Giveaway: EcoJarz Reusable Canning Jar Drink Toppers

October 23, 2012(updated on October 3, 2018)


First, there was the ReCap (looks like they’re going to have the wide mouth version available soon. Be still my heart!) Then came the Cuppow. Now there’s a new kid on the mason jar accessory block and it’s called the EcoJarz. It’s a stainless steel lid, fitted with a silicone gasket to prevent leaks and it fits any regular mouth jar.


This lid has been designed so that the primary drinking hole can either be used as a spot for sipping or as space for a straw. The hole has been sized so that most standard straws fit it nicely. I find that like this lid better for use with a straw than for sipping hot beverages, as if you have a hot drink in the jar, the lid transfers the heat directly to your lips. However, as long as you’re not drinking scalding hot tea or coffee, you should be fine drinking directly from the lid.

The EcoJarz lid costs $7.99 and can be purchased through their website. They’ve also got it packaged up with handled mason jars, for an easy travel mug in a single.

EcoJarz with straw

The EcoJarz team is made up of a group of jar-lovers based in Ithaca, NY and Denver, CO. They’re committed to challenge our throwaway culture and get people to start thinking differently about the stuff we consume. Just the kind of attitude I embrace!

Updated: Here’s a link to the stainless steel straw I paired with my EcoJarz. Just a tip, only the bent straws made by RSVP Endurance fit this lid. The straight ones are a tiny bit too wide.

Thanks to the EcoJarz folks, I have five of these reusable drinking tops to giveaway. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share your to-go cup routine. Travel mug? Disposable cup? Thermos? Ceramic mug tucked precariously between your knees while driving like my dad used to do? Let’s hear your stories!
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Friday, October 26, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog over the weekend.
  3. Giveaway open to everyone, no matter where you live.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post. I do not accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: EcoJarz provided me with six of their reusable jar toppers, one to keep and five to give away. My opinions remain entirely my own. 

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626 thoughts on "Giveaway: EcoJarz Reusable Canning Jar Drink Toppers"

  • I have a travel cup just for water, and another for coffee. I would love to be able to use my mason jars out of the house, too!

  • I’m a Travel Mug user for hot beverages. But sometimes I want to bring a cold drink to work, and it feels silly to have it in an insulated mug! So a mason jar with a drinking lid would be just the ticket! Looks like a great product 🙂

  • For hot drinks, I have a stainless steel travel mug, which is over 10 years old and going strong! But I love mason jars for cold drinks while working in the garden, so these lids would be perfect!

  • I use a travel mug when in the car and a ceramic mug tucked in my bag for use at coffee shops. Stainless steel is one of those things at the intersection of beauty and utility.

  • I LOVE the look and taste of drinks, like tea, in glass glasses! I would love this to use for my tea drinking habit! 🙂

  • I love the idea of using one of my copious mason jars in such a manor. I have been completely uninterested in the cuppow because of the materials. This one has my interest.

  • I don’t much use a to-go cup but I always have a water glass next to my bed which I periodically knock over in the middle of the night. Not fun. This lid would be great!

  • love this. my method is travel mug or ceramic cup in cup holder. I’ve been dying to try these mason jar lids

  • I use a travel mug for coffee. Unless I forgot it/couldn’t find it and then I use the largest mason jar that I can find.

  • Because glass and metal sterilize and de-funk more easily than plastic, I usually end up using a mason jar and a lid. My favorite is a Dewars promo mug I found at Goodwill: It says “Celebrate Repeal Day” along one side, and has a handle for easier gripping than a jar. It has a mouth that works perfectly with wide mouth mason jars, but also warns that it is not to be used for canning or hot liquids. I think it just means that the glass isn’t as strong as a mason jar, and that it’s not insulating like a mug. It still works for my coffee.

  • I’ve used various insulated travel mugs – they seem to disappear fairly often around my house. Sometimes I use a canning jar; I made an insulating sleeve but cutting the top off a wool sock.

  • I have a stainless steel travel mug I carry most every day. Sometimes coffee, sometimes tea. Trying to stick to tea mostly because coffee raises my blood pressure.

  • Yea, I’m usually the dangerous open mug type. I have avoided the scalding burns for the most part! Thanks for the opportunity to change my skin damaging ways!

  • For hot drinks, I usually use some variation on a travel mug. I’m currently a Purica vaccuum flask, which looks like a water bottle but functions more like a travel mug.

    For cold drinks, my standby is a mason jar with a glass straw. I drilled a hole into a standard plastic mason jar lid which the straw will fit through.

    Would love to try these!

  • My favourite “travel mug” du jour is a mason jar with a plastic screw top, with a sick monkey sleeve on it (courtesy of my sister!) to protect from the heat.

  • Well those things are awesome. I like drinking from canning jars and i like stainless steel and am glad they are made from that. Great way to keep your glass of drinking water clean. That would actually be the best thing to make yeba mate tea in and drink right out of it. I have ss bombilla straws that filter as you drink that would go right in there. Must get some one way or another!

  • Well those things are awesome. I like drinking from canning jars and i like stainless steel and am glad they are made from that. Great way to keep your glass of drinking water clean. That would actually be the best thing to make yerba mate tea in and drink right out of it. I have ss bombilla straws that filter as you drink that would go right in there. Must get some one way or another!

  • My father and I are estranged. (don’t ask about the stepmother). Everytime you do one of these jar lid posts I cry. My father, who is a really cool and amazing father, drinks out of pint jars my whole life. Regular mouth. Coffee, coke, water. The car is full of empty jars. Find a jar sitting at the corner of the garden – it is likely my dad’s half drunk coffee. 😀

  • We are a reusable water bottle and travel mug family. Unfortunately no matter how much or how little we spend on travel mugs, the mug eventually leaks/breaks/crushed and we have to replace it. These look like a better fit because I always have mason jars. Sometimes they are empty 🙂

  • I like this idea because many of the metal water bottles I have are just too big – too much water to haul around, or too big to fit in a cup holder.

  • I use a plastic cup with a lid and straw for when I am at home. And I take a reusable water bottle for when I leave the house.

  • I have a travel mug made specifically for tea, with a drop-down infuser that levers back up into the lid when the tea is done.

  • I have been switching over to using my canning jars (that do not have food in them) for drinking glasses.

    However, my kitten likes to drink from my mason glasses too! LOL The lip seems to be a great edge for her to hang onto. This would help me save on washing so many glasses and dumping drinks that the cat got into 🙂

    Thanks for the offer!

  • Did you see at Book Larder they have similar jar lids with straws? I wanted to buy about 20 of them. Great product.

  • I just replaced my old travel mug with a 100% post consumer recycled plastic model for hot coffee. I usually use mason jars in the summer for iced coffee and pray I don’t spill it!

  • I have been using the Cuppow since it came out, but may need to try these now! I use a pint and a half jar with a wide mouth Cuppow lid, as I drink cold brewed coffee with ice and whole raw milk. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these!

  • These are sooooo cool! I rarely leave the house without a travel mug of coffee. My friends all find me easy to spot at the weekend sporting events for the kids, since I am the one toting a large basket filled with a giant Stanley thermos full of piping hot coffee (it holds a pot and a half, people!!) with at least one extra travel mug for whomever forgot theirs that day.

  • I have a selection of Nalgenes for lunch and other cold beverage purposes. And I have a selection of travel mugs for hot drinks. If I go to Starbucks, I don’t always remember my reusable mug (I don’t go to Starbucks that often, since I usually just make my tea at home in the morning and take it with me), but I always remember to bring it to the farmers’ market on Sunday mornings so I can have my tea from the coffee/tea stall while I walk around doing my shopping.

  • I use a metal or ceramic travel mug. would use these for my iced tea and my kids would use them also. I try to get away fro, plastic as much as I can. Thanks.

  • I use 3 types: stainless steel water bottle, glass water bottle, and reuse a 20 oz drink bottle. This new product sounds interesting.

  • I have a habit of just grabbing what is closest, be it a jar, cup, tin or whatever. I have even used a flower vase cause it was close, clean and would hold water.

  • If it’s a green smoothie, I’ve made it the day (or two or three) before and it’s in a pint mason jar. Otherwise I’ll be sipping out of my water bottle at work (or maybe making some hot tea or coffee at my desk mid-morning). It all depends on the day, but I LOVE this concept!

  • Very cool! So much cooler than my giant water bottle that says “Adventist Health Care” that the hospital gave me when I had my son!

  • I have a collection of plastic reusable cups and straws. At home we use mason jars and I love them so much more.

  • All I have are some stainless water bottles I don’t feel comfortable filling with anything but water, because the caps would be hard to clean.

  • Water, Water, Water! I’m trying to drink more of it. I use the same Nalgene bottle that I won at the Telluride Bluegrass festival 5 or 6 years ago and it mostly ends up rolling around the floor of my car for days at a time…Yeah, I know, plastic is bad for you… but I hate throwing things away! A mason jar with a lid you can drink through?! Now, that’d be A-mazing! 🙂

  • Because of your previous blog post, I have a Cuppow. It’s great for gardening. For water, I have my favorite water bottle that goes to the gym and everywhere else.

    For hot drinks, I have a cadre of personalized lidded travel mugs. I bought them at Starbucks and each one has a photo collage from an event with friends and/or family. I tend to spill things, so I use lidded mugs even when I’m staying at home!

  • Plastic travel mug for water/tea, stainless mug for coffee–but I love drinking my tea out of quart mason jars. This lid would be prefect!

  • I normally take 2 with me every morning when i go to work! One is a coffee mug (for my coffee with truvia) the other is a plastic cup with a lid n straw ( for my lemon water or lunch shake)

  • I have 2 travel mugs that I rotate between and occasionally steal my husbands’ if neither of mine are clean…

  • I use a glass travel mug for my tea in the mornings. My husband gets my cup ready (while I get myself ready) and any leftovers get transfered into the mug for easy transport to work.

  • Going to work or skiing, I have a travel mug that is mysteriously misshapen, but still ftw, somewhat precariously, in one of my cupholders. For short jaunts for which I have not planned ahead and thus not finished my tea, I take the mug and out it in the spot below the cupholders, which is kind of rectangular. This is also where my morning mug of granola, yogurt, and berries goes on workdays. I drop my cell charger or keys in the yogurt routinely, and I’ve dumped the travel mug a couple times stopping quickly, but I do fairly well. :-). Bet I’d do better with some of these tho!

  • I’m not great about remembering my travel cup, I have a nice glass jar for my water but I prefer mason jars (and have a million of them!). I think this would be great motivation for me to remember to bring my own cup!

  • Bacuse of concerns with plastics, and because my beverage on the road is water, I use a Sigg metal bottle. It has only a small opening at the top, so I am forced to forgo ice. Being able to use a canning jar would circumvent that problem.

  • guilty of the ceramic mug balanced between two thighs….=)
    but at home i use the mason jar as my water bottle, so this would be an awesome feature to have! (I may even burn my legs less!)

  • I love tea. Hot or cold, it’s drinkable! The problem I find is finding the right cup that is also travel-worthy. The mason is it!! I even keep cereal in one jar and milk in the other to mix up once I get to work. Re-using jars are the way to go!!

  • Water bottle, of course. But for trips to the in-laws I like a tall to-go cup for my mimosa! Would love to use the skinny pint and a half jar (maybe with a sleeve)…

  • I carry coffee in the ceramic mugs that look like paper. My soups & other goodies go in canning jars with Ball’s plastic lids. I would love this!

  • While in the shower I will brew a cup of chai latte in my keuring and down that while getting ready, and make another tea or hot chocolate for the travel mug for the car ride and long walk in the winter to my office.

  • I use jars occasionally. Mine tend to leak a bit no matter what the lid, and it tends to dribble when I drink. What I use most are one of my Starbucks travel mugs. I like to buy Starbucks because of their general philosophy (and they’re from my home state). Travel aside, my go-to mug is a recycled clay Starbucks mug that say ‘RENEW’. A nice thought any time of day.

  • I need, need, need these! I drink smoothies every morning and these would be perfect. I am also an avid tea drinker and I would LOVE to use these for my morning cup in a mason jar!


  • I tend to use a mason jar with a regular lid and band. The problem is when I pry the lid off, sometimes I end up spilling iced chai all down my pants. I’m awesome.

  • i LOVE this idea. albeit i have dropped a couple of mason jars i have used as travel mugs – thereby smashing them on the concrete and using my shoe and a newspaper to sweep up the shards – i think this is a great way to promote bringing your own cup (i will forever recommend those with handles). be fantastic, don’t use plastic.

  • I do drink my coffee from a pint size mason jar every day. I even had a friend crochet me a koozie just for my coffee jar.

  • A leaky travel mug that annoys the pants off me. However, the part that leaks is the heat-shield band and just water that it picks up from the dishwasher. Annoying, but otherwise it works. I’m thinking hard about mason jars with knitted sleeves, though… Makes me wish they made a silicone plug to close those holes up for bumpy driving.

  • I am so bad about travel cups! I am always looking for a new one! None are ever good enough! Wrong size, hard I clean, bad tops. This one looks perfect! And I love that you can use a straw for kids!!

  • we love using mason jars as to-go cups. we have made a few out of the plastic lids but this one is the bees knees!!

  • I have a bunch of stainless steel thermal travel mugs – separate mugs for tea and coffee at home and at work. Glass would definitely be easier to clean and no stains.

  • My drink and go options — I have a travel mug for hot beverages that’s about eight years old now. It’s doing great! I also have a very well loved Sigg bottle that goes everywhere with me. And less commonly… I have a darling hip flask! 🙂

  • Right now it’s a green travel mug, but after reading through the comments, I think I’m going to make a quilted sleeve for one of my jars…

  • I have one ceramic starbucks mug I use everyday. I like having one thing. Id love another option for cooler or hot drinks.

  • I use a metal Starbucks travel mug that I was given years ago. These new lids for mason jars are just fabulous.

  • This is such a great idea! My kids have bought me plastic cups through the years, but the dishwasher has ate many of them. Mason jars are always solid and sound!

  • The two problems I have with travel cups are solved by this lid. For hot things, my lids wear out and start to leak. For cold things, I like to be able to put bubble water in the bottle, but manufacturers say that’s a no-no.

  • My travel cup is a mason jar! It works nicely most of the time. Yet it never fails that when riding in the car with my husband, he’ll make an abrupt stop and I’ll end up wearing my smoothie! This lid would solve that problem in no time!

  • We have several plastic travel mugs for coffee or tea. I hate that they’re plastic but you can’t microwave the metal ones and I’m afraid I’ll shatter the ceramic one before I even get it home. Sometimes I just take my coffee in my regular mug but I only have one that fits into the car’s cupholder. If it’s water or juice, it’s always a ball jar; they’re already our drinking glasses so all you have to do is find a lid. We use ball jars for everything from drinks to storing bulk spices. However, we’ve had to limit our leaving the quart size wide mouths out because our cat got his head stuck in one during the night a couple weeks ago and we had to break it to get it off…

  • I use a reusable cup whenever possible. It would be great to get away from the plastic ones that I use on a regular basis!

  • I have a few handy tumblers of various sizes that I load with piping hot green tea for my morning bike ride to school. Otherwise, I always have my Klean Kanteen with me. Always.