Giveaway: EcoJarz Reusable Canning Jar Drink Toppers

October 23, 2012(updated on October 3, 2018)


First, there was the ReCap (looks like they’re going to have the wide mouth version available soon. Be still my heart!) Then came the Cuppow. Now there’s a new kid on the mason jar accessory block and it’s called the EcoJarz. It’s a stainless steel lid, fitted with a silicone gasket to prevent leaks and it fits any regular mouth jar.


This lid has been designed so that the primary drinking hole can either be used as a spot for sipping or as space for a straw. The hole has been sized so that most standard straws fit it nicely. I find that like this lid better for use with a straw than for sipping hot beverages, as if you have a hot drink in the jar, the lid transfers the heat directly to your lips. However, as long as you’re not drinking scalding hot tea or coffee, you should be fine drinking directly from the lid.

The EcoJarz lid costs $7.99 and can be purchased through their website. They’ve also got it packaged up with handled mason jars, for an easy travel mug in a single.

EcoJarz with straw

The EcoJarz team is made up of a group of jar-lovers based in Ithaca, NY and Denver, CO. They’re committed to challenge our throwaway culture and get people to start thinking differently about the stuff we consume. Just the kind of attitude I embrace!

Updated: Here’s a link to the stainless steel straw I paired with my EcoJarz. Just a tip, only the bent straws made by RSVP Endurance fit this lid. The straight ones are a tiny bit too wide.

Thanks to the EcoJarz folks, I have five of these reusable drinking tops to giveaway. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share your to-go cup routine. Travel mug? Disposable cup? Thermos? Ceramic mug tucked precariously between your knees while driving like my dad used to do? Let’s hear your stories!
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Friday, October 26, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog over the weekend.
  3. Giveaway open to everyone, no matter where you live.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post. I do not accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: EcoJarz provided me with six of their reusable jar toppers, one to keep and five to give away. My opinions remain entirely my own. 

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626 thoughts on "Giveaway: EcoJarz Reusable Canning Jar Drink Toppers"

  • Woohoo, loving all the mason jar love! Mainstream is taking note of the versatility. I rarely have the time and forethought to find a “to-go” cup and take it with me but this would find a special spot to make sure it got used!

  • I love drinking from glass containers! This one looks pretty trendy with a vintage flare! love it! Really like the old fashioned mugs for most days! travels… i got one of those plastic thermos thingies.

  • I have a great thermos cup with sort of a carabiner-style handle, so that it hooks securely over the edge of my bag. The only problem is that it is most decidedly a coffee-scented cup after all these years, so I don’t have a good option on the mornings I want to bring tea.

  • My current set up is a mason jar with a Cuppow lid – however I only have one lid and often forget it at the office which means the next morning I carefully drive with a regular ceramic mug (horrible idea)

  • I usually just head out the door with a faithful mason jar and traditional lid- which always drips water on me when I open it up to drink out of it! I’d love a drink lid, and so would my kids! Putting these on my wishlist ๐Ÿ™‚

  • My dad used to have me balance his coffee mug as we bumped down our unpaved road on the way to school. Now, on the other hand, my husband has a no open-top drink policy in the car. I break the rules all the time, luckily with no spills. This would be a good compromise as we are mason users at home.

  • I use reuseable coffee mugs mostly, but I do have my mason/ball jars too. I own a few of the Cuppow lids and love them, however I bought them when Cuppow was a startup and so it was before they made them to fit the regular jars and so I have to use for wide mouth and find that that size doesn’t fit too well in my car cup holders. What an awesome giveaway, I can’t wait to give them a try! Thanks!

  • My to go cup is a tervis tumbler with a lid and straw. I would love to try these mason jar drink lids……we have plenty of jars!

  • I have a stainless steel travel mug that, just this morning, I was thinking it was time to replace. I just can’t get it clean anymore and it’s not dishwasher safe. Grrrr. I have a recap, but I don’t have the right size jar! Today on my travels I’m using a tall glass from Ikea that I often use, I hope it’s a smooth ride today!

  • I use a standard travel mug, or a styrofoam cup when i get towork for my morning hot beverage. I usually bring some kombucha or kefir for later in the day, in a jar, and steel myself for lots of moonshine comments.

  • I have a trusty travel mug… although I am becoming less and less enamored with its high-maintenance ways — no dishwasher, and the sliding panel on the lid is tough to clean if I ever drink hot chocolate (or chocolate milk) in it.

  • I use a travel mug, although I’d prefer a mason jar. I have yet to break down and buy an appropriate lid for mine….

  • I love the new products for jars! I already have the ReCaps and use them like crazy, mostly for dressings. I have plastic coffee cups that look like the paper to-go cups that the coffee houses use.

  • My to-go beverage container is a stainless steel thermos, but it indicates that it is only for water, so that’s the only beverage I tote.

  • We use the insulated Kleen Kanteens or a few other random mugs/cups that we have. I would love to use one of these!

  • Would love one of these! I have so many travel mugs from Starbucks and other places and usually use one of those in the mornings.

  • For tea, I have a travel cup, but I discovered this morning (as I took a sip) that the sealer must have come out. Tea all over my desk! ๐Ÿ™

  • i typically use a cuppow and a jar– or a poppy and pearl co or handmade (drilled lide with a rubber grommet ) top when i am using a straw and drinking something cold ๐Ÿ™‚

    these look so nice!

  • I use canning jars for cold drinks when I am on the go. I know they will hold up to the craziness my day brings. I have an insulated cup but rarely use it, I worry I don’t get it clean enough. I sometimes will forget it in the car and if it is a Friday it could be in their all weekend, yuck. I know my jars are clean.

  • My go to for beverages on the go is a “leak-proof” travel mug. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find a travel mug that maintains it’s “leak-proof-ness” over the long term AND fits my size needs. So I still travel with a mason jar sometimes and only partake of my beverage upon arrival at my destination.

  • I was a sponsor of the ReCap project and those things are awesome! However, I have been lazy and not making smoothies lately (my usual morning in-the-jar drink), so I have reverted back to my WHYY stainless steel (with plastic lid) travel cup. This is a cool idea, and I like that you posted where to find the straw, because that is so cool! We’re trying to wean off plastic straws in our house, but it’s a challenge. Maybe that link will light a fire under my butt to give some to my kids as stocking stuffers. Thanks for the info!

  • I have a few fav to-go for water that I take to work everyday… a kleen kanteen, a BPA free nalgeen or a jar. Would love to try the new EcoJarz with my jar. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I’ve had the same plastic thrift store cup with lid for years. Only complaint is that I work in the forest and have to drive very rocky roads; My cup’s sip hole doesn’t close. Good thing the wildlife doesn’t care it I have coffee on my shirt.

  • Oh this is so fun!
    I use a travel mug my Fiance brought home from a work event. Super exciting, I know ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Hi. My dad is an engineer and seems to get loads of logo to-go cups. I get to use those. Who knows about the BPA content or other bad chemicals are swimming around in those. I just can’t pass up a free cup. Thanks for running this give a way! A prize jar cup lid neato thingy would be much better than a free cup!

  • My go-to travel cup routine is something along the lines of look around, realize I have nothing, and wait to have coffee/tea until I get to wherever I’m going. I am not a fan of this method, and would love to change that, STAT!

  • I use a water bottle, but I’d rather use a jar that I can reuse better! (I don’t drink coffee, so it’s for cold drinks.)

  • I don’t have a good routine. I don’t enjoy drinking out of plastic togo mugs. I often have a ceramic one between my knees (because it doesn’t fit in my cup holder). I always say it’s not a good morning if I’m out the door and haven’t finished my first cup of coffee for the day. I’d much rather be perched at home still in my pj’s sipping some sweet brew than dashing out the door with a to go cup.

  • Usually use a ceramic travel mug – same one since 1995. For cold beverages I’ve taken to using a jar – one that I can’t use for canning.

  • Travel mugs have a tendency to get broken in this household. Or disappear. So I have a set of 6 plastic tumblers that I bought from a crafts supply store 6 or 7 years ago. The Christmas trees are wearing off of them, but they don’t leak, & since I keep them hidden on a top shelf in a cupboard, no one has disappeared them (yet).

  • I use a Kleen Kanteen for my every day water but am always on the lookout for better options to use for other beverages. I use jars for storing all of my other food items both in the fridge and freezer. They are in my pantry, office and yes…the car!
    I would be really pleased to find yet another use for the wonderful mason jars I already have in my life. Better to do that then go out and buy something new!

  • I have a couple different travel mugs, but my favorite is a travel mug I got for filling out a survey at a graduate info session – they ran out of the cheapo ones right before I handed mine in so I got a really high quality mug. I also regularly carry a little 14 oz nalgene – it’s a good size cause it’s not so heavy and you can always refill it- gotta stay hydrated. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • i do love my kleen canteen thermos… but when i can’t find it or just feel like using a mason jar, i put a pretty clean sock over the glass part of the jar (folding it over if it is too long) so that i don’t burn my hands holding steaming hot tea. it also serves as a cozy hand warmer ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I send my husband out the door every morning with a cup of coffee and a smoothie – the coffee goes in a stainless steel travel mug and the smoothie goes in a mason jar with a ReCap cap. It gets a little sloppy for the smoothie. THIS would be perfect!

  • Right now I just use regular water bottles, because I need to measure the amount of fluids I take in. This would be perfect for me, so I can measure the amount and get away from plastic containers!

  • I have an oxo travel mug (it seems to be the only one that is really leak-proof) but often use a jar with lid for iced coffee or tea. I also have a sigg bottle that is always with me for water.

  • I have a reusable plastic travel glass but its not great for hot beverages. I would love something more versatile.

  • When I worked, I took a ceramic cup with silicone lid and crocheted sleeve. It kept my drinks warm and was always a source of conversation with baristas.

  • Always a waterbottle full to the brim of ice water, usually stowed in the side pocket on the door since I’ve never had one that comfortably fit in the cup holders.

    Now that I bike commute, though, it fits quite well in the waterbottle holder ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ever since I gave my husband (15 days into our marriage, no less) scalding hot coffee in what I thought was a “travel” thermos but was really not, and he spilled hot coffee all over himself while driving, I don’t drive with hot liquids anymore! I really don’t drive with liquids that much at all or take them with me, but when I do, it is a soda can or a plastic cup with a lid and straw! These jar lids look great. Thanks for offering them to your readers!

  • I like to stay hydrated so my water bottle goes every where I go! Mine is purple, BPA free and holds a good 16 ounces.

  • If I’m in my car or walking around campus, I take a ceramic mug. For bus and bike travel, I use a stainless steel travel mug.

  • I usually go for a stainless steel travel mug. So glad to see this stainless jar topper! I was hesitant to buy a Cuppow because of the plastic, but this is just lovely.

  • I always have a bottle of water going in the car, but coffee in the a.m. is nice, especially after getting up at 6:00 for swim classes.

  • I use a ceramic travel mug. It works really well, but I always forget to take it out of my car when I’m done with it…

  • My go-to container for on the go is a trusty mason jar for cold drinks and a ceramic travel mug for hot drinks. It works for me!

  • Generally the only thing I take with me is water, so I’ve been pretty used to my Camelbak bottle, as well as the Vapur water pouches my mom and I sell in our snack shop. But lately since I’ve been juicing, I actually like carrying around widemouth Ball jars (though drinking in the car has been tricky!)….these lids seem like the perfect solution ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I use a nissan leakproof travel mug and bike water bottles. It does feel kind of silly sometimes using water bottles at home all the time instead of a glass.

  • Ha! It all depends on what hasn’t been lost… I prefer my ceramic mug with silicone cap for hot stuffs and my Vapur “bladder” for water. This is really handsome though!

  • I love these, but then I’m a gadget junkie. I have a travel mug I use. It fits the cup holder in my car and holds almost 4 cups of liquid. Unfortunately, when ever I turn I have to hold it in place so it doesn’t topple over.

  • I don’t use a travel mug much, except when camping. My husband, however, has started taking a pint-sized mason jar full of coffee when he has to teach his college class on Sat mornings (he teaches high school M-F and no coffee – go figure!). This little sippy-lid would be the perfect thing to add a little ray of sunshine for a guy that’s working two jobs!

  • I use a thermos that keeps temperature well for both hot and cold drinks. It fits nicely into the cup holder in my car. Nothing too exciting but it gets the job done.

  • My current “go cup” is a Tervis tumbler with a travel lid, but we have serious mason jar love in our household so these would get used!

  • I too drive around with a to go cup of some kind to keep hydrated during the day. It might be green tea or just water with a squeeze of lemon juice. The lids look cool and lord knows I have a zillion canning jars at any given time (never know when an idea will surface). It looks like a metal straw will fit, too.

  • I always use a Contigo brand travel mug – the lid closes SO tightly it won’t leak at all, and it’s got a cool carabiner clip in the handle so it’s easy to latch it onto various other objects. But now I’m working from home and a travel mug seems like overkill. On the other hand it’s dangerous to have open glasses/mugs around my laptop. This lid is the perfect solution!

  • I always have a mug of coffee with me when I’m doing errands. The trouble is the mug I have now is very discoloured and needs to be replaced. The Ecojarz would be a great replacement!

  • I have several reusable coffee tumbler’s that I use. Most places will give you a discount for bringing your own container. I love a discount

  • I currently am in love with my Cuppow with a cozy. I get stopped at school asking where I got it. I think that the EcoJar lids would be awesome for the kiddos!

  • My latest coffee holder is a pint jar, my cuppow top and my cozy (knit up from some yarn I spun myself…). When I’m feeling like I need more coffee than that, a pint 1/2 jar works in a pinch (although I need to get around to making a longer cozy…!). I’d love to try these new lids!

  • I always use mason jars for my smoothies and occasionally for coffee or some other beverage. Love these lids! They look really beautiful.