Giveaway: Cutco Five Inch Petite Santoku

April 8, 2014

Cutco small santoku 2

While in Chicago a few weeks ago, I attended a fancy lunch that included hibiscus cocktails, lots of happy networking, and a most generous gift bag. Included in the tote of goodness was a Cutco Petite Santoku knife that I was very excited to take home with me (I even checked my previously carried on bag in order to hang on to it).

It’s rapidly become an oft-used knife in our kitchen for small tasks. I make scrambled eggs for Scott with some sort of chopped deli meat every morning and it’s the perfect for cubing up the ham or pastrami. I also like it for quartering apples, cutting carrot sticks, and splitting grapefruits into quarters.

holding the small Cutco

I’ve been using a handful of Cutco knives since 2010 when I first encountered them at a food show in New York. Four years on, those knives have proven to be sturdy, reliable and continue to earn their place on our knife strip (and I am ruthless about ditching knives that don’t pull their weight).

Because I’ve been so pleased with them, I’m delighted to host a Cutco giveaway in the hopes that some of you might find yourself equally smitten. This week, I have five of these Cutco Petite Santoku knife to share with five winners. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share a knife story. What’s your current cutlery situation? How do you get your knives ready for canning season? What’s happening on your knife strip these days?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Saturday, April 12, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, April 13, 2014.
  3. Giveaway open to US residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Cutco Cutlery Social Media!

To keep up to date with all the Cutco happenings, make sure to follow them on social media. They occasionally host their own giveaways and other promotions, and that’s the very best way to stay in the know. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Disclosure: As mentioned above, the nice folks at Cutco gave me the knife you see pictured above at a blogger event in Chicago a couple weeks ago and are providing the knives for this giveaway. They did not pay to be mentioned here and my opinions are entirely my own. 

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756 thoughts on "Giveaway: Cutco Five Inch Petite Santoku"

  • I LOVE my Cutco knives. I’ve had mine for 11years. When asked what I want to Christmas or Birthdays it’s always Cutco. I have taken advantage of their guarantee and the company was very prompt in taking care of me. I would love to win this knife…..if not it will be on my wish list in the future.

  • There is nothing like having great knives in the Kitchen. When I finally purchased a great knife, it revolutionized the way.

  • I don’t know much about knives. I received a couple sets as gifts and I bought a Rachel Ray knife. I keep all my knifes sharpened and they seem to do the job. I am interested in better quality knifes but some are cost prohibitive.

  • I’d love to try out the Cutco mini Santoku. I had a Cutco cheese knife that I loved, but since I don’t eat much cheese, gave it to my Dad, who uses it daily.

  • My son just started forging his own knives and hope to be the lucky recipient of one. Our kitchen knives are Lin need of a serious overall. A cutch would be a great place to start that process.

  • I’ve never really had “good” knives – I’ve used housemate’s knives, but now I’m on my own and need to start building a collection!

  • I received a set of CutCo steak knives when I married in 2005, and I love them! Never sharpened and still the sharpest I own! I only have two knives I cook with – a Chicago cutlery chef knife and an “Eversharp” bread knife. A new CutCo would be a real treat!

  • There is noting more important in the kitchen than a good knife. My husband keeps them sharp for both of us.

  • I don’t have a great knife story. But would love to have the following one:
    I won an awesome Cutco knife by commenting on Cutco knife give-a-way!!

  • Just mourning the loss of my bird’s beak paring knife; snapped the beak and am still grieving. A new sharp knife might be just the ticket to dry my tears and banish my frustration.

    Thank you to you and Cutco for sponsoring the giveaway!

  • My current knife situation? Well, I am partial to using my little hand-forged Alaskan ulu. It was made by this interesting fellow I met in Ketchikan. He is originally from Gimli, Manitoba, and totally emulated Lord of the Rings Dwarf, (in a good way). He had set up his forge shop under a ramshackle shelter, and was hand forging these beauties. Mine has a bone handle and is tiny. it is pretty sweet, but not always practical. I’d love a Cutco knife. The one you are giving away is my favourite of theirs, but is prohibitively expensive for me.
    To get my knives ready for canning season, I don’t really do anything. I have yet to learn to sharpen one, but will be getting a lesson from my father in law soon, I hope. he’s a butcher with mad knife sharpening skills.
    I am eagerly watching my rhubarb grow, waiting until it’s ready for a pot of jam and a pan of crisp. yum! I transplanted it from my Grandma Gladys’ garden years ago, so it’s rather special rhubarb.
    Happy Spring

  • I have a pretty good selection of Chicago Cutlery knives at the moment. They are sufficient for my needs although they do require a lot of sharpening. I would love to win this Cutco knife and see what everyone is talking about regarding those knives!

  • My knife collection is embarrassing. Dull chef and bread knives that were hand me downs from my mom and a few cheap paring knives.

  • We are sorely lacking in small knives–we only have massive chef and bread knives that are too big for any knife rack I’ve ever seen.

  • We have a 20 year old set of Chicago Cutlery that we received as a wedding gift. It has served us well. My husband does the sharpening. Cutco, I understand, has excellent product. I love this size!

  • Knives are my passion in the kitchen. They are my tools. I don’t like anyone using my knives, and if they do, I ask them to wash and dry it as soon as they are done! And, “do not use my knives as a can opener!!”.

  • working on a family’s farm the past three months, I had access to a splendid knife strip. Now we’re off for the third leg of our farmventure I wonder if we’ll need to bring a few crucial knives for the house we’r provided for the Detroit farm or our tent camping in Maine!,

  • I love Santoku knives! I have a large one, and this little one would be an awesome addition. Unfortunately, I don’t have a knife strip, just a drawer.

  • My knives are made up of a set from QVC, as well as assorted cheaper Wustof sets. They work OK for my needs, but I’m looking to solidify my kitchen knife set.

    Thanks for the contest!

  • I can fruit and sauces, while i lived at my dads we took advantage of his full cataloge set of cutco knives, since we have moved we miss them, so one would really help us out. Love them.

  • My f-i-l was a chef and had the best kitchen tools available. One holiday at dessert, he cut a frozen dessert, and the tip of the knife broke off and we could not find it. Anywhere… Needless to say I was horrified when it ended up in my son’s serving! Eek! So much for super-fancy knives!!!

  • I go to my mom’s every year to can and use her cutco knives. Maybe if I win she can come and can in my new apartment with my new knives!!

  • We don’t have a decent knife but make due with an inexpensive multi-purpose serrated knife for everything from slicing tomatoes to apples. We would really love and appreciate new and higher quality!

  • My father always carved Thanksgiving bird with a bone handled 100yo carving knife – when I left the roost, I asked him what I should use. He bought me a Russel 698 with a Steel that I have been using ever since – love that knife, can’t find them anymore…..

  • Bought my first set of Cutco knives in 2002….use them every day! Would love to add this Petite Santoku to my set 🙂

  • Knife story? How bout not counting butter knives, we are surviving off of one butcher knife… Even in steak night! We must be spending too much money on seeds and jars.

  • Finding a good knife is a treasure. I’ve got one tomato slicer that manages to keep sharp, but otherwise my poor knives are rather sad things. Fortunately I do know how to sharpen them, I just don’t do it enough. Bad me….

  • I love all of my Cutco knifes I us them almost everyday, at least one. I don’t have a full set and can’t wait to get mine. I first got mine because I was going to sell them but I found out that I could not do that kind of sell, but I still tell everyone how they are the best and if they are looking for good knifes they need to by Cutco knifes.

  • Worse story someone using my good knives for screwdrivers! Need a good set of knives especially during the holidays thanks for the contest! Got my fingers crossed.

  • I grew up the son of a machinist and gunsmith who made all his own tools. I never understood why he got so frustrated with me for cutting on stone, or glass. When he found Cutco he never sharpened a knife again, though they hold an edge well they also come with sharpening for life. But, now many years later I despise a dull knife, and frequently chastise guests in my kitchen for abusing my blades. I would love to someday be the proud owner of a set of Cutco blades.

  • I started culinary school last fall and have been learning the value of a good knife. Knife skills are not my strong suit but I am getting there.

  • When I got my first college apartment, my grandmother’s housewarming gift was the department store credit that purchased my first real knife, a slightly damaged German santoku on clearance. It might be the reason I bothered to learn to cook, and then learned to love it. When I replaced the knife recently, it took up residence at a non-profit cafe where I spend much of my time. It’s still working its magic, because every other week, someone with little kitchen experience mentions how preparing food feels entirely different and suddenly possible.

  • I can’t afford decent knives, so I just make do with what I can find on sale. Seems to work fine. A lot of my canning prep is done on an old rotary slicer anyway.

  • I have one decent knife block set, but only one nice knife. Would be nice to have one of these for when the other knives aren’t cutting it (literally!).

  • My knives need some help. Most are old and not particularly sharp. I need to go through and decide what to keep and then get the rest in good working order.

  • All of my knifes are hand me down, plus a pairing knife that was given as wedding gift. I usually left to my hubby to get the knifes sharp again…

  • well, I stabbed myself with a knife accidentally and didn’t get seriously hurt. i am in need of developing good knife skills and in need of good quality knives. I am getting ready to can this summer. I have two friends that offered to help me and I have your book. Ready to go.

  • I have (and love) my Wusthof knives…I love my 6 inch chef’s knife and have scared my friends by using it like a paring knife! But I’m open to new brands and would love a chance to try this one!

  • growing up whenever my mom cut herself with the kitchen knife she poured black pepper on the cut to stop the bleeding.

  • I love a sharp knife. A few years ago I bought a few chef knives at Sams Club. I sharpen them as needed for a smooth cut. They worked so well for citing my lemon cucumbers for pickling last season. I have never had a brand name knife so getting this one would be a treat! Especially since your not coming to Boise any time soon. Lol.

  • I adore Cutco! My husband and I bought a set we could barely afford a few years ago, and it was a great decision! I would love to add to my collection. 🙂

  • My knife situation is sorely lacking. I just “treated” myself to some cheapo paring knives about a year ago so that I would stop having to use crappy knife block steak knives for everything. It’s a sad knife situation in my kitchen. This would definitely improve things, haha!

  • Went to my SIL and was told the short ceramic knife (sold on TV) was “great! Be careful not to cut yourself.” It was chipped and long past sharp. The next time I visited, I brought my maintained knife and her son used it for cooking. “This is the best knife I’ve ever used!” Now, I always take my knife with me.

  • I am a huge canner each summer, and always am looking for the knife sharpener and promising myself to get a new set of decent knives. This would be a great piece!

  • I have second hand knives. It is my daughter who has the good knives, which I will be using access to when she gets married this summer.