Giveaway: Fillmore Container $50 Gift Codes

Just some of the fun gear at the @fillmorejars booth at the PA Farm Show!

This week’s giveaway is sponsored by Fillmore Container. They are a jar distributor based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and they sell a whole world of jars, accessories, lids, cookbooks, and other great gear.

straight sided jars

Two lucky winners will each get a $50 gift code with which they can order anything they want from the wide array of gear that Fillmore sells. While the choices are entirely up to the winners, I thought it might be fun to suggest a few of my favorite things from their online store.

First up are the jars. They carry the entire line of Ball/Kerr jars and have often been my source for my beloved wide mouth half pint jars. However, because they also sell to commercial canners, you can also get fun, unbranded, smooth-sided jars. I particularly like the squat regular mouth half pints and the super smooth quarter pint jars you see pictured above. If you want jars that will take a label nicely, these are your best bet.

four sizes of hex jars

For even more exotic jar options, there are always the hex jars. These close with lug lids and give your home canning a professional look. For instructions on how to work with these jars, make sure to read this post. Another fun jar in their stock is the French Square Bottle. I love these for stashing batches of homemade iced tea.

jar cherry pitter

If you’re all set on the jar front, there’s still fun stuff to be had at Fillmore. I am a huge fan of this old-style cherry pitter that screws on to a regular mouth mason jar. It makes quick work of pitting cherries and catches all the pits right in the jar. For those of you just starting out with this whole food preservation thing, the six piece canning set should be the first thing in your shopping cart.

stars on paper straws

If you have a 4th of July party on the calendar next month, think how fun and festive it would be to have a jar of these red and blue paper straws out to go with your drinks. If you’re sipping out of jars, pair them with these one piece lids with drink holes to prevent spills.

4th burner pot

Last, but not certainly least is the 4th burner pot. Fillmore Container just recently added this sturdy little pot to their inventory and I couldn’t be more pleased. I use this pot as a small batch canner, for heating pickling brine, and as a blanching pot for little batches of beans and asparagus. When not canning, it gets pressed into service to heat stock for risotto, to bring water to a boil for iced tea, and to hard boil eggs. It’s one of the hardest working pieces of cookware in my kitchen.

This week, Fillmore is giving away one of these handy pots, so make sure to head over to their blog to enter.

Here’s how to enter the giveaway for one of $50 gift certificates!

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me how you’d spend $50 on the Fillmore Container website.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, June 20, 2015. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, June 21, 2015.
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Fillmore Container is providing the gift codes for this giveaway. They sent me the some of the jars and gear pictured above. They are also a Food in Jars sponsor and so do help contribute to the running of this site. 

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1,103 responses to “Giveaway: Fillmore Container $50 Gift Codes”

  1. I could really use the Stainless Steel Funnel with Straining Filter for my herb jars. And I need lots of new lids as canning season begins!

  2. Oh man! A cherry pitter will be the first item for sure! Last year I pitted 6lbs of cherries by hand because I think I am some sort of kitchen martyr! And then I want to get an embarrassing number of wide mouth jars of every shape, I am totally in love with the pint and a half especially.

  3. This is exciting! I just finished renovating my kitchen and am finally back to the fun of preserving, but my jar stock is really low, so $50 to spend on replenishing would be awesome. All the jars!

  4. I would stock up on the half pint and pint sized elite jars, they are my favorite for jams and salsas. I am planning a big preserving summer!

    I just noticed that they are out of stock of the Kerr wide mouth half pint jars, they are another favorite.

  5. I am smitten with the 16 oz dairy french square bottles. I would probably buy some and some additional uniquely shaped bottles as well. Love Fillmore!

  6. I would update my glass jar collection with the hex jars, they are much more attractive and seem like they would store well together with the flat sides

  7. Those hex jars would be #1 on my list!!! Brand new to canning, and I love being able to share the homemade sauces, jams and pickles with friends and family. They’ll be even more impressed to see professional looking jars to match the great taste of all your recipes!

  8. I’d love to try out some of their specialty stuff – the 4th burner pot looks so cool – but to be honest, I’d probably end up using the code to buy more jars. All the strawberries I picked this weekend need to go somewhere!

  9. I’ve had that 4th burner pot on my wish list forever! It would come in so handy! I may need a second one for my camper.

  10. I made my first shrub yesterday (blackberry – swoon!) and have my eye on cherries next, so I need the cherry pitter first, plus some new jars for preserves and for the spice mixes and all the dried veggies I make, and those cool lids for turning my jars into drinking vessels for these killer shrubs!

  11. Where do I begin?! I’ve just entered the world of canning and apart from the fact I LOVE kitchen items in general, AAAAAND I am one of those obsessed with mason jars, I could really use some canning supplies!! I am going to need a bigger kitchen…. 🙂

  12. I’ve offered to make some tiny 1-2oz jars of grapefruit marmalade and key lime curd (to represent the South Texas and Florida roots of the bride and groom) as wedding favors for my sister-in-law’s upcoming wedding, so a $50 gift card would go a long way to help pay for the jars and other supplies! Fingers crossed!

  13. My husband would be thrilled to win this…he buys bottles from them to bottle his homemade wine! (and we live just a few minutes away from their store!)

  14. I’m in love with their 4 oz. jars – they’re perfect for herb jellies like Chive Blossom and Balsamic Rosemary. I’d doubtless spend the whole $50 on those.

  15. That square dairy bottle would come in SO handy, both for my soy milk and for iced tea… so cool! I’d pick up some jars for small batch canning too. 🙂

  16. I would spend the $50 replenishing my canning supplies for this season. I need more jars, replacement lids and rings. Any money left I will pick up some pretty labels

  17. I think I’d get some larger jars for fermenting. I’m trying my first batch of fermented pickles this week and had to use 1 quart jars that I had on hand, rather than a larger 2 quart that was recommended.

  18. I’d love to try out some different jars! And I’ve been intrigued by the one-piece lids ever since you posted about them. Oooh and the 4th burner pot. Can’t I just get everything? 🙂

  19. My husband and I ordered 200 drinking jars from Fillmore Container for our wedding in October! They were awesome and all our guests loved their take home jars. With a $50 gift code I would probably order the Amber Boston Round jars to make homemade vanilla extract for Xmas gifts! And of course the caps to go with the jars. And I’m a newbie when it comes to canning and preserving so perhaps a stock up on 8oz quilted ball jars would be on my list. Thanks for the opportunity!

  20. I think I’d like to get some more jars. I like the larger storage jars. That 4th burner pot sounds interesting too. Going to their page to enter the giveaway! Thanks

  21. Thanks for the giveaway! I would probably just stock up on a little of this and that – flesh out the jars that have broken or passed along over the last couple of years.

  22. Jars, of course! I make at least 10 different flavors of jam a year! I would love to try a different shape jar.

  23. JARS!!!! I would love to have some awesome jars. I love their site. So many cool things, I just have a lot of them already. I couldn’t live day to day without my 4th burner. That’s my favorite thing in my kitchen period…got rid of my tea kettle all together after I got it.

  24. I would buy some cool larger jars for pantry storage. I’ve always wanted one of those 4th burner pots too…..decisions, decisions….

  25. Definitely a 4th burner pot… maybe some more lids for freezing…maybe more fun jars! I want it all but would probably get more things to support smaller batches for canning

  26. My toddler is absolutely scarfing down cherries like they’re going extinct. I would definitely get the cherry pitter. I’ve been ogling the 4th burner pot for years, and love doing small batch jams during the week – I also love asparagus, so win-win-win!

  27. I would buy some Recaps, some other jar caps, maybe some accessories and some fun jars for storage….too many good ideas

  28. Wholesale Amber Growler Bottles – 64 oz-These bottles are perfect, and not for beer only. I glad the make in the USA. And Thanks for the chance!

  29. That cherry pitter looks fantastic! I’d go for that and more small jars…a girl can never have too many jars!

  30. Definitely the 2 Gallon Yorkshire Beverage Dispenser w/ Stand. I also could use more pour caps and funnels.

  31. The fourth burner pot looks cool, but probably not compatible with induction. Not to worry, though, I could use a replenish on supplies and always extra jars. Plenty to choose from!

  32. I’d spend it on 4oz hex jars and lug lids. I’m canning jam in these pretty jars to use as favors at my wedding.

  33. Oh, my. I’d love to get a set of hex jars from fillmore and make one of those magnetic spice racks for my spices- those always look so lovely, and my spice cabinet is both very full, and very messy, and could use some overhauling.

  34. I think I’d try that 4th burner pot if I won 50 dollars! It sure would come in handy when making pickles! What a versatile piece of kitchen equipment!

  35. I would LOVE to win. I’ve never canned before so I would get jars, lids, a can lifter, funnel, … everything I can get for $50.

  36. Definitely some different sized jars, for gifting small amounts of things and to take odd amounts from small batches!

  37. The first thing I would do with a 50 dollar gift card would be to but a new metal funnel. Then I would concentrate on the specialty lids.

  38. I’d buy some larger jars to use in making kraut. I could only easily find quart jars locally, and all of the foods I buy have different jar openings than the standard — so reuse is awkward.

  39. That 4th burner pot has been on my wish list for a while now, but pretty canning jars would put up a stiff competition!

  40. I would spend it on a variety of jars. I have plenty of the Ball jars, but I’d love some of the hex or maybe the different colored Ball jars.

  41. I just canned a batch of rhubarb syrup yesterday . Would love to do others for gifts and some really clever jars or bottles are needed . Also love the straws ! Summer company always gets a canning jar and this is a super addition. Thanks for the offer .

  42. I would buy your books, so I can stop checking them out from the library. 🙂 And I would buy a Cupow item. I keep eyeing them, but have not bought anything yet.

  43. I would probably buy the 4th burner pot. It would fit well on the small burner when a big pot in cooking next to it.

  44. What a great company! I love all the huge selection of jars they offer so I would definitely buy some jars (hex and some green vintage jars for sure). I also would love to get some Cuppows and even some paper straws.

  45. Definitely the 4th burner pot. I have been craving this since your presentation at the Booksellers at Laurelwood last year! Love Fillmore’s collection of jars and lids as well I guess it would be a tough choice.

  46. I’d absolutely want to try that 4th Burner Pot–I’ve had my eye on it for a while, but can’t seem to truly justify its purchase as I have so little space in my tiny apartment kitchen 🙁

  47. Not sure what I would use the rest on but that 4th burner pot would be in the mail just as soon as I got the $50 🙂

  48. Love your blog. I’d like to try the hex jars for my jams and jellies. I can a lot so I’d get a bunch for $50.

  49. I am into canning anything and everything and I particularly wanted to concoct and can some barbecue sauce, ketchup and hot sauce this year, so I love Filmore Containers amazing selection of bottles and jars. I would most certainly use the giveaway $50 for a lovely variety of jar and bottles and possibly the “Food in Jars book as that has been on my book list! 😉

    Rachel B

  50. I honestly don’t know what I’d buy as I haven’t had a chance to surf around.

    But must assuredly it would be jars and lids. Especially specialty lids as I don’t have any.

    Plus I’d look for some other odd equipment gadgets.

  51. I was really glad to see that Fillmore Container is supporting 4-H with a portion of the sales from some specific items. So my firs thought was to use the green daisy container tops and the straws in some sort of fundraising project. Iced coffee at the 4th of July event in one of our local towns comes to mind. We’d probably go with the pint handled mason jars too! Locally roasted coffee, locally produced milk or cream… I think it might work!

  52. Jars, jars and more jars! 🙂 Well, that MIGHT be what I’d spend my gift card on…but I also covet that stainless steel funnel. I might just need to get that, too!

  53. I would buy the fourth burner pot. I loved mine, but I accidentally fused grits to it and couldn’t get it clean. The cherry pitter is tempting as well.

  54. I’d spend this gift code on some new recipe books, a stainless steel funnel, and maybe a fun new gadget just for the heck of it.

  55. Oh my. I could totally use some new jar storage with the JarBox sets. My current organization system is truly pathetic, and I’m not allowing myself to buy new jars until I figure out where the existing ones go 🙁

  56. I would get some of the short 1/2 pint jars and maybe some more of other styles. You can never have too many jars.

  57. I already have the fourth burner pot and have been canning small batch jams from your cookbook so I’m definitely in need of more jars.

  58. I would buy those beautiful jars. I love to can and can always use jars. I also use the jars for just about everything in the house.

  59. You’ve totally turned me on to Fillmore and I love their 8 oz. small mouthed square jars. I use them to make syrups that I can so that we can use them year round. Pop them open and then add a pour lid like re-cap. Brilliant!

  60. More jars! Starting canning this year has meant a lot of money spent in jars and I would love to have more!

  61. Hmmm….I’d go crazy. I do like that 4th burner pot, but I might do more entertaining-type things like their party straws and drink dispenser and maybe some stainless steel straws. I also like their candle containers…..too many from which to choose!

  62. Such a tough choice given so many options! I initially would’ve said some more freezer jars but then I saw the french square bottle and want it for my coffee cold brew! Or purple jars, or cuppow accessories, or silicone sleeves, or…. 🙂

  63. Oh let me count the ways!! Than lil fourth burner pot looks pretty good to me. But so does every other thing on their site too!

  64. I would love to get some more wide mouth jars in any size! Also, if there are any pretty colored jars, such as blue or purple, I’d gladly get those.

  65. I think it would be to get more jars. I’m always trying to scrounge together enough jars so that I don’t have to buy more (which I inevitably wind up having to do). It can get so expensive to have enough jars to give preserves away, even when people do return some of the jars to you.

  66. I’d use the certificate to get smooth sided jars! I need them for the homemade jam I sell in my barn during U-pick strawberry season on our farm!

  67. Thanks for the post! I would purchase so many things, wide mouth 1/2 pints and a stainless steel funnel for sure. Plus I love the squat elite 16oz jars.

  68. I’d definitely be ordering some more jars, probably some fun ones like the hex jars or color mason jars. I’m not sure what else, but I can always find plenty to spend money on at Fillmore Container!

  69. More jars, of course, but I would have to have some of those cute straws with the stars, & some Cuppow & BNTO tops. Those hex jars are tempting as well!

  70. I would get some jars i don’t have much of a stock of canning jars since i’ve only recently gotten into canning.

  71. I would totally get that 4th burner pot (because I don’t expect to win it in their giveaway), and then I’d ponder getting some quilted jars. Straight-sided may take labels better, but I can keep a better grip on the quilted ones when I’m washing them out, or digging in a spoon to get the last bit of the goodies out. I’d probably get the 12 oz. jars, because that’s the perfect size for a breakfast-serving of homemade yogurt for me. If I did miraculously also win the pot from Fillmore, then I wouldn’t have to limit myself to only one set of jars; I could get 4, 8, *and* 12 oz.!

  72. Purple mason jars, cuppow and bento lids, a fourth burner pot… I’m sure I can find plenty to buy at Fillmore Container!

  73. I’d probably get mostly more jars — I can always use jars. And a nicer funnel than the one that came with my initial purchase of canning tools.

  74. I love Food in Jars and Fillmore Container! So glad you found each other! I would get the fourth burner pot for sure and honey muth and a whole bunch of Pomona’s Pectin.

  75. As we are a tiny family I would use it for The 4th burner and do small batch canning at home and for gifts, making/warming stock for yummy recipes, and, my favorite, blanching peaches to easily remove skins for our peaches and cream!

  76. I absolutely love to use mason jars!! I would purchase the pouring caps so when I make my homemade salad dressing, it would pour. Would be much neater. Then, some new jars, can always use new jars! I also like all their different lids and would get a slew of those. It would be so fun and I would just love to get these things!!

  77. Oh boy! I’ve been eyeing a number of things but the cherry pitter is a big winner. No more cherry juice all over me when using my other pitter!

  78. I love the smooth-sided jars for a variety of uses – everyday I use 2 of them to hold my homemade almond, maple sugar butter and homemade greek yogurt. The Fourth Burner Pot looks like a real winner.

  79. I would love to have a variety of the cuppow lids, the 4th burner pot and lots of the wide mouth half pint jars which I can’t find anywhere near me!

  80. I have looked at this site many times but not bought. Would enjoy some of the different gift jar shapes they offer.

  81. $50 for Fillmore Containers? Heaven! I’d splurge on ‘dressy’ jars for holiday gifts, like the Ball classic green jars for pickles.

  82. I just learned how to make freezer jam, and I can’t wait to get “my jam on” at home with the help of some “sweet” new Fillmore containers!

  83. So many choices!!
    I would definitely get some jars, but also would like the asparagus pot and the cherry pitter looks very cool!

  84. I’m a retired widow living alone, so when I can, many of the jars are intended for gifts or for solo use. If I had a $50 Fillmore card, I’d splurge on the smaller hex jars and the smooth sided mason jars. They’d look so pretty in a gift basket filled with jam!

  85. I would love to get some tiny jars, for making beeswax candles. I would also stick up on lids and bands – I’m anxious to get with the strawberry jam making! Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

  86. Zowie! I have seen you use that pot during two classes, one on jam and one on pickling. I would definiyely get the pot and some of those cute jars. Thanks for providing so many neat offers. Cheers.

  87. I have a serious jar problem. My spare bedroom is referred to as “the jar room”. So, should I win, I would have to get some fancy jars to go in the jar room!

  88. I’ve craved that skinny pot for a long time, but it would be a toss up with bottles for fermented hot sauce.

  89. Hmmmm….my husband thinks I have more than emough jars (he just doesn’t get it!). I could probably sneak in a few more purple ones, however, and I’ve fallen in love with the Recap lids, so a few more of those also! I could spend $50…!!

  90. I love the different jars.I’d like to try making pickled vegetables from the garden and giving them away in some of the pretty jars.

  91. As I intend to make Peach BBQ sauce as well as blackberry syrup I have a need for bottles as opposed to jars.

  92. Thanks to Fillmore for sharing! I covet the 4th burning pot, but I love the prissy little squatty jars to fill for presents!

  93. Oh I have a long wish list from that store, but I have some of the old blue canning jars and I saw that they carry some lids that look like the old zinc lids. Just for show but that’s what I want them for.

  94. I would pick up the fourth burner pot! I’d also love to pick up some of the pour spout lids for storing things in my pantry. Great giveaway!

  95. I am just getting starting with canning and I need almost everything! I’d get the 4 th burner pot and some jars.

  96. Oh Wow! Never noticed it before in your comments but glad you mentioned it again. This little pot looks like the perfect addition to the canning supply shelf! This is what I would put a $50 gift certificate towards!

  97. If I don’t win the Fourth Burner pot, I would buy it. (fingers crossed to win though!)
    I would shop in the Amber jar section for several things I see there. I could use a Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Funnel for canning. And I would love some of the hex jars or the apothecary jars for dry ingredient storage.

  98. I would love to pick up some things to start canning, too much fruit is wasted here where I live and I could can it and give it away.

  99. There is so much that I would like, but since my grandson who is 8 & I make jellies together I think I would let him spend the $50.00 credit and get items he thinks we could use and of course he would tell me grandma this is what I picked with excitement in his eyes.
    Take care,

  100. I would love to buy a large 2 gallon container to serve beverages in for a few of our summer parties, it it never hurts to have extra canning supplies on hand!!!

  101. Wow! So many options… I’d buy some canning jars, and probably different kinds of tops…like the flower frog.

  102. Its time for me to buy more of their hot sauce jars. And those smooth quarter pint jars are making my inner minimalist very happy.

  103. So much fun stuff to choose from at Fillmore! But I think I’d have to go with the hex jars you mentioned… love those for jams.

  104. It’s so hard to find canning supplies in my area, I wouldn’t know where to start! Bottles would be up there, and smooth-sided jars of any size. I’m growing cucumbers, so any sizes that are good for pickles would have to be included. If anything was left over, I’d use it as downpayment on the 4th burner pot.

  105. The absolute first thing I’d buy is the cherry pitter… It’s one of those unnecessary tools that when you need it… It’s so necessary!! Then I’d probably refill my arsenal or jars with new lids and maybe different sized jars.

  106. • 4th Burner Pot (WOW!) • smooth sided canning jars • large wide mouthed jar for making sauerkraut • wide mouthed mason jar drinking lid
    Thanks! 🙂

  107. I would buy hex jars, they are delightful and with all of the new jams that a girlfriend and I want to make they would make great gifts!

  108. That 4th burner pot looks AMAZING! I HATE heating up an entire canner or stockpot/ the whole house if I’m only doing small batches. I’m going to have to look into that. Giftcard or no!

  109. Love, love, LOVE Fillmore Container. I attended one of Marisa’s classes there and I plan to visit them again soon, with or without an extra $50 =) What would I buy? Probably more jars and straws.

  110. 12 oz jars, for sure. I love that size, and I can never find them in my local stores. Thanks Marissa!

  111. I would go crazy at Fillmore on the wide mouth half pints! I have one that I was given by a friend who canned an item and swapped with me, and I fell in love with them! I need more haha! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  112. I think the question is more what would I not buy? There is so much fun stuff on their site I can easily spend the certificate.

  113. I JUST spent a bunch of money at Fillmore buying about 200 of those smooth-sided 4oz jars and a sleeve of lids (I’m making tiny jams as favors for my wedding!) but I’d use the gift certificate for some straw-lids and jar accessories, or maybe one of those 4th burner pots.

  114. I would use it on all of those little lid variations that allow you to turn your jars into something else. I love multi-purpose items!

  115. I would definitely get the square jars, and the hexagon jars to fill for Christmas gifts. I had never been to Fillmore, it is great!

  116. I’d definitely buy some jars — I’ve made three batches of jam in 2015, and I’ve about used up my backlog of 4 oz & 8 oz jars. Though I’d love to upgrade to a stainless steel funnel, too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  117. I would use it to buy little canning jars for the jam I am making as gifts for my wedding this fall. I have already planned a trip to Fillmore to pick which ones I want, but I am leaning towards the smooth sided ones in your post!

  118. I would love the 4th Burner pot! I often run into the problem of running out of stove-top room, or not having the right size pot for small batches. I also really enjoy the jar accessories, since I use my jars for all kinds of things in addition to canning.

  119. i would love a 4th burner pot for small batch canning. I’m expecting my second child next month and have a feeling that much of this fall’s canning will need to be in small batches.

  120. I am getting ready to make jams as favors for my daughter’s wedding in September. I would use the Fillmore gift certificate to purchase the smooth quarter pint jars. They are the perfect size and shape.
    We plan to ‘Spread the Love!!

  121. Remember the SNL skits where Kristen Wiig played the woman who just got so excited she couldn’t contain herself and usually ended up crashing through a window? That would be me in that store!! I think I’d spend half on jars and the other half on all kinds of things, starting with that cherry pitter. And I’m fairly certain I’d go way over $50! I keep trying to convince my family that a trip to Lancaster would be a great idea – I have an ulterior motive for sure!

  122. I was JUST browsing on the Fillmore website the other day looking for pretty bottles for the vinegars I’ve been infusing. I was completely blown away by their selection! I’d definitely spend this gift code on cool containers for packaging holiday gifts this year. Sounds crazy, but I’m already in that mode!!

  123. So many choices!!! I like the 4th burner pot! I like the new lids! I like the jars! Containers for gifts! 🙂

  124. So many cool things–it’s hard to decide! Definitely some new jars but I think I would try out some cool new lids, too. And then I would throw in a couple beautiful, frivolous things, just for the joy of it!

  125. I would like to try using the smooth-sided jars. I love going to Fillmore Containers! It’s so fun to see all the new accessories and they are so nice and helpful at the warehouse!

  126. So many options, WOW ! The first thing I would order would be the Elite Ball 8 oz WM Jars. They would be wonderful in my Christmas Gift Baskets. I would also order a stainless steel WM funnel. Thanks for this chance to win : )

  127. Oooh, I would love one of their Yorkshire beverage dispensers, as well as some of the mason jar drinking lids, and some boring but needed jelly jars.

  128. A while back, I bought some smooth 8oz canning jars from Fillmore. They are amazing. I would be tempted to spend the whole $50 on those jars. Although they also carry an adorable 8oz square Mason that has caught my eye on more than one occasion.

  129. I really love the hex jars and French Square Bottle (with handy measurement markings) that you posted. I would probably also get some smooth-sided 1/2 pint and pint jars as presents for family members who can.

  130. I’d probably use it to finally buy some of those traveling jar boxes. They would be great for hauling my Christmas gifts back home every year!

  131. This is only my second year canning, and I could really use some more jars for the jams and fruit butters I want to try!!

  132. I think I’d put it towards a stainless steel canning pot. I use mine for stock and would like a bigger one that will last forever.

  133. As a newbie canner with a huge garden and lots of wild berries around, I’d order some fun jars to make gifts for friends and family 🙂

  134. So many things I’d love to try! The adorable straws, a cuppow lid, pomona’s pectin, some smooth sided jars… I would have no trouble spending $50.

  135. Love those French square jars/bottles – I know that $50 would just get me started in placing an order that would encompass a whole array of goodies – love it all.

  136. I actually just placed an order with Filmore! I am making kombucha and lemoncello and ordered two cases of woozy bottles and lids. I already have a 4th burner pot, on your recommendation, so I’d get the hex jars. I think they are really cute and make jarred gifts unique 🙂

  137. Ooh, those green pint jars for cucumber and zucchini pickles!
    And some 12 oz. masons–just the right amount of applesauce for supper.

  138. I never realized how spoiled I was with the long growing season when I lived in Atlanta. Now that I’ve moved to Chicago, I want to get into small batch canning to preserve some of the warm weather bounty! $50 would get me started on my canning journey–jar lifter, maybe a fourth burner pot, jars, what have you.

  139. I like the orange mason jar lids. And I could use some salad dressing bottles. The fourth burner pot does look handy. It would probably work well on my tiny apartment sized stove.

  140. Just found this site and I’m quite excited about it! Would get the 4th burner pot and labels. If any is left over I would get lids.

  141. I would probably use the $50 for those hexagonal jars. I think Fillmore has the best prices on those and they are hard to find anywhere else. I would get the cherry pitter too…cherry pie is so time-consuming!

  142. If I win, I will use the $50 gift code to get glassware for my daughter’s Harry Potter party. I like the amber glass, bottles, jugs and jars are perfect for Professor Snape’s potion class! 😀 Thank you for a chance to win!

  143. Jars Jars and more Jars!
    Would really like to try those hex jars – they do look very professional. and then there is that 4th burner pot….

    Too much to chose from!

  144. Big (really big!) jars for storage of seasonal greens, produce, and dry goods. I love having storage containers that can be repurposed for any number of things, including long term storage by canning. Just need a really large pot!

  145. I would stock up on 4oz jars and maybe a few more half gallons, which I use for storage in my pantry. Thank you!!

  146. We inherited a pear tree in our front yard when we bought our house. This year, I’m hoping to make a lot of your Sweet Pear Caramel and Honey Lemon Pear Butter to give as holiday gifts. The Elite Ball 8oz Widemouth Jars would be the perfect size and shape for gift-giving!

  147. I can buy Ball jars at the hardware store, so I would use my $50 to buy something different–the smooth sided jars look nice. Thanks for the giveaway!

  148. You can never have enough pint size and half pint jars, so I would definitely lean towards buying some of them.

  149. Oh! I’d be able to have SETS of jars instead of the higgeldy-piggeldy bunch I have now! And my old jars would promptly go out on Greenbelt Freecycle for someone else to use! Two gifts in one!

  150. So neat to pair up with a really great retailer for all things wonderful! I’l use it for jars! I love the squat and hex versions in the blog post. Seem like I can never have enough containers- they are always full before the end of the growing season here in KC!

  151. I would use my credit towards a cherry pitter for sure to make one of my favorite jams, Peach-Cherry. You can never have enough jars and I’d love to pick up some smaller sized jars for jam/jelly that I’ll be giving away for Christmas. Thank you for the chance to win!

  152. I will FOR SURE be stocking up on my jars! Our locally famous veggie stand opens on June 20 and I will be getting my canning on for sure!

  153. I really like the 4th burner pot! I think I’d get some of their lids too! I like all the different choices they have! 🙂

  154. Oh man, hard call. I would say that I will buy all the accessories because I’m forbidden to purchase more mason jars. But those mason jars! With no bumps! Some of those would sneak into the bag.

  155. I’d buy some jars to make your strawberry-fig jam recipe so I can give it away as gifts- everyone loved it last year. Oh, and I’d buy some mason jar accessories for myself. 🙂

  156. I LOVE glass jars and use them not only for canning, but for all different purposes around the whole house! So, I would probably get some different types of glass jar, maybe colored or pretty shapes. 🙂

  157. I make jams and jellies and give them away every Christmas to neighbors and my city council members and police and fire chiefs. I am on several committees for the county and give them as Christmas gifts also. In one committee’s Christmas exchange they do the kind where your chosen gift can be taken 3 times, my jams are always fought over. I would really love to be able to use some “fancy” jars in my gift giving, but honestly can’t afford to spend that much extra money on them. I get some of my jars back, but not enough to do it again the next year without a heavy investment in jars. I think one of the reasons everybody looks forward to my jams is that I’m legally blind and it just amazes them all that I can do it AND have it taste so good.

  158. I’d love to have some recaps. I would use them for my on-the go meals: noodles, shakes, smoothies and the usual uses: leftovers, etc. My husband loves them because he never stops and has been known to spill and the size of mason jars are perfect.

  159. I would go for the pot I heard it was perfect for small batches. I am trying to teach my self and small batches are just perfect right now.

  160. I’d use the $50 to buy up a variety of lids to use on my jars when the jams and pickles have all been eaten!

  161. WOW they have a lot to choose from! I can and gift, and when I can I try to share what I know if you want to learn how, so I tend to help people set up with canning supplies. For my personal use the woosey bottles look GREAT for infused oils and vinegars, and your mention of a cherry pitter would be an extravagance.

  162. Probably lids, or some sort of jar to use for hot sauces. (And then I might finally use those peppers in my freezer to make some hot sauce…)

  163. I’d go with the cherry pitter and candle wicks! They allow you to reuse your candle containers and make new soy based candles!

  164. Thank you for a great giveaway. I definitely would get the Fourth Burner Pot with the
    credit, if I were to win.

  165. I would definitely get the Fourth Burner Pot and I will be ordering the hex jars for my seasonal bounty this year.
    Thank you!

  166. I would definetly stock up on jars. Even tho I tell everyone I gift jam to, to bring back my jars for refill, they rarely do.

  167. I’ve yet to try one-piece lids, so that would be my primary buy-along with 8oz square Mason jars. The 8 oz Elite wide mouth is also intriguing and I’m desperate for a stainless steel funnel! I could get lost on this site.

  168. I would definitely spend money on more jars. I give away jam as gifts, so I always need to replenish my stash.

  169. I really like those French square milk bottles. I think they’d be great for juice, flavored waters or my Kombucha! Also, I think I’d love one of those 4th burner pots.

  170. I didn’t know they made unbranded jars. I would have to thing seriously about those. I do like the idea of the cherry pitter, and the 4th burner pot, an amazing idea

  171. I am always on the look-out for cute jars to can with (so gift giving is easy if I choose to give any of my jams/jellies away), and I would definitely buy jars with the $50. Thank you!

  172. There are so many great things. Ever since we heard about it from you, we’ve wanted to get a fourth burner pot!!

  173. The cherry pitter is calling my name! Then again, so are a variety of jars…I’d love to have to figure out what to order first.

  174. What couldn’t I do with all these lovelies??!! I really like the unlabeled jars & am also partial to those wide-mouth 1/2 pints that I can’t find locally anymore. I would have a FIELD day!!!

  175. I am a fan of glass jars, I have recently foraged into fermenting, so my certificate would be used to supply my container needs to hold all the lacto fermented goodness I’ve been making.

  176. To be honest, it would be hard to choose between the jars and the cherry pitter so I might have to get both. This would be a great win!

  177. I’d like to use it to fill out what I’m missing like a cherry pitter so I can give cheery preserves a try.

  178. I would use this gift certificate to purchase jars for canning jam to bring to the next Lancaster Preservation Society Food Swap! Or I might just have to buy that 4th burner pot if I don’t wint it from the Fillmore Container give-a-way.

  179. I would definitely spend it on some lovely jars, especially squat jars. I’m so low on jars right now after making spicy tomato mango jam and pickled watermelon rind. =-)

  180. I’d get a case of wide-mouth 24-oz jars! They’re a strange size that is so hard to track down in person but they’re perfect for dilly beans and leftovers.

  181. If I had a $50 credit to the Filmore site, I would be in hog heaven. I am already eyeing the cherry pitter, the fourth burner pot and those gorgeous red white and blue straws. I love to make summer meals fun whether we are having Company or not. I like the jars too! I actively can and on a whim grab a jar for flowers or storing fresh herbs or my collection of paint brushes. Fillmore wouldn’t be worried that I wouldn’t spend the whole $50. 🙂

  182. I love these hex jars. I have canned for years but never really tried different jars. I make Christmas gift baskets every year. Those he jars would really dress up a gift baskets. L narrow pot too. Would work great on my small stove top when my waterbath pot takes up so much space.

  183. Could always use more jars. I use the straight sided one for freezing stock, the little ones for pate and stock, and all sizes for different kind of ferments and general storage.

  184. I love those little itty bitty canning jars for gifts. Like the ones that came in the hillshire farms cheese and sausage gift baskets when I was a kid. They probably don’t hold more than an ounce but they are soooo cute.

  185. That 4th burner pot would be my first choice, but I’d also love some smooth sided jars as I have my own labels.

  186. I would stock up on smooth sided jars for my dill and garlic pickles; pickled radishes; green tomato relish; pickled green tomatoes; habanero jellies and sooooo much more.

  187. I love having beautiful container for gift-giving! I have some homemade Kahlua brewing, and am always looking for the perfect 1/4 pint jars for jams. Also, would love to finally get a stainless steel canning funnel.

  188. I would definitely buy the cherry pitter and I can always use more jars! I especially like the hex jars for gifting.

  189. I am new to canning, jamming and pickling. Thank you for all your guidance and inspiration. I would buy some pretty jars! Love different jars!

  190. I’ve been loolooking through Fillmore’s website and they have great choices. I love to win – oh no, that means I’don’t have to make up my mind!

  191. I’d love to use it to acquire some more tops, that cherry picker and even that 4th burner pot. All would be handy and I’d probably add some other goodies into the order as well. Thanks for the chance.

  192. I would definitely be ordering jars. I have a cherry pitter and I purchased the 4th burner pot last summer based on your recommendation. I love it. More jars = more canning 🙂

  193. If I would win the gift certificate I would order jars. I love sharing canned goods with others in hopes of inspiring in Them to home can!

  194. I would get some nice hex jars to put some of the 6 lbs. of gooseberries in that I just destroyed my hands picking!

  195. The 4th burner pot has been on my ‘wish list’ for a while. I’d also like some Cuppow lids and I can always use some more of the Ball plastic storage caps – I use those for refrigerator storage in jars and freezing in jars. Won’t take long to spend $50 !!

  196. I’ve planted 6 different varieties of tomatoes this year, a total of 35 plants, and 4 varieties of peppers. I plan on making lots of sauce and salsa, because we always seem to run out. The $50 would go to pint quart-sized jars.

  197. Omg! there are so many things I could use the 50.00 dollar gift card for……. but, I’m sure that if I win I would use it on the jars…. the pruddy ones….

  198. I sooooo want some recap pour spouts for salad dressing! I’d also get one for everyone in my family for Christmas gifts.

  199. I would use such a windfall to buy some of those little straight-sided jars. Thanks for the opportunity.

  200. I love the Kerr 1/2 pint jars but can’t find the wide mouth pint. There some many great products I don’t know.

  201. I found one of the cherry pitters at a yard sale and thought it would be a quaint decoration.Silly me.A friend invited me to pick ALL the cherries from her three trees and use them as I saw fit.My little ‘decoration’ got a work out and my friends and family have been enjoying them in so very many ways.Unfortunately my handy little tool didn’t survive so my first thought was to stock up in case of another cherry windfall.but then I saw the Fourth Burner Pot and I KNOW one of these are somewhere in my future.

  202. I love the cherry pitter ! Mine is ancient and like a nutcracker that is currently rubber banded together.
    I also would like to try out the different tops. I use canning jars to store just about everything.

  203. I would get the 4th burner pot! I’ve been following your posts about this handy pot and want one for myself!

  204. Oh how generous of them!!! I’d have to get that cherry pitter. The rest would be spent on the hex jars which I would guard with my life!

  205. I make many varieties of jam with my grandson who is 8 now. He has been making jam and selling it for 3 years now so we are always looking for beautiful jars to use. We love all of those at Fillmore Containers! He uses the 1/2 pint wide mouth most of the time…it’s easier to get the jam into!

  206. Jars, jars, jars… I give away a lot of jam and only a few people manage to return the jars. Fillmore has such interesting options.

  207. I love different jars, but I might go practical and stock up on lids because it’s what I need right now. I’d definitely waste a lot of time looking at all my options.

  208. I’m intrigued by the hex jars, so would love to use part of the $50 to try some of those. I could always use more regular pint jars, and the cherry pitter would be awesome.

  209. I am always in need of jars, and I like the various designs they offer. And it is cherry season here in Virginia, so the cherry pitter would come in handy!

  210. Banjo Salad Dressing Bottle , purple Hertiage canning jars (for mason jar lunches) and wide mouth pint jars. What a great great giveaway! Thank you

  211. I would definitely get a 4th burner pot. And some more jars, and more Pomona pectin. And more cookbooks…guess I will need more than a $50 gift card!

  212. I’d use the gift card on jars for the honey I harvest from my bee hives as well as canning jars for everything I can from my garden! The 4th burner pot is awesome and I’d love to buy that for sure!

  213. Oh boy, $50 to play with (rubbing hands together)! First I’d buy that 4th burner pot for heating pickling brine, the hex jars, different sizes. I’ve got zucchini, jalapeños, and cucumber growing right now and plan on making lots of pickles, using both cukes and zucchini, and cowboy candy with the jalapeños.

  214. I never have enough jars! And I would finally get a jar lifter so I could stop struggling to get jars out of boiling water with tongs!

  215. This summer is my first time canning – definitely need to stock up on jars, though that 4th burner pot looks mighty tempting as well!

  216. Golly, I think I’d change my mind a handful of times, but those lids look like a lot of fun. Then again, I’ve been fighting the ureg to get a 4th burner pot..

  217. I’d like to get some uniquely shaped jars. And one of those cookbooks. And, after looking at it, I really like the 4th burner pot! Can I get all of that? Haha.

  218. I am getting back into canning and look for small batch recipes to use. I would use the gift card to build a stock of half pint jars and lids. I love the flower lids. And that cherry potter would have been handy last week!

  219. Either the 4th burner pot or bottles for booze infusions. The bottles made for hot sauce are a great bottle for about a cup of infusions.

  220. Jars, jars, jars!! I use them for storage in my kitchen and sorting and organizing in my sewing and millinery room. Small and tiny? Goes in a jar.


  222. I have been canning for 40 years and can never have too many jars.
    I give a lot of product away and always need small wide mouth jars.

  223. I’d be pretty torn between the fourth burner pot and some more jars. The hex jars are pretty snazzy. And I am definitely in need of more of the 1/2 gallon ball mason jars for storage. I bought a pack just beacause (thinking they’d be impractically big), but have found them really nice for bulk dry items.

  224. I have some more jams to make this summer, so I’d use the cash for some jars/lids. Peach melba jam and strawberry kiwi are on my list to make.

  225. As a newbie to the canning scene, I would totally buy the six piece canning set. The new 4th burner pot looks totally awesome too!

  226. Since it seems the only jars I can get around here are quilted pint jars, I would get loads of unique looking jars!

  227. Wow, I’d be hard pressed to only spend $50 there, but the 4th burner pot has been on my wish list for a while. But I can get that other places, and I love those Hex jars. But the smooth sided jars are cool too…

  228. Decision.decisions. It’s a toss between the cherry potter or the new fourth burner pot? Would probably use pot more though. Thanks!

  229. I’m a total jar geek – I don’t need a reason to buy them I just get them because of their unique shape, or lid, or whatever! Although I do preserve my garden – I would probably splurge on a few of the big ones for pickles

  230. Definitely the Fourth Burner Pot!! I have wanted one for a long time now and I know I would use it every day in so many ways! With the leftover $$, I would get some of those cute, cute, cute red, white and blue straws, for the 4th of July!!

  231. I’d love to have that Fourth Burner Pot and the hex jars are cute as well. I also see a lot of cookbooks and canning books. I love to have lots of canning books to reference….

  232. I am a single mom unable to support my family with my full time job. I am trying to supplement my income by selling specialty jams and jellies to friends, family, and hopefully a local farmers market if I can afford it. I would use this gift card to supplement my supplies and equipment to better enable me to market myself in this capacity and provide additional income to my family.

  233. LOVE the Fourth Burner Pot…would have to have that…and maybe some of those hex jars…and…and..and…thanks for introducing me to Fillmore Container!

  234. I’d be like a kid in a candy shop….it would take me forever to choose, and I’d love every minute of the choosing!

  235. I am always canning something. I would probably get the fourth burner pot and some fancy jars for gifts.

  236. I LOVE Fillmore Container! I am steadily moving all of my food storage from plastic to glass, so I would put a $50 gift certificate to good use on a variety of jars and lids, but I might also have to do something fun, like paper straws for my iced coffee.

  237. I’d restock on jars. In particular, I would get some 4 oz jelly and wide mouth half pints. Maybe some wide mouth pints.

  238. I am just getting into canning, so winning a $50 gc would be awesome and not go to waste, going to go pick blackberries now, so i can make spiced rum, lemon, cinnamon, blackberry jelly.

  239. Basically all the jars! I use them for in so many capacities, not just in my kitchen. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

  240. I’d buy wholesale pint/half-pint jars! Think of all the cases of jars I could have for $50! That would add up to a lot of jam & chutney.

  241. Oh man! This is so hard! We doubled our garden this year so I need lots more jars! The lids are so fun too! I would have a blast choosing which ones to get!

  242. I would use the gift certificate to buy more canning jars. I desperately need more after losing some of mine, and we cannot afford to buy more at the present time. Thank you!

  243. I really want to experiment with some of the lug lids so this gift card would be ideal. And those hex jars would be great while I’m doing jams this summer for gifts at the holidays!

  244. Would love to have the Fourth Burner Pot. But I found that I can never have too many jars. Tough decision I hope I have to make.

  245. I’m a kindergarten teacher. This year I gave all my parent volunteers some jam that I canned. I’m getting ready to begin canning and love those hex jars. I would have to buy those for my gifts.

  246. Oh! What a great source for jars! I will have to take a look. I have been canning since I got your first book 2 years ago, and I love it!

  247. I would love to win this!! I’m just learning about canning & need to build my supplies. This would greatly help with that process!!

  248. I’m doing pretty good on jars; but would love to browse thru their accessories- wide mouth funnels, fermentation aids, etc.

  249. I’m all about jars but I would get the 4th pot burner due to it’s multi function!!! love the idea behind it’s uses.

  250. I would have to splurge on some little things – like the lids, funnels, and other awesome accessories!! My grandmother taught me to can – they had a farm and nothing went to waste. It is my passion.

    • I can can just for myself now that the kids are grown. I think the fourth burner pot would be perfect for the small batches of fruit and jelly I do now.

  251. I would use the gift certificate towards a fourth burner pot to help with canning or I would buy canning jars.

  252. Oh my goodness! I started canning not too long ago and I love love love it! I’m very excited when I can find something that is useful in canning as well as everyday use and I would purchase the 4th burner pot for sure! It looks like it would be fun to use as well! I would most likely purchase more jars and novelty items too just for fun!!!

  253. I would buy online the wide mouth 1/2 and 1/4 jars and use for homemade jams/jellies, sauces, and order larger wide mouth jars for my homemade marina sauce. Would love to win this. Thanks.

  254. I’d love to use the credit to purchase the 4th burner pot or any other canning items that I wouldn’t feel guilty “splurging” on.

  255. It’s peak farmer’ market season, the 4th burner pot would be a life saver. Cute jars are a plus and needed right before the fruit harvest!!

  256. The 4th burner pot would lend credibility to me as a novice canner. Having such professional looking equipment is such a joy.

  257. I’d buy jars for gift-giving during the holidays. Fill ’em up now and give away later. Pretty jars make pretty gifts. I already have the 4th burner pot and love it. I just leave it out on my stove top, I use it so much!

  258. Ifbi won I would get Amber jars for homemade vanilla extract, sauce jars, and some honey bear shaped jars just for fun.

  259. I would get jars for canning jams. My 8 grand children love making jam to take home with them. We make jam from all the fruit we grow and of course from our rhubarb. Yum.

  260. I would spend more than that $50, but I would definitely get the 4th burner pot and some of those smooth sided jars.

  261. With canning season just around the corner, I could use some new jars and more! The $50 gift certificate would be great!

  262. So many choices! I like the idea of the 4th burner pot, but I’d also be tempted by some of the lids and the hexagon jars.

  263. I would LOVE to start off canning this year in something shiny! 🙂 I have cucumbers coming along nicely!

  264. I would use the $50 to purchase more canning jars. I never have enough! I love being able to eat garden veggies all winter so do lots of canning.

  265. Ooh, I’d get some Pomona’s pectin (’cause I can’t find it locally), some cool accessory lids, and blow the rest on jars. Because I’m helpless when it comes to jars. 🙂
    I actually have a 4th burner pot, purchased based on your recommendation, and love it. It’s probably the hardest working pot in my kitchen these days.

  266. I would definitely buy another funnel and some of the cool lids they have. My husband could definitely use some of the drinking lids for his after workout protein shake!