Giveaway: Fermentools Starter Kits

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Whether you are a dedicated fermenter, or it’s something you’ve just been considering doing, you’re going to like this week’s giveaway. It comes to us from Fermentools, a company that make a fermenting set-up that is designed to make it nearly foolproof to make all manner of brined pickles and preserves.

fermentools gear

Their basic kit consists of a pre-drilled lid, rubber gasket, glass weight (that fits perfectly into a wide mouth mason), air lock, and two stoppers for the jar (one has a hole for the air lock and the other is solid).

Fermentools also sells a starter kit that includes all the gear in the basic kit, along with a bag of very finely milled Himalayan salt that dissolves like a dream.

fermentools salt

Now, you might wonder why you need a kit like this to ferment. Truly, you can happily make a batch of brined pickles or sauerkraut without anything more than a jar, salt, and vegetables. But if you struggle with fermenting (and I’ve heard from you guys and I know that it’s a challenge for some), using a kit that includes an air lock can help you better control the environment and ensure that it turns out well.

fermentools lid

Thanks to Matt at Fermentools, I have three of their starter kits to give away this week. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post. Tell me about your favorite ferment. Are you all about the half sour? Or do you have a crock of sauerkraut going as we speak? It doesn’t have to be something you’ve made either, just something you like.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, November 22, 2014. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog by Sunday, November 23, 2014.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents only (so sorry, further-flung readers).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Disclosure: Fermentools is providing the kits for this giveaway. They also provided a set for photography and testing purposes. What’s more, Fermentools is a Food in Jars sponsor, but they did not provide any additional compensation beyond their sponsorship purchase. As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely mine. 


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440 responses to “Giveaway: Fermentools Starter Kits”

  1. My favorite thing to ferment is probably kombucha, it’s so much cheaper to make than buy! But my mother got sick a bit back and I haven’t been able to grow a healthy new one, so I haven’t made any in a while. 🙁

  2. My favorite ferment is probably half sours, UNLESS the brilliant soy-based chayote and jalapeño pickle I had at a Korean place counts as a ferment. Oh. My. Gosh. So good!

  3. Love to try making kimchi, but the time and steps always made it seem like too much trouble. A kit like this, with a step-by-step (assuming it has one) would be great.

  4. This looks awesome! I would love to try it out. I canned pickles a couple years ago- didn’t come out as good as expected so haven’t done it again. This would probably help!

  5. I have tried making sauerkraut a few times with little success. I hope a kit like this might give me a better chance of good results.

  6. I’ve never tried fermenting anything, but I’m a HUGE fan of radish kimchi and would love to try making it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. My daughter and I were just talking about fermenting at dinner on Monday night. I would love to have a jar of pickles fermenting on my kitchen counter! Thanks for the offer to push the idea!

  8. I actually have never fermented but had the pleasure of tasting pickled green beans. They were fantastic and I would love to try to ferment. Thank you

  9. Whenever I visit New York City, I try to get to the Pickle Guys on Essex Street. It’s fermented heaven and my favorite is their pickled pineapple.

  10. Thus far I have only made two types of Kimchi, but I recently checked out Fresh and Fermented from the library— looking forward to trying a few new recipes.

  11. I love pickles and sauerkraut, but I have yet to figure out how to make either of those taste like my grandma’s now-lost recipes. Still working on it!

  12. As a sixty plus year old brand new retiree I canned this summer for the first time and I,am hooked. My experimentation with half-sours were not so,successful since there was a lot I,didn’t know about cukes! I am looking at seed catalogs now and dreaming of kimchee, sauerkraut and, of course, half-sours!

  13. As a snotty one who has eschewed kitchen gadgets and loved fermenting on counter top in mason jars and baggies of brine over pans to catch overflow, I must admit this setup calls me! My favorite ferments are kimchi and half sour garlic dills. Have a huge green cabbage and savoy on the screen porch waiting to be made into kraut, kimchi, dill pickles as my late planted dill is going full bore! Have kids coming from the big city for Thanksgiving and would love to turn them on to the joys of hippie days and ferments. Converts unite! 🙂 That salt looks divine! Thanks Marissa!!! 🙂

  14. Hooked on kimchi! And I just finished up a jar of red kraut and it is in the fridge now. It is SO much better raw than canned!

    What is this half-sour you all speak of?

  15. For years now we’ve always have something fermenting on the counter in a jar – cabbage, radish, carrots, cranberries, apples, onions, etc. Whatever’s on sale that week seems to end up in a jar. This week it’s asparagus! Fermenting has been a wonderful lesson in science, cooking, and health for my whole family. The kids love to make up new recipes and do the assembly, while the whole family enjoys the fruits (and vegetables!) of their labor, getting a teriffic health boost in the process.

  16. My ferments are kind of casual, mostly shredded roots done in the style of Sandor Katz’ recipe for root kimchi. At least that’s the jumping off point. And I save the brine from batch to batch, so over time it gets very complex. I’ve had less luck with cucumber pickles.

  17. I make kombucha, jun, and water kefir on a regular basis but haven’t dipped my toes into vegetable ferments yet. This would be a great way to get started!

  18. I grew up with a mother who made some wonderful pickles. I love sauerkraut and kimchi and experimenting with new foods. I can see fun ahead with this!

  19. I love to ferment and I like to try new and different foods. Mostly I make sauerkraut and kim chi (for my daughter who loves it) also radishes and just starting to get serious about fermenting pickles (currently my pickles are a sun type – a kind of ferment? and really good). I do use an airlock system now, also a mason jar with a bag of water on top and bowl underneath but would like to try an air lock system that I could use my own jars with (for smaller batches). Next step will be venturing into fruits.

  20. I do struggle with ferments. I’ve been half successful with kraut and have some peppers and garlic going right now, but I’m not that excited about them. Thanks for introducing the company!

  21. I have just started fermenting and I love the results so far. Home made sauerkraut is so much better than store bought. I would love to to start branching out to other things!

  22. My favorite thing is sauerkraut. I cannot get the system down, though, so I have been swapping my jellies for my friend’s sauerkraut for some time. I would really like to learn to ferment. Thanks for offering.

  23. I’ve always wanted to try the air lock. I have a fermenting crock that I love, but it would be nice to make small batches sometimes. I love making kimchi and saurkraut.

  24. I’ve only made sauerkraut. The challenge for me is to determine how much salt? I’m not so great at following recipes I’m guessing. But I do love fermented foods. My grandmother always had a crock of pickled corn in her cellar and it was such a treat to suck on the cobs after I had eaten all the corn from the it.

  25. This year has been big for fermentation for me. Sauerkraut is constantly in the works. I have even taken over our bar and turned it into a fermentation station! With the help of the drilled caps and airlock, fermenting is much more controlled – keeping the veggies under the brine and away from air is the main challenge. After newbies try their hand at sauerkraut, I recommend a simple cauliflower ferment that works well, especially in the 1/2 gallon mason jars.

  26. I have refrigerator pickles, pickled beets and sauerkraut in my refrigerator. I would love to try pickled red onions and I don’t even know what half sour means so I know I lots to learn.

  27. Sauerkraut! I love sauerkraut. Es ist mir immer was schoenes! I have been hankering to try making it, but feeling unsure of our microbial environment.

  28. I LOVE kimchi. In fact, I need to make a batch today. My husband accuses me of eating it all when I make it! LOL I also like sauerkraut and fermented carrots. Last summer I made fermented green beans which were totally delicious. Unfortunately time ran away from me and I only made one jar. I’d love to check out this starter kit and see how it works.

  29. I’m new to fermenting. Right now my favorites are dill pickles and kimchi. I have to admit that usually they’re something I’ve purchased. I need to step up my game!

  30. Bread and butter pickles… and sauerkraut. Want to learn how to do this. I have been eating more fermented veggies for health reasons, and have asked for some fermenting equipment for Christmas. Would LOVE to have these to help me start out!

  31. Dill pickles, that’s all I’ve done. The rest – I’ve purchased. Oh yes, I do my own wine vinegar – love that. Thinking these tools are remarkable and would love to expand my skills.

  32. Would love to try this starter kit to make pickles, which I now buy at the farmers market, They are great but I want to make my own!

  33. I like kimchi and sauerkraut. I’ve been meaning to try making a batch of sauerkraut in a mason jar, just haven’t gotten there yet.

  34. I made a batch of fermented radishes earlier this year that I still think about. Right now, there’s a batch of turnips and green beans on the counter that will be my next favorite ferments.

  35. I love yogurt and I’m teaching myself to love kimchi. It’s slow going, but there’s a woman at the farmer’s market who has managed to make it delicious.

  36. oh me oh my!! my favorite ferment is definitely sauerkraut – and also a kimchi-like ferment (mostly just sauerkraut with some green onions, ginger, carrots, chili peppers, etc). so tasty and satisfying! but really I’m a sucker for anything pickled: cukes, garlic, okra, beets, etc. having some of these Fermentools would be a dream, and also make me feel more at ease that I’m not feeding (bad) bacteria to the ones I love!

  37. I am absolutely passionate about sauerkraut (as a Scandanavian married to a Polish man!), but I stink at fermenting it on my own. This kit would do me wonders!

  38. I can make a mean Kim Chi, vegetarian style. I am really ready to try fermenting pickles as I have always canned them in the past.

  39. I love full sour garlic pickles. You know, the dark olive green ones they put out on the table at real Jewish delis that make your lips curl when you first bite into them? I tried fermenting a batch this summer, once I realized that the vinegar brine were too sweet and would not give me that deep salty/garlicky flavor. It was really good, but it was a messy procedure with brine bubbling out of the jar, etc. I’m looking forward to trying it again next summer!

  40. I would love to try fermenting. I have considered it because I do love a good sauerkraut or kim chi. But I have been afraid of poisoning myself. This option of a more regulated environment appeals strongly to me.

  41. Fermentation is something I’ve been wanting to do but am half terrified to try. My guess is that I’d start off with sauerkraut until I reach a comfort zone then expand my horizons!

  42. We love a good batch of sauerkraut in this house and I did a couple batches of pickles this summer when the cucumbers were taking over the kitchen. Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. It’s not a concept that has every tempted me personally, but one of my good canning friends really wants to get into this, so I’ll enter for her.

  44. I have made pickles that did NOT turn out well, sauerkraut that has, and I’m dying to make a fermented hot sauce – just haven’t gotten around to it. This kit looks like fun!

  45. I would love to be able to make pickles as good and Classen pickles. They are the standard in our house!

  46. Those kits look really cool, I’ve been wanting to try fermenting with an airlock since the idea started floating around the internets (lets not focus on how long that’s been, ok ) I’ve done kimchi and half-sours and failed at fermenting dilly beans. I’d like to try beets–I’ve got a bunch from the garden this year and my mom really likes the commercial version.

  47. I am so new to pickling! But ambitious!
    I bought 12 pounds of young Kirby cucumbers from a farmers market, I commented to the farmers wife how I would love to pickle these cucumbers..
    She said she had a very easy recipe.
    Some salt, too much garlic and some dill!
    I made half sour pickles. They were so, so good.
    I gave away lots of jars with a recipe to do the pickling thing!
    My friends, just asked for more jars of pickles.

    I tried to pickle green tomatoes… Not so good.
    I will try another recipe. I love pickle fermentation !

  48. I made a ceramic pickle crock for myself, but I haven’t quite gotten it to work yet. I’m aiming for dill pickles though, and hopefully kimchee eventually.

  49. I have been wanting to try fermenting and this kit would be perfect to get me started. I would love to make some fermented veggies.

  50. We just learned to ferment last night! We have two batches of cabbage going right now. I’m so excited to see how it turns out.

  51. I love kimchi! Having it around makes making noodle or rice dishes so quick! Just make the grain, make a sauce, and mix kimchi in!

  52. I know so little about fermenting that I’m not even sure which foods I enjoy qualify as fermented as opposed to pickled! How long does it take to cross the line? Is there one?

  53. I didn’t have much care for curtido during my semester in El Salvador, but now I am always wishing I had it around. Can’t wait to make some!

  54. I’ve inherited some awesomely beautiful crocks, but I’d sure like to start fermenting on a smaller scale. So far, I have successfully made ginger ale and root beer, but I sure would like to make sauerkraut!

  55. I love traditional sauerkraut, but I’d like to try making a “garden kraut” like a local place does. It’s more of a mixed veggie sauerkraut that my husband actually likes.

    We do ferment beer and cider already, but that’s in bigger batches 🙂

  56. we do a lot of sauer(kraut, rueben, etc). i’ve tried fermenting dill pickles, and will likely play around with that some more next year. currently working on morrocan lemons – with mixed success.

  57. While I don’t care as much for sauerkraut, my husband goes gaga for it. What I go gaga for is happily fermenting away on my countertop as I type: hot sauce! (My mouth is watering at the thought!)

  58. I love fermenting at my summer home in upstate ny and have a few big crocks for that purpose. The other nine months of the year I’m in a NYC apartment without much room for this kind of project. This kit would allow me to have fermenting fun all year long!

  59. I’ve used one of those big covered jars from Walmart to brine pickles in. I use a plastic freezer bag sealed with water to weight the cucumbers down.

    For non-brining, I make pickled beets, green beans, carrot sticks, and my all time favorite is in the fridge–pickled eggs with beets.

  60. I’ve tried to ferment pickles and I’m one of those people who struggle with the process. Maybe this kit would be what I need to be successful.

  61. I don’t ferment, but have been wanting to and this would help me get started!! I have been apprehensive about trying to do it and spending the money if I can’t do it right. This would be wonderful! I am buying the fermented cabbage now and it is pretty expensive to buy.

  62. So cool! I love making sauerkraut but always struggle with keeping everything submerged – I’ve tried lots of tricks but none yet has been foolproof. This gadget might just be what I need.

  63. I am actually making my first batch on saurkraut right now! My house is cold so it is taking a while but it looks like its almost ready!

  64. Hot sauce! I’m not much of a kraut fan and my pickling experiments haven’t always worked out — but fermenting hot peppers is easy and delicious. My homemade hot sauce has replaced Cholula on my table.

  65. Kombucha! I always have a batch going. It is so delious and makes me feel good to drink it. The “mother” was shared with me and I have given “her babies” to many others. I have done sauerkraut a couple times, but need to make more! My hubby makes beer and is ready to start a batch of wine.
    Thanks for offering this giveaway. You’re the best!

  66. My favorite thing to ferment is kim chi. i still haven’t perfected it to the point that it’s as good as my favorite restaurant’s homemade version, but it’s pretty good.

  67. I have never fermented anything. I do however have a great garden loaded with the most large and incredible cabbages and my intention is to make kraut from them…this kit looks interesting for sure!

  68. I’ve tried doing sauerkraut in a crock and it’s always failed. But sauerkraut is my favorite fermenting thing. Aside from, you know, booze. 😉

  69. So far just pickles and pickled peppers. I have been wanting to learn to ferment beyond the basic pickled recipe and this would be way to kick start myself!

  70. I’ve made sauerkraut a few times, and kimchi once. I’d really like to make pickles, but I keep getting scared off. I really want a kit like this to make it easier so I can be more confident.

  71. I do have a crock of sauerkraut going right now, but my favorite ferment is watermelon rind salsa. I chop watermelon rinds, tomatillos, onions, garlic, and jalapenos together, toss with a bit of salt, and let it sit for a week. Super yummy.

  72. I’d love to try making my own kimchi so I can adjust the spiciness level to my liking. I’d also love to make my own sauerkraut – guess I love cabbage in many forms 🙂

  73. I have not tried any fermenting on my own as yet, but would love to do it and having the equipment to get started would be a big help. Researching ways to possibly interrupt or slow the progress of osteoarthritis.

  74. Kit sounds very interesting! I tried to do sauerkraut the other year, but it didn’t turn out successful. Perhaps this would make the job easier!

  75. Hard to pick my favorite – I have a fridge shelf full of sour pickles, some bottles of fermented hot sauce, and sauerkraut just started on the counter.

  76. I would love to have a kit to improve my vinegar making skills. Right now, it is pretty hit or miss.Actually being able to control the process would make a world of difference!

  77. I usually just make sauerkraut with red cabbage and dull, but would like to try fermenting all kinds of things. This kit looks awesome!

  78. We have made saurkraut for a few years, and are just starting to branch out into other ferments. I did a veggie mix w/cauliflower and green tomatoes, with a tad of jalopeno. Awesome. Must do more.

  79. I LOVE the process of making homemade Kimchi… and gobbling it up! Would love to improve my fermentation game to make some mean half sours and other goodies!

  80. We love sauerkraut but the stuff in the jars is just…not good. My 13 year old makes it but it doesn’t always work. I’d love to be able to make it with more confidence. I’m also interested in fermenting other veggies.

  81. I have been teaching classes on fermentation and as a hands-on workshop everyone makes a jar of sauerkraut to take home to ferment. I have not tried this type of equipment but have heard very positive things about it and would like to try and share with class participants. Fermentation has taken off for sure…not just to enjoy but to make also

  82. I make sauerkraut every year, but have not gotten it going yet. Saturday is my last chance to get to the farmers market for the year…here is hoping I can grab a bunch of cabbage!

  83. I love raw fermented sauerkraut and I want to make some (as well as fermented pickles), and I dream about a whole pint jar of fermented garlic radishes I ate in one sitting AND drank the brine that a fermenty friend made, but the only thing I’ve actually made is my favorite so far – preserved Meyer lemons (from Lemon Ladies!). They are so good and I can’t wait to make more 🙂 thanks for the giveaway!

  84. My friends and I meet every week at the studio of one of the dear ladies to paint. Yes paint. But we often wander out to the kitchen…so far this fall we’ve canned pickles, green beans, and saurkraut. We would love to try these items in the kit. By the way, do any of you know how crockery pots for fermenting saurkraut are different from glass crocks? We used some of each, and each batch tasted a bit different.

  85. I’ve been regularly making kimchi. I only like a little occasionally, but my husband loves it. I also try to keep sauerkraut around…..though I just botched my most recent batch. 🙁

  86. I love all fermented foods, two of my favorites are corn and Sauerkraut. Growing up in Kentucky, these were/are still very popular. I now live in AZ and enjoy making my own.

  87. I make a huge batch of sauerkraut every year for a party where we serve Rueben sandwiches. I’d love to win this kit so I could serve some beautiful pickles alongside!

  88. My husband and I just started fermenting and we totally dove in. We love our sour pickles and we have a really hard time sharing those. Right now we are fermenting sauerkraut, Brussel Sprouts, Sourdough bread, hard apple cider, mead, hot pepper sauce and cranberry relish for Thanksgiving. We cannot get enough. This kit would be wonderful! Love your blog, thanks for all the hard work that goes into it.

  89. This looks interesting. I make sauerkraut every year! This would be handy it looks like for doing different things in small quantity. I have had a few failures lol I must admit using my fermenting crock. Not sure what I did wrong. :O)

  90. I make kombucha and cider. Really my only attempts at fermenting. I love deli pickles, though, so I am very tempted. And making my own kimchi would be awesome.

  91. I’m just finishing fermenting five pounds of hot peppers for hot sauce. We’ll see how they turn out. I wish I had an air lock when making them!

    • I have been toying with the idea to make sourkraut. I’m kinda afraid to start it, but have been doing research on it. I have a couple of half gallons of acv started and I’ll see how that goes. I really want to do kraut though. I think this would help.

  92. I love to ferment pickles and sauerkraut! It’s something that just takes a little time and the outcome is always so much better than anything bought in a store!

  93. I’m just settling into a new home where I can cook again… Looking forward to my first foray into fermentation! I have been dreaming about pickled green beans, gingered carrots, regular old cucumber pickles… Yum!

  94. I haven’t gotten on the fermenting bandwagon but I’d like to. I’d like to take some of the things I usually just pickle and ferment them. Cukes, carrots, that kind of thing.

  95. I ferment my own hot sauce from peppers I grow over the summer & I try to always have a jar of lemons going. I want to try krauts next!

  96. I like making sauerkraut every now and then. But after having a recent batch go really wrong (still not sure what happened exactly, but it smelled really awful) I’ve love to try a more fool-proof setup with an airlock.

  97. My all time favorite ferment has been volunteer mystery squash from the garden! Looked like a light green, bulbus zucchini- didn’t taste all that great in stir-fry, so I pickled it using a sauerkraut juice starter. Fantastic savory, garlic dill flavor, and wonderful crunchy and juicy texture!

  98. I haven’t really gotten started on real lactoferments (although the refrigerator pickle section of my fridge is obviously pretty big!)! But I have eaten allll the kimchi, so I’m going to say that. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  99. I have been experimenting with pickling cucumbers for a couple of years now, and have yet to be 100% satisfied with my results. This seems like a great way to try something new and hopefully get that added “crunch” I have been looking for. Crossing my fingers for this one…

  100. I have not tried to ferment anything. I like canned cucumber pickles, but those aren’t exactly fermented. I would be excited to try though! Thanks for the chance to win.

  101. I do have a crock of sauerkraut going, as it happens! Also some assorted fermented veg that are supposed to make a “master tonic” that helps to fight off colds, etc.

    I plan to start another kim chi soon…

  102. Awesome! I’m 2 weeks into my first sauerkraut ferment, and I feel a new obsession coming on. I’d love to expand my tools with one of these kits.

  103. I adore dill pickles, but not the ones I water bath canned, the refrigerator ones. I currently have my first batch kombucha on its second ferment. I flavored it with pomegranate juice.

  104. HI am such a fan! I have your books and am a newbee to canning and would love to start fermenting!!!! Love dill pickles.

  105. I just tried fermenting turnips and beets, and cauliflower for the first time about a month ago. The results were fantastic. Having the correct tools would make it a lot easier, since I had trouble with weighting down the vegetables. In spite of that the taste and quality of the end product turned very well, and I was very pleasantly surprised.

  106. This is the third year I’ve wanted to try making my own sauerkraut but haven’t. I feel like I need the right tools for the job, but I can’t invest in a $100+ fermentation crock. This kit would be the perfect first step for me. My life would be so much better with fresh sauerkraut!

  107. I have only “fermented” ginger for ginger beer and apples for cider vinegar but really want to try pickles and sauerkraut.

  108. I have both failed and succeeded in fermenting. I’ve been considering getting one of these kits, especially for pickles and salsa.

  109. OHMIGOSH… we are all about pickles in our family. My dad grew up in Brooklyn and loved Kosher pickles. My mom was from the midwest and grew up on Bread and Butter pickles and early on I discovered half pickled pickles… the best of cucumbers and pickles. Of course. nothing beats a good jar of sauerkraut!

  110. OHMIGOSH! Pick me! Pick me! I already have a fermentation airlock, but so often I want to run simultaneous ferments, and I have such limited success without an airlock. I really need another one. As for what I want to make, I have recently acquired a bunch of Korean friends (yay grad school!) and now can have an interpreter for the Korean market to get the ingredients to make *real* kimchi, not just the anglo-style stuff I usually make.

  111. I’ve had varied success with sauerkraut and finally invested in a crock with an airlock. So far, my sauerkraut is happily fermenting away. However, that is a 3 gallon crock and way too big for trying new fermented foods. My newest magazine, Taproot, has a great article on fermenting foods with beautiful recipes and I would love to try it on a small scale. Maybe I’ll be a winner.

  112. I’ve toyed with the idea of fermenting, but have not yet done so. Perhaps a starter kit would push me into trying it. I remember my mother making huge crocks of sauerkraut. I did not appreciate it then as much as I do now.

  113. My favorite ferment is sauerkraut. I’ve been considering trying it myself but fermenting is daunting. This seems more approachable.

  114. Sauerkraut. We make some at the end of every summer, in the traditional way. I would love to try this kit! Thanks for the chance to win.

  115. I have always wanted to make my own sauerkraut……I love the stuff! I have made pickles and a type of chow-chow which uses cabbage and green tomatoes. I just love pickled veggies. Thanks for the opportunity.

  116. Sauerkraut. I’ve tried making it once, and it kind of freaked me out. I don’t think it ever fermented since my basement didn’t seem to be the right temperature. This giveaway would be the ticket!

  117. I love sauerkraut and kimchi which I purchase at the natural food store. If I could win this and begin to experiment on my own at home that would be great !

  118. This thing looks great! If I don’t win I would def buy! My favorite fermented is sauerkraut but I just saw a recipe for fermented raspberry soda that is on my list.

  119. Chuckle, chuckle- usually always have a batch of sauerkraut in the fridge or countertop. Same goes for kefir water. And sourdough starter (does that count?!)

  120. I’ve been around the block with a ferment or two. (I might have 9 types of hot peppers brewing.) I love trying out new systems and passing on the knowledge. So many people just want to feel comfortable with the process.

  121. Oh man, my favorite ferment? Just one? I can’t possibly narrow it down that much. I’ll limit myself to two: kimchi and kombucha. I currently have some kombucha going in a lovely crock from Ogusky Ceramics, and I also do my krauts/kimchis/pickles in mason jars, but I could *really* make use of the weight this kit provides!!

  122. My husband and I have brewed beer and hard cider, but I have yet to ferment any food myself. This kit looks like our homebrew set up, maybe if I don’t win this I’ll have to drill a hole through a lid and try using an airlock from our brewing set up.

  123. I have just begun fermenting and I love it. My favorite is saurkraut and kombucha, but I love milk kefir, beets and I’ve also tried water kefir.

  124. I’m afraid it’s the old standby for me–got some sauerkraut going now that I’m eager to eat, preferably on a peanut butter sandwich!

  125. I haven’t added fermenting to my arsenal of food preservation techniques (well, ‘arsenal’ might be a bit deceiving… right now, I only can and freeze, but I’m trying dehydrating soon!) but with a lot of cabbage coming through in my CSA boxes, I’d love to try sauerkraut or kimchi! Right now, I fall into the “intimidated” category…

  126. Fermenting is fun! I love ruby red sauerkraut, in fact, I’ve got a Le Parfait jar that full of beautiful sauerkraut in mid ferment. This kit looks like a game changer though!

  127. I really like doing Kefir and sourdough. I’m learning how to do pickled vegetables & fruits. But I’d really like to try a mead/honey wine next. I’m also a *huge* fan of ginger beer.

  128. I really want to add more fermented foods into our diet. I’ve always loved pickles but I’m currently eyeballing a lonesome head of cabbage in my fridge.

  129. I have done sauerkraut before, but since I’m the only one here who likes it I don’t want to do a whole crock full. This looks like it would be great for small batches!

  130. I come from a long line of Germans who KNOW sauer kraut. It is soooo good! Our family makes it every year. Last year I made a crock of fermented pickles and they too were quickly devoured. It would be nice to make a smaller batch.

  131. I’ve never fermented before, but if I can make something like what comes out of that barrel of half sour pickles from the state fair, I’m in!

  132. My favorite *idea* of a ferment is ginger bug soda. Though in reality while I can get a happy fizzy bug, making it play nice with juice or a sweetened herbal mixture is beyond me. I can do a mean spicy dill pickle.

  133. I regularly make sauerkraut with a combination of green and red cabbage, but I recently bought Sandor Katz’s wonderful books on fermentation and want to take it up a notch. Thanks for your blog. It’s fantastic.

  134. I love kombucha and have a jar in my kitchen right now. But I’m looking forward to starting a ginger bug once my ginger plant has matured.

    • I do like saurkraut. I have made it a couple of times. These tools look interesting and I would like to learn more about fermenting.

  135. I’ve recently been learning about fermenting, but haven’t tried it yet. My daughter is a huge fan of kimchi so that’s most likely where I’ll start. Thank you for the opportunity!

  136. This fall I did help a friend start a couple of crocks of sauerkraut– which was my very first adventure in fermenting. I’d like to try more but in small, mason-jar sized batches… you know, with an airlock and stuff. 🙂

  137. I tried a small batch of fermented kimchi, but unfortunately it didn’t work out well. I would love to try pickles or sauerkraut!

  138. I’ve been canning for several years, but I’ve hesitated with fermenting because I feel like I won’t really know what I’m doing. I would like to try to make some good pickles though.

  139. I am a pickle fiend! I havent done much fermenting but I have been makin several small batches of wine to possibly give out at the holidays. I have never seen this lil mason jar bubbler kit and now that I know it exists I have to have it!!!

  140. Sauerkraut is on my list of things to try. Food in Jars “Pickled Dilly Beans” are my favorite pickled item – so delicious! I’ve currently got a gang of beans in my fridge waiting for the pickling jar.

  141. I’m a new convert to fermented dill pickles (or “fizzy” pickles as my son calls them), and I really like them fizzy- no half sour for me!

  142. Half sours and kimchi and sour kraut and hot sauce and and and…

    I’ve never been particularly good at choosing favorites; I’m more of an “one of each ” kind of person 🙂

  143. I love “three quarter” sours. More than half sours, but not quite full sours, they get just the right balance of flavor to crunch for me. I’ve tried making my own fermented pickles several times and haven’t managed to get it quite right yet, though my refrigerator pickles are still quite good.

  144. Just couldn’t use all the radishes, turnips, and rutabagas offered at our CSA this year. Fermenting them would have been perfect! Well, there’s always next year 🙂

  145. I attempted sauerkraut last year, but it didn’t work out quite like I’d hoped. Our apartment has terrible insulation, and if it’s hot outside, it can be even hotter indoors. I think that was the culprit. I’ll try again eventually.

  146. Sauerkraut is our favorite… sometimes with chunks of onion, apple, and/or carrot. We’ve got several gallons going right now.

  147. Really crossing my fingers for this one! We love fermented foods, but about 70% of our batches of sauerkraut go bad one way or another. Maybe this kit would help!

  148. After a half year of making kombucha with success, I’m ready to take on sauerkraut! This would be so convenient, as my last attempt at sauerkraut seemed awfully messy on my counter with plates and cups. Fingers crossed!

  149. Just made a batch if sauerkraut today! Lol. Seriously need to invest in some airlocks. The plain old stoneware with a lid attract fruit flies.

  150. I would love to win this! I’ve never pickled or fermented anything but I really want to start and have zero tools to do so!

  151. Not a huge sauerkraut fan but I do love kimchi and would love to be able to make my own! I love how compact this system is, instead of having a giant crock of it I can make single servings!

  152. A bit of the newbie to the fermentation game, but thoroughly intrigued. I’ve made several batches of raw, fermented hot sauce from various peppers with varying degrees of success. Also tried my first batch of KimChi this year. A kit like this would definitely help things more consistent and expand my repertoire of ferments!

  153. I’m partial to Japanese tsukemono. Takuwan was my first love, and I’ll easily eat a bowl full of the stuff with a simple bowl of rice. Haven’t tried making it yet, though.

  154. I haven’t fermented before, but I’ve been reading Asian Pickles and I can’t wait to try my hand at a lot of the pickles, especially the Japanese ones.

  155. Sourdough, actually (since I’m not sure dandelion wine counts). For which I’ve never used an airlock, although a Tupperware container is better than a glass jar with screw-on lid, IMHO. It works wonders for making whole-wheat bread lighter, more moist and tender.

  156. Hello all, I have been thinking about pickling since the 90’s. I bought the Ball Blue Book in 1995, which I still have, but never took the plunge. After stumbling onto, I have gotten pickle fever. This year I have made 3 batches of garlic dill pickles, 3 batches of pickled serrano peppers and a batch of pickled red onions. None of the recipes have disappointed. Sunday I put together the small batch sauerkraut recipe, using the quart jar and plastic Ball lid. I am hooked and am not looking back. I am planning on trying more fermented food recipes and would love to try the tools offered by
    Thank you for sharing your expertise.

  157. Learning how to ferment is n idea that I’ve been flirting with for a while now. In the mean time, I’ve learned to bake all of my own bread, grow a garden and can the produce, with both water bath and pressure canner. But I just haven’t had the intestinal fortitude to try fermenting. If I win this, it will be my ‘sign’ to jump in and just do it.
    JKLM, RN

  158. I love these horseradish sweet pickles from the Amish section of the Columbus farmers market. They have a sweet spicy horseradish bite to them. Yum!

  159. I’ve made sauerkraut a few times and have a lovely jar made with red cabbage ready to go. I’d love to branch out to do more fermenting but I’m always nervous about keeping the veggies submerged. This kit looks awesome – what a great idea!

  160. I love homemade sauerkraut, but have never made it. I think it would be fun, except I’m the only one who will eat it, maybe that’s a good thing!!!

  161. I am really getting into fermentation and trying all sorts of veggies using my spiral slicer. Also, the fresh apple cider available now is being transformed into vinegar.

  162. I have not tried FERMENTING but really want too! I got 3 cabbages in my root cellar so I want to try it with their kit! I have done a lot of reading on how & after your post about this company, and then checking out their web site, this is WHAT I need! Seems the easiest & cheapest way to get started & give fermenting a try!

  163. Wow! Just saw these elsewhere and was saying that they looked wonderful. And something that I NEED!! Yes, really. Need, because it seems that the time of year I would most likely ferment anything it is always very damp here. Makes me concerned about the safety of whatever is being fermented. This method would take away that issue.

    Sauerkraut is probably my favorite fermented food. We use a lot of it, most often cooked in a crockpot with some sort of sausage, some apple, onion, caraway. Yeah, we are in a rut!

    But, we want to try fermenting some cukes into pickles. Yum. This way would take away all sorts of anxiety. Hurray!

  164. There is a fermented carrot and ginger slaw I buy that I love. I haven’t tried fermenting yet, just started canning this summer, and am intrigued to try it.

  165. I would love to try making sauerkraut someday. My father-in-law had a crock of it going one time when we visited, and it was absolutely wonderful. A single jar of kraut would be just right for me (no one else in my house will touch it !!)

  166. Kimchi! Specifically a green onion kimchi that makes my mouth glad.

    I mean, I also like kraut, but I feel like I don’t have the right container to ferment a large quantity (and a cabbage finely shredded seems like a large quantity).

    But really, it’s about the kimchi. As a vegetarian, it’s how I make sure I get a mix free of shrimp paste.

  167. Sauerkraut is my favorite and I have not been successful making it at home. I suspect that once I get it right, it’ll be amazing like home grown tomatoes.

  168. Got a 5L Jair of sauerkraut going right now. I’ve also enjoyed fermenting peppers and making my own hot sauce. Seriously considering purchasing a second fridge just so I can reclaim space in the kitchen fridge.

  169. what a cool little kit, sure would make small batch ferments nice and easy. our favorite fermented food would have to be brined peaches. they are so amazing.

  170. Haven’t made any myself yet, but I’ve become a big fan of sour beers (Goses, Berliner Weisses, etc.) – introducing Brett to a brew gives it a refreshingly tart kick!

  171. I’ve made pickles zillions of times. My attempts at apple cider vinegar and kombucha failed, but I will keep trying. One of these days I want to attempt sauerkraut.

  172. Pickles and kimchi are my favorite things to ferment. I haven’t really tried anything else (unfortunately), but I would love to try sauerkraut, but nobody in my family has really ate it before — so we don’t know how it’s supposed to taste like. :/

  173. I Did make pickles this year.First time canning anything.That is not quiet fermenting I know but I so want the chance to learn.

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