price is most excellent. For some reason, I find that the Ball four-ounce jars cost MORE than the half-pints do.

    I found myself making lemon curd a few times last year. I think these jars would be perfect for curds!

  82. I am making apple butter for the holidays and would package it in these beautiful jars to give to friends and family. Also making homemade mustard, so that might be packaged in these jars, too. Love, love, love that they are smooth!

  83. These are fantastic. I would certainly use them for jams/preserves. And they’re a great size for salad dressing to go. I use all sorts of canning jars for storage around the kitchen.

  84. I loved your idea of storing bulk dried herbs and spices in these cute little jars. I dry many of my own herbs and they would look great stacked in the cupboard in these jars.

  85. I’m also not a fan of the quilting for everything. it’s ok sometimes but I hate being limited on labels and I love how pretty jam is through smooth glass. I’d use these for canning mostly. maybe some storage.

  86. Spice storage! I keep my “stock” spices in a dark cabinet, but I like having smaller amounts out where I can get to them – in my current kitchen, that happens to be an open shelf where small jars look terribly fetching. These smooth sided jars would be just the thing I need!

  87. I would use the jars to make an an apple based product and then donate the 12 filled jars to the local community kitchen who’s purpose is to help make a sustainable world where all may eat.

  88. That is a great size! I would make caramel apple jam to give away for little gifts around the holidays. It’s a unique flavor and so just a ‘taster’ is the perfect size.

  89. I would ask the neighbours behind us if I can clear their neglected pear tree. I’m new to canning so am so excited to fit everything I can into jars.

  90. Those are perfect for Christmas baskets. I also do not like the quilted pattern on the Ball jars. So many more options with these! I will be ordering these even if I don’ t win.

  91. Love these! These jars would be perfect for gifting. I could create lovely labels to attach to the smooth sides. With the holidays coming up, it’s time to start gift canning!

  92. These smooth jars would be PERFECT for my Christmas jam sets that I will be giving away this year. I love the idea of creating a personalized wrap around label!

  93. I’d love the little jars for making small gifts of my homemade honey-pear jam, cowboy candy, or jalapeno pepper jelly. They would be just the right size. I’ve looked for these around and have not been able to find any in my local stores. Thanks for the chance to win.

  94. I would make cute Christmas gift packs made up of 12 different jams and jellies packed in these adorable Fillmore jars!

  95. I recently picked up your book and have been eyeing your mustard recipe. I’d probably can it in these cute little containers!

  96. Not a fan of the quilting either. I’d definitely use these for pear ginger butter, or my first go at some citrus marmalade this winter. These are the PERFECT size for holiday gifts!

  97. My mom is elderly, so I load up her fridge with small meals for her to nosh on. The 4oz jars are the perfect size for either steel cut oatmeal (small because she likes to snack through out the day, but filling) or veggie sides for whatever protein is the main course- she isn’t locked into the same meal over and over because she can pick and choose what she feels like.

  98. I love 4 oz jars for gift-giving. I would love to fill these with apple-pear jelly. The small jars really let the light shine through to show the beauty of the jelly!

  99. Holy cow these are perfect for some projects I’ve got coming up – and for storing herb mixes, and a million other things. Thanks for the resource and the opportunity!

  100. LOVE these sweet little jars! I would fill these with jalapeΓ±os, for use in chili, enchiladas, nachos, etc.. I only process jalapeΓ±os once a year due to the bronchial irritation from the fumes!

  101. I know exactly how I would use those jars – Apple butter! I would love to be able to put my home made apple butter in those little jars, just the perfect size for putting in smaller gift baskets this upcoming holiday season! And with apples in full season right now I’d have no problem filling all the jars in the giveaway! Thanks!

  102. These would make great storage containers for dried herbs from my garden. I would also use them for my Jalapeno Jelly.

  103. I am very new to canning, and eating whole foods. Everything I make seems to turn out in pretty small quantities, so these little jars would be perfect for me! They would also be great to store after school snacks for the kids. Plus, they are so cute!

  104. I make apple butter that’s just a hair shy of what I’ve heard described as a “fruit cheese”; the 4-oz sizes are perfect for it.

  105. I’d love to use these for a batch of apple butter. But I love the idea of storing herbs and spices in these as well!

  106. I am hoping to finally learn how to start canning and when I do, I can think of a million things I could put in these! Wish I would have known about your canning workshop! Any recommendations for where I can learn?

  107. I’m just learning how to make goat cheese, and my creamy version always comes out *super* creamy, way too creamy to sit in a cute little round on their own. I would use these jars to keep the cheese from “running” away!

  108. I love 4-oz. jars for that last little bit of leftover jam in the pot, and for samples at food swaps…but these I’d probably use for gifting — they’d be gorgeous all stacked up with a different “jam of the month” in each, for friends and family who like variety but who don’t eat a whole lot of jam. πŸ™‚

  109. I’ve had my eye on a cherry amaretto jam recipe for awhile now, so these jars would probably end up with that filling!

  110. I would love these to can baby food for my two darling nieces for their Christmas presents. They Will both be just under 1 year old. I am so excited to start on this organic, homemade baby food project!!! I know these jars wouldn’t be for me but thats perfectly fine with me! What a help it will be to have it mastered before my hubby and I have a baby πŸ™‚ these look so amazing!!

  111. I would use these for Tomato Jam. This is the jam that broke all the barriers for me in canning. I no longer hesitate to try something new since I would have never thought the ingredients together in tomato jam would be the best thing I have ever eaten!

  112. This is a no brainer for me… would be filled with some tomato jam and rhubarb chutney. I love the smooth jars, its more about what’s in them and has a classy presentation.

  113. It’s fall, so my brain is focused on butters of all kinds!

    And I agree with you; I’ve never liked the quilted jars and avoid them if at all possible.

  114. I’d like them for christmas! i wanted to make several batches of different jellies, jams, and butters and give everyone about four or so to try. Since I am new itd be great feedback and its nice gift. Win win!

  115. OH MY.. I have been thinking the same as well. I wanted just Plain Sided Jars. I have some pears. SSSO your pear vanilla jam sounds very very Yummy coming from these New Jars I could Win!

  116. I live alone and so do most of my senior friends. These jars are the perfect size for the jams and preserves that I make for Christmas gifts!

  117. I would fill them with my golden pear honey- I too dislike Ball’s quilted pattern and often use an 8oz Kerr just so my preserves are more showy.

  118. we would use them in our lunches for dips–peanut butter, guac, hummus, and ranch. We take enough for the four of us to share.

  119. small jars seem perfect for me, since I often make things in 1-2 person quantities. and with my limited fridge space, economizing would be great!

  120. Perfectly sized for my small family – maybe a pear jam or butter? Or some holiday gifts? [My modern-decor snob self hates the quilted ones too!]

  121. I’m a graphic designer and got into preserving so I’d have something to put my labels on! πŸ™‚ So, I LOVE smooth jars. I would fill these jars with apple butter now and raspberry jam next summer.

  122. These would be perfect for giving a collection of my different pepper sauces and pickled peppers. I’ll have six different kinds this year, perfect for two presents!

  123. These are fantastic. Four ounce jars are our favorite size for gift giving. They are just right for sampling and look adorable in a basket. We’ll be getting some of these, the price is GREAT! Just in time for Apple Fest 2012.

  124. I love this size for gifting and for the little bit that didn’t fit in the last 1/2 pint jar.
    OH! I made the pear vanilla jam this weekend! Really good! I actually put it all in 4oz jars as I was out of everything else…

  125. They’d be perfect for a tomato jam or going into apple season here a spicy apple chutney. I love how sleek the jars look!

  126. Pear cinnamon jam! I had some in my oatmeal this morning and it was DELICIOUS. I would love to be able to use these little jars to share the pure taste of fall in a jar with 12 of my nearest and dearest.

  127. Oh Kiwi season is coming up and and the jam would look so pretty in in those teeny little jars! I’d match them with raspberry jam and mandarin jam for a cute gift presentation.

  128. I would definitely use these jars for condiments- mustard, ketchup, even tomato jam or sriracha. And then they would all become a holiday gift pack! Thanks =)

  129. I am currently a little obsessed with your tomato jam recipe. (I made a super spicy version yesterday with the addition of a small hot red pepper.) If there are still tomatoes to be had I might have to try canning some for gifts. (I’ve been freezing it for us — not brave enough to can yet, though I’m working up to it.) If I don’t manage to make the jam, they might end up as spice jars. Thanks for the giveaway. I agree, the jars are beautiful!

  130. Love love this size jar and so glad to know they can be ordered!!!! I just harvested my honey this weekend and these would be a perfect size for gift giving- put in a basket with some honey butter and scones–my I think that would be the perfect gift!

    bee blessed

  131. I wish I’d used them for your tomato conserva recipe on Food52. The portion size is much better for that than the half-pint jars I had at home.

  132. I’d fill them with Blueberry Plum butter for teacher Christmas gifts. Maybe some apple cranberry jam….. hmmm all the options.

  133. I always put up jams, jellies and sauces, and I donate them in harvest baskets to non-profit fundraisers. I clicked thru to, thinking I’d order some, but found that they have no 4 oz smooth-sided jars in inventory! Dang!

  134. oh fun!! I love canning jars too and have not seen these before. I would love to have these to can my wild mushrooms in-the 1/4 pints are the perfect size for that. thanks sooo much for the chance Kathy in the ozarks of missouri

  135. Thia is our first year canning, and we’ve already used the 4 oz. ball jars for two kinds of tomato jam to give as gifts — your recipe (which I love love love) and a more traditional tomato jam with lemon which is also delicious.

  136. I always use four-ounce jars because they are the perfect gift size–and that way, if you want to give a more elaborate present, you can put together an assortment of small jars of different kinds of jams, etc. The next thing I’m planning to make is brown sugar cardamom pear butter, and I’d love to put it in these!

  137. Anything that requires dipping or easy access! Both canning or not: tomato jam or pepper jelly, hummus, clarified butter, any dip. I haven’t been able to find this size anywhere locally and realize how much I miss it!

  138. Those jars are so stinkin’ cute! I need to bookmark that site. I will soon be doing a pear marathon… Gingered pear preserves, pear honey, pears and port jam (Christmas in a jar!) and pear pepper jelly made with the peels and cores. This size of jar is perfect for samples and extras!

  139. Half would go for spics – these jars are perfect and look quite stackable… the other half would go for small jars of peach, pear, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry and apple butter – these would be used for oatmeal mix-ins… nothing like a bowl of hot oatmeal with a tablespoon from one of these jars – I now use an 8-oz jar of blueberry and peach jams but don’tlike to have to put them back in the frigerator since they are not used daily.

  140. I have been searching everywhere for a 4oz smooth side jar, but all anyone has around here is the quilted 4oz jars, which I too dislike. I’m making apple butter for baby shower favors and these smooth side jars are going to be perfect.

    Thank you for the link.

  141. I hate winter weather and so for the past two years I have made a small batch of lemon curd as little pick me up in the coldest, darkest months of the year. My annual batch of lemon curd would look amazing in these beautiful jars. Cheers!

  142. I just used little 4oz jars this last weekend for a wine and cheese party. I set out different toppings for the cheese in them. Was so cute! I would probably do that again!

  143. I’ve been making apple pie jam, and these little jars would be perfect to use for canning little xmas presents….I’m ordering some if I don’t win them!
    ps…love your blog, and your cookbook!

  144. Marisa,

    I’m with you, I prefer smooth to quilted in my jars. And these are adorable! I would make pear and apple butter now, and peach or raspberry jam in the summer. They also look to be the right size for dried herbs, which I put up now in old baby food jars or empty spice bottles.
    A copy of your book would just be the cherry on top!


  145. I’m only just starting out canning, so I’m not really sure what I’d use them for…I’m wanting to try my hand at apple butter and sharing some with family for Christmas!

  146. I would use these for my dehydrated peppers or VERY hot hot sauce or jam or preserves. Oh well you get the picture, I would definitely put them to use. lol

  147. Excellent! I have a preference for the smooth-sided jars, as well. And I go through tons of 4-oz jars, since that’s a common giveaway size for me. I use the little jars when I want to gift people a couple different things, rather than one larger jar. Perfect for giving a duo of jams as a gift. Thanks for the giveaway!

  148. I love the idea of storing spices and such. I would fill them with homemade lemon butter, perhaps homemade small chocolates or candies for gift giving. I’m excited just thinking about all the ideas. I too love the smooth surface.. simplicity….

  149. Jams… fruit butters….. a way better size for me since there are only two of us! I would fear less that i am about to waste a perfect jar of preserves when i use the larger jars!

  150. Since I’ve only just learned to can this summer and have been sticking with small batches, I’ve gone through probably 5 cases of the quilted 4 oz jars! They are just the right size for me, and with another case, I’d make a second batch of your recipe for pear vanilla jam (gifted a jar to a friend who loved it) or (if I can find any more tomatoes) another batch of your yellow tomato and basil jam that I made last week.

  151. What wouldn’t I use those jars for? Preserves, butters, baby food, safety pins… I, too, like the look of a “clean” jar. Thanks for the info!

  152. Like most everyone else, I would use them for all the food gift-giving I do for Christmas. And I’d keep a couple for my own use throughout my house.

  153. These would be perfect for small batches of weird condiments that you don’t go through a lot of – my bigger jars of 5-spice plum sauce, for example, don’t always get used up before they turn in the fridge. I can imagine this being a great way to stretch out tiny batches of precious fruit, too.

  154. I am looking forward to trying a jelly called Habanero Gold. I have a quart of fresh wildflower honey which I will add to the habaneros, red pepper, red onion, and dried apricots. Should be a nice gift for holiday entertaining – a spicy, sweet preserve!!

  155. Hmm.. probably to make apple butter for the first time and give them away as socking stuffers to my family (and keep a few!) this xmas since we’re all finally in the same place this year πŸ™‚

  156. Grape Jelly! I just picked 21 pounds of local grapes (oh how the Willamette Valley steals my fruit loving heart!) and plan on making grape jelly. It would look beautiful in these four-ounce, smooth-sided jars!

  157. Spice storage seems like a really good idea! I would probably end up using them for jams and jellies mostly, but the spices idea is growing on me πŸ™‚

  158. I’ve been on a fierce BBQ sauce kick lately that shows no signs of ending until all the tomatoes and fruits are done for the year.

  159. You always seem to mention things that I’m just about to buy. In this case, I was having trouble because I didn’t want the quilted ones, so thank you so much for mentioning these.

    I’ll be making various jams and jellies for gifts, like the hot pepper jam I recently made.

  160. I love the look of these jars!

    I print my own jam labels (“Why do we can so much, mommy?” “Because zombies are coming, dear.”) and they’d do so much better without the quilted pattern. And like you, Marisa, I think they’d make great spice jars. I frequently buy spices from the bulk bins (“bulk” used loosely here) at the co-op, and it assuages my eco-guilt to bring in my own container so I don’t have to bring a disposable bag home.

    Thanks for the link! Definitely adding it to my canning toolbox.

  161. I would love to use them for jam for gifts or for spice storage. I definitely need a better system than I have right now.

  162. My friend and I spent a day canning 2 weeks ago (your Dilly Beans recipe is ready for tasting!), and I was slightly put out at having to squeeze the label on the jars in between all of the raised decorative bits on the Ball jars (if I put it on the lid, it would be harder to identify the contents at a glance). Smooth-sided jars would make me so happy! My friend and I have another day of canning planned at the start of November, and I’m hoping that apple butter will be something we make. Those jars would be perfect! If apple butter isn’t in the cards, I have a recipe for “Christmas Jam” that would look lovely in those sweet little jars.

  163. Ooooohhhhhh!! I’d fill them with beautiful local fruit butters and condiments for a fundraiser in January !!!! And them I’m going to buy some to use in putting up gifts for family and friends – perfect size and no quilted sides!!!

  164. I would love to use these for Christmas treats… cranberry sauce perhaps? Some chutney? Who knows. I DO know my jar-loving gift recipients would love the alternative to the quilted pattern.

  165. I’d use these little jars to can some sort of butter, maybe blueberry butter with my leftover frozen berries from June.

  166. These are wonderful jars. I think besides the typical jam/jelly, I would also use some to organize some of my small scrapbook and sewing supplies. Much better than the snack sized Ziploc bags.

  167. I make a mango habanero sauce that’s really too much in a bigger jar, but like you I am not thrilled with the quilted jars

  168. I would use the jars for apricot butter. The season is so short and the product so good I have to ration it out. These small jars would be just right.

  169. I would make a variety of homemade salad dressings with lemons from my tree and the herbs from the garden. Or flavored simple syrups…yum.

  170. This would be great for sample size for family members who always want to ‘try’ your latest creations, but aren’t sure if they want a full pint.

  171. I was on a search all last week for 4 oz jars! I went to three different grocery stores that I knew had canning equipment and they were all sold out. Why? Tomato paste. I only use small amounts at a time and thus didn’t want 8 oz jars. I found them eventually and was so grateful I gave no thought to the quilting.

  172. I just used all my quilted ones up making jam for a fundraiser, I would love these to replenish my supply just in time for Christmas gifts. Perfect for Lemon Curd!

  173. Oh, I cannot tell you how happy I am to have discovered these. I love the 4 oz size, but rarely use them because of how mumsy the quilting looks. Hooray!

    I would use these to make one final batch of tomato butter, and perhaps something with pears and chocolate… Yum.

  174. I’m working on tweaking a recipe for orange coriander peach jam, and could buy some frozen peaches this winter to work on that or wait until next summer. Making snack-sized servings of curried lentils and carrots might be good.

  175. I’d use these for gifts, most likely – and the small-batch jams I’d need to gather special ingredients for (that pear/vanilla jam sounds delicious!).

  176. I would use the jars for homemade salt scrubs that I want to give as Christmas gifts. The scrubs consist of celtic sea salt, primrose oil which is very conditioning for the skin but not slimy, and therapeutic grade essential oil blend called Love. It is energizing & soothing when you get the winter blahs….

  177. I’d use these for gift-sized containers of my spiced peach-plum butter, to give my home health clients. They would be the perfect size!

  178. How lovely! I really like the 4-ounce size too; perfect for gift-giving or flavor experiments. I also agree that they are great for storing spices.

  179. PERFECT for gift giving! I never have enough little jars for giving vanilla, jams, butters and such. These would be much loved (and short lived) in my house!

  180. I am so excited to squeeze a little more tomato jam out of the season, and thse are perfect for little, leave-em-wanting-more gift size tomato jam love bombs. I am also thinking about pickle relish with my (ahem) overly zealous pickle stash.

  181. Ooh, definitely some fancy jellies from Mes Confitures. I’ve finally run out of the Spiced Beer Jelly and Gewurztraminer Jelly I made last holiday season and I think those would look lovely in smooth-sided jars.

  182. Gifts of homemade goodness would be perfect in these jars! Relish, a favorite jelly, even candy would be cute in these tied with a bow to match!

  183. I have pears and figs ready to be made into jam and just ran out of this size jars because they are the perfect size for gift giving.

  184. I love a collection of jars! These look so neat! Perfect for Xmas jelly – enough to give away without making a huge dent in the stash!

  185. these are ADORABLE!!!! been gathering misc “cool” jars all this garage sale season for christmas gifts. these would be perfect, plus they are so small that a little goes a lot further when filling them.

    thanks for the link!

  186. I would love to experiment with doing baked goods and fun presentations on mousses and trifles in these lil guys. πŸ™‚

  187. I’m thinking my uses are UNLIMITED; Jelly, Spices, Food Storage (I’ve fallen in love with jusing canning jars for food storage of all sorts) – love these!

  188. My parents’ fig tree runneth over. I have plans to make fig jam and fig chutney. These would be perfect for sending little sampler sets to my sisters.

  189. I’ve been concocting loads of herbal remedies for my son who has colic and is now teething. This would be perfect for my rosehip and chamomile syrups!

  190. hot sauce, or chocolate sauce, or a fig preserve, maybe a small chutney which I will pair with some cheese & a small bottle of wine for holiday gifts. A lot. I would do a lot.

  191. I was thinking of getting some little jars to put up some tomato paste before the summer’s over…I also need something for storing bulk spices, and these sound like they’d be the right size for that sort of thing!

  192. I’d use them for the caramel dipping sauce that goes along with my Christmas cookies I give as gifts. They’d fit in the container next to the cookies perfectly.

  193. Perfect size for so many things its hard to decide what ONE thing could it be. One of my top secret spice mixes? Dried herb storage. A bit of this, a dab of that. But perfect for any food preserver.

  194. I just started canning a month ago; these jars are so beautiful!!! I would probably pickle red onions in them. Then just line them up and look at how pretty they are with the sun shining through them.

  195. So pretty, and I agree with you completely about the Ball quilted ones, which are all I have. I’d fill these with my apple-cinnamon jelly. Thanks!

  196. I’d use them to can my gingered pear jam and herb jelly from the garden. I give a basket of love each year to my family and friends and a sampling of all my canning efforts throughout the gardening season. These would be a perfect addition to my 3 year holiday tradition this year. Canning newbie that I am πŸ™‚

  197. These jars would be perfect to fill with a sampling of different jams and jellies. Make up a basket for a holiday gift for a sampler of your jams, include a bag of homemade biscuits.

  198. Love these jars. I always make sure that I have a few small jars of what ever jam, butter or chutney I am making. It makes for a quick gift with some muffins or a little treat for me when I just don’t want to open a larger jar.

  199. Even if I don’t get any more tomatoes from the garden, I have enough in my freezer for a batch of tomato jam. These would be great for that.

  200. I am throwing a baby shower brunch for my daughter in November and will give them away to guests filled with some yummy jam!

  201. They would be perfect for the orange tomato jam I’m canning tonight and the red pepper jam I hope to make tomorrow. They make perfect little taster/gift jars!

  202. I’d use them for mustard and small jars of jam to give away for Christmas! I love the jars and the price is wonderful too… I’m off to check them out and see how much shipping is!
    I’d love to win them…

  203. These are perfect! It takes me forever to get through a bigger jar of preserves (I have to commit to three months of the same jam flavor every time I open a jar). I would put up a few different varieties.

  204. In the past I’ve used them to gift spice mixes. It’s been some years since I’ve done that, so perhaps this year it is time to do it again! Sometimes the half pints (which we use for soooo many things) are just too big.

  205. Those are just adorable! Llittle jars would be perfect for tomato paste. My last bushel of tomatoes should be ripe in a week or two and I do need some more jars πŸ˜‰ Any leftover jars will be filled with delicious jam!

  206. these would be great for kids’ classes at the sustainable farm I work at– makes it easy to send every kid home with something!

  207. Smooth little jars of marmalade. Perfect for gifting! The giftee can gaze through the glass at all the little ribbons of rind.

  208. these are great jars. I’d love to use them for jams and butters. but also, we’ve been making our own hot pepper flakes from peppers we’ve grown this summer — these would be nice gift containers for that.

  209. i would totally make some of your quince jelly in them! my husband LOVES quince and it would be fun to have a small amount to just whip out as a surprise for him throughout the year, i do the same with his fave girl scout cookies too haha. i actually just got your book last week and literally just sat down after making a batch of your fig jam out of figs i picked in my friend’s backyard this weekend. all the lids popped! i’m calling it a success even though i haven’t even eaten it yet πŸ™‚

  210. I really like the idea of storing spices in them…I like to buy many of my spices in bulk and storing them in the bag they come in is kind of boring. The jars would liven things up. Or….they would be perfect for small batches of jam.

  211. I think that individual jars of hazelnut spread would be lovely so a person could eat directly from the jar without feeling too guilty. These jars would be perfect.

  212. I would love to fill these jars with blackberry or raspberry pepper jelly. I think having both the quilted and smooth sided jars around would be a good way to sort out the sweet condiments from the spicy. Sweet jams and jellies in quilted and spicy in the smooth sided jars. Oh how I love to organize.

  213. OH! Very thrilling! I having been pining after smooth jars, and I use more 4oz jars than anything else.

    If there ends up being a group buying from philly, I’d be in on sharing shipping (or sponsoring someone to pick them up direct)

  214. ooh, i’m planning on making hot sauce soon as gifts, and these would be perfect! believe me, i completely understand the swooning over smooth-sided jars. i wish there were more of them!

  215. I’m a brand new grandmother to a sweet cutie pie, Amy, who is five months old. Amy started eating rice cereal last week and will be ready to start with fruits and veggies soon. I will be making baby food for our dear little one and these 4 oz. jars will be perfect. Please, please, please, make me win!!

  216. My wife just starting canning a few weeks ago, thanks to Marisa’s website. I would like to surprise her with these jars – we can only find the Ball ones, she will enjoy these. I love to surprise her once in a while….

  217. Love the smooth sided jars! I dislike the quilted pattern jars for the same reason you do. The 4-oz size would be perfect for giving an assortment of different jams for the holidays πŸ™‚

  218. I do a “jam of the month” gift for some family members using 4oz jars, and these just look so much prettier than the quilted ones!

  219. I love the 4 oz version so I can give away an assortment of “taste tests” to friends. They are the perfect size for that!

  220. I’d use these jars for tomato jam & chutney that I’m going to be making with the season’s last of the yellow pear tomatoes! And maybe for tiny pots of lemon curd to give as holiday gifts.

  221. Oh, I love these! I want to do a batch of spiced apple preserves as part of my holiday basket this year and I think these would be a lovely jar for that purpose.

  222. Yes, these jar sizes would go great with homemade apple or strawberry jelly or jam, and not to forget any number of uses for school lunches.

  223. these are perfect… and I will use them as wedding table place holders for my college roommate’s wedding next month.

  224. Ooh, I’d use these jars to give away samplers of the jams I’ve started making this year to all my drooling-can’t-wait friends!

  225. Oh my! Possibilities are endless. How about sugar scrubs, seed and spice storage, pickles, pickles, pickles, sauces and all sorts of gifts!

  226. What lovely, dainty, little jars!!! I would probably use them to can pear pepper sauce or maybe pear preserves. They would also be great for individual lemon curds for picnics served with blueberry scones, or…the options are really endless aren’t they?

  227. I’m really enjoying your book and blog! Just made the rhubarb chutney (split the difference and added some chopped plums too) and it was fabulous. What I’d put in these jars? Probably late raspberry jam to give away as holiday gifts.

  228. I love this size jar for gifts!! I have two favorites– 1 watermelon rind pickles (similar to a bread and butter pickle) and 2 for strawberry/basil/balsamic jam. thanks

  229. As a former Texan, i know how amazing candied jalapenos are. Four ounce jars would be the perfect size for introducing the spicy sweet awesomeness to my Colorado friends!

  230. So cute! I would can lemon curd and raspberry jam, then make jars of devonshire cream and put a set of all three in a basket with homemade scones for office gifts.

  231. My favorite use for 4 oz jars is to give them as gifts. It’s just a small treat to share with others of some delicious treat you’ve made.

  232. I would use them to make a batch of body butter (beeswax, essential oils, vitamin E, jojoba). A perfect start to holiday gifts!

  233. I like this small size for tomato jam to give away to friends, also for small batches of a precious jam like raspberry or blackberry.

  234. I would use these adorable little jars to can my infamous wild raspberry and my wild grape jam and jelly. It is a labor of love to find the little jeweled fruits hidden throughout the woods but is well worth it. They would go in the Christmas gift baskets of canned goodies!

  235. Wow Marisa, those are adorable! If I won, I would use a couple to send things along in my daughter’s lunch. The others I would use for some sweet little jam samplers for friends. Or herbs like you mentioned in your post. Or who knows- they are so sweet and I think they’d have lots of great uses!!
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  236. I plan on making Cranberry Ketchup for my co-workers for the holidays this year and these little jars would be perfect!

  237. Blackberry pomegranate jelly, baby!! Yummm… Only about two more months and the poms will be ready to pull off the trees. Just in time for Christmas. Those would be perfect for gifts to churchfolk and need so little water to waterbath. That is the part I hate the most… Waiting for the water to come to a boil. πŸ™‚ I will be out of town for the next week though, so give me until the 4th to respond if by some miracle I win this thing!!

  238. Single servings of pasta sauce! Let me explain: I cook for 1 a lot, and while leftovers can be useful, sometimes I don’t want to eat the same thing for days. And a lot of pre-packaged meals are really uninspiring. So I’d like to can some excellent tomato sauce (from the last tomatoes of the CSA season plus a few that are still hanging around in the garden) in 4 ounce jars to make delicious “peak of summer” quality pasta dinners for one on weeknights throughout the winter.

  239. I have a ton of jars thanks to a huge sale at Meijers this past week. So as I am thinking what I need to do before winter, I know two things would really get these jars in good showing. I need some small containers for my embellishments for my papercrafting AND I promised my grand daughter who will be two this weekend home made finger paints with glitter! Now I just need to find the labeler I somehow stashed in oblivia.

  240. I would use these jars for all the super-precious jams that are tedious to make, with little yield, so that I would want to offer them to others, rather than fretting about letting them go (i.e. Chester blackberry jelly with whole Morello cherries). They are adorable! (and I agree about the quilted version!)

  241. Habanero Jelly as well as Jalapeno Jelly. In 4 ounce jars these would be great for a picnic with a baguette and some cheese!

  242. Pomegranates are coming in early this year in northern california, and these charming little jars would be the perfect way to showcase my pomegranate jelly. It would sparkle like a sweet ruby gem! Please, oh please!

  243. I was given my great grandmother’s Scottish marmalade recipe. These jars would be great to use to pack that heirloom up for her family this holiday.

  244. Hi!
    I love these jars! If I won I would make little individual cheesecakes with different toppings. Cheesecakes could be baked right in the jars. Different toppings like rasberry with a tiny new growth spring of mint. They would be beautiful in those jars! They would also be nice at Gift baskets with a mini loaves of homemade bread ( I make squash bread, the squash is the sweetener for the most part an makes the bread a beautiful golden color ) with different jams, butters etc. oh! And you could attach a magnet strip under cabinet put different spices/ spice blends/salts in each jar. Metal lids would help keep them attached to your ” hanging” spice rack, the possibilities are endless. I would start with the cheesecakes though;)

  245. I make persimmon jam in the fall and give them out as Christmas gifts…the orange jam would look fabulous in these little jars!

  246. I would make some Alsatian Apricot Jam. It’s a wonderful jam with a subtle taste of vanilla and orange and a little kick of Gewurztraminer wine. It only makes a small batch and the cost of the ingredients means I don’t make it very often.

  247. I would gift them to my sister. Out of work for over a year now, she has taken joy in making small batch jams and fruit butters and giving them to family and friends πŸ™‚

  248. i still have 10 gallons of plums to make jelly from. these clear jars would be a perfect way to show the beauty of the plum jelly and great size for gifts.

    do they come with lids or do you have to order them separately?

  249. I have never had the pleasure of using the 4 ounce jars much less smooth sided jars. These seem like they would sure be great for those rich james we all love. They would stay really fresh until jar was empty.

  250. How would I use these beauties? Let me count the ways. 1.Fresh dried herbs. 2. Just enough dessert in my lunch for work. 3.Buttons. 4. Dragees. 5. Strawberry preserves, because I like to share just a little. 6. Elderberry jelly, same reason. 7. Flower seeds.

  251. I would use them for my herb jellies, I like to make savory type jellies out of things like rosemary or thyme. they go great with meat or little toasts with teas. However a little goes a long way and these little jars would be perfect.

  252. I love those four ounce jars and use them for everything from packing peanut butter to dip apples in lunch boxes to serving mini cocktails at parties. I have even used them as biscuit cutters in a pinch. πŸ™‚

  253. These would be IDEAL for most of my specialty jams, mustards and other sauces and I’d love to use these for gifts this year!

  254. I would use these for holiday gifts. My blackberries from the summer are in the freezer waiting to be turned into jam. I also don’t care for the quilted jars, so thank you for the information on these cuties from Fillmore Container.

  255. Ooooooh… want! I’m always wishing the jars I can in were clear sided so the contents would shine through better.

    I would fill these with habanero jelly and hot purple basil jelly. Every year I make hot pepper jellies and no matter how many jalapenos I include, it never has the kick I want. So this year I grew habaneros!

  256. I would use these jars for gifting fig jam to my Dad. My Dad loves fig jam but he lives alone and this would be the perfect size for him.

  257. 2 things. I am making ice cream topping to give away (pineapple, butterscotch, chocolate done so far) and these would be great for that. And for storing my many many spices.

  258. I’d use them for chutneys. I planning on making that a large quantity this fall so I have plenty to give to my friends.

  259. Oh yes! I love it that we can get excited over the little things, like pretty little jars! I would use the, for many many things in addition to my canning,

  260. I love the idea of using these jars for dried herbs! It’s my first year trying, so the yield might be just enough for these little jars with such a simple aesthetic.

  261. This year we’ve been flush with persimmons. I’d love to use this type of jar for preserving these yummy little jewels of goodness. Even if I don’t win, I’m certainly going to check out this jar supplier. Thanks for sharing.