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Many times over the years, I’ve been asked the question, “What is your favorite thing to preserve?” Typically I hedge a little, saying something about my allegiance to seasonality or simply that there are too many delicious things in the world to preserve. However, when absolutely pressed, I’ll finally admit that there are a few jams and spreads I love best of all.

Sour cherry jam, featuring big hunks of fruit suspended in a ruby syrup. Thick, sticky tomato jam for spreading on toasted cheese sandwiches or dolloping on roasted sweet potatoes. And a long-cooked onion spread, gently caramelized and tangy with vinegar or beer.

When Maggie Battista from Eat Boutique came to me and suggested that we team up on a box, I knew immediately that I wanted it to include some of my favorites. And so we constructed a box that includes We Love Jam Tart Cherry Jam, Blue Chair Fruit Early Girl Tomato Jam, Wozz Triple Ale Onion Spread, and a signed copy of my book. And at $58 for all those goodies, it’s something of a deal for the preserves lover in your life.

Thanks to Eat Boutique, I also have one of these Preserves Collection boxes to give away to a lucky Food in Jars reader. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share your favorite preserve. Be it jam, chutney, pickle, or spread, tell me about your very favorite thing to preserve.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, November 2, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random (using and will be posted on Sunday, November 3, 2013.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: Eat Boutique is a Food in Jars sponsor. Additionally, I receive a portion of the profits from the sale of this Preserve Collection box. However, I still had a delightful time helping pick out the preserves to put in the box and my opinions about these Eat Boutique are spoken from the heart and remain entirely my own.Β 

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662 responses to “Giveaway: Eat Boutique Preserves Collection”

  1. Scuppernong jelly is one spread I look forward to making every year. It is tangy, sweet, and so aromatic, just perfect with my morning toast or lunchtime PB&J.

  2. I like simple fruit forward preserves. Something that just screams “I am raspberry (strawberry, etc.)”. It is also my favorite type to make πŸ™‚

  3. I dont currently have a favorite as I am rather new to canning. But I do tend to try combinations that are out of the ordinary for me as I generally am a one flavor at a time type of person.

  4. My favorite thing to preserve is Strawberry-Mulberry jam. We moved and I saw this mulberry tree and had some strawberries and found a wonderful recipe. It is really so good!

  5. My favourite is just finished again for this year! Quince paste. Although Christmas puddings are also a lot of fun, with all the booze basting…

  6. Oh I love all kinds but my absolute favorite is raspberry jam wit all its seeds.So sweet and delicious!!!!Thanks for the chance to try!!!!

  7. When it comes to jam – I’m a purist – I Love Love Love Raspberry. I could just eat it by the jar full. But love it on Turkey Sandwiches , Over Ice Cream , and even great with Cheese and Crackers .

    • My favorite preserve is my tomato peach chutney. It’s sweet and tangy with a nice amount of heat. I usually serve it with rice and an Indian curry dish. It’s my biggest hit at the VAUHL (Virginia Urban Homesteaders League) larder swaps.

  8. My favorites are society chip watermelon sweet pickles flavored with
    clove and a little cinnamon. I always serve them on holidays. Also
    wild blackberry jam, my familys favorite.

  9. Blueberry Jam. I love the entire process – from picking the blueberries at the farm to cooking up a delicious batch of jam.

  10. Gotta admit, Sour Cherry Jam is also one of my favorites. And if my Sour Cherry tree ever bears enough fruit (young tree, prone to Shot Hole Disease), I will have my treat!

  11. I love love love apricot jam. It has sweet and savory uses, and the simple recipe I use means it tastes like summer in a jar.

  12. Marisa, I fell in love with your Tomato Jam you presented at Greensgrow. The flavor seduces me to spread a luscious blanket of this fragrant and flavorful jam over most of my sandwiches. I was so enamored with this recipe, I immediately threw 10 pounds of heirloom tomatoes in the pot and stirred for hours to make this beauty for Christmas gifts! Thanks for introducing me to my new best condiment in my pantry!

  13. Apple-jalapeΓ±o preserves. Started foraging for apples this year and have tried so many apple concoctions. Love this combination.

  14. I love eating raspberry preserves! I have not yet tried making them yet though, I always end up eating all the fresh raspberries too quickly. Whoops!

  15. that actually is a tougher question than it looks… i’ll go with concord grape butter. it’s easy and tasty, and made me appreciate grapes all over again (and i’ll never go back to store jelly). ironically, i missed the local season this year (i live a few towns over from Concord) and ended up using grapes from Michigan. πŸ™‚

  16. Hard question, but my go-to, always want to have it around is a no-sugar added, lighty spiced apple butter. So good on some toast with a slice of cheese! Also makes great sandwiches with peanut butter.

  17. Every summer I wait for the Kirby cucumber crop to arrive so that I can make refrigerator pickles! Raspberry jam would definitely be a close second; inevitably, I end up making jam on the hottest day of the summer, which makes it taste that much better when winter comes.

  18. Peaches, peaches and anything with peaches! I never buy enough and it is the first preserved food we run out of. Pickled beets, too!

  19. I love making brandied peaches every summer-we hoard each year’s batch and share only with close family in the cold and peach-less winter πŸ™‚

  20. But I have more than 1! I think, just barely, Habanero Jelly is my favourite. (followed *so* closely with spicy dill pickles and tomato juice)

  21. I love savory or spicy flavor blends such as spicy tomato jam or jalapeno with any fruit. I also discovered that one may use frozen fruit in place of fresh if not in season.

  22. I would love to win that! I am new to doing any kind of preserving, but was very happy to find Organic Gardening’s recipe for freezer jams in an issue from last year. I made some up with our black raspberries which grow wild on our property.

  23. I made a blueberry lime jam once that was simply divine. My favorite, however, is the first thing I ever learned to do, which is a strawberry vanilla preserve.

  24. I love the tangy flavor of raspberry jam. And my favorites to preserve are any kinds of jams and jellies. I love canning in my kitchen!

  25. I just started preserving last month when my fiance and I came home with probably 80 apples from apple picking! I think my favorite thing I’ve made so far is apple-strawberry jam.

  26. My favorite thing would have to be a new recipe we tried this year. After we found that our Autumn Olive had edible berries, we made an Autumn Harvest Jam and it is spectacular!

  27. Love, love Triple berry freezer jam! New favorite discovered this year is salsa verde for pouring over chicken enchiladas and everything else of the mexican food variety. I will be adding tomatillos to the garden next year for sure!

  28. apple butter (low sugar) simmering in the crockpot for hours fills the house and my heart with memories of going with my family to pick the apples from a local orchard. i often will add some crystallized ginger as well.

  29. My favorite preserve is Pickled Watermelon Rind. We only do it every three years or so, but every time I open a jar, it brings back wonderful memories of my Grandmother, who taught me to make them, and childhood Christmases, when I would make myself sick eating them!

  30. My favorite preserve lately Is the fig preserves I made to use for Christmas gifts! They are absolutely decadent! If I win, I’ll tell you which figs I used. πŸ˜‰

  31. I am a classic girl. I love to pickle. Cucumber’s are my fave, but a good mix with carrot & zucchini works too.

  32. I am hooked on chutney this year..but iI am a jam and jelly making girl…but i love pickling asparagus too….They are so nice to give away for gifts..
    thanks for an opportunity to WIn.I love your helpful fun blog!!

  33. My favorite thing to preserve is peaches. If pressed for a favorite among the options there, probably roasted peach butter. Yum.

  34. I Love making blueberry jam to go along with my homemade almond butter – I could eat them everyday on just about anything! Saturday I made a big batch of spiced pears from the pears off of my pear tree, I have always loved that sweet smell filling my house in the fall and they are great holiday gifts.

  35. Jalapeno jelly, hands down, full stop. I am completely addicted, and now so are most of my friends and family. I canned 12 half-pints this summer and I’m legitimately concerned that it will not be enough to last me till next year.

  36. My favorite preserves…..the vanilla aprium jam my friend and I made this year from her backyard apriu tree- true ambrosia.
    Overall, jam is my favorite. Blackberry, strawberry, blueberry. Oh but the n there’s marmalade, can’t leave that out.

  37. My favorite this year is our blueberry jam, made from berries my kids and I picked at a local farm. A fun day and absolutely delicious jam…

  38. My favorite is pickling garlic, no question. Anything that makes eating whole cloves of garlic acceptable is okay by me… not that I won’t eat them unpickled. Plus, it becomes the perfect addition to a cheese plate.

    I have to agree on the sour cherry jam.

  39. It’s hard to decide between dilly beans and the peach jam from peaches grown in my mom’s backyard. Both are delicious and both are in my pantry right now!

  40. Turns out my answer is the same as it was to the favorite bargain question…anything foraged or sourced from a friend. So I’m going to put mulberry jam and crabapple marmalade on that list…but it would probably be rhubarb something if I lived in a region where I could grow it.

    • I made the Earl Grey Vanilla Rhubarb Jam that is in the FIJ book and it is probably my favorite jam of all time. And so easy! (and free, rhubarb is almost a weed here)

  41. My favorite it peach habenero jam! I could eat it by the bottle! Spread on thin triscuits with some cream cheese is heaven! πŸ™‚ It’s my favorite thing to can also! Easy, and yummy!!!

  42. I am crazy in love with the barbecue sauce that I made this year. It was a whole bunch of work and used a whole bunch of tomatoes, but the flavor is AMAZING and unlike any other BBQ sauce I have ever had. I made a sweet brown sugar one and also a raspberry chipotle. I am reluctant to share because it only makes a few precious pints.

  43. fig preserves that friends made from their own trees. because of their encouragement I have been doing canning for the first time this year…a couple of variety of pickles, variety of applesauces (1 being: variety of apples, pear & dried cranberries) & more from local produce.

  44. onion jammmmmmm *drool* Although the best one I’ve discovered recently is gooseberry jam. Tastes just like the lingonberry sauce you can get at Ikea, and it’s FANTASTIC as a condiment with meat! (Well, with pork or poultry, anyway).

  45. Well, at the rate we’ve been going through apple butter already this fall, I think I’m going to have to go with that. So much loveliness in such a tiny jar! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  46. I love to make peach preserves – we visit friends at Lake Erie every summer, usually right around the time that Red Haven peaches come in season up there – and we use them to make the yummiest peach preserves ever. My extended family loves getting it for gifts, too!

  47. Hi, Marisa –
    Great giveaway!
    As you indicated, it’s hard to choose a favorite. My family’s favorite is strawberry jam, it’s what they request the most. For me this year it was a mango chutney. Mangoes aren’t anything I knew about growing up and only learned to embrace about a decade ago. When I found out about mango chutney it was on! I found a great recipe and while it’s not the family’s favorite, they love it.
    Keep doing what you do!
    Sue Blando

  48. Oooh, I do love sour cherry jam, but have had only one or two outstanding jars — and have never made my own. (You’re inspiring me, however.)

    But my favorite thing to “put up” remains applesauce, and I usually freeze it instead of canning. Applesauce is incredibly easy, and I pick and choose among the local apple varieties for a slightly different mix each time. My fave tends to be Cortlands, which, besides the marvelous flavor, also gives me pink sauce because I always cook the apples with the skins and put the cooked mash through my Foley food mill. No sugar or anything else added, amazing taste of fall harvest all winter and through the summer and, when barely defrosted, an icy crunch to each spoonful.

    I just discovered this site yesterday while searching for apple cider syrup recipes. However, I too overcooked it and ended up with an apple cider jelly — to my surprise, without even getting to add the sugar!

  49. That’d be my strawberry preserves — the kind with ample chunks of fruit. All year I anticipate my strawberry season ritual… the trips to the farmer’s market, the sweet smell of cooking jam that harkens back to my mom’s canning days (where my inner jam snob was born), and the months ahead of enjoying a burst of bright strawberry aroma, color, and taste. All the careful work in the kitchen pays off in spades, especially in the dead of winter when I open a new jar — it’s like tasting summer in one spoonful (plus the inner congratulations that I made something THIS good myself).

  50. We had a bumper crop of tomatoes this year, so after canning jams, pickles and peppers I fire roasted tomatoes on the grill and canned tomatoes by the case. Some with fresh Italian herbs and some with garlic. All have been a hit so far and I’m set for many Christmas gifts. My kids gave me the FIJ book for Christmas last year and they are quite proud of the gift that keeps on giving!

  51. My favorites cfhange, too. My latest favorite is a peach, honey and fresh thyme jam I made this fall. The thyme adds an interesting dimension. It’s good plain on toast, or as a glaze for pork chops.

  52. I an extreme newbie at preserving and have only made strawberry jam & marmalade so I don’t have a “favorite” thing yet….I guess the favorite thing I am trying to preserve is the memory of my grandma’s cellar stairs lined with jars of piccalilli, corn relish, pickles and jams….

  53. Apricot jam! Looks like sunshine in a jar, easy to prepare the fruit and so delicious. I have to resist opening my jars until winter well and truly visits us.

  54. Pear chutney and apple butter are tied for first place this year. I love preserving in the fall when it is cold outside, even though summer has such good fruit available!

  55. My favorite is Tomato Jam that I took from this website. I add way more chili flakes so that it’s not only savory but it’s also spicy! YUM. No one I know, had ever heard of Tomato Jam before (including myself) until I stumbled onto your website and found it. Now they all ask for jars of it every Christmas. πŸ™‚

  56. My favorite thing to preserve would be figs. With two fig trees in the back yard, it’s always fun to preserve that summer sweetness for those colder winter days.

  57. I have utterly fallen in love with dilly beans, thanks to you – this was my first year canning, and I have an entire shelf in my little basement larder devoted to nothing but dilly beans (green, yellow, purple, whatever). Pints, quarts, whatever – I love them madly now.

  58. raspberry violet jam from Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s recipe. Tastes like a wonderfully special secret magic potion. Glad I found that one.

  59. So hard to choose, but I think my favorites are pear-cardamom, fig, and apricot. Fig is probably my own personal favorite, apricot is my family’s favorite, and the pear is my boyfriend’s favorite – I just love seeing his eyes light up when I tell him I canned a new batch πŸ™‚

  60. I made a Strawberry Lemonade Jam this summer that is my current favorite. Vanilla Spice Pear Butter is probably the all-time, though.

  61. Just a few weeks ago I would have said spicy tomato jam, but I have been having a blast making jellies with foraged crab apples — all kinds of flavors: ginger and cardamom, balsamic and habanero, lemon and lavender so far and I still have several pounds of fruit to work with.

  62. My favorite preserve is anything pickled…preferable with a little heat. I just cleared out my garden and made the most fantastic pepper relish (I found you googling various options) and decided next years garden with be abundant in hot peppers!

  63. My favorite is anything with strawberry. Strawberry jam combined with other fruits is just perfect for me. I also like chutneys and pickles. I’m starting to infuse herbs and alcohol which takes it to another level.

  64. My favorite thing to preserve is summer berries – mainly strawberries. I’ve been making your strawberry vanilla jam for a few years now and it’s always a hit. It really captures the berries and always takes me back to summertime! Thank you for the chance to win.

  65. I’m a newbie and haven’t actually preserved anything yet, but high on my to-do list (or to-attempt list) is orange marmalade. My mother is a Scot and so I grew up eating wonderful marmalade on my breakfast toast every morning. I love the way the tart and tangy taste wakes up my taste buds. I also love the strong contrasts in textures among the orange peel, the melt-in-your mouth sugary base it’s suspended in, melted butter, and the coarse dry grains of the toast. I’m curious to see how a homemade marmalade will compare to the expensive marmalade brands from Scotland. Usually homemade is better, but in this case I think the upper-end store-bought versions set a high bar. One challenge will be finding Seville oranges to make it with.

  66. Last summer, I went to Portland and discovered Marion Berry jam. I bought 2 jars and I have just finished the last one. I have always been a Strawberry jam lover, but I have to say this Marion Berry is now number 1.

  67. Up until this weekend I would have said pickles. There are so many different ways (and things!) you can pickle. But I made applesauce (and canned it!) this weekend for the first time ever, following your recipe. And it turned out amazing! I loved how simple it was to make but it tastes so good.

  68. Like you, sour cherry jam is the thing I love best. Nothing is as good, on biscuits, toast, or a spoon.

    I hope I have a jar left by Purim to try sour cherry hamentaschen, but I’m not counting on it.

  69. not sure I could pick what my favorite is! I like to try new things…. Staples are always apple pie filling, salsa, and quartered tomatoes. Thanks!

  70. Love black raspberry jam, though I am really intrigued by that onion spread and wouldn’t mind seeing a recipe for that. Maybe a new favorite is on the horizon!

  71. Favorite preserve…hmm. My favorite jam is the mixed berry from Sherri Brooks Vinton’s second book, and the best relish in the universe is Liana Krissoff’s cucumber relish for hot dogs, brats, etc. SO GOOD!

  72. My absolute all-time fave is tomato jam. I add a little Trader Joes South African seasoning to give it an extra kick of smoky spice. I love it on garlic cheese bread, pork chops, biscuits — just about everything!!

  73. My favorite preserve (to date, cuz I’m still experimenting!) has to be the raspberry/jalapeno preserves my mom asked me to make for her. Came out absolutely yummy! But then, there’s the pineapple/habanero preserves I’m planning for my brother’s Christmas gift too.

  74. I love apricot preserves. I love apricots, and the season is so fleeting, and they are so uncommon in the store, even when they are in season. Yet apricot trees dot the landscape and ground, going to waste. There was never a better reason to knock on a stranger’s door and ask about their unused fruit going to waste. I often combine them with other fruit that is in season. I’m currently eating a jar of apricot/sour cherry I made last year.

  75. While blueberry jam has always been a house favorite, this year I made tomato jam and lemon-honey jelly…and I’m having a hard time imagining sharing any of those jars!

  76. I made a huge quantity of membrillo (quince paste) this year and also several varieties of lacto-fermented cucumber pickles.

  77. I love to make strawberry vanilla jam. Every year I’m sad when we finish the last jar and I look forward to strawberry season when I can make a new batch!

  78. Rhubarb jelly Yumm! I don’t have a lot of e perience withcanning butwould love to learn more. Winning this giveaway will help tremendously.

  79. My favorite… probably strawberry jam with vanilla and cinnamon, but my real love is candying fruits – the look of kumquats suspended in syrup, glowing from the beams of sunlight through the window? Beautiful.

  80. Tomato-basil Jam. Discovered this deliciousness last year. It takes grilled cheese and deli sandwiches to a whole ‘nother level. My friends love getting it as a gift, too. Thanks for doing what you do.

  81. Figs. Swoon. I love figs in all things. But a fig spread is truly magical. On warmed freshly baked bread or crunchy toast. In a grilled cheese sandwich or even mixed in with greek yogurt and honey. I must admit to eating it straight out of the jar.

    Such a cute little giveaway. Good luck to all, but mostly good luck to me <3

  82. My favorite thing to make & can is Pear Butter. My grandmother made a wonderful ground cherry jam and when I start growing my own ground cherries that will tie for my favorite!

  83. My husband and I had a huge garden this year, which meant we had TONS of tomatoes and cucumber to preserve! We pickled and make a ton of spaghetti sauce!

  84. I am probably a little boring. I love doing Apple Butter in my crockpot and canning it. My house smells amazing for days!

  85. My favorite thing to can is a cucumber relish recipe I got from a friend many years ago. Everyone loves it. I can open a pint of the relish and a sleeve of crackers and it will all be gone in seconds. My dad informed me once when we ran out of crackers, that he would even it this relish on rocks!

  86. My favorite thing to can is Peach-Amaretto Sauce. Similar to my Peach-Vanilla Jam, the Peach-Amaretto Sauce is so good over pound cake or vanilla ice cream!

  87. I too plead allegiance to seasonality, but must admit I have a soft spot for tomato canning day. It brings back so many memories of my big crazy Italian childhood, watching my mom, aunts and grandma canning all day long in the garage.

  88. Pickled red onions are now a staple in our house. I double the recipe and still have to make them several times a year. Every one wants them in their Christmas package.

  89. I am enjoying my first season of canning! So far my favorite has been a green tomato chutney. I just opened a jar I stashed in the fridge and the flavor is developing so well! I can’t wait to give them as gifts!

  90. I enjoyed making the best peach jam this year but also go creative and also decided to make Blackberry preserves….I shared with family and friends and it was a huge hit!

  91. My favorite preserve is strawberry but only because I haven’t been exposed to other flavors. I am new to canning but would love to learn how to do preserves.

  92. My favorite thing to preserve is strawberry preserves. It’s the story behind the berries that makes it my favorite – every year my Dad and I go to the Strawberry Festival in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. This area produces some of the most incredible strawberries and I always get home with a flat (or three!) to make preserves. Then when I crack open the jars throughout the year, I’m reminded of the wonderful time I’ve shared with my Dad at the Strawberry Festival and the preserves are twice as sweet~
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  93. Made cranberry jelly this year and it is awesome! Also, made tomato jam — red & green, which was surprisingly good. Jam isn’t just for toast or sandwiches anymore — try it in soups, as a salad dressing, and desserts! Love canning!

  94. My fave for the last 2years has been Pineapple-Apricot Preserves, but this year we had tons of figs so I did Strawberry-Fig Preserves..dang it was the BOMB! It’s also my 3 year olds fave too, she licked the jar ;D

  95. Ooh ooh!
    Orange marmalade. Granted, that’s the primary thing I preserve and only when oranges get cheap.
    I want to try daikon pickles because I think they are usually milder than cucumber pickles.

  96. Mmm, apple butter is my favorite! I love making all things apple since growing up with apple trees in my backyard. I am going to make some this weekend!

  97. I’m only getting started in the world of preserving foods, and thus far have only attempted pickling vegetables. The spicy pickled green beans I made were absolutely delicious, though, and encourage me to keep at it!

  98. I am especially fond of making peach preserves , sometimes adding a pinch of cinnamon . It is good on bread products and used in making quick turnovers. I even enjoy the little fried pies so popular in our area. Over ice cream is a treat. .I also do the strawberry preserves , but peach is the best.

  99. I wait for fig season every year – Fig, Bourbon and Vanilla Bean Jam is my favorite thing to preserve followed closely by Judy’s Squash Pickles. So much goodness.

  100. I have to agree with you on the tart cherries. I just planted a Schaten Morello cherry tree this year just so I’ll have a supply of my own tart cherries since they are so hard to come by around here.

  101. It’s a toss up between the strawberry preserves with thai herbs that I made this summer, or the red pear with vanilla jam from last fall (which needs to be repeated, ASAP). I’ve only been canning for about a year, so it seems like almost everything I make is my new favorite πŸ™‚

  102. It is so hard to choose a favorite. I would have to say cucumber preserved anything. Pickles, relish. I love anything that has pickles!! My mom used to make pickles and then use them in our Rouladen for Sunday dinner. Store bought pickles just do not compare to the homemade stuff!

  103. While I really like the pomegranate jelly that I made, it was from juice. I think my fig jam from figs fresh off my tree is my favorite thing I’ve ever made…

  104. Blenheim Apricot Jam! Every year I buy at least two flats from Van Dyke Ranch in Gilroy, CA. Not so for all fruits, these babies are a thousand times better as preserves.

  105. The only things I’ve made so far have been pickles and relish, due to an excess of cucumbers, but I love crab apple jelly.

  106. My favorite thing to can and eat is Zucchini Relish. Oh man, a tuna sandwich with it is KILLER!!
    Trying out your jam recipes and loving them. Thank you =)

  107. I love fig preserves. It is so versatile , I use it for cookie fillings, on top of crackers or for savory dishes like on top of cheeses or in stuffed pork with spinach, fig preserve and goat cheese. YUMM!!

  108. Lemon Rind Jam;;;I Love to make jam with the rind from many different fruits.. they have wonderful flavor and last throughout the winter months.. I miss the wonderful hours of watching my dear grand mother and the smells from her kitchen… her jams where better then candy.

  109. Carrot Cake Jam…just made my second batch of the fall since I gave the first away as gifts. I don’t think I’ll be quite as generous with this batch πŸ™‚

  110. Apricot-Plum Preserves. There was a huge apricot tree on our property when we moved in 20 years ago, so I made apricot preserves. Then I experimented mixing fruits until I came up with the perfect blend of apricot and plum…it’s everyone’s favorite!

  111. Agreed, this is a hard question to answer . . . .this year especially, I have been enjoying chutneys, it all started with Rhubarb from your book . . . .and worth noting also is playing around with mixing fruits for jams . . . .as in the pear cranberry I made a couple weeks ago. At the top of the list for next year will be tomato jam . . . .you have peaked my curiosity.

  112. So far, my favorite is the strawberry rhubarb jam I made from farm produce. The apple butter I made after going apple picking is a very close second though.

  113. I love, love, love Fig Jam!! It’s just so darn versatile – it can go sweet or savory, and works in everything from pizza and bruscetta, to a cheese plate to danish or cake. Plus, until recently, figs never got the love that other fruits received so freely- you never see fig jam at the hotel continental breakfast set up, unless you’re in the Mediterranean. Plus, fig jam always reminds me of picking figs and eating them fresh from my grandmother’s tree as a child.

  114. Hmmm… my favorite… Hard to pick one. I loved spicy tomato jam and pickled red tomatoes, but recently, my daughter and I made the pumpkin-apple butter from Food in Jars and it was a huge hit! Everyone loved it. I have not had a bad recipe from the book though.

  115. My favorite preserve to eat is Maine Wild Blueberry. I am brand new to canning, so I haven’t done much more than applesauce & tomato sauce yet.
    I am looking forward to trying out some of your delightful recipes

  116. My favorite preserve is an accidental recipe. While I was trying out a new chutney recipe from a Canning & Preserving book that I had just bought and substituting for items that I didn’t have, I glanced away from the cookbook and the wind blew over the page I had been reading. Not realizing this had happened, I continued adding ingredients from the new recipe. About the time I was finishing, I realized what had happened, but it was too late. I didn’t want to waste all the ingredients, so I cooked them up. To my surprise, it tasted absolutely delicious! So, I wrote down the ingredients immediately (with the substitutions) and called it my “Two for the Price of One” chutney. I still use that recipe today, 40 years later.

  117. i love making pickles and jam. cant wait for spring to get here next year to make pickles in my new gall. ball jar. and jelly and jams for my family for christmas. would love to win this.

  118. I love, love, LOVE to make homemade salsa! Mild flavor with a ton of vegetables, or burn your face off picante style, I love it ALL. Makes for great hostess gifts, holiday gifts, or dinner. πŸ™‚

  119. My husband loves strawberry fig preserves. His grandmother has the fig trees and makes the best. I haven’t tried her recipe yet. So I love to do a simple strawberry preserve. I’ll need to get some of her figs this year and try my hand!

  120. Rhubarb Jam would have to be my favorite if only because I love to keep it tangy rather than sweet. Rhubarb Ginger Jam is great but so is Strawberry Rhubarb Jam as long as the true fruit flavors shine above the sugary sweetness.

  121. I haven’t canned very much – I’m a newbie! – but so far, my favorite has been the prickly pear jelly I made. We live in Tucson, and my husband and I picked some of the cactus fruit to make jelly. It turned out delicious and I want to do it again every year!

  122. I love any type of marmalade…though blood orange marmalade is probably my favorite. For preserving, I’m a big fan of pickles.

  123. Oh, I would love to win this box! Then I can see how delicious these products are πŸ™‚ My favorite jam is Rhubarb Lavender. I have been canning since 2008 and have made about 55,000 jars.

  124. My very favorite is apricot butter made with Blenheim apricots. So yummy and tastes like summer all winter long. It’s always a sad day when it’s gone and we have to wait for apricot season to roll around.

  125. My favorite preserve is the one I’m eating now! Sort of kidding; sort of not – it’s hard to choose and my moods and preferences vary. I will say that your small batch strawberry vanilla is probably my favorite, at least from this year’s season. My son would say Local Kitchen’s rhubarb ginger. My husband would say any strawberry combo, as that’s his favorite berry. We all ADORE your tomato jam.

  126. I’ve tried a lot of different jam recipes, but my favorite is still low sugar raspberry. It has the tart of the berries without being overly sicky sweet. One of my new favorites is peach chutney…so good.

  127. Hmmm, this is my first year canning & preserving goodies. I am SOOOO enjoying it too! I love the connection it gives me to my aunt (who has become my mentor and canning buddy) and to the earth for all the goodness she provides!

    My favorite thing to preserve this year is veggies…carrots, green beans and dilly’s. Although, I did can a coleslaw recipe which is delicious too!

  128. Oh, man! My favorite preserve changes a LOT. I think we consistently use the most tomato jam in our house, since we take it to a lot of parties with goat cheese and crackers, and also use it as a BBQ sauce base, on sandwiches, and in a bunch of other ways. And this year, I’ve been obsessed with blueberry jam, since the jewel-like wild blueberries we can get now that we live in Maine are SO MUCH BETTER for preserving than the huge, watery ones we got in California. But I think Quince Marmalade is still my all-time favorite πŸ™‚

  129. Just bought some amazing spiced plum jam from Ottolenghi in London. My favorite preserve to make is Meyer lemon marmalade with elder flowers

  130. My favorite thing to preserve is hot pepper jam – the hotter the better! On toast with butter, or mixed with cream cheese for a dip with crackers. Yum!

  131. The slow cooker apple butter that leaves the whole house smelling deliciously of Fall celebration! My entire extended family clamors for it around the holidays, we can’t make enough!

  132. I just canned a bunch of vanilla poached quince that I’m very proud of, but my favorite preserve would probably be my Rhubarb Cardamon jam.

  133. My favorite thing to make and can is fig jam. They have such a short season, and I love them so much! It’s nice to be able to enjoy them later on in the year when I miss their taste.

  134. I love playing with peppers. I made a chipotle pecan jam that I feel terribly bad whenever I eat it. I don;t want to share it with anyone! I bring it to parties and it just disappears in a couple of minutes. I feel I made too little. Thank you for the giveaway!

  135. Strawberry Jam! Makes it easy to preserve the memory of warm summer days spent outdoors with the kids picking berries.

  136. Four Berry Preserves! In the summer, on Monday mornings I open my fridge and take out whatever berries are left over from the previous week, prep them, toss them in a kettle and make preserves. Each batch has it’s own unique character, but each batch is delicious!

  137. I think my favorite thing to preserve is pears. Chutney, whole speckled spiced pears, and pear chocolate jam are soooo good!

  138. Aunt Ethel’s Chili Sauce. My Grandmother made it. My Mom made it. Now it’s my turn. Makes the whole house smell amazing!

  139. We have a sour cherry tree in our front yard. Sour cherry jam is my favorite thing to can. There’s nothing like spreading it on an english muffin in the middle of winter!

  140. I am entering this giveaway for strictly selfish reasons – would love to have the book and the goodies for myself. I can and preserve throughout the year and am constantly giving away so would love to have a little gimme like this! Lol I actually have two favorites to can and give away – strawberry jalapeno jam and coyote candy.

    Thanks for being so awesome!

  141. It has to be rhubarb chutney! To eat on curry, with turkey or chicken, on sandwiches, with goat cheese as an appetizer. We never get tired of it.

  142. I made Plum Chutney for the first time this year and I am in love with it. Not so much the cutting and pitting, but deliciousios!

  143. I’m new to preserving, but I made a concord grape jam this year that was amazing and has kept my daughter in PB&J for months.

  144. Roasted garlic and pepper tomato sauce – the first savory thing I ever canned. It has tons of oven-roasted garlic, tender red and yellow bell peppers, heaps of fresh basil and a beautiful, bright tomato flavor.

  145. I have 2 longstanding favorites, from 2 longstanding favorite books: the pickled onion rings in Better than Store Bought, by Helen Witty and Elizabeth Schneider Colchie, and the Pineapple chutney in Jeanne Lesem’s Preserving in Today’s Kitchen. I make these over and over.

  146. My favorites are always something fruity with an herbal twist–apricot and lavender jam, or strawberry with black pepper and balsamic.

  147. I love canning up anything and everything out of my garden, the fruit trees, and what nature will allow me to gather. My favorite is cinnamon candy cucumbers. You use up the big yellow over grown cucumbers at the end of the season to turn something that you may think is just wasted fruit into a very tasty side dish….love them. It is a 5 day process, but it is so worth the wait.

  148. I tend to love savory sweet jams (onion, tomato, pepper), but your pear vanilla jam is the one stealing my heart (and my toast-space) at the moment. So amazing!

  149. Sour cherry jam is also one of my favorite things to make. Sadly, all the cherry trees were hit by a late frost this year (in Idaho), so there were none to be had. I’m missing it already.

  150. Mean beans! (Spicy dilly beans.) So addictive and so easy to can! These were the first things I learned how to can, to avoid paying super market prices. Now my pantry is overflowing with all sorts of pickles, jams and fruit butters!

  151. My favorite preserve is simple apricot jam. It was a sad day last week when I realized we had finished the last jar . . .

  152. Blackberry/peach/brandy/vanilla bean jam! Absolutely fantastic in my morning oatmeal or with a little goat cheese and a cracker!

  153. I sympathize with your unwillingness to pick favorites! If I had to choose, I’d cry. Then I’d reluctantly admit to wild blackberry jam being at the top of my list. Perhaps it’s because it’s rare for me to get enough wild blackberries to make this preserve, (the cultivated ones just don’t taste as good and the enormous seeds really detract from their enjoyment for me) I am very selective with who I give it to – and I always save a couple of extra jars for myself!

  154. I make a Freezer Peach-Ginger Jam that’s my favorite and very versatile too! It’s great on toast, with yogurt and granola and as a sauce over ice cream.

  155. Oh my goodness! I have to choose? If I must, then I guess it would be black raspberry preserves with sour cherry preserves a close second. But I love all things rhubarb and as far as chutney goes…green chile chutney is awesome! slurp….ooops, my mouth is watering!

  156. My favorite is a heirloom tomato jam. I love the savory, spicy kick it adds to anything. I made a batch for holiday gifts but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to part with it.

  157. I am obsessed with pickles. My favorite canning recipe is the spicy lemon cauliflower pickle that I found you this site. I can easily eat an entire jar in one sitting. SO GOOD!!!!

  158. Pickled watermelon rind is my very favorite preserve! I love the combination of sweet and spicy and tangy and the crunch of the rind and the surprise when you share a first taste with suspicious friends. Mmmm!

    KK @ Preppy Pink Crocodile

  159. My tomato relish! One of my closest friends makes the most divine pizza with it, and it’s one recipe I didn’t steal / learn from him!

    (And oh my goodness, I’m dying to try some of that triple ale onion!)

  160. Favorite to eat is anything with summer peaches. Favorite to make is any kind of pickle because a batch can usually be made in an hour.

  161. This year my favorite preserve was wild grape jelly. I was finally brave enough to pick the wild grapes growing by my mailbox! Delish!

  162. my favorite thing to can is grape jelly. it was the very first thing that my 78 year old grandma taught me to can and the grapes came off of my property that my husband and i just bought so it means even more to me than regular old grape jelly. it will be forever in my heart!

  163. I love jams.. easy and so versatile. But I gotta tell you – I just made some Quince paste. I had some and I thought – what the heck… why not try to make some. I had some (purchased from a store) several years ago and didn’t understand what all the excitement was about. sickeningly sweet, brown paste. Meh. But oh boy, NOW I get it. What I produced was this lovely, deep red yumminess. Put that on a bit of Manchego cheese, have yourself a little glass of wine. Heaven.

  164. I make and sells lots of varieties of fruit, berry, and flower preserves…it’s hard to pick…but I’d have to say that my favorite is my highbush cranberry jelly.

  165. i like pumpkin/squash butter. the warm spices give you pumpkin pie any time. i like to add it to smoothies and homemade cornbread.

  166. This is hard. I have a lot of favorites that I make. But I don’t like to eat jam, just make it. I guess because strawberry rhubarb jam seems to be the favorite for my recipients, it has to be my choice.

  167. Strawberry jam is my favorite thing to can! I like all kinds of jam although I stick to the more pedestrian ones such as fig, raspberry, caramel apple, pineapple, and your grapefruit jam.

  168. My recent two favorites are freezer strawberry jam and peach preserves. I grew up with a mother who preserved, preserved, preserved. One of her favorites was wild grape jelly.

  169. Hmmm..current favorite is Fig Ouzo Jam. Delish and a great way to use the Ouzo which has been hanging out in my cupboard for decades.

  170. Strawberry jam – the more strawberry, the less sugar, the more *June* and fragrance and divinity crammed into a jar, the better.

  171. Chutney, mostly Major Grey-ish, but almost always different from year to year. I do also make a rather nice spiced cranberry, apple ginger chutney but done in a rather traditional chutney style.

  172. Grape jam. It was a total PITA to get all the skins off one at a time, but it was sooooooo good. And free grapes to boot! πŸ™‚

  173. My favorite preserve is We Love Jam Blenheim Apricot Jam, so I love to make apricot jam, but mine never comes out as good as theirs! But I love trying!

  174. I recently picked up some elderberry preserves in Switzerland- if I could get my hands on elderberries I’m sure that would be my favorite.. But since I cannot I vote caramelized onion spread because it’s the most delicious time saver I can think of! Happy canning!

  175. Spiced pear jam has got to be my favorite-also the easiest to make. I made your tomato jam recipe a few weeks ago. It is very good. I would peel the tomatoes next time though.

  176. i would say the pear and chocolate jam that I made with your recipe. It’s so decadent and everyone that has tried it loves it! And so do I!

  177. I am OBSESSED with tomato jam/chutney, can’t get enough! Can’t make enough! Can’t try enough recipes. Would love to try someone else’s!!

  178. My favorite lately has been my homemade jalapeno pepper jelly. I have been using that with goat cheese and crackers for tasty snack.

  179. Jalapeno jelly! My friend’s recipe. The best….she died of cancer a few years ago and it reminds me of her. It is amazing on grilled meats:o)

  180. I love to preserve what’s in season but there’s nothing sweeter than peach jam, especially when it’s getting cold outside!

  181. So hard to decide. I love them all. Maybe carrot cake jam is my favorite. No, Fresh Tomato sauce. No,no, Cherry triple berry jam. No,no,no Salsa. Shoot, maybe it’s pickles.

  182. I, like you, love putting up lots of things but my favorite would probably be apple butter because my family loves it!

  183. This year, it would have to be chutney. I have found so many different tastes and uses for these preserves… dinners, appetizers, sandwiches… so versatile and yet interesting, to make and to taste!

  184. I’ve been canning since 1968. As a new bride I made my grandmothers apricot-pineapple jam.It’s been a 45 year love affair. This year I tried some new recipes. I made carrot cake jam which was a huge success at a recent farm tour as well as my pear relish. But my new favorite is tomato jam.

  185. So far, jam has been my favorite thing to make, and my most favorite is apricot (followed closely by raspberry or plum). But, this year I finally took more of a plunge and did salsa, pickles, diced tomatoes, and applesauce. I have to say, your roasted corn salsa has quickly become a new favorite! πŸ™‚

  186. I love making salsa! I enjoy in the cold winter months bringing out a jar of salsa that I had canned over the summer with fresh tomatoes. Yum!

  187. I could not believe how good Concord grape jelly was the first time I made it. Now I doctor it up with Chai tea and ginger, and it’s extra delicious.

  188. I absolutely love Jam – All types – Strawberry, Mint, Etc. I love preserving Apricots and making jam!! Goes so well with brie.

  189. As I continue to expand my preserving horizons my favorite continues to change! This year I tried jams with low sugar which ended up being more of a fruit spread-yum! So it would have to be the raspberry, strawberry and blackberry jam I made! I can hardly wait for next season.

  190. though I love me any kind of pickle, in terms of jams/ preserves, I am hard pressed: wild blueberry jam: blueberry pie in a spoon. or hot/ sweet pepper jam. oh yes. (and I can just eat a spiced apple butter down to nothing pretty quickly too).

  191. I just did my very first batch of canning. I made your strawberry vanilla jam and it was a success! I never realized I could can!

  192. I love trying new things, but my all time favorite is still spiced peach jam. (I will be making some of your mull spiced cider with the Kalamazoo College sustainability house students along with some apple sauce this weekend) Spread the joy of canning to the next generation!

  193. So far, my favorite thing is your spiced peach butter. First of all, it’s easy to make. And second, I have gotten better response from the people who’ve tasted it – amazement at how peachy it is – than anything else I’ve preserved so far.

  194. I just started preserving. My good friend gave me lots of treats this year. My favorite was the bread and butter pickles. She promised to pickle with me.

  195. My favorite item to can is pickled beets. All of my children love them. Our secret ingredient was a practical joke played on my dad. Now we would never think about skipping it.

  196. I have been making various jams & butters this year, but your tomato jam recipe has me totally hooked! I put it on everything that even remotely sounds like it would work (& it usually does!) Thank you!

  197. It is hard to decide. I love carmelized onion jam for savory. My favorite sweet is blueberry lemonade jam. I’m still working on finding a pickle I like that isn’t too sour.

  198. My favorite thing is raspberry or blackberry preserves. I remember as a kid taking hikes with my auntie, coming home and cooking it up. The smell was just incredible. I learned to can from her and my grama ands still love it. The smell brings back the best childhood memories ever! Congrats to whoever win!

  199. I made dilly beans for the first time this year and it’s got to be one of my favorite things so far…but I do love peach jam, too!

  200. My favorite thing is raspberry jam. 4 yrs ago when I got into making jam, I used Alice Water’s raspberry jam recipe from Chez Panisse Fruit. It turned out so well my MIL and Aunt were both very impressed. My Aunt ate a whole jar in a day! Every year I make a few extra jars of raspberry jam for my MIL and Aunt to enjoy.

  201. It’s a tie between loose fig jam and sour cherry jam! I love making citrus marmalade (organs, myer lemons, kumquats) in January in a cozy kitchen on a quiet, snowy day.

  202. two favorite preserves: spicy tomato-apple chutney and tomato marmalade. Other nice things, but these are probably the favorite. Oh wait! Pickled beets with garlic and cumin… hard to choose…

  203. My favorite thing to preserve is pear preserve made with hard sand pears, sliced paper thin and cooked until the syrup is thick and dark. The taste is similar to a candied apple, and the bit of tooth from the sand pear offers just the bite of texture I love.

  204. My favorite preserve would have to be tomato jam. It’s so versatile and fun to introduce to people that have never tried it and I could eat it standalone. I’m currently just getting into the jarring world and this kit would help me on my way greatly. I need to get a new oven before I get started so all I’ve made so far is apple pumpkin butter which, of course, was unsealed.

  205. I love to make pumpkin butter. I freeze it, as it isn’t safe to can in a water bath. It’s yummy on biscuits, or just about any type of bread.

  206. My favorite, so far is hot Jalapenos picked in Olive oil and vingar with spices. Oh so good from Sandi Smith youtube receipe. Something new that I tried this year.

  207. I love your plum anise jam. I think that is my all time fave. My husband loves the cowboy candy I make. Thank you for you inspiration.

  208. My favorite thing to make is apple butter. We don’t actually go through that much of it–I have jars of apple butter from 1984 in the cellar that I really need to carry up and dump instead of filling new jars, but people keep giving me their old jars so I don’t go down and fight the snakes for the 1984 apple butter. I just enjoy getting together with the (other) old women in the family and spending the day telling stories, pushing that apple butter around, and reinforcing those old blood ties that bind. We made apple butter again this year. I passed out the apples a couple weeks ago (as we’re the only ones who still have apple trees), everyone took a bushel or three, or four, brought their buckets full of applesauce by daybreak. But, when it came time to take it off the fire, I see (once again) that most everyone has only brought 3 or 6 or 12 jars to take home for themselves. So (once again), I’m left with the bear’s share of apple butter–66 quarts this year. I’ll give quite a few away, but I’ll still have more than we can eat this year. I guess I’m just destined to have an ‘every year’ collection of vintage apple butter to remind me of the warm, wonderful fall days spent with the (other) old women of my heart and family. Everyone should be so lucky.

  209. I just did a gallon or so of tomato ketchup, most of which is in the deep freeze. Some of it will become gifts. I’m also quite fond of cranberry ketchup. I need to find a recipe for that one that lets me can it properly. I would think between the onions, cranberries, vinegar and sugar that it should be okay, but I err on the paranoid side.

    But most of all, I love raspberry jam with really low amounts of sugar, some five spice, and with some amaretto thrown in.

  210. A neighbor generously gives me some of her back-yard grown citrus fruit, and with the oranges I make marmalade that I enjoy for the rest of the year. I also make orange sorbet, but the preservation lasts maybe a week, because we can’t stop eating it! I share some of my marm with my benefactor, so we both get to enjoy her harvest long after the season is over. In a couple of months….mmmm! New harvest!

  211. Love love b&b pickles my mother-in-law used to make! Could not cook worth a dam but her pickles were heavenly!!!!
    Bernie πŸ™‚

  212. After my work week is over, weekends during the last two months have been spent putting up the bounty of this summers’ garden. My favorite of all is Jam made from the fruit of the flowering Quince bush that grows at the side of my house. It blooms with vivid deep pink blossoms in the spring, and the resulting jam produced from the humble yellow golf ball sized fruit turns a clear beautiful reddish hue. It looks and has the consistancy of red honey, and it so wonderful to eat.


  213. This is just my second year canning so I haven’t branched out to try anything very unusual. I love our strawberry jam because our strawberries are just so good! This year I canned green bean soup which has ham hocks in it–the first time I’ve canned anything with meat in it.

  214. For whatever reason I find myself canning a lot of jams – blueberry, raspberry, plum – and I love them. But my hear truly belongs to dilly beans. There’s just nothing better than their slight crunch, tangy zip, and dilly goodness.

  215. My favorite thing to preserve is Italian camponata. Can be used as a great vegetarian main dish, but we love it spread on a nice piece of crusty Italian bread as an appetizer. Such a wonderful thing to use with all the eggplant around and all the fresh tomatoes in season. Mangia!!

  216. I love making blackberry and raspberry jams. My girlfriend makes an orange raspberry jam that is to die for. My favorite thing to put by is chicken stock. I love making it and seeing it in my jars on the shelf. Taking odds and ends, and making something really wonderful with it.

  217. I don’t can yet, but would definitely like to try one day. I remember my Grandmom canning foods as a child, and I was always fascinated by the whole process. The products in the prize basket sound amazing!

  218. About 25 years ago, my mother-in-law taught me how to make chow-chow and my husband and I just recently made a huge batch of it. We love it!

  219. I love making spicy tomato jam. I’m also a big fan of spicy pickled green tomatoes, super yummy! And apple butter with rum and vanilla make the house smell so good!

  220. I canned my first Apple Butter this year (Sea Salt Caramel Apple Butter), I think that is my new favorite! Or at least it ties with Crab Apple Jelly.

  221. Strawberry rhubarb jam with vanilla bean—my first jam made without commercial pectin, and it was so good I kept on making it and moved on to others in the same vein…

  222. I’ve just started preserving, and I only have apple butter under my belt (and in my tummy) so far, but it was very fun to make!

  223. I’m new to canning on my own (instead of helping/watching my mom in the kitchen) and so far my favorite has been spaghetti sauce, because I can’t wait for the delicious pasta in a couple months, when all the tomatoes taste like styrofoam!

  224. My favorite is usually anything with fig.And this year I made a caramelized onion, port wine and fig tapenade that is pretty tasty.

  225. All year, I look forward to the two weeks or so when I can get some paw paws at my farmer’s market. I buy them all out every week, and still only wind up with about 4lbs. Then I spend 2-3 hours standing in the kitchen peeling and seeding them all, swearing up and down that I will never do this ridiculous chore again. But once you get them on the stove, you’re only 30 minutes away from Paw Paw Butter, which I swear is like bananas foster in a jar. I only get about 6 or 7 jelly jars out of it, and I greedily horde them all year, only offering my friends a taste, very rarely a whole jar. Totally worth it.

  226. My favorite preserve is peach preserve. My grandmother had a peach tree. Every year we’d either can the peaches or she would make a peach preserve that made your mouth water!

  227. It’s definitely a toss up. I love the Strawberry Vanilla Jam, but on the opposite end, I absolutely love the Garlic Dill Pickles! Sometimes I refrigerate the pickles and skip the boiling water process. They tend to go quickly!

  228. Shiro plum jam. I get the plums from a neighbor’s tree, and it’s lovely as a straight jam, or when mixed with soy sauce as a simple asian plum sauce for savory dishes.

  229. Wozz chutneys are my absolute favourite. So versatile and such a punch of flavor! Make a dressing, toss some on fish before the oven, spice up a salsa or top a burger. Great to see some of their product in your basket!!

  230. Caramel Spiced Pear Butter. I got it from my mother-in-law and have made it more my creation over time. It’s simply the best thing in the mornings on greek yogurt – or at night over icecream or frozen yogurt. No need to peel the pears either…making it easy (just needs time to cook down).

  231. Tough call, for sure, but I would have to go with Sour Cherry Jam, which coincidentally, is how I found your blog! It’s like Cherry Pie on toast! A close second is Apricot Jam which truly tastes like summer.

  232. Really, my favorite is almost always whatever is next to come in season, or whatever has just run out on the pantry shelf! Least favorite is frequently whatever has just been canned or otherwise preserved because I am sick of it.

    So far there have been very few abject failures. There is usually some way to repurpose it even when it does not come out exactly as originally intended.

    But, a stacked chili in quart jars just may be an all time favorite. (You guessed it – there is none currently on the shelf!)

  233. Up until this year, my favorite thing to preserve was apple pie jam. The family loves it and it makes a great gift. Things changed this past summer when the two pear trees we planted started producing. Now I am all about preserving pears!

  234. Seville Orange with Piloncillo (a Blue Chair recipe). Or Tayberry, or Double Apricot (Mes Confitures) or…corn salsa. It’s been a busy year.

  235. I really liked a sweet tomato chutney I made last year but can’t remember what recipe I used! Maybe Madhur Jaffrey? Have to look at my cookbooks.

  236. Anything that sits still in my kitchen long enough gets thrown in a jar with brine. I guess that explains the wiggly kids… πŸ™‚

  237. Definitely chutney! I love the spices and sweet/sour mix. It is so versatile and can go with sweet dishes, meat, vegetables, or just yoghurt and bread. I have also recently eaten some habanero bluberry jam that knocked my socks off πŸ™‚

  238. So far I have the most fun making marmalades. I can usually conscript my husband into the process and it’s a really fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon together.

  239. I have several that I truly enjoy.Your Nectarine Lime jam has become my favorite jam. I am also enjoying my roasted red pepper ketchup and my peppery dilly beans.This looks like a wonderful package.

  240. Mmm, love all these great favorites everyone is posting! I love bing cherry & lemon jam, with quartered cherries and beautiful strings of zest in it. Heavenly stuff on toast with almond butter.

  241. Currently obsessed with ginger jelly. Over time, though, I have to say I love making jams that mix peaches with non-traditional spices.

  242. I have a large garden and preserve many fruits and veggies, and started pressing apples for cider this year. I use your book for inspiration, and made your mulled cider jelly this evening!

  243. This year , I preserved quince jelly for the first time ever and then used the pulp to make quince jam and it is my new favorite….LOVE IT… hoping to make a second batch to give away as gifts

  244. Last year I gave jars of my green tomato sauce with cute little USBs shaped like Christmas trees that I loaded with recipe ideas and attached with raffia. This year it may be Strawberry Margarita jam, hot pepper jelly or Limoncello, all made with produce from our garden. Love all your great ideas!

  245. Just started preserving this year, but my favorite thing that I’ve done so far is a peach butterscotch sauce from juicy summer peaches – amazing on ice cream or yogurt!

  246. I have two jams that are tied, simple Pineapple and Mango. Oh, maybe I will try them together now that I wrote them. I have only been canning for 10 months and now have over 460 jars done. I have enjoyed this adventure of learning and processing our groceries for a healthier family. The best part is my 8 year old granddaughter loves to help and she is great. My favorite canning items at this time are chicken, meatballs and sausage. Thank you πŸ™‚

  247. My favorite thing to make is strawberry jam. I frequently do not get it quite right, resulting in a runny product, but my teenage son doesn’t care. He still loves it. It is one of the few things that I do “right” (in Teen World)!

  248. Soups and applesauce!
    Soups are so gratifying because they serve up a perfect lunch to go or in a hurry, and applesauce is just my favorite thing. I love mixing apple varieties to find the perfect sweet/tart taste

  249. I just drooled on my phone reading how each one can be enjoyed-fir me it is strawberry ham cause still have my canning training wheels on-.)

  250. Well, it’s hard to pick just one! I just made the pear vanilla jam last weekend and it was divine! But I did make a mixed berry jam this summer that was awesome!

    Love your blog!

  251. This year I discovered a magical combination for jam: red currents, gooseberries, and blueberries. (I call it ‘Current Blue Goose’)

  252. I haven’t done much preserving yet, it’s one of those things that I keep saying I’ll do more of. Hopefully my wife and I will be able to get a spot in our community garden next year and we’ll be growing our own things to preserve. I have had success with some spicy bread and butter pickles in the past, and I’m thinking of making some condiments (mustard and ketchup) this year as Christmas gifts. We’ll see.

  253. This was my first year making jam and I enjoyed it so much!! My favorite was a spiced plum jam that was just awesome. I also did a triple berry, low sugar for my Dad, his favorite, and diabetic friendly.

  254. Strawberry jam! It’s the first thing I preserve every spring/summer, so it feels very exciting. Plus, it’s one of my favorites to eat all year!

  255. I would have to say plain raspberry jam, I love raspberries! Sour cherry sounds wonderful but no one else in the house would eat it. My husband and daughter would say pears, they will eat anything pear that I can.

  256. It used to be strawberry jam, but a neighbor gave us a batch of pears this year and we made Apple Pear Chutney. Now I have a new favorite!

  257. My kids would say plum jam, and as a mom how can I not appreciate that? But my personal is peach chutney, because it transforms a simple grilled pork chop or pork tenderloin rubbed in salt, pepper and celery seed into something really impressive and special.

  258. So difficult to chose just one…strawberry bales mic black pepper, blackberry vanilla syrup, strawberry rhubarb, rhubarb chutney… Thanks, Marisa, I think all my favs come from you!!

    • Every time I preserve something I think it is my new favorite thing (except pickles). Today it is your pumpkin butter! Oh dear, it is so good!

  259. My favorite preserve is my first- my aunt’s seedless raspberry jam. It is the only thing I canned for many years, but now I am super into it! I will never not make her jam though!

  260. Although I love all the pickles I have done through the years and lament that I haven’t found a good source for cukes the one thing I hunger for is the zucchini relish that goes on cheese sandwiches with lots of romaine lettuce. The recipe was given to me in the 70’s and it still is the best one I have tasted.

  261. I’m new to preserving, pickling, and fermenting, but I am loving it. My favorites are red cabbage sauerkraut and a ginger lime rhubarb runny preserves.

    Thanks for the blog and the giveaway.


  262. At this very moment it’s jam…specifically your Peach Vanilla Jam with Honey which I’ve been enjoying on croissants all week!

  263. Like many who’ve commented, it’s hard to pick just one.But this year it has to be Black Currant Jelly. We have a bush that doesn’t produce enough to make jelly every year so I froze currants last year and combined them with the ones picked this year for the jelly. It has such a rich almost smoky taste.

  264. Fig Preserves using only black figs. Our fig trees gifted us with amazing figs this year, so abundant, but with only one black fig tree we tend to hold those separately for making preserves.

  265. I started canning and preserving this summer so my experience is limited. I must say that apple butter is my favorite right now. My dad, a healthy and vibrant 81-year-old, says that my apple butter is the best! Melted my heart!

  266. Strawberry jam is my favorite. So much better than what you can buy in the stores, and I have great memories of working with Mom, picking & making jam. It’s definitely easier (and quicker) with a helper though!

  267. Canning.
    I havn’t canned anything since my teens. Thats when we had peach trees and pear trees in the back yard. ( too bad ya can’t can ’em with the yellow jackets).

    Since a trip to Tennessee, i have fallen in love with Mrs Renfros Chow Chow. Gimmie Gimmie su’moe chow chow! I keep eating it up and then its gone. So I say , cynthia, can your own. (Sorry Mrs Renfro) I’m sure mine wont be as good as hers, not to start out anyway.
    So I find a recipie. my tomatoes are ready to be picked. I have to buy a cabbage this time, and some peppers.
    I loose the recipie.
    I need to still buy the ingredients for canning, like salt, pickling spice, jars…. its september and the produce will be more expensive soon….
    i find jars. on sale! imagine that. Pickling salt on sale… am i starting this too late? THANK GOODNESS i dont need a pressure canner. waterbath canning for me. No one has pickling spice left. the store staff are oblivious. “Sorry ma’am, out of canning supplies.”
    Where is that recipie! I check the cookbooks I have for a equivilent of canning spice mix. no such luck. my books are not canning cookbooks. Just JOY and BETTER HOMES…. ( i heard that).
    Finally, i rember seeing it in the cooking isle on the McCormick rack. Yippie, i think i have everything. Its October. Hmmm.
    Atleast i found the recipie.
    My green tomatoes are almost all pink and orange by now. i have a new cabbage and had to get storebought green peppers. Im ready to start choppin. now if I just put all the veggies in the big pot …..wait a minute…. I need another pot to water bath in…..ARRRRG? How did I miss that… I must not have eaten enough veggies when i was young.
    I am marching onward toward canning bliss, It may take a year or two to hash it into shape. At least Mrs. Renfro can relax. I’ll still love (to buy and eat) her chow chow. Maybe Ill just pour hers into my jars……na, i can do this…(repeat 3X while clicking ruby red slippers)
    I shoulda just canned the rhubarb.

  268. I am new to the game of preserving, canning, etc., as I have just made my first batch of pickles this past April. My favorite thing to preserve thus far however, has been fig preserves using the figs from my grandparents tree. The interesting thing about this is that I have always hated figs, but absolutely love fig jam; especially on a baguette with a little goat cheese drizzled with honey.

  269. My favorite canned item is chili sauce, the way my grandmother used to make it and use on roast beef. I do love all the fruit items others have mentioned, but the chili sauce is something I crave and haven’t been able to find a suitable store-purchased substitute.

  270. Hello! For now, my favorite (and first homemade) jam is of Japanese quince with star anise. Yet, I hope to list many others after being gifted the book “Food in Jars” in the next family Secret Santa!!

  271. I’m so glad that I found your website while researching pear butter on the web. My first recipe from your site was for tomato jam and, I have to confess, that is now our favorite thing to can and to eat. Love it with goat cheese on crackers!

  272. My new favorite is pickled beets – maybe not exciting for some but I love them! Beets are so good for you and i love the flavor of pickled beets in salads and as an extra veggie with a meat, potatoes, and veggie meal.

  273. I love canning peaches! They are so simple, my daughter (10) loves to handle the blanching and ice bath, then peeling. I love how gorgeous they all look, round sides out, filling the jar, how they look like jars of sunshine all winter long. They are sweet and simple, and always taste like summer.

  274. In my short life of canning I would have to say my favorite thing is tomato basil jam, although it is tedious with deseeding the tomatoes – it is oh so tasty when I get to eat it later!

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