Giveaway: EcoJarz Reusable Canning Jar Drink Toppers

October 23, 2012(updated on October 3, 2018)


First, there was the ReCap (looks like they’re going to have the wide mouth version available soon. Be still my heart!) Then came the Cuppow. Now there’s a new kid on the mason jar accessory block and it’s called the EcoJarz. It’s a stainless steel lid, fitted with a silicone gasket to prevent leaks and it fits any regular mouth jar.


This lid has been designed so that the primary drinking hole can either be used as a spot for sipping or as space for a straw. The hole has been sized so that most standard straws fit it nicely. I find that like this lid better for use with a straw than for sipping hot beverages, as if you have a hot drink in the jar, the lid transfers the heat directly to your lips. However, as long as you’re not drinking scalding hot tea or coffee, you should be fine drinking directly from the lid.

The EcoJarz lid costs $7.99 and can be purchased through their website. They’ve also got it packaged up with handled mason jars, for an easy travel mug in a single.

EcoJarz with straw

The EcoJarz team is made up of a group of jar-lovers based in Ithaca, NY and Denver, CO. They’re committed to challenge our throwaway culture and get people to start thinking differently about the stuff we consume. Just the kind of attitude I embrace!

Updated: Here’s a link to the stainless steel straw I paired with my EcoJarz. Just a tip, only the bent straws made by RSVP Endurance fit this lid. The straight ones are a tiny bit too wide.

Thanks to the EcoJarz folks, I have five of these reusable drinking tops to giveaway. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share your to-go cup routine. Travel mug? Disposable cup? Thermos? Ceramic mug tucked precariously between your knees while driving like my dad used to do? Let’s hear your stories!
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Friday, October 26, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog over the weekend.
  3. Giveaway open to everyone, no matter where you live.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post. I do not accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: EcoJarz provided me with six of their reusable jar toppers, one to keep and five to give away. My opinions remain entirely my own. 

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626 thoughts on "Giveaway: EcoJarz Reusable Canning Jar Drink Toppers"

  • I always use mason jars for my smoothies and occasionally for coffee or some other beverage. Love these lids! They look really beautiful. I would get a lot of use out of this I think.

  • I have several travel mugs that I use. A favorite one is a travel mug I got in Pennsylvania a few years ago at one of the restaurant/rest areas along the main highway. I have happy memories of that trip whenever I use that cup.

  • My wonderful hubby fixes me a travel mug of tea every morning to carry to work with me. It is usually in my team mug-Albama, Roll Tide.

  • I have a few travel mugs I have picked up through the years. (full to the brim of very hot very strong coffee!)

  • My favorite travel cup for cold thing is a glass double walled cup with glass lid from takeya. For hot tea, I love the bottles from thinksport. They are amazing. I put boiling water in at night and in the morning, my tea is hot, but isn’t scalding anyore. The only problem is, it doesn’t fit in any cup holders.

  • Those look great! My college student daughter loves to drink out of mason jars. Me? I like the Starbucks cups with the straw. If it’s hot, I like it at home or from a coffee shop in a to go cup. Thanks!

  • I’ve had the same go-to travel mug for over 5 years; I’m in serious need of a new one and would love to try this product!

  • My reusable cup story is that I have the best intentions of making my coffee in the mornings but end up rushing out the door 9 times out of 10 and my sad little French press just sit there all alone and unused.

  • I rock the mason jars! I love holding it in my hands on my way into work, but not too often do I stop, unscrew the two piece lid, and drink. I usually wait until I’m sitting at my desk. I would LOVE a drinking lid, it would get put to regular coffee-drinking use!

  • Usually I am using a Thermos brand water bottle or the stainless travel mugs Costco sells. I would probably use something like this just for drinking water at home as I like to have something with a straw to help me drink more. I am adding this to my Christmas list either way 🙂

  • I use either a tervis tumbler with a lid, or a regular mouth mason jar with (or without) a cuppow on it.
    I recently turned my kids onto the tervis with a lid for chocolate milk in the car. I had to buy an extra lid so that 3 kids each had a lid.

  • I have a stainless steel travel mug. Fits perfectly in the car beverage holder. I do love anything with a mason jar!

  • I’m a travel mug in the winter when I like a hot drink, however I’ve never found a good solution for my summer iced coffee. This could be it!

  • I am a Barista and so of course ALWAYS have a drink or two or tree…going, usually a mug of coffee, the espresso i’ m dialing in and if I’m being smart, some sort of cup with water, but this jar and lid would be perfect for at work and home water consumption! I would always want it around because its so cute so I would always be hydrated!

  • What a fantastic idea! This would be perfect a family gatherings where glasses are always getting knocked around as people get up and sit down at picnic benches. Still some spill, but not as much and sooooooooo much better than wasting a bunch of plastic cups.

    My favorite drink on the go is my Jack Skellington (Nightmare before Christmas) water bottle. Its metal, keeps my water cold for hours, and its just cool looking. Although if its something hot, I like my Tim Horton’s coffee mug because it reminds me of home and cold mornings at the ice rink (no Tim Horton’s where I live now).

  • These would be amazing for my kids… who have a million plastic cups that are left to rot under their seats in the car most of the time. They love straws and we have plenty of jars! Right now, I live drinking coffee or tea out of my to-go mug. It isn’t very unique – but it is durable.

  • No lie, the ceramic mug has been my to-go cup lately. It’s a little ridiculous, and clearly I need to find a different system.

  • WOW! does that lid look wonderful and the straw is amazing!

    I use a stainless steel travel mug at work and on road trips.

    Years ago I soaked white rice in water overnight, turned the rice on to boil upon rising in the morning and then walked to a friends house with the rice in a mason jar so we could have miso soup and rice before our 8 am class. Isn’t that a travel mug in a different sort of context!

  • I have a ceramic travel mug with a silicone lid that looks like a paper to-go cup from a coffee shop. I like it, but I don’t love it.

  • I wish my favorite coffee place wasn’t so fussy about pouring shots into mason jars, because I prefer to drink from glass over metal or plastic. I have a ceramic to-go mug for them, but I use a mason jar for all my home drinks. Thanks!

  • For hot tea, I have a stainless steel cup with a handle and sipper lid. For iced tea, I have a clear blue lined cup with bendable straw. Both can be made spillproof, which is a must for me. And one of them is always with me. I call them my “security” cups.

  • I used to use a travel mug, but I fell hard for the Cuppow and pint and a half jar set-up and love it even more now that I have a wonderful, handmade cozy! May be nice to have the regular mouth jar to put into circulation in my travels and desk use.

  • I pretty much only take water with me on the road and use a Thermos stainless steel insulated bottle that has a flip back lid and a straw in the top. Keeps the water nice and cold all day, even after sitting in the car in the summer! I use jars at home for drinking at meals and have gotten my kids into the habit as well. They would think this was really cool to have a topper!

  • I have one travel coffee mug that I use and I’ve started traveling with the Tervis cups we got for our wedding, particularly the large ones for water on car trips.

  • when i go out the door in the morning i have my travel mug and my handbag. one morning, years ago, i put my mug on the roof above the driver’s door, settled my things on the back seat and hopped in. i pulled out of the driveway and drove two blocks where i had to stop at the red light. i reached for my mug and oh no! where is it? i got out and, sure enough, it was still on the roof! the driver behind me beeped and smiled and waved her mug at me. haven’t done that since.

  • I currently have a set of 3 small glass bottles that once came with some organic tea that nowadays just rotate between dish washer, work, and ready to go. It’s not perfect though because the lids grow stuff and then I end up using old peanut butter jars for a couple of weeks and spilling coffee all over myself. I’ve been meaning to get one of these mason jar tops!

  • I have a freebie travel mug I picked up at work. It’s the best I’ve had and it was free which makes it even better! 🙂

  • These are a great idea! I work from home so I mostly just use regular mugs, but I like anything that will reduce the mess when my cat inevitably knocks my cup over. So cool.

  • I have a ceramic travel mug, somewhere…. I think it has legs. So I often end up with a ceramic mug balanced precariously in the drink holder, or trusted to my poor passenger. But now I’ve caught on and only use old ugly mugs in the car!

  • I have the stainless steel “autosealing” mugs from Costco. I was really happy with them at first, but I’ve since found that the plastic lid seems to be holding on to coffee-like flavours, which is not so much fun when you want to put tea or juice in the mugs. I have another set of plastic mugs from Tim Hortons that have a lid which has an opening that fits a straw. I use those mugs for smoothies only, as I’m not as keen on the hot beverages in plastic, and I don’t enjoy banana flavoured tea!

  • Just found this site. I am new at canning and am having a blast this fall canning everything I can get including beef, pork, potatoes, and of course tomatoes. I never thought of using a jar as a to-go container. LOVE the idea and the lid will make it perfect. :o)

  • For my work commute I have taken to just waiting till I get there and making a cuppa.
    For myFestival sipping and in the camper, I use a jar with a cuppow.
    I think this lid looks WAY betta! Can’t wait to try it out! Seems like a super great stockig stuffer idea! I have a stainless self sealer, but (and I know this is a weird complaint) it keeps things SCALDING forever, so my commute to the ski hill in winter, I never get to sip my beverage.

  • I use an old stainless steel water bottle for water/tea and a blender bottle for the occaisonal smoothie. Would love to use one of these — lemon water in a stainless steel bottle just doesn’t work as well as it would in glass.

  • My favourite travel mug is from Costco — stainless steel — except for the fact that the lid material has started to take on flavours as noted above in comments.

  • My husband and I use insulated Kleen Kanteens with both the cafe and the regular screw top caps. We fill them up with coffee and use the cafe cap and bring along the screw caps for when we want to fill them with water or another beverage. They are the best at keeping drinks hot or cold for long periods of time-3 to 6 hours for hot and sometimes overnight for cold. (More than once I’ve found ice intact the next morning from an iced drink I enjoyed the day before.)

  • I love my Cuppow and am so pro-folks finding ways to make drinking on the go with canning jars easier. Glass is so easy to clean, always smells good, and you can usually feel good about not leaching any chemicals into your beverages.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of these lids. I have the cuppow, and recap lids, but these look by far the coolest. Lately I’ve been making smoothies and sticking a straw into the cuppow lid for wide mouth jars. Over the past week or so (being almost 35 weeks pregnant) I’ve been bring ice to work DAILY in my regular mouth quart jar with the recap lid and filling it up with delivered spring water. Tastes so much better out of glass!

  • I basically use jars for all my drinking purposes – but have spilled more than my fair share in my car…..this would be perfect!!!

  • I love this!
    I just use the standard reusable coffee travel cups. Nothing fancy. I love using mason jars for all sorts of things and using it as a lidded cup would make my day.

  • I rotate between three different travel mugs. All bought while backpacking through various countries. Every time I use them it reminds me of those trips.

  • Oh man I’m such a mess with travel cups. I have one that is beautiful but it doesn’t fit in my cup holder and also the top doesn’t stay on. I have another one that drips no matter how tight the lid is. My favorite stainless steel travel mug which I use ONLY for tea got used for coffee a few weeks ago. My husband still needs to get rid of that odor/taste before I’ll use it again.

    I first thought these were a re-usable lid to can with. I love the travel mug idea but would love for someone to come up with a re-usable lid for canning!

  • My go to beverage carrier is a pint jar with a crocheted cozy that my husband has adapted a bit for me…he punched a 1/2″ hole near the edge of a couple lids, then got me a couple small corks so they stay closed! I threaded the corks onto button thread so that I can screw the tail of the thread into the lid so the cork just swings around when the jar is unplugged. It was totally a “there, I fixed it!” moment. These look so much more refined!!

  • I had a great, tall, painted ceramic mug that fit perfectly in my car’s cup holder and I used it for coffee or tea or water or smoothies on the run. As I lifted my mug from the dishwasher the other day the cup part suddenly released from it’s handle and dropped to the floor. There I stood holding an intact handle staring at the shattered mug by my feet. Now I am without my “everything cup’ so was thrilled to see this lid for mason jars that we already use at home for drinking glasses and tupperware, vases and storage! My little ones would love it with the straw!

  • I have a weird cup drinking family…I have my favorite coffee cup which is different than my fave hot tea mug. I have a cup that I like for iced tea, another for ice water and a different one for milk. My son swears that the cup with his initials makes his hot cocoa taste better- and who am I to argue!

  • I have quite a few travel cups/mugs to choose from. Unfortunately, my 5-year old son keeps loosing straws, biting straws, breaking lids, etc. I already have the straws you showed in the picture, this is worth a try. It is cheaper to replace a mason jar than a good stainless steel cup.

  • I just saw this today for the first time and was thinking how awesome it was– I love the cuppow, but I really am trying not to buy any new plastic items for the kitchen. This is perfect!

    I love taking my morning coffee in a mason jar– wrapped with a reusable fabric sleeve to protect my fingers from the steaming coffee, of course!

  • After going through lots of travel cups, my stepdaughter gave a pink ceramic, stainless steel lined travel mug. It looks like a mug, doesn’t fit in the cup holder, but I love it anyways, keeps drinks so hot for hours. However this top would be great for iced chai and sun tea in the summer 🙂

  • I have a travel mug for hot beverages and a steel water bottle for cold ones. Drinking out of jars is so much more fun, though! This lid looks so cool.

  • I have a Contigo brand travel cup for my coffee which works really well, but the lid is plastic so it picks up flavors. I love the jar with lid idea for my cold drinks at home and I even have a set of those stainless steel straws from your picture!

  • I use a stainless travel mug, but it is coming apart, and I hate the plastic top! Stainless is my favorite! Goes well with glass…

  • For coffee I travel with a Klean Kanteen. I’d love to find something that I can just sip out of for cold beverages — other than twisting off a top! These look ideal 🙂

  • I still use a plastic travel cup, even though it is BPA free I would love to switch out to glass. Stainless steel straws are such a great idea too, because I am a straw chewer and tend to destroy them!

  • I generally keep a ceramic mug at work, and just wait till I get in before having my tea. On the rare ocassion when I actually need a travel cup, it usually ends up being disposable. *cringes* This could help with that!

  • I love these lids! Thanks so much for posting. My sister and I use mason jars all the time but do not have any drinking lids yet. I actually have an old Tazo tea bottle that I use as a travel container. It’s small, light and glass but I’ll be stocking up on some of these lids for the future.

  • For hot drinks I usually use a thermos but I use a quart mason jar for smoothies. I’m never without some reusable cup, esp. since most coffee shops offer a discount if you bring your own!

  • I use a travel mug every day and have lost more than one. I would love this lid! Many thanks for a great giveaway.

  • I rarely go but I think these could easily be a stay around the house as well. When I do go out on the road, I have a travel mug.

  • PS. Am I the only person who wants to head out to the shop with a straw and a drill bit to see if these can be a DIY project?

  • I had a variety of travel mugs – all or which leaked and or held nasty odors / taste yuck… for the past few months I have been using wide mouth pint jar sans the super cool lid thingy… ya, love it – need it! =D

  • I was eyeing one of the plastic mason jar sipper lids at the co-op a while ago, but these look so much nicer!

    My to-go routine varies based on my beverage and whatever’s handy. I like mason jars a lot (and always have them lying around), but I have a few klean kanteen water bottles and thermoses for other purposes. Smoothies: Always in a mason jar. I leave the lid on while I’m on the bus and then take the lid off and enjoy once I get to campus. The mason jar is also good for keeping water at my desk: I can put the lid on when I’m not drinking to prevent spills. Coffee/tea/hot things: Klean kanteen insulated thermos. Cold beverages can go in anything – klean kanteen if they need to stay cold for a long time, or mason jar if I’m actively drinking it. The klean kanteens are especially good for chilled wine. Sparkling water stays in the soda stream bottle.

    I’ve also used mason jars instead of to-go cups at coffee shops before – the barista might have looked at me a little funny, but Starbucks made me a great iced latte straight into a pint jar. This lid thing might legitimize the jar a little so the baristas don’t think I’m just strange.

  • i use the old POM tall glass cups, the original lid has rusted. I use an old missing sock that I’ve cut the foot off as a cozie for the glass cup when I have hot drinks. It’s just the right size for my car cup holder.

  • My sister gave me a ceramic to go cup for Christmas last year. I think it needs a new friend. This cup would be great!

  • I’ve used an Alfi slim thermos for years. Keeps my drink hot, hot, hot until I’m ready for it, and it’s super easy to clean!