Giveaway: Cutco Five Inch Petite Santoku

Cutco small santoku 2

While in Chicago a few weeks ago, I attended a fancy lunch that included hibiscus cocktails, lots of happy networking, and a most generous gift bag. Included in the tote of goodness was a Cutco Petite Santoku knifeΒ that I was very excited to take home with me (I even checked my previously carried on bag in order to hang on to it).

It’s rapidly become an oft-used knife in our kitchen for small tasks. I make scrambled eggs for Scott with some sort of chopped deli meat every morning and it’s the perfect for cubing up the ham or pastrami. I also like it for quartering apples, cutting carrot sticks, and splitting grapefruits into quarters.

holding the small Cutco

I’ve been using a handful of Cutco knives since 2010 when I first encountered them at a food show in New York. Four years on, those knives have proven to be sturdy, reliable and continue to earn their place on our knife strip (and I am ruthless about ditching knives that don’t pull their weight).

Because I’ve been so pleased with them, I’m delighted to host a Cutco giveaway in the hopes that some of you might find yourself equally smitten. This week, I have five of these Cutco Petite Santoku knife to share with five winners. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share a knife story. What’s your current cutlery situation? How do you get your knives ready for canning season? What’s happening on your knife strip these days?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Saturday, April 12, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, April 13, 2014.
  3. Giveaway open to US residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Cutco Cutlery Social Media!

To keep up to date with all the Cutco happenings, make sure to follow them on social media. They occasionally host their own giveaways and other promotions, and that’s the very best way to stay in the know. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Disclosure: As mentioned above, the nice folks at Cutco gave me the knife you see pictured above at a blogger event in Chicago a couple weeks ago and are providing the knives for this giveaway. They did not pay to be mentioned here and my opinions are entirely my own.Β 

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756 responses to “Giveaway: Cutco Five Inch Petite Santoku”

  1. I have used Cutco knives for many years and can attest to their durability and reliability to get the job done! I would love to add this very cute knife to my collection! Thank you!

  2. My knife situation right now is so poor, I’m using one fairly good paring knife for just about everything. I’m definitely due for an upgrade.

  3. That is a lovely little knife! I would love to add that to my meger knife set. It would be a much better chopper for my wife as she hate using the bigger ones πŸ™‚

  4. Do you want the story of the not so sharp knife and the bagel? And the ensuing trip to the emergency room and the blood and the stitches and the nerve damage? Yeah, it was horrible. Can’t believe it was 12 years ago and I can still see the scar. Daughter made me throw the knife away.

  5. I love a great, sharp knife but they seem hard to come by. I use a variety of knives but I need to really learn how to sharpen them or find a great sharpener.

  6. I have a hodge podge (very small) assortment of knives, only two of which seem to be very well constructed. But I love looking at them on the magnetic strip next to my stove, because I always think of my sweetheart who often brings his knife sharpener, along with flowers and a bottle of wine, when he comes over.

  7. I have a couple favorite knives but nothing spectacular. I am hoping to plant a big garden & a really good knife to use for canning would be wonderful.

  8. The only knife story I have is rather ghastly as well, but it involved a turnip and big santuko knife going crosswise through the nail of my ring finger. I’m a nurse, and knew it would eventually be ok. My niece came over and wrapped it the first time.

  9. I’m still working with the original knife set that was gifted to me after I got married over a decade ago. The big chief knife gives me a blister if I use it too long. The paring knife is awkward in my long fingers and make my hands cramp when I use it to peel apples. But they are still light-years better than the junk I got by with in college!

  10. My current favorite knife is a cheapo chef’s knife that I use probably 1-5 times daily. I can’t stand when my roommates use it for one thing and just throw it in the dishwasher, because it’s just so lazy! And they broke my favorite paring knife (a ceramic one with a pretty blue handle) in the dishwasher, too.

  11. I sliced into my finger once with my bread knife while cutting a baguette. I didn’t need any stitches, but the doctor was worried about staph, which was scary! Fortunately everything turned out fine.

  12. We have a little of everything,,,,which we keep sharp. Safety is important! My husband teases me because I have a tendency to use my filet knife for everything….I like the way it handles!

  13. I live with other people, so the cheap knife set from Target is packed away. This would make a lovely addition for when I move out in the near future. And maybe I’ll get a knife strip, too, instead of a block.

  14. I have 2 good kitchen knives, both Henkels. I have them sharpened a couple times a year and they seem to pull their weight. πŸ˜‰

    I don’t have any good knife stories but I do have the odd problem of never having a sharp paring knife when I need one.

  15. I am luck enough to actually own a small 4 piece set of Cutco knives. They were a very welcome house warming gift from a dear friend 20+ years ago. I use them all the time, but I don’t own a santoku knife and it would be so welcome in my home.

  16. I would dearly love to win one of these knives and then hide it so hubby couldn’t get his hands on it and he ends up using it for other things then what it was intended for…… like opening boxes, cleaning the mud off the bottom of his shoes, of which I loose more knives that way as I refuse to use them afterwards.
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity.

  17. Oh Cutco…how I love and miss you. Unfortunately, my stash of Cutco knives went with my ex-husband during our split. I now own a colorful batch of mediocre knives that I bought out of desperation on Rue La La. I would really love to start rebuilding my knife stable and this little cute one would be a great start.

  18. I have a treasured chef’s knife, a handful of decent paring knives and would love to get a magnetic strip up and going to keep them out of the drawer and easily in reach. This knife looks lovely.

  19. I like to keep my knives very sharp, and found that if I put them in the knife block upside down, the edge won’t be sitting on the wood. Of course, that is because my block sits at a slant.

  20. I have four knives that I got in 1979……. serrated, chef, slicing, paring. I’m sure they are older than many of your readers. I would appreciate having the Cutco Petite Santoku!

  21. My favorite knife is one that was given to me by a friend…who had been given it by a friend…it’s a small serrated knife that is great for slicing tomatoes or anything else for that matter.I had to get out the magnifying glass to read the brand…it says Rostfrei Edelstahl on it. Great knife!

  22. The best knives I own are Rada knives that a cousin gave me. I am currently just learning how important good knives can be in the kitchen. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. I’m slowly whittling(no pun intended) away at my knife collection- trying to streamline to the ones I REALLY use. I always considered myself a knife snob & didn’t think I would like Cutco. I’m here to tell you that they have become my favorite & have stood the test of time.
    I’d love to add this one to my collection!!!

  24. You had me at hibiscus cocktails!! We have the most random knife crock every. Somewhere (we moved a few months back) we actually have an electric knife sharpener that desperately needs to make an appearance! πŸ™‚

  25. My knives are in need of sharpening, but I do love my big Henkels chef’s knife that we received as a wedding present years ago.

  26. No exciting knife stories from my kitchen. I do remember a lovely pearl handled carving set from my childhood that only came out at Christmas and Easter. Now that I think about it, I wonder what happened to that set..! My daughter is planning to go to culinary school and is working on her knife skills. This would be nice!

  27. We have Cutco knives that were purchased over 8 years ago that are still working well despite never sharpening them. πŸ™‚ My bread knife and paring knives get the most use in our kitchen.

  28. My friend’s older brother sold my parents a set of Cutco knives when I was in middle school and now, 20-ish years later, I STILL use one of them!

  29. i have never owned a good knife set. Currently I have some Pampered chef knives and they have been horrible from the start.

  30. My husband and I joke that before we bought our house, I never cooked anything. My memory isn’t long enough apparently to know what we ate for years, but I do know that as soon as we bought “grown-up knives” we looked at each other and said, “how did we cook for so long with really bad knives?” A good knife makes all the difference.

  31. My go to knife is a $15 santoku I bought in a grocery store in Florida….cheapo…sure would love to be the winner of that little baby.

  32. My grandma and my mom both use Cutco, and I got a set for my wedding. I love them, and the company really stands behind their products. I also have one odd knife, a calphalon santuku that I got for Christmas, and it sees a lot of use.

  33. All my knives except two are hand me downs from my mother. They are going on. 35 years old. I have two paring knives that were gifts from my children. I am in desperate need of some new knives.

  34. I mostly use the cheap and colorful Kuhn Rikon knives! They are lined up in ROYGBIV order in the knife block. They keep an edge fairly well and fit my hands okay. They, along with our other knives, could all use a good sharpening.

  35. I have a miss matched set of cutco from when I sold it in college, but this knife looks like the perfect go to, smaller and more versatile than any of the ones I currently have.

  36. I have a couple ceramic Kyocera knives that I love, but they aren’t great for everything. My ceramic one this size, I broke 6 months ago and have been wishing for a replacement –This 5-incher is perfect for so much!!

  37. I love good knives, but hate how expensive they are. Got lucky and found a Cutco bread knife for $1 at an estate sale!

  38. I, too, refuse to keep knives that don’t hold their own in the kitchen. I have a wonderful 5″ cooks knife I got as a gift last year, fits my small hands well – use it for pretty much everything. That plus my butcher & bread knives handle most of the kitchen work. A friend gave us a handmade paring knife as a wedding gift 12 years ago that takes care of the rest.

  39. I received a decent set of knives for my birthday one year, but my husband has been putting them through the dishwasher despite my “hand wash only” pleading. They weren’t expensive to start, but they did the job. A few are definitely in need of replacing.

  40. I have some Henckels that my husband gave me while we were stationed in Germany. That was the early 90s. I also have some Cutco from a few years ago. I appreciate that they do complimentary sharpening. I love good knives!

  41. I love santoku knives! I have two Wustoff santoku knives that I use all the time and they are great. But they are in need of a little love to get ready for the season!

  42. I have my knife (a Hencke) and my husband has his knife (a Wustof) and we never share but he’s kind enough to sharpen mine whenever he does his. We might have to arm wrestle for this one…

  43. I have Pampered Chef forged knives, which are pretty darn good, but I would love a Cutco knife. My mom still uses her Cutco from when she got married~ 50 years ago! Now that is a quality knife!

  44. My son sold Cutco about 13 years ago when he was in dire need of a summer job. We purchased his sample set….knowing that when he ended this summer career we would have a nice knife set. They are in desperate need of sharpening! I would love to add this one to my collection. There is not one even close to this size in my set! Thank you!

  45. my kitchen knife situation is pretty grim- i am really only working with one chef’s knife! this one would be a good addition.

  46. We’re in transition right now and are desperately seeking a knife strip to replace the knife block. Our knives are aged and I’ve been scouting around for new ones. I’m happy to hear about your experience with these Cutco knives.

  47. My only knives are crappy Ikea knives. They do furniture well, but not knives. I haven’t been able to afford decent ones. Getting ready for pickle making is more like hacking than slicing, but I make do.

  48. I love my knives! I wish I had more. The Santoku knife is the best one that I have, my every day knife. I do not have a Cutco. I’d love the opportunity to use one.

  49. My knives are in need of a total overhaul… I’m hoping to put a knife strip up soon, I love the ease of grabbing them and my 1920’s kitchen has no counterspace!

  50. I have to laugh about using knives as my husband just cringes every time I use a knife. I’m not the handiest person in the kitchen, but I’m not sure why he worries so. πŸ™‚

  51. I am really in the market for a great knife! I am still trying to get my kitchen together after being on the move after college for the last few years. I use knives for all sorts of different things, being a farmer. Yesterday I used them to uncap honeycomb for honey extraction, and later in the summer I will use them to slaughter chickens. This cutco knife would stay safe in the kitchen, though.

  52. I’m a knife geek… I had a fantastic set of calphalons that I bestowed upon my boyfriend when I received a set of Spanish steel Henckels for Christmas. I’ve always wondered how both these sets compare with cutco. c

  53. My current cutlery situation could definitely use an overhaul. My uncle (a wonderful chef!) gave us a great knife set when we got married – almost 25 years ago. They have held up well, but are starting to get some nicks and such. Would love to try this (new to me) brand of knife!

  54. I’ve been meaning to install the magnet strip I bought a year ago, and get the knives out of the drawer. This is a great incentive!

  55. I love my knives! I have several very good ones but I do lack a nice knife in this size. I always believe in the right tool for the job, so this would be an excellent addition to my collection.

  56. For years we had totally sub-par knives, but we finally received a wonderful set of Wusthof knives at our bridal shower and they were life changing! We had no idea how important a good set of knives is! Our food prep is so much faster and easier now πŸ™‚ We’d love to add this smaller santoku to our set!

  57. So, we went to visit my sister when she was in college and my husband and I decided to make her several dinners to stick in the freezer. We decided to do a veggie lasagna and went off to the store to shop. Knowing my sister, my husband asked if she had a knife to cut the vegetables. She said, yes, I have sharp knives. We got back to her house, and she pulled out her one sharp knife…a paring knife. We had a not-so-awesome time dicing onions. She’s now married to a guy who has an awesome set of knives for the kitchen, so we’re a bit jealous.

  58. Cutco Knives are the best. The best part about them is the lifetime guarantee. I melted the handle of one in the dishwasher, sent it in to Cutco and received a brand new knife in the mail a week or so later. No questions asked. Super service and the knives just keep working and working. I’d love to add this knife to my set.

  59. When I was registering for wedding gifts, the sales person at Crate and Barrel advised me to buy a few really great knives rather than registering for a giant block. Best decision ever! I have a 10″ chef’s knife that I love love love! I could use something smaller like this though!

  60. I am in desperate need of new knives. I have been researching knives and heard of this brand recently while on a trip to okc. Would love to try this.

  61. My knives are pathetic….although I have a bread knife I bought at a garage sale for a dime that is pretty amazing. A Cutco knife in my kitchen would be appreciated!!

  62. My knives are one of the most cherished items I own, regardless of what I am about to create, I need them. I have an electric kitchen aid knife sharpener that I use to re-sharpen my knives, and try to make it a goal to use it every few months. Nothing worse then trying to cut a tomato with a dull knife.

  63. I have a very sad assortment of knives. In that assortment are 2 Cutco knives that I bought a few years back from a young kid trying to make some extra money for college. Those 2 knives are the best that I own.

  64. My knifes are a sad state!! Most are dull and cheap!! With the exception of the new Kitchen Aid set I . bought. I really need a good set of knives. Great giveaway – Thanks. : )

  65. I love my the feel of my knives but I haven’t mastered the art of keeping them sharp yet… My sister has assured me that her husband would sharpen them should I ever remember to haul them along when I visit! I really want him to teach me until I learn how. This knife looks a perfect size for a lot of the things that happen in my kitchen and garden.

  66. Wow.. a chance to win free wonderful cutting knife!! I am sure of it..A great Knife is the QUEEN of the kitchen! She rules all and if it wasn’t for her there would be no food cooked or eaten in my kitchen!!
    I grew up in Ecuador and we make everything from Scratch..I love the therapeutic aspects of a good knife!! There are so many!
    (last week I was attending our book group/food group and my girlfriend asked me, to chop some vegies and herbs for her plate.. she had a small knife like this one.I started lusting after her fit perfectly in my small hands, with just enough weight to give me power and delight! I was going to call her for the make and size..this one looks just like it!
    My knife situation is a mixture of hand me downs..(sorry i just took some out of the sink)
    I love your blog and you have inspired me to start to play in the kitchen! We just make Kraut in a Crock its so fun to make and share .. I have all our friends addicted!
    I think you would like to come to Utah! This is the “Place”where canning began..just kidding!
    The Mormon church has big warehouses where woman get together and can..(to much sugar etc..) but its a cool idea.I have never been in one I have just heard stories..
    Have a Fantastic Day full of fun, Happiness and cooking!

  67. My favorite knife is one a chef friend of mine gave me, a 7″ Global Santoku. It’s my go to knife for almost everything. I don’t think he realized just how much I would use that knife. I’d love a smaller version of a similar knife style!

  68. I’m currently trying to upgrade my knife collection, and this little knife would fill a hole. You can’t beat a good-quality knife for utility and safety.

  69. We have 4 nice knives that we got for our wedding last year. I’m definitely looking for a few more to round out the collection.

  70. One of my favorite knives belonged to my Grandmother. It is a serrated bread knife that my husband “snuck” out of the kitchen and cut insulation with for a day. Needless to say, the serrated edge almost disappeared but these days it does the best job ever slicing tomatoes. I have knives that never come out of the drawer, It’s time to replace my chef’s knife and I’m always in the market for another paring knife – I do a lot of canning and chopping. I’d love to try the Cutco Petite Santoku – and the drawing is on my birthday! I really enjoy your site and your books.. thanks for both.

  71. It’s a bit of a mish mash with some cheapies, a few Cutco and some Wusthof. The biggest struggle is getting them sharpened well.

  72. We have a few diff brands. My fav is actually from Aldi. They had some specialty knives one time and I bought one. It is super sharp and has a nice weight to it. I have been eyeing the Cutco knives for a while! I would love to win one.

  73. I have one good chef’s knife. My problem is keeping my knives sharp – gotta find a good sharpener.

  74. Growing up my family had oodles of knives. There was always “mom’s favorite” and “the new one” and then there were always maybe 50 more (or so it seemed).

    While fixing my first meal after getting married I realized we only had four total knives in our entire kitchen. I thought there was no possible way I could function with only four. After all, I grew up with oodles of knives.

    Now, five years later, we have maybe 5 knives. It has been quite educational realizing when you have a good knife, you really don’t need more than one!

  75. I gave a really fantastic knife as a Christmas gift this past year, and have never had a present received so well! Every time we cook with it, there’s a comment as to how great it is – a gift that keeps on giving!

  76. I heard a long time ago that giving a knife as a wedding gift is a faux pas…no matter, good knives always make a great gift! I’d love to try out Cutco.

  77. I have several good knives that I use often. My husband and I are always on the lookout for good knives. They make such a huge difference in prepping foods. He’s quite the sous chef so he’s in charge of sharpening. This looks like a great knife to add to our kitchen.

  78. Ah knife regret. I have a block of Henkel knives that I was given as a wedding present in 2002. I have never sharpened them, although my husband does hone the chefs knife from time to time. My regret? My grandmother, ever the avid bargain hunter, finds Cutco knives at Goodwill and estate sales all the time. She has offered them to me and I have turned them down. Little did I know how awesome they are. Now I wish I could turn back the hands of time and say “yes!” when she offers me those knives. I could really use a good set. Mine are getting so dull it is hard to cut anything!

  79. I have many knives that “don’t pull their weight” and wish I could be ruthless like you!
    I have a couple from my Grandma that I would luv to use if they were sharper.
    I always pull one out and then another to find the sharpest…keeping then sharp seems to the hardest thing to do…….

  80. Our current knives are pretty unsatisfactory. That might be because it’s really hard for me not to put them all in the dishwasher. I do have one small metal-handled knife from my childhood that is almost always my first choice. It’s as old as me and seems to be perpetually sharp. Thanks for the giveaway!

  81. I can’t have good knives πŸ™ My teenagers either steal or destroy them, and it sucks. I’m looking forward to the day when my house is an adult-only house, and no one is allowed to touch the knives but me. At the boyfriend’s house, I hide the good knives when I leave, because otherwise he does stupid things like cut up bike parts with them. I leave him the crap “laser” knives to play with πŸ˜‰ It works well for everyone.

  82. My favorite knife accessory is a knife block that I got in Paris – it holds 6 knives in a sort of “chalk outline” of a person that makes it looks like he is being stabbed! The knives themselves are horrible, but high marks for kitsch!

  83. Ugh- my knife situation is pretty dismal. It’s like some sort of refugee camp- an old knife from my mom, something I picked up at Home Goods, a knife block that is almost 20 years old that only has a handful of knives left.

    I’d love to have something as useful and high quality as this little baby!

  84. I have a set of Wusthof Classics that were a generous wedding gift. Honing before each use makes a huge difference.

  85. I would like to tell you a story about my mother in law, she was a German immigrant to this country after World War Two. She loved to return for a visit whenever it was possible, and she always brought goodies back home. Whenever she brought a knife to give as a gift she made the recipient pay a dime for it…that way if they ever cut themselves with it it wouldn’t cut the friendship because they had bought the knife!!!

  86. I have a random selection of good and not so good knives. Block with Sabatier knives that I am not thrilled with. A couple of Henckels that somehow don’t get used. Then my 3 favorite workhorses that happen to be Cutco knives. I got them over 20 years ago and sent them for their first sharpening late last year. I <3 my Cutcos and this one would be a great addition to the lineup.

  87. I have an old knife black with some pretty well worn blades but I have a few good ones in a drawer I don’t use for anything too tough so they stay pretty sharp. and my Dad gave me a good Chicago Cutlery fork and slicer for turkey when I started hosting the family–I think he was tired of using my old ones.

  88. I’m a college student and just moved into my first house with a kitchen a few months ago, so I’m just starting my collection! I have a cute little paring knife which I use for almost everything, an 8″ chef’s knife which is good for mincing and larger tasks, and a slightly-curved, wooden-handled slicer which I got as a hand-me-down from my mother. All of my knives are sort of middle-ground in terms of cost and quality. A Santoku is definitely going to be the next knife to join the rest on my rack!

  89. Still using a couple of Wiursthof Classics that I got before they became Classic. Lots of innovation and non-European influence since then, I’m anxious to incorporate newer designs to make quick work of produce.

  90. My knife situation is dismal. I work right next to a knife sharpener and have for 3 years and have never taken in my knives! Pitiful!

  91. I have a fantastic Shun chef’s knife. I prefer it over my Wusthof chef’s knife. The Shun is lightweight and easy to handle. I have some Henkels too that are okay. I’d love to add that Cutco knife to my collection.

  92. when I was in culinary school we all had to buy the chef’s knives from the school bookstore to use. the Chef’s knife was my first real “knife” and it was HUGE. it’s my favorite knife, and I always brought it along with me throughout my cooking career and many of my co-workers ended up buying their own knifes after learning how much nicer my big chef’s knife was over the random little knives most of the little family/individual owned kitchens we worked in had.

    My husband on the other hand refuses to use my knife and does all his (very good and yummy) cooking with a tiny little chef’s brand pairing knife. I have no idea how he does it. Maybe i can convince him to upgrade to the little Cutco petite

  93. My boyfriend is an expert knife sharpener so he takes care of my knives for me. One week while I was away on vacation, he sharpened all of my knives – even those that he doesn’t usually bother with. He forgot to tell me they were recently sharpened. I took one of the knives to work and cut my finger tip so badly while washing the super sharp knife that I had to have stitches. The cut was all my fault for doing something stupid while I was washing the knife but I still gave him a hard time. He didn’t let me cut anything in his presence for weeks.

  94. We have two good knives (Cutco brand) and many poor knives. I often think about how amazing it would be to replace all the poor ones. I actually received the Cutco knives a long time ago from my stepmother as a Christmas present, at the time I wasn’t sure it was the gift I wanted…but she knew what she was doing, and now I’m so thankful for good knives!

  95. I actually have a 20 year old Cutco set I received as a wedding present! Great knives….I use them daily. Some are wearing dull and I have sent them back to the company once for free sharpening. It is not an easy task to send an entire set of very sharp knives out for sharpening, but I suppose I will have to do it again soon to prepare for chopping peppers for pepper jelly! I didn’t know Cutco made a Santoku and wow, that would be a great addition to have! I think this would be used constantly throughout the summer on tomatoes, peppers, fruit, small cuts of meat…..everything!

  96. I pretty much use my Cutco knives exclusively – the trimmer and the petite carver – sent them each back once for sharpening. Home sharpened my petite chef – used for winter squash. My preferred paring knife – is…a rada – I love the feel of it and it takes well to home sharpening.

  97. I have a lovely set of Wustoff that I adore. However, it only has one paring knife, which my daughter & I both like to use. That Cutco knife would be the answer to our dilemma.

  98. Like most people, I started my culinary journey with a mix of hand-me-down knives and TJMaxx randoms but once I got a little more knowledgeable on knife skills my husband got me a great knife now it’s my go-to. Nothing crazy, Chicago cutlery, but a perfect knife for a home cook. I also use a handful of others but I need to expand my collection for sure! See cutco out and about but never tried them!

  99. My go-to knoves are a pair of Wolfgang Puck santoku knives I bought years ago for something like $20. Nice weight, holds and edge well, Very pleased with them. Other than those, I use a couple Ginsu style serrated for those times when sawing at something tough is required.

  100. One good thing about my brother living with us is that he sharpened the knives. The old Chicago cutlery that do not stay sharp long enough!
    This would be a good addition to the magnet strip.

  101. Most of the knives I use regularly are Victorinox. One of my favorites though, is a vintage knife I found with an old worn handle and very sharp blade.

  102. I have a few of Cutco knives that I’ve used for years. If they get a little dull I pack them up and send them to the company to get resharpened. I also have there scissors that are indispensable .in the kitchen. I would love to have this Santoku knife especially with the summer canning season coming.

  103. I have some Cutco products that I bought when we were first married in 1961! I use the potato masher whenever I need to mash strawberries for strawberry jam.

  104. Every March me and my buddies rent a place in the Poconos to watch basketball, play cards and eat. While the house kitchen is fully stocked, their chef’s knife is very poor. It actually pulls to the right as you cut. This year I brought my sharpener thinking that it just needed a good edge. Nope, it still pulls to the right like a poorly aligned car. Never seen anything like it. Next year I’ll just bring along my own knives.

  105. I have mostly Henkels Twin knives. I’m surprised they need sharpening so often, actually. I hope my wet-stone sharpener at the Farmers’ Market is actually doing a good job! Will storing them on a magnetic strip instead of a block make any difference?

  106. About 5 years ago, my DH got totally disgusted with my poor knife selection, so fir my birthday, he took me to a great knife shop. I settled on the Wusthof brand, and selected about 4 knives. I had no idea good knives could be so expensive!! I keep them on a magnetic strip attached to the wall and only hand wash them. I discovered my local farmers market has an excellent knife sharpener, so about once a year, they get a professional sharpening. In between times, I rum a steel over them with every use.

  107. I am using an 8 inch Santoku, but I really would love a 9 inch Wusthof. You can’t really find 9 inch knives, though!

  108. I always sharpen my knives before a large salsa making session. It makes a huge difference! You shouldn’t have to saw through a tomato, it should be like sliding a knife into butter. I have a large chef’s knife and a smaller sized chopper- also a small paring knife for coring tomatoes. Those are the three I use for canning prep. This all actually reminds me that I need to buy new cutting boards!

  109. My mom bought my husband and I set of knives – I think they are Chef Tony’s Miracle Blade or something like that. Anyway, not very expensive and not supposed to be that nice, but we love them! We’ve been using them for years, over the Henkel’s knives we also have.

  110. Right now I’m using my girlfriend’s knives, which were a pretty cheap set and really need to be sharpened. I used to have pretty nice knives – oh, that Kyocera ceramic chopper! – and I’m hoping to start building up a good set again, gradually.

  111. I’m working on improving my knife situation, but it a long process. With quality knives comes a quality price. I have two forged German steel knives that I love. I use the utility knife all the time. The other is a bread knife- I should have gotten something less ‘specialty’. My other knives are ok. Barely ok.

  112. I have 2 knives I love. One is a bread knife that belonged to my mother and must be well over 80 years old. It is serrated, but I don’t think they serrate knives like this anymore. The other is a paring knife that I bought when I got married, over 40 years ago. It is Swiss, the tip has snapped off, so it no longer has a point, and the wooden handle is not it great shape, but it fits my hand perfectly and does a great job.

  113. We have been slowly upgrading our knives over the last two years, and I think we’ve finally exiled all the really terrible knives from our knife block. We have a few Wusthof knives we’ve bought in the last year, and a set of Chicago knives I bought 10 years ago at Target. This would be a great addition!

  114. About 30 years ago I got 9 Wusthof knives. I still own almost all of them, except for one of the paring knives which “mysteriously” disappeared one summer when all the kids were home. I wish the bread knife were sharper, after slicing thousands of pieces of homemade bread, but it still gets the job done.

  115. We have a small collection of Cutco knives. I let my daughter help with the salads for dinner. It’s good practice for her and she’s been handling a small serrated knife very well.

  116. My favorite knife is an old Sabatier that was my first “grown up” knife and remains a favorite 20 years later. I’ve been curious about this santoku style of blade and would love to give it a whirl on the chopping block.

  117. I am so sad!! πŸ™
    My daughter lost my Cutco pairing knife so sad about that!
    I used to have the sharpest knifes but when my Husband died yet another thing I miss him doing. He was a wonderful man.

  118. Marissa, I’m like you. I need my knives sharp or else they leave my kitchen. Right now I have a global knife that I use for everything. It is light and has a good grip but the one you are going to give away, and already tested by you is perfect. I do not have a small knife so this one will be a great addition.

  119. Long ago I was almost a Cutco sales rep. I took the training class, including the part where you use the scissors to turn a penny into a wire. I bailed out because I was too shy to do the direct marketing. Anyway, Cutco makes great products. Their potato masher is old-fashioned but peerless. My wife would love that santoku. Pick me, please!

  120. I hate dull knives and sharpen ours regularly but inevitably when I do my husband slices his finger badly, not realizing that he has picked up a newly sharpened blade. This has caused a dilemma for me; I want my sharp knives but we really don’t need one more grisly event with guests over for dinner. So now, I put a warning note in the knife drawer whenever I sharpen. We have had two rounds of sharpening and no more serious slices, just some nicks. Problem solved… I hope.

  121. All I have is a 3 inch knife from the dollar store and an old timer deer skinning knife, I not only would love to have this knife, I need it lol. Thanks

  122. I’m slowly upgrading my knife collection, mostly so I won’t slice my finger open again. That Cutco would make a nice addition.

  123. We’re still using our knife set from our wedding and as much as my husband sharpens them, apparently I’m really good at keeping them dull. I think it’s all the citrus, tomatoes, and other acidic foods I chop up. What can I say, I like my tart fruits πŸ™‚

  124. Before I married my husband, I used only serrated steak knives to cut everything. You see, I’d never had a good knife before and they were the sharpest knives I had. Sad, but true. I wasn’t raised that way, but somehow over the years, I learned to get by with what I had. Then I was introduced to real knives and it has changed my life in magical ways. I’d love to add to my real knife collection.

  125. I know it’s not ideal but my knife situation improved when I discovered that Raley’s sharpens knives for free. I have a couple of good knives but most are just average – which is too bad because I cook and so does my 11 year old. We are slowly gathering together a really great set of tools for her since she’s dreaming of cooking for a living.

  126. I have spent the past decade replacing my hand-me-down kitchen wares with better quality pieces, one at a times. I am now collecting great knives as my my budget permits. I have three so far and this would make a lovely addition to my collection.

  127. One year, my New Year’s resolution was to take better care of my knives – wash them properly right after using them, etc. It was the most useful New Year’s resolution I have ever made, and one of very few that actually stuck past a month or so…

  128. I have a hard time letting things go so I still have the pots, pans, and knives that I’ve had since grad school. Yes, even though the knives can’t cut butter. My husband humors me, but even I have to admit that we’re running out of room to store falling apart kitchenware!!

  129. Back in the mists of time, I actually worked for Cutco as a summer job. In the typical avon/door-to-door style, we had to buy a set of their knives (wholesale)–I’m still using them over 15 yrs later. They’re not upmarket, but they do the job, which is what a cook really wants from her knives.

  130. I’ve got a 6″ Shun I love right now. My SO was surprised how easy it made prep work since he grew up in a house that didn’t really have sharp knives. I re-learn how much it appreciate it after visiting my mom for 4 days. The woman who always proclaimed the safety and efficiency of sharp knifes has a drawer full of dull and mostly micro-serrated knives. Drove me bananas.
    Previously I had a big set that was really sharp out of the box but has been nigh unto impossible to keep that way (they were also micro-serrated… and recommended by my family). The only thing I use out of the set now is the bread knife because it’s the only one that seems to work decently.

    • I have had my 10 inch Cutco knive for 10 years, given to me by my mother in law. My brother in law used to sell them. I hid my knife so no one can find it in the kitchen so that my family wouldn’t misplace it or put in the dishwasher. It’ all mine! Well I lost it, yup no clue, I was heartbroken, my daughter bought me a set of Henckels and they are not very good, they don’t even match up to the Cutco family. Well I found my knife after 4 long months without it, I took it to someones house that I revisited this week and when I was helping in the kitchen, their it was, I asked about the knife and they told me they did not know who it belonged to. I must of taken over for the holiday season and left it their. So I decided it was too stressful to have one, so I am ordering a whole set to replace my Henckels. They fit your hand perfectly, they are always sharp, they are just beautiful!

  131. Have knives everyone has suggested…My go to knife is still a smaller chef knife for a Cambodian market in lowell,ma…holds it edge… fits a women’s hand….
    Would luv to give this one a try…looks comfortable!

  132. The knives I grew up with weren’t remarkably sharp, so when I got married and was given a set of new and extremely sharp knives it was a revelation. Now I try to make sure my knives are sharpened regularly and it is wonderful! Besides, if you look at my fingers, the scars make by sharp knives are much cleaner and not as noticeable. πŸ™‚

  133. Have a couple of Shun’s which I love, and a Global which I seem to use for everything. They get professionally sharpened once a year and that seems to do the job. This Cutco knife looks a perfect go to for dicing vegetables for salad.

  134. My amazing roommate, who has introduced me to so much about cooking and baking, is moving soon and taking her fancy knife collection with her. I would love to improve my own collection (currently one chef’s knife) with something as reliable as a Cutco knife.

  135. A well-balanced, sharp knife makes all the difference in the world when prepping food. I have a good chef’s knife, but could use other sizes. I also need to bite the bullet and learn how to sharpen knives myself.

  136. The workhorses of my kitchen are my Henkels chef’s knife and my paring knives. I should follow your example and just get rid of the rest!

  137. My knives are a very mixed bag – everything from a block of Chicago Cutlery knives I’ve had for about 25 years (and surprisingly good), to a 6″ Wusthof serrated knife my mother gave me (great for tomatoes and rolls, not so much for miche!), to a paring knife thatI don’t even know what it is, just that it works.

  138. My biggest knife disappointment is a Mac which I invested in years ago. It was briefly and beautifully sharp, but there are all these threats on the guarantee to not grind the edge and I never have, but honing it with a ceramic or magnetic rod never gets it really sharp. I need professional help.

  139. I wish I could find a great knife. It seems I always default to a serrated version. Perhaps I need to sharpen every time I use one. Is that the secret?

  140. I was known for never having a sharp knife lol. I would buy cheap ones that didn’t last and were only sharp for a little while and got dull. I didn’t know how to sharpen them so I would get more cheapies. Now I buy more expensive knifes and take care of them and sharpen them.

  141. My all-the-time knife is a Henckel’s chef knife. I use it for almost everything and I love it.

    Then I have a small Japanese knife, which does most of my other cutting. A small serrated knife that works great on tomatoes. And a bread knife, which I should really replace with a nicer one.

  142. My knife situation right now is that I love working with sharp knives, but don’t have any! I need to pull out the sharpener and stone, I guess, before the harvest season starts.

  143. My mom gives me all my knives, and she knows how to pick good ones. She gets them at TJ Maxx or estate sales, and sharpens them for me, just like my grandpa used to do for her.

  144. My dad is a chef and taught me that a good knife is worth paying for and will last your entire life. So, I’ve been using the same 3 knives, recommended by my dad, since I started cooking for myself! I love them! But, I would be thrilled to add to my quality knife collection!

  145. My knife strip is a mix bag of random knives I got for free or found at discount stores like Marshall’s & t.j maxx. My current favorite is a chefs knife by the Schmidt Brothers. My old chef knife that I got from an Asian grocery store died when the blade & wooden handle got separated. I hunted for a new knife for a few months before I finally found one that was lightweight & the perfect size for my small hands. The beautiful design was just a bonus. πŸ™‚

  146. I have also learned the value of a good sharp knife but only have a large good knife and would love to add this beaut to my kitchen. Love your blog!

  147. For the first time ever I have a knife strip instead of a knife block or a jumble in the drawer. Would be awesome to upgrade with this knife. Thanks!

  148. The knife I’m currently using was a gift from my adorable aunt Tootsie (love her). It’s not an expense knife by any means, so I have it professionally sharpened once a year and I have to sharpen it myself every other use (and I use a lot). When I’m canning I will have to stop mid-way through a batch and sharpen again. It stay’s in the knife drawer because it came from Tootsie, not because it’s a great knife. I new knife is on the very long kitchen want list (I want a lot)!

  149. I have been using Cutco knives for my entire marriage after receiving one for a wedding gift. They are spectacular knives with a company willing to back up their product! I would love to add to my collection!

  150. My brother bought me a chef’s knife when i graduated from college, before then I didn’t really know what a good knife felt like. I have small hands, so this petite knife makes me curious to know how it would feel and if it would be easier to use.

  151. I love a good knife. I’ve cooked in schools, hospitals and eateries for over 30 years and am now retired but am still picky about my knives. Less cuts with a good knife…

  152. I have a set of Cutco knives…and I absolutely LOVE them! They have stayed sharp for over 12 years, and believe me, I use them daily! I use the petite chef for just about anything! people are pretty envious when they watch me cut a watermelon. I can accomplish having the whole watermelon cut into bite size pieces in only five minutes!

  153. This looks like the perfect size knife for many uses. Just this morning I cut myself using a knife not quite suited for the task. This knife might have prevented that cut.

  154. I would LOVE to have a nice new knife that doesn’t have a handle that’s been used as a chew toy by my dogs. Plus, I’m a big fan of Cutco!

  155. I currently have a Wal-mart special knife set. Three years ago I was introduced to Cutco knives. I love them. I have a 2 3/4 in paring knife and a trimmer. Sadly those are the only two Cutco knives I own right now. I’m hoping to buy more and slowly build a full set.

  156. I so need a knife strip!!! And as far as good knives go, I only have one that I use almost daily, and all of you would laugh to find out it is a long bladed serated probably bread knife :O But it was my Mom’s, I “borrowed” it 25 yrs ago when I got married and I have as of yet failed to return it LOL She just laughs about it. As far as a straight blade knife, I have one or two, but nothing fancy and nothing really good. I have to sharpen them so much it is a wonder there is any knife left!! To get ready for canning season, I just make sure they are all sharp and away I try to go LOL

  157. I have three cutco knives although I do not have a small chef knife. I love the feel of the handle it seems as if it were made just to fit my hand. I would love to have this smaller version.

  158. That looks like a great knife! In my home, we take good care of our knives, always keeping them sharp! My only little woe is that during one of my canning afternoons, I’m fairly certain my new paring knife was accidentally thrown away with some lemons and strawberries. What a pain!

  159. I once brought my own knife to make dinner at my sister’s house because I was afraid I would hurt myself using her knives. I have one good knife, and it is a hand me down, but it is good quality and I felt more comfortable bringing that instead of using the knives I had used at her house previously!

  160. In college my best friend and I use to have “tea parties,” we would have themes and make great food and drinks. It was a margarita theme and I was chopping tomatoes for tacos and “Chinatown’ed” my own nose by tapping the wrong end of an amazing knife against my face. I was lucky and the knife was so sharp it didn’t hurt but I sure did have a GIANT slice in my face!

  161. I have two knives I used constantly–both are from Ikea of all places. I keep them sharp, unlike my mom who has knives so dull they wouldn’t cut hot butter.

  162. My favorite style of knife is the Santoku. My knives rest in an awesome holder my husband made and are sharpened by a friend who does it the old school way- with stones and a leather strap!

  163. That looks like a perfect fit for my small hands. I always have such a hard time finding perfect knives when I have hands that are closer to child sized.

  164. We made a wise investment shortly after getting married. We bought the best set of knives we could afford and boy am I glad we did! 7 years later and I am still so happy with our purchase. I would love to add another great knife to our set.

  165. If the house catches on fire I am grabbing my dogs and my chef knife. haha

    I actually take my own knives to my sister’s on vacation so I can cook.

  166. Growing up, my mother never had good knives. She has a kitchen packed to the brim with about 15 of every possible bowl, appliance, utensil, and serving tray imaginable, most of them from the 80’s, but no good knives. I became very accustomed to having to saw away at raw meat like I was taking down a red wood. The first time I used a quality, sharp knife, I finally realized that the chefs I was seeing chop up a carrot in mere seconds were not using knife magic conjured up by a culinary wizard, merely that they had good knives. And, you know, years of experience. Ever since, a quality knife has been part of my kitchen. And this one would make a lovely little addition.

  167. A few years ago I was working at a summer theater & the housing that was provided was void of any decent knives. My boyfriend picked up a knife at a local flea market so we would be able to cook proper food. The boyfriend is a keeper, but the knife he won’t let me get rid of! It’s thin & flimsy (I can curve the blade with my weak arms!) and doesn’t keep a sharp edge, but yet it still takes up space on my knife strip. I’d love to have something of a similar size to *finally* replace it!

  168. my knives are ok….the oxo set in the knife block, but…they seriously need to be sharpened. a spring cleaning chore this year maybe?

  169. These are great knifes! 25 years ago we got a set of black handled steak knives for our wedding from a friend whose mom worked there. When they got dull and were going to have them sharpened they replaced them instead, at no charge! We then bought a multi-knife set and encourage others to do so. We have another friend whose sister works there, great company, great quality!

  170. I actually just tried a ceramic knife my friend had and loved it. I’m currently searching for a great set of knives, I’m getting married the end of the year, so I figure I’ll get my high quality knives then, now I just have to decide which ones to get!

  171. I sure would love to have one of the knives you are going to give away. Everyone needs a good knife in their kitchen. Sure hope you draw me for one of the give away knives.

  172. Luckily I married a knife person. He can’t stand a dull knife in the kitchen so my knives always in good shape. I have a couple my favorite style is the Santoku: not too big not too small, just the right size.

  173. We don’t have an excess of knives around, an 8″ chef knife, 7″ chef knife (just in case there are two of us doing prep work), a bread knife, a pairing knife, 5″ utility (that I mostly use for hard cheeses) and a cleaver. My husband has been sharpening them regularly thanks the gift from a freind of an electric sharpener. I could never get him to use the steele because he hates the sound. Since having the sharpener, our knives are always in tip top shape and got quite a workout during marmalade season.

  174. My knife situation is a little ridiculous. We have 2 knife blocks, random knives and only about 3 or 4 I use in regular rotation. It’s time for a yard sale!

  175. My current cutlery situation is sad! The knives we have are the knives I bought for myself when I got my first apartment so I’m pretty sure they’re some set from Target. They’re getting dull and every time I cut meat I think, “I really need to start saving up/figuring out a way to get some new knives!” I don’t have a prep routine for canning season. I made my first batch of Meyer Lemon Jelly in January and that was my first canning experience. We just planted some tomatoes so I’m hoping to be able to try canning some of those this summer!

  176. Funny enough, my husband was watching me chop ginger this morning to add to my ginger bug, and was laughing at how much I was struggling…he’s going to take my knives to the butcher for sharpening. πŸ˜€ I need a new set of knives something fierce!

  177. We lost most of our knives when we moved a couple of years ago (we either gave them away or a box was lost somewhere along the way). We have a few knives we use regularly, but miss the variety of shapes & sizes we had before the move. The knives are being replaced little by little, but we still don’t have all the knives I’d like. This summer I plan to do quite a bit of canning & that entails lots of cutting, so this mini-santoku would be a great tool (& it could sit next to its big brother in my knife drawer).

  178. I have a set of Kuhn Rikon paring knives that I just love. They retain their sharpness and I keep one at my desk for slicing apples. They are fantastic.

  179. I have some Cutco pairing knives and the steak knives – love them! I too am ruthless about my knives, if it can’t stay sharp, it can’t stay in my kitchen!

  180. Currently I have 3 decent knifes. A chef knife, boning knife and paring knife. All 3 are different brands but trying slowly to get a good collection as I can afford them. At Christmas we stayed with my aunt and she had a wonderful set of Cutco knives. I did alot of cooking while I was there and was very impressed with her knives. Just getting started learning to can and I’m hoping for enough garden bounty to be able to really get into it this year.

  181. We have a mixed drawer of knives and two knife blocks, and, thus, a bunch of knives that work for me (petite, small-handed gal) and my husband (tall, big-handed fella), but none that work for both of us. We favor specific knives — I’m a do-it-all minimalist with just a chef’s knife, while he likes specialized knives from his time working in a restaurant kitchen. I dream of the day when we can have “just” a knife strip…

  182. I’ve been using Cutco knives since I was old enough to look over the counter and watch my mom chop veggies preparing dinner every night. As I grew older, my mother would gift me with a new Cutco knife every Christmas and birthday. When I went away to college, I had collected a wonderful set of functional and reliable cutlery. It has almost been a coming of age journey for me to collect and build my set. Cutco is a fantastic company and their knives are great. I always gear up for canning season by keeping my knives sharp and my wits even sharper! Love your blog!

  183. I love Cutco knives. I don’t keep mine on a strip, I have a nice big honey oak Cutco block. I can’t afford an entire set, so I’ve been buying them piece by piece. We also have the Cutco pizza cutter. I think our favorite piece may be the Super Shears. We buy them as wedding gifts too. I use the electric knife sharpener a couple times a year, especially before I make honey-lemon marmalade (just in time for allergy season).

  184. When I finally bought a good paring knife (Henckels 4 star) I had to threaten my husband – he has a habit of using knives as tools and all our paring knives had bent tips. So far so good and I’ve even purchased a chef knife recently.

  185. Right now we need to cull, sharpen & rebuild our knife collection. I don’t think we’ve ever gotten rid of a knife, which leaves us with every crappy knife, including ones from college that are beyond dull and not good in the first place. I don’t even know what to do with old knives, can I donate them? how do I do that (or throw them away) safely? Time to learn, I guess!

  186. I always try to focus on being careful when using my knives to avoid accidents. Last fall I canned 2 bushels of apples by making applesauce and apple butter. Coring all those apples – no mishaps! But when I went to cut up one of the few remaining apples for a snack, I managed to cut off the tip of my pinky (flesh only – healed up fine). It was not a fun experience and is a good reminder to always be careful!

  187. Right now, I’m getting by with four extremely cheap knives: a 10-inch Ikea chef’s knife (which I love), a Target “utility” knife, a paring knife, and a serrated steak knife I got for free because I bought something or other. They all do the job, but sometimes I do wish I had a smaller chef’s knife or a bread knife. I’ve also thought about learning to sharpen knives, as well as learning proper honing technique–right now I sort of wing it.

  188. Honestly…I hadn’t really planned to do anything with my knives this spring, but they could stand to be sharpened, really.

  189. my grandmother gave me my first good knife- a Henkel- when I was 18. Since that time I have understood the power of knives in the kitchen. We currently have an assortment or Japanese and European brands, but no smaller knifes. (I appropriated the one we had and took it to work for my office lunch kit).

    sharp knives are an essential part of the kitchen for us and the feel of a good knife in my hands is one of my greatest kitchen pleasures.

  190. Well, I grew up on a farm so a pocket knife is a pretty common thing to be carried, even by girls. I carried around a tiny, Swiss army style, freebie knife for so long that finally the plastic cracked and the whole thing fell apart. It made me cry….

  191. I’d like to win this knife, but it would probably be a bad idea. When I had my first apartment, my brother sent me a Wusthof chef’s knife as a housewarming gift, complete with a plastic safety guard so I wouldn’t get hurt.

    The first time I took it out of the safety guard to use it, I dropped it, sliced the tip of my finger so badly I still have a scar 20 years later, and bent the knife point.

    So, if I win one, we should all hold our breaths.

  192. Our cutlery situation is grim. Living on one non-profit salary for our entire marriage has limited our luxury purchases dramatically. (And yes, good knives ARE a luxury when things are tight.) But as my culinary skills have developed, I’ve become increasingly aware of the benefits of quality, especially with tools like these. I would love to be able to upgrade from my thrift store beginnings.

  193. I’ve been looking into upgrading a few of my knives. My santoku gets used about 90% of the time, so I’d love to try another!

  194. When I was a fairly new wife, I cut myself chopping or carving something in the kitchen (it was a long time ago, can’t remember exactly what it was). Anyway, I needed a couple of stitches. When I explained to the doctor what happened, I grouchily complained that I didn’t know how it happened when I had been using a very dull knife. He told me that people were more apt to cut themselves on dull knives than sharp ones! I have a couple of pretty good knives now, but still have one or two that need to go.

  195. I use my chief knife for everything. That one looks like a better fit for apples and smaller items. Would love to try one.

  196. When my husband and I combined households, we both already loved to cook so we each had a reasonably nice knife selection, his Henkels, mine Wusthofs. Now we have two of most shapes, so one can be at the nice man down the street who sharpens knives while it’s mate is busy working at home. Our most used knives are the 10″ chefs and the 3” paring knives. I wonder how a santuko would fit in?

  197. My knife strip is in need of this very knife. I have my 8 inchers(2 of them) but they are a bit on the heavy side. And I should probably cull some knives too. Would love one of these babies.

  198. My knife situation is very sad and hodge podge. I have some free ones that came with my parents silverwear, a couple other cheap ones my mom bought me when I graduated college, and then my one favorie Whustoff knife. I’d love to add another nice one to the mix.

  199. I’m one of those sad people that uses a serrated steak knife for most of my cutting. But that is a gorgeous knife and if I win I promise to treat it right and not put in the dishwasher.

  200. I love good knives!! they are essential for everything in the kitchen, and often out of the kitchen as well. we keep our knives as sharp as possible, and have escaped with only a few knicks and cuts on our fingers! Chopping cabbage for sourkraut? slicing cukes for pickles? pickled beets? couldn’t be done without a sharp knife!

  201. I am fussy about my knives. Keep ’em real sharp and they last a long time. Many years ago, my aunt gave me a Cutco chef’s knife and I’m still using it! Best knives ever. I have never used a santoku, looks interesting…..

  202. I really only have a couple of good knives I use. They’re pretty big, though, so I find myself reaching for the cheap, small ones I’ve purchased. I would love to have a small santoku. These look like beautiful knives. Thank you for the chance to win!

  203. I bought some Cutco knives for my son as a graduation gift. I kept one for myself, and now I wish I had more. Very reliable,and a good heft to them.

  204. My current cutlery situation is dismal, I have one knife that kinda does a good job, but I’m sure it would be on the chopping block (pun intended) if you were to see it…

  205. True story: Back in the 80s or early 90s a door to door salesman made the (terrifying) treck up our cliff-like driveway on our deadend street to try to get my parents to buy a set of Cutco knives from him. In the course of demonstrating how totally great they were, he managed to slice his hand open and needed to go to the hospital.

    My mum felt so bad about it that she bought a set of knives off of him. Twenty years later, they’re still going strong. Cutco knives are great! As long as you keep them away from the soft, meaty parts of your body.

  206. I love knives… I am odd, I don’t own a food processor. I prefer to chop, slice and dice by hand. So this knife would be a lovely addition!

  207. Our knives are a rag-tag bunch. I have a couple of the pretty colored paring knives that are so popular, a heavy cleaver I found at a yard sale, a small santoku knife that was a gift, and most of an inexpensive Martha Stewart kitchen set. Right now I am looking into having all of them professionally sharpened because it’s been awhile.

  208. I have some pampered chef knives that have sharpener cases. They have worked well but I don’t like how the sharpener cases work. Over the years they have gotten quite dull and I end up crushing and tearing most things while trying to cut.

  209. A good sharp knife makes a huge difference in food prep. — which reminds me that I need to set aside some time to sharpen every knife in my knife block!

  210. We have a large knife that we use for major chopping, and several paring knives that make up the rest of our arsenal. One smaller knife would fill in well — for those times the chopper is too big, and the paring is too small.

  211. I have a few cutco steak knives and I LOVE them! I do not have a good chef knife, just some cheap ones, so I am desperate for a good chef knife!

  212. We always make sure our knives are freshly sharpened, theres a Wustof person that comes to town and will do it. Especially the santoku!

  213. I have been using JAHenckels Twin for awhile now – 6-7years, and I’m at the point of doing research for a new exciting collection, so I sure would love to test this baby out, seems like a great quality knife! Hope you pick me πŸ™‚

  214. I would love to have this knife! I actually don’t own any quality knives at all. Growing up rural my grandmother and mother just used whatever they had. I learned to prep meals using a steak knife and a paring knife because that was what my mom knew. I only recently have started supplying my kitchen with chefs tools that make preparing meals faster and easier.

  215. My knife story might cause some cringing! πŸ™‚ I was home by myself and needed some butter but it was frozen. Instead of attempting to soften it in the microwave, I used my chef’s knife to try to cut the piece or two I needed. In so doing, I sliced into two of my fingers. I was new in town and my husband was away for the evening so I went next door and my neighbor ladies kindly took me to the emergency room, where I waited for 3 hours before getting 10 stitches across my two fingers. Moral of the story? Don’t cut frozen butter! LOL

  216. My knife story is that when my parents were first married and totally broke (seriously, they’d eat hot dog pizza because it was the only meat they could afford) they somehow were convinced to buy a complete set of Cutco. They still have it 39 years later. They love them, they’ve had a few break and have had them replaced. What was a huge issue when they were 21 and 23 is still going strong 4 decades later! It would be fun to have my own little piece of cutco.

  217. I had my husband’s set of Henckles sharpened for Christmas several years ago. I took them home and promptly used the newly sharpened scissors to cut wrapping paper for presents. A few days later, I’m searching high and low for the scissors. After a few weeks, I give up and buy a replacement pair. What do I find the following year when I pull out the wrapping supplies? Yup! The original pair of scissors! Haha!

  218. Well this will be my 1st year canning,my knives were just cheap,my husband got some from t.v. while i was away seeing my daughter,did not tell me until they came,they are showtime fivestar stainless and he keeps them sharp for me,this knife you are giving away looks like i would use it alot. thank you shirl

  219. Ooooh! This looks perfect for all those in between jobs a bit too big for the paring knife and not quite enough for the chef’s knife. My favorite knife usually gets all those jobs, but it really is more of a fileting knife. Or something.

    Don’t really have any good knife stories, except that I still have no knife strip. Why? I really don’t know.

  220. when I’m watching the chefs on TV…I’m always trying to see the brand name of the knives they are using , to no avail. i am so looking forward to a proper knife, and would like to start a collection. Possibly this will be the beginning for me.

  221. Oh, the knives! I have old ones from college that desperately need to be replaced, mixed with two actually nice ones that see all the use πŸ™‚ I need to get on replacements!

  222. Our knifes are rather pitiful. I think only a couple are really sharp. The others I only use if the two sharp ones are dull. I do have a great french knife that is great for the big things. I don’t have a knife strip. Sounds like a good idea.

  223. Funny you mentioned “knife strip”. I got one from IKEA and love it. Would love to stock it w/ some great knives.

  224. My mother doesn’t like sharp knives. I don’t think she has ever had a knife sharpened. A few years ago, I realized that she was still using the same set of knives that she purchased in the ’80s. They are dull and the wooden handles are loose. So, I started buying her knives for her birthday or Christmas. She claims to like them. I had thought she’d gotten rid of the older knives. But she hasn’t. I find them in the sink every now and then when I visit. She just can’t part with what she believes are perfectly fine knives.

  225. I bought a set of Cutco knives just before I married my husband (of almost 40 years). They didn’t offer this Santoku then, and it would be a lovely addition to my kitchen.

  226. My current situation is that I am stuck with 6 different knife sets. And that they don’t even make a complete set if you put the miss-matched handles together. I have to keep sharpening them every few months and I make sure to sharpen them again just before canning, just to make sure.

  227. My knife situation is DISMAL. They are all old and “cheap” but do cut (somewhat). I would give my eye teeth for a good, really good knife. As a senior citizen on a fixed income, there just doesn’t seem to be money in the budget for a knife of this quality. So I sit here, looking at it and thinking, I hope the person who gets it loves it as much as I would.

  228. I’ve got two chef’s knives, a smaller chef’s knife, two paring knives, a random steak knife that must be leftover from a former roommate (but comes in handy for small/soft tasks), and a great new super-sharp breadknife. I’m in need of a sharpening stone, but my usual protocol is to take the team to Fante’s every few months/as needed for sharpenings.

  229. I have a very odd assortment. A couple of Wusthof knives that I use quite a bit. A couple of serrated blades and some miscellaneous others including an entirely undistinguished steak knife that gets the most use of any of them. And a trip to the knife sharpener is in order here pretty quick.

  230. I have three knives. One small Ginsu santoku, one paring knife, one bread knife. I manage all my cooking and canning with them, and they’re currently in need of sharpening.

  231. I am still using my knives from Culinary School circa 1992, I am not familiar with Cutco, but I had a great little knife like yours and it disappeared. I’m afraid it was thrown out, which is, of course tragic. I would rather have someone steal something than throw it away, at least if someone takes it, someone gets to use it!

  232. My mother has notoriously dull knives. So when I married my husband
    made sure we had good sharp knives for the kitchen. A few years ago
    I added a santoku knife, and I always wished I had bought more. –djs

  233. My current knife situation is driving me a little crazy. I live in a house with 4 other 30-and-unders (used to be 5, but we got rid of 2 and added my boyfriend), and I haven’t dared to get nice knives because I’ve seen how badly mistreated my just-ok ones have been. My boyfriend (a chef) and I are currently planning an elaborate subterfuge whereby I FINALLY get good knives, but we pretend they’re part of his kit, and therefore off-limits to the rest of the house. Until that time, I’m going to have to make do with my poor abused knives. Anyone know how to get a huge ding (really, a bending of the metal like someone tried to cut something WAAAAAY too hard) out of a cleaver?

  234. I recently inherited a set of Zwilling J.A. Henckels 250th commemorative knives. My dad purchased them on a trip to Germany just before I was born and gave the set to my grandparents. When my grandmother passed away this fall and my mom was cleaning out the kitchen, she decided the set should come to me. The smallest knife was missing but we use the larger two all the time now. They probably need a good sharpening.

    We also love our cutco pairing knife we bought with wedding gift money.

  235. I first started using Cutco when my son sold them one summer as a summer job. That’s when I got hooked on them. My daughter says that when I die they are hers. Lol. That’s how good they are!

  236. For our wedding we received a cheap set of knifes. I have been slowly replacing them with Wusthof knives one at a time. I would love to throw a Cutco knife into the mix!

  237. Good Knives are essential is all cooking preparation, including canning. I have my favorite knife and get my husband to sharpen it with a new electric knife sharpener we bought. I would love to have a new knife to use on all my fruits I am currently using to make jams. When I was a lot younger I tried to be a salesperson for CUTCO knives but had to bail, I am not a good sales person, I want to give it all away. Can’t make any money that way. Thank you for your consideration. Cheryl

  238. Because of my Essential Tremor, most of my family insists that sharp knives will only be dangerous, however, I am constantly sneaking them into the house so I can illustrate that a sharp knife makes cutting easier for me not harder. I have a respectable bar knife because stabbing and slicing is important. And I have a semi-respectable paring knife. That’s it.

  239. 28 years ago, I met the man who would become my husband. He came with a set of Cutco knives. I had never heard of Cutco. But I still have the knives…and the man. I wouldn’t give up any of them.

  240. Love cutco…I have a pair of their shears that I can’t live without!
    I’m dying to get some knives…currently I have 3 wustofs and an old no name giant I inherited from my parents 20 years ago!

  241. I’m getting a knife strip to de-clutter and get rid of the knife block. The paring knife, bread knife, chef’s knife, etc will go up!

  242. My cutlery situation is abysmal, I have been purchasing the “disposal” knifes from Costco for longer than I care to admit. I keep telling myself that I should get a nice set but then I get overwhelmed by the decision and head back to Costco for canning season.


  243. Knife story: one time I was cutting bread at a friend’s house and sliced my thumb. It bled for several days because I refused to go to the doctor and I still have a scar from it. I’ve got an assortment of mediocre knives and am just waiting for the right knife set to come along before I upgrade!

  244. I do not have any name brand knives, nor do I have a knife strip. I have assorted knives that have gotten me through 42 years of marriage. I would love to experience a good knife. I hone the edges of my knives as needed, whether for everyday use or canning.

  245. When we got engaged, I bought my (now) husband an awesome Santuko knife. It’s always seemed a bit big to me, so I’d love to have this small one to try out. πŸ™‚

  246. I have a basic set of knives that are about 18 years old. I finally had them sharpened last year, and they were so sharp, that I kept cutting the tips of my fingers. To me, a good knife should not only be sharp, but should feel good in your hand. Mine don’t – maybe that’s the problem ( and not my clumsiness!).

  247. I have a set of knives that I got as a gift. Nothing high end, just a standard set in a handy knife block. I used to work in a fish market, and while I could filet a whole salmon like nobody’s business, I couldn’t sharpen a knife worth a darn. But, when I worked in a bagel shop and cut myself on a dull knife that slipped off the bagel and into my finger, I decided it was time to find a way to sharpen them. So, tucked beside my knife block is a little sharpening gadget that works just fine. Now, I just need to refresh my knife skills!

  248. It never ceases to amaze me how long folks are willing to grapple with poor-quality knives. One of my favorite gifts to offer as an unexpected “just because” gift is a good knife. I have been the recipient of two particularly special knives in the same tradition.

    The first was given to me years ago by a former boss and mentor. It was a Leatherman multi-tool, which might seem like an odd item to mention on a canning blog. However, that set of knives has been involved with many a back country meal, more than one hunting expedition, and plenty of wild-harvesting outings. It really is a food-related knife, in my book.

    The second is a Henkles chef knife that my sisters gave me as an engagement gift. It is embossed with two of my favorite creatures (a magpie and a limber pine), which were the emblems used in my wedding stationary, etc.

    Both knives continue to remind me of how much a simple tool can accomplish, how much a basic tool can mean, and how many memories can be created by using them.

  249. I’m currently in the market for a new knife set. I prefer block sets to magnetic strips.and have my eye on a Wusthof set. The set I currently own has seen better days;my scissors broke a few years ago and the remaining knives have rusted after being cleaned in the dishwasher. This will be my first season canning, so I’m hoping to have my new knife set before starting. There’s nothing worse than chopping fruits and veggies with a dull knife.

  250. Always looking for a good knife…I got a really nice ceramic one as a gift and it worked great for a while….until it chipped right in middle and became useless. Got a second one and the same thing happened! It’s only steel for me from now on, and this little one would be a great addition to my kitchen!

  251. Knife story. Growing up we had one really sharp knife. I thought it was sharp but it really wasn’t. It was one of my parent’s wedding presents and it was never sharpened. When I finally learned that a sharp knife is your friend in the kitchen, I went out and bought a Santoku knife. Mine is bigger than this one though. It would be nice to have a little guy to do smaller jobs.

  252. Nothing happening on my knife strip – I bought one, but couldn’t find a place to hang it that I can reach. I’m still using my butcher block with the knives inserted upside down to save the edges. My funny knife story is that after years of yearning for an offset bread knife; I finally found one on sale that fit my budget. My son stopped in and it was on my kitchen table — still in its box. I could see he was very taken with it — he’s inherited my appreciation of a good knife — so I ended up giving it to him for his birthday and pretending it was intended for him all along. I’m still looking, LOL.

  253. I have a basic chef’s knife recommended by Cook’s Illustrated – the Victoronix one for like $20. I love the weight of it, but it is pretty dull and I’m not even sure I can get it sharpened because it has little teeth. Looking to find something that can replace it, but that isn’t outrageously expensive (poor PhD student here). I’m curious how the petite knife in this post compares size-wise…

  254. I have cobbled together a bunch of knives, but none of them are really fantastic–and I’m not as skilled as need be to keep them in good shape. As I am starting to cook more, I am hoping to start over with my knife collection–and this Cutco knife would be a great beginning!

  255. My father was an amazing cook, and bought high end cookware, ingredients, and, although i didn’t realize it, very high end knives. when i went off to university, I bought a pack of seriously cheap knives, thinking knives are knives, it cant really make that much of a difference. I learned very quickly otherwise. handles broke, the blades didnt hold an edge, and even when they were sharp, they wouldn’t do the tasks i expected them to. It’ll be nice once i can afford good cookware.

  256. I think half of the fun in the kitchen comes from chopping, slicing, dicing, etc. As a young cook, my knife options are limited to 3, so this little Cutco would certainly add to the arsenal!

  257. I’m planting tomatoes and tomatillos this afternoon. I love my paring knife, but it isn’t big enough to handle that many full-grown tomatoes when I get to canning season, and my chef knives are too dull to slice tomatoes cleanly. I suppose I could get them sharpened, but a new toy is so much more fun!

  258. My son tried selling Cutco knives. I thought he presented well, but he discovered he did not like selling. I bought the Cutco clippers for yard use and loved them. Would love to have an honest-to-goodness Cutco knife!

  259. Have some good knives but not a petite beauty that is on giveaway. Mostly cook from scratch so this knife would be well used. Thanks for chance to win!

  260. I discovered Cutco by accident when I found a like new paring knife at a thrift store. It had dull edges
    but I found out Cutco will sharpen them for you for free if you just pay for mailing. Now it’s my favorite knife.

  261. All of our knives need to be sharpened but I’m too cheap to get it done professionally and too lazy to do it myself. The shame!

  262. first 40 years of my life: dull knives and “who needs one of those fancy knives anyway”
    then i get a Wusthof paring knife as a gift…

    oh, the joy of a sharp, well balanced knife.

  263. I am using Ginsu knives.. They don’t cut too well, but if I accidentally catch my finger, it’s no big deal.

  264. I was in the midst of my first year of culinary school studying pastry arts when my sweet boyfriend, Caleb, gave me my chef’s knife for our first Christmas. It was sturdy in build, and sleek in design – I was in love. During my first job in the industry, at a fine dining restaurant in a historic hotel downtown, I used my knife extensively. To chop apples for cobbler, to remove tops of radishes for amuse-bouche, and to take the root bases off of living lettuce for salads. I overheard the Chef de Cuisine discussing with the Sous Chef one day the merits of one cutlery brand over another, the brand of my knife was, apparently, less than quality, and not worthy of a purchase. I remember thinking how I loved this knife, and how angry I was that the couldn’t see what I saw in this piece of carefully crafted metal I had been given.

    My current cutlery situation has improved some, Caleb and I share a set of quality knives. I sharpen my knives when they need it, mostly, although not as much as I should. Ideally, I’d like to invest in a cleaver next in order to better combat the tough exterior of squashes.

  265. I have a few cutco knives that I got before my wedding 11 years ago – they’re used every day and still work like practically new. I loooove them!

  266. I have a nice Wusthof chefs nice that goes with me everywhere I could possibly be cooking. Too many friends/relatives with dull knives!

  267. I have a knife set from a few years back that needs some sharpening. I’d love something more professional!

  268. When we got married thehusband and I went to a local kitchen shop to try out knives and use some of that wedding money for nice knives. We bought a chef’s knife and paring knife. We also continued to use a utility knife that he bought when he was originally outfitting his kitchen. While we really like our nice knives we both continued to grab that big-box-store utility knife for most kitchen tasks. Until the day it disappeared last fall (11 years). I suspect it got buried under a pile of corn husks and dumped into the compost/yard-waste bin. And it wasn’t until after collection day that I realized what happened. I really hope no one ever got hurt by it. We’ve since replaced it with a nicer and sharper utility knife (we never were able to find another of the same brand), but it doesn’t have quite the same feel in our hands. A smaller santoku knife has been on my knife wishlist for a while, but that purchase got bumped for a replacement utility knife. I never think to sharpen my knives for canning season – but I tend to think about it/do it as I prep for thanksgiving.

  269. I have a hodgepodge of knives —some that my grandmother used and my very newest, a Cutco Petite Chef’s knife! My hubby keeps my knives sharp!

  270. I love my Cutco. I have a few items that I bought to support to support college students in part time jobs . I use the knives to slice the peaches, hull the strawberries and cut the cucumbers – all for processing into jam, freezing or pickling. My husband uses them regularly and. Is a bit hard, but love the replacement policy. Would love to try the. Petit carver. Thanks! Love your new book, picked it up in Reading Terminal market when you were there.

  271. Awe i like that! Im not a pro chopper.. But we do use Cutco at the house. My favorite is the paring knife from Cutco. Ya its small but it does what i need and its still sharp after 11 years of use..

  272. I feel like I’ve been hiding under rock. I know nothing of these knives. I must remedy the situation ASAP!!! Thank you for posting the review.

  273. When I got married last year, I used it as an opportunity to get rid of the giant block with way too many dull knives. We registered for individual knives, and maybe it’s bad luck, but I would now buy a knife off a wedding registry any time. We have four knives and I’ve yet to encounter a situation where a different knife was needed. We keep them sharp and in a nice holder that fits in a drawer. The knife blades tucked away in cork slits.

  274. My daughter sold Cutco several years ago and did really well, so
    I have several Cutco knives, but not this particular one. Thank you
    for the giveaway!

  275. I have never had a cutco knife because I have never been able to afford one. However, I have heard frommany ppeople that they are excellent! I would love to be able to have some of them. I have always bought cheap knives because it is what I can afford and that is exactly what they are…cheap! I would love to see what a good quality knife is like.

  276. Don’t have any Cutco knives, but I have gotten to the point that I know that I need some good knives. This would be a great place to start.

  277. Oh, knives. My darling husband finally decided that I needed at least a few good ones and has slowly been investing in them for me to replace the generic wood block set we were given at our wedding 20 years ago…

  278. I have one very nice knife that was given to me by a friend for Christmas, with the promise of a lifetime of sharpening, as he sharpens his own! The gift that keeps on giving, I’m so grateful!

  279. My husband often picks on me for using the same dull knife for every task. A nice sharp Cutco knife would be a great asset to my canning ventures!

  280. My husband sold Cutco, in his twenties, and did very well at it. He’s had his knife set for a good 30+ years, and they still perform well. The only damage inflicted has been to his 9″ chef knife. I left it too close the the gas cooktop and melted most of the handle off. The knife works just fine, but I’m getting him a new one.

  281. We have a small but growing number of Wusthof classics as Christmas gifts over the years but no petite ones like this Cutco so far. We make a fair number of Caprinhas and mojitos and end up using overly large knives to slice the limes usually…so this small knife will certainly come in handy:) We sharpen our knives with a simple sharpener and it works fine except once we had to send in one to a professional workshop to repair a slight bent tip (it fell point down on the ground…)

  282. It’s funny you ask…. I often have a” Needs” list going. It’s a collection of little pieces of paper of various shapes and sizes. I paper clip them together and keep them by my computer.
    On top is a 1/2 sheet of paper from my daughter with the exact knives I am needing for my “down sized life”

    I reads: #1761 Cutco Boning Knife
    Petite Chef 5″ or 7 1/2 #1729 Petite Carver Santoku

    This is the rest of the story … She left the list after her niece and nephew “my” grand children ages 12 and 17 at the time. Decided to sharpen all…yes ALL of my knives. Now I have not approached them with any kind of correction ….bcs????? I don’t know they were trying to do a good deed I suppose.
    BUT…..I am wondering what the devil they used to sharpen them.
    A muddy logging chain perhaps?

    I usually like to start off the canning season with good supplies and a clean knife! or 2.
    I would love be one of the 5 you pick for a new Cutco!


  283. I have a crappy block of knives that I got from Target for my first apartment out of college. I’d love better ones, but I’m in graduate school, so there’s not a lot of money lying around for such things. A couple years ago, I took my utility knife to a cookware store to be sharpened, and the sharpening guy took the time to tell me what a piece of crap it was. Thanks, bro! I can’t afford a better one. That’s why I’m here and not at Williams Sonoma.

  284. We mainly use 2 Global knives (pairing and chef’s) for our day-to-day cooking. We also bought an inexpensive IKEA Santoku knife for cutting things that have a rougher exterior. Surprisingly, it’s quite good!

  285. Because I didn’t know better, I used lesser knives for years from discount stores. At the Gainesville Home Show, I was intrigued by the Cutco stand. I have begun to cook more and decided to pony up to a SUPERIOR knife. So glad we stopped and got a starter pack! Love my knives.

  286. I have one wooden handled paring knife that is my work horse! Don’t know what I would do without during canning season!

  287. I have a set of Henkel knives we got for a wedding gift. I like them okay but they don’t stay sharp for a long time. I have encountered Cutco knives before and like their quality. If I could spare the change, I might invest in all Cutco over my Henkels!

  288. While living in Peoria, Illinois, my next door neighbors had their niece living with them. Janet, their niece, got a job working as a sales rep. for Cutco. She was a darling girl and came over to show us her wares.
    I bought two knives from her and a pair of kitchen scissors. Have loved them ever since!!
    Ten years later and they don’t even need to be sharpened! Love them!!

  289. I have some Pampered Chef knives, some Cutco knives, and some knives from Kohl’s or Boscov’s department stores. I definitely respect the sharpness of the Cutco knives! They are great, and I keep them hidden from the hubby so that they stay taken care of. I would definitely like more of them! My fruit peeling workhorse knife though is the $3.00 plastic knives from Pampered Chef. They are great for my hand and fingers and I have no worries about cutting myself when using them. They last a good long while before I need to replace them.

  290. Due to a number of circumstances that I will not go into here, I.have had to move 4 times in the past 1 1/2 years. In those moves, some how, most of my “good” knives have disappeared. I am thankful I hadn’t culled them in a while or I would be completely knife-less rigjt now. I am searching for great knives now. I would rather have one great knife than a drawer of “ick” ones.

  291. I’ve been cooking with dull knives for years, so I used my last bonus at work to get a chef’s knife, paring knife, and slicing knife that were recommended by America’s Test Kitchen. The 5 inch knife would be perfect for some of the smaller tasks, since the 8 inch is a little long for me sometimes. I also just got an electric knife sharpener, but I have yet to try it out….Now the next thing I need is a class on chopping technique!

  292. I have a vast selection of knives – none worth writing home about ! I Many many years ago a young handsome man was selling Cutco knives in a small rural town in Minnesota – he charmed the pants off my friend and she purchased an entire huge set in the block plus extras. It took her many years to pay off and it also interferred with a house loan her new husband and her took out – as she had fallen behind in the payments and had it at a credit agency. Her husband and her paid it off finally and got the loan . Even after all that she still says those knives were the best thing she ever purchased and all these years later are still there on her counter being used. I want to win this little baby !!!

  293. I have one knife that works alright but not great. The other knives in my collection don’t work well at all. I would love to win this knife as that is something I can’t afford at this time.

  294. I most often use a large chef’s knife, or a small paring knife. A smaller knife with leverage for a tough job would be a blessing.

  295. I love knives! I would love to learn how to make my own one day since it is such a beautiful craft. I learned about knives about 18 years ago with my first major chef job. The knives were sacred. You took great care with your knife and treated it with respect. We sharpened them on stones every week and shined them up every night when we were done with them.
    I still have my beautiful japanese knives, and I still respect them every time I use them.

    I love the small cutlery knives you are offering, very useful.

  296. These days my knives are dull, and not so great. I do need so spend some time sharpening them. A new one to try would be a welcome addition!

  297. I love my Cutco. We received it for a wedding present and after 8 years of never being sharpened (I know, I know…), they are still going strong. This would be a perfect little addition to my knife block!

  298. I have one sharp knife right now my boss gave me 2 yrs ago.Would love to have a nice set to put up on my new magnetic strip, so im waiting to get new knives to stick on it I think it makes the kitchen look chefy.. I know I made that word up…:)

  299. I purchased a set of Cutco knives in 1969 for my “Hope Chest”. Anyone remember those?? Anyway, I still have them AND use them DAILY!! I have sent them in once for sharpening and they replaced 2 knives and the scissors. They are like the day I bought them. I cannot say enough good things about Cutco knives! I would love to add this one to my collection!

  300. For some reason, I decided knives weren’t enough and bought a mandolin. I bought the safe cutting gloves, too, but they are awkward and the coating is slippery on wet items, so I took them off. Bad Idea. In capital letters. It took three weeks for my thumb to heal enough that I could go without a bandage. The mandolin just hangs there on its Ikea hook, mocking me, it’s evil stainless mouth a mere cruel slash. \ I glare back at it and take down a knife, then I shrug and turn away to slice my vegetables. “Some day”, I mutter. “Some day I’ll show that thing that I can master it.” But a fine knife is where I will always put my loyalty, and a great one is always welcome on my knife strip.

  301. I think every camper has a special knife that goes in the camp box. I have one knife that leaves my kitchen for the camp box then back to my kitchen when the camping trip is over. I have never heard of a Cutco knife but if its that good, I’d love to try one. Thanks for the blog.

  302. my story is that you need to keep your knives sharp. It is more common to cut yourself on a dull knife than a sharp one. Ask how I know.

  303. My Mom was a Cutco gal so logically so I am. Most of them lovingly gifted from my Mom. I have been lusting after this particular knife for quite a while now. I think it would be perfect for my smaller hands.

  304. I’m currently without my regular knives, including a great chefs knife from Toledo, Spain. I have found the Kuhn Rikon knives available at Amazon are both very cute (polka dots, anyone?) and highly functional as well as super economical. They keep an edge well and don’t take much honing to bring it back.

  305. We just had a mouse incident so I took it as an opportunity to purge a bunch and several knives went into the bin. I always use the same 3- even my kids do- so why keep the others. Unfortunately all the paring knives went and it occurred to me later that strawberry season will be here soon. Possibly poor planning!

  306. My husband and I actually bought ourselves a cutco knife set for our Christmas gift years ago. We love it and use the knives all the time. I think they’ve held up pretty well, considering what we put them through. Although, after processing a few hundred pounds of apples one year, my paring knife was really, really dull. My husband teases me that all I ever use is the paring knife (it is awfully handy!), so I’d love a chance to try out a new knife!

  307. My husband bought me a fantastic Kramer knife for Christmas but it is too big to do the cutting I need to do during canning season. Would love to try a cutco

  308. I always thought knives were all the same until I used a Cutco knife! Unable to afford an entire set, I have begun to slowly buy one or two Cutco knives at a time; I have even gotten them off of eBay! The other day I used my slicer to cut some bread and it cut right through the plastic cutting board the bread was on! Uh oh…note to self, always use Cutco knives on a sturdy cutting surface. The Santoku is one of the knives I do not have but would love to own!

  309. I have a couple of Henkels I like, and a decent sharpening steel. But, I definitely need to bulk up my knife collection. Most of my knives consist of a mid-level block I bought when I got my first post-college apartment 10 years ago.

  310. I do not own a knife strip and am very careful when I get a knife out of the silverware drawer.Ihave hand-me-downs from my mother. A new sharp knife would be great

  311. I regularly use two knives – a great, all-purpose knife that desperately needs sharpening (I could use a good tutorial, perhaps!) and a paring knife that does the small details. I need a knife makeover, especially since I cook so frequently!

  312. We do not have a good small knife unless you count ginkos from the 90’s?They really aren’t too bad to use in the garden;-)

  313. I am not familiar with Cutco knives but I respect your opinion so I think I will check them out for myself.I currently have a Henkel.

  314. My favorite knife is a “real” bread knife my husband got me last year. Slices up homemade bread for the fruit butters I’ve made thanks to this site!

  315. I have one good knife that I bought years ago – I could barely afford it at the time, but I knew it would make cooking much more enjoyable. I use it every day! One good knife is all it takes!

  316. In desperate need of a smaller knife like this! My smaller cutting and paring knives have been through the dishwasher one too many times (they should make the handles a different color or something so in my mad dash of ‘throwing everything in’ they would stand out!) and really need to be replaced πŸ™‚

  317. I really need new knives–mine are way too dull. I like using smaller ones a lot of the time, so this one would be great!

  318. We definitely have a favorite knife. But I got a sharpener for Christmas and now they are all at least usable. How did I live so long without a knife sharpener?

  319. I don’t own a Cutco knife but after reading all the rave reviews, wish I did. Perhaps I can win one on this awesome blog and join the ranks of Cutco lovers πŸ™‚

  320. in my kitchen there is a drawer that has a knife block built into it and I. HATE. IT. It takes up valuable drawer space, and I can’t rip it out! It’s a silly use of space in my opinion. That’s the state of my knives these days- grudgingly given a whole drawer

  321. oh my my knife situation is sad right now. My beloved Chicago Cutlery set is dull and needs sharpening. That is what I will do to get ready for summer canning season. This set was given to me by my mom years ago, it was the first real set of “real knives” that I ever had. At the time Chicago Cutlery was all the rage. These knives have lasted for over 20 years with out falling apart. Only needing a pro sharpening every couple of years, but are not holding an edge well anymore. I am drooling for a new sharp knife. My bread knife is a serrated stainless steel knife I bought at an Amish Community store in Missouri about 15 years ago…it is still going strong!

  322. it’s ironic because I’ve been using the same knives for years, some as long as 33 yrs. My husband bought an electric sharpener and just last night he sharpened two – they’re so sharp now that they sliced grape tomatoes w/o any effort at all. I’m kind of leery of using them now-they are kept in a drawer in a wooden knife holder.

  323. My Mom loved her cutco and so when I got my first place I bought myself a cutco or two. Christened them the same way my mom did… With a bunch of stitches. But I still
    Love those knives.

  324. I have a few cutco knives- my steak knives are the best! and my bread knife cuts the most ender breads with ease, without the dreaded tearing. And I’ve trained the whole family to put them back in their sheathes because they are so darn sharp πŸ™‚

  325. My knife situation is woefully inadequate. πŸ™‚ My knives are old, and they weren’t very good knives to begin with. I’m looking to replace them with good quality knives. Of course, those tend to be pricey, so I will probably do it one knife at a time.

    Thanks so much for offering this giveaway!

  326. Ah the delights of a good quality knife abound!!! I have a favorite, a cheap steak knife that works wonders on small items-thanks for all the opportunities to win fun stuff!

  327. For Valentines day each year, I give my husband a life, because we end up destroying at least one while cooking!

  328. I have some of the cutco steak knives from 1988, seriously, they would still whack off a finger if you were not careful. these are undoubtably the world’s sharpest knives.

  329. I have one good knife that I use constantly. Can not afford another. My daughter has a set of Cutco knives and I love using them when visiting her. They are excellent knives.

  330. Last Thanksgiving, we went to my sister’s house for dinner. She has a set of Cutco knives and I used one to carve the turkey and the ham. AWESOME knives!!! Unfortunately, I cannot afford anything so nice, but maybe someday. I will add Cutco to my wish list. Maybe someday……..

  331. My sister in law has a set of Cutco & she loves them! I don’t know where she got them. I’d love to have one too!

  332. The only knife story I can come up with is that I am notorious for having dull knives. I can just not get the hang of sharpening them. But I do love a good knife, especially my chef’s knife and my vintage one with the elk horn handle.

  333. Oh my knives are the worst. A set of Michael Graves from Target, about 15 years old. I have upgraded so much of my kitchen equipment, I don’t know why I haven’t yet upgraded the knives, but it is time.

  334. Many years ago (20?) I purchased a set of cutco knives and love them as much today as I did then. Have sent them in for sharpening just once. Would love to add a new one to my collection!

  335. My husband is always trying to use my good knives for opening packages, etc. Things that a good knife *should not* be used for! He has thrown knives away by accident or left them outside! I’d love to have a good knife that I can try and protect! : )

  336. My husband was helping me make cupcakes for a superbowl party a few years ago. He was chopping the chocolate and all of the sudden stopped, walked over and threw something out and went to the sink telling me he chopped the tip of his finger off. Luckily I am savvy in wound care and he healed up nicely, but he still doesn’t like that knife.

  337. My knife collection is a hodge-podge of brands. As long as I can keep them sharp – that is OK with me. A cutco knife would be quite welcome to join them!

  338. Knife story: My grandmother (age 97) has one knife that she has used since she got married in 1941. It is skinny and paper thin and exactly perfect from decades of daily use and sharpening. I hope to find a knife that I so love one day.

  339. I have a set of Rachel Ray furi knives that I hate to admit that I love. They have the soft, orange handles and a nice weight. They also keep their sharpness better than the Wustof ones I used to swear by. I also have a Cutco set of steak knives that are proudly sitting on my counter.

  340. My knife story is that I have good ones at home and we have the equivalent of dull spoons at work. I ordered a bread knife for when we have bagels. It got thrown out because people were cutting themselves. I ordered another one. It now has “warning sharp” that someone had written on the handle. I’m amazed that people are still surprised when knifes are sharp.

  341. I never realized the importance of using sharp knives until I worked at a bakery/cafΓ©, where the knives were sharpened on a weekly basis. It made such a difference! I still struggle with proper technique when slicing (apples and onions especially!) but I now realize what a difference using sharp, well-maintained knives can have. I hope to someday be able to invest in good knives for my own kitchen at home!

  342. Oh, a knife story? You want to hear about when I flew home from Germany after living their for a year with a German knife a friend had given me for my brother’s upcoming wedding? Do you also want to hear about how I forgot to pull it out of my day bag and scarily made it through one security check, only to have it detected at a second security check? And about how I negotiated my way into keeping it? It sounds like we’ll have to have a cup of coffee for that, my favorite knife story. I always use that knife when I visit my brother’s house – it survived the fiasco!

  343. I have a mish mash of knives. My daddy is a big knife guy. He picked out my first Santoku for my birthday many years back. It’s still one of my favorites!

  344. We have a pair of orange handled Rachel Ray knives that we love. My husband sharpens them on a regular schedule to keep them nice and sharp. We also have a set of Chicago cutlery, but the RR knives are the workhorses in our kitchen.

  345. I just got a new paring knife with a beautiful wood handle. Even if it’s not the right knife for the job, I can’t help but giving it a try and feeling it in my hand… and then, inevitably, grabbing a larger knife. πŸ™‚

  346. I use a paring knife on a lot of fruit I will be canning it is good enough to get the skin off and small enough that fits in my hand easily. Though I use my husbands good chopping knife which he hates but I haven’t found one that I like and cuts as good. I usually get my husband to sharpen all the knifes and get them ready. I hope to find a really good knife set one day for canning.

  347. For many years, I just used what ever knife I happened to have to do my cutting. Now, I’m finally able to invest in a few good knives. It’s amazing how much more fun it is to cook when you have the right equipment.

  348. My cutlery revelation this past year was how important knife sharpening truly is. It makes such a world of difference in cutting! There’s a great place that I go to called Seattle Knife Sharpening and they are always so quick with turn-around and are pretty cheap too, I had always assumed sharpening was something expensive to do.

  349. I have several Cutco knives that I bought from the son of a co-worker years ago. I use them daily and they prompted me to get rid of several others that weren’t worth the space they took up!

  350. We have a couple of knives saved on our Amazon wish list, and this is one! My husband’s favorite knife (an old Cuisinart from our wedding registry eight years ago) recently broke in his hand whilst cutting up some flank steak. D: Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt! Since then, we’ve been looking for something higher quality. I still like my big old Victorinox, though!

  351. We have four knives that were gifted to us some time ago. My partner is pretty good about keeping them sharpened, though I keep thinking they should go to a knife sharpener sometime! πŸ˜‰ That size looks very hand friendly – I find I tend towards smaller knives so I feel like I’m in control of the knife, not the other way around! πŸ™‚

  352. I’m not at all ruthless about ditching knives – therefore, we have quite the mish-mash of knives: his, hers, and some newer ones that I’ve bought in the past 15 years. I should go thru the drawer and cull out some to take to the thrift store.

  353. I am a butcher, so I have some very decent meat processing knives. But santoku knives are just the best for slicing veggies! I would love to add this little guy to my collection.

  354. I’ve been staying at a friends house to watch their animals and I picked up one of their knives to use and was amazed at how people can use a dull knife. Sharpening is always one of the first things I do before any big project.

  355. It was last year for my birthday that my husband bought me my first chefs knife. He’d done a ton of research and got me a really great one. It took some getting used to – as I had in fact never used a real knife – but now I can’t imagine going back to that πŸ™‚

  356. I still have the mismatched sample Cutco knives from when I was in high school and was a cutco seller for a couple months. I am not a salesperson even with a fantastic product, so that job didn’t last. But, I’m still using those knives after all these years and they are still sharp!

  357. I finally learned to hand wash my knives as the dishwasher banged them around. I have a Calphalon set that I’m learning to use sharp knives. Love being able to cut without force and love not loosing the sharpness so quickly.

  358. I have never really owned “good” knives…. I still sharpen the ones I have but they only last a couple years before the blade refuses to sharpen further and just becomes too dull to work with. This would be great to win! πŸ™‚

  359. My husband is a chef and he bought our son a beautiful wusthof for helping me with dinner prep. But since you’d have to be a fool to give a 4 year old a wusthof it’s the best knife that Mama has instead! ;o)

  360. I am fortunate enough to have been given a few Cutco knives as gifts from my MIL when I was newly married years ago (1987). Much to my horror, I went to use my Cutco paring knife one evening and the blade snapped right off! i contacted Cutco and asked for instructions on how to get my beloved knife replaced. It was quick and easy and I soon had my partner in the kitchen back at my fingertips! Love Love Love my Cutco paring knife! They stand by their guarantee and have wonderful customer service should you need it. My dream is to have the set of Cutco flatware…..oh to dream!

  361. I inherited a Chinese cleaver from my grandmother who used it practically everyday of her married and widow life. I already have a set of wusthof knives but kept reaching for the cleaver. Heard many stories about Santoku knives and would be interested to compare it with a 100-year old cleaver.

  362. Here’s a weird knife story. My sister once gave me as a gift a paper bag containing 15 or so knives. All dull.

  363. I have only been canning for about 5 years, with the exception of an occasional batch of jam.
    No matter what I have purchased, I end up going through knifes like they are going out of style. And now, with my older father loving his canned peaches and pears (he went through 18 quarts of peaches in 2 1/2 months on his own), I know which area I have to increase-canned peaches, pears, tomato/marinara sauce, banana peppers, apple sauce, and more…A new knife that really does what it says it’ll do would be wonderful.

  364. I have a set of Miracle Blade Knives and use them all the time. I have never owned or used a Santoku knife but, would love to have the opportunity to win one and use it.
    Thank you

  365. My favorite go to knife is the one my son gave me for Christmas, a Calphalon 3 1/2″ parer. It feels great in my hand, and makes me happy thinking of his thoughtfulness. Also getting a daily workout, on homemade bread, is a Gerber bread knife my brother gave me as a wedding gift. My other knives are too pathetic to mention. I only buy cheap knives for myself. I appreciate your review, since I know your knives get a workout.

  366. Growing up we didn’t have sharp kitchen knives. Even though it was my dad who taught me the wise words, “The most dangerous knife is a dull knife.” we didn’t keep sharp knives because a stranger might break into our home and grab one of our kitchen knives and murder us in our sleep. Hence we were safer with dull ones.
    As a teen I did ask my dad that if someone wanted to murder us wouldn’t they just bring their own knife to do the job? But no, my logic did not sway my father on his well thought out plan way to keep us all safe. And it worked, we all made it to adulthood! Although I must confess that I “murdered” many a ripe tomato with our dull knives.
    When we go visit my parents for an extended time I bring a sharp knife because I am so irritated by the same dull ones of my childhood. I gave them a set of kitchen knives about 15 years ago, strangely they “disappeared”.
    Two years ago I bought my one and only Cutco knife. I love it. At this moment I would feel honored if someone were to break into my house and get me in the night with such a fine weapon of choice. As a sharp knife owner it is a risk I willingly take every single night.

  367. I have only recently started canning and am completely hooked! I actually own a small set of Cutco knives (my cousin was selling and i had to support πŸ™‚ and would love to add the petite santoku to my collection! I prepare for canning season by slowly accumulating supplies and collecting them in a cardboard box. that way everything is in one place when i am ready to use them!

  368. I have recently split from my soon-to-be ex and my kitchen is paltry. A good knife would make a world of difference in my food preparation!!

  369. Canning season – there’s a canning season?? I can all year round and will be using your new book (got it last weekend and love it) to do even more. My knife story is that I bought a portable knife sharpener a few years ago and in addition to using it often at home, I take it with me when we go on vacation and stay in a rental condo so I can sharpen all the knives in my rental kitchen. Hate cooking with dull knives!!

  370. I have a serrated utility knife that is my favorite for canning prep. The teeth help it cut through soft skins on tomatoes, peaches, etc.

  371. Oh I have a large Santoku and its my favorite. I can think of so many prep uses for this petite version. Fingers crossed

  372. Well…. I bought a set of knives with gift cards for my wedding…. they were AWFUL. I returned them within 6mths because of rusting. I was so disappointed!! So I don’t have a set of knives. I have a large chef’s knife from Pampered Chef & a smaller multi use knife also from Pampered Chef. I am desperate for a new set of knives. I do attempt to sharpen my 2 lucky knives before. I’ll never forget praying for a sharp knife after a season of attempting candied orange peels….. And I don’t have a knife strip, or a knife block for that matter.

  373. I just recently purchased my first Cutco knives in February, and I LOVE them. I only started out with 3 kitchen knives and pair of scissors and the veggie peeler. My husband got the fishing filet and deer knife with his name engraved. Would love to add more to my starter collection! Going to slowly replace my old knives as I can.

  374. Hello,

    I have two Cutco serated knives that I really like for bread (long one) and tomatoes, etc (short one). I also have a trusty chef’s knife that I have had since school days. This short knife looks like it would fill in a blank on my knife rack. Thanks!

  375. We only have one Cutco knife but it’s great – so sharp! We got a Calphalon set as a wedding gift but I really only ever use one because it’s the only one my husband keeps sharp for me.

  376. I have a couple of chef knives I love, and I try to keep them sharp. When I visit my parents, the only sharp knife is a small paring one, and I kvetch about missing my good knives. It’s hard to break down protein with a paring knife!

  377. I have a few nice knives that are never sharp enough. I love a sharp knife, I have a good sharpener, and I just need to be more consistent.

  378. The first time I used my husband-to-be’s bread knife, I cut myself badly. It was so sharp and I was definitely *not* used to that…

    We’ll have been married 24 years in June, and he still keeps my knives sharpened πŸ™‚

  379. My current knife situation is a travesty of Ikea and hand-me-downs. I am researching knives currently to replace my entire haphazard collection. This could be a great start!

  380. I try to keep all my knives sharp – sharp knives are safer to use than dull knives. But my current knives are all older and nothing to brag about.

  381. My SO and I have the remains of a cheap block of knives as well as the better knives we are slowly replacing the cheap ones with. The better knives consist of two Victorinox chef’s knives (a larger and a smaller) and a Global paring knife. It’s not a bad set up, but I get googly-eyed over nice new knives like this one!

  382. My husband and I own one Cutco knife, it is our go-to. We are currently working on replacing the rest of our knives, with higher quality cutlery. The Santoku would be a welcome addition to our kitchen.

  383. This post is an inspiration as I hang on to crappy knives because I like to have alternatives when my husband is using the good ones or they are dirty so I have backups for a few different ones. The crappy ones must go! Also, I love my purple paring knife.

  384. My favorite knife stories all have to do with teaching knife skills to hundreds of youth and adults through the Urban Nutrition Initiative in West Philadelphia. It is always a pleasure to share new techniques with people and see the smile on their face as cooking becomes more accessible and fun.

  385. Wow, that’s a beautiful knife! I plan on splurging on a professional knife sharpening very soon for our eclectic collection of knives. A sharp knife is a pleasure!

  386. I splurged (kind of) a few years back to get good paring, bread, and chef knives. I never went back! So nice to have a nice, sturdy, sharp knife in the house!

  387. When my wife and I got married,we were gaven some Cutco knives.After all this time ,they are still the best knives i own. I wont buy any other brand

  388. I’m going to sound like the oldest one here. ;o) I’ve had my cherished set of Cutco knives for about 50 years (before I was married) and love them! Bought them from a door to door salesman and my ‘husband to be’ and parents thought I was out of my mind but I’ve never been sorry. The only problem I had was with one knife (just a bit bigger than the paring knife) that I used only once or twice when the blade snapped in half, but I just never got around to contacting Cutco to see if they would replace it. However, I have always taken good care of the knives and love the way they fit my small hand. They still look good and do tend to stay sharp. Get them ready for canning season? They’re always ready, unlike a couple other knives that need frequent sharpening.

    It would be wonderful having that little Santoku and know it would get a lot of use, as I spend lots of time in the kitchen chopping and preparing all our fresh food.

    Thanks to you and Cutco for the opportunity to win this one.

  389. I have to be honest and say my knife skills and collection are apparently subpar. My husband and coworkers look on with fear whenever I use one although I have never cut myself (luckily). So recently it has become my hubbys personal mission to teach me how to use knives properly and get me “adult” knives when I stop bein stubborn over price lol. For now I just abuse the heck out of my little kuhn rikon paring knife, which has turned into my work horse.

  390. We had a broad-bladed but thin knife that was the best for cutting thin slices of cheese & vegetables. Sadly, it disappeared a few years ago, & I still to find an adequate replacement. Perhaps a Cutco knife would fit the bill!

  391. Knives? Yeah right. I do not have anything that even resembles a professional knife. What I have is cutlery mismatch from whatever household I moved from last. I think either OXO or SUNBEAM is the go to brands that I own. So anything in the realm you are offering would be fantabulous!

  392. I spurlged several years ago and invested in a set of knives. However, I realized recently that I don’t own a good knife for chopping…I could really use this knife. Β 

  393. I have two knives I use for just about everything…one serrated and a regular chef knife. I love the looks of this one!

  394. I have a small set of white handled Cutco knives,love them. Little santoku would be a great addition.My mother-in -law taught me the importance of good quality sharp knives.inherited a few of her favorites,miss her πŸ™

  395. When I married my husband, I’d never encountered a decent knife. He had a couple of excellent ones which we still use, and that was a revelation. We still have a pretty terse collection, but I adore everyone of them.

  396. My Cutco knives are so sharp…….that I have cut my fingers — one on each hand in the last two days!! Well actually my right thumb and my second finger on left hand. Cutting a tomato today and yesterday cutting an orange. My knives are wonderful…..Now if only someone would invent a band aid that would not wash off almost as soon as you apply it!!!

  397. In the spring, I always ask my husband to sharpen our knives so they are ready for canning! However, ours are bigger and this one seems to be a great size for fruit!

  398. My daughter in law is replacing my knives with cutco. She is a firm believer in them and now I am too. So far she has given me 5. This one would be a wonderful addition.

  399. my current most used knife is a $4 slightly petite cleaver kinda thing i picked up at a chinese grocery. i have been using it for about a year now, just honing it and it is at the point where it needs a real sharpening. this cutco knife looks to be the knife of my dreams! the shape and size is super appealing. I go to this old been there forever italian shop to get my knives sharpened. thank for a blog that is a huge inspiration to me in my canning endeavors.

  400. Couldnt be without my 8″ furi knife from Australia or my Victorinox tomato knife. I have travelled all over the world with these two staples but this cutey looks to be a great complement to my trusty workhorses!

  401. My favorite knife is a Japanese nakiri bocho (vegetable knife). It first belonged to my awesome former roommate–it was a present from her mom. When she moved out, I asked her mom where she’d gotten it because I liked it so much I wanted my own, and her mom bought her another one and let me keep the original!

  402. My knife set was my Great Uncle George’s. He was a great cook and his daughter thought I would carry on the tradition. They are Chicago Cutlery with wood handles that are so soft and worn from use. I love them, but sometimes it hard having sentimental cookware because I get over protective of them and am afraid that my sharpening skills are going to mess them up.

  403. Both my husband & I sold Cutco for very short periods of time long before we became a couple. We both kept out sales kits, so we now own two sets of the same knives. I won’t let either go! I will only add to our collection; we use the knives so much I even pack up a set very carefully to travel with us on camping trips rather than use something cheaper and smaller but less effective.

  404. When I married in 1965, my husband had been selling Cutco, so as a wedding gift to me, he gave me his demonstration set which included a set of the knives and kitchen tools. I have treasured them throughout all these years. I loved the scissors, but when they were lost in the years when my children were growing up, I simply couldn’t find them until one day as I was digging in my yard to put in a new flower bed, there I found the scissors. Of course they were rusty so I tried cleaning them up to no avail. But then I remembered that I could send them in so I thought I would do that. Shortly thereafter, I received a new pair of scissors, along with repair and replacement of a few knives that I sent in. I love my Cutco and have used it all throughout the years (they’ve outlasted the husband), but I do not have this petite santoku.

  405. I was given a Japanese knife as a wedding present, and it is now my go-to knife. I bet the santoku is also incredibly useful.

  406. My most recent knife acquisition was an Ulu knife from Anchorage with a rounded bowl-like cutting board that fits the rounded blade. Nice for chopping herbs and runaway items like nuts. I think the Santoku and the Ulu would be good chopping buddies.

  407. I’ve had my cherished set of Cutco knives for about 18 years and love them! Bought them from a door to door salesman and my husband thought I was crazy; but I’ve never been sorry. Nor has he. The only problem I had was the paring knife, that I use all the time, the blade tip broke off. However, I just never got around to sending it back to Cutco to see if they would replace it. I have always taken good care of the knives and love the way they fit my hands. They still look good and do tend to stay sharp. I’m new to canning so it would be wonderful having that little Santoku and I know it would get a lot of use, as I spend lots of time in the kitchen chopping and preparing food for a family of seven.

    Thank you and Cutco for the opportunity to win this one.

  408. I have some Cutco knives and I love them. I’ve been wanting to play with a santoko for quite a while now, but just haven’t gotten my hands on one. I almost ordered one last year, but ended up with a carver instead. I originally had an inexpensive set of knives that my future husband gave me, and I have been slowly replacing them over the years as they fall apart.

  409. Several years ago my daughter sold Cutco knives to help pay her way through college. I bought a few to help her get started, not realizing how incredible they really are! There really is no better knife (at least that I’ve tried). I can’t imagine cooking without them now. I’ve never tried using the santoku, but I can imagine so many uses for it!

  410. I’m on a perpetual quest to find decent knives. I’ve paid a lot and a little and still haven’t found the right knife for me. Maybe this will be a good intro to Cutco.

  411. I have a set of Old Hickory knives given to me by my parents 30 years ago. I also have a few Cutco knives that I like. I have been wanting a Santoko to add to my kitchen knife collection.

  412. I’ve never used Cutco knives but am excited to read your post and learn some new information. The knives that I currently use have become extremely dull and are really no help to me in the kitchen. I’ve tried to sharpen them to no avail and am definitely ready for a new set that will last.

  413. My job requires us to move quite a bit, but this current rental has one of those lovely magnatized knife strips by the sink. I had always wanted one of those and to my delight… there it was. On it I have six knives beautifuly arranged. 4 are paring knives that came with matching pliable cutting boards, one of which my husband intentionally broke for some reason that made sense to him at the time. One is a chef knife and one small chef knife. While they aren’t fancy by any means, they are what I have and I feel terrible saying anything negative about them. I bought them from Target 4 or 5 years ago maybe and every once in a while I ask the hubby to sharpen them and bask in the cutting delight of their temporary sharpness.

    I cook a lot. And this year is the first for gardening in our current location. I have high hopes and lofty dreams for canning. Potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, beats… The beauties that are my current knives will do the job if they have to, I’m sure, but I can just picture the works of my hands and the sharp study CUTCO… To be honest it was only a few weeks ago that I even heard of CUTCO. I’m moving up in the culinary world folks, moving up!

  414. I have a couple of Henckel’s knives that I love, including a larger santoku, but have failed to round out my set. My small knives are all, in fact, quite terrible. Would love to add this one to my collection, as several friends swear by Cutco.

  415. I LOVE Cutco knives! I purchased a complete set for my mom in 1989 and inherited them when she passed away in 2009. This set included knives, cooking spoons, fork, wisk, and knife holder. They are still sharp and in great shape. If I had a problem with them they always took care of it immediately. Would love to have this additional piece.

  416. I must always have sharp knives. I grew up spoiled. My dad worked at a meat packing plant while his brother served in the Korean War. During his time there, he perfected his skill at sharpening knives. Now, If my knife gets too dull, I have to grab another until I can either bring it home to Dad, or sharpen it myself (I don’t do as good a job as he does.) I would love to try a Cutco knife, since I have heard such good things about them.

  417. My most often used knives, believe it or not, are my stainless steel serrated steak knives. I use them for everything: steak (obviously), cutting tomatoes, cheese, bread, all sorts of other random things. I’ve never used a Cutco knife before!

  418. Sigh, I’m sad to say that I don’t have a good knife story. Or a bad knife story. It’s just that all the knives I’ve ever had have been unmemorable. It’s only been in the last few years, since I took up cooking and baking seriously, that I’ve realized the importance of a good knife. So pick me, pick me! I would love to win a Cutco knife and begin to make happy memories!

  419. My knife situation is not a happy one. The knives I got for my wedding (11 years ago!) were crap. The replacement ones I have are also pretty. Truth is, I either need to win some nice knives or fork out the money to get good ones. πŸ™‚

  420. My favorite knife story is probably from college, when I had exactly two knives to my name (one of which is still the most used knife in my kitchen today, and happens to be a santoku). The non-santoku was a cheap knife with a plastic handle and a plastic sheath, which was a huge reason for me picking this cheapie up, because I liked the idea of having something to store the thing in which would prevent people from getting cut. (Guys, in particular, had a habit of coming into my suite’s kitchen and somehow accidentally getting cut by my knives. ONLY my knives, never any of the other ones, and almost exclusively when I wasn’t around. It was odd.)

    Anyhow, a friend who was unfamiliar with my cooking gear came over one evening and we were going to make dinner together, and she asked me for a knife. I handed her the plastic-sheathed one and she looked at me like I had just tried to pull a prank on her. “How about a REAL one?” she asked, so I pulled the sheath off and we both had a good laugh πŸ˜› I have a wooden-sheathed one now in my kitchen, purchased while on travel (sheaths are useful!), and when she comes to visit me, I totally plan to hand her that knife when we cook something together πŸ˜€

  421. My knife collection could be compared to fruit salad … A bit if everything. My husband loves his Cutco camping knives which are now around 40 years old. I would love to try one for kitchen work!

  422. The knife I use most often when canning is my paring knife because I like to sit at the table to prep my fruit and veg. It is a breeze to sharpen so it is very easy to get it ready for canning season.

  423. I’m not familiar with Cutco knives – would love to try one. My dad always said that the best thing to do for a knife was to keep it sharp. I’ve gotten better at that, but still never feel like my knives are sharp enough. I did finally give up and bought a fairly inexpensive and small serrated edge knife for cutting tomatoes – I was always taught that this was cheating, but I love it. I’m 57 – it’s probably OK to go against my dad’s knife teachings occasionally, right?

  424. i love sharp knives … There’s a knife-sharpening guy who comes around in a van from time to time…ringing his bell to announce himself outside our apartment building…and he keeps our one good knife in working order!

  425. I use my inexpensive Victorianox chefs knife for about everything, keeping it sharp is my main task. Would be great to have a little diversity!

  426. A good sharp knife of the right size for the task is a joy. My favorite is an old carbon steel one because it keeps a finer, sharper edge than the stainless ones. Still I like to have choices. And this Cutco one looks like it would be terrific to add to my collection. Then I can throw out the duds.

  427. When it comes to knives my mother and I have never agreed. I tend to buy the cheapest i can find and sharpen constantly while she has her favorite few that have lasted decades. It’s currently the only thing we fight about. She’s right (as usual) but I doubt I will ever actually bring myself to purchase a knife that will last long enough to become a favorite.

  428. I was a college student studying abroad in the UK, and I met a man who worked as a sous chef in a restaurant. I remember a story that he told about giving one of his buddies a cheese knife as a wedding present. At the time, I wasn’t impressed by his present because I didn’t know that good knives could cost much more than the cheap paring knives I had purchased for $1.99 at the local box store. He just said it looked really cool. Since then, I have looked at really nice knife sets and yes, those cheese knives are pretty cool.
    Unfortunately, my knives at home are either from Ikea or from the Asian market. They are definitely not wedding present worthy.

  429. Many years ago my brother sold cutco knives and somehow I wound up with *one* serrated steak knife that I adore to this day. It is a total workhorse and a great knife — I want more cutco, but haven’t yet mustered up talking w/ a rep to make it happen. Perhaps I should.

  430. Well made sharp knives that are lightweight and easy to use are also the safest knives there can be.

    The older I get the more ‘knife skills’ elude me and the more I reach for one with a shorter blade. This one looks great and can hang right next to the small cleaver that has recently become one of the first to grab. ;>

  431. My current cutlery situation is a bit haphazard. We still have most of the mid-level set that came with the knife block we got over a decade ago, but they’re… well, they’re not great knives. (Also, for the life of me I cannot get my husband to recognize the difference between a bread knife and a carving knife. They’re both long and serrated, so he thinks they’re interchangeable.) My best knife is a ceramic blade–but while I love it, ceramic has the disadvantage of chipping…

  432. When I first started cooking in the kitchen, I didn’t use a professional knife — needless to say it took a long time to chop…I decided to invest in a Wustoff Santoku knife. It revolutionized the way I cook. I have since purchased others. There is magic in owning a great knife or several great knives in the kitchen, especially for those of us who cook up a storm.


  433. I have used many knives over the years, and I still favor my Gerber knife now going on over 40 years. The handle that was clad with wood has cracked, but it has been a workhorse and a steady friend!

  434. I have one “good” knife, a J.A. Henckels International 8″ chef’s knife. I use it for almost everything. Well, that knife and my kitchen shears. And a cheapo bread knife. I also have a lower-end J.A. Henckels 8-piece knife block set, but I rarely use any of the knives in it.

    My good knife lives in the dish drainer. Every time I use it, I wash it and put it in the drainer, and there it sits until I need it again, which is pretty much every day.

    I’ve been really curious about how a Santoku knife would work, and this little Cutco gem is a beauty! Thanks for the chance to win it.

  435. I love Cutco knives. I sold them one summer while in college. That was back in 1981, so my knives are 33 years old. I still use my demo set from those selling days.They were sharpened once in 2002 which Cutco made super easy and pleasant. They stay sharp a long , long time, you can’t break them with full tang blades, they are very comfortable to hold with their uniquely molded handles. The handles are made out of bowling ball material, so they’re virtually indestructible. I have never seen the petite santuko knife but can relate to your new found love of this little Cutco gem. They are a great company with a great line of products! Go Cutco!

    My best regards,


  436. I just got a new knife set for Christmas from my mom, but still use my stainless one I have had for years because it works so much better. My hubby and I fight over it when we cook together, lol.

  437. Once upon a time, my boyfriend sold Cutco knives! He only stuck with the company for a few short weeks, but my family and I bought a few of their knives and, 4 years later, we still love them! I don’t have this particular knife, so I would love to add it to my collection!

  438. I have a set of Cutco knives and I use one or more daily. However, I do not have the Petite Santoku knife. The trimmer is one of my all-time favorites!! I also really like the spreader for cutting sandwiches.

  439. I had our knives professionally sharpened for the first time recently. What a difference! We’ve got lots of different kinds–Global, Wusthof, etc.

  440. I do not have a knife story to share, This summer will be my fist year canning, so to start I CAN use any helpful information and tools for new beginners to canning.

  441. Most of my knives are 1944 hand me downs from my mother. I don’t have the heart to get rid of them. I do have a few Henkels. I use my father’s knife sharpener, also from 1944. When my slicing becomes dangerous for me, I get out the sharpener for an afternoon of grinding. I would much rather be prepping for a new recipe. I’m sure my kitchen time would be more productive with a good set of knives, but I love thinking about my parents when I pull out their old utensils.

  442. My knives are my mother’s, which are tried and true from the 50s – a Santoku knife was not in her repertoire (nor was teaching me how to can!) but the shape and size of it looks like a very handy knife to be using.

  443. I hosted a party for my son’s friend who was a new salesman for Cutco and needed the practice. The knife I purchased was a big serrated bread knife which I have been using almost every day since that party fifteen years ago and it’s still sharp. Not sure why I never purchased another Cutco knife because it was the best one in my drawer. Would love to add this one though

  444. I currently have a set of Cutco knives and I love them! Even though we have them, my husband really wanted a Santoku knife as he like to cook so for our 1st anniversary I got him a Wustof 7″ Santoku and it is the go to knife that we use when preparing our meals. The petite santoku would make a great addition to our set.

  445. I have a sharpening stone and a chef’s knife, but have yet to bring the two together. I’ve been relying on a steel, but have learned recently that a steel is not enough. I’ll be looking carefully into the task of sharpening this vital knife on my stone.
    At a local restaurant, I recently saw a chef sharpening an all-purpose knife on a bread knife taking the place of a steel. I asked about this and was told it’s a viable method when a steel is not available.

  446. I use Chicago Cutlery that I have had for almost 26 years. They don’t show their age for I have taken good care of them. I sharpen them with a knife sharpener quite often.

  447. What is happening on my knife strip is dismal these days. I have a number of knives that REALLY need to be sharpened, and I know a place that sharpens them, but it’s not even close to my path to and from work so I never get there. They’re good knives, though, so even in their current neglected state I enjoy them.

  448. I inherited some fabulous german stainless knives from my grandmother from the 1960’s… with a little sharpening here and there they work better than some of the expensive knives I have purchased in recent years!

  449. My husband does all the cooking and he is definitely a one knife man! He likes a large knife for everything, but I love a smaller knife and use them quite often. Mostly while he stands by and scoffs at my “baby” knife..LOL

  450. I use my Anolon chef’s knife that I love and it cost me under $30! In fact, I gave my son my “big name” chef’s knife and kept this one when he needed a knife for his new apartment lol. I would love to have a smaller knife to use as I just use the big one for everything.

  451. I gradually have been added Wustoff knives to our set — we keep trying to find a good holder — the typically wooden one is hard to clean.

  452. I love my full-sized Santoku knife. It is my go to knife along with our Victorinox serated knife which gets used for bread and meats. Shopping for a handsome magnetic knife rack to keep them handy.

  453. As an avid canner of everything in sizes from half pints to quarts, I’m using my knives often. I keep buying new sets hoping that *this* time, I won’t have to sharpen one every time I need to slice a tomato without squishing it. (I’ve gone through 2 sharpeners so far). If this Cutco knife will keep it’s blade more than a few uses, than I am the girl for it!

  454. As much as I have always been a foodie, it was during my macrobiotic days (35 years ago) that I learned my knife skills. It was with my trusty Mac knife that I learned the best techniques for the preparation of vegetables and fruits. I still have my Mac knife although it doesn’t have quite the same straight edge after many years of use and repeated sharpening. I love the look of the Cutco and it reminds me of the hand feel of my Mac knife. In 2011, I became certified as a Master Food Preserver which greatly rekindled my interest in canning, dehydrating and fermenting. For all of these purposes, I would be delighted to have a Petite Santoku to join me in my food adventures. By the way, I love your fermented radish recipe.

  455. I love Cutco! Though I only have a few pieces. At this point I use old knives we inherited from family. My husband sharpens them for me each time I start a canning session. He’s the best!

  456. I’m late to the game of fine cooking and kitchen utensils. Now that my kids are college-age, I am able to take the time to enjoy cooking and canning so much because it’s both relaxing and fun, not to mention better for you and less expensive. That said, I would love to add to my very small collection of knives. Cutco knives have a great reputation where I live!

  457. I have one Cutco knife and it is truly my favorite.It is so sharp. The rest of my knives are in awful condition but I do not know what to buy!

  458. Well, I lost my Cutcos in a divorce (I was able to sneak the potato peeler). Since then, I’ve gotten happily re-married and we have a good set of knives. But, I sure would love to have that Cutco Petite Chef back in my hands!

  459. I have had a serrated slicing Cutco knife that I have had for thirty years and just love it. I would love to have a smaller one for smaller jobs. Would recommend these knives to anyone. I hope you pick me.

  460. My knives are Farberware and old. They don’t do a very good job anymore, so you can see I would LOVE a Cutco knife! Thanks for the give-a-way!

  461. I have a few ceramic knives, but the ones we have relied on and have used since 1976, repeat 1976, are Cutco knives. I have added a couple of knives to it over the years, once I realized they were still in business. My original collection would cost a couple of thousand dollars today, amazing! More amazing is that they work great and I haven’t even had them sharpened through them. I didn’t realize they did that until the last knife purchase when the guy told me.

    I don’t have this type of knife that is being given away. I have looked for it and didn’t realize Cutco is selling it. I would love it!

  462. I have never owned a cutco knife/scissor /etc. While on vacation with a few girlfriends, they were all talking about their cutco knives. I have Henkels, like them a lot but have had a few problems. Would love to win a cutco knife to see what they were all raving about!(who wouldn’t)

  463. I currently have two cutco knives and that pretty much sums up what I count as knives. I have a 9″ carver and a trimmer. I typically use the trimmer for all my food prep needs. Both are in bad need of a sharpening. I have told my husband that whenever he needs ideas on what to get me for birthdays or anniversaries, etc., cutco is a great option! Incidentally, I saw your food in jars book in cost plus yesterday. Congratulations!

  464. what a nice offer, thank you… knife magnet has a bread knife, a chef’s knife and a paring knife…..all are quite aged and in need of attention……….cutco has such a great reputation for sharp knives and I have never used one and would love to try this little fellow out………especially for cutting down all the littles one needs for canning……X0

  465. I have several knives….but my favorite is a mid range chef’s knife I bought at restaurant depot last year. I just ordered a knife sharpener for my classroom (one that was suggested in Cooks Illustrated) and will be sharpening all my knives before canning season starts!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  466. I would love to try a cutco knife, I have never used one but have heard so many people say how wonderful they are that it would be a real treat to get a chance to see for myself πŸ™‚

  467. I LOVE my Cutcos! My favorite perk is that they will come to your home and sharpen them once a year! You will be amazed at how dull your knives get in a year. Just be careful after they are restored to their former glory.

  468. Years ago my husband presented me with a new knife block full of Chicago knives. I was sooo excited as they were definitely better than what I had. So, here I am…40 years later and those Chicago knives (I still have them) just don’t seem to keep their edge like they used to. The only knife I have that I wouldn’t trade for anything is my little Victorinox 3″ parer.

  469. I love when food makes memories and there is not better memories than with my Opinel knife from France which I take with me on hikes and trips. Love!

  470. Current knife situation, all thrift shop knives that I’ve had to rehabilitate. Sure could use a quality santoku!

  471. My parents had Cutco knives.They used them for years and they are still being used. I can still picture our dog running out to the kitchen for his little scarp of meat when he heard the knife sharpener! I’m trying to keep my assorted knives sharp by having my husband sharpen them in his shop every once in a while.

  472. I’m a college student, and so far all the knives I have are ones old roommates left behind, which work in a pinch. I’m definitely hoping I can get my own knife set soon though, since I don’t have anywehre to store my knives at the moment.

  473. Oh gosh, my knife situation is embarrassing. My favorite Henckels knife lost its tip many Halloweens ago while my ex was carving a pumpkin. Since then I’ve substituted with a hand-me-down Ikea knife. It gets the job done, but is no work of art. Smaller knives are also Henckels., which I get sharpened periodically at the local fabric store when the Knife Sharpener Guy comes through. I’d love to try a cutco knife, and I sorely need to upgrade my tools!

  474. I could use a new knife for sure! I have been through so many! right now i am using pampered chef knifes and while they are “ok”, i need something more reliable and sturdy! If Cutco works out i will be buying more to round out a decent set!

  475. I have such a hodge podge set of knives that it would be lovely to have some quality ones. Thanks for the opportunity!

  476. Looks like an outstanding knife !! Our knives are so old… i don’t even know what they are ! I’m hoping I can get one of these …. just in time for gardening and canning season to begin !

  477. Every day I am using a sharp knife to cut up fruits and veg for the kids, and at night we’re often cutting apples and cheese for us adults. I’d love to add another fabulous knife to our collection!

  478. When I was in high school a friend of mine sold Cutco knives as a summer job. He came over to our house one evening when my grandmother was visiting from Arizona, and did his best to convince my mother. Grandma really liked the kitchen shears on her arthritic hands, but declined to purchase them. So my mother purchased two pairs and gave one to Grandma. But she wouldn’t take them until she had given my mother a penny to “pay” for them. “You must never give a sharp object as a present or it will sever the friendship,” she told me very seriously. “You must pay for it, even a penny.”

  479. My current cutlery situation is just a few Rachael Ray knives. They are ‘just’ ok. I have a real nice sharpener to get my knives ready for canning season.I really do need some “GOOD” knives.
    Cool giveaway,

  480. I have had Cutco knives since the early 1970’s. I love, love, love them! They are the best knives I’ve ever used and I, too, love that I can call and someone will come to my home to sharpen them once a year. My husband keeps a good edge on the straight edge blades, but we leave it to the professionals to sharpen the serrated edges. They have become a bit pricey, but I purchased a set for my oldest son when he got married, and will also purchase a set for my youngest son when he gets married. They are a very worthwhile investment.

    My husband had one time taken the smallest knife and used it to poke at something in a blender. Needless to say, he broke the very tip off of the knife because the blender blade caught the tip and hacked it off. I contacted Cutco, sent the knife back to them, and they were going to replace it with the newer model, which was longer. I told them I didn’t want the longer knife that I wanted the original knife. They filed the tip down, sharpened it, and mailed it back to me. Love that little knife! So you can also get your knives repaired and/or replaced if need be. Very good company!

  481. I have umpteen knives that are mostly useless because they did not stay sharp as advertised (you know when it says never needs sharpening). I have one knife that stores in its own sharpener. When you remove it or insert it, it supposedly runs over a sharpener. To a degree, it does that. The problem is it only does it to a very small are of the blade. I would love to win this knife.

  482. My parents have used Cutco for years. Initially it was to help a friend of mine who was selling them to earn $ for college, but it turned out that they love these knives!

    We may not be gourmet cooks, but they did teach me the importance of a good knife, and how to sharpen knives on a steel. I still remember the first time my boyfriend say me sharpening knives…the look of fear on his face was priceless! But now he understands why I do it. I currently have a set of Henkels, but someday I would like to graduate to a small, core set of even better knives. A good knife can cut your work in two (pun intended)!

  483. Knife 2 cutco that we haven’t had to sharpen and an assortment of other knives that I have collected over the years. I take them into the knife sharpener at the farmers market once a year to refresh their ability to chop the finest.

  484. I got my addition to Cutco knives about 10 years ago. Originally very skeptical. that didn’t last long! I love them and would really like to have a chance to try this petite knife.My favorite one is the paring knife but like them all. Chicago…hope you enjoyed your visit!

  485. Currently rocking a set of Henckels, which I love. However, my husband constantly hogs the Santoku, so I’d love one for me!

    Just finished my strawberry/vanilla jam from the class at the Morris Arboretum. So yummy in Greek yogurt. Now I’ll have to make some for myself. AAH!

  486. My current knife situation is a “dull” topic.. I need to take them to the Farmer’s Market like I do every year and there is a booth that sharpens them. Wonderful and not expensive. My knives are old and I sure could use a new one.
    Thanks for the giveaway..

  487. Currently I use Henckels and they get the job done. I used to sell cutco knives when I was in college and they are amazing! Everyone I sold them to tells me how much they love them even 10 years later.

  488. Two of my favorite, everyday, use-all-the-time knives are a pair of Kuhn Rikon Non-stick Colori Paring knives. They stay sharp and are just the right size for so many things – and they are colorful, which equates to happy!

  489. Oh gosh – I enjoy the knives I rec’d when I was first married, but my fav’s are the one’s I’ve picked up randomly at Homegoods! Not cool, I know – but as I learn more about the TYPES of knives I need, I do better!

  490. I have a set of Cutco serrated steak knives and they are amazingly sharp. I love them and have to admit that I use them for more than just cutting steaks. Having a Santoku would be a fantastic addition to my block of knives. Thanks again for a wonderful site.

  491. Nearly 40 years ago, when I was a poor, struggling student and budding cook, I had saved $150 to buy Christmas presents for my family and friends. Setting out to shop, I stopped in the old Hoffritz knife shop in downtown Chicago to admire, once again, the beautiful, unaffordable cutlery. Suddenly, impulsively, I bought a 12″ chef’s knife, 5″ utility knife and a French paring knife with $135 of my limited gift money. I was sweating. I have no memory of how I managed to pull off Christmas gifts that year on $15, but to this day I still use those 3 knives without regret. Even though my knife arsenal has grown considerably over the years, that 12″ chef’s knife is still my favorite… my go-to chopping knife. And those are the three knives I take with me when I travel and know I’ll be cooking.

  492. We have Henkels and a set of old carbon steels I am not allowed to touch…belongs to the hubs! He sharpens everything for me for canning season…missing a lovely little Santoku tho…would be a welcome addition to the knives I CAN use!

  493. Such a lovely set to win! They sure could have came in handy this past month. I have been busy putting up Meyer lemon curd & marmalade!

  494. My favorite knife is a paring knife I bought 45 years ago. It’s still sharp and I’ve never found another knife I would trade it for. Maybe this one…….

  495. Man, I have a few good knives, but I don’t have a good santoku knife. This would make a huge difference when making marmalade!

  496. I have this one knife that I use and have had it since I got married all those years ago (almost 41). I have since lost the other knives that go with it but continue to use this one and sharpen and use and sharpen. I would love to try a Cutco…….good luck to everyone!


  497. I have a set of Cutco steak knives that I use every day at the table. I have a Santoku knife that I use for just about everything, but it doesn’t stay sharp for very long any more. I’m a pretty good dicer but always had trouble slicing bread with an even thickness until I recently got a Victorinox bread knife.

  498. I truly love one knife that I’ve used for 20 years…. and it has peeled every potato to come through my kitchen. My honey is always collecting…. He is a Hickory man!

  499. My husband sharpens all knives in our house. He also does all the precision cutting,he says I am not precise enough. Okay by me. We have several knives but the favorite one is a chef’s knife that he keeps very sharp. Years ago I was cutting onions for dinner, the knife was not really sharp, and all of a sudden my husband heard a noise….I had dropped the knife. “How bad is it?” he said. I had cut myself deeply. He said “let’s go to the ER.” My comment was “Can it wait til after dinner?” Needless to say we went to get stitches. My husband removed the stitches in 10 days. A sharp knife is a must, less chance of hurting yourself.

  500. My knife situation currently? Baaaad! My best paring knife is one of my mother’. She had this since the 1960’s! I have 2 “chef’s” knives (using that term lightly). They are so dull I really am afraid I’ll try to cut an onion and miss. None of my knives are sharp and I don’t know how to sharpen them. Thanks for a chance to win REALLY good knives!

  501. I actually have the Cutco steak knives and love them. My knife strip is full of newly sharpened knives! Ultimately, I do cut myself, but I have gotten better and never a trip to the hospital. πŸ™‚ Thanks

  502. My son… bless his heart… got me a set of plastic rainbow knives for Christmas… =) He is 7. Sure could use another one for when he isn’t looking =)

  503. I absolutely love my Cutco knives. I bought my first one in 2005, and now have several of them. I love the way they feel in my hand (nice and balanced), and Cutco really backs them with the lifetime warranty. Right now I’ve got a chef’s knife, the veggie knife, bird’s beak peeler, cheese knife, two meat knives, and the serving set. I got them ready for canning season this year by sending them back to Cutco — two were really dull from years of use and needed to be re-sharpened, and I had dropped the bird’s beak some time ago and broken the tip off. I sent them away the day we left for vacation, and they came back the day after we got back home. Not bad service!

    I really want to get a set of their steak knives, but they are pricey.

  504. I’m entering this contest because I don’t have ANY good knives to start this new canning season. πŸ™‚ I just got my first pressure cooker, and we plan to have a large garden this year, so I’m excited to get this party started! Thank you!

  505. Hi, I am new to canning… I’ve always wanted to learn and I took a cooking class last summer so I am very much the beginner. I’ve already requested a copy of your new book for Mother’s Day. I saw a demonstration of Cutco knives a few years ago and was very impressed. I have some miscellaneous knives that a friend gave me last year when I was divorced. I would love a small, sharp knife to help with the cutting of fruits and veggies for my upcoming summer canning projects. I hope you will consider me! Thank you!

  506. I was once gifted with a medium size chefs knife from a chef I once knew who gave it to me out of his own personal collection and I use it for everything but this smaller knife will get plenty of use in my kitchen for the smaller things. Also I love the rich color of the handle!

  507. My knives are a sorry mix of old cheap knives mostly. I got a new bread knife for Christmas a couple years ago and a chef’s knife this year. My mother-in-law has Cutco and swears by them but I’ve never been able to afford them. This would really help my collection along!

  508. My dad always says, “There’s no substitute for the right tool” and this includes a good, sharp knife in the kitchen.

  509. My knives are a mess! I have an old butcher-clock set I received as a wedding gift — 20 years ago. Still, I can’t bear to part with it for sentimental reasons. It sits on my counter, unused, while I use the same single knife for everything — a great instrument I bought after a knife skills class at a local cooking school.

  510. My partner has a nice chef knife, but I tend to avoid it because it is not “mine” and it’s been with him for so long! I have been wanting something a bit smaller that can tackle everything, other than my cheap little paring knife! This little guy seems just right!

  511. I am a knife junkie. I have some favulous ones special-made from Taiwan and a couple of ancient ones bought from a good1ole-boy on a road n Kentucky. This petite santoku would fit right I with my eclectic collection.

  512. I have 1 single CutCo knife and it is my sharpest, best knife I own! Except when I cut myself with it because it makes me cry harder than any other knife! My brother was very generous and bought my husband and I part of a knife set for our wedding gift –but I would love to continue adding to it! This knife looks spectacular..thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  513. Great give away! I bought an entire set of Cutco (knives, block, cooking utensils, peeler, icecream scoop, etc….) from a gal putting herself through college….around 16 years ago. These knives LAST. I do not, however, have a Petite Santoku knife in my collection and would love one! I’ve had them sharpened by Cutco themselves but, for non-serated knives I sharpen just before I use them–every time.

  514. I have two Cutco knives that I have had for years and years, and I use them often. This petite knife, however, looks like a perfect size for so many things. Thanks for sharing them!

  515. I love CUTCO knives! We bought a set when our children were toddlers.
    We purchased a few for our daughter that is a freshman in college now!
    I’ve not seen this knife though. It’d be a fabulous addition to our set.

  516. These knives look awesome! We got transferred for half a year from Europe (job) and we live now in a small little house with just the basics, which includes dull knives. I could sure use one of those cutcos to lighten up my day! πŸ™‚

  517. I inherited a set of Cutco knives and I truly love them. I had no idea they would come to my home and sharpen them once a year but I have mailed them back to be sharpened. I would love the small sudoku knife for all of my canning needs. Here’ hoping I win.
    Thanks for helping keep canning alive!

  518. Too bad Canadians can’t enter-I’ve heard about these knives. I bet that wee santoku would blast through most anything you threw at it. Good luck everyone!

  519. Personally, I am a bit fanatic about knife safety – cut away from your body, and all that jazz.
    But my mom isn’t. And whenever I see her cutting a piece of stale baguette with a big sharp bread knife, cutting towards her palm… I always correct her.
    Also, I have only gotten cut twice from a knife, and those were both from plastic knives cutting apples.
    I find that amusing.

  520. I purchased a set of Cutco knives prior to being married in 1968, unfortunately he got custody of the knives in the divorce. When I remarried my husband had a few Cutco knives which are now over 40 years old and still in wonderful condition. I love these knives Except for the Chefs knife….it is way too large for my small hands. I would dearly love to have a small knife with which I could chop my veggies and meats.

  521. I’ve always had knives that were dull and ineffective. Then my husband takes them out to his grinder and grinds away at the blade trying to sharpen it! I’m left with a stubby, thin bladed knife that is still ineffective. Suffice it to say, I need a decent knife and would love to win one!

  522. I use the kitchen knives that were in my house growing up. I remember seeing my Dad sharpen the knives using a sharpening stick. He’d go so fast too, as a kid that amazed me.

    I’ve never mastered the sharpening stick, but I do use the knives to this day. I’ve added a few but I really need sharper knives.

    I hope I win this giveaway .

    Thank you for your Blog and all the valuable information.

  523. I have wanted new knives forever but have somehow just limped by with my mishmash of old knives. I take care of them and sharpen them but I dream of really good knives. I know that this one knife would motivate me to make my dream a reality! My fingers are crossed!!!!!!

  524. I have had the same set of knives since my college days. I bought a set of Chicago Cutlery carbon steel knives from the now defunct Vermont Bowl Mill and they have survived roommates and hard use. In Philadlephia I have taken them to Fosters when they have someone in to sharpen knives. In between uses I keep each of them in their own knife case. This little Cutco knife looks like a great little knife for cutting fruit for canning/jamming. Would love one of those babies! All of mine are big guys. Looking forward to buying your new book, soon. I enjoy your blog and started reading it in GRID magazine.

  525. I could use something new knife wise, been using the same set for years and its getting rathur dull.
    I have one fliet knife i use all the time and it never goes dull on me. Need a new chopping cutting knife for sure. Would be a blessing.
    Linda Finn

  526. My mother used Cutco knives since the 1960s and I still use hers today. I added the kitchen shears, spreaders, and table knives to my collection. i have used other brands and have found the weight and heft of the Cutco knives superior to others. The company has excellent customer service and I have never been disappointed in a purchase. A fine company with wonderful products!

  527. Many years ago I bought a set of 3 knives from a local cutlery shop. It is a true joy to have good knives. We are lucky enough to have a knife sharpener at our local farmers market so I can get my knives sharpened while buying delicious fruit for jam. I do not have a santoku knife in my toolbox yet and I think I may have found my “missing piece”.

  528. I would love to have this Cutco Petite Santoku knife! I bought a pink coated Komachi knife a few years back that is now chipping. It is also hard to sharpen with that coating.

  529. I have the mac daddy set of Cutco knives… unfortunately they are about to go the way of the divorce. My favorite cutco knife is the cheese knife, which I use mostly for avacados. Other than all of the knives which I love – I also will give a shout out for their gardening tools which are fabulous. I asked for the cutco pruner for my 40th birthday present!

  530. I don’t believe I have ever tried a Cutco knife, to my knowledge. I basically have three knives on my strip that I do everything with. Two are Japanese knives I bought years ago and between those two they do most everything I need. The third is small knife I got from my mother that she got some years back as a Christmas thank you from a local business…so not terribly expensive. But it is small and has a curve outward on the end of the blade. It sharpens readily and I use it for quite a lot. I would be interested in testing a Cutco and finding uses for a blade that size.

  531. Our parents got a couple of Cutco knives each for my sister and I one Christmas – they’re my go-to knives for everything. Note that though I’m the “little” sis