Giveaway: Cutco Five Inch Petite Santoku

April 8, 2014

Cutco small santoku 2

While in Chicago a few weeks ago, I attended a fancy lunch that included hibiscus cocktails, lots of happy networking, and a most generous gift bag. Included in the tote of goodness was a Cutco Petite Santoku knife that I was very excited to take home with me (I even checked my previously carried on bag in order to hang on to it).

It’s rapidly become an oft-used knife in our kitchen for small tasks. I make scrambled eggs for Scott with some sort of chopped deli meat every morning and it’s the perfect for cubing up the ham or pastrami. I also like it for quartering apples, cutting carrot sticks, and splitting grapefruits into quarters.

holding the small Cutco

I’ve been using a handful of Cutco knives since 2010 when I first encountered them at a food show in New York. Four years on, those knives have proven to be sturdy, reliable and continue to earn their place on our knife strip (and I am ruthless about ditching knives that don’t pull their weight).

Because I’ve been so pleased with them, I’m delighted to host a Cutco giveaway in the hopes that some of you might find yourself equally smitten. This week, I have five of these Cutco Petite Santoku knife to share with five winners. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share a knife story. What’s your current cutlery situation? How do you get your knives ready for canning season? What’s happening on your knife strip these days?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Saturday, April 12, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, April 13, 2014.
  3. Giveaway open to US residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

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Disclosure: As mentioned above, the nice folks at Cutco gave me the knife you see pictured above at a blogger event in Chicago a couple weeks ago and are providing the knives for this giveaway. They did not pay to be mentioned here and my opinions are entirely my own. 

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756 responses to “Giveaway: Cutco Five Inch Petite Santoku”

  1. Ugh- my knife situation is pretty dismal. It’s like some sort of refugee camp- an old knife from my mom, something I picked up at Home Goods, a knife block that is almost 20 years old that only has a handful of knives left.

    I’d love to have something as useful and high quality as this little baby!

  2. I have a set of Wusthof Classics that were a generous wedding gift. Honing before each use makes a huge difference.

  3. I would like to tell you a story about my mother in law, she was a German immigrant to this country after World War Two. She loved to return for a visit whenever it was possible, and she always brought goodies back home. Whenever she brought a knife to give as a gift she made the recipient pay a dime for it…that way if they ever cut themselves with it it wouldn’t cut the friendship because they had bought the knife!!!

  4. I have a random selection of good and not so good knives. Block with Sabatier knives that I am not thrilled with. A couple of Henckels that somehow don’t get used. Then my 3 favorite workhorses that happen to be Cutco knives. I got them over 20 years ago and sent them for their first sharpening late last year. I <3 my Cutcos and this one would be a great addition to the lineup.

  5. I have an old knife black with some pretty well worn blades but I have a few good ones in a drawer I don’t use for anything too tough so they stay pretty sharp. and my Dad gave me a good Chicago Cutlery fork and slicer for turkey when I started hosting the family–I think he was tired of using my old ones.

  6. I’m a college student and just moved into my first house with a kitchen a few months ago, so I’m just starting my collection! I have a cute little paring knife which I use for almost everything, an 8″ chef’s knife which is good for mincing and larger tasks, and a slightly-curved, wooden-handled slicer which I got as a hand-me-down from my mother. All of my knives are sort of middle-ground in terms of cost and quality. A Santoku is definitely going to be the next knife to join the rest on my rack!

  7. Still using a couple of Wiursthof Classics that I got before they became Classic. Lots of innovation and non-European influence since then, I’m anxious to incorporate newer designs to make quick work of produce.

  8. My knife situation is dismal. I work right next to a knife sharpener and have for 3 years and have never taken in my knives! Pitiful!

  9. I have a fantastic Shun chef’s knife. I prefer it over my Wusthof chef’s knife. The Shun is lightweight and easy to handle. I have some Henkels too that are okay. I’d love to add that Cutco knife to my collection.

  10. when I was in culinary school we all had to buy the chef’s knives from the school bookstore to use. the Chef’s knife was my first real “knife” and it was HUGE. it’s my favorite knife, and I always brought it along with me throughout my cooking career and many of my co-workers ended up buying their own knifes after learning how much nicer my big chef’s knife was over the random little knives most of the little family/individual owned kitchens we worked in had.

    My husband on the other hand refuses to use my knife and does all his (very good and yummy) cooking with a tiny little chef’s brand pairing knife. I have no idea how he does it. Maybe i can convince him to upgrade to the little Cutco petite

  11. My boyfriend is an expert knife sharpener so he takes care of my knives for me. One week while I was away on vacation, he sharpened all of my knives – even those that he doesn’t usually bother with. He forgot to tell me they were recently sharpened. I took one of the knives to work and cut my finger tip so badly while washing the super sharp knife that I had to have stitches. The cut was all my fault for doing something stupid while I was washing the knife but I still gave him a hard time. He didn’t let me cut anything in his presence for weeks.

  12. We have two good knives (Cutco brand) and many poor knives. I often think about how amazing it would be to replace all the poor ones. I actually received the Cutco knives a long time ago from my stepmother as a Christmas present, at the time I wasn’t sure it was the gift I wanted…but she knew what she was doing, and now I’m so thankful for good knives!

  13. I actually have a 20 year old Cutco set I received as a wedding present! Great knives….I use them daily. Some are wearing dull and I have sent them back to the company once for free sharpening. It is not an easy task to send an entire set of very sharp knives out for sharpening, but I suppose I will have to do it again soon to prepare for chopping peppers for pepper jelly! I didn’t know Cutco made a Santoku and wow, that would be a great addition to have! I think this would be used constantly throughout the summer on tomatoes, peppers, fruit, small cuts of meat…..everything!

  14. I pretty much use my Cutco knives exclusively – the trimmer and the petite carver – sent them each back once for sharpening. Home sharpened my petite chef – used for winter squash. My preferred paring knife – is…a rada – I love the feel of it and it takes well to home sharpening.

  15. I have a lovely set of Wustoff that I adore. However, it only has one paring knife, which my daughter & I both like to use. That Cutco knife would be the answer to our dilemma.

  16. Like most people, I started my culinary journey with a mix of hand-me-down knives and TJMaxx randoms but once I got a little more knowledgeable on knife skills my husband got me a great knife now it’s my go-to. Nothing crazy, Chicago cutlery, but a perfect knife for a home cook. I also use a handful of others but I need to expand my collection for sure! See cutco out and about but never tried them!

  17. My go-to knoves are a pair of Wolfgang Puck santoku knives I bought years ago for something like $20. Nice weight, holds and edge well, Very pleased with them. Other than those, I use a couple Ginsu style serrated for those times when sawing at something tough is required.

  18. One good thing about my brother living with us is that he sharpened the knives. The old Chicago cutlery that do not stay sharp long enough!
    This would be a good addition to the magnet strip.

  19. Most of the knives I use regularly are Victorinox. One of my favorites though, is a vintage knife I found with an old worn handle and very sharp blade.

  20. We have a single cutco knife, a cheese knife gifted to us by our realtor. It’s our favorite knife, even after three years of use!

  21. I have a few of Cutco knives that I’ve used for years. If they get a little dull I pack them up and send them to the company to get resharpened. I also have there scissors that are indispensable .in the kitchen. I would love to have this Santoku knife especially with the summer canning season coming.

  22. I have some Cutco products that I bought when we were first married in 1961! I use the potato masher whenever I need to mash strawberries for strawberry jam.

  23. Every March me and my buddies rent a place in the Poconos to watch basketball, play cards and eat. While the house kitchen is fully stocked, their chef’s knife is very poor. It actually pulls to the right as you cut. This year I brought my sharpener thinking that it just needed a good edge. Nope, it still pulls to the right like a poorly aligned car. Never seen anything like it. Next year I’ll just bring along my own knives.

  24. I have mostly Henkels Twin knives. I’m surprised they need sharpening so often, actually. I hope my wet-stone sharpener at the Farmers’ Market is actually doing a good job! Will storing them on a magnetic strip instead of a block make any difference?

  25. I’ve got a few really nice knives…and a lot of not so great ones. Would love to add this one to the “nice knives” category!

  26. About 5 years ago, my DH got totally disgusted with my poor knife selection, so fir my birthday, he took me to a great knife shop. I settled on the Wusthof brand, and selected about 4 knives. I had no idea good knives could be so expensive!! I keep them on a magnetic strip attached to the wall and only hand wash them. I discovered my local farmers market has an excellent knife sharpener, so about once a year, they get a professional sharpening. In between times, I rum a steel over them with every use.

  27. I am using an 8 inch Santoku, but I really would love a 9 inch Wusthof. You can’t really find 9 inch knives, though!

  28. I always sharpen my knives before a large salsa making session. It makes a huge difference! You shouldn’t have to saw through a tomato, it should be like sliding a knife into butter. I have a large chef’s knife and a smaller sized chopper- also a small paring knife for coring tomatoes. Those are the three I use for canning prep. This all actually reminds me that I need to buy new cutting boards!

  29. My mom bought my husband and I set of knives – I think they are Chef Tony’s Miracle Blade or something like that. Anyway, not very expensive and not supposed to be that nice, but we love them! We’ve been using them for years, over the Henkel’s knives we also have.

  30. Right now I’m using my girlfriend’s knives, which were a pretty cheap set and really need to be sharpened. I used to have pretty nice knives – oh, that Kyocera ceramic chopper! – and I’m hoping to start building up a good set again, gradually.

  31. I’m working on improving my knife situation, but it a long process. With quality knives comes a quality price. I have two forged German steel knives that I love. I use the utility knife all the time. The other is a bread knife- I should have gotten something less ‘specialty’. My other knives are ok. Barely ok.

  32. I have 2 knives I love. One is a bread knife that belonged to my mother and must be well over 80 years old. It is serrated, but I don’t think they serrate knives like this anymore. The other is a paring knife that I bought when I got married, over 40 years ago. It is Swiss, the tip has snapped off, so it no longer has a point, and the wooden handle is not it great shape, but it fits my hand perfectly and does a great job.

  33. We have been slowly upgrading our knives over the last two years, and I think we’ve finally exiled all the really terrible knives from our knife block. We have a few Wusthof knives we’ve bought in the last year, and a set of Chicago knives I bought 10 years ago at Target. This would be a great addition!

  34. About 30 years ago I got 9 Wusthof knives. I still own almost all of them, except for one of the paring knives which “mysteriously” disappeared one summer when all the kids were home. I wish the bread knife were sharper, after slicing thousands of pieces of homemade bread, but it still gets the job done.

  35. We have a small collection of Cutco knives. I let my daughter help with the salads for dinner. It’s good practice for her and she’s been handling a small serrated knife very well.

  36. My favorite knife is an old Sabatier that was my first “grown up” knife and remains a favorite 20 years later. I’ve been curious about this santoku style of blade and would love to give it a whirl on the chopping block.

  37. I am so sad!! ๐Ÿ™
    My daughter lost my Cutco pairing knife so sad about that!
    I used to have the sharpest knifes but when my Husband died yet another thing I miss him doing. He was a wonderful man.

  38. Marissa, I’m like you. I need my knives sharp or else they leave my kitchen. Right now I have a global knife that I use for everything. It is light and has a good grip but the one you are going to give away, and already tested by you is perfect. I do not have a small knife so this one will be a great addition.

  39. Long ago I was almost a Cutco sales rep. I took the training class, including the part where you use the scissors to turn a penny into a wire. I bailed out because I was too shy to do the direct marketing. Anyway, Cutco makes great products. Their potato masher is old-fashioned but peerless. My wife would love that santoku. Pick me, please!

  40. I hate dull knives and sharpen ours regularly but inevitably when I do my husband slices his finger badly, not realizing that he has picked up a newly sharpened blade. This has caused a dilemma for me; I want my sharp knives but we really don’t need one more grisly event with guests over for dinner. So now, I put a warning note in the knife drawer whenever I sharpen. We have had two rounds of sharpening and no more serious slices, just some nicks. Problem solved… I hope.

  41. All I have is a 3 inch knife from the dollar store and an old timer deer skinning knife, I not only would love to have this knife, I need it lol. Thanks

  42. I’m slowly upgrading my knife collection, mostly so I won’t slice my finger open again. That Cutco would make a nice addition.

  43. We’re still using our knife set from our wedding and as much as my husband sharpens them, apparently I’m really good at keeping them dull. I think it’s all the citrus, tomatoes, and other acidic foods I chop up. What can I say, I like my tart fruits ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Before I married my husband, I used only serrated steak knives to cut everything. You see, I’d never had a good knife before and they were the sharpest knives I had. Sad, but true. I wasn’t raised that way, but somehow over the years, I learned to get by with what I had. Then I was introduced to real knives and it has changed my life in magical ways. I’d love to add to my real knife collection.

  45. I know it’s not ideal but my knife situation improved when I discovered that Raley’s sharpens knives for free. I have a couple of good knives but most are just average – which is too bad because I cook and so does my 11 year old. We are slowly gathering together a really great set of tools for her since she’s dreaming of cooking for a living.

  46. I have spent the past decade replacing my hand-me-down kitchen wares with better quality pieces, one at a times. I am now collecting great knives as my my budget permits. I have three so far and this would make a lovely addition to my collection.

  47. One year, my New Year’s resolution was to take better care of my knives – wash them properly right after using them, etc. It was the most useful New Year’s resolution I have ever made, and one of very few that actually stuck past a month or so…

  48. I have a hard time letting things go so I still have the pots, pans, and knives that I’ve had since grad school. Yes, even though the knives can’t cut butter. My husband humors me, but even I have to admit that we’re running out of room to store falling apart kitchenware!!

  49. Back in the mists of time, I actually worked for Cutco as a summer job. In the typical avon/door-to-door style, we had to buy a set of their knives (wholesale)–I’m still using them over 15 yrs later. They’re not upmarket, but they do the job, which is what a cook really wants from her knives.

  50. I’ve got a 6″ Shun I love right now. My SO was surprised how easy it made prep work since he grew up in a house that didn’t really have sharp knives. I re-learn how much it appreciate it after visiting my mom for 4 days. The woman who always proclaimed the safety and efficiency of sharp knifes has a drawer full of dull and mostly micro-serrated knives. Drove me bananas.
    Previously I had a big set that was really sharp out of the box but has been nigh unto impossible to keep that way (they were also micro-serrated… and recommended by my family). The only thing I use out of the set now is the bread knife because it’s the only one that seems to work decently.

    • I have had my 10 inch Cutco knive for 10 years, given to me by my mother in law. My brother in law used to sell them. I hid my knife so no one can find it in the kitchen so that my family wouldn’t misplace it or put in the dishwasher. It’ all mine! Well I lost it, yup no clue, I was heartbroken, my daughter bought me a set of Henckels and they are not very good, they don’t even match up to the Cutco family. Well I found my knife after 4 long months without it, I took it to someones house that I revisited this week and when I was helping in the kitchen, their it was, I asked about the knife and they told me they did not know who it belonged to. I must of taken over for the holiday season and left it their. So I decided it was too stressful to have one, so I am ordering a whole set to replace my Henckels. They fit your hand perfectly, they are always sharp, they are just beautiful!

  51. Have knives everyone has suggested…My go to knife is still a smaller chef knife for a Cambodian market in lowell,ma…holds it edge… fits a women’s hand….
    Would luv to give this one a try…looks comfortable!

  52. I love to win one I have an old Chicago cutlet y about 10 years old if I win this one maybe I can buy a full set I heard they are number thank u

  53. The knives I grew up with weren’t remarkably sharp, so when I got married and was given a set of new and extremely sharp knives it was a revelation. Now I try to make sure my knives are sharpened regularly and it is wonderful! Besides, if you look at my fingers, the scars make by sharp knives are much cleaner and not as noticeable. ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Have a couple of Shun’s which I love, and a Global which I seem to use for everything. They get professionally sharpened once a year and that seems to do the job. This Cutco knife looks a perfect go to for dicing vegetables for salad.

  55. My amazing roommate, who has introduced me to so much about cooking and baking, is moving soon and taking her fancy knife collection with her. I would love to improve my own collection (currently one chef’s knife) with something as reliable as a Cutco knife.

  56. A well-balanced, sharp knife makes all the difference in the world when prepping food. I have a good chef’s knife, but could use other sizes. I also need to bite the bullet and learn how to sharpen knives myself.

  57. The workhorses of my kitchen are my Henkels chef’s knife and my paring knives. I should follow your example and just get rid of the rest!

  58. My knives are a very mixed bag – everything from a block of Chicago Cutlery knives I’ve had for about 25 years (and surprisingly good), to a 6″ Wusthof serrated knife my mother gave me (great for tomatoes and rolls, not so much for miche!), to a paring knife thatI don’t even know what it is, just that it works.

  59. My biggest knife disappointment is a Mac which I invested in years ago. It was briefly and beautifully sharp, but there are all these threats on the guarantee to not grind the edge and I never have, but honing it with a ceramic or magnetic rod never gets it really sharp. I need professional help.

  60. Looks like such a great knife to have in the kitchen!
    Currently, I have a few odds and ends. Would be great to have such a quality knife!

  61. I wish I could find a great knife. It seems I always default to a serrated version. Perhaps I need to sharpen every time I use one. Is that the secret?

  62. I was known for never having a sharp knife lol. I would buy cheap ones that didn’t last and were only sharp for a little while and got dull. I didn’t know how to sharpen them so I would get more cheapies. Now I buy more expensive knifes and take care of them and sharpen them.

  63. My all-the-time knife is a Henckel’s chef knife. I use it for almost everything and I love it.

    Then I have a small Japanese knife, which does most of my other cutting. A small serrated knife that works great on tomatoes. And a bread knife, which I should really replace with a nicer one.

  64. My knife situation right now is that I love working with sharp knives, but don’t have any! I need to pull out the sharpener and stone, I guess, before the harvest season starts.

  65. My mom gives me all my knives, and she knows how to pick good ones. She gets them at TJ Maxx or estate sales, and sharpens them for me, just like my grandpa used to do for her.

  66. My dad is a chef and taught me that a good knife is worth paying for and will last your entire life. So, I’ve been using the same 3 knives, recommended by my dad, since I started cooking for myself! I love them! But, I would be thrilled to add to my quality knife collection!

  67. Small hands…needs a small knife. Everything in the kitchen is sized for my six foot husband, so I make do.

  68. My knife strip is a mix bag of random knives I got for free or found at discount stores like Marshall’s & t.j maxx. My current favorite is a chefs knife by the Schmidt Brothers. My old chef knife that I got from an Asian grocery store died when the blade & wooden handle got separated. I hunted for a new knife for a few months before I finally found one that was lightweight & the perfect size for my small hands. The beautiful design was just a bonus. ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. I have also learned the value of a good sharp knife but only have a large good knife and would love to add this beaut to my kitchen. Love your blog!

  70. For the first time ever I have a knife strip instead of a knife block or a jumble in the drawer. Would be awesome to upgrade with this knife. Thanks!

  71. The knife Iโ€™m currently using was a gift from my adorable aunt Tootsie (love her). Itโ€™s not an expense knife by any means, so I have it professionally sharpened once a year and I have to sharpen it myself every other use (and I use a lot). When Iโ€™m canning I will have to stop mid-way through a batch and sharpen again. It stayโ€™s in the knife drawer because it came from Tootsie, not because itโ€™s a great knife. I new knife is on the very long kitchen want list (I want a lot)!

  72. I have been using Cutco knives for my entire marriage after receiving one for a wedding gift. They are spectacular knives with a company willing to back up their product! I would love to add to my collection!

  73. My brother bought me a chef’s knife when i graduated from college, before then I didn’t really know what a good knife felt like. I have small hands, so this petite knife makes me curious to know how it would feel and if it would be easier to use.

  74. I love a good knife. I’ve cooked in schools, hospitals and eateries for over 30 years and am now retired but am still picky about my knives. Less cuts with a good knife…

  75. I have a set of Cutco knives…and I absolutely LOVE them! They have stayed sharp for over 12 years, and believe me, I use them daily! I use the petite chef for just about anything! people are pretty envious when they watch me cut a watermelon. I can accomplish having the whole watermelon cut into bite size pieces in only five minutes!

  76. I have cooked in a hospital and a private restaurant and the most valuable tool is a good knife!

  77. This looks like the perfect size knife for many uses. Just this morning I cut myself using a knife not quite suited for the task. This knife might have prevented that cut.

  78. I would LOVE to have a nice new knife that doesn’t have a handle that’s been used as a chew toy by my dogs. Plus, I’m a big fan of Cutco!

  79. I currently have a Wal-mart special knife set. Three years ago I was introduced to Cutco knives. I love them. I have a 2 3/4 in paring knife and a trimmer. Sadly those are the only two Cutco knives I own right now. I’m hoping to buy more and slowly build a full set.

  80. I so need a knife strip!!! And as far as good knives go, I only have one that I use almost daily, and all of you would laugh to find out it is a long bladed serated probably bread knife :O But it was my Mom’s, I “borrowed” it 25 yrs ago when I got married and I have as of yet failed to return it LOL She just laughs about it. As far as a straight blade knife, I have one or two, but nothing fancy and nothing really good. I have to sharpen them so much it is a wonder there is any knife left!! To get ready for canning season, I just make sure they are all sharp and away I try to go LOL

  81. I have three cutco knives although I do not have a small chef knife. I love the feel of the handle it seems as if it were made just to fit my hand. I would love to have this smaller version.

  82. That looks like a great knife! In my home, we take good care of our knives, always keeping them sharp! My only little woe is that during one of my canning afternoons, I’m fairly certain my new paring knife was accidentally thrown away with some lemons and strawberries. What a pain!

  83. I once brought my own knife to make dinner at my sister’s house because I was afraid I would hurt myself using her knives. I have one good knife, and it is a hand me down, but it is good quality and I felt more comfortable bringing that instead of using the knives I had used at her house previously!

  84. In college my best friend and I use to have “tea parties,” we would have themes and make great food and drinks. It was a margarita theme and I was chopping tomatoes for tacos and “Chinatown’ed” my own nose by tapping the wrong end of an amazing knife against my face. I was lucky and the knife was so sharp it didn’t hurt but I sure did have a GIANT slice in my face!

  85. I have two knives I used constantly–both are from Ikea of all places. I keep them sharp, unlike my mom who has knives so dull they wouldn’t cut hot butter.

  86. My favorite style of knife is the Santoku. My knives rest in an awesome holder my husband made and are sharpened by a friend who does it the old school way- with stones and a leather strap!

  87. That looks like a perfect fit for my small hands. I always have such a hard time finding perfect knives when I have hands that are closer to child sized.

  88. We made a wise investment shortly after getting married. We bought the best set of knives we could afford and boy am I glad we did! 7 years later and I am still so happy with our purchase. I would love to add another great knife to our set.

  89. If the house catches on fire I am grabbing my dogs and my chef knife. haha

    I actually take my own knives to my sister’s on vacation so I can cook.

  90. Sigh. My knives are a disaster. Just an odd assortment of dull blades. I could really use a good, small knife!

  91. Growing up, my mother never had good knives. She has a kitchen packed to the brim with about 15 of every possible bowl, appliance, utensil, and serving tray imaginable, most of them from the 80’s, but no good knives. I became very accustomed to having to saw away at raw meat like I was taking down a red wood. The first time I used a quality, sharp knife, I finally realized that the chefs I was seeing chop up a carrot in mere seconds were not using knife magic conjured up by a culinary wizard, merely that they had good knives. And, you know, years of experience. Ever since, a quality knife has been part of my kitchen. And this one would make a lovely little addition.

  92. A few years ago I was working at a summer theater & the housing that was provided was void of any decent knives. My boyfriend picked up a knife at a local flea market so we would be able to cook proper food. The boyfriend is a keeper, but the knife he won’t let me get rid of! It’s thin & flimsy (I can curve the blade with my weak arms!) and doesn’t keep a sharp edge, but yet it still takes up space on my knife strip. I’d love to have something of a similar size to *finally* replace it!

  93. my knives are ok….the oxo set in the knife block, but…they seriously need to be sharpened. a spring cleaning chore this year maybe?

  94. These are great knifes! 25 years ago we got a set of black handled steak knives for our wedding from a friend whose mom worked there. When they got dull and were going to have them sharpened they replaced them instead, at no charge! We then bought a multi-knife set and encourage others to do so. We have another friend whose sister works there, great company, great quality!

  95. I actually just tried a ceramic knife my friend had and loved it. I’m currently searching for a great set of knives, I’m getting married the end of the year, so I figure I’ll get my high quality knives then, now I just have to decide which ones to get!

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