Giveaway: EcoJarz Jar Hugger Handle and Green Pop Top

March 9, 2015

Ecojarz Giveaway

I’ve got a good giveaway for you this week! Our friends at EcoJarz are on a quest to make it ever more convenient to use mason jars a travel mugs and this pairing may well take the cake on that front. They’ve created a cozy called the JarHugger Handle made of recycled denim that has a large, sturdy loop built in for easy gripping.

Coupled with their sealable silicone Pop Top, this is accessory duo will have you ready for portable coffee, smoothies, and iced tea drinking.

This week, I have three of these cozy and topper sets to give away. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post share one thing you’re looking forward to about spring!
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, March 14, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog by Sunday, March 15, 2015.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents and Canadian residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Disclosure: EcoJarz is providing the cozies and pop tops for this giveaway. They have not paid for promotion and at the time of this writing, are not current Food in Jars sponsors. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. 


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448 thoughts on "Giveaway: EcoJarz Jar Hugger Handle and Green Pop Top"

  • I’m looking forward to the days growing longer and warmer, watching the trees and flowers blossom and smelling the sweet fragrance in the air – all this and more that Spring has to offer!

  • I’m looking forward to being able to sit outside at night and read by candle light. I also love to listen to the bugs make their soothing noises.

  • I am so looking forward to the different Pansy’s. I love them. The look of the Pansy’s different colors always brings a smile to my face. Sitting with my Mug Holder on my deck staring at the boxed flowers is the best way to start a Beautiful new year/ season. I wish everyone the joy I have planting and canning.

  • looking forward to – my garden. We just finished the last of the garden (long keeper) tomatoes last week and still have garden produce in jars and the freezer. Lettuce and some spring onions are already in the ground. New raspberry plants arrived this week and will be planted soon and hopefully maybe some fresh berries for jam this season. I can’t wait !!

  • There’s this one little weed that grows throughout the Southeast that has these little violet splashes of color on it. Most people ignore it because it is considered a weed, but when I see it, I now it’s Spring. I guess it’s one of those “country things” that I grew up with. I’m looking forward to those so I know the dreary gray skies here in Nashville will soon go away!

  • I am looking forward to seeing if any of the bulbs I planted last fall survived the winter (and squirrels!) and would bloom for me. Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂

  • Look forward to more sunshine and warmer weather! My kids and I have been stuck inside so much we can’t wait to get out and play. Congrats on the new book, by the way. It will be one I will buy as I have been looking for recipes with alternative sweetener options! Thanks!

  • I am looking forward to warmer weather, green grass, colorful flowers and fresh fruits and vegetables!

  • Last Thursday, when we in the Phila. area were snowed in, I started my tomato, pepper and eggplant seeds indoors under grow lights. Most of the tomatoes have already sprouted, and I look forward to being able to get the seedlings into the garden, which I always do sometime in April inside protective enclosures like miniature greenhouses. Then I can start dreaming about making tomato jam!

  • I am looking forward to sunny days, lots of gardening and spending time with my family and friends! Also fresh veggies and fruits as them come into season and making some strawberry butter!

  • Honey Mango season is here in Florida. As soon as I can stop stuffing myself with fresh mangoes, I’m putting up Mango Butter, Mango Salsa and Mango Chutney. Nom, nom, nom…

  • I am looking forward to seeing what has survived in my gatden following the winter blitz and freezing temperatures.

  • I’m looking forward to my perennials coming out, finishing using up my winter garden (I live in north Florida) and getting started on my spring garden.

  • I’m looking forward to seeing some color again. Can’t wait to see all the flowers come back and also get my veggie garden started again. Warmer temps are a definite perk too!

  • I want to see flowers. and leaves — you know, the green things on the trees? and strawberries back in season. I just want it to be warm again! 🙂

  • I look forward to sunshine and gardening! I live on the Oregon coast, where winters are quite grey and wet.

  • Our new home will be completed by the end of March and I have 3 big above ground planting beds – I’m so excited looking through the seed catalogs and can hardly wait to start planting then eating and canning!

  • I’m looking forward to planting seeds in my garden and watching everything grow! Also, to be able to go outside without all the layers!

  • I look forward to the snow melting. trees getting their green back, and seeing the flowers bloom.

  • I am looking forward to morning sunrise walks with my dog! I love the warm spring morning air, and the smell of new plants growing and blooming <3

  • I am most looking forward to sunny daffodils, my azalea bushes in full bloom, and getting all of these seeds I’ve started into the veg patch.

  • We won’t get spring for another couple of months (of course, Mother Nature will tease us with nice days here and there). But I really look forward to not having to use my slippers on my feet.

  • Living in Southern Oregon, we’ve been pleased with a mild winter and an early spring so I’ve been placing my little tomatoe plants outside in the sunshine these last few days (I grew them from seed – my first time!) to get them ready for their planting in my vegetable boxes. I am so looking forward to watching them grow and later this summer to pick. And then …. to make ketchups, salsas, sauces, pastes. Nothing better than a fresh picked tomatoe!

  • I am really looking forward to the succession of blooms that begin in spring… and wishing that I had a dogwood tree in my very own yard. 🙂

  • I am most looking forward to some wildcrafting in the wild places near and within my city . Poplar bud salve, nettles, chickweed mmm.

  • I’m just got certified as a community educator, and I’m looking forward to doing food preservation workshops and cooking demonstrations at farmers’ markets.

  • I’m looking forward to citrus. We are fortunate to have a lot of it in California, but this year i would like to make some preserves and jams from citrus. Maybe marmalade if I’m not too lazy!

  • I’m looking for to having my son home from his study abroad program in China and making him all his favorite things… Shepard’s Pie, Candied Lemon Peels, Lemonade, New York Cheesecake, BBQ, Corn on the Cob, et al…

  • I am looking forward to local spring strawberries and other local veggies as they come in. I think local things usually taste better.

  • The feel of warm sun on my face, the smell of fresh earth, birds building nests, robins, deciding what to plant with limited space. throwing the ball for my 3 dogs. There are just too many things to name

  • It has already been nice taking in all of the fresh air here in Minnesota this whole week! Can’t wait to spend more of my time outdoors with the little ones!

  • I am looking forward to planting my garden and filling all of my new jars with what comes from it 🙂

  • Oh that is SO cool. The thing I am looking forward to the very most is getting dirt under my fingernails!
    Farmer and avid gardener here. 🙂

  • I am looking forward to getting my ground ready for planting. I will be building some new beds for plants this year.


  • Living in Michigan through one of the coldest winters on record, I’m looking forward to EVERYTHING about Spring! Can’t wait to work in the garden, enjoy the warm sunshine, go on a hike, ride a bike and smell fresh cut grass 🙂

  • I can’t wait for the 35+ preschoolers that I teach to be able to play outside without snow pants, boots, jackets, hats, and mittens!!

  • The smell of Spring, no more snow and the smell of spring of the coming to life of the trees and flowers. Also looking forward to summer for fresh tomatoes and vegetables.

  • I am looking forward to my 20th wedding anniversary on March 20 to my Partner/Farmer In Crime Art! Every first day of spring is a happy day in my life!

  • Looking forward to the swamp that is my yard to dry out & green up, and anxiously awaiting the sight of asparagus spears rising up through the munched beds!

  • Yea Spring! I’m looking forward to gardening and the return of the beautiful bluebonnets here in Texas!

  • Spring has arrived in the San Francisco Bay area. I just viewed beautiful tulips at Filoli Gardens ~ beautiful blooms, warms days, more sunshine ~ Spring!

  • Can’t wait to get tomatoes growing in the garden. I have just about exhausted the ones I canned last summer.