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October 30, 2013

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Many times over the years, I’ve been asked the question, “What is your favorite thing to preserve?” Typically I hedge a little, saying something about my allegiance to seasonality or simply that there are too many delicious things in the world to preserve. However, when absolutely pressed, I’ll finally admit that there are a few jams and spreads I love best of all.

Sour cherry jam, featuring big hunks of fruit suspended in a ruby syrup. Thick, sticky tomato jam for spreading on toasted cheese sandwiches or dolloping on roasted sweet potatoes. And a long-cooked onion spread, gently caramelized and tangy with vinegar or beer.

When Maggie Battista from Eat Boutique came to me and suggested that we team up on a box, I knew immediately that I wanted it to include some of my favorites. And so we constructed a box that includes We Love Jam Tart Cherry Jam, Blue Chair Fruit Early Girl Tomato Jam, Wozz Triple Ale Onion Spread, and a signed copy of my book. And at $58 for all those goodies, it’s something of a deal for the preserves lover in your life.

Thanks to Eat Boutique, I also have one of these Preserves Collection boxes to give away to a lucky Food in Jars reader. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share your favorite preserve. Be it jam, chutney, pickle, or spread, tell me about your very favorite thing to preserve.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, November 2, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random (using and will be posted on Sunday, November 3, 2013.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: Eat Boutique is a Food in Jars sponsor. Additionally, I receive a portion of the profits from the sale of this Preserve Collection box. However, I still had a delightful time helping pick out the preserves to put in the box and my opinions about these Eat Boutique are spoken from the heart and remain entirely my own. 

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662 thoughts on "Giveaway: Eat Boutique Preserves Collection"

  • I’m new to canning on my own (instead of helping/watching my mom in the kitchen) and so far my favorite has been spaghetti sauce, because I can’t wait for the delicious pasta in a couple months, when all the tomatoes taste like styrofoam!

  • My favorite is usually anything with fig.And this year I made a caramelized onion, port wine and fig tapenade that is pretty tasty.

  • My favorites preserve is Roasted Peach Butter. I love peaches and roasted them just makes them all that much better.

  • All year, I look forward to the two weeks or so when I can get some paw paws at my farmer’s market. I buy them all out every week, and still only wind up with about 4lbs. Then I spend 2-3 hours standing in the kitchen peeling and seeding them all, swearing up and down that I will never do this ridiculous chore again. But once you get them on the stove, you’re only 30 minutes away from Paw Paw Butter, which I swear is like bananas foster in a jar. I only get about 6 or 7 jelly jars out of it, and I greedily horde them all year, only offering my friends a taste, very rarely a whole jar. Totally worth it.

  • My favorite preserve is peach preserve. My grandmother had a peach tree. Every year we’d either can the peaches or she would make a peach preserve that made your mouth water!

  • It’s definitely a toss up. I love the Strawberry Vanilla Jam, but on the opposite end, I absolutely love the Garlic Dill Pickles! Sometimes I refrigerate the pickles and skip the boiling water process. They tend to go quickly!

  • Shiro plum jam. I get the plums from a neighbor’s tree, and it’s lovely as a straight jam, or when mixed with soy sauce as a simple asian plum sauce for savory dishes.

  • Wozz chutneys are my absolute favourite. So versatile and such a punch of flavor! Make a dressing, toss some on fish before the oven, spice up a salsa or top a burger. Great to see some of their product in your basket!!

  • Caramel Spiced Pear Butter. I got it from my mother-in-law and have made it more my creation over time. It’s simply the best thing in the mornings on greek yogurt – or at night over icecream or frozen yogurt. No need to peel the pears either…making it easy (just needs time to cook down).

  • Tough call, for sure, but I would have to go with Sour Cherry Jam, which coincidentally, is how I found your blog! It’s like Cherry Pie on toast! A close second is Apricot Jam which truly tastes like summer.

  • Really, my favorite is almost always whatever is next to come in season, or whatever has just run out on the pantry shelf! Least favorite is frequently whatever has just been canned or otherwise preserved because I am sick of it.

    So far there have been very few abject failures. There is usually some way to repurpose it even when it does not come out exactly as originally intended.

    But, a stacked chili in quart jars just may be an all time favorite. (You guessed it – there is none currently on the shelf!)

  • Up until this year, my favorite thing to preserve was apple pie jam. The family loves it and it makes a great gift. Things changed this past summer when the two pear trees we planted started producing. Now I am all about preserving pears!

  • Seville Orange with Piloncillo (a Blue Chair recipe). Or Tayberry, or Double Apricot (Mes Confitures) or…corn salsa. It’s been a busy year.

  • I really liked a sweet tomato chutney I made last year but can’t remember what recipe I used! Maybe Madhur Jaffrey? Have to look at my cookbooks.

  • Anything that sits still in my kitchen long enough gets thrown in a jar with brine. I guess that explains the wiggly kids… 🙂

  • Definitely chutney! I love the spices and sweet/sour mix. It is so versatile and can go with sweet dishes, meat, vegetables, or just yoghurt and bread. I have also recently eaten some habanero bluberry jam that knocked my socks off 🙂

  • So far I have the most fun making marmalades. I can usually conscript my husband into the process and it’s a really fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon together.

  • Seville orange marmalade. When I was little my mother had a mix she would use and we would have orange marmalade.

  • I have several that I truly enjoy.Your Nectarine Lime jam has become my favorite jam. I am also enjoying my roasted red pepper ketchup and my peppery dilly beans.This looks like a wonderful package.

  • perfect pear and chocolate jam in my happy hedgehog kitchen from your site. ooh la la it’s that delicious.

  • Mmm, love all these great favorites everyone is posting! I love bing cherry & lemon jam, with quartered cherries and beautiful strings of zest in it. Heavenly stuff on toast with almond butter.

  • Currently obsessed with ginger jelly. Over time, though, I have to say I love making jams that mix peaches with non-traditional spices.

  • I have a large garden and preserve many fruits and veggies, and started pressing apples for cider this year. I use your book for inspiration, and made your mulled cider jelly this evening!

  • This year , I preserved quince jelly for the first time ever and then used the pulp to make quince jam and it is my new favorite….LOVE IT… hoping to make a second batch to give away as gifts

  • Last year I gave jars of my green tomato sauce with cute little USBs shaped like Christmas trees that I loaded with recipe ideas and attached with raffia. This year it may be Strawberry Margarita jam, hot pepper jelly or Limoncello, all made with produce from our garden. Love all your great ideas!

  • Just started preserving this year, but my favorite thing that I’ve done so far is a peach butterscotch sauce from juicy summer peaches – amazing on ice cream or yogurt!

  • I have two jams that are tied, simple Pineapple and Mango. Oh, maybe I will try them together now that I wrote them. I have only been canning for 10 months and now have over 460 jars done. I have enjoyed this adventure of learning and processing our groceries for a healthier family. The best part is my 8 year old granddaughter loves to help and she is great. My favorite canning items at this time are chicken, meatballs and sausage. Thank you 🙂

  • My favorite thing to make is strawberry jam. I frequently do not get it quite right, resulting in a runny product, but my teenage son doesn’t care. He still loves it. It is one of the few things that I do “right” (in Teen World)!

  • Soups and applesauce!
    Soups are so gratifying because they serve up a perfect lunch to go or in a hurry, and applesauce is just my favorite thing. I love mixing apple varieties to find the perfect sweet/tart taste

  • I just drooled on my phone reading how each one can be enjoyed-fir me it is strawberry ham cause still have my canning training wheels on-.)

  • Well, it’s hard to pick just one! I just made the pear vanilla jam last weekend and it was divine! But I did make a mixed berry jam this summer that was awesome!

    Love your blog!

  • This year I made a roasted tomatillo salsa that’s so good. I also made a Moroccan fig jam that’s yummy with cheese.

  • This year I discovered a magical combination for jam: red currents, gooseberries, and blueberries. (I call it ‘Current Blue Goose’)

  • I haven’t done much preserving yet, it’s one of those things that I keep saying I’ll do more of. Hopefully my wife and I will be able to get a spot in our community garden next year and we’ll be growing our own things to preserve. I have had success with some spicy bread and butter pickles in the past, and I’m thinking of making some condiments (mustard and ketchup) this year as Christmas gifts. We’ll see.

  • This was my first year making jam and I enjoyed it so much!! My favorite was a spiced plum jam that was just awesome. I also did a triple berry, low sugar for my Dad, his favorite, and diabetic friendly.

  • Strawberry jam! It’s the first thing I preserve every spring/summer, so it feels very exciting. Plus, it’s one of my favorites to eat all year!

  • Peach Saffron jam is my absolute favorite. At least until the next yummy fruit is ripe at the farmer’s market…

  • I’ve never tried your jams but I love strawberry preserve and a citrus star anise jam. Where are you located?!

  • I would have to say plain raspberry jam, I love raspberries! Sour cherry sounds wonderful but no one else in the house would eat it. My husband and daughter would say pears, they will eat anything pear that I can.