Giveaway: EcoJarz Reusable Canning Jar Drink Toppers


First, there was the ReCapΒ (looks like they’re going to have the wide mouth version available soon. Be still my heart!)Β Then came the Cuppow. Now there’s a new kid on the mason jar accessory block and it’s called the EcoJarz. It’s a stainless steel lid, fitted with a silicone gasket to prevent leaks and it fits any regular mouth jar.


This lid has been designed so that the primary drinking hole can either be used as a spot for sipping or as space for a straw. The hole has been sized so that most standard straws fit it nicely. I find that like this lid better for use with a straw than for sipping hot beverages, as if you have a hot drink in the jar, the lid transfers the heat directly to your lips. However, as long as you’re not drinking scalding hot tea or coffee, you should be fine drinking directly from the lid.

The EcoJarz lid costs $7.99 and can be purchased through their website. They’ve also got it packaged up with handled mason jars, for an easy travel mug in a single.

EcoJarz with straw

The EcoJarz team is made up of a group of jar-lovers based in Ithaca, NY and Denver, CO. They’re committed to challenge our throwaway culture and get people to start thinking differently about the stuff we consume. Just the kind of attitude I embrace!

Updated: Here’s a link to the stainless steel straw I paired with my EcoJarz. Just a tip, only the bent straws made by RSVP Endurance fit this lid. The straight ones are a tiny bit too wide.

Thanks to the EcoJarz folks, I have five of these reusable drinking tops to giveaway. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share your to-go cup routine. Travel mug? Disposable cup? Thermos? Ceramic mug tucked precariously between your knees while driving like my dad used to do? Let’s hear your stories!
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Friday, October 26, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog over the weekend.
  3. Giveaway open to everyone, no matter where you live.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post. I do not accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: EcoJarz provided me with six of their reusable jar toppers, one to keep and five to give away. My opinions remain entirely my own.Β 

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626 responses to “Giveaway: EcoJarz Reusable Canning Jar Drink Toppers”

  1. oooooh, i like this! my to-go cup right now is the standard travel mug that was part of a goodie bag from a convention, but i’d much rather have something as cool as the ecojarz lid. thank you for the chance to win!

  2. Travel mug all the way! Sbux one from when we got married five years ago. The matching one (for the happy couple, y’see?) didn’t seal and was tossed a bit ago.

  3. It all depends on where I’m going. If it’s a long trip I take a mug with me.. If I get an urge for something then I’ll get a QT hot drink but I use a straw while I’m driving.. So Even if it’s hot I have to use a straw.. I’m afraid that I’ll over tip and spill on myself while driving… :-S Not a good feeling lol

  4. right now, i use a travel mug that will fit in the water bottle holder on my bike (for my bike commute), when i was in middle school (yes, i started drinking coffee young!) i used a nestle quik bunny mug whose ears were the handles. i took it on the school bus and it always spilled on me!

  5. Can I just take a moment to say how much I dig this canning jar meets drinking cup revamp? Well, I am totally all about it! It’s so dang cool!

    The hubbers is the traveling coffee drinker in the fam, but these are so chic I may convert, darn it!

  6. I am a ceramic mug clutched precariously in my hand on the way to school drop off kind of girl, so that I can throw it in the dishwasher when it’s empty instead of handwashing.

  7. My dad used to put his lidless ceramic mug on the dash of his truck as he drove to work – no cupholder, just on the dash! I don’t remember a spill but I didn’t often accompany him on his 4:30am drives into work.
    I wish I could say I always use as travel mug but sadly I don’t. I wish I had one though. I have a special mug on my desk that I use for in office coffee & sometimes I take it across the street for a fill up.

  8. OMG coolest thing ever- Please : ) I soooo want one of these! I’d use it everyday! Use a mason jar daily & a hydroflask! Love it – thanks : )

  9. I prefer drinking from glass, and really enjoy the cuppow lid, but love the idea of a straw while driving so that i don’t have to tilt my head back while driving. I love that all these creative ideas!!

  10. I’ve been using a tervis tumbler cup for a while now, but looking to get away from the plasic. My husband and I use mason jars at home though, so this would be a perfect way to transition the mason to a to-go cup. Thanks for the chance to win, would love too.

  11. Hi! For coffee I use a travel mug when I’m not on the road for my job. For cold drinks I love my turvis tumblers because they don’t sweat! When I’m away from home and I get a to-go coffee, I use a reusable cup sleeve. I love cutting back on my waste and finding new ways to do it! Thanks, Olivia

  12. i have two to-go cups of choice:

    if i’m working, it’s a thermal spill-proof cup with a straw. i work in the legal field, and spilling on important legal documents and court exhibits is frowned upon.

    otherwise, it’s a nalgene. takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.

  13. I travel back and forth with a Copco plastic coffee cup, which is great for hot stuff, but is a downer as far as capacity for cold drinks at work.

  14. We are slave to the sippy cup in my household, using them for road trips and when I’m drinking things with articial colors around my white carpet. I would love something like this, since my mason jar collection is going to take over the entire damn house anyway.

  15. I use my keep cup (australian brand) that I got in NZ for my take-away coffee. However, this morning i was in a rush, so i put some cold brew coffee in one jar and then put a smoothie in another jar. I wished i had a straw, for sure!

  16. I use a travel mug for my coffee and a stainless steel water bottle for my water or any other cold drink. I have so many mason jars that are not in use right now, I can’t think of a better way to get them off the shelf.

  17. I am a SAHM, but my husband is full on crazy and brings his Office Space “Initech” mug to work every day. He puts it in the mug holder in it’s car and somehow never spills or breaks it. I haaate cleaning to go mugs and the most annoying part of my day is washing his reusable water bottle. I do it, because YAY EARTH and everything, but I purely detest washing anything with a drinking spout. These look easier, what with no spout and is just nice and flat. It will probably work with my glass straws too. Strawsome makes great straws, you should try them.

  18. THIS is fantastic! My car is a graveyard of coffee cups and travel mugs. I drink my tea and coffee out of canning jars but usually in my office, I will definitely be picking a couple of these up πŸ˜€ Then maybe the proper cups won’t be an endangered species when guests come over.

  19. I have a Cuppow…but I must be doing something wrong b/c it leaks like crazy! Thankfully, green tea d/n stain.

    The silicone gasket is a great idea!

  20. for hot drinks, I use a Stanley travel mug – a plastic mug within a stainless steel tumbler, and each part of the lid comes apart so that it can be cleaned thoroughly, i love this thing! for cold drinks, usually a mason jar. would love a mason jar accessory!!!

  21. I use my awesome vacuum-sealed travel mug, which is almost entirely leak proof, but I also use a number of water bottles (and mason jars!) to sip water, iced tea, etc. at home or at the office.

  22. I use a travel mug with a handle. It isn’t leakproof and therefore the carpet in my car has had quite a few cups of tea too !

  23. I use a Kleen Kanteen, but would love this lid! I tried to donate and get some of these but I didn’t know you could order them. We drink out of mason jars in our house and I use them at parties instead of disposables. My niece had mason jars at her outdoor country wedding along with vintage plates from resale shops.

  24. Currently I use the same SIGG Stainless Steel travel mug every day. It has its ups and downs. Most days, though, I wish it had a spout for me to drink out of since I’m apt to spill it all over myself while driving. Also, it’s very insulated.. but a little bit TOO insulated. I can keep my tea in there for 6 hours and it’s still piping hot! This means I rarely drink my tea on my way to work because it’s just too hot. I’ve been waiting for someone to make a non-plastic Ball jar topper – and it’s here! So exciting.

  25. Currently I love using the tall asparagus jars for coffee every morning. A friend made me a cute cozy and I love the size. Currently use cuppow on the top but would love to not have the plastic so I am pretty excited about this new product…I also need me one of those straws..stat!

  26. I alternate between a Mason jar and my one over-sized ceramic mug for on the go coffee. Depends on which one is still in my car at 6AM… πŸ˜‰

  27. Right now I use a travel mug that like 6 years old.And when I am at home I use a mason jar with a old lid and band so the kids I watch will not make a mess if one of them get a hold of my glass.

  28. I use which ever coffee mug I grabbed for my first cup when I stumbled out of bed. That is if I haven’t misplaced that one somewhere in the house already. My greatest problem is that they never seem to make it back out of the van. I usually have a collection of empty ceramic mugs rolling around under my feet or when that gets too much they usually get set on the window ledge which is right next to where I park in the carport. Everything usually gets transported back into the house when we realize we have no cups in the cupboard. Then the process starts all over again πŸ™‚

  29. While we have travel mugs, I must admit we’re not very regular about using them. *hangs head in shame* These would be right my alley, as I’m trying to find as many uses as I can for extra canning jars hanging out in the kitchen. πŸ™‚

  30. I’m going to buy one regardless, thank you for reviewing them! I either don’t drink on the go or I refill plastic bottles that I’ve washed out. Kind of a pain to do when I’m in a morning rush and can’t find my funnel and the bottles get flimsy with repeated use. I really like the straw that you paired with the lid, may I ask where I can find one?

  31. I use those insulated cups with reusable straw. my ice stays in there for hours even when I leave the cup inside a hot car. love mason jars and would love this lid!

  32. go-to cup.. if its coffee then the travel cup ive had for years.. anything else then what ever jar is clean and ready to be used πŸ™‚

  33. I currently use a 24oz SS water bottle, but alas, the lid leaks on me, quite often. I would really like to try this. It seems so simple and appears to be leak free.

  34. You don’t want to know. Okay, I have to say it? I refill plastic bottles. Yup. Killing myself. I have jars for canning, so I could use this! Who needs it more than poisoned ol’ me?

  35. Disposable cup, most of the time. I always mean to use travel mugs, but I can’t put them in the dishwasher, so in reality I rarely do.

  36. I actually keep a canning jar by my bed for water during the night. I don’t know how many times I have knocked and spilled it! This would be an awesome solution! For my to-go routine for hot beverages I grab a to-go mug that saves me .50 on every refill!

  37. My sister visited KY last year right after the Derby. She picked me up an insulated beverage mug while there and I have been using that. I only have 1 of those – but many many canning jars ~ I could have some many option with this. Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  38. I’m am such a fussy to-go coffee drinker. I have purchased and rejected way too many travel mugs. I like things in jars. Mason jars. This looks perfect. I would like knit a cuff to protect my hand from hot coffee. I also think it’s a great idea for cold drinks – you know, on the porch and filled with lemonade or some such.

  39. I use an insulated jar or just a pint size jar (using the lid and cover). It is a pain to screw and unscrew the cover every time I want a sip so owning a EcoJarz would be awesome….thanks

  40. I use a rotating cast of free and borrowed (stolen) travel mugs, none of which I am satisfied with. I love iced coffee in a mason jar, but usually end up with coffee all over my shirt! This ecojarz looks great, I would love to try it!

  41. My usual is a plastic water bottle full each morning; I’ve had the same bottle since I got it in training at the US Merchant Marine Academy. Lately I’ve also started taking breakfast to work after figuring out I could make scrambled eggs or oatmeal in a jar. I’d love to cover all my breakfast needs by grabbing two jars on the way out the door.

    These are great and I love that they’re stainless steel.

  42. Standard metal and plastic travel mug every morning. But, I’d love to break that boring routine with some of these lids!

  43. I usually use a ceramic coffee cup for… coffee in the am., but I love drinking out of mason jars for colder beverages, especially iced-tea. Just ordered two of these, one for a Christmas present and one for myself!

  44. I have a travel mug that gets used constantly and I also use a small jar (with a crocheted cover) with a lid (I drilled drinking and vent holes in a plastic cap).

  45. for hot drinks, i use a travel mug that looks just like a paper coffee cup! but i’d love one of these for smoothies and iced coffee!

  46. my hubby takes two cups with him every morning… a smoothie (in a throw away cup) and coffee in a reusable cup with lid. I LOVE this option

  47. We use whatever jar is within grasp…. and there are many. They are to precious to recycle. I use a ceramic to-go cup for coffee. Most everything else goes in a jar.

  48. how cool is that? Currently I have a bunch of reusable options, including some double-wall plastic tumblers with straws, flip top water bottles, and one of those cups that mimics a to-go coffee cup.

  49. Still not into the travel cup thing… I love drinking out of my favourite mugs at home, and always go the ceramic mug at work. But that said… I may change my ways when I get a car again.

  50. I use a stainless steel travel mug and many times is is balanced between my legs. At work, i carry a small travel mug french press to brew my locally roasted coffee. The coffee at work is not drinkable.

  51. i definitely do the precarious ceramic mug thing. but i also have a ceramic mug with a lid that looks like a throwaway coffee cup, which amuses me. i tend to use mason jars for iced coffee, though, and i think a lid would help that process.

  52. I like making my breakfast smoothies in my jars ever since I learned that I could screw the base of my blender onto a regular mouth jar and blend away. So I’ve been bringing my smoothies into work in jars rather than insulted cups lately. These lids would be perfect for that!

  53. I *try* to use my Thermos to take my coffee, but sometimes I forget to clean it (it happens to you too!) and I rely on the “put it in the mug please don’t spill” method). For cold drinks, I use my Mason jars and the regular lids because I am not cool enough to have a fancy lid yet. πŸ™‚

  54. I currently just use a can because I don’t have a mason jar with a lid, therefore if the soda is not cold I have to drink it hot. This would help out because I always drink from a mason jar at home. Thanks

  55. I’m a travel mug girl when it comes to coffee– but not for lack of trying! Mason jars+ hot coffee+clumsy me= disaster. But, that said, I love using my jars for my green smoothies. My daughter gets an 8oz and I get a 16oz and off we go to start our day with a little healthy goodness. A lid like this would really cut back on the amount of smoothie that is on my backseat!! (and the amount that ends up on her face as she tips the jar to get the last tiny drops!)

  56. I’m a Travel Mug user for hot beverages. But sometimes I want to bring a cold drink to work, and it feels silly to have it in an insulated mug! So a mason jar with a drinking lid would be just the ticket! Looks like a great product πŸ™‚

  57. For hot drinks, I have a stainless steel travel mug, which is over 10 years old and going strong! But I love mason jars for cold drinks while working in the garden, so these lids would be perfect!

  58. I use a travel mug when in the car and a ceramic mug tucked in my bag for use at coffee shops. Stainless steel is one of those things at the intersection of beauty and utility.

  59. I LOVE the look and taste of drinks, like tea, in glass glasses! I would love this to use for my tea drinking habit! πŸ™‚

  60. I love the idea of using one of my copious mason jars in such a manor. I have been completely uninterested in the cuppow because of the materials. This one has my interest.

  61. I don’t much use a to-go cup but I always have a water glass next to my bed which I periodically knock over in the middle of the night. Not fun. This lid would be great!

  62. I use a travel mug for coffee. Unless I forgot it/couldn’t find it and then I use the largest mason jar that I can find.

  63. Because glass and metal sterilize and de-funk more easily than plastic, I usually end up using a mason jar and a lid. My favorite is a Dewars promo mug I found at Goodwill: It says “Celebrate Repeal Day” along one side, and has a handle for easier gripping than a jar. It has a mouth that works perfectly with wide mouth mason jars, but also warns that it is not to be used for canning or hot liquids. I think it just means that the glass isn’t as strong as a mason jar, and that it’s not insulating like a mug. It still works for my coffee.

  64. I’ve used various insulated travel mugs – they seem to disappear fairly often around my house. Sometimes I use a canning jar; I made an insulating sleeve but cutting the top off a wool sock.

  65. I have a stainless steel travel mug I carry most every day. Sometimes coffee, sometimes tea. Trying to stick to tea mostly because coffee raises my blood pressure.

  66. Yea, I’m usually the dangerous open mug type. I have avoided the scalding burns for the most part! Thanks for the opportunity to change my skin damaging ways!

  67. For hot drinks, I usually use some variation on a travel mug. I’m currently a Purica vaccuum flask, which looks like a water bottle but functions more like a travel mug.

    For cold drinks, my standby is a mason jar with a glass straw. I drilled a hole into a standard plastic mason jar lid which the straw will fit through.

    Would love to try these!

  68. My favourite “travel mug” du jour is a mason jar with a plastic screw top, with a sick monkey sleeve on it (courtesy of my sister!) to protect from the heat.

  69. Well those things are awesome. I like drinking from canning jars and i like stainless steel and am glad they are made from that. Great way to keep your glass of drinking water clean. That would actually be the best thing to make yeba mate tea in and drink right out of it. I have ss bombilla straws that filter as you drink that would go right in there. Must get some one way or another!

  70. Well those things are awesome. I like drinking from canning jars and i like stainless steel and am glad they are made from that. Great way to keep your glass of drinking water clean. That would actually be the best thing to make yerba mate tea in and drink right out of it. I have ss bombilla straws that filter as you drink that would go right in there. Must get some one way or another!

  71. My father and I are estranged. (don’t ask about the stepmother). Everytime you do one of these jar lid posts I cry. My father, who is a really cool and amazing father, drinks out of pint jars my whole life. Regular mouth. Coffee, coke, water. The car is full of empty jars. Find a jar sitting at the corner of the garden – it is likely my dad’s half drunk coffee. πŸ˜€

  72. We are a reusable water bottle and travel mug family. Unfortunately no matter how much or how little we spend on travel mugs, the mug eventually leaks/breaks/crushed and we have to replace it. These look like a better fit because I always have mason jars. Sometimes they are empty πŸ™‚

  73. I like this idea because many of the metal water bottles I have are just too big – too much water to haul around, or too big to fit in a cup holder.

  74. I use a plastic cup with a lid and straw for when I am at home. And I take a reusable water bottle for when I leave the house.

  75. I have a travel mug made specifically for tea, with a drop-down infuser that levers back up into the lid when the tea is done.

  76. I have been switching over to using my canning jars (that do not have food in them) for drinking glasses.

    However, my kitten likes to drink from my mason glasses too! LOL The lip seems to be a great edge for her to hang onto. This would help me save on washing so many glasses and dumping drinks that the cat got into πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the offer!

  77. I just replaced my old travel mug with a 100% post consumer recycled plastic model for hot coffee. I usually use mason jars in the summer for iced coffee and pray I don’t spill it!

  78. I have been using the Cuppow since it came out, but may need to try these now! I use a pint and a half jar with a wide mouth Cuppow lid, as I drink cold brewed coffee with ice and whole raw milk. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these!

  79. These are sooooo cool! I rarely leave the house without a travel mug of coffee. My friends all find me easy to spot at the weekend sporting events for the kids, since I am the one toting a large basket filled with a giant Stanley thermos full of piping hot coffee (it holds a pot and a half, people!!) with at least one extra travel mug for whomever forgot theirs that day.

  80. I have a selection of Nalgenes for lunch and other cold beverage purposes. And I have a selection of travel mugs for hot drinks. If I go to Starbucks, I don’t always remember my reusable mug (I don’t go to Starbucks that often, since I usually just make my tea at home in the morning and take it with me), but I always remember to bring it to the farmers’ market on Sunday mornings so I can have my tea from the coffee/tea stall while I walk around doing my shopping.

  81. I use 3 types: stainless steel water bottle, glass water bottle, and reuse a 20 oz drink bottle. This new product sounds interesting.

  82. I have a habit of just grabbing what is closest, be it a jar, cup, tin or whatever. I have even used a flower vase cause it was close, clean and would hold water.

  83. If it’s a green smoothie, I’ve made it the day (or two or three) before and it’s in a pint mason jar. Otherwise I’ll be sipping out of my water bottle at work (or maybe making some hot tea or coffee at my desk mid-morning). It all depends on the day, but I LOVE this concept!

  84. Very cool! So much cooler than my giant water bottle that says “Adventist Health Care” that the hospital gave me when I had my son!

  85. All I have are some stainless water bottles I don’t feel comfortable filling with anything but water, because the caps would be hard to clean.

  86. Water, Water, Water! I’m trying to drink more of it. I use the same Nalgene bottle that I won at the Telluride Bluegrass festival 5 or 6 years ago and it mostly ends up rolling around the floor of my car for days at a time…Yeah, I know, plastic is bad for you… but I hate throwing things away! A mason jar with a lid you can drink through?! Now, that’d be A-mazing! πŸ™‚

  87. Because of your previous blog post, I have a Cuppow. It’s great for gardening. For water, I have my favorite water bottle that goes to the gym and everywhere else.

    For hot drinks, I have a cadre of personalized lidded travel mugs. I bought them at Starbucks and each one has a photo collage from an event with friends and/or family. I tend to spill things, so I use lidded mugs even when I’m staying at home!

  88. Plastic travel mug for water/tea, stainless mug for coffee–but I love drinking my tea out of quart mason jars. This lid would be prefect!

  89. I normally take 2 with me every morning when i go to work! One is a coffee mug (for my coffee with truvia) the other is a plastic cup with a lid n straw ( for my lemon water or lunch shake)

  90. I use a glass travel mug for my tea in the mornings. My husband gets my cup ready (while I get myself ready) and any leftovers get transfered into the mug for easy transport to work.

  91. Going to work or skiing, I have a travel mug that is mysteriously misshapen, but still ftw, somewhat precariously, in one of my cupholders. For short jaunts for which I have not planned ahead and thus not finished my tea, I take the mug and out it in the spot below the cupholders, which is kind of rectangular. This is also where my morning mug of granola, yogurt, and berries goes on workdays. I drop my cell charger or keys in the yogurt routinely, and I’ve dumped the travel mug a couple times stopping quickly, but I do fairly well. :-). Bet I’d do better with some of these tho!

  92. I’m not great about remembering my travel cup, I have a nice glass jar for my water but I prefer mason jars (and have a million of them!). I think this would be great motivation for me to remember to bring my own cup!

  93. Bacuse of concerns with plastics, and because my beverage on the road is water, I use a Sigg metal bottle. It has only a small opening at the top, so I am forced to forgo ice. Being able to use a canning jar would circumvent that problem.

  94. guilty of the ceramic mug balanced between two thighs….=)
    but at home i use the mason jar as my water bottle, so this would be an awesome feature to have! (I may even burn my legs less!)

  95. I love tea. Hot or cold, it’s drinkable! The problem I find is finding the right cup that is also travel-worthy. The mason is it!! I even keep cereal in one jar and milk in the other to mix up once I get to work. Re-using jars are the way to go!!

  96. Water bottle, of course. But for trips to the in-laws I like a tall to-go cup for my mimosa! Would love to use the skinny pint and a half jar (maybe with a sleeve)…

  97. While in the shower I will brew a cup of chai latte in my keuring and down that while getting ready, and make another tea or hot chocolate for the travel mug for the car ride and long walk in the winter to my office.

  98. I use jars occasionally. Mine tend to leak a bit no matter what the lid, and it tends to dribble when I drink. What I use most are one of my Starbucks travel mugs. I like to buy Starbucks because of their general philosophy (and they’re from my home state). Travel aside, my go-to mug is a recycled clay Starbucks mug that say ‘RENEW’. A nice thought any time of day.

  99. I need, need, need these! I drink smoothies every morning and these would be perfect. I am also an avid tea drinker and I would LOVE to use these for my morning cup in a mason jar!


  100. I tend to use a mason jar with a regular lid and band. The problem is when I pry the lid off, sometimes I end up spilling iced chai all down my pants. I’m awesome.

  101. i LOVE this idea. albeit i have dropped a couple of mason jars i have used as travel mugs – thereby smashing them on the concrete and using my shoe and a newspaper to sweep up the shards – i think this is a great way to promote bringing your own cup (i will forever recommend those with handles). be fantastic, don’t use plastic.

  102. A leaky travel mug that annoys the pants off me. However, the part that leaks is the heat-shield band and just water that it picks up from the dishwasher. Annoying, but otherwise it works. I’m thinking hard about mason jars with knitted sleeves, though… Makes me wish they made a silicone plug to close those holes up for bumpy driving.

  103. I am so bad about travel cups! I am always looking for a new one! None are ever good enough! Wrong size, hard I clean, bad tops. This one looks perfect! And I love that you can use a straw for kids!!

  104. I have a bunch of stainless steel thermal travel mugs – separate mugs for tea and coffee at home and at work. Glass would definitely be easier to clean and no stains.

  105. My drink and go options — I have a travel mug for hot beverages that’s about eight years old now. It’s doing great! I also have a very well loved Sigg bottle that goes everywhere with me. And less commonly… I have a darling hip flask! πŸ™‚

  106. Right now it’s a green travel mug, but after reading through the comments, I think I’m going to make a quilted sleeve for one of my jars…

  107. This is such a great idea! My kids have bought me plastic cups through the years, but the dishwasher has ate many of them. Mason jars are always solid and sound!

  108. The two problems I have with travel cups are solved by this lid. For hot things, my lids wear out and start to leak. For cold things, I like to be able to put bubble water in the bottle, but manufacturers say that’s a no-no.

  109. My travel cup is a mason jar! It works nicely most of the time. Yet it never fails that when riding in the car with my husband, he’ll make an abrupt stop and I’ll end up wearing my smoothie! This lid would solve that problem in no time!

  110. We have several plastic travel mugs for coffee or tea. I hate that they’re plastic but you can’t microwave the metal ones and I’m afraid I’ll shatter the ceramic one before I even get it home. Sometimes I just take my coffee in my regular mug but I only have one that fits into the car’s cupholder. If it’s water or juice, it’s always a ball jar; they’re already our drinking glasses so all you have to do is find a lid. We use ball jars for everything from drinks to storing bulk spices. However, we’ve had to limit our leaving the quart size wide mouths out because our cat got his head stuck in one during the night a couple weeks ago and we had to break it to get it off…

  111. I use a reusable cup whenever possible. It would be great to get away from the plastic ones that I use on a regular basis!

  112. I have a few handy tumblers of various sizes that I load with piping hot green tea for my morning bike ride to school. Otherwise, I always have my Klean Kanteen with me. Always.

  113. use a travel mug every time I get in the car, but for cold beverages it is nearly always a canning jar and I have made a fine mess more than once! Loving the idea of the new lids!

  114. I was curious about these when I saw them on your flickr… I think the stainless is a better option than plastics – but that’s just because I try not to use plastics if possible. My travel mug of the past ten years is a stainless Nissan 16 oz. I love it because it keeps stuff super hot – but also because I got a model with a perforated lid all the way around, so no fumbling for the correct drinking location, and boiling hot tea can actually cool enough not to kill my mouth when I forget the insulating properties of Nissan. But come to think of it, the lid on my mug is plastic. Maybe I’ll switch to mason jars!

  115. I use a two cup thermos one thing I hate is getting my lips burned on hot coffee.
    But am the dummy who put it in there so I should of know it was Hot to begin with.
    But I would Love to try you Ecotop especially for my water gotta hydrate !

  116. I have a reusable classic travel mug that usually ends up with my husband on his walk to work leaving me with the hand-thrown-mug-between-the-knees issue when I don’t finish my coffee before leaving the house. I really love that these aren’t plastic! I have been swooning over the whole design of a cuppow but hesitant because of it’s material. Thanks for the chance to win!

  117. I have no routine. I use jars, bottles, mugs, whatever is handy. I’d love to get one container just for me to smooth the mornings in our kitchen.

  118. I usually use a BPA-free plastic coffee mug with screw on lid for hot drinks, and my water bottle for cold drinks when traveling.

    I admit, however, that my interest in this lid is not so much for traveling as it is for being able to keep my drink unmolested in the house! One of the cats has a habit of deliberately tipping over any drink cup he can get to, and the only way I can drink anything cold in the house now is if it’s in a container with a lid that closes firmly (and guests have learned to keep an eagle eye on their drink, or else deal with the spillage).

  119. I invested in a Kleen Kanteen a few years ago. but, it is bulky…I was thinking of trying glass instead of steel and this is perfect since I already have jars.

    My to go cup ritual consists of preparing my drink…which is iced coffee…placing it by the door so I won’t forget it, forgetting it anyway, and drinking it when I get home. EVERY TIME!!!

  120. I generally use stainless steel waterbottles and stainless steel travel mugs. But I would love the change up of a mason jar.

  121. For my birthday this year my husband bought me a new travel coffee mug, with a cool button gasket thing for sipping. Travel mugs have come a long way. It reminds me, though, of the old insulated drink holder I used to have – it was enormous big, and my grandfather, a wood-worker, actually made little holder boxes for them so that you could set it on the seat beside you or on the floor. This was before cup holders in cars expanded.

  122. I usually use a Tervis tumbler on the go. I love the Tervis for its insulation, but it is bulky, and I hate having to wash it every night so it’s ready to go the next day. A lid like this would be just the thing to put my recently-emptied canning jars into use!

  123. I have lots of canning jars and have just purchased stainless steel straws, with a plan of punching holes in a regular lid and using rubber grommets to hold the straws. This looks so much better than what I could make! I would love to have one!

  124. I love my iced tea made with my Keurig brewer and into my handle Mason Jar. Now I will have a proper lid for it. Best of worlds.

  125. This is so cool! I do farmers markets and always take a quart jar with my ice tea while I’m selling. It would be a great addition to my market days.

  126. I take my Klean Kanteen with me mostly, but for hot beverages I have an old pint and a half jar that works well but I could really use a sipping lid.

  127. I have a Sigg and a Camelbak when I’m driving and a mason jar when I’m riding- so this lid would be perfect. I only drink water now so life is easier if I spill…

  128. I have no special travel mug of my own, so I end up advertising for all the local construction companies because I just use all my husband’s travel mugs that he gets for free from the companies that he works with. I adore my mason jars for use around the house and getting one of these lids would make my mason jars usable for drinking on the go….without being a walking billboard. πŸ™‚

  129. This lid will open up so many additional ways to use my mason jars for on the go. Until now I have only used them at home to sip coffee but with this the sky is the limit. Very cool!

  130. This is great. I use a mason jar for my coffee, and always have some sort of awkward towel contraption for when it is hot and prone to spill all over me — I do think it’s time I acquire one of these!

  131. Yay, more canning jar drinking lids! I have a not-so-great plastic mug and a fine-but-have-to-arduously-unscrew-it-every-time aluminum water bottle for my travel drinks right now. I could definitely use a better solution! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  132. I’ve got a travel mug somewhere in my kitchen, but I tend to just put hot things in my water bottle (bpa free, of course!) and wrap a bandana around it so my hands don’t burn. It’s got a better seal on the lid than a travel mug, so I can turn it every which way in my backpack with no disastrous effects.

  133. I generally have hot coffee or tea in an open quart mason jar balanced between my knees, because it doesn’t fit in my cup holder… Having a sippy lid on it would definitely help with my knees-scalded-by-slopping-coffee problem!

  134. What a cool, cool product. My usual in-the-car drink is a disposable water bottle. The reusable bottle I tried for a (short) while had leakage issues.

  135. I have a travel mug, but I also sometimes use a mason jar and put a bit of parchment paper over the top and screw on a band then poke a straw through the paper. This product looks awesome, though!

  136. I have a travel mug that I take with me every day, every where. I got it at REI years ago and it does fit in the cup holder in my car, but mine is an over sized cup holder. I only carry hot liquids in my travel mug – it would be great to have a jar and lid for my cold beverages!

  137. I have a travel mug that looks a lot like those generic white disposable cups you get at a gas station. It always fools people! Plus, I have used it so often that it’s starting to get beautiful coffee stains on the inside πŸ™‚

  138. Go mug. Used to be plastic (used the heck out of a 32 oz one that was given to all students at University of Colorado Boulder for free), then Nalgene for water until the BPA thing, then stainless (my all time favorite for keeping drinks warm but not costing a fortune was one made by liquid-solutions. Inside was solid stainless, outside was coated in a resin that insulated the mug – cost was about $8. Hard to find now). Now I have a new stainless that doesn’t work as well as the liquid solutions one, and a ceramic one with a rubber top. Trying to avoid BPA. I find, like the daughter in the movie “signs” that water, if left to sit in the open, doesn’t taste right after a while.

  139. I always carry a water bottle with me, normally stainless steel. I really love straw cups and haven’t found one that was great even for use around the house. This might be my solution!

  140. I faithfully use a travel mug each day. I think the thing that keeps me from using a disposable cup is that my husband does the dishes each night!!!

  141. Totally spill-proof, seals in the heat for hours, stainless steel travel mug for hot, my beautiful stainless steel insulated cold cup with stainless steel straw for cold.

  142. I love this! No more scalding my hands/mouth on my stainless steel water bottle. This looks like a great option for my littles, too.

    Fingers crossed for the give-away!

    If we don’t win, it’s such a great looking product, we’ll probably order one, anyway! πŸ˜‰


  143. I have a travel mug, but it only works for hot drinks. I’ve been wanting to try the jar method for smoothies and cold drinks and these lids would be perfect!

  144. Right now my to-go cup is a mason jar with a lid and straw I got from etsy. But I am always anxious to try new things and pick a favorite. This is a style I am eager to try!

  145. For coffee, I have a few of the Starbucks travel mugs that I rotate between. For water, I have a few plastic bottles and also a favorite insulated metal one I picked up at target – I put ice in it in the morning, drink from it all day, and the ice still hasn’t melted the next morning. It’s even kept ice cold through hot yoga classes!

  146. I have a Copco thermal cup, it’s ok but it doesn’t hold as much I’d like it too. These new Jar covers look great!

  147. I work nights and have specific caffeine needs! I love iced coffee but fail it make it advance. I make hot coffee after dinner and drink it at home. But the leftb over coffee goes into random cups without lids in fridge for when I wake up the next. afternoon. I’ve also been known to pour other peoples leftover coffee into cups to save for my iced coffee. I would love a good. Mason jar lid to help my nighshift caffeine needs!

  148. lol! LOVE this!!! Every morning, I make my cup of tea to drink while taking the kids to school. Most mornings it gets transferred to a travel mug. Sometimes I drink half as quickly as I can and just pray I don’t spill the coffee mug in the car. :crossfingers: My track record is about 25% spill/75% safe. In the Summer, I make frozen coffee and this would be great for that too! πŸ™‚

  149. For hot drinks I have a travel mug from a local coffee shop, cold drinks a stainless steel bottle, and both a nalgene and a britta filtering water bottle for water. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  150. Nothin like wrapping a cold hand around a warm handmade ceramic mug. Which break, and break my heart, all the darn time around this accident-prone house! Maybe it’s time to switch to mason jars, eh?

  151. Sadly, I’m crazy cheap so I have a plastic gas-station soda cup with lid & straw I fill up every morning and take with me. I have plenty of jars and have even looked into how I would best modify a lid to fit, but just haven’t gotten around to buying the (few) supplies to do it. These look super great and I’d love to use it – assuming it doesn’t leak at all. I hate little drops of drink on my pants when I’m walking into work! If I don’t win, maybe I’ll put it on my christmas list…

  152. Every morning, my husband takes a pint of raw milk and drinks it on the way to work! But plastic lids always leak, drinking from the threads is always messy and annoying, and the dime lid + ring combo is tricky to finagle while on the road!!! This would solve so many problems in one blow:)

  153. I use a Tervis tumbler! Even though it is plastic, it is made in the USA (Florida even…the state I live in). I also just for water use a bobble. I have a toddler and both are extremely toddler proof.

  154. I use a travel mug for coffee, and a sigg for water. This would be great for other cold drinks I’d like to take on the go!

  155. I recently got a travel mug/thermos with a tea infuser basket which i LOVE. now i just have to remember to bring it with me more often πŸ™‚

  156. I already carry around most beverages in mason jar, and I get some good-natured ribbing about it. With one of these lids, I might not so much. πŸ™‚

  157. My classic coffee mug goof: setting it on the roof to put something else in the car and then taking off while the mug is still on the roof! It’s happened to me too many times… And I’ve been doing it long enough to know it has nothing to do with old age!!! πŸ™‚

  158. I’ve a nalgene that I drink cold stuff out of (and it doesn’t fit well in my car cup holder, but only drink water = no stains on clothes!). And for warm stuff – I drink from a mason jar using my cuppow! Love it and love that I’m drinking from a mason jar that my grandmother gifted me long ago. So cool and appropriate for this Home Ec. teacher

  159. I was given a metal water bottle with a straw – I got around to using it this week and I couldn’t get the water to come up the straw…boo! Gave it up for a bottle of water. So much for ecology. This would work great and I could actually get my water up the straw to drink.

  160. I don’t have a to-go cup! My plastic (#eek!) water bottle is packed away somewhere with my kitchen (we are in the process of buying a house). So what do I do? I go thirsty. This would be perfect for me! I love the straw too!

  161. Guess mine would be a series of go-to cup routines! There are seasonally adjusted first-thing-in-the-morning mugs, afternoon teacups, an old Tupperware covered 32-oz “glass” for outside drinking-while-gardening (the only place I actually embrace plastic is outside), just-because pretty cups and saucers, and the occasional use of an actual travel mug.

  162. I use all different stuff — travel tea mug, canning jar, ceramic mug in the car cup holder. I would love to try these lids!

  163. I currently use a regular cup, which I wave at the kids while yelling at them to take my cup when I approach situations where I need both hands on the wheel

  164. I have a travel mug for drinks on the go, plus three containers at work: one for tea, one for coffee, and one for cold water. πŸ™‚

  165. Tall stainless for coffee, ceramic for cold….don’t know why. Would love this…and so would some grandkids I know!

  166. I bring my regular coffee cup when I walk the kids to school and drive to work and have a clear togo cup for hot or cold coffee shop bevvies :). I love the look of your lids!

  167. We have stainless steel thermos/sippy cups/bottles that get used, but boy would these be great for me as my bottle as issues right now!


  168. I have a metal insulated mug i use for water, but I always pack a jar of milk to go with cookies in my husband’s lunch. Haha yes, my husband

  169. I am a coke-aholic. McDonald’s is my favorite and at $1.00 for a large I indulge often. Recently, we passed a McDonald’s and my son said, “Mom, aren’t you going to stop at McDonald’s and get a coke?” LOL! Another time we stopped at a gas station and he said, “Are you stopping to get a coke?” and I said, “No, sometimes we stop at the gas station to get gas!” LOL! I’ve been using, and reusing when I can, the disposable cups from McDonald’s but I hate the waste and have been looking for something better. I recently fell in love with Mason Jars and am making a chandelier. When I saw this accessory, I got so excited and thought “Ureka!!!” Now I can have my coke in my favorite Mason Jar wherever I am. Thanks for the post!!

  170. Depending on my beverage I have a travel mug (which has seen better days) or a Klean Kanteen water bottle, and more and more often I am bringing a mason jar along with a lid that I have to take off and put back on to have a drink… these look AWESOME!

  171. I usually use a plastic insulated mug. It stains though and I never feel like I get it really clean. This lid on a canning jar would be great!

  172. I keep a stainless steel water bottle in the car; bring it in to wash and refill as needed. For hot tea on the go, I have stainless steel travel mug that actually fits in the cup holders of my VW (it took a while to find one that fits!). I’d love this cap to use for my glass (jar) of water that I carry upstairs/downstairs – depending on where in the house I’m working.

  173. We have several contigo cups, other stainless steel ones, plastic ones. We kinda have a collection – but to be able to use my jars? That would be nice! Especially for tea πŸ™‚

  174. I use a quart mason jar for water and a stainless steel thermos cup for coffee. If I forget one or the other in the morning, my day is not right.

  175. I have a couple of insulated tumblers with lids and reusable straws that I use for cold/frozen drinks, which is the norm here in Texas. I also have a thermos type thing with a sealable lid for my hot tea and coffee. I’ve also been known to just take my mug or jar with me in the car rather than transfer my drink to a new vessel, which makes these lids perfect accessories for me. Thanks!

  176. I use travel cups primarily for ice water, but when I’m late in the mornings, I also use it for smoothies. I wish I drank coffee, but alas, it tastes like garbage to me….

  177. I have a couple things I use – a grown-up sippy cup, a stainless steel water bottle, and a ceramic coffee mug with a plastic lid. My husband though he uses mason jars all the time to bring his hot or cold tea to work with him.

  178. I use a beat up old travel mug for everything, including cold beverages. Consequently, everything smells like chai tea all the time. I would love a new mason jar lid!

  179. Currently I just use a mason jar with a one piece lid and sometimes the Cuppow. I also a great thermos sometimes but find that a dishwasher safe mason jar is better for my habits. This new lid looks great!

  180. I really love my Tervis Tumblers but I have so many mason jars I could be using. I’ve been thinking about buying these but wanted to try them first. Thank you for offering these in a contest. *Fingers crossed*

  181. AAAHHHHH!!!! I love this top! Must have one! I have plastic and stainless to-go cups. I never carry a jar out with a DRINK though, with this lid I could!

  182. I’m always looking for the perfect travel mug. Some don’t fit in my car’s drink holder, so I go with your dad’s method, cup between my legs. Some just don’t fit my style. But how could you go wrong with a mason jar and a nice lid like these?

  183. After watching the “Bag It” movie I am trying to do more and more to stop using plastic, even non-BPA plastic. One of my patients is a City commissioner here in Santa Fe and he was going to a hearing on whether or not to ban plastic bags in the City and I asked him to PLEASE watch Bag It before going to the hearing to get both sides and be more informed. I would love to have even one of these lids! I had been going to yard sales this summer but only found 3 canning jars. *sigh* I hope better luck next year! If I win one or more lids I will definitely get the stainless steel straws. Do you have sources for good bottle brushes and skinny brushes to clean inside the straws? Thanks!

  184. Usually it’s a travel mug, but I have been know to run out of the house with a ball jar full of hot goodness and no lid. This looks Awesome!

  185. Generally it’s a stainless steel water bottle…or a cup from home which I hope doesn’t spill on the drive!
    I was just looking for a solution to my DD’s sippy cup/straw/plastic free problem!! So glad I found this post!

  186. We’ve begun saving jars to use for drinking instead of plastic cups or even regular drinking glasses. These lids would be fantastic to use in the car and out in the yard (bugs love iced tea).

  187. I love coffee and I used to use disposable, lidded coffee cups until my children started giving me insulated coffee cups for birthdays and Christmas. This product looks great. I would love to try some of these.

  188. Wow, what an awesome giveaway!

    Since we have had a harder time making ends meet, I’ve stopped buying water bottles and now take my tupperware cup with it’s lid. But boy howdy, I’d love to be able to use my pint jars =) Now that it is cold, my warm beverage always goes with me on the morning carpool run! Thanks again =)

  189. I take a plastic mug which luckily has a cover. It’s getting worn, not very nice looking. I have a few Ball jars and this lid is all I need to encourage me to use them instead.

  190. I have a couple of ratty old travel mugs that are falling apart because they aren’t supposed to be washed in the dishwasher, but I do it anyway. Ball jars are so much more resilient!

  191. Thanks for the world-wide bit!

    I often take a drink out with me when I’m walking my dogs (once I’m in the field round the corner they are off the lead!) This would be perfect!
    I do have a travel mug but the design is terrible. It’s also plastic lined, which apart from anything else means it now permanently tastes of coffee. Yuck.

  192. I’ve been using an insulated cup I got from 7-Eleven a while back. My wife has been after me to throw it away – she’s not fond of old plastics, plus says it still smells of coffee after washing. I can use this lid with a jar left over from her fruit canning and keep her happy.

  193. I use an insulated stainless steel travel mug with a sealing top. It would be great to have a spill-proof jar of water on my desk next to my tea.

  194. I don’t usually take drinks with me because I worry about the spill so I gulp down my coffee before driving. I can enjoy my drink on the road if I have a reliable container that won’t spill plus convenient to sip from – what a deal! Can I have one, please?

  195. My to-go option is the Thermos Sipp- absolutely NO leaking and drinks stay hot for a loooong time. I have a 2nd one on my holiday wish list.

  196. Jars for me! Usually old spaghetti sauce jars with the labels scrubbed off, wrapped in a dishtowel if they’re hot. This is not new for me — I used to take juice to school in old jam jars back in the 80s!

  197. I used a regular travel coffee mug for the longest time, but it was a bit leaky and I had to keep a close eye on it to keep it from spilling on the bus…a bit of a problem. I’ve had to wash my backpack due to spilled smoothie more than a few times. I then graduated to a hard plastic cup with a screw on lid and hard plastic straw. It’s great but has two main drawbacks: you still have to worry about spillage via the straw and the straw is pretty hard to get perfectly clean. So then I started using a mason jar with one of those white plastic caps. That only lasted for one trip because I ended up with smoothie all over the bottom of my backpack. I must not have screwed it on perfect. In any case, it make me hesitant to use one again. I went back to just a mason jar with a metal lid and ring. That is leak-proof for sure, but annoying, especially because I like to drink my smoothie on the go. I finally ordered a recap and am pretty stoked about it! I’ve used it twice and it is exactly what I need!

  198. Actually I don’t have a to-go routine. I usually try to drink my tea while at home. Or my coffee while hanging out somewhere. But probably this giveaway would make me over think it, when drinking on the go looks as easy as over here I probably have to start it! : )

  199. I drink out of a very worn out plastic travel cup with a lid and straw…Iced tea is my drink of choice and I just about always have a glass….the rubber seal on my current cup is starting to leak from many years of use….I would love to win one of these…or get one from Santa πŸ™‚

  200. I use a travel mug or a coffee cup from the house. I have some cups that actually fit the cup holder in my Tribute. Would love to have some of these lids!

  201. It never fails and it seems I never learn…….everytime I drink coffee in my car from a traditional coffee cup, I end up either wearing it or it starts tasting like iced coffee after awhile. I do think that these lids are awesome………….BTW Marisa…I still use your book often…when you writing another??

  202. I am usually running late so had started taking my ceramic coffee mug with me. Found out it fits fine in my cup holder with the handle protruding through the small ‘passage” into the other cup holder (think…they are like a figure eight). SO now I do it on purpose. Only thing is, I’ve broken some mugs so am thinking of other options. This looks grand because I think you could use it for hot drinks as well…would replace my steel water bottle I use for that.

  203. another here that uses the stainless steel to go cups but you sure can’t say they are leakproof and it sure would be nice to see how much you have left of something.

  204. In my travels while promoting local foods i carry an old cup to hold my drink i also keep another one for Jacob in his wheelchair cup holder, when we are working together at the farmers market it sure would be nice to have a reusable lid for our mason jars and since jake always needs a straw to drink with it would be great for him, i bet lots of folks would comment and want to buy one, thank you for sharing such a great new product.

  205. Every morning my husband and I race to see who gets the “good” travel mug and who gets the one with the broken handle. Since I typically have jars coming out of my ears, these lids would be a great alternative. Thanks for bringing them to our attention.

  206. I have a very large plastic travel mug I use daily. When I forget it at work I get really pissed at myself and pout until I get it back the next morning.

  207. I use a screw top water bottle that my job gave away several years ago when they were encouraging us to stop using plastic purchased water bottles to avoid waste. I also use a Mason jar on my desk at work, and pour into a glass to drink. I don’t drive but would use this adult sippy cup concept for teas and such. Thanks.

  208. Most of the time I use pint sized mason jars. I also have a reusable cold beverage cup, one of those double lined things, that I use often.

  209. Yippee! An anywhere giveaway! I rarely take a travel mug, because I am a “spiller” – I find many travel mug openings hard to drink from without slopping. (reasons that I like these mason-jar lids #101). If I need to, it’s usually my tall stainless steel from Mountain Equipment Co-op

  210. If I’m in a hurry I just run out the door with my coffee cup and try not to spill! If I’ve planned, it’s a stainless steel mug.

  211. Right now I’m drinking coffee of out a reusable plastic travel cup that looks like a disposable. But I would LOVE one of these for the skinny 1.5 pt jars for cold drinks!! It will fit in my car’s cup holder perfectly!

  212. For coffee, reusable mug…though I’ve spilled on myself so many times this fall I’m thinking it is time to get something new πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  213. My standard to-go drinking ware is a simple plastic cup–no lid, I usually forget the straw, and of course, it usually gets dribbled (or worse) and I worry about stuff (lint, cat hair, stray bugs) dropping into it. Yes, it’s not the best method…

  214. I mostly use a disposable cup for coffee, stopping on my way in to work at the local gas station (they actually do have good coffee!). I only use washable drink containers when at home.

  215. This is awesome. I have been using metal straws for years. I would love one of these so I can ditch my plastic to go cup.

  216. I have (or had) two travel mugs – one for hot teas and one for coffee. They used to both be coffee, until I put some blueberry-pomegranite tea in one and nearly gagged the next time I tried to drink coffee out of it. For some reason I wasn’t expecting blueberry scented coffee…Then the coffee mug got lost about two weeks ago. I’ll get a new one eventually. I just keep hoping I’ll find the mug, because I really liked it. My dad does the ceramic cup between the knees thing, btw. πŸ™‚

  217. I have a reusable coffee mug and a reusable glass for cold drinks. Don’t leave the house without one of them! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  218. Most of the time it is a Teavana mug, which keeps my drink hot for hours, but, like your dad, I am a fan of the mug-in-hand (or between knees) too!

  219. A pint jar fits exactly into my car’s cupholder–but I can’t fill it all the way up, because I have to deal with unscrewing the lid when I want a drink. These would be perfect!

  220. Lately I’ve been using a wide mouth pint jar as my travel mug. A friend of mine even made me a cozy for it so the hot coffee doesn’t burn me through the jar. πŸ™‚

  221. Right now I take my BPA free plastic thermos into work with me everyday. After seeing everyone using the disposable paper/styrofoam cups, I decided not to be part of that wastefulness (and extra cost) But, I want to get away from plastic, so these lids would be perfect to make the move into using canning jars as my to go cup πŸ™‚

  222. I have a couple of travel mugs I use all the time. Most of them are clear, I like the clear ones. I have a stainless steel mug I use for hot drinks in the winter.

  223. I have a favorite hand made mug my daughter got me during her trip to Mexico. I use it everyday to drink my morning tea or coffee in. During the day I use a Tevis tumbler to drink my ice tea in.

  224. These look cool, and that straw is awesome, I will have to check out the link. I use whatever is clean or different vessels for different purposes- ceramic mugs, mason jars, swing-top glass bottles, reused kombucha bottles, stainless steel water bottles for out and about, and we do have a wide variety of plastics I need to phase out.

  225. I actually use a “Thermos” brand thermos (LOL) to transport my home brewed coffee from home to work, then I drink it out of a lovely ceramic mug my daughter bought for me on a trip to San Francisco (we live in Ontario). I have 2 other actual travel mugs – one for tea or water and one for coffee, but I’m always looking for better solutions. The ones I have are hard to keep clean as their tops screw on and it’s hard to scrub those threads. I love the ideas that people are getting together to find good, environmental solutions for our problems!

  226. I take a mason jar full of java, then transfer to my favorite mug at work.. :), wow this would take the spills out of my life πŸ™‚ these are cool.

  227. i would love to try this! i currently use a ceramic travel mug that i’ve been actually loving lately! a mason jar would be so much better though πŸ™‚

  228. Woohoo, loving all the mason jar love! Mainstream is taking note of the versatility. I rarely have the time and forethought to find a “to-go” cup and take it with me but this would find a special spot to make sure it got used!

  229. I love drinking from glass containers! This one looks pretty trendy with a vintage flare! love it! Really like the old fashioned mugs for most days! travels… i got one of those plastic thermos thingies.

  230. I have a great thermos cup with sort of a carabiner-style handle, so that it hooks securely over the edge of my bag. The only problem is that it is most decidedly a coffee-scented cup after all these years, so I don’t have a good option on the mornings I want to bring tea.

  231. My current set up is a mason jar with a Cuppow lid – however I only have one lid and often forget it at the office which means the next morning I carefully drive with a regular ceramic mug (horrible idea)

  232. I usually just head out the door with a faithful mason jar and traditional lid- which always drips water on me when I open it up to drink out of it! I’d love a drink lid, and so would my kids! Putting these on my wishlist πŸ™‚

  233. My dad used to have me balance his coffee mug as we bumped down our unpaved road on the way to school. Now, on the other hand, my husband has a no open-top drink policy in the car. I break the rules all the time, luckily with no spills. This would be a good compromise as we are mason users at home.

  234. I use reuseable coffee mugs mostly, but I do have my mason/ball jars too. I own a few of the Cuppow lids and love them, however I bought them when Cuppow was a startup and so it was before they made them to fit the regular jars and so I have to use for wide mouth and find that that size doesn’t fit too well in my car cup holders. What an awesome giveaway, I can’t wait to give them a try! Thanks!

  235. My to go cup is a tervis tumbler with a lid and straw. I would love to try these mason jar drink lids……we have plenty of jars!

  236. I have a stainless steel travel mug that, just this morning, I was thinking it was time to replace. I just can’t get it clean anymore and it’s not dishwasher safe. Grrrr. I have a recap, but I don’t have the right size jar! Today on my travels I’m using a tall glass from Ikea that I often use, I hope it’s a smooth ride today!

  237. I use a standard travel mug, or a styrofoam cup when i get towork for my morning hot beverage. I usually bring some kombucha or kefir for later in the day, in a jar, and steel myself for lots of moonshine comments.

  238. I have a trusty travel mug… although I am becoming less and less enamored with its high-maintenance ways — no dishwasher, and the sliding panel on the lid is tough to clean if I ever drink hot chocolate (or chocolate milk) in it.

  239. I love the new products for jars! I already have the ReCaps and use them like crazy, mostly for dressings. I have plastic coffee cups that look like the paper to-go cups that the coffee houses use.

  240. My to-go beverage container is a stainless steel thermos, but it indicates that it is only for water, so that’s the only beverage I tote.

  241. Would love one of these! I have so many travel mugs from Starbucks and other places and usually use one of those in the mornings.

  242. For tea, I have a travel cup, but I discovered this morning (as I took a sip) that the sealer must have come out. Tea all over my desk! πŸ™

  243. i typically use a cuppow and a jar– or a poppy and pearl co or handmade (drilled lide with a rubber grommet ) top when i am using a straw and drinking something cold πŸ™‚

    these look so nice!

  244. I use canning jars for cold drinks when I am on the go. I know they will hold up to the craziness my day brings. I have an insulated cup but rarely use it, I worry I don’t get it clean enough. I sometimes will forget it in the car and if it is a Friday it could be in their all weekend, yuck. I know my jars are clean.

  245. My go to for beverages on the go is a “leak-proof” travel mug. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find a travel mug that maintains it’s “leak-proof-ness” over the long term AND fits my size needs. So I still travel with a mason jar sometimes and only partake of my beverage upon arrival at my destination.

  246. I was a sponsor of the ReCap project and those things are awesome! However, I have been lazy and not making smoothies lately (my usual morning in-the-jar drink), so I have reverted back to my WHYY stainless steel (with plastic lid) travel cup. This is a cool idea, and I like that you posted where to find the straw, because that is so cool! We’re trying to wean off plastic straws in our house, but it’s a challenge. Maybe that link will light a fire under my butt to give some to my kids as stocking stuffers. Thanks for the info!

  247. I have a few fav to-go for water that I take to work everyday… a kleen kanteen, a BPA free nalgeen or a jar. Would love to try the new EcoJarz with my jar. Thanks for the giveaway!

  248. I’ve had the same plastic thrift store cup with lid for years. Only complaint is that I work in the forest and have to drive very rocky roads; My cup’s sip hole doesn’t close. Good thing the wildlife doesn’t care it I have coffee on my shirt.

  249. Hi. My dad is an engineer and seems to get loads of logo to-go cups. I get to use those. Who knows about the BPA content or other bad chemicals are swimming around in those. I just can’t pass up a free cup. Thanks for running this give a way! A prize jar cup lid neato thingy would be much better than a free cup!

  250. My go-to travel cup routine is something along the lines of look around, realize I have nothing, and wait to have coffee/tea until I get to wherever I’m going. I am not a fan of this method, and would love to change that, STAT!

  251. I don’t have a good routine. I don’t enjoy drinking out of plastic togo mugs. I often have a ceramic one between my knees (because it doesn’t fit in my cup holder). I always say it’s not a good morning if I’m out the door and haven’t finished my first cup of coffee for the day. I’d much rather be perched at home still in my pj’s sipping some sweet brew than dashing out the door with a to go cup.

  252. Usually use a ceramic travel mug – same one since 1995. For cold beverages I’ve taken to using a jar – one that I can’t use for canning.

  253. Travel mugs have a tendency to get broken in this household. Or disappear. So I have a set of 6 plastic tumblers that I bought from a crafts supply store 6 or 7 years ago. The Christmas trees are wearing off of them, but they don’t leak, & since I keep them hidden on a top shelf in a cupboard, no one has disappeared them (yet).

  254. I use a Kleen Kanteen for my every day water but am always on the lookout for better options to use for other beverages. I use jars for storing all of my other food items both in the fridge and freezer. They are in my pantry, office and yes…the car!
    I would be really pleased to find yet another use for the wonderful mason jars I already have in my life. Better to do that then go out and buy something new!

  255. I have a couple different travel mugs, but my favorite is a travel mug I got for filling out a survey at a graduate info session – they ran out of the cheapo ones right before I handed mine in so I got a really high quality mug. I also regularly carry a little 14 oz nalgene – it’s a good size cause it’s not so heavy and you can always refill it- gotta stay hydrated. πŸ™‚

  256. i do love my kleen canteen thermos… but when i can’t find it or just feel like using a mason jar, i put a pretty clean sock over the glass part of the jar (folding it over if it is too long) so that i don’t burn my hands holding steaming hot tea. it also serves as a cozy hand warmer πŸ™‚

  257. I send my husband out the door every morning with a cup of coffee and a smoothie – the coffee goes in a stainless steel travel mug and the smoothie goes in a mason jar with a ReCap cap. It gets a little sloppy for the smoothie. THIS would be perfect!

  258. Right now I just use regular water bottles, because I need to measure the amount of fluids I take in. This would be perfect for me, so I can measure the amount and get away from plastic containers!

  259. I have an oxo travel mug (it seems to be the only one that is really leak-proof) but often use a jar with lid for iced coffee or tea. I also have a sigg bottle that is always with me for water.

  260. Always a waterbottle full to the brim of ice water, usually stowed in the side pocket on the door since I’ve never had one that comfortably fit in the cup holders.

    Now that I bike commute, though, it fits quite well in the waterbottle holder πŸ™‚

  261. Ever since I gave my husband (15 days into our marriage, no less) scalding hot coffee in what I thought was a “travel” thermos but was really not, and he spilled hot coffee all over himself while driving, I don’t drive with hot liquids anymore! I really don’t drive with liquids that much at all or take them with me, but when I do, it is a soda can or a plastic cup with a lid and straw! These jar lids look great. Thanks for offering them to your readers!

  262. I usually go for a stainless steel travel mug. So glad to see this stainless jar topper! I was hesitant to buy a Cuppow because of the plastic, but this is just lovely.

  263. I always have a bottle of water going in the car, but coffee in the a.m. is nice, especially after getting up at 6:00 for swim classes.

  264. My go-to container for on the go is a trusty mason jar for cold drinks and a ceramic travel mug for hot drinks. It works for me!

  265. Generally the only thing I take with me is water, so I’ve been pretty used to my Camelbak bottle, as well as the Vapur water pouches my mom and I sell in our snack shop. But lately since I’ve been juicing, I actually like carrying around widemouth Ball jars (though drinking in the car has been tricky!)….these lids seem like the perfect solution πŸ™‚

  266. I use a nissan leakproof travel mug and bike water bottles. It does feel kind of silly sometimes using water bottles at home all the time instead of a glass.

  267. Ha! It all depends on what hasn’t been lost… I prefer my ceramic mug with silicone cap for hot stuffs and my Vapur “bladder” for water. This is really handsome though!

  268. I love these, but then I’m a gadget junkie. I have a travel mug I use. It fits the cup holder in my car and holds almost 4 cups of liquid. Unfortunately, when ever I turn I have to hold it in place so it doesn’t topple over.

  269. I don’t use a travel mug much, except when camping. My husband, however, has started taking a pint-sized mason jar full of coffee when he has to teach his college class on Sat mornings (he teaches high school M-F and no coffee – go figure!). This little sippy-lid would be the perfect thing to add a little ray of sunshine for a guy that’s working two jobs!

  270. I use a thermos that keeps temperature well for both hot and cold drinks. It fits nicely into the cup holder in my car. Nothing too exciting but it gets the job done.

  271. My current “go cup” is a Tervis tumbler with a travel lid, but we have serious mason jar love in our household so these would get used!

  272. I too drive around with a to go cup of some kind to keep hydrated during the day. It might be green tea or just water with a squeeze of lemon juice. The lids look cool and lord knows I have a zillion canning jars at any given time (never know when an idea will surface). It looks like a metal straw will fit, too.

  273. I always use a Contigo brand travel mug – the lid closes SO tightly it won’t leak at all, and it’s got a cool carabiner clip in the handle so it’s easy to latch it onto various other objects. But now I’m working from home and a travel mug seems like overkill. On the other hand it’s dangerous to have open glasses/mugs around my laptop. This lid is the perfect solution!

  274. I always have a mug of coffee with me when I’m doing errands. The trouble is the mug I have now is very discoloured and needs to be replaced. The Ecojarz would be a great replacement!

  275. I currently am in love with my Cuppow with a cozy. I get stopped at school asking where I got it. I think that the EcoJar lids would be awesome for the kiddos!

  276. My latest coffee holder is a pint jar, my cuppow top and my cozy (knit up from some yarn I spun myself…). When I’m feeling like I need more coffee than that, a pint 1/2 jar works in a pinch (although I need to get around to making a longer cozy…!). I’d love to try these new lids!

  277. I always use mason jars for my smoothies and occasionally for coffee or some other beverage. Love these lids! They look really beautiful.

  278. I always use mason jars for my smoothies and occasionally for coffee or some other beverage. Love these lids! They look really beautiful. I would get a lot of use out of this I think.

  279. I have several travel mugs that I use. A favorite one is a travel mug I got in Pennsylvania a few years ago at one of the restaurant/rest areas along the main highway. I have happy memories of that trip whenever I use that cup.

  280. My wonderful hubby fixes me a travel mug of tea every morning to carry to work with me. It is usually in my team mug-Albama, Roll Tide.

  281. I have a few travel mugs I have picked up through the years. (full to the brim of very hot very strong coffee!)

  282. My favorite travel cup for cold thing is a glass double walled cup with glass lid from takeya. For hot tea, I love the bottles from thinksport. They are amazing. I put boiling water in at night and in the morning, my tea is hot, but isn’t scalding anyore. The only problem is, it doesn’t fit in any cup holders.

  283. Those look great! My college student daughter loves to drink out of mason jars. Me? I like the Starbucks cups with the straw. If it’s hot, I like it at home or from a coffee shop in a to go cup. Thanks!

  284. I’ve had the same go-to travel mug for over 5 years; I’m in serious need of a new one and would love to try this product!

  285. My reusable cup story is that I have the best intentions of making my coffee in the mornings but end up rushing out the door 9 times out of 10 and my sad little French press just sit there all alone and unused.

  286. I rock the mason jars! I love holding it in my hands on my way into work, but not too often do I stop, unscrew the two piece lid, and drink. I usually wait until I’m sitting at my desk. I would LOVE a drinking lid, it would get put to regular coffee-drinking use!

  287. Usually I am using a Thermos brand water bottle or the stainless travel mugs Costco sells. I would probably use something like this just for drinking water at home as I like to have something with a straw to help me drink more. I am adding this to my Christmas list either way πŸ™‚

  288. I use either a tervis tumbler with a lid, or a regular mouth mason jar with (or without) a cuppow on it.
    I recently turned my kids onto the tervis with a lid for chocolate milk in the car. I had to buy an extra lid so that 3 kids each had a lid.

  289. I have a stainless steel travel mug. Fits perfectly in the car beverage holder. I do love anything with a mason jar!

  290. I’m a travel mug in the winter when I like a hot drink, however I’ve never found a good solution for my summer iced coffee. This could be it!

  291. I am a Barista and so of course ALWAYS have a drink or two or tree…going, usually a mug of coffee, the espresso i’ m dialing in and if I’m being smart, some sort of cup with water, but this jar and lid would be perfect for at work and home water consumption! I would always want it around because its so cute so I would always be hydrated!

  292. What a fantastic idea! This would be perfect a family gatherings where glasses are always getting knocked around as people get up and sit down at picnic benches. Still some spill, but not as much and sooooooooo much better than wasting a bunch of plastic cups.

    My favorite drink on the go is my Jack Skellington (Nightmare before Christmas) water bottle. Its metal, keeps my water cold for hours, and its just cool looking. Although if its something hot, I like my Tim Horton’s coffee mug because it reminds me of home and cold mornings at the ice rink (no Tim Horton’s where I live now).

  293. These would be amazing for my kids… who have a million plastic cups that are left to rot under their seats in the car most of the time. They love straws and we have plenty of jars! Right now, I live drinking coffee or tea out of my to-go mug. It isn’t very unique – but it is durable.

  294. No lie, the ceramic mug has been my to-go cup lately. It’s a little ridiculous, and clearly I need to find a different system.

  295. WOW! does that lid look wonderful and the straw is amazing!

    I use a stainless steel travel mug at work and on road trips.

    Years ago I soaked white rice in water overnight, turned the rice on to boil upon rising in the morning and then walked to a friends house with the rice in a mason jar so we could have miso soup and rice before our 8 am class. Isn’t that a travel mug in a different sort of context!

  296. I have a ceramic travel mug with a silicone lid that looks like a paper to-go cup from a coffee shop. I like it, but I don’t love it.

  297. I wish my favorite coffee place wasn’t so fussy about pouring shots into mason jars, because I prefer to drink from glass over metal or plastic. I have a ceramic to-go mug for them, but I use a mason jar for all my home drinks. Thanks!

  298. For hot tea, I have a stainless steel cup with a handle and sipper lid. For iced tea, I have a clear blue lined cup with bendable straw. Both can be made spillproof, which is a must for me. And one of them is always with me. I call them my “security” cups.

  299. I used to use a travel mug, but I fell hard for the Cuppow and pint and a half jar set-up and love it even more now that I have a wonderful, handmade cozy! May be nice to have the regular mouth jar to put into circulation in my travels and desk use.

  300. I pretty much only take water with me on the road and use a Thermos stainless steel insulated bottle that has a flip back lid and a straw in the top. Keeps the water nice and cold all day, even after sitting in the car in the summer! I use jars at home for drinking at meals and have gotten my kids into the habit as well. They would think this was really cool to have a topper!

  301. I have one travel coffee mug that I use and I’ve started traveling with the Tervis cups we got for our wedding, particularly the large ones for water on car trips.

  302. when i go out the door in the morning i have my travel mug and my handbag. one morning, years ago, i put my mug on the roof above the driver’s door, settled my things on the back seat and hopped in. i pulled out of the driveway and drove two blocks where i had to stop at the red light. i reached for my mug and oh no! where is it? i got out and, sure enough, it was still on the roof! the driver behind me beeped and smiled and waved her mug at me. haven’t done that since.

  303. I currently have a set of 3 small glass bottles that once came with some organic tea that nowadays just rotate between dish washer, work, and ready to go. It’s not perfect though because the lids grow stuff and then I end up using old peanut butter jars for a couple of weeks and spilling coffee all over myself. I’ve been meaning to get one of these mason jar tops!

  304. I have a freebie travel mug I picked up at work. It’s the best I’ve had and it was free which makes it even better! πŸ™‚

  305. These are a great idea! I work from home so I mostly just use regular mugs, but I like anything that will reduce the mess when my cat inevitably knocks my cup over. So cool.

  306. I have a ceramic travel mug, somewhere…. I think it has legs. So I often end up with a ceramic mug balanced precariously in the drink holder, or trusted to my poor passenger. But now I’ve caught on and only use old ugly mugs in the car!

  307. I have the stainless steel “autosealing” mugs from Costco. I was really happy with them at first, but I’ve since found that the plastic lid seems to be holding on to coffee-like flavours, which is not so much fun when you want to put tea or juice in the mugs. I have another set of plastic mugs from Tim Hortons that have a lid which has an opening that fits a straw. I use those mugs for smoothies only, as I’m not as keen on the hot beverages in plastic, and I don’t enjoy banana flavoured tea!

  308. Just found this site. I am new at canning and am having a blast this fall canning everything I can get including beef, pork, potatoes, and of course tomatoes. I never thought of using a jar as a to-go container. LOVE the idea and the lid will make it perfect. :o)

  309. For my work commute I have taken to just waiting till I get there and making a cuppa.
    For myFestival sipping and in the camper, I use a jar with a cuppow.
    I think this lid looks WAY betta! Can’t wait to try it out! Seems like a super great stockig stuffer idea! I have a stainless self sealer, but (and I know this is a weird complaint) it keeps things SCALDING forever, so my commute to the ski hill in winter, I never get to sip my beverage.

  310. I use an old stainless steel water bottle for water/tea and a blender bottle for the occaisonal smoothie. Would love to use one of these — lemon water in a stainless steel bottle just doesn’t work as well as it would in glass.

  311. My favourite travel mug is from Costco — stainless steel — except for the fact that the lid material has started to take on flavours as noted above in comments.

  312. My husband and I use insulated Kleen Kanteens with both the cafe and the regular screw top caps. We fill them up with coffee and use the cafe cap and bring along the screw caps for when we want to fill them with water or another beverage. They are the best at keeping drinks hot or cold for long periods of time-3 to 6 hours for hot and sometimes overnight for cold. (More than once I’ve found ice intact the next morning from an iced drink I enjoyed the day before.)

  313. I love my Cuppow and am so pro-folks finding ways to make drinking on the go with canning jars easier. Glass is so easy to clean, always smells good, and you can usually feel good about not leaching any chemicals into your beverages.

  314. LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of these lids. I have the cuppow, and recap lids, but these look by far the coolest. Lately I’ve been making smoothies and sticking a straw into the cuppow lid for wide mouth jars. Over the past week or so (being almost 35 weeks pregnant) I’ve been bring ice to work DAILY in my regular mouth quart jar with the recap lid and filling it up with delivered spring water. Tastes so much better out of glass!

  315. I basically use jars for all my drinking purposes – but have spilled more than my fair share in my car…..this would be perfect!!!

  316. I love this!
    I just use the standard reusable coffee travel cups. Nothing fancy. I love using mason jars for all sorts of things and using it as a lidded cup would make my day.

  317. I rotate between three different travel mugs. All bought while backpacking through various countries. Every time I use them it reminds me of those trips.

  318. Oh man I’m such a mess with travel cups. I have one that is beautiful but it doesn’t fit in my cup holder and also the top doesn’t stay on. I have another one that drips no matter how tight the lid is. My favorite stainless steel travel mug which I use ONLY for tea got used for coffee a few weeks ago. My husband still needs to get rid of that odor/taste before I’ll use it again.

    I first thought these were a re-usable lid to can with. I love the travel mug idea but would love for someone to come up with a re-usable lid for canning!

  319. My go to beverage carrier is a pint jar with a crocheted cozy that my husband has adapted a bit for me…he punched a 1/2″ hole near the edge of a couple lids, then got me a couple small corks so they stay closed! I threaded the corks onto button thread so that I can screw the tail of the thread into the lid so the cork just swings around when the jar is unplugged. It was totally a “there, I fixed it!” moment. These look so much more refined!!

  320. I had a great, tall, painted ceramic mug that fit perfectly in my car’s cup holder and I used it for coffee or tea or water or smoothies on the run. As I lifted my mug from the dishwasher the other day the cup part suddenly released from it’s handle and dropped to the floor. There I stood holding an intact handle staring at the shattered mug by my feet. Now I am without my “everything cup’ so was thrilled to see this lid for mason jars that we already use at home for drinking glasses and tupperware, vases and storage! My little ones would love it with the straw!

  321. I have a weird cup drinking family…I have my favorite coffee cup which is different than my fave hot tea mug. I have a cup that I like for iced tea, another for ice water and a different one for milk. My son swears that the cup with his initials makes his hot cocoa taste better- and who am I to argue!

  322. I have quite a few travel cups/mugs to choose from. Unfortunately, my 5-year old son keeps loosing straws, biting straws, breaking lids, etc. I already have the straws you showed in the picture, this is worth a try. It is cheaper to replace a mason jar than a good stainless steel cup.

  323. I just saw this today for the first time and was thinking how awesome it was– I love the cuppow, but I really am trying not to buy any new plastic items for the kitchen. This is perfect!

    I love taking my morning coffee in a mason jar– wrapped with a reusable fabric sleeve to protect my fingers from the steaming coffee, of course!

  324. After going through lots of travel cups, my stepdaughter gave a pink ceramic, stainless steel lined travel mug. It looks like a mug, doesn’t fit in the cup holder, but I love it anyways, keeps drinks so hot for hours. However this top would be great for iced chai and sun tea in the summer πŸ™‚

  325. I have a travel mug for hot beverages and a steel water bottle for cold ones. Drinking out of jars is so much more fun, though! This lid looks so cool.

  326. I have a Contigo brand travel cup for my coffee which works really well, but the lid is plastic so it picks up flavors. I love the jar with lid idea for my cold drinks at home and I even have a set of those stainless steel straws from your picture!

  327. I use a stainless travel mug, but it is coming apart, and I hate the plastic top! Stainless is my favorite! Goes well with glass…

  328. For coffee I travel with a Klean Kanteen. I’d love to find something that I can just sip out of for cold beverages — other than twisting off a top! These look ideal πŸ™‚

  329. I still use a plastic travel cup, even though it is BPA free I would love to switch out to glass. Stainless steel straws are such a great idea too, because I am a straw chewer and tend to destroy them!

  330. I generally keep a ceramic mug at work, and just wait till I get in before having my tea. On the rare ocassion when I actually need a travel cup, it usually ends up being disposable. *cringes* This could help with that!

  331. I love these lids! Thanks so much for posting. My sister and I use mason jars all the time but do not have any drinking lids yet. I actually have an old Tazo tea bottle that I use as a travel container. It’s small, light and glass but I’ll be stocking up on some of these lids for the future.

  332. For hot drinks I usually use a thermos but I use a quart mason jar for smoothies. I’m never without some reusable cup, esp. since most coffee shops offer a discount if you bring your own!

  333. I rarely go but I think these could easily be a stay around the house as well. When I do go out on the road, I have a travel mug.

  334. PS. Am I the only person who wants to head out to the shop with a straw and a drill bit to see if these can be a DIY project?

  335. I had a variety of travel mugs – all or which leaked and or held nasty odors / taste yuck… for the past few months I have been using wide mouth pint jar sans the super cool lid thingy… ya, love it – need it! =D

  336. I was eyeing one of the plastic mason jar sipper lids at the co-op a while ago, but these look so much nicer!

    My to-go routine varies based on my beverage and whatever’s handy. I like mason jars a lot (and always have them lying around), but I have a few klean kanteen water bottles and thermoses for other purposes. Smoothies: Always in a mason jar. I leave the lid on while I’m on the bus and then take the lid off and enjoy once I get to campus. The mason jar is also good for keeping water at my desk: I can put the lid on when I’m not drinking to prevent spills. Coffee/tea/hot things: Klean kanteen insulated thermos. Cold beverages can go in anything – klean kanteen if they need to stay cold for a long time, or mason jar if I’m actively drinking it. The klean kanteens are especially good for chilled wine. Sparkling water stays in the soda stream bottle.

    I’ve also used mason jars instead of to-go cups at coffee shops before – the barista might have looked at me a little funny, but Starbucks made me a great iced latte straight into a pint jar. This lid thing might legitimize the jar a little so the baristas don’t think I’m just strange.

  337. i use the old POM tall glass cups, the original lid has rusted. I use an old missing sock that I’ve cut the foot off as a cozie for the glass cup when I have hot drinks. It’s just the right size for my car cup holder.

  338. I’ve used an Alfi slim thermos for years. Keeps my drink hot, hot, hot until I’m ready for it, and it’s super easy to clean!

  339. I’ve had so many travel mugs over the years. Plastic takes on favors and I don’t like ht liquids in pastic. The stainless steel ones can be heavy to carry. I prefer glass, because even if it breaks its recyclable. I aso like the clear glass, because I can see if I need to clean it. I have unfortunately found many closed coffee mugs in the house that had been half drunk and set aside to get all sorts of nasty. Ugh!!! I want to add these to my Recaps and Cuppows.

  340. I am a 3rd year nursing student and on clinical practice days that start at 6:30am (literally on the floor and working a full hour and a half before sunrise), I have trouble making breakfast happen and there are times where breaks are hard to come by too. So I bring a protein smoothie in a stainless steel insulated mug, and pretend I am drinking my morning caffeine hit like everyone else.

  341. Smoothies stay in the magic bullet cups, coffee and tea stay in our awesome planetary design coffee cup! Spills definitely do happen though πŸ™‚

  342. I have a wonderful double walled glass travel mug. It’s a little fragile but hasn’t boken yet because I crocheted a cute cozy for protection.

  343. Sometimes I take a regular mason jar with one of the plastic lids and wait until I get to my destination. Other times it’s just a plastic cup and I cross my fingers it doesn’t spill all over the place.

  344. I cannot start my morning without a cup of coffee, but I don’t have the luxury of relaxing at home while I enjoy one so I travel with my bpa free, double walled, Bubba tumbler. It’s great for hot or iced coffee so I’m set for hot and cold mornings!

  345. I normally use travel mugs, but over time, do they get yucky! My home is filled with mason jars re-purposed for all kinds of things, and I would LOVE to use one for travel as well. This lid is nifty!

  346. I have a bad habit of forgetting mugs here and there so any favorite is long gone. I prefer stainless over plastic and it needs to have a stopper or it splashes all over.

  347. For about 3 years now I have been head over heels for KeepCup, an Australia company whose cups have lids that fit on the outer edge of the cup instead of inner, and whose cups actually fit under the espresso spout of the machine at coffee shops. They are adorable and customizable and I have one in every size! Love the idea of these lids for cold drinks though!

  348. I use Contigo travel mugs for hot coffee and tea and a reusable insilated acrylic cup for cold beverages. The only thing I don’t like is that the reusable plastic straw that came with cup gets icky on the inside. I clean it out with a pipe cleaner.

    I tried punching a hole through my regular mason jar lids because drinking out of mason jars is so fun and eco-friendly.

  349. I am much like your dad in that I do the precarious thing and pray it doesn’t spill. Of course I could put it in the cup holder in the console but what fun would that be? πŸ˜‰ Old school baby…Thanks for the giveaway. Still can’t get over the pic of you and papa. πŸ™‚

  350. How about an UNFavorite…I hate the disposable to go cups you get at stores! I try to keep a clean metal cup in the trunk at all times. I also use my mason jars with handles in the summer for my iced tea. These tops would be grand.

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