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February 17, 2014(updated on October 3, 2018)

you are unbeetable

My friend Joy Manning is a thank you note evangelist. In an age where people send their regards electronically (if they send them at all), Joy pulls out a pretty note card, writes a brief but thoughtful message, and then hands it off to the US Postal Service. I have been on the receiving end of Joy’s note writing habit more than once and I’m always delighted to receive a piece of physical mail beyond bills and coupons for Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

League Street Press cards

Last spring, Joy gave a talk at Eat, Write, Retreat about how her note writing habit is integral to her career networking strategy (she’s a freelance food writer, recipe developer, and editor) and how it has often brought more assignments her way. I was there for her talk and I was inspired enough to dig out my dusty stack of thank you notes and write appreciations to people who have helped me over the years.

olive my love

In a move that has delighted many (or, at the very least, me), Joy has launched a line of food-themed note cards in partnership with her friend Sam Bednarek under the name League Street Press. Each card has a fruit or vegetable on the front, along with a punny line. I particularly like the “olive my love” design that you see above. Sam is a graphic designer and art director and she designed the cards and created the art. Joy came up with the lines and developed the recipes that are printed on the back.

no-churn peach ice cream

And let me tell you, these recipes aren’t throwaways. Joy tested and retested these dishes in order to come up delicious things that would be both easy and appealing. I had a chance to taste the No-Churn Peach Ice Cream when it was in development and so I speak from first-hand experience when I say that it’s truly fabulous and is such a good option for those of us who can’t find space in our freezers to chill an ice cream bowl (I am sure that I’m not the only one with this issue).

Best of all, these note cards are perfectly sized to slip right into a recipe box, so your recipient will be able to add it to their recipe collection with tearing or folding your thoughtful note.

League Street Press back

The cards can be bought as singles ($4 a piece) or in boxes of eight ($20 for a box). They are printed on sturdy card stock and both the cards and envelopes are made from 100% recycled paper.

Thanks to Joy and Sam, I have one box of eight note cards to give away to a lucky Food in Jars reader. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share a thank you note story. Did your parents make you write them when you were growing up? Or is it a habit you never quite picked up?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Saturday, February 22, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, February 23, 2014.
  3. Giveaway open to US and Canadian residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: League Street Press gave me one set of these notecards for photography purposes and are providing a second set for the giveaway. No money has changed hands. I just think they’re cool and so I wanted to share them with you. 

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  • I received my first grown up thank you card after I joined a local moms club. It caught me off guard to get a cute little square envelope in the mail! It simply said thank you for all the little trinkets I got her for her little baby shower we had(it listed each little thing I got her) it made my whole week and I proudly displayed it on my refrigerator for about a month!!

  • I love writing thank you cards in my personal life and I try to do it regularly. That said, I just read an article about how thank you cards can be a good business practice and a light went on. Now I’m planning to send thank you cards related to the veggie farm I manage (so these cards would be perfect!).

  • We were required to write thank you notes for all of our Christmas and birthday gifts. I had my sons write them also. Sometimes that was a bit of a battle, especially for my youngest son who’s birthday is only 2 weeks after Christmas! Now as adults both sons write thank you notes, at least to me, and I’m glad they take the time to do it!

  • I love note cards and writing letters and cards. I have always tried to instill in my children a sense of gratitude and have helped them write thanks and say thank you in appreciation of gifts through the years. However, my sister-in-law always comments to my now teenage children they don’t need to do that and their mother makes them do it (!?! how helpful) and my mother-in-law chimes in her agreement on the matter. Unfortunately thank yous and hand written notes will probably be extinct in a matter of years.

  • The rule when growing up and the rule I made my kids follow was that you could not cash the gift check,use the toy or do anything with the gift until the thank you note was written! I still keep to that myself,even though I am almost 60 years old. My kids tend to still send written thank you notes. It’s a dying art – the hand written note, but one that leaves a lasting impression.

  • I love sending notes of encouragement to friends or students…especially the ones who would not normally get those notes. I would love to have a set of cute note cards to use to send notes!!

  • I learned early in life how much people appreciate a hand written thank you. I taught my two boys (forcefully at first) to write thank you notes. Now, at 22 and 19, they always write thank yous. A hand written, well worded thank you note makes such an impression, not only on loved ones, but on casual acquaintances as well. It speaks volumes about your manners and personality, and I think it makes the recipient feel extra special since letters in the mail are all but forgotten in our busy world.

  • I admit, I need to get better at sending cards of all types. There is something so special about receiving a beautiful handwritten card in the mail. I agree, it is a dying art, and I want to improve. These special cards would would be a great start…

  • I try to write thank you notes, sometimes life gets crazy and I forget. But I always get such a happy feeling when I get a thank you card, that I try my best to get them out on time so others can know how much I appreciated their gifts.

  • My secret love of stationary lends itself beautifully to sending thank you notes. The more notes that I send, the more excuses that I have to buy more beautiful note cards. I am a sucker for stationary. These cards are adorable!

  • When I was interviewing for graduate school, I always sent thank you notes to the faculty members who interviewed me. At the time I had a friend who was trying to get a calligraphy etsy shop off the ground, so she made me some beautiful cards that said “Thank you” on the front and even addressed them for me!

  • My parents made me write Thank You notes for Christmas and birthday presents. I still try to write them but I definitely focus on my grandparents. Sadly, my friends don’t usually get Thank You notes. But they do get more frequent random gifts and notes to show my appreciation of them. I love using fun cards for Thank You notes. These are perfect.

  • I have always written thank you notes, I just love to do so. I haven’t been super vigilant about it in recent years, but I try to always express my gratitude.

    One year for Christmas I sent out my thank you notes the day after Christmas and my grandpa asked me if I’d been snooping under the tree and written my thank you note before Christmas. 🙂

  • I enjoy writing notes by hand; it is one of those simple pleasures in life to sit with a cup of coffee, a favorite pen, and write a short note to someone, whether to say thank you or that I am thinking of someone.

  • We learned how to write “Thank You” notes in school! But, I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing them. That is so unfortunate because it is a wonderful way to acknowledge a kindness.

  • Kudos to Joy! I too send thank you notes for everything and I have been doing it forever. I love to receive thank yous and I have saved all of the great ones my nephew has sent us over the years. Adorable!

    Also – the cards are wonderful. I”m buying them regardless of this contest. 🙂

  • I start each day with a to-do list that always includes a category for Cards/Notes followed by a list of people. I simply cannot enter a store without first checking out their stationary because I am so often running low. What I adore about this love of gifting people with a note, is the gift of passing it along. We adopted a little boy from China and he can often be found at the table crafting a homemade card to someone! These cards are simply stunning!

  • Growing up it was very important in my family to say thank you, but it was done in person or on the phone. When I moved away from my family (from Germany to the US) writing letters and (thank you) cards became the new normal. I always made sure our girls did the same, crafting their own cards and later on writing them.

  • My sister in law is GREAT about thank you notes and when I get one from her, I always feel a bit guilty that I am not a better thank you note writer!

  • I’m a big advocate of thank you notes… I sent them for both of my graduations, two showers, our wedding, my daughter’s birthdays, and Christmas presents from older relatives. I get rather steamed when I don’t receive one for wedding or shower gifts.

  • Even though I had written thank you notes for many years, I was inspired when I read about our First Lady, Barbara Bush. She made it her practice to write a quick thank you as soon as she arrived home after an event, even if it was late at night. In doing so, she could easily recall the gracious hospitality and warmth of friendship during the dinner, luncheon or party. It was still fresh in her mind and the note arrived promptly in the mail box of the host and hostess. Wouldn’t a quick, thoughtful response be a delightful compliment?

    These beautiful note cards will extend the warm thoughts to long after they are received and each one gives a small gift in return. Thank you for the opportunity to win them.

  • I always send thank you cards if someone has done something special for me. We had or children send cards to there friends after birthday parties. I’m so surprised how few people do this any more. I have given many wedding gifts and never received a thank you.

  • I’ve always been a thank you note writer; and there are some times that I am better at it than others. I have always made sure my daughters send thank you notes as well. Now that they are old enough to participate fully, I am trying to instill the value of homemade thank you gifts with their cards. A simple jar of preserves or vegetable soup (or knit scarf) says thank you so personally. And it is a great way to spend quality time with my tween and teen daughters!

  • My parents made us write thank you notes for every gift and visit. I do the same, and people mention my notes often. My son went to a job fair at his University, and landed a great internship and a job upon graduation. One interviewer told him he was but 1 of 6 young men wearing a suit, and his was the only handwritten thank you for the interview. Proud momma.

  • I, too, love giving and receiving thank you notes. It personalizes the sentiment instead of rushing by someone and thanking them briefly in conversation. Upon my leaving a workplace, the staff scheduled a lovely go-away party for me. I was miles away from that workplace within a week, yet I still felt it appropriate and necessary to write thank you notes to the planners of the event and also to those who attended.

  • I want to write thank you notes – – most of the time I remember, but I always feel so guilty when I don’t!

  • For the month of November we wanted to have our family focus on showing gratitude to those people who have blessed our lives and teach our children how important it is to express appreciation and love to others. Once a week we each wrote and delivered thankyou notes. No impersonal emails allowed!

  • I love these note cards! I’m a big believer in the power of “thank you”, especially a written one. I even keep a box of them in my desk at work to send notes to co-workers when they’ve gone out of their way for me. It always brings a smile, and makes them happy they helped.

  • I love receiving thank you notes, anything hand written that takes time is always appreciated. I have several boxes of notes that I like to drop in the mail for others.

  • I always wrote thank you cards when I was younger, and made my children do the same. With email and texting these days, the art seems to be lost. I think it would be wonderful to bring it back with these cards. They are so nice!

  • We always had to write thank you notes as kids. Even though I’m a big slacker in that department now, my Mom still mails a note to me for every occasion, even though she lives just a mile away!

  • Absolutely had to write thank you notes growing up and had to make them meaningful, not generic. As a child, I found this really difficult, but now I can do it easily and still write notes all the time. In fact, I have a note in my bag that I have to mail.

  • Love these
    I did grow up writing thank you notes, and over time have fallen in and out of the habit. I was good with showers and wedding thank you, but birthdays, holidays I tend to slide.

  • I LOVE sending thank you notes – it gives me an opportunity to use some of the beautiful cards that I can’t seem to keep myself from buying.

  • Yes! I grew up writing thank you notes and am now working to teach my sons to do the same! These cards are beautiful!

  • I do thank you notes for any gift I receive. I send them for my 2-year old, as well. We trace her hand and she colors a bit on each card. We were made to do them when we were growing up, and I think it’s such an important thing to continue.

  • Growing up, my Mom always purchased beautiful thank-you notes for us to use to make sure all gifts were acknowledged. It seemed special to have such pretty cards to write notes and mail–it still makes me feel good to put one in the post!

  • I was always good with thank you notes as a kid, and am trying to teach my kids the same. Unfortunately it seems I am one of the few parents who still does so. I’m undecided whether a generic thank you to the whole birthday party handed out at the end counts- especially if the kid had not part in it! Stepping off soap box now.

  • I love writing thank you notes! My mom instilled the value of a good thank you note in me from a young age, and I watched a nearly-graduated high school senior spend his summer writing thank you notes nicer than I had ever dreamed of. That changed my perspective – no more ‘3 sentence – thank you for the BLANK, I plan to use it for BLANK, glad you could come to my BLANK’ notes for me. Now i write personalized, thoughtful, occasionally funny notes to let people know how much i appreciate their gifts. I’d love to win this set so I can use them and send them to folks. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  • I fluctuate between being awesome at thank you notes and terrible. Forced to do them as achild, I still feel guilty when I don’t but I will confess to being a thank you emailer. Which is terrible. I’m better when I have inspiring notecards. So I’m always buying those and postcards whenever I find ones I enjoy.

  • My mother always told us not to embarrass her by neglecting thank you notes. A lovely, hand written note on beautiful stationery always reminds me of her.

  • After sending out all of our wedding thank you notes, I heard back from my parents that one of their friends said it was the best thank you note she had ever received and was saving it to show her daughters what they should look like! I’m half surprised (my notes aren’t anything special!) and half proud. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  • I have to admit I’ve never really been one for “Thank You” cards, but that changed last year with my wedding. We kept things small, so every guest and every gift was very special and deserved a hand-written note. My wife and I are hoping to continue to send cards to our friends and family, just because.

  • My parents were always very serious about thank-you notes. I do my best to keep up, but am always worried I’m not sending them fast enough to make them proud!

  • I write thank you notes, postcards, letters… mother taught me to write a good thank you note, and people always appreciate them. Lately I’ve been trying to send a postcard a day (I unearthed a box of old postcards and want to use them up). Getting real mail is such a treat.

  • Yep, thank you writing was a big part of my growing up… and I still write them as an adult! not everyone does, which is too bad.

  • I have written thank you notes for a good long time,
    there is a 2 fold reason, first, you acknowledge the giver,
    second, writing a note iis like getting the gift a second time

  • I am indeed a thank you note advocate. Actually any surface mail. It bothers me that the art of letter writing has fallen to the way side. I try to impress this upon my daughter in law and granddaughter, especially when a thank you note is needed.

  • I try and enter all your give a ways and sadly I NEVER win. Know I won’t this time, but do know this- I am one of tons out there who are spurred by you exposure to products to go and buy them anyway even through there is no chance of winning. This is a great idea and I do use note cards all the time. Another dinosaur for the hand crafted note card and the personal notes within!

  • These are great! Yes, my mom made us write thank you cards for all presents! I appreciate it now though, I think we are losing manners and a thank you is the least you can do for someone who bothered to send you a gift!

  • Thank you notes were a definite must in my home growing up. It’s a lesson that has carried over into grown up life, though now it seems more fun than a chore.

  • As a young girl, I was always required to send a thank you card to aunts and grandparents saying thank you for the gifts they sent me for birthday or Christmas. When I had kids I always made sure that when they received something from anyone they had to send a thank you note or at least and thank them. These cards are so adorable that I’m sure any recipient will be thrilled and happy to receive them.

  • Sweet!

    Yes, I was taught by my parents to write a thank you note. I have encouraged my family to do the same. 🙂

  • My parents forced me to write them when I was younger, and it never really caught on, much like making my bed. I still write them from time to time, it just depends on the formality of the situation, honestly!

  • My mom always made me write them growing up and I’m glad she did, I still do today and agree it’s so nice getting something in the mail that isn’t a bill or junk.

  • What a cute idea for something that was always TORTURE for me as a kid….I never could think of anything to say…. Now, I always like to have beautiful note cards on hand in case they are needed.

  • Over the years I’ve received a few thank you notes from students that really made me feel like my work is worthwhile. I should send more thank-yous than I do. Lovely cards!

  • As a recent grad, I make a huge effort to write thank-you notes for every gift, and after every interview or meeting with a mentor – I think it particularly sets one apart from other people our age who have mostly dropped the habit!

  • The sooner I send the card the more it is appreciated. The magic time for writing a note is when I am full of the energy generated by the event. I can thank assistants and co participants with gusto. And the words just flow onto my thank you card.

  • you know, i never realized how important thank you cards are until i never heard peep back from some folks i mailed christmas presents to this year. did the gift ever make it there? did it just get buried in the holiday shuffle? were they offended by the gift? have they given up drinking since i last saw them, so those gummy shot glasses were in poor taste? the world may never know…

  • I wrote thank you notes occasionally when I was younger. My Mom never made us write them for most things, but it was a requirement for graduation gifts. I didn’t become a thank you note advocate until after marriage when I noticed that the girl friend (eventual wife) of one of my husband’s best friends wrote thank you notes for EVERYTHING! I have to admit that I was guilted into starting, but it has become a habit that I’m happy to have. My kiddos weren’t allowed to play with gifts until their thank you notes were written. I’ve been know to give them cute note sets in their Christmas stockings when I think they’ve been amiss with their gratitude. I feel that if someone has taken the time to think of me, the very least I can do is thank them properly.

    I love special note cards, and these are some of the prettiest cards I’ve seen. Not only would I enjoy sending these cards, I’m pretty sure people would enjoy receiving them!

  • I like sending thank you notes… was not required to send them as a child which may be why I don’t mind doing it now.

  • Wow, these cards are beyond adorable! Love them. Yes, my mom had us sitting down Christmas afternoon writing out our thank you notes. I’m glad I have the habit because it is wonderful to receive something “real” in the mail now and then.

  • My husband proposed to me over happy hour in our favorite swanky bar, which happens to be attached to an equally swanky hotel (really, it was much more romantic than it sounds!). A couple of days after he proposed, I wrote a note to the general manager of the hotel. I wrote to let him know that we liked the bar so much that we’d had a couple of ‘dating anniversaries’ there and that it was somewhere we liked and felt comfortable in so much that he decided to propose, and thank you for all that. The general manager wrote me back saying he appreciated the happy note, that mostly people only bother with complaints, and to say thank you to us, he gave us a $100 gift certificate to the swanky restaurant also attached to the hotel.

  • I hated my mom making me write thank you notes….but so glad she did, now i see the importance of them & am working at being the same mean mama to my kiddos!

  • As a kid, we always had to acknowledge gifts, but a verbal thanks was OK. Now as an adult I write more thank you notes than ever – it really makes people feel appreciated!

  • I just remember writing my thank yous after my wedding and thinking my hand was going to fall off or I was going to go mental. But I appreciated everything I was given and wanted to make sure I got them out quickly to demonstrate it.

  • I love sending thank you cards specially home made ones. I believe that even the smallest act deserves acknowledgement and a kind word in return.

  • I was taught to write thank you notes and still do. I will admit sometimes I email and even text them, but even those come from the heart.

  • Thank you notes are imperative! As a writer, and someone who loves the physical act of writing, I send thank you notes regularly. It’s an easy, simple way to show appreciation for someone else’s time, money, and effort. I think it’s rude not to send one!

  • As you said, is there anything nicer than real mail amongst the recycling that stuffs our mail boxes daily? My favorite part after writing the note or letter is the beautiful stamps to chose from.

  • I actually never got into thank you notes until I reached adult life. I despised writing the as a kid. Now I love sending thank you notes because it allows me to be creative. I can make notes or buy from artists. It also helps me keep in touch with my relatives that are not so computer savvy!

  • These are adorable. I used to be a huge card fan – it is so much more personal – but sadly it has fallen by the wayside. These cards inspire me!

  • My parents never forced the matter, but they didn’t mention on occasion that it would be appropriate. I confess that it’s something that I wish I were better at. Though, after my wedding I was looking for work in a new hometown and in between filling in job applications I handmade and wrote thank you cards to everyone. I enjoyed that process so much and I often think of it when I’m faced with the knowledge that I should send a card.

  • I always write thank yous, and always encouraged my kids to do so. When they were younger they’d draw or stamp designs, and I’d write the note, and they would sign their names.

  • My parents never made me write Thank yous growing up – except to one family member who expected them. I always thought the practice was antiquated and dull. Until my high school graduation, most gifts were given in person which technically precludes the required Thank you note. So, it really wasn’t until graduation that I came to understand the value of a handwritten thank you. I love giving and receiving them now. I actually love the paper that I put them on, too. So much, that I practice my Thank you note on notebook paper first, then write it on the pretty card. They’re beautiful! I’d use them quickly!

  • These are seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I love having cute notecards to write thank yous with! Writing notes of thanks was not a childhood habit for me, but one I picked up as an adult and love the art of doing it, and of receiving them as well. Hope I’m lucky this week!

  • Ooh, I love these! I do write thank-you notes… and I have found that having nice cards is the key to writing them. My current ones are covered with cute pictures of my kids – so sending one is easy! These are adorable though.

  • These are lovely! I always feel better about myself, what others have done for me and the world in general when I take time to say thank you in a note.

  • My mother always had beautiful paper wares. She had a gift shop, and always made us know how important a formal thank-you card was. Today I also tell my grown children to at least e-mail a thank-you and call on the phone, but really a card or note is most appreciated. Good luck.

  • I always wrote thank you notes growing up (and still do), and when my children were young, I made them write thank you notes. As a result, I frequently receive thank you notes from them, which is fantastic! There is nothing like receiving a handwritten thank you note.

  • Oooooohhhh, I just love these! I get a tad bit lazy about sending thank you notes, and maybe these would help me remember.

  • Love these! I am not as good about sending thank you cards as I wish I was, but I really want to commit to being better at it, and these would help! 😉

  • We had to write thank you notes for gift as kids – I appreciate it now as an adult, and actually like to have nice thank you cards on hand to send. These look very clever!

  • I love sending greeting cards! And Thank you notes are so important, mostly because you let another person know how much you care about them! Love the “olive my love” saying as well. So Cute!

  • I grew up in a note-sending home! thank you notes were obligatory, and birthday cards to family and friends were usually homemade and a collaborative process. I love receiving notes in the mail, and sending them to others!

  • I gotta admit that I’m not as good as I should be. I did them promptly for my wedding, but not very good when I’m opening in front of the giver or can easily call/email. Maybe winning these would reform me.

  • My kids (6 and 9) write thank you notes for all of their gifts. Might seem surprising, but most of their peers do the same.

  • My parents are not thank you note writers. I developed that tradition myself. I love to write and I love these cards.

  • I’m not super diligent about thank you notes, except where grandparents are concerned (since it’s a good way to send life updates and keep in touch with the non-email set). But when I received a group gift for my dissertation defense mostly from people who live far away, I sent a thank you card with a paper crane ornament for each person who contributed. I wanted them to know how much it meant to me to feel like they were present with me through their gift.

  • I was not a thank you note writer as a child, but as an adult I have learned the value of a kind hand-written sentiment. Frankly, it’s nice to receive something in the mail other than bills occasionally!

  • I was highly encouraged by my parents to wtite thank you notes. I love giving and receiving thank you notes.