Giveaway: Foolproof Preserving from America’s Test Kitchen

Foolproof Preserving cover - Food in Jars

Over the years, America’s Test Kitchen has become known and respected for their tireless pursuit of the very best recipes and techniques for home cooks. In their newest cookbook, Foolproof Preserving: A Guide to Small Batch Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Condiments, and More, they’ve turned their attention to the art of putting up.

Foolproof Preserving peach jam - Food in Jars

Like the other America’s Test Kitchen books that have come before, this volume is thoughtfully constructed, clearly written, beautifully photographed, and features a number of recipes that will have both new canners and seasoned preservers leaping up to gather produce and pull out their cookware.

Foolproof Preserving pickled red onions - Food in Jars

The introduction to this book is particularly useful, because it answers so many of the questions that people typically have about canning. They clearly go into the issues around acid content, achieving set, adjusting for altitude, and, in the case of fermentation, the relationship between salt and temperature.

Foolproof Preserving figs - Food in Jars

As I see it, there exists a fairly large flaw with this book. To my imperfect count, of the 111 recipes included, 42 of them cannot be processed and made shelf stable. To be fair, there are 16 recipes for quick and fermented pickles, which are things that never go into a boiling water bath in the first place. But that still leaves us with a goodly number of recipes that will require space in the freezer or fridge.

I can see why the authors made the choices they did. They were developing recipes where the topmost priority was flavor, texture, and freshness. Those are all noble and worthy goals. However, as someone who preserves primarily to create good-tasting food that can live on the shelf until needed, I find myself frustrated to be confronted with a tomato jam recipe that can’t be processed (particularly since a small amount of citric acid would make it safe for the canner and would have very little impact on the finished flavor).

Foolproof Preserving back - Food in Jars

Reading the introduction, I have a sense of why this book came to be as it is. The authors confess from the start that they approached this project as canning novices and that the testing was a process of discovery for them. I can see how that shaped the book I hold in my hands, because they were not driven by the primary goal of having shelf stable preserves to last the year. However, it doesn’t stop me from wishing they’d better addressed the fact from the start that 38% of the book focuses on short-term, rather than long-term, preserving.

Foolproof Preserving giveaway pack - Food in Jars

With all of that off my chest, let me say that again that this is a beautiful, well-designed, useful book. If long-term shelf stability isn’t your primary goal, you will find much to love here. I plan on exploring this book throughout the summer and fall, just taking care not to fall in love with too many recipes that demand space from in my limited fridge and freezer.

Thanks to the kind folks at America’s Test Kitchen, I have one copy of this beautiful book to give away, along with a jar lifter and stainless steel wide mouth funnel. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post. Tell me about something you’ve preserved lately, or a preserve you opened and enjoyed in recent days.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Sunday, May 8, 2016. A winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Monday, May 9, 2016.
  3. Giveaway open to United States only (so sorry!). Void where prohibited.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: America’s Test Kitchen sent me the copy of the paperback you see here, along with a box of jars, two wide mouth funnels, and a jar lifter. I’ve included the jar lifter and one of the wide mouth funnels in the giveaway, they’re also providing the second copy of the book. All this has been done at no cost to me. No additional compensation has been provided. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

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328 responses to “Giveaway: Foolproof Preserving from America’s Test Kitchen”

  1. Using up the last of the quart jars of San Marzano tomatoes I put up late last summer. Hoping to do the same again this year. So versatile!

  2. I have been working my way through my homemade tomato products lately: diced, salsa and bloody Mary mix.

  3. I like to make pickles! I recently gave a friend a jar of picked green beans and she loved them. She said she ate them like candy. I love when something I have produced gives someone happiness.

  4. We finished off a jar of dandelion jelly this morning with our oatmeal. I haven’t canned anything recently, but the rhubarb plant in the garden is calling my name. Once I have enough for a batch, I’m thinking of trying Victoria Sauce.

  5. We are surviving off freezer jam this year, as I had a newborn last summer and wasn’t able to spend time doing water bath canning. We just opened my last jar of apricot freezer jam. It’s so good! I’m excited about this book!

  6. i love canning jams and jellies! i have been enjoying the remaining rhubarb strawberry jam i made last summer and just started picking fresh rhubarb from my garden in hopes of trying a new rhubarb butter recipe i just found. my other favorite jam is tomato basil (on a yummy grilled cheese!).

  7. Last year I foraged serviceberries (aka Juneberries) and made jam with them. They’re an interesting fruit with a flavor between a blueberry and a pear with a hint of almond. We’ve been using that jam on pancakes recently, and it is so, so good!

  8. I had pear preserves (my nana’s recipe) on a hot biscuit with butter Saturday. Ain’t much better than that!

  9. My husband I recently made a batch of strawberry mango jalepeno jam. We’re sending a couple of jars out for Mother’s Day gifts. Jam is my jam!

  10. I recently water-bath canned my very first thing ever – a snap pea pickle! They are still pickling on my countertop, though I should put them in the pantry, and there was only two pints worth of it, but I’m excited to try them. The flavoring is supposed to be like a dilly bean, with garlic, lots of dill, and some spice.

  11. Made a pear-Apple mince pie for Easter with my homemade filling. Green beans in the dehydrator right now.

  12. Just used my Spiced Honey on wheat toast. Rhubarb is coming in….will be making bbq sauce and strawberry rhubarb jam.

  13. I’m just now getting ready to make some black raspberry jam. I’ve had 3 1 gallon bags of berries I picked last summer that for one reason or another I haven’t yet worked up and canned. I really need to get going on them! Lol

  14. Ground cherry jam from last year is open and in my fridge right now. It took a few harvests to get enough of them so I’m planting double this year.

  15. I love having salsa ready to go on the shelf. I’m also enjoying the homecanned salmon and tuna my parents gave me. I am excited to can some more rhubarb jam this spring! This looks like an interesting book.

  16. I recently opened up another jar of the crabapple jelly I made last fall. It was more labor-intensive than other preserves I’ve made, but the people have enjoyed the results thus far.

  17. I just finished a Larder Challenge. I still have quite a bit of Larder left! Today I made a ton of Ravioli that I am freezing with my air remover sealer thingie. It’s my first time doing it and I hope it works out; these Ravioli have become quite precious to me!

  18. I made your recipe for strawberry vanilla jam last weekend! I’ve already used it on toast and ice cream.

  19. Opened a jar of dilly fridge pickles last week. These were by far the best dill pickles I’ve made! Hope I can recreate them again this year!

  20. I just made another batch of habanero gold pepper jelly (it’s turned out to be very popular and is delicious on stinky cheeses).

  21. We finally cleaned all the tomatoes out of our freezer and cooked them down over 24 hours. We then put the sauce in the oven, and slow roasted it until it became really thick and yummy. Next step! Canning the lovely sauce.

  22. Just opened a new jar of bread & butter pickles from your recipe. My family can’t get enough of these pickles.

  23. I recently opened some delicious hot sauce with homegrown peppers. I need foolproof instructions to make my own!

  24. A blueberry-jasmine syrup for making flavored drinks–I originally made it to mix with sparkling water but it makes for a great iced tea as well!

  25. This week we have been enjoying jars of grapefruit/orange segments and peaches canned in fruit juice, since I haven’t had time to make it out to buy fresh fruit. They’ve been delish!

  26. After I had made up batches and batches of your *amazing* shredded quick pickle, last year I took a gamble on a mustardy kohlrabi in sticks pickle with my last fresh kohlrabi from the garden. Their texture so long after canning made using up the last of the stash totally worth it! They are still soft-crunchy. It’s crazy! By now my dilly beans are usually headed towards slimy and zuke relish is soft (of course I still eat them with relish, haha!) But those kohlrabi are amazing. I put in an extra row just for more pickles this year.

  27. Vanilla Peach Jam! Tastes like Summer. I just got your recent book, my granddaughter is very excited for the Strawberry Cocoa jam.

  28. I just opened a jar of tomato jam, which I made last fall based on your recipe. So good. Looking forward to making some more this summer.

  29. We are huge fans of million dollar relish around here and I am happy to admit it looks like I made enough last year but am out of two kinds of pickles. Oh well.

  30. I recently picked up and ate a jar of peaches at a winter farmer’s market. They were a nice reminder of summer!

  31. I just tried this year’s strawberry rose geranium jam on a toasted bagel two nights ago and it was awesome.

    recipe from Blue Chair Jam Cookbook.

  32. We are so enjoying the amazing peach jam that I made last fall and cooked in the oven instead of stove top. Such a great idea and wish I had discovered it earlier in my life. Peach Jam always reminds me of my happy place! Thank you.

  33. I attempted my first time of making kim chee from cabbage. I actually prefer radish kim chee but this was a start. I would like spicier for sure.

  34. Just opened a pluot/Santa Rosa plum preserve. I’m learning not to use the big quart jars because we just can’t eat it up fast enough! Lots of little, Johnny on the spot batches seem a better way to save the SOCal summer treasures, not to mention, a way to thwart the squirrels by being out in the orchard more frequently! Glad to see America getting back to using yards to feed as well as please the eye. Plus, so much joy in eating something you nurtured into being then creating something delectable out of it!!!

  35. My dear friend gave me some orange, ginger marmalade. I have a big spoonful on the yogurt I packed for my lunch.

  36. I just started canning last early fall and am eager to get going again. The jar of honey thyme strawberry jam is the last jar I opened… and soon tonight will be gracing my breakfast-for-supper crepes.

  37. Just opened my last jar of plum preserves and it made the most delicious filling for crepes! So excited for the farmer’s market to open here in a couple of weeks so I can get back to preserving – I’ve only gotten serious about it in the last year and it’s been a real boon to have these beautiful jars of homemade foods to brighten up my winter.
    Thanks for doing this.

  38. Just finished the very last jar of my first ever jam canning: Blackberry peach. Need to make some more!

  39. Citrus zest! Which I think counts as a preserve. I made grapefruit salt and Meyer lemon sugar and salt – they smell so good! Plus Candied Meyer lemon peel.

  40. Last fall I made for the first time clementine marmalade and i have been enjoying it all winter. First time for any kind of marmalade and I am pleased with the results. I just found this blog not too long ago and have already saved several recipes to try. thanks

  41. We just opened a jar of apple butter to have with our pancakes last weekend. I can’t wait to get preserving again in the new season!

  42. Recently, I made a batch of lemon-sumac pickled onions. They’ve been lasting quite a while in my fridge, and add a great zing to tacos and salads. I’ve also been drying some peels from the current boom in citrus and making lemon salt and grapefruit salt.

  43. I have been enjoying making and consuming roasted rhubarb with vanilla both the sugar version and the white grape juice version.

  44. I’m finishing up the last of the fruits — ginger peaches and my last dear, delicious jar of damson plums — So So Good! Looking forward to this canning season and the book looks great (and thanks for the heads up on the short/long term preserving issue).

  45. Just opened raspberry peach jam. Last year was our first time canning and we are looking forward to this year. I enjoy your inspiring blog so so much!!

  46. Swimming in strawberry jam! Freezer jam, with pectin, no pectin. We’ll see what turns out best. Recently opened up a jar of the Corn salsa from your first book — just lovely.

  47. I discovered Cape Gooseberries recently and made jam with them as well as shrubs. They are amazing. My mother said they were always called ground cherries when she was growing up.

  48. The last thing I canned was our home tapped maple syrup. We’ve used up all but two pints of roasted corn salsa, it has been a bit hit this year. And we are working through our typical salsa and marinara sauces. It is the time of year when I can’t wait for fresh stuff to get going, but we are still living on our canned and frozen good…all good stuff, but looking forward to the seeds I planted starting to grow!

  49. Opened an overdue jar of strawberry-lemon marmalade that we’ve been saving. It is just sooooo good. Maybe next spring a replacement batch will happen.

    That book does sound like it has potential – for using up the last of something not quite enough for a regular batch. Worth a look.

  50. I enjoyed some Wild Grape jelly this afternoon – the last until fall. I’ll be putting up strawberry-rhubarb preserves from my Mom’s recipe in the next few days – always a special taste of spring, no matter what time of the year, and a reminder of her whenever I open a jar and enjoy it on toast or pound cake (or, ice cream).

  51. This last week I put up a small batch (just 2 half pint jars) of Lilac Jelly. My house smelled delicious for the entire day!

  52. I used up the last jar of tomato sauce I canned from garden veggies last fall. We had grilled onions with kielbasa and tomato sauce. Very good.

  53. We get blackberries early here in south TX so I just canned my first batch of the season using a low sugar recipe! DeeeeeeLish!!!

  54. I just polished off a jar of hot salsa that I canned last summer. I finally got the heat level right to give it that perfect amount of sizzle!

  55. I haven’t made any preserve in awhile but I’ve planted a lot in my garden in the past few weeks in hopes of preserving some for winter.

  56. I can for the shelf life and the ease of being about to open a jar and not have to thaw. Thank you for your blog. The information here is very helpful. I just finished 12 half pint jars of strawberry jam. The first canning of the season. I’ll can peach preserves, apple butter and pear butter as the fruit is available. I also can tomatoes. I’m always looking for a new recipe.

  57. I’d be interested to see the recipe for spiced figs in syrup. I make something that sounds similar that people just love…if they like figs!

  58. I just finished canning a two-pint batch of strawberry jam. I didn’t preserve anything last summer and people have been asking me all year for one of my jams. Next weekend it’ll be strawberry-ginger jam and maybe garlic jam as well.

  59. I made a citrus/ginger jelly. It started out as a kind of cough syrup, but we’ve been enjoying it so much, we just can’t quite wait for sick days.

  60. I just pickled a mix of sweet and hot peppers. Yesterday I made a lemon heavy syrup for cocktails and to use in brewing a Saison. Tomorrow I was going to adapt your marmalade recipe to use a huge bag of grapefruits. Cheers!

  61. Last fall I found wild plums and tried to make jam. Unfortunately I cooked it too long and ended up with texture close to fruit leather in a jar…

  62. I found a recipe for canned green tomato beer pickles. I’ve been making them the last 2 summers and have been enjoying them lately with my easy suppers of salame, cheese, bread and fava beans. I’ve been getting my summer garden in and just don’t feel like cooking! The pickle recipe uses beer instead of water for the basic brine. They’re fabulous!

  63. The last jar I opened was Pear relish. It’s so good on hot dogs or other sausages. I like it with chicken and pork, too.

  64. I made my first batch of refrigerator dills for the year, a batch of mango jam and a batch of mango banana jam. The year has started off great!

  65. Made a orange marmalade. Used some blood oranges in with the others that gave the marmalade a lovely pink color. Love America’s Test Kitchen.

  66. The last batch I made was orange marmalade and my husband opens up some kind of jam or preserves every week or so. He has to have his homemade English Muffin Bread toasted and slathered with jam every morning.

  67. Just opened the last jar of sweet and hot pickles. Still not thrilled with the texture. Am I missing the crunchy secret?

    • It’s hard to make truly crunchy preserved cucumber pickles. Try some Pickle Crisp this year. It does help.

  68. My most recent preserve tasting was at my Master Gardener class at the extension service. We were asked to taste three different strawberry preserves and vote on which was the tastiest. The winning preserves will be awarded a ribbon at the county fair.

  69. I recently made a blood orange marmelade with bitters and cocoa nibs. It was an early preserving attempt, and now I’m hooked!

  70. Still having a few jars of sweet chili sauce from last year’s batch and cranberry preserves, but looking forward to try new recipes this year. Always ready for new unconventional adventures.

  71. My favorite jam of all time is your spicy tomato. I just cracked opened a jar from last summer’s supply, earlier week!!

  72. I just opened a gift jar of Ginger Rhubarb Jam – enjoyed it with homemade sweet cream scones – HEAVEN

  73. Strawberry preserves on a rainy, chilly day- cheered me right up! And reminded me that warmer weather is right around the corner.

  74. I am enjoying the last of my “fallen apple” sauce made from neighbors apples gathered from the ground…planning fiddle heads soon!

  75. As the garden will soon be supplying us with lots of vegetables again, we’re in the process of finishing off last year’s goodies, especially spaghetti sauce. It’s a winter staple. At our house my DIL cans and I freeze. I think the book would suit us perfectly.

  76. The better half (my husband) opened the last jar of ‘Cowboy Candy’ (pickled jalapeños) day before yesterday! I think I need to can twice as much this year!

  77. Killer pickled beets. I learned last year that if you steam the beets as opposed to boiling them, the liquid in the finished product is a MUCH deeper and richer magenta. I like to open a jar or two in the spring to make pickled red eggs, too!

  78. We have been enjoying a jar of pickles this week. We made enough pickles last summer to sink a ship, but we are on our last three jars. My husband has been hording them and keeps sending me dirty looks because our cucumber plant isn’t in the ground yet.

  79. I just made your strawberry vanilla jam and honey thyme strawberry jam. Today may be another jam since I still have a gallon of strawberries left,or strawberry syrup, so delicious in cocktails.

  80. I love America’s test kitchen… This is the first year I will have rhubarb!
    So looking forward to making a jam or jelly with my homegrown rhubarb !

  81. It is strawberry season around here…so the strawberries have been made into jam 🙂 I am also excited to try a spicy pepper jam – it’s in one of your cookbooks. Thanks so much!

  82. Canned salsa last weekend, started with 11 pints and then decided, well how about another 6 🙂 I also had enough leftover and not canned to give away and enjoy over the weekend!
    Looking forward to strawberry season here.

  83. Homemade strawberry jam is the best! Excited for another season to try a few different jams & jellies, along with other things!

  84. I just opened my last jar of plum with star anise jam. My family loves this jam and, once
    opened, it doesn’t last long. Will definitely make way more of it next year.
    Funny, I was just eyeing this book on Amazon.

  85. I’ve just opened another jar of grapefruit jelly. It is perfect on toast, baked into croissants, or on a cheese plate. This and nectarine lime are my two favorite preserves!

  86. The blueberries were late ripening this year but larger than usual and lots of them. I will be making blueberry jam and blueberry pie filling.

  87. I LOVE ATC, and I bet their books are almost as good as yours. My current task is to eat down the last of the canning from the past year – jams, salsa, tomatoes, dill beans….while at the same time getting the berries bushes pruned and ready. Boysenberries, Gooseberries, and Honey Berries. Cant wait to can again.

  88. I made some hot pepper and grapefruit jelly It was fantastic the recipe was only 4 jars (very sad) its gone now. I will be making more (8 jars),

  89. Just opened one of my spicy dill pickles from last year. Don’t have many left so looking forward to a new season of cucumbers.

  90. I opened my last jar of vanilla apricot preserves this week. It’s bittersweet because I want it to last but I want to eat it all right now!

  91. I recently opened my last jars of both pear chutney and apple butter. They were big gifts this year for family, but the last two jars have been amazing!

  92. Just opened a batch of bread and butter pickles. My family loves them. Americas test kitchen is my favorite. Every year we preserve more and more things. Mi just love it

  93. Haven’t preserved anything long term lately, last thing made was fridge dill pickles and sadly ate the last of those over the weekend, also discovered a tool for small batch fermebting in a mason jar thanks to one of your links and some other great recipes and an awesome canning jar supplier besides fillmore, so fermenting may be next.

  94. I recently opened a jar of dilly green beans. I’d never made them before this past summer, and wasn’ sure how we’d like them. My family loved them, which is great, because now I’ll have a use for all those beans that come ready at the same time.

  95. I’m looking forward to this year’s crop of Mayhaws, and the tart-sweet jam I make. Last year I added Tabasco to a couple of jars, and it was a nice change from regular pepper jelly. Such a pretty pink color.

  96. We are just opening up the last of our homemade pickles…just in time to start making more! I love that we have our own preserves and they are so tasty, especially in the dead of winter and in the (kinda) spring.

  97. Just finished the last of my homemade nutella, and have recently discovered Bonne Maman jams — can’t get enough of it..

  98. Love America’s Test Kitchen! Great dependable recipes. I am currently working on canning staples like white beans, chilli beans, and chicken broth.

  99. I just opened my last jar of strawberry jam to share with my 2 wonderful grandchildren. Finn who is almost 4 calls me Super Grandma…”who makes the best jam in the whole world”. As the 3 of us sat at a picnic table enjoying the sweetness of the jam and the soft fresh bread, along with the sun shinning down on us I was delighted to imagine the fun that summer would bring and the adventures we would have picking berries for “Super Grandma” to preserve so we could enjoy these moments all winter long.

  100. My family loves my blueberry preserves,but I’d like to learn how to others in small batches. This book would be perfect.

  101. The most recent preserve I enjoyed was actually in gifting Smoked Paprika Tomato jam to someone who told me she enjoyed it immensely, that day!

  102. I tried my Plum Jam. Not quite sweet enough, but I am adding it to my BBQ sauce! Would LOVE this book.

  103. We’re nearing the end of strawberry season here in Alabama, so our strawberry freezer jam is replenished for the coming year. It’s been our FAMILY FAVORITE for over 43 years, and a favorite in my husband’s family even longer. I love the new plastic 8-oz Ball freezer “jars” for the freezer jam.

    From my pantry of home-preserved foods, this week we enjoyed a jar of canned chicken thighs, a jar of my canned chicken stock, and a jar of my home-made, freeze dried rice brought together in a delicious soup with some homemade freeze-dried scallions to flavor. Talk about delicious and fast! Our Harvest Right freeze drier is a thrilling new addition to our decades-old tradition of canning and dehydrating to preserve foods for our pantry.

    I love ATK and Cook’s Country, watching every night on Create-TV, a PBS channel on our local cable lineup. Create-TV features shows from the PBS archive that are almost exclusively PBS How-To shows. An occasional travel show disrupts the How-To flow, but otherwise, it really is a fun channel for DIYers. I love the ATK and Cook’s Country cookbooks and often give them for gifts.

  104. Recently I opened a jar of watermelon preserves that I put up last summer. My grandson loves it on his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

    I love America’s Test Kitchen recipes and would really enjoy this book 😀

  105. I made a batch of meyer lemon curd a week or two ago. It was amazing. My very first citrus curd, but it tasted almost exactly like my mother’s lemon bars. The recipe made 5 quarter pints, one of which I ate, and two of which I’ve already shared with friends and family.

  106. I haven’t gotten to preserving this year, but I need to do strawberry jam. We just polished off some tomato jam and some dill relish.

  107. Our last jar of apricot jam is gone so I am enjoying watching the fruit form on our tree. Blenheim Royal apricots are a taste of heaven! I still have some strawberry vanilla preserves left made with Pamona’s pectin. I gave a number of jars of that away for gifts and everyone has raved about how delicious it is. I love the idea of small batch canning, my daughter told me about this site a year or so ago. As to the making items that are not shelf stable, it doesn’t make sense to me. We have a half dozen varieties on the pantry shelf and it is nice to rotate through all the different choices. There would never be enough room in the fridge or freezer for all we make each summer.

  108. Recently, I made some apple chutney with cherry juice for my daughter’s wedding shower (to go along with polenta toast). It was a huge hit. I was able to save some for later (for me, of course).

  109. Just opened and finished our last jar of stewed tomatoes. My husband’s favorite! Now we have to wait till August and “tomato time” to fill the jars again.

  110. I too have been using up my pints of stewed tomatoes with Hungarian peppers. Nice warm spicy addition to soups and chili and a great side dish for a sandwich lunch . Please add me in for the give a way .
    Thanks for all you great ideas too. c.

  111. One of my favorites is to get a bunch of peaches when they’re in season and you can get a whole peck for cheap, and pickle them with ginger. It’s so nice opening one of those in the middle of winter.

  112. Most recently I made salsa verde. I love making chutneys and anything tomato. Tried the tomato jam in one of your books recently, and it was just about the best thing ever. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I love ATK cookbooks. My go-to books when I want to try something new.

  113. Sadly, I have been slacking on the preserving front. I am waiting for strawberry picking here in North Florida that usually starts this month. Getting close to using up the last of our tomatoes put up last season. Our tomato season is just starting.

  114. Finished up strawberry season with three batches of Jam. Then a batch of Mexican Chicken Soup which my husband informed me that we should never be without!!!

  115. Sadly, last year I wasn’t able to make strawberry preserves like I always do. I’m so excited to make them again this year because I really missed them last year.

  116. I recently opened our last jar of chow chow. We are trying to use it sparingly as we wait for our garden to grow to a beautiful bounty.

  117. I’m continually thankful the large quantity of applesauce I put up last fall. Whenever I’m looking for an easy snack for me, my husband, or my toddler, I can turn to applesauce and maybe some sliced cheese. Love preserving.

  118. just finished off our tomato paste – planning to make an extra batch this summer (so, three altogether, as we go through a lot of sauce). also, enjoying a cherry-raspberry jam in my oatmeal this week.

  119. Just opened garden salsa–my husband’s favorite. Last fall was my first canning season and the taste is just so delicious! We have jams, applesauce, chili, pizza sauce, stewed tomatoes still on the shelves but by August and Sept we will need a new supply!!!

  120. I’m always amazed how my friends use my canned gifts. I made some wonderful rum pineapple sauce that I’ve used for ice cream and desserts, but a friend opened hers and used it to make some Caribbean chicken! I never thought of that!

  121. I just opened up a jar of Pineapple jam with 5 Spice to have with some chicken. And I made small batch strawberry jam last week. Gearing up for summer preserving!

  122. Well, I just fermented a batch of garlic dills. They are delish. And I am getting ready to move so I took a box of goodies from my canning shelf to share with staff at my daughters’ school, that was fun!

  123. We just opened the last jar of tomato jam AND the last jar of blueberry jam. I made four batches of the tomato jam last summer, and it still isn’t going to quite be enough to get us through the year. That recipe is just gold!

  124. As a canning novice I am always so worried about the shelf life of my preserved goods. I canned strawberry jam last year, as soon as it started turning a different color none of us would eat it. Is it safe, is it not? Easier to stock it in the freezer where I know the quality will remain the same. All of that to say – This book sounds right up my alley and I’ll be looking for it the next trip to the store.
    Thanks for an honest review!

    • Strawberry jam often fades in color a little, particularly if you made it using a lower sugar recipe. Chances are, those jars are perfectly safe.

  125. I made a peach BBQ sauce last summer and wasn’t that impressed with it. However, wanting to use it up, I put it in a stir fry the other night as a sort of sweet and sour sauce. It was delicious!

  126. I recently made a batch of apple butter from some previously-made applesauce. I’m not sure if it counts as preserving, since it was either eaten or gifted (and eaten) immediately.

  127. I was so glad to find another jar of kosher dill pickles in the basement last week. Thi snext produce season can’t come soon enough!

  128. Just opened a jar of Black Apricot preserves. The beautiful ruby color is only surpassed by the sweet taste. Looking forward to making more this summer!

  129. Trying to use up our Apple-Pear Butter this month that came out more like apple sauce, i enjoy the challenge of being forced to get creative with an ingredient!

  130. I’m trying to clean out my pantry and freezer, so I haven’t canned anything yet this year, but I just opened up a pint of pumpkin butter from my freezer to make some oatmeal bars for Mother’s day, yum.

  131. In the past 2 months I’ve used your amazing recipe for meyer lemon jam, including other citrus (like mandarins and blood oranges) and with ginger and honey. It is a great way to use the entire fruit and so much easier than chopping lots of citrus peel for marmalade. Thanks so much for all of your great ideas and superb recipes that always work.

  132. I opened a jar of my honey sweetened strawberry jam a week or so ago and it was AMAZING. I used your recipe from NSFIJ, it was my first batch EVER using Pamona’s Pectin and I’m so thrilled with its set and flavor!

  133. Opened a jar of apple butter and a jar of Peach Preserves. With the frost we had this Spring, not sure what affect it had on the Peach crop.

  134. Dwindling down to the last of the canned apple pie filling. I made rustic, one-crust-no-pan hand pies from one over the weekend. The spring weather where I am is more like fall, so an apple pie was just the right thing for Sunday dessert.

  135. One jar of tomatoes sits lonely on the shelf but I don’t want to open it because it’s a long wait until August! I do have 10 jars of dilly beans left to enjoy, however.

  136. I pickled some vegetables. Asparagus, carrots, onions, green beans, cauliflower, jalapeño, zucchini, and peppers. I’m sad that I opened my last jar. They were so yummy

  137. Well, after scrolling through all the comments, I can see that I am a total slacker in the canning category. I finally have a garden again and am looking forward to canning some of my homegrown produce. The peas and carrots are up!

  138. I canned asparagus and they were great! I don’t think I did enough to last thru even the summer, so I’m going to have to go out and scour the markets for more and get busy again.

  139. I have preserved some lemons and have used them in a pasta dish and a Freekah dish with Swiss Chard and dried tomates from last season. I love the Test Kitchen books and I would love to add this to my collection.

  140. We recently used our canned tomato sauce from last summer on homemade pizza, and it tasted llike summer! I love America’s Test Kitchen as well!

  141. Good old strawberry jam! Canned with my sister, while she was visiting, after picking the berries. Just strawberries and sugar. It’s beautiful and delicious. This book looks fab!!!

  142. I have one jar of Apple Butter left –mmm so good!! We are planning to can much more this spring, summer and fall as each fruit or vegetable comes into season. Love ‘America’s Test Kitchen’ – easy to read, understand and follow to perfection every time. I would love to use their recipes for my canning this year. Thanks for the opportunity 😀

  143. I’m going to make a small batch of strawberry preserves… least the berries are washed and cut….

  144. I’m trying to use up my canned goods from the last year (or two…) so I’ve been stirring strawberry sauce (okay, thin strawberry jam) into my morning oatmeal. 🙂

  145. I wouldn’t even know what is the last thing I preserved, but now that I am going part-time at my work, I am looking forward to a summer full of preserving 🙂 First item… pickled jalapenos!

  146. I opened the last jar of Blueberry and Balsamic preserves…good thing there is local blueberry picking this weekend!

  147. Mostly recently, I made a fermented pickle from Brussels sprouts. It’s still fermenting,and not quite ready to eat, but the ingredients are promising!

    This morning, I opened a jar of apricot jam that I made last summer. I was experimenting with Pomona’s pectin, and the consistency was a little much like jello, but tasted wonderful just the same.

  148. Most recently, I’ve opened up a jar of canned peaches (from 2 summers ago) and some fermented pickles.

  149. I just finished a jar of Vanilla Sour Cherry Jam made by my mother. It’s amazing how everything made by a mom always taste better.

  150. America’s Test Kitchen recipes have always won in my house, but I do make adjustments to their recipes at times, substituting healthier ingredients. So, making them shelf-stable might be a quick-fix in some cases (as you mentioned in your comments)?

    I’m down to the last of my Ginger Jameson’s Rasbperry jam, alas! looking forward to summer!

  151. We are into the third week of our CSA share this summer. Saturday I prepared two jars of refrigerator pickles with the cucumbers in our second week box. I will also be pulling two jars of apple butter from the closet – one for us to use and one to give away along with dinner for a family with new twins!

    I currently have one of public library’s copies of the ATK book, Foolproof Preserving and am trying to decide whether it is work purchasing for my cookbook shelf.

    P.S., I am going to start a batch of your Strawberry Maple Butter tomorrow with our CSA strawberries. I love your new book, Marisa.

  152. Have not delved into making preserves or jellies with creative twists although the rest of my cooking is that way. I recently opened a jar of plain ole grape jelly. Still tastes like summer, though because it was from the wild grapes growing in my yard.

  153. Recently I’ve opened some yummy pickled Jalapenos. MMMMMmmmmmmm… Candied and tastes like spicy salad condiments

  154. We opened our last jar of strawberry jam recently. Thankfully we’re close to strawberry season again. Must can more this year!

  155. I just opened a jar of sour cherry/orange preserves. I’m kind of iffy on how it turned out, and have thoughts on how to do it better next year.

  156. Just had some canned beets for dinner last night and planning on bringing some plum chutney to a friend’s house for the weekend.

  157. Just started making my own yogurt & opened a jar of my strawberry preserves to mix into it along with some granola. It was yummy!

  158. I only have a couple of jars of peach preserves left from last August. So I’m enjoying those while I wait for summer fruits. I also just opened a jar of canned corn. Last summer was my first to try corn. It is so crunchy and good.

  159. We just cracked the last jar of salsa… delicious, but sad. But, it gives me an idea of how many MORE jars we’ll need next year to make it through until tomato season.

  160. I just opened a jar of Mandarin Orange Marmalade that I made last October. Just the fragrance alone was enough for me!

  161. I just opened my last jar of blackberry jelly. I love this jelly and am super excited that it is spring again and get to make more!

  162. We picked sooo many figs last year that I have been canning lots of fig jam variations lately! I froze the quartered beauties in 16 ounce containers so that if I have a free morning or afternoon on busy weekends, I can pull one out with another fruit (raspberry, strawberry) and crank out a batch or two.

  163. I had one last jar of peach jam. Saved it to open on my birthday in March. So good! I’ll be canning lots more peach jam this summer!

    • I like making canning recipes that will last awhile too- on the other hand, if its a tasty recipe it doesn’t last long anyway!

  164. I continue to enjoy raspberry jam and meyer lemon marmalade…yummy, yummy. this week would be great!

  165. My son is visiting and found the last jar of spicy tomato jam in the cupboard. He paired that with some coconut milk and curry seasonings for a fish topping that was out of this world…yummy.

  166. I am completely new to preserving/canning. I’ve only made pickled garlic, so far. This would be a wonderful starter book. Thank you (and America’s Test Kitchen) for the giveaway. I love your blog too!!

  167. The most recent jar I’ve opened was the Meyer Lemon and Lavender jam you posted last month. It was great in yogurt. I’m going to be canning this weekend, as my stores are getting low and I have a tea party in a month that needs some jam.

    Since I don’t always make enough to process, this sounds like a good book for me. I’m always scaling down recipes so I can keep just a cup or pint for the week. Doing that in a few minutes with some tomatillo salsa.

  168. Zucchini Relish is a staple for me—to use as is or make tartar sauce, thousand island dressing etc.
    That’s what I opened last and constantly have a jar in the fridge.

  169. Right now I am eating tortilla pie that uses my own version of Rotel, home canned black beans and kefir sour cream. 🙂 Deee-lish!

  170. I just opened my very last jar Vanilla Pear Jam…I’m so sad that it is the last one, it is the best jam recipe EVER!!!!

  171. After making several batches of each of seasonal fruit jams, I decided that this year I will make several different recipes for each fruit. Last summer while awaiting the birth of her second child, my daughter and I experimented making 3 different recipes of low sugar/no sugar strawberry-vanilla bean jam. We even picked the strawberries with the 3-year old. With each batch, we hoped we could call it baby jam. Didn’t happen! But I did send her naturally sweet for her birthday.

  172. The preserve I’ve been enjoying most lately is kimchi — the first time I’d made it. I eat a scoop of it in the morning with my scrambled eggs, and it’s awesome.

  173. Just popped open a jar of pickled broccoli last night. Hubby nearly finished jar by himself, so I consider it a success! Can’t wait for summer!

  174. Trying to finish up the Strawberry Vanilla jam I canned late last summer before I start making anything new. Who knew that a big dollop of jam and double cream on steel cut oats is SO AMAZING!!

  175. Made ginger golden pickled beets, and they are shelf stable. I agree that having home canned foods that are part of my food storage is very important to me.

  176. I most recently enjoyed the last jar of spiced peach preserves I made last summer…now to wait until the peaches are ripe again 🙁

  177. my most recent jar was a jar of loquat jam i made late last year. It was an experiment for me, since I couldn’t find any clear instructions on how to can it so that it’s shelf-stable. I’m not one for experimenting so it had a home in my fridge, but it is absolutely delicious!

  178. I made some great meals with the unfancy jalapeños I packed a while back. Chicken Tortilla Soup, Chicken Burgers and marinade for chicken tacos. They were all great. Thanks for the great inspiration!

  179. I just finished a jar of apple chutney that I mixed into roasted chicken for a delicious chicken salad! Looking forward to preserving with local strawberries, if it ever warms up in the Northeast.

  180. A busy spring is when I pull out the jars of meat or soup. Five minute dinners are the best. Strawberries are almost here!

  181. We live in a big blueberry growing area so I make jam. My grandkids love it and I love making it for them.

  182. Last autumn when I was stocking my shelves with jar after jar of apple goodies, I found some from the previous harvest still unused. Many of the newer jars were given away, but I’ve been using the older preserves myself. My lunch this afternoon was a peanut butter sandwich featuring my own apple jelly. So good, despite having been on the shelf so long.

  183. I have posted about this one here before but it’s my best thing, so. I canned 12 jars of Blackberry/Lemon/Turbinado Sugar/Vanilla Bean Jam. It’s exactly what it sounds like it is, and is divine.

  184. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so that my blackberries ripen. Over the years my patch has grown and I hope I can get at least a dozen or more jars of my yummy blackberry jam. I also love the people at American Test Kitchens…they have taught me a lot

  185. I was so excited when this book came out but haven’t had a chance to see a copy in person. Thank you for the honest review! It’s so good to know about the short-term aspect of many of the recipes. Definitely a bummer. I made a fantastic strawberry-rhubarb compote last week (from Thomas Keller’s Bouchon), which went on top of an almond cake and some mascarpone sorbet. Amazing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  186. Last week I tried two new to me recipes: pickled peppers (with jalapenos from the garden) and green tomato chutney. Both were good, not great. I didn’t pack the pickles tight enough. (Say that three times fast.) And the chutney recipe called for way, way too much sugar, in retrospect.
    I’ll make both again, with these changes.

    And I really hope I win this! I picked that book up this week at the bookstore and then talked myself out of it only because I have so many canning books I love.

  187. I’m making strawberry jam on Mother’s Day after we spend the morning picking. Its a tradition in our home for several years!

  188. It sounds so simple, but I just rediscovered orange marmalade. I had some with cheese and crackers last weekend and cannot stop thinking about it. I’m all about that citrus!

  189. I turned some raw milk that was about to turn into milk jam! It’s similar to dulce de leche but not as thick & creamy. It was a fabulous way to bring out the grassy flavors from the raw milk.

  190. Alas, I am not in a position at the moment to do any preserving. However, my brother was cooking while we deal with a family situation and he opened some fig preserves to add to a sauce he was making. Really a nice flavor note.

  191. I still have some peaches, which is nice – they are my favorite, and I’ve finally learned to put up enough to last. We have too much jam left, though – I sat down last night with your newest book, Naturally Sweet, to look for more savory recipes to try this year.

  192. I want to try the strawberry vanilla recipe! Just ordered my vanilla beans. We’re still munching on the strawberry jam from last yr.

  193. Just made my first-of-the-season strawberry jam. I made the classic version, but I’m hoping to make your strawberry cocoa jam this week. Thanks!

  194. Opened a jar of raspberry and pear preserves from 2014(!) which had gotten lost in my in cupboard. Still delicious although the top 1/4″ was discolored.

  195. The last thing I made was pickled brussels sprouts. Would love to add this to my collection and share with my Foods I high school students.

  196. Gearing up already for this year’s canning season–hoping to have enough strawberries from my own patch to make jam with. Always like to read preserving books–found a copy of a canning book from 1963–would never use the techniques or recipes now (zinc lids and the old jars with rubber rings and glass tops with the bail still were in use) but it makes for fascinating reading.

  197. Just made a half-batch of the meyer lemon lavender jam you posted a recipe for a little while back. It’s amazing!

  198. I’m finishing up last summer’s peach preserves. Tomatoes & cucumbers are ready in my garden now (I live in Texas), so I’ll be preserving these in the weeks to come.

  199. I opened (and finished) my last jar of Strawberry Syrup this week, but it was perfect for the waffles I made and strawberries are onlh a month away 🙂

  200. Just cracked open a jar of mulberry jam, the first jam I’ve ever made that set beautifully!!
    Strawberries soon…. Can’t wait!

  201. Just used the last jar of blackberry jam from last year. A friend gifted me some great wild blackberries. It’s strawberry season here in Tennessee. I can’t wait to try your strawberry vanilla jam recipe.

  202. I haven’t started yet on this year’s preserving, but I did open up a jar of strawberry rhubarb jam that was amazing baked into a simple cake. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  203. I recently enjoyed some of my home canned peppers, blended into store-bought barbecue sauce for better flavor. Thanks for the giveaway!

  204. I opened a jar of canned peaches for a torte I made for Mother’s Day dessert. Fresh peach flavor, wonderful!

  205. I have been making the Apple sauce recipe on your site, due to needing to eat sift foods for the last few weeks. It’s been the highlight of my lunch!
    Sad to hear 100% of the recipes aren’t for shelf stable storage, I love ATK and put much faith into their process.

  206. We are into our last jar of applesauce at the moment. It’s a staple with a toddler at the table. Am interested to check out test kitchen’s book. Thanks for your review, good to know about the recipes.

  207. The last thing we put up was your lemon concentrate, cause what else are you gonna do with all that lemon juice after making limoncello?

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