Giveaway: Duralex Picardie Tumblers from Mightynest

Duralex stack down

We all know that canning jars are good for so much more than canning. You can store dry goods in them, use them to tote leftovers to work for lunch, and even drink out of them. They make it easy to transition from plastic food storage to glass because they’re relatively inexpensive and readily available. I’ve certainly used my mason jars for nearly everything under the sun and value them beyond measure for their wide utility and food safe qualities.

Duralex Picardie packaging

Thing is, in recent years I’ve learned that it can be hard on canning jars to constantly employ them for everyday use and then turn around and can in them. That’s because when you eat out of jars and bang them around, it can weaken them and eventually lead to breakage in the canning pot.

I’ve actually started to save my jars for canning and (gasp!) use food storage containers and drinking glasses for their intended purposes (though I do have a selection of jars that are designated for drinking and leftover storage only).

Duralex logo

However, for those of us canners who prize mason jars for their sturdiness as drinkware, where do you go when you want glassware that’s just as hardy? For me, the answer is Duralex. I became obsessed with the iconic Duralex Picardie glass about five years ago and since then have built up a sizable collection of tumblers in graduating sizes.

homemade latte in Duralex

For a brief period, they went out of production and I became something of a Duralex stockpiler. Happily, they’re available again and I couldn’t be more pleased. Made of tempered glass, they can be used to serve both hot and cold drinks and they’re nearly impossible to break (an excellent feature for when my nephew is visiting. The smaller tumblers are also just the right size for his little hands). Truth be told, I love them nearly as much as my canning jars.

three sizes of Duralex

The nice people over at Mightynest heard about my crazy devotion to these Duralex Picardie tumblers and suggested we team up on a giveaway. And so today I’m delighted to be giving away a collection of Picardie tumblers to one lucky Food in Jars reader. The winner will receive six 5.75 ounce glasses, six 10.5 ounce glasses, and six 17 ounce glasses.

This giveaway is open to US residents only (glass is pricy to ship) and entries can only be accepted via the Rafflecopter form below.

Local Kitchen, Autumn Makes and Does, The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking, and Tasty Yummies are hosting Duralex giveaways this week thanks to Mighty Next. Enter them all!

For more ideas on how to add more glass to your kitchen, check out Mightynest’s Pinterest board featuring glass pitchers, glassware, and food storage products.

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444 responses to “Giveaway: Duralex Picardie Tumblers from Mightynest”

  1. I have stopped buying the plastic food storage and am slowly replacing it with the pyrex glass containers with the heavy plastic lids . . . . so much nicer !!!

  2. I no longer buy plastic food storage containers, I buy glass ones to replace them and send the plastic ones home with my kids filled with leftovers.

  3. I have been buying Pyrex containers from Costco when they are on sale–I LOVE THEM and they’re so much more pleasant to use than the plastic kind–nothing grosses me out more than leftover food stains on plastic.

  4. not replacing with glass, but i am trying to get rid of plastic cooking utensils and switching to metal and bamboo.

  5. Pretty much all plastic drinking cups are going out the door. I saved a couple of Baja Fresh cups because you can take them back to the restaurant for refills and a couple of cups for when I sit outside and that is it.

  6. I need to find something to replace ziplock bags, they are the biggest amount of plastic in our home these days. Sometimes we use wax bags, but I would love to find something that closes and that is see-through. Otherwise, we use glass for most of our food storage….

  7. I really hate the melamine plates I have, but my roommates love them. They even microwave them despite the fact that they say “do not microwave.” I need to get rid of them.

  8. When the kids were little, we had all plastic cups with sippy lids. Cuppows weren’t invented yet. As they got older, the cups stayed but they are slowly being weeded out in favor of glass. We went to the local restaurant supply to get large glasses (16 oz) but we don’t yet have replacements for smaller sizes. Those are next on our list of things to get replaced.

  9. I like to search the clearance racks at T.J. Maxx and HomeGoods for small, glass containers to store leftovers in – so much better than stained plastic.

  10. I’m slowly getting away from all of my plastic storage containers. I bought a set of glass ones and am slowly swapping them out. PS. LOVE those glasses!!

  11. Well, I am slowly replacing our food storage. It seems like everytime I get rid of all that stupid tupperwary-rubbermaidy stuff someone notices I don’t have any and they give me some. I like those glass containers with the glass lids.

  12. Srsly; plastic EVERYTHING is slowly but surely getting replaced with stuff that holds up better. Between glass, bamboo and stainless… There’s really no need for plastic.

  13. Our tupperware, slowly but surely. Thanks to our wedding registry, we don’t have very much plastic left to replace.

  14. I love the Duralex glasses too! I’ve already replaced all my plastic storage with glass and couldn’t be happier about it.

  15. I’m hoping to phase out all of my plastic food containers. I’m tired of them falling out of the cabinet!

  16. Like so many people here, I’m swapping out food storage in plastic for food storage in glass.

    Marisa, love the site, love your book. I’m not a fan of this process for the giveaways.I’d love to see you go back to random selection from comments.

  17. I would say that I have replaced pretty much all of our plastic food storage containers with glass but I still rely on ziplock bags for some freezer items. I am working on getting all store plastic bags out of the house.

  18. Is this the Rafflecopter form? I’ve enjoyed French Jelly Jar-style glasses in our cabinets for years, but love that these look stackable as well as attractive. Now to get a handle on the ever-growing coffee mug collection …

  19. Hmm … I would love a substitute for a salad container. I know that everyone is currently obsessed with salad in a jar, but I have a monstrous salad for lunch and it all won’t fit in a pint jar, and I would totally be judged by my coworkers if I used a half gallon jar.

  20. More glass instead of plastic definitely makes me feel like an actual adult in the kitchen. I’m happy to replace cheap, easy-breaking glass with more sturdy glass!

  21. I’ve already replaced my canning funnel with a glass one I found in an antique store. I’m now looking to pick up some refrigerator glass to store leftovers. I hate the plastic tubs I’ve collected over the years.

  22. I’m still transitioning away from plastic tupperware containers-I use canning jars for some things, but I don’t have quite enough of them yet.

  23. I’m collecting classic pyrex at yard sales and slowly getting rid of my plastic storage. I’ve stopped microwaving in plastic all together and the classic pyrex came in such pretty colors and designs.

  24. I’m slowly replacing all the plastic bowls with glass, and would love to win these glasses! I have no plastic glasses, except for two for my great-granddaughter’s use.

  25. Plastic colander! Only I guess I’m planning to switch to stainless, not glass. Also, love Duralex! I grew up drinking out of all things duralex and am so happy to see they’re still in production.

  26. I would like to find a glass canning funnel and continue replacing my plastic storage containers for glass. I have a few, but not nearly enough. Love that these glasses are so durable. We’re down to 6 glasses from 20 – so we’re definitely in the market!

  27. We have replaced a lot of our plastic containers with glass but I still need to replace our colander and measuring cups. We have broken a lot of our glasses on our stone tile kitchen floor with all the little and big (whoops) helping hands in the house. It would be great to have some durable glasses that just might stand the test of time 😉

  28. I love these glasses. The kids use the 5 & 5/8 oz glasses regularly and they are so easy for them to hold onto and just the right amount for a glass of morning orange juice.

  29. I love the look, and also that they nest for stacking ( a trait my mason jars do not share). Storage is at a premium around here.

  30. These look perfect! Right now, I only have mugs because I’ve been afraid to replace all my glasses after they broke over the course of the past couple of years.

  31. We’ve use the smallest size for my kids for several years, along with a tempered glass pitcher. I keep the pitcher filled with water on a tray in easy reach so they can pour themselves a drink without me having to get it every time.

  32. I bought a set of these for the 1st time last year. I have a kitchen floor that is very large ceramic tile. When I dropped one of these glasses on the floor it bounced. BOUNCED! I was expecting shatters everywhere but the darn thing bounced! No crack, chip, break………..nothing. AWESOME!

  33. I would like more glass storage containers for the frige. I use my canning jars a lot, although after reading this I guess maybe I should cut back? I don’t think I will but I think I will try and rotate them better, I have A LOT of qt size jars. I have a question about these glasses. I have a bosch dishwasher that is making the top 1/3 of all my glasses (not canning jars though) cloudy. I asked the appliance repair guy about it and he said it is a chemical reaction in the glasses with the super hot water….So will these glasses not do that since they are tempered and that seems to be the difference between my canning jars and drinking glasses. I have 2 different patterns and both are clouding up.

  34. We’ve been in a streak of glass-breaking lately. These would be great. We use my husband’s Luminarc bowls (with lids) for eating and storage quite a lot. I wish they still made those; super versatile!

    We honestly don’t have much plastic to replace in our kitchen, because we never had much to begin with. I think in part because we don’t have a microwave, we’ve had more flexibility for storage solutions.

  35. What plastic kitchen every-day use items are next on your list to ditch for glass replacements?

    Flour and sugar containers. Currently use old plastic Tupperware.

  36. I was just thinking about these as we broke another recycled glass tumbler, I’m down to just a few!
    I can’t wait to replace my plastic thermal coffee to-go mugs. I’m thinking of using eco-jarz lids, a canning jar and a cozy.

  37. Crazy as it seems, my cat insists on being served freshly-poured water in a glass. He won’t drink out of a pet bowl, saucer, or even a filled bathroom sink. It’s gotta be glass for him! I guess if my cat has such high standards, maybe I should too. 🙂

  38. I want to get rid of some plastic tumblers and nonstick bakeware and have them replaced with glass and steel/aluminum.

  39. I’d really like to get rid of all my plastic storage containers. I got rid of all the plastic cups last year, but haven’t replaced them with glasses yet. I’ve been drinking out of canning jars. I try to keep the drinking jars separate from the canning jars, but… A set of glasses would be really great, especially if they’re nice and sturdy.

  40. I would like to replace more of my tupperware with glassware. I like to freeze things in plastic mostly, but for fridge storage glass is better.

  41. I’ve been looking at all of my jelly jars/glasses and wondering how daily use is going to affect the waterbath. Yikes! It’s always so heartbreaking to lose your hard work.

  42. I still have a lot of plastic in my kitchen, but I am gradually phasing it all out. I could really use some of these glasses though, currently I only have jars to drink out of!

  43. I have some very sturdy glasses that I have had for years! Never can find any more to buy. Would be so happy to win some of these, as they look just like them.

  44. I need to get rid of the last of my plastic storage containers. I’m at the end of the purge, but there are a few round ones that are just the perfect 2 cup size for everything!

  45. I’m obsessed with old glass refrigerator sets … they stack up so cozily. So not only do they help me get rid of all my kitchen plastic, i actually have more room in my fridge.

  46. I would love to win these and replace the junkie ones I’ve been using for years. These are beautiful!!!!

  47. I remember when they came back into production a few years ago, my mom could finally replace the ones that had broken over the years (they are hard to break, but over the course of three kids and going on 40 years of owning the glasses there were bound to be some mishaps). They are some quality glasses.

  48. I’ve thought about using glass containers for leftover storage, but haven’t made the plunge yet. While we already use glass drinking cups, I would love to have these!

  49. I love duralex glasses — haven’t had them since the end of a relationship years ago! 🙂 at this point, I really only use plastic when I’m making a meal for a family in need, and once I use up the bag of straws we bought a couple of years ago, I’ll buy paper/glass.

  50. Do they make salad spinners out of something non-plastic? If so I would love to replace it. I go through them so quickly and I found a tiny piece of plastic from my deteriorating spinner on my last salad. gross!

  51. leftover containers/lunch containers have to go away in our house. i’m slowly replacing them but it’s a long process!!

  52. These are totally great for kids. However, since I don’t have any, I’ll probably use them for making my morning latte. And for that last half-cup of marmalade that doesn’t fill up a whole canning jar. And, well, for drinking. These have a nice mouth-feel to drink out of, not too thick or thin – I don’t drink out of canning jars just because it feels clunky on my teeth. Yay picardie! So glad they’re back!

  53. Lunch storage containers. The only issue with glass is that they are heavy, and I bus, so I’m looking for something more lightweight.

  54. we’ve purged most of the plastic in our kitchen, but there are still some old tupperware containers that it just feels wasteful to throw away!

  55. I would love to get rid of all my plastic storage containers, but I just use so many its hard to get everything in glass.

  56. A swap for a swap. I’m still using the old, small plastic Tupperware glasses that my children used…who are now 27 and 31 years old. I think it’s about time to swap them out!

  57. Dry goods storage containers! I’ve replaced a lot of my plastic food storage (for refrigerator) containers with glass, but haven’t found dry good storage containers I like aside from Mason jars so I’m planning to buy a bunch of Mason jars to designate for this purpose.

  58. I would love to have matching real glasses. Especially ones that won’t break. My kids have broken a few around here and one even damaged our floor too!

  59. Duralex is awesome; I have a set of 11 of their nesting bowls ranging in size from just big enough for a single egg yolk, all the way up to about a gallon and a half. I’d love to have a set of glasses too that are just as durable and attractive!

    • So, um, having read the giveaway requirements *after* commenting…! ;D

      Replacing plastic storage with glass is high on my list of kitchen acquisition priorities. I have some old Corningware, but of course the glass lids are far from airtight, and the plastic ones just don’t hold up for me; and of course I have a ton of old Chinese soup containers, but… they’re plastic…

  60. All plastic is gone except for the popsicle molds…but those stainless ones are SO expensive (and I’d need 2 for my family child care). Someday…

  61. I’ve been thinking about getting a set of 2cup glass containers for oatmeal. I do a week at a time in the crock pot and it’s never fully cool when it goes in my plastic containers.

  62. I still use the 3-cup plastic containers from the coop for freezing soup and storing leftovers in the fridge. Just haven’t gotten to the point of using jars effectively in the same way.

  63. I want to get away from plastic containers! I’ve started using vintage Pyrex dishes for in the fridge storage but I need to start using things like canning jars that can be closed well for dry goods

  64. I’ve been gradually weeding out my motley pile of butter and yogurt tubs and replacing them with pyrex for food storage and leftovers.

  65. I have some glass glasses ready to go for my two-year-old; I’m just waiting for him to get a little bit more confident with the plastic ones before I switch.

  66. Why do they even make glasses that don’t stack? I love that these glasses resist breaking and appear to stack!

    I, too, have a motley crew of plastic containers for leftovers which I would like to replace with a square glass set.

  67. Those glasses are so beautiful! Love the lines and design. The Basque restaurants in Bakersfield used to serve their wine in the little ones. Not tippy!

  68. I would love them! The ones we got as a wedding gift are terribly designed. They topple over and break when the wind blows.

  69. Cottage cheese containers. I am so tired of them! My fiancée is the kid of person who saves them for food storage and such. And while it was handy for awhile, I am tired of thinking Ohhh, we have cottage cheese and I open the container and find carrots. Lol

  70. I’ve been slowly but surely using mason jars in place of “tupperware” for food storage in my kitchen. I find its best to use those white plastic lids, however. Maybe ball should start making glass lids lol.

  71. Beautiful glasses and they would look so nice sitting in my cupboards.
    Thank U 4 this opportunity

  72. I suppose it might be time for a 40+ bachelor to have a good set of matching glasses. Even though I like my mixed collection of flea market finds.

  73. I want to get rid of my ziploc plastic food storage containers. I’ve been trying to transition to using my Weck and Ball jars instead! (Thanks for offering such a swell giveaway!)

  74. Wow, I didn’t think I would ever see these Duralex glass items again!
    I used to love them, that was so many years ago I am ashamed to count them! 😉

    I hope I can enter, the entry form has been “loading” and spinning it’s wheels for about 25 minutes now…

  75. I still use some plastic food storage that I would like to replace. I have some wonderful glass containers from Mighty Nest that I love!

  76. I could really use a replacement on my glasses. Although I do like using my canning jars for storage, lunch, yogurt…

  77. I still have a few larger pieces of tupperware that I use very rarely, so when they are gone I will be all glass for storage.

  78. I use plastic for food storage containers and my children’s drinking cups. They are old enough now that we can transition to glass. I would really like to get them drinking out of glasses. 🙂

  79. I love the look and versatility of the Duralex Picardie. These glasses would be the perfect replacement for my current mismatch collection.

  80. I cannot stand the taste of plastic when I drink out of a plastic tumbler. I have been weeding them out and replacing them with glass for years. Unfortunately, my glasses are so old that sometimes they break in the dishwasher. I would love to win these and not have to worry any more about breakage. My plastic containers have little by little been going to the recycle bin.

  81. I’m ready to get rid of all my plastic mixing bowls and replace with glass, steel or ceramic. Glass is my favorite for food storage though – the fact that they don’t stain is reason enough to switch.

  82. I have stopped saving plastic containers for food (only for plant starters…poke holes in the bottom for good drainage) and started saving my glass jars from foods I buy. These glasses would look so beautiful in my hands…and my glass cabinets!!!

  83. No plastic tumblers at my house … husband has never liked them. Admittedly though when I want an oversize glass of ice tea, I do break them out once in a while.

  84. I’ve ditched just about all of my plastic containers. They are used for tools in the garage now. I’m always on the lookout for Pyrex refrigerator storage on eBay.

  85. love these & they look/ sound very sturdy. I’ve been exclusively using the canning
    jars for my tea & these look like they’d be great. love glass. hate plastic & haven’t used in years.

  86. I’m in the process of replacing my baking canisters with glass. This is harder to do because of the shear size of everything lol!

  87. I am dying to have these glasses after seeing them so often in France. I’m trying to slowly phase out my plastic tupperware, using glass and jar storage more often.

  88. I love those glasses. It is so past the time to switch out my glasses and this give-a-way is just in time for the holidays! Thank you!

  89. I would like to switch to making my own yogurt more consistently. I buy it in 1/2 gallon plastic tubs, but it’d be nice to get rid of that all together. I buy most other dry goods and such in bulk, so those items are already stored in various glass jars in the pantry. These glasses are great!

  90. Bit by bit I am storing dry goods in glass jars. Am looking for large nice looking canisters for flour, sugar, etc. I am on the hunt for a really big jar or container for my cookie cutter collection.

  91. Woh, it never occurred to me that a canning jar could wear out. Hmm, maybe I’ll designate a few for leftovers, too. Thanks for the thoughts.

  92. I have been slowly phasing out all plastic, but still have “kid” dishes and cups that are plastic — these durable little glasses seem like the perfect replacement for the cups! Love your blog!

  93. I use glass for all my glassware and storage. I love the quality and look of glass. Picardie tumblers have been on my want list for a while. Love these!

  94. I always look for these glasses at thrift stores. ‘Tis true, they are just the right size for little hands and are less likely to break when they take a dive off a flat surface. We love them!

  95. I have two rambunctious boys who want to use “big boy cups.” These would be perfect. And I want to ditch their little plastic cups that are too narrow to clean easily.

  96. We are using mason jars as drinking glasses at our wedding… I just can’t get over how much I love the look of them.

  97. I would like to just not have any plastic tupperware in the kitchen…so pyrex/glass containers in various sizes for leftovers.

  98. I have been converting to glass storage, and just like Marisa, using jars for drinking and leftover storage. I don’t use plastic for drinks any time.

  99. Would love a set of tumblers from Duralex Picardie Glass. Pretty generous of them. Not to mention they can be used for a lot more than drinking. Thanks for the giveaway. Lori

  100. At this point I use plastic containers for things that won’t be heated, or turn out their contents into a glass bowl for heating. When I can use pint jars instead, I do. I have glass tumblers for drinking, but they’re beginning to get etched and I am looking to replace them relatively soon.

  101. I would love to replace my plastic food storage containers for leftovers with glass! We use mostly glass for drinks … supplies are getting low though with kids in the house! These glasses would be awesome!

  102. I have gotten rid of all plastic food storage containers and need to buy a replacement for my plastic canning funnels next.

  103. Definitely need to do something about the plastic containers we use to store leftovers. The lids and containers are so mismatched anyway at this point!

  104. Plastic storage containers will be the next thing we try to get rid of–but as drinkers-from-jars, I’m a huge fan of these attractive alternatives.

  105. I’ve been on a plastic ditching tear since I got pregnant with my son and I’m always trying to find new ways to reduce. Mighty Nest always has great suggestions and great items to replace my plastic with. Next I’m looking at plastic wrap and replacing it with the bees wax cloth covers.

  106. I’ve replaced most of them to glass or stainless steel though I’ve few smaller size plastic snack and storage containers, measuring cups that need to be gone soon.

  107. looking to get rid of kid’s plastic ware.

    btw, we homeschool and that isn’t an option on the school/mightynest site!

  108. I love using my canning jars for drinking glasses and kitchen storage, but I hadn’t considered how constant use might weaken them (though I did notice I chipped one just the other day…). I’ll have to start designating separate jars for separate tasks, too! Next up: whittling down the tupperware collection… Thanks for the great giveaway.

  109. For about a year now I have been saving commercial jars in which I bought food, and painted their lids for use as refrigerator/pantry storage except for when I need to vacuum seal something. Then I use a canning jar. I don’t use either for beverages. I also use the commercially produced food jars and not my canning jars when I give a food gift. I don’t mind losing those as much as I do my canning jars, but this year I am going to use some cute half-pints for gifting food to family. I can always use some new glassware for drinking!

  110. I stopped using plastic cups for my kids. These glass tumblers are great! My kids have dropped them on the floor and they don’t break!

  111. Thank you for the opportunity to win these. They look awesome. Everyone but myself in our family uses plastic and I can’t stand the way plastic makes things taste or the feel of plastic against my lips! I so hope I win these.

  112. Since the boys are old enough to not break glass drinking glasses, I would love to switch out all our plastic cups for glass tumblers! Oh, and why do they call them ‘tumblers’? They don’t tumble very well…

  113. The plastic containers I store food in the fridge in. Don’t like to use plastic anymore. Need these pretty glasses because all we have is plastic ones and these would be great to drink from!

  114. I’m actually in search of some food containers that my husband can take his lunch to work in. He can’t take glass because he works in the food industry. I’d still love these glasses to use at home.

  115. I’ve been ditching plastic for awhile, thanks to you! But one area where it still creeps in now and again is in kids cups! Gah!

  116. I’ve ditched most of the plastic. But a few more glass storage containers, especially little ones, would come in handy.

  117. 5 years later and almost everything plastic has been replaced/recycled 🙂 That said, a few of our glasses have broken in the recent months so I need to stock up!

  118. We have some old Ikea tall, plastic cups that are good for the kids because they won’t break, but I would love to replace them someday with a sturdy glass, such as Duralex. We have several small Duralex tumblers and love them. We need the taller version.

  119. Growing up, I remember using mostly glassware. I could never understand why adults we visited had plastic.

    It always seemed to light and unbalanced to me as a child. There’s something reassuring and comforting about the weight of glassware that plastic has never been able to touch.

  120. I have a nice set of Picardie stems that make great every day wine glasses. When I broke a few I couldn’t find any to replace them. I loved them and I’d love to know if anyone still carries them.

  121. when people send home left overs i always end up using the cheap plastic it
    inevitably comes in.. this holiday i’m taking glass containers for the left overs
    i always come home with!

  122. I love all of the glass in my kitchen but my family is constantly breaking pieces. Would love to see how the Duralex glasses compare!

  123. I just replaced my plastic mixing bowls last month with glass and ceramic ones, next will be my plastic storage containers. Thanks for the giveaway!

  124. Almost everything we use is glass. The last things to switch over are a few of our food storage containers and our pitcher. Would love to finish getting everything changed over.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  125. i have a few of these that i’ve picked up at the thrift store and they are by far my favorite glasses. especially because my three-year-olds can use them and i don’t have to worry about them dropping them!

  126. I just purchased some of your stainless steel cups for everyday use and love them! But I would love to win these glass ones for when we have company etc, to replace our guests drinking out of Mason jars. LOL!

  127. Lots of glass in my kitchen too, although I have a hard time just ditching the yogurt containers, etc, and do keep and reuse those…. Which makes the storage drawer of containers a bit of a disaster.

  128. Really nice glasses. There is something really solid and sturdy about glass versus plastic. And the thought of plastic leaching chemicals into your food or drink.

  129. We moved to plastic cups after my oldest son started “helping” and broke 5 glasses in a week! I would love to find something durable enough to switch back to glass!

  130. The only cups I really hate are the restaurant kid cups. I think we are down to one as I’ve recycled them all. I love the glass…even for the kids.

  131. Some plastic refrigerator storage containers are about all that’s left. (And thanks for the info on using mason jars as jack of all trades!)

  132. I’d love to weed out all my plastic spice jars and accumulate glass (and matching!) ones. I’m absurdly reluctant to buy empty spice jars. I love the glass ones that Penzey’s spices come in.

  133. I bought a set when my kids were 5, 3 and 1…. 14 years later, I still own about 4 from that set. The best glasses ever!

  134. I still have quite a few plastic cups I would love to ditch! And way too many plastic containers, but I let the Husband and boys take those in their lunches so I don’t have to worry if they come home or not…

  135. We’ve replaced most everything with glass, but there are a few Tupperware items that I haven’t been able to turn loose of! I would love to get some of those glass containers that have the leak-proof, airtight lids. That would be awesome! I wish they would make pie and cake keepers that weren’t made out of plastic too.

  136. I am wanting to ditch the kids plates & cups. I have looked into Duralex, but I haven’t been able to purchase it yet.

  137. I do use some plastic storage containers still – I can’t aways find the sizes I need for storage in glass. We do have a growing collection of glass storage containers so at least we’re on our way. Finding a good plastic wrap and ziplock bag substitute is hard though.

  138. I have some of these and I love them!! I’d love some in the medium size – I saw them at World Market the other day and was tempted…

  139. We used to have a set of these when I was little, and I miss the feel of them. We used them for all sorts of things trying to phase out our plastic. I don’t think they ever did get broken– they just gradually disappeared…

  140. As my city is the former home of Rubbermaid, we’ve got quite a collection, even though they are now BPA free, I’d like to switch to their glass products.

  141. These have been on my wish list for awhile. I love your blog. Happened upon it while looking for jam recipes and love it! Thanks

  142. My kids are using plastic cups, BPA free of course, but I would still love to switch to high quality glass cups.

  143. I’m banning my hubby’s new habit of buying red solo cups! Too much garbage! I get angry every time I look at them.

  144. I have been wanting to get rid of plastic for freezing, but I have not taken the plunge because of fear of glass breakage.

  145. We’ve been replacing a few items at a time with glass, but the goal is to finally get rid of everything plastic or melamine. I love these tumblers!

  146. I’ve been eyeing these for a long time but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I’d love to replace my kids glasses with these!

  147. I am excited to finally have some matching glasses. Right now, the closest I have is my collection of sturdy mason jars.

  148. I am trying to get rid of plastic and have a couple of these glasses. I would love to get rid of all my plastic kid cups!!

  149. I use a lot of glass containers but still have some plastic containers for lunch. A lot of the lids are starting to fall apart though, which means replacing them or switching to all glass.

    The Duralex are really nice, though I successfully broke one when it flew out of my hands onto a tile floor. It reacted like windshield glass and broke into solid pieces.

  150. I can’t wait to grow out of the plastic cup stage with my son. Sadly, we only have one child-appropriate tempered glass cup.

  151. Lots of plastic storage and takeout containers I’d love to ditch. And to have a complete set of glasses nearly impossible to break? What a happy holiday that would make!

  152. I still use ziplock sandwich size square containers for leftovers — would like to find glass replacements as handy to use.

  153. I’ve seen these, and would love to replace all the kiddo plastic cups with them. I know the plastic cups are BPA free (i’m a nut about that) but a plastic cup doesn’t look as well when we have guests over…

  154. I love Duralex glasses! I bought a few at Crate & Barrel before they discontinued them – wish I’d bought more!

    • Oops – I didn’t realize I was supposed to answer the question! As for what plastic I’m replacing next, it’s storage containers. I have a great set of glass containers with lids (also from C&B), but need way, way more to replace all the plastic ones. slowly but surely!

  155. My latest switch was to glass freezer jars for stock. Not sure what will happen next as I’ve replaced almost everything.

  156. I would love to get to a place of getting rid of plastic baggies (ziplocs) entirely for glass containers but I’m not sure it’ll ever happen due to using them so often in the freezer!

  157. storage containers! we are slowly transitioning out of other plastics but stirring/serving spoons and spatulas and containers are next!

  158. Eager to ditch the little plastic containers for food storage – big is /was easy – small to medium..not so much..

  159. I’d love to replace all my mismatched plastic storage containers and have some glass for my cabinet storage too. Great info about not using canning jars for cups and then canning. I’d not thought about that, would have hated to learn the hard way!

  160. I’ve gotten rid of most of the plastic in my kitchen except for food storage containers. I’m working on replacing them with glass when I can.

  161. Plastic bags are just to easy to grab and go with, so replacing them would be great.The small glass would also be great in a rehabilitation setting, just the right size for the hand.

  162. One of these days we’ll be able to afford to buy the local creamery’s glass-bottled milk instead of regular store brand plastic gallons. But at the rate we drink milk, I don’t think that’ll be very soon :/

  163. I’d love to replace the plastic storage containers I have with glass. Also, not glass, but it would be great to change all my plastic cooking utensils for wood!

  164. Thanks for offering these. I just recently found your site so will be anxious to check out more about your topics.

    Like you, I use my canning jars for SO MANY things and love the idea of glass. I also use them for canning, as well as store in them, but I love the shape and sizes of these glasses and would love to have a set. I’ve been gradually getting rid of all my old plastic for quite some time.

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