Giveaway: Fabric Labels from Emily Press

September 19, 2016


I will confess right now that I’m something of a imperfect jar labeler. I am meticulous about getting labels on to my jars the moment they are cool and clean, but those labels often consist of a scrawl across the lid of the jar with a Sharpie. In my more careful moments, I cut lengths of green painters’ tape and scribble the name and date on the preserve.

These labels serve my purpose well enough, but they’re not nearly nice enough for those times when I want to share my preserves with neighbors or tuck a few jars into gift baskets or boxes.


Recently, the nice folks from Emily Press Labels reached out to see if I might like to try their fabric canning labels on my mason jars. These beautifully printed, sturdy labels are exactly what I need to elevate my packaging game.

These sweet oval labels come in a variety of colors and designs. Each set comes with 36 labels and you can have them made so that they all the same thing, or you can designate two different names and styles.


I opted to have mine made so that they displayed the names of two my favorite preserves for gift giving. Thought I’m still out on the road right now, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get a few more tomatoes when I get home, so that I can make up some more tomato jam and put these labels to work.

Thanks to the folks at Emily Press, three of my blog readers will get a chance to try out some labels as well. I’m giving away three $30 vouchers, good for anything on the Emily Press website (though I think you all should make sure to check out the fabric canning labels!). Use the widget below to enter!

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94 responses to “Giveaway: Fabric Labels from Emily Press”

  1. I love the oval cloth canning labels. Great for gifts. Christmas maybe? or I just got engaged so maybe canned shower gifts. Options are endless.

  2. These are adorable and would be so useful for tagging preserves! I think I’d get peachy ones for my Peach Vanilla Jam – a favorite Food in Jars recipe!

  3. I use the Ball dissolvable labels so that I can reuse the jars with a different jam.

    I don’t make a large enough batch of anything to warrant 36 labels or even 18 and I don’t gift that many jars to strangers, mostly family, so the fancy stuff is lost on them.

    But they are very pretty.

    I don’t have any repeat jams lined up so far but it does look like I’ll be doing Strawberry Rose Geranium every year when the plants are in bloom. That was a bit hit. The Spiced Apricot Bourbon was good but we haven’t had enough apricots for the last two year and I won’t use store bought. I did buy Italian prune plums and the Plum Star Anise jam was very good so that might be a repeat, but only if I can get the plums. Last year I couldn’t find any.

    My sister tried to talk me into making more jam and then selling it at the Craft Fairs she goes to but no one is going to pay that kind of money when they can get cheap store jam and I can’t compete at those prices when you add up ingredients, supplies and then the time I take to make it.

  4. I do the sharpie as well. It’s kind of nice to have a blank lid to write something new on. That’s not so
    pretty for gifts though. These would be really nice for gifts.

  5. I use the dissolvable Ball labels right now, or the sharpie on the lid. Although my jams are gift worthy,
    my printing is not! I would love to have pretty labels and will look on their site.

  6. I would absolutely love these labels. I pride myself on putting very attractive, beautiful labels on my jams and jellies because we taste with our eyes first. I usually put a picture of the fruit on the label, the name of the product and ingredients. These labels would make my jars even more attractive, especially to my Craft Fair customers and to everyone who receives my products.

  7. They are absolutely adorable, I like to label jars prettily just to please my eyes. They are so nice sitting in the shelves ( plus very useful in using oldest foods first!)

  8. The two recipes I always give away are the tomato corn salsa from your first book and my own eggplant & peppers in garlic oil. These labels would look awesome on both!

  9. I make several gallons of cherry bounce and slivovitz for holiday giving. These labels would really take my gifts up a notch!

  10. Oh, I love labels! I didn’t know anything about these fabric labels – have to check them out for sure. I will use labels for homemade caramels and vanilla! Nothing’s better than a homemade gift with good looks!

  11. How beautiful!! I would love to do something for Christmas…not sure what at this point. Probably apple or tomato based.

  12. I would like the clothing labels. I sew for my children and it would be nice to have a label that makes it easy to tell the front from the back!

  13. My Spiced Peach Jam (that I’m making every weekend until there’s no more peaches in all of Berkeley) need fancy labels for gift giving.

  14. Well that’s cool! I’d definitely use them to label jars for gifts. My standard labeling now is sharpie writing on the lid.

  15. Wow, so much nicer than my usual masking tape and fine point marker. Yes I would love to have for holiday gifts. Thank you !

  16. Considering I recently made five gallons of salsa that I plan to give away as holiday gifts, I could really use some of these labels! 🙂

  17. I’d do just what you’re doing. Decide what preserves etc I may want to give away and only make labels with that name on it. If I can get blank ones with maybe my name around the edge I’d do that too, I have good handwriting so I wouldn’t mind writing the product’s name on the label.

  18. I love the idea of using these to dress up gifts! I’m typically a “sharpie on the lid” labeler, and these are so much cuter than my handwriting.

  19. Sharpie on the lid, then cover it up later with a cute round label when gifting. The fabric ones look terrific.

  20. I am pretty good about putting an o.k. looking label on my jars, but I hand write them and my writing is terrible. I think I am the only one that can make out what I wrote half the time. These labels would be great for those jams I make consistently as gifts. We could also use them for our honey jars (we keep bees) that we gift to friends and family.

  21. I love that they can be used for more than just jars. I can’t wait to make apple and pear sauce and use the labels for that.

  22. Did a lot of canning with my daughter and son this year; would like to use these great looking labels to identify what we have accomplished. It was a great time and these labels will make the jars look even better. I’m still making the first jam that I made in your canning class. Thanks!

  23. So lovely!! I just started canning this year and this blog has quickly become my go-to for ideas. I’m excited to give canned gifts this year, and would use the labels to make special homemade salsas, chutneys, and sauces even sweeter.

  24. I kind of want to use them to label stuff in my pantry, although yes, they would be excellent for giving homemade jams away, too.

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