Giveaway: Fisk & Fern Pickle Tea Towel

June 17, 2013(updated on October 3, 2018)

Fern & Fisk pickle towel

When I was a kid, one of my big life disappointments was that it was nearly impossible to get a keychain or pencil with my name on it without placing a special order (because when you’re six, nothing is more important than having something with your name on it).

When I hit my teens, suddenly my name went through a round of explosive popularity growth and I started seeing it everywhere. By then, I wasn’t nearly as excited about a miniature plastic license plate that said Marisa.

Fern & Fisk pickle towel

I went through something similar when I first started canning. Back in those early days, mason jars weren’t all the rage that they currently are and so there wasn’t much in the way of towels, prints, or tee-shirts featuring jams, pickles and other preserves.

Then suddenly, canning was hot and a world of kitchen linens, jar chandeliers, decorative mason mugs and jar-related art appeared out of the ether. I was delighted by it and am forever keeping my eyes open for particularly good representations of this canning art.

Fern & Fisk pickle towel

To my mind, the pickle tea towel from Fisk & Fern is most decidedly in the good canning art category. All of Fisk & Fern’s towels, cards, and aprons are designed, drawn, and handprinted by owner Laura Fisk in her Austin, Texas studio.

Thanks to Laura, I have three of these charming pickle towels to give away today to three lucky winners. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share a thought about the recent popularity of canning.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Friday, June 21, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday.
  3. Giveaway open to everyone.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.
Disclosure: Fern & Fisk provided me with four pickle tea towels. One for photography purposes and three to give away. No money changed hands and my opinions remain forever my own. 

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302 thoughts on "Giveaway: Fisk & Fern Pickle Tea Towel"

  • Love, love, love this towel! I adore pickles so much I have a jar of them tattooed on my arm, with a lovely lady, of course. Have only made one batch of jam in my life, but have some jars sitting in the basement just dying to be used. We’ll see what other canning adventures the summer brings! And if I’m no good at it, at least there are lots of people out there who are!

  • Those towels are ADORABLE!

    I like that canning is gaining in popularity. It’s a good way to play with your food, and may even reduce food waste. 🙂

  • Adorable towels! It’s great to see canning and pickling trending– all sorts of DIY trends have peaked in popularity over the past few years, but food preservation is accessible, saves you money, and lets you eat locally and sustainably all through the winter. 🙂

  • I love that canning has become popular! I would have never learned if it wasn’t for its renewed popularity. I am from Key West without too much produce to can down there so there was no one in my family to teach me growing up.

  • I love that canning has become so popular, but I kind of liked being in the minority when I was in my early 20’s. Everyone thought that canning was a grandma thing to do, but they never complained when I gave them a jar of pickles or jam. 🙂 Now I’m working on branching out to stay unique. I got a fermentation pot for my b-day!

  • I love that home food preservation is getting more popular! My dad taught me how to can when I was a little kid so it has always been in my life. I’m thrilled other people are experiencing the satisfaction (and deliciousness!) of canning.

  • What a great way to give a little of yourself with a homemade canned gift… I’ve got a growing fascination (obsession??) with mason jars…..
    Cool towel too!

  • I actually started making jam a year or two before it became the hip thing to do. My friends thought I was crazy for doing it. For me I did it because I couldn’t find my favorite seedless raspberry jam at my local stores anymore and when I discovered I could make better jam at a fraction of the price for one jar I was hooked!
    Love this pickle towel, thanks for the giveaway!

  • I love canning, and I’m glad that I’m in the ‘cool crowd’ of people canning.
    PS I just started making refrigerator pickles, and my whole family is addicted!

  • My mum canned when I was small. We would pick, and she would can, and I rather assumed that’s how it goes. Now I grow things in my city garden, and drive to farms for bushells of tomatoes.

    With the rise in popularity of canning, it’s made things like pressure canners more available. And I, I’ve had to move onto things like making my own cheese to be really out there.

  • I love that the old art of canning is regaining momentum. It truly is an art that connects us to the tastes of each season and to our heritage, a time when life was slower and simpler.

  • I like the recent increase in popularity of canning–I think any hobby that educates people on the origin and ingredients of the foods they eat is a good thing. Love the towel!

  • I love pickles, canning and tea towels! So perfect!
    And I’m from East Tennessee so canning has ALWAYS been popular!

  • Cute towels! I’m interested in canning because I want to know exactly what goes into my food, and I want to preserve my garden’s harvest.

  • I’m a pickle (& juice) consuming fanatic. I’ve been home canning for a few years and try to help others get (safely) through the learning process, but frustrated by many who do not feel safety rules are needed and ignore them.

  • A member of my mom’s group recently had a Canning 101 afternoon for us. It took one bite of the strawberry jam to hook my sister-in-law and two days later had all the canning basics ready and waiting for love. We’re so excited to give it a try on our own!

  • Cute towel 🙂 I love that canning is becoming more popular – especially since you are able to control what goes into the jar and what doesn’t!

  • I am pleased to see the interest in canning as my daughter no longer thinks I am strange for canning summer in a jar.

  • The tea towel is great for cheesemaking, too. Come to think of it, a cover for dough that is rising is another good use. Hobbies like canning, cheesemaking or breadmaking are great stress relievers.

  • Canning has always been a way of life for my family. My dad raised, gave away, and canned more tomatoes than we could ever use in a season. When he passed away, we cleaned out the garage/larder, and were overwhelmed. To see canning and preserving reach old 😉 popularity is exciting to me because many more recipes and ideas are afloat (not least of which is you, Marisa!) and preserving is so much more fun with plethora of ideas to experiment with. We’ve also got access to so many more spices and flavors than our folks did. The sky’s the limit! Adorable tea towel. Thanks!

  • That towel is awesome! I am having so much fun getting back into the canning thang and seeing all the enthusiasm, it keeps me focused and working on being more productive.

  • I am really enjoying learning how to can. When my grandparents passed away I found boxes of my grandmothers canning jars, most in perfect condition. I am reusing many of them.

  • When was canning unpopular? It’s the greatest time saving, fresh food, processed alternative. I love it and learn something new every time I try something! Thanks for your thoughts and recipes.

  • Love that tea towel! Pickles are one of my very favorite foods.

    I am happy to see the popularity of canning on the rise. I see it as more people being interested in making their own food, wanting to know what they are eating, real food. I welcome it.
    I can “recreationally”, and by that I mean I make small batches of pickles and jams here and there. And try to get a year’s supply of tomatoes put up!
    (And I use Food in Jars as my go-to for canning advice. Thank you Marisa)

  • I’m excited that canning has become popular recently – I don’t think I ever would have tried it otherwise! It was never something I realized I could do, until I saw people I know posting about things they had canned. 🙂

  • While it is wonderful that so many people are learning to do something which is healthy and sustains them, there is also a tiny nugget of disappointment seeing so many join the “club” of those who have always known how to can. Nothing serious, of course, and as you have said, the availability of supplies and things like these great towels is more than worth that wee bit of feeling overwhelmed by the newcomers. 😉

    It’s all good!

  • I work at a fabric/craft store that sells canning jars. I wonder how many of the jars sold there are actually used FOR canning.

  • i love this! regarding canning, i really appreciate the people are caring more about where their food comes from and caring about being involved and the growing and preserving process.

  • I remember, as a little girl, my grandmother’s pantry was always filled with canned fruits and veggies. I continued to do the same since canning is a good way of keeping the hard earned tastes alive during other times of the year. Besides, who doesn’t like receiving something made in the kitchen as a gift? I am so happy that more people are turning towards canning again!

  • I love that canning is gaining in popularity again – it’s great to have more control over the food we eat!

    A very cute towel 🙂

  • I love that canning is experiencing a resurgence of popularity! I hope it continues to grow. …And I hope I win that tea towel!

  • I love how popular canning has become because it makes recipes, books, and equipment easy to find – even in a pinch you can get jars now in our urban grocery! Such a lovely turn of events 🙂

  • I am new to canning although I remember many, many hot days every summer picking from our garden and sitting at the kitchen table helping my Mom. My 73 yr old Mom thinks this canning revival is ridiculous as she did it so that we could eat. I think that canning is more for fun now.

  • I love that canning is popular and hope it lasts. I grew up canning with my mother and made pickles and jam before it was cool.

  • Cute tea towel….my Mum always made strawberry jam so we were constantly on the look out for jars! Then canning jars were everywhere and now I am so in love with those blue anniversary jars from Ball…..can’t think of a better Christmas gift for my canning circle of friends!

  • Canning has become very popular lately. I think it’s a great thing, especially helps to save money. I’ve canned some jam and would like to start canning dill pickles!

  • LOVE PICKLES!!!! This would be so perfect for me!!
    I think that the resurgence in canning and preserving is AWESOME!!! I learned from my gramma who canned from necessity. They lived on a farm and that is how they got thru the winter – by putting up food from the fields and animals. I love that now we put a “crafty” touch to the process.:-)

  • I grew up with my mom making pickles and jams. It’s always seemed like a great way to save those delicious summer flavors.

  • This is wicked awesome! I love that I can get a variety of canning jars so very easily and locally thanks to the recent hot tend of canning!

  • Gourmet restaurants are priding themselves on having their own ‘special’ pickles and preserves. I got tired of spending $25 on a bistro burger just to get a taste of their tomato marmalade and quick pickles, so I learned how to can. I have taught my wife and a few friends. More guys should learn how to do this (there weren’t many posts from dudes on here!).

  • That towel is so cute – I tried to embroider a jam jar on a tea towel once and that wasn’t cute at all! I’m much better at canning than I am at sewing.

  • I thought home canning was dangerous and far past its prime a little over a year ago. Now I’m head over heels. Last year our tiny community fair had some competition for strawberry jam and dill and bread-and-butter pickles, but my pickled jalepenos, pickled sweet onions and Sun Gold tomato jam took blue ribbons, probably on the basis of their uniqueness. This fall, I fear that there will be more competition. Canning is IT!

  • An old family friend used to make pickles. That was the only thing he would can, since it was the only “manly” thing! How things have changed.

  • My grandma used to make homemade canned apple butter. She’s gone now, but she’s passed her recipe on to me. I can’t wait for fall!

  • I’m a 29 year old guy working as a cook in a restaurant who has recently gotten into canning. I’ve made several recipes from your site and of my own creation and everyone I’ve given a jar to loves that canning is making a comeback.

  • Everything old is new again. I think more people came back to canning during the recession. I hope it sticks.

  • Love canning. I certainly didn’t put enough up last year and am now out or only have a few jars left of everything. Trying not to purchase those items at the grocery store and only eat what is in season at this point. Starting to replenish my stock and hoping to can more variety of items, including getting experimental with different jams. P.S. I love the towels.

  • I love that canning is popular! So much easier to find stuff!

    Love these towels! We call my daughter pickle so it would be awesome to have!

  • I have always canned and it’s great that it’s trendy again. I just wish that jar/lid prices would come down! (Aren’t things supposed to be cheaper to produce in larger quantities?)

  • Love this pickle towel! I’ve been canning since my teens, back when it wasn’t so trendy. My one complaint about its comeback is not being able to get 20-cent jars at Goodwill anymore–there’s too much demand! : ) The proliferation of new recipes with contemporary ingredients and smaller yields on sites like yours is a great trade-off.

  • For the past year, I’ve been showing a handful of friends how fun and rewarding canning can be. Some of them had never made jam or pickles before, and some had “helped” their mothers or grandmothers, but hadn’t considered it fun. Now, we get together and everyone brings something: Jars, lids, fruit, sugar, and of course, snacks and wine. We spend a few hours together, and end up with a couple jars of deliciousness and some sweet memories. This is part of why I love canning. It’s one of those things that just more fun with friends!

  • we recently moved and my in-law’s were helping us pack up some items in the kitchen and some of my canning tools were out on the counter and my mother-in-law made a very inquisitive comment: “What is THAT??” And here I thought that the popularity of canning was more of a comeback from her early life…

  • I think there is a direct correlation between canning popularity and zombie popularity and apocalypse planning! My friends always tell me that in case of a world wide zombie attack, they are coming to my house because I have the best canned goods in Seattle. 😉

  • I am loving the trend towards canning, farmer’s markets, local food, etc. I agree that a lot of it stems from wanting to know what’s in your food, and supporting family farms. My mom canned very little when I was growing up – only occasional batches of raspberry jam from our raspberries – but we always froze our garden’s produce for winter. I started canning about 5 years ago, mainly making jam, and really love the link between good produce, love and care put into preserving it, and spreading the love by sharing jars. 🙂

  • I only recently started canning – six months ago, so I’m part of the new popularity of canning. I am super happy about it bc none of my family cans but I’m able to find lots of new books (including the food in jars – LOVE) to teach me how safely with amazing recipes.

  • I love pickles and l7ve one town away from the greatest pickle factory in the country. That would be Clausen’s Pickles in Woodstock, Illinois.

  • I love this towel. I run a farm stand in Manhattan, apprentice on a Long Island farm and am an enthusiastic canner! I’d love to participate in a canning class but my seven day work week might not allow it.

  • I’m fairly new to canning–I guess I’m a follower of the popularity. And pickles are my favorite!!

  • I was raised on strawberry freezer jam made from u-pick berries. Taking that tradition to the next level as an adult makes me beyond happy.

  • I just made some strawberry and tarragon jam and posted a pic on Facebook, friends that I didnt know canned started responding and I’m getting to know some friends better!! I’m glad our society has embraced “local ” and along with that has come the ways of our grandparents !!

  • Canning is fun and everything tastes oh so much better than store bought. I discovered pickles this year and can’t believe how easy and yummy they are!

  • I remember, when I was just four, getting caught sitting in the middle of my Grandmothers extra long farm table eating her newly canned sweet pickles out of a gallon jar. I was trying to drink the brine when of course I turned the jar over onto the floor. Pickles were everywhere! To this day, many many years later, I still love and use my grandmother’s pickle recipe!

  • I grew up canning with my mom and grandma. We still carry on with our time tested recipes and I am now including my daughter in on the memories. I think the recent popularity goes hand in hand with the local and fresh movement. I love the “new” canning books that I have found lately. My grandma is not so sure of the some of the recipes that I have found!!

  • I have been canning since I was a teenager, my mother and great grandmother taught me. We had to store a lot of food because we lived in a fairly rural area and it took over thirty minutes to get to a grocery store. Love these towels, too cute!

  • I started canning for the first time last yr. – thanks to you and this blog! I’m hooked (and I’m 60!)

  • I love that canning is making such a come-back now that I personally am interested in doing it! Truth be told my mother (who in every other way was a quintessential 1950’s Mom) didn’t do it; but I learned from my grandmother’s maid. Only in the New Orleans of that time I guess! She was a genius at it and took it very seriously.

  • It’s actually quite interesting to compare canning/preserving across cultures. My grandmother (Chinese) used to make pickled cabbage (somewhat like kimchi), preserved lemons, and other preserved veggies! Different spices, different vinegars, same basic idea.

  • I’m a twenty-something just recently interested in canning as a way to justify planting a WHOLE LOT more food in our backyard garden! My mom has canned for a few years, which has definitely inspired me. I’m looking forward to hosting canning parties with friends this summer, if I can only get my hands on a bunch of cheap jars!

  • I think it has a lot to do with the green movement. I’ve been canning since I was a little one with my mom and grandmothers, but for people who didn’t grow up with it, it’s this great new way to save money and keep a little piece of the past.

  • I’m thrilled canning is back. It never left for me. It’s fun to get together with friends and work on a project.

  • I am amused very much by the pickle man. I would greatly love that towel. Can’t wait for your next class at Create a Cook in newton ma!

  • I stumbled across your site this morning, while impulsively searching for a small batch apricot jam recipe for a mixing bowl full of apricots from a neighbor’s tree that I managed to save from the greedy squirrels. Adding rosemary to the apricot mixture sounds delicious, by the way! Then, I got caught up in the cooking/canning and ended up feeding my sons their breakfast at noon. But the jam – which is cooling as I type – tastes wonderful…

  • Everything old is new again! The popularity of things like canning always seems to come and go in cycles. I love the fact that canning is making a ‘comeback’ with a new generation. Some of us never stopped! I can, as did my mother and her mother. My next goal – canning parties! PS – love the pickle towel!

  • I love the comeback of preserving. Growing up in the south, I’ve always been around it but love that others are starting to do it more.

  • My favorite is finding a garage sale with vintage canning supplies, much of the time you also end up with a great conversation with an experienced preserver! It is a good reminder that it’s not really a new trend, and I like to think that people appreciate that you are carrying on the tradition 🙂

  • I am 46 years old and started canning about 6 years ago. I remember visiting my great-grandmother in the summer and always having to “fetch” the canned vegetables from the pantry/shed. I always thought that was the neatest thing, to see those fresh vegetables in our dinner. Then when I was older, one of my best friends mom and dad would pickle all year. I loved walking in to the smell when they were in the process of canning and then getting to open the jars when they were ready. So 6 years ago, I decided to give it a try and haven’t stopped since! Jams, jellies, vinegar’s, pickles, jalapenos, onions and more! I love it!

  • More and more people want to know what’s in their food and where it comes from. Canning allows you to control what goes into your body!

  • I remember my mom’s pickling crock sitting on the kitchen floor. I remember it stewing one batch of dill pickles she made and her telling me how her dad and brother made barrels of “bar pickles” that they sold to local taverns when she grew up in Wisconsin. I remember her jars of “bread and butter” pickles that everyone (but me) loved! She taught me to make blackberry jam and we canned it in her kitchen. Now that she’s gone, canning is a way for me to connect with those memories. Jam is easy for me but I have not mastered pickles. I do keep trying and will someday try and replicate those bar pickles – I have the pickling crock and hope that family pickle mojo came with it.

  • I one if the newbies. I didn’t think much about the quality of the food I was putting on my mouth when I was younger, but now I try to eat non-processed, heathy good. Canning helps me 🙂

  • Happy canning has caught on and taken off because people are willing to try all sorts of items, at least most people it seems including my husband. It’s kind of like Slow Food or yoga or buying at farmers markets; it’s been around for years but enough voices and it takes off!

  • I’m only 33, but I’ve always been somewhat of an old fashioned lady. I love cookware from the 50s, wear vintage clothing, and listen to Doris Day. With the sudden popularity in canning at least something I do is now “hip”!