Giveaway: Eat Boutique Breakfast Gift Box

As we head into the winter season, thoughts turn to holiday gifts and tokens for hosts and hostesses. Thanks to my avid canning habit, I always have an assortment of jams, chutneys, and pickles to give to those in the nearย vicinity,ย but nearly every year, December catches me by surprise and I find myself running out of time to compile and pack up boxes for my further flung loved ones.

That’s where Eat Boutique comes in. They create thoughtful collections of small batch preserves, mixes, candies, syrups, and other fancy treats that make wonderful gifts when you can’t find the time to send out your own homemade goodies.

Because Maggie and her team at Eat Boutique are awesome, they’ve given me one of their Breakfast Gift Boxes to giveaway here (it’s an extra special weekend giveaway!). This box contains Kenyon’s Apple and Spice Pancake Mix, Nutting Farm Maple Syrup, Early Bird Sweet and Salty Granola, Sqirl Cashmere Nectarine Jam, and Greenpoint Honey. It costs $55 (the price includes shipping) and would be a tasty treat for someone who deserves a particularly sweet morning during the holidays.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share your favorite holiday breakfast.
  2. Comments will close at 12 noon east coast time on Monday, November 19, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog over the weekend.
  3. Giveaway open to US residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post. I do not accept submissions via email.

One more thing! If you’ve not yet gotten yourself a copy of my book, they’re giving one away over on the Eat Boutique blog (if you’re not reading their blog regularly, you should really start. They feature lots of gorgeously photographed recipes and tutorials). Finally, for you Boston-area folks, I’m going to be signing copies of my book (along with a handful of other cookbook authors) at the Eat Boutique Holiday Market on December 9. I hope to see some of you there!

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433 responses to “Giveaway: Eat Boutique Breakfast Gift Box”

  1. I’m not fussy; being a bachelor, just about any breakfast that’s cooked for me is fantastic. If I get to choose, nothing too fancy, but if it has biscuits and gravy, I’m happy!

  2. Apple dutch babies! Probably the most delicious breakfast food I ever make. For the uninitiated, it involves sauteing chopped apples in butter with a bit of cinnamon and sugar, and then pouring a pancake-like batter over the top and baking it in the oven. The pancake puffs up and the apples get caramelized. Seriously good.

  3. Our traditional Christmas morning breakfast is sausage/egg casserole and homemade overnight cinnamon rolls. Great looking gift box!

  4. Stuffed French toast, two pieces of bread with strawberry preserves and cream cheese in the middle, dipped in egg and milk and fried in a hot skillet with butter. Needs only a sprinkle of powdered sugar and be accompanied by good bacon and hot tea.

  5. On Christmas morning, my family has my sister’s Moravian coffee cake, a variety of muffins and sweet breads baked by my brother and a big bowl of fruit. We munch on it slowly all morning before starting to open gifts at noon. Mid-morning my sister-in-law and I sneak in the kitchen to make omelets because we can’t stand the sugar anymore.

  6. Christmas morning I love to make spiced pancakes, bacon, eggs and OJ with lots of real maple syrup and a variety of homemade jams. I just made myself hungry lol!

  7. bacon, egg, and cheese on a buttermilk biscuit with a side of raspberry jam….it is my absolute favorite little thing to eat-up–any time; any day. and excited to hear you are coming to boston, have loved your cookbook and hope i might be able to make it.

  8. I love to go out for breakfast! I like a nice big corner table, the morning paper & Eggs Benedict. It’s something I have once or twice a year as a special treat. Eggs still soft, rich, velvety sauce & extra toasted English muffins to wipe up the leftovers . . . . And then a nice strong cup of brewed tea(coffee if I must) while I do the crossword in pen.

  9. My favorite holiday breakfast is Blueberry Pancakes definitely. Lots of melted butter and either blueberry syrup or sprinkled with powdered sugar.

  10. That basket looks like it would be a wonderful experience to go through and then choose what you wanted on a cold winter morning

  11. Our favorite breakfast is a casserole I make on Christmas morning. It is layered with bread, eggs, sausage and cheese. Yummy!

  12. My favorite holiday breakfast is Christmas morning! No matter where I was as a child, the Matron of the house would cook up something special. The best one I remember though was one morning my mom managed to wake up before me and by the time I was up she had quite a spread on the table!

    Walnut pancakes with powdered sugar and a side of ham and fried eggs and potatoes. Oh sure we paid for such meals later by becoming quite the fat family haha but boy is it worth it haha.

  13. These treats look fabulous ! My favorite is Baked French Toast that soaked all night in an Eggnog bath. So yummy & rich – Only during the Holidays !!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. My favorite holiday breakfast is soft scrambled eggs and sour cream coffee cake with a crunchy brown sugar and cinnamon top.

  15. I make fresh pumpkin and pecan pancakes or waffled depending on my mood.
    I always have just enough fresh pumpkin purer left over to make them.

  16. The week leading up to Christmas I eat a buttered sice of panettone with a cafe latte for breakfast. I think of it as the flipside of fasting during the week leading up to Easter.

    My dad, on the other hand, always ate leftover squid in hot sauce for breakfast on Christmas morning while we opened our presents.

  17. When the kids were little, we always had Belgian waffles with butter and syrup or fresh fruit and whipped cream. Still my favorite breakfast; but only on special occasions.

  18. A good cup of coffee, steamy hot freshly made Croissants, assorted jams, and being a bit old school, a newsprint copy of the Sunday NY Times with a few hours of leisure to read it.

  19. Christmas morning….we bake trays of bagels, sausage and bacon so every one can eat at their own speed while the presents are opened!

  20. Favorite holiday breakfast? 1-2 special days a year, I will wake up and make a bloody Mary. While sipping that, I prepare my French toast, made special (for me) with a splash of Galliano in the egg-milk mixture. I’ll also fry up a bit of thick bacon, and drizzle the whole plate with maple. If I’m feeling really decadent, I’ll have a Prosecco & orange juice for “dessert.”

  21. I love a good sausage, egg and cheese casserole! I know it is not the healthiest, but once a year will not hurt…that much. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you for the giveaway!

  22. Christmas morning the house needs to smell like cinnamon buns. For the last few years we have been gifted a tray from a friend of my husband whose son is a professional baker. They come frozen with instructions and all I have to do is defrost and bake. It is one of the most appreciated gifts we receive. After a long season of creating homemade gifts for other people I really appreciate something that someone else made.

  23. My favorite is baked french toast casserole.Make it the night before and its ready for the oven in the morning,you can add fruit,dried fruit ,nuts or anything your family or guests love.Add some fresh squeezed orange juice and your good!!!!

  24. What a beautiful gift box! My favorite holiday breakfast is a stuffed french toast, using some of my homemade jam and cream cheese.

  25. My mom always tries to make something special for breakfast on Christmas morning. I think the cinnamon roll years always end up being my favorites.

  26. I love Early Bird granola! I used to know the founder when she worked at a restaurant here in Brooklyn, and I’m so glad to see her get such recognition and achieve such success.

    That said: My favorite holiday breakfast is a strong cup of black coffee or tea, and farina with sliced berries or bananas. And toast. Always, always toast.

  27. Gosh I don’t know what my favorite holiday breakfast is – but most sentimental? home fried potatoes, fried eggs, and bacon made by my popop! Now, it is mostly granola for me in the morning, this basket looks fantastic ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. My brother’s Eggs Charleydick. Unfortunately, it’s been a couple years since I’ve had them, so I can’t remember exactly how they differ from eggs benedict, except that they’re better!

  29. cinnamon rolls or pastries, yogurt & fresh fruit (or jam) to flavor the yogurt with lots of orange juice & coffee! its a breakfast fit for kings as far as my crew is concerned!

  30. My favorite holiday breakfast growing up was these marionberry orange rolls from a bakery chain in my home town. Unfortunately they have closed all their shops now. I haven’t quite worked up the courage to try and recreate them in my own kitchen. Last year for Christmas morning my fiancรฉ made apple fritters, which where amazing. Maybe that will be our new holiday tradition.

  31. Shrimp and grits with lots of sharp cheddar grated on top, ideally with poached eggs and green salad on the side with bacon vinaigrette.

  32. Every Christmas my mom makes an egg, ham, and cheese casserole with bread in it that is awesome. It’s definitely my favorite holiday breakfast.

  33. In my family, the preferred way to start the morning on the day after Thanksgiving is with leftover delicata squash and cranberry sauce, plus plenty of coffee. It may not sound like breakfast food, but it’s really delicious nonetheless!

  34. First time here today. Came by from a referral from Canning Granny.
    My favorite holiday breakfast is sausage gravy and biscuits. Made with spicy sausage and half and half. YUMMY!

  35. Breakfast is probably my most favorite meal of the day! So many choices for “favorites,” but, currently, in lieu of homemade granola at home, I’d say a local cafe’s Florentine omelet with pesto and a side of hashbrowns. Oh my goodness!

  36. I always try to get up early and make a traditional egg based breakfast cassarole with either ham or sausage. We always have cinnamon rolls to go with them, along with orange juice and coffee. That takes us all the way to our late afternoon Christmas dinner!

  37. Every christmas since I can remember we make doughnuts. The yummy cakey kind. As a kid we punched them out while my daddy fried them, now I make them still every year (with no complaints from my husband). This year i got a doughnut pan to try to skip the whole frying process. I suppose a test batch will have to come soon ๐Ÿ˜›

  38. I’d have to say that my favorite breakfast is french toast. Why? Because it is the one breakfast that I don’t have to cook (since hubby makes it better than I do). ๐Ÿ˜‰

  39. Buttermilk fried chicken and waffles where sweet and salty fall in love… Of course with a bowl of grits and lemonade orange juice to wash it down!

  40. My favorite holiday breakfast is cinnamon rolls on Christmas Morning!!! Followed by bacon and other savory yummy-ness after we open gifts ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Hazelnut coffee, veggie omelete, english muffin with cream cheese & marmalade…..brought to me in bed. Like that’ll ever happen, lol!

  42. CHristmas Morning with homemade cinnamon rolls by grandma and of course a nice cup of coffee to go along with it…

    thanks for an opportunity to win.

  43. Mmmm homemade Cinnamon Rolls.
    I prep them the night before Christmas and pull them out to rise while presents are opened. Nothing like the smell if baking spices on Christmas morning!

  44. Every Christmas morning my Dad makes a big breakfast. He makes the most amazing homefries. It is the only time he makes them. We all devour it.

  45. I love cinnamon rolls, but I really avoid having them around except for a special occasions. That’s the fast version of breakfast! When there’s time to really plan and cook, I like to make a brunch of my sweet vanilla french toast, sausage and hash browns. YUM.

  46. My favorite holiday breakfast is pumpkin pie. Obviously. I’m also a fan of Belgian waffle breakfasts for when we run out of pie.

  47. I eat lightly during the holidays (to make up for when I really, really don’t) so I love my yogurt with maple syrup or hazelnut oil. For more hearty needs I eat steel cut oats because then I finally have the time to make them properly!

  48. My mother-in-law makes the best french toast strata for our holiday breakfast sometime between Christmas and New Year’s, depending on when everyone gets together. It’s so lovely!

  49. I love any breakfast with bacon, but usually on holidays there’s too much food waiting later in the day to have much of a breakfast. I guess my favorite holiday breakfast is low blood sugar and anticipation? …I think we need a new tradition.

  50. Ooh, what a fun box of breakfasty treats. I’d be so happy to receive this, for Christmas or in a giveaway! My sister does a great eggy sausage strata for Christmas morning. My standby is my modification of a Weight WAtcher’s granola recipe with almond milk and a big cup o’ tea.

  51. My favorite breakfast is Christmas morning. Baked frenchtoast, scrambled eggs, sausage links, and orange juice. My everyday fav it mocha latte and bananna bread, healthy I know!

  52. Since we go to church on Christmas I make either a cinnamon roll casserole or eggs in a muffin pan which we sandwich between two pieces of English muffins.

  53. Breakfast is the best! If it is a quiet breakfast, then toast made from really good bread with one of my jams, along with a big bowl of fruit. If I am having company, then it is baked french bread from Smitten Kitchen!

  54. Awesome giveaway – glad to find out about these boxes, it will be great for holiday shopping!! My fav holiday breakfast is my sister’s baked oatmeal…she makes it fancy with lots of different fruits and nuts.

  55. Special breakfasts contain biscuits or scones and lately we have branched out into cinnamon rolls as well. We bring out loads of jams, syrups and cheeses to enjoy with this meal.

  56. My favourite holiday breakfast is my Christmas brunch with my family. Lots of eggs, bacon, beans and toast, along with fresh pressed juices, preserves and tiny little biscuits. That box would be a great Christmas present.

  57. Tamales at Christmas! My mom used to have them made especially for us so they had lots of meat in them with just a little bit if masa. We’d all coming running on Christmas morning to get one.

  58. I love any kind of brunch egg bake. I also love oatmeal pancake breakfasts at my mother-in-law’s. I have the same recipe, but mine never turn out quite like hers.

  59. When I have extra time around the holidays, making bread- whether quick, muffins or the ultimate Tartine style bread which I’m working on weekly- is where I spend my time. Nothing better than wafting aromas and the oven warming the kitchen in cooler weather.

  60. I always lean towards eggs benedict, and my favorite way of having it is with smoked salmon instead of Canadian bacon or ham.
    Paired with a lovely California sparkling wine, this is by far the best!

  61. Eggs over easy, biscuits, white gravy, and sausage patties with some red pepper jelly. Reminds me of childhood holidays at my grandparents house in the country.

  62. i’m another one who wants the cinnamon rolls— heavy on the filling, heavy on the glaze, please! and some nice bacon, and a good dark coffee….

  63. Breakfast is one of my favorite things, so it’s hard to choose just one! But a really yummy baked oatmeal with some whole milk and brown sugar just might be in the top spot. ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. bread pudding! casseroles! but my absolute most favourite breakfast ever in my cinnamon rolls. I just hate how long I have to wait in the mornings after I make them before I can taste one!

  65. We make a buttermilk and brown sugar coffee cake from the Better Homes and Gardens cook book. In older cookbooks it was called “Cowboy Coffee Cake”, so that’s what we call it. It’s a must for all special mornings even in my grown children’s homes.

  66. Pigs in a blanket. (biscuits and breakfast sausage)
    Every Thanksgiving my myself and my two sisters and my Mom would make the pigs in a blanket and chat and laugh! My father would get up and come into the kitchen and say, “just what is going on in here”. They are are now making heavenly pigs in a blanket and I miss them!

  67. My dad’s French Toast Supreme. Two pieces of french toast stuffed with cream cheese. Drizzled with maple syrup and a combination of warmed marmelade and strawberry jam. Yum yum!!!

  68. Strong coffee with cream, scrambled eggs, bacon, and a cinnamon roll. All to be consumed in a liesurly manner while scanning the online Washington Post, while the kids are quiet and content. LOVE.

  69. Breakfast casselroles that can be prepped ahead of time and popped into the oven so I can spend time with guests and watch my kids open presents.

  70. I love orange & Nutella stuffed French toast.
    However my favorite holiday breakfast “concept”
    Is the Egg Strata scene in the movie The Family Stone
    When the uncooked dish devours all dignity ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. Gingerbread pancakes or waffles with maple syrup is a favorite holiday breakfast around here! or for the first snow fall…we save the gingerbread ones for special days!

  72. On rare holiday occasions my mom would break out some cinnamon rolls, but my real favorite is having apple pie for breakfast the day after.

  73. I love monkey bread. I still have the original recipe from my high school home economics class. It is not made very often but it is delicious.

  74. My grandma’s apple crisp! I don’t know how she does it. She’s given me the recipe and I’ve tried making it at home, but it’s never the same. She makes it for me whenever I go home to visit for Christmas. Definitely a holiday breakfast favorite.

  75. I make pancakes regularly, but it’s never the same as eating my dad’s pancakes on Christmas morning. Made with bacon and love.

  76. I love pumpkin pancakes with homemade pumpkin butter, or plain old flap jacks with apple butter. But my most favorite is fry bread with sugared cinnamon butter. My grandma and I would have such fun making fry bread. flour every where ! but we had fun..

  77. We have a family tradition of eating Cheese and Eggs (basically scrambled eggs with sharp cheddar cheese) after opening presents on Christmas morning. No matter how much we’ve all been arguing.

  78. Walnut Waffles w/Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, Hickory Smoked Bacon, a combo of melon, grapes, and berries on the side – along with Coffee and a Mimosa.

  79. A tradition for years in my mom’s house: chocolate chip waffles. I don’t know anything else to answer because we really don’t have any other holiday breakfast choices! ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. Christmas morning we always have oyster stew, biscuits, ham, fruit and fruitcake – it fortifies you for the unwrapping portion of the day!

  81. I love pumpkin pie for the morning after Thanksgiving and however longer the pie will last. I have been known to make pumpkin pie for just this purpose.

  82. Right now my favorite holiday breakfast is pumpkin pancakes, with pumpkin puree from our garden. That, with ham or sausage. Other times of the year, it’s homemade english muffins with homemade jam or curd on them. Because holidays are the only time I have to make stuff like that for breakfast!

  83. A few years ago for Christmas, I made vegan cinnamon rolls and vegan cream cheese frosting. We colored the frosting green and put the rolls in the shape of a Christmas tree, which we then frosted with the green frosting!

  84. I love pretty much any breakfast foods, but my sister’s breakfast casserole recipe is the best ever! It’s easy to put together the night before, then pop in the oven to cook while you have coffee the next morning!

  85. Christmas morning—cinnamon rolls, eggs and bacon. A tradition for five generations now, you can’t eat anything better than that.

  86. Crate and Barrel had a really good pumpkin pancake mix last year, but I have yet to see it this year (even on the website). But for things I make myself, cinnamon rolls are always a tasty treat to have on a chill winter morning.

  87. The Betty Crocker Cinnamon Struesel coffee cake, circa 1973. My Mom made it from memory every Christmas morning and we eagerly awaited it to come out of the oven so that we could eat it warm with lots of butter while we opened presents. Once we were grown with families of our own, we didn’t get together for Christmas as a family that often. Fast forward 20 years. I found the recipe online and my Mom is making it for Christmas for our family this year. Such a simple thing, but so nostalgic and meaningful to us!

  88. I love to make homemade cinnamon rolls for our family as a special breakfast (Alton Brown’s recipe). In a pinch, though, biscuits cut with seasonal cookie cutters are also a big hit.

  89. It’s a toss up between 2 breakfast recipes that I only make at Christmas. One is an amazing breakfast casserole that has eggs, cheese, stuffing mix and breakfast sausage and the other is an Over night French toast recipe that uses either big slices of French bread or Texas toast. Mmmmmmmm!

  90. We’re usually still too stuffed from Christmas Eve dinner to be really ambitious about Christmas morning breakfast, but when we do it’s usually omelets with cheese and bacon (followed, of course, by Christmas cookies!).

  91. Mmm my favorite holiday breakfast is any feast leftovers turned into a sandwich! Especially if mashed potatoes are involved!!

  92. My favorite holiday breakfast is pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon/sausage with gallons of good hot coffee.
    Thank you for your blog and all the giveaways.

  93. When I was a kid my clever parents gave each of us boxes of our favorite sugar cereal with our stockings every year. That meant they didn’t have to fuss with elaborate breakfasts in the ungodly hour before the sun came up but after we had torn through all the presents.

  94. My favorite holiday breakfast is what I end up having almost every year on Christmas morning. At about 11 am after all of the chaos is over and everyone is sitting around playing with their new toys (I have 5 kids) I find myself a quiet spot on the sofa and have a fresh cup of coffee and a pumpkin pie spiced waffle nutella sandwich. It is the best breakfast each year listening to everyone play and visit.

  95. Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day! We start with a hearty bowl of oatmeal with organic maple syrup (plus a steaming cup of strong black coffee)!
    This year I am giving almost all handmade/homemade gifts!

  96. This is going to rankle the purists- but I am vegan and my mom makes this lima bean and corn chowder- from an ancient Veg Times Magazine recipe- and she makes it for me every Thanksgiving. As I don’t do an early breakfast, this becomes my brunch after food- usually around 10:30 11:00 I find all I can think about is a big bowl of soup.
    Thanks mom for accomodating my peculiarities!

  97. My favorite holiday breakfast would have to be banana nut waffles with butter and Nutella with a side of on the verge of burnt bacon. Yum!

  98. We usually have 2 types of breakfast casseroles. One savory, and one sweet, like an overnight french toast. It’s so easy to fix them the night before, then pop them in the oven when you get up.

  99. My favorite breakfast during the holidays is leftover pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce. I can’t get enough of either of them so I will eat them any chance I get!

  100. nothing better than ham egg & cheese sandwich made with the left over ham & rolls or biscuits from the holiday dinner from the night before.

  101. Hmmm…it’s a toss-up between my mom’s egg bake that she serves the morning after Thanksgiving and the monkey bread my mother-in-law makes for Christmas morning!

  102. My hubby likes pecan pie for Thanksgiving, but my favorite Christmas breakfast is toasted homemade Dresen stollen (with butter melting into its yummy goodness), served with the softest, creamiest scrambled eggs and crispy bacon.

  103. Homemade cinnamon rolls! Not sure it will happen this year since we rented a place at the beach and not sure I’ll have all the accoutrements to make it happen….

  104. Christmas morning we have homemade cinnamon rolls! My mom makes them weeks earlier and freezes them, we pop them in to bake while opening stockings and drinking coffee

  105. Hands down holiday favorite: a local farm’s ground pork turned into breakfast sausage with just the right amount of seasonings, sweet potato pancakes with honey-cinnamon-pecan butter and some not-too-sweet fruit salad. Completely wonderful!

  106. My absolute favorite holiday breakfasts are post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches! I put cranberry sauce on one slice of bread, mashed potatoes on the other side, and the whole sandwich has to be overflowing with gravy. I think I look forward to the morning-after-Thanksgiving breakfast more than I do for the actual holiday!

  107. Hot cocoa with whip in our christmas-week only snowman mugs stirred with a candy cane and yummy french toast with real vermont maple syrup. Delish!

  108. On Christmas morning, we always eat Kringle and smorkaka (Scandinavian pastries) as our breakfast dessert that I look forward to all year.

  109. Usually, we will have one day where we make pancakes with local maple syrup and real butter. It is always our favorite morning of the season.

  110. My favorite holiday breakfast is orange sweet rolls. They’re like cinnamon rolls but filled instead with orange marmalade before being rolled up and cut. I like to frost them with cream cheese thinned with orange juice and zest and a little powdered sugar mixed in for sweetness. They look beautiful and are a nice alternative to toast when using up homemade marmalade. Plus they warm up the house and make it smell good.

  111. I make biscuits and gravy, eggs, pancakes, bacon and sweet rolls. We have a large Christmas Eve Dinner, so I can spend time making breakfast and not be rushed to start dinner.

  112. Without doubt, my favorite holiday breakfast memory is of one with a friend’s family. I was stranded one Thanksgiving, so they invited me to join them. We had a fabulous brunch (I got to help the day before!) for the family and a slendid buffet later in the day for a group of the hostesses employees. But that special breakfast with an “adopted” family was outstanding.

  113. My favorite holiday breakfast makes use of in-season specials, samples pretty much all food groups and requires a party with an appetite! It consists of homemade pumpkin buttermilk pancakes topped with pomegranate seeds and maple syrup, served with fried eggs, bacon and a steaming cup of chai tea. Bonus: the smell of roasting chestnuts, which make an amazing post-breakfast snack!

    Recipe available upon request ๐Ÿ™‚

  114. Our family tradition for breakfast on Christmas morning is always Orange Danish, scrambled eggs and Cheesy Sausages. My oldest is 36 and insists that his family carry on the tradition as well. In fact, he would refuse to eat orange danish on any other day because it’s Christmas food and it’s a special treat for that day only.

  115. We make buttermilk pancakes with a bit of whole wheat and a bit of corn meal. The pancakes go on the table with maple or hickory syrup, blueberry compote from some of the frozen summer berries, yogurt, cafe au lait, orange juice and jam. This year the jam will be plum: Santa Rosa plum with raspberry, cinnamon and cardamom, and Shiro plum with lemon verbena and rosemary.

  116. My favorite holiday breakfast is actually a day after Thanksgiving breakfast. I make a pattie of leftover stuffing mixed with some chopped up leftover turkey. I fry it in a little butter and then smother with warm cranberry sauce. YUM! Sometime I’d like to try putting this mixture in my waffle iron. ๐Ÿ™‚

  117. Steel-cut oatmeal, cooked overnight in a slow-cooker / crock pot.

    Add oats.
    Add water.
    Add pumpkin (usually from a can if that’s what’s handy)
    Add currents.
    Add cinnamon to taste.

    Wake up in the morning to delicious seasonal oats!

  118. Coconut oat French Toast with blueberries (frozen this time of year) and maple syrup! I always set out whatever preserves I have open at the time also. That gift box looks delicious!

  119. My favorite holiday breakfast is my egg/sausage casserole that I put together on
    Christmas eve and refrigerate until morning. It bakes while we open gifts and frees me up to enjoy the festivities. It has been our tradition for at least 20 years.

  120. when i was a kid one of my uncles and his family always sent us a box with grits, bacon and pancake mix from a local mill where they lived, eating that is tied with our tradition of overcooked rice (it is actually really good the way we do it i promise) with biscuits and country ham on christmas morning.

  121. Oh yum! That looks incredible. My favorite holiday breakfast is waffles. We got a waffle maker last year for Christmas, and although I went back and forth on getting such a big, single-use appliance, it has been such a wonderful treat for special occasions or lazy weekend mornings.

  122. Ooh, I would definitely gift this to my brother-in-law who would love it! Although I wouldn’t mind keeping it for myself… ๐Ÿ™‚ My favorite holiday breakfast–the caramel apple pancakes my husband makes. Goodness gracious–it’s your sugar content for the day in one plate, but so very worth it!

  123. Leftover pie/cobbler from the previous night’s dinner with a scoop of yogurt. Isn’t that why you always make copious amounts of dessert, regardless of how many people you’re feeding?

  124. We’ve been having Breakfast Casserole for the last 30 years – basically a delicious mix of egg soaked bread ham, veggies, and cheese. I love it so much and we only eat it on Christmas morning! (may Easter brunch if we’re lucky).

  125. Ever since my children were young, I would make cinnamon rolls for holiday mornings. They loved having LOTS of icing on them!

  126. Always the same egg bake and some kind of homemade sweet along with hot chocolate and a hot pineapple cranberry punch. Goodies from the stockings usually make their way to the table as well.

  127. ooooh, my favorite holiday breakfast is a creme brulee french toast. I love it because it’s something you assemble the night before then pop in the oven when you wake up. So easy and yummy!

  128. We don’t do much in the way of holiday breakfast, it’s really whatever leftovers/cereal we feel like throwing together quickly so we can get to opening presents.

  129. I love the baked French toast that my daughter makes. But, the precious family members sitting around the table makes everything perfect!

  130. A bug cup of coffee and leftover pie from the previous day’s festivity is always great. But I think my favorite is my mother’s borscht with mushroom mini dumplings. May not sound like breakfast, but it’s so delicious that I’ll eat it for any meal.

  131. My grandmother’s homemade pull-apart cinnamon sweet rolls. They’re actually meant for dinner but the leftovers are irresistible the next morning.

  132. My favorite holiday breakfast is HUGE homemade cinnamon rolls and egg nog. I only make them once a year so there is a fight to get into line to get the biggest one first. So delicious.

  133. seasonal granola is incredible, but if i’m feeling something warm, definitely a bread pudding with eggs, leeks and cheese!

  134. Our family holiday breakfast usually is a non-traditional USA thing – it is a VERY traditional Dominican thing – Mashed plaintains with Fried Red Onions (Mangu) or Boiled Yucca with the same topping accompanied by Eggs, Longaniza, maybe cheese. Definitely Cafe con Leche. This is specially appropriate if the night before involved any kind of alcoholic beverages….ahem….Not a breakfast we do every day, though…

  135. We always make a breakfast casserole that my late Grandmother made each year. This year we’ll have that with some homemade scones and homemade cranberry butter. YUM!

  136. Steel-cut oatmeal w/cranberries & brown sugar, broiled grapefruit, freshly baked cinnamon rolls and slices of stollen, washed down with big mugs of coffee stirred with peppermint sticks/candy canes!

  137. This wasn’t something we made, but the tradition when we were growing up for my family was kringle for Christmas breakfast every year.

  138. Chocolate bread. It’s from a local bakery and Christmas is not the same without it. It has chocolate swirled throughout and is frosted on top. Served toasted with OJ and coffee. P.S. That gift basket looks amazing!

  139. For some Christmases when I was a kid my mom would make a cherry filled kringle shaped like a candy cane. I keep meaning to try to make it myself.

  140. My mother used to make a couple quiches for breakfast on holidays. It was the 70s. Everyone was eating quiche when they weren’t eating fondue!

  141. I remember having to eat breakfast before we could open presents. At Grandmother S’s house, it was usually oatmeal (the slow cooking kind), toast, juice, etc. Waiting was soooo hard!

  142. Depends on the holiday? A gut busting holiday like Thanksgiving, we go light. Crack-of-dawn Christmas? Coffee and something easy to munch til my kids finish their presents. But we have a nice Sunday morning pancakes tradition that I’d like to change to waffles some day, once I get a waffle iron in the house!

  143. My favorite holiday breakfast is a little strange. I was obsessed with the Boxcar Children’s cookbook and so every brunch I made as a kid HAD to have homemade eggnog…which always curdled because I was 10 and adamant that I would make the whole brunch myself.

  144. the original German “Stollen” (a type of fruit cake)
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  145. How much fun is this? My FAVORITE holiday breakfast is Christmas. Every Christmas we have Caramel Pecan Rolls – fresh, made from scratch (usually) and hot out of the oven. The more pecans, the merrier! Although, we do make a small pan for the kids who say they hate pecans. We keep telling them to just pick them off and give them to us, but… are kids. Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!

  146. Breakfast frenchtoast casserole! Oh so good! And smells so good cooking. No matter how many cookies you eat throughout Christmas, you’ll still want this scrumptious dish!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  147. The thing about the holiday breakfast is that it’s not the food – it’s the family! If we’re at my mom’s house, my stepdad goes out of his way to prepare perfect eggs with perfectly timed toast and perfectly warmed bacon and perfect pancakes – none of which anyone eats exactly when they should! At my house, there’s always some kind of baked good, along with bacon and eggs and potatoes should we feel so inclined.

    The very best thing, though, is not the food, it’s the coffee that I drink while I sit with my mom or my kids and just enjoy each other’s company. SO looking forward to Thanksgiving!!

  148. I can’t imagine a holiday breakfast without baked french toast with my brother’s homemade maple (or boxelder) syrup and bacon.

  149. For as long as I can remember, my family has had sour cream coffee cake for breakfast on Christmas morning (and getting to drink chocolate-raspberry coffee with the adults is a rite of passage for any teenagers in the house!). I’ve started a new tradition on New Year’s Day: steel cut oats topped with little sautรฉed cinnamon apple croutons, made from the last of the season’s gold rush apples.

  150. Honestly.. we order pizza many mornings… becuase I am so busy cooking… ( I have 6 small children)…. it makes it a LOT less stressful.

  151. This isn’t my favorite breakfast, but one that is legendary in my fiance’s family. His grandmother used to make homemade cinnamon buns. I grew up in a household that was very Grand’s Cinnamon Buns friendly, but I think I’m ready to take up Grandma Jo’s holiday tradition starting this year. Homemade Cinnamon Buns, here I come!

  152. I love making cinnamon rolls for holiday breakfast, its easy to do the night before so we can have a tasty hassle free breakfast the morning of!

  153. Looks so sweet and yummy! My favorite holiday breakfast is Christmas morning: homemade brioche, clementines, laughing cow cheese, and lots of hot coffee! Yum.

  154. I would have to say that my favorite holiday breakfast is breakfast strata- with all the
    goodies- potatoes, eggs, cheese and bacon or sausage. It’s so satisfying and easy!

  155. It’s a New Year’s Day tradition in our family to have a brunch at my aunt’s house with mimosas, my aunt’s famous bacon frittata, and croissants with specialty jams (which she would buy in a gourmet shop).

    In recent years, my jams have replaced the store-bought ones, and I then get my orders for the following season’s canning (my cousin loves my wild blueberry and blue grape jam, my aunt loves my ginger peach, etc.)

    This year, it’s going to be a Food In Jars extravaganza, since I’m bringing your Cantaloupe jam, the Spiced Plum, and my lone remaining jar of blueberry/grape. ๐Ÿ™‚

  156. Best breakfast? Anything on Christmas morning, when all the grown children migrate back to be with us. Even boxed cereal would be a perfect meal, but it’s almost always my husband’s strata.

  157. My mother used to make us butterhorns, they are basically a sweet bread from my sweet grandmothers bread recipe with powdered sugar icing, not too sweet but warm and delicious.

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