Giveaway: Duralex Picardie Tumblers from Mightynest

November 13, 2013(updated on October 3, 2018)

Duralex stack down

We all know that canning jars are good for so much more than canning. You can store dry goods in them, use them to tote leftovers to work for lunch, and even drink out of them. They make it easy to transition from plastic food storage to glass because they’re relatively inexpensive and readily available. I’ve certainly used my mason jars for nearly everything under the sun and value them beyond measure for their wide utility and food safe qualities.

Duralex Picardie packaging

Thing is, in recent years I’ve learned that it can be hard on canning jars to constantly employ them for everyday use and then turn around and can in them. That’s because when you eat out of jars and bang them around, it can weaken them and eventually lead to breakage in the canning pot.

I’ve actually started to save my jars for canning and (gasp!) use food storage containers and drinking glasses for their intended purposes (though I do have a selection of jars that are designated for drinking and leftover storage only).

Duralex logo

However, for those of us canners who prize mason jars for their sturdiness as drinkware, where do you go when you want glassware that’s just as hardy? For me, the answer is Duralex. I became obsessed with the iconic Duralex Picardie glass about five years ago and since then have built up a sizable collection of tumblers in graduating sizes.

homemade latte in Duralex

For a brief period, they went out of production and I became something of a Duralex stockpiler. Happily, they’re available again and I couldn’t be more pleased. Made of tempered glass, they can be used to serve both hot and cold drinks and they’re nearly impossible to break (an excellent feature for when my nephew is visiting. The smaller tumblers are also just the right size for his little hands). Truth be told, I love them nearly as much as my canning jars.

three sizes of Duralex

The nice people over at Mightynest heard about my crazy devotion to these Duralex Picardie tumblers and suggested we team up on a giveaway. And so today I’m delighted to be giving away a collection of Picardie tumblers to one lucky Food in Jars reader. The winner will receive six 5.75 ounce glasses, six 10.5 ounce glasses, and six 17 ounce glasses.

This giveaway is open to US residents only (glass is pricy to ship) and entries can only be accepted via the Rafflecopter form below.

Local Kitchen, Autumn Makes and Does, The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking, and Tasty Yummies are hosting Duralex giveaways this week thanks to Mighty Next. Enter them all!

For more ideas on how to add more glass to your kitchen, check out Mightynest’s Pinterest board featuring glass pitchers, glassware, and food storage products.

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444 responses to “Giveaway: Duralex Picardie Tumblers from Mightynest”

  1. Lots of plastic storage and takeout containers I’d love to ditch. And to have a complete set of glasses nearly impossible to break? What a happy holiday that would make!

  2. I still use ziplock sandwich size square containers for leftovers — would like to find glass replacements as handy to use.

  3. I’ve seen these, and would love to replace all the kiddo plastic cups with them. I know the plastic cups are BPA free (i’m a nut about that) but a plastic cup doesn’t look as well when we have guests over…

  4. I love Duralex glasses! I bought a few at Crate & Barrel before they discontinued them – wish I’d bought more!

    • Oops – I didn’t realize I was supposed to answer the question! As for what plastic I’m replacing next, it’s storage containers. I have a great set of glass containers with lids (also from C&B), but need way, way more to replace all the plastic ones. slowly but surely!

  5. My latest switch was to glass freezer jars for stock. Not sure what will happen next as I’ve replaced almost everything.

  6. I would love to get to a place of getting rid of plastic baggies (ziplocs) entirely for glass containers but I’m not sure it’ll ever happen due to using them so often in the freezer!

  7. storage containers! we are slowly transitioning out of other plastics but stirring/serving spoons and spatulas and containers are next!

  8. Eager to ditch the little plastic containers for food storage – big is /was easy – small to medium..not so much..

  9. I’d love to replace all my mismatched plastic storage containers and have some glass for my cabinet storage too. Great info about not using canning jars for cups and then canning. I’d not thought about that, would have hated to learn the hard way!

  10. I’ve gotten rid of most of the plastic in my kitchen except for food storage containers. I’m working on replacing them with glass when I can.

  11. Plastic bags are just to easy to grab and go with, so replacing them would be great.The small glass would also be great in a rehabilitation setting, just the right size for the hand.

  12. One of these days we’ll be able to afford to buy the local creamery’s glass-bottled milk instead of regular store brand plastic gallons. But at the rate we drink milk, I don’t think that’ll be very soon :/

  13. I’d love to replace the plastic storage containers I have with glass. Also, not glass, but it would be great to change all my plastic cooking utensils for wood!

  14. Thanks for offering these. I just recently found your site so will be anxious to check out more about your topics.

    Like you, I use my canning jars for SO MANY things and love the idea of glass. I also use them for canning, as well as store in them, but I love the shape and sizes of these glasses and would love to have a set. I’ve been gradually getting rid of all my old plastic for quite some time.

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