Giveaway: Customized Canning Labels from Felix Doolittle

July 14, 2014

felix doolittle labels

This week’s giveaway comes to us from Felix Doolittle. They make customized stationary, book plates, return address labels, and canning labels. All the cards, stickers, and labels are illustrated with full color watercolor images by Felix Fu (the artist behind the brand!).

strawberry preserves

They make a number of different label options that are appropriate for home canners. You can get their classic canning jar labels, which come in 20 different designs (you enter the name, contents, and origin of the product when you place your order). Another option are the oval kitchen labels, which come in 32 whimsical designs and are shipped in a charming tin box.

chef medallions

If you want something a bit smaller in size, consider the chef medallions, which are available in 64 (!) different designs. They come 20 to a small silver tin and would be the perfect thing for tiny jars of preserves destined for holiday giving. All these labels are in the $25-30 price range per set.

rhubarb chutney

Thanks to Felix Doolittle, I have a coupon code and giveaway to share with you all. For 15% off your purchase of customized labels, use the code FOODINJARS15 at check out. And, to toss your hat into the giveaway of a set of the canning jar labels, a set of oval labels, and a set of chef’s medallions, here’s what you do!

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what your perfect Felix Doolittle design would be!
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, July 19, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, July 20, 2014.
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Felix Doolittle is providing the prize for this giveaway at no cost to me and additionally sent me samples for photography purposes.

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351 thoughts on "Giveaway: Customized Canning Labels from Felix Doolittle"

  • Ah! I have had Felix Doolittle book plates on my wish list for years! I love, love, love their designs. I didn’t know they made canning labels, though. SO NEED! I think the round labels that fit on the top of the jar lid are cute, so I would probably choose those. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  • , I like the ones that go on the lids and the oval ones that go on the side
    of the glass jar. I give away several jars of jam, apple butter, mincemeat
    pickles, etc. It would be nice to have custom lables instead of generic ones.

  • They are all truely beautiful…but if I had to design one I would put the persons name on top with the word homemade. It would be a bee for the graphic since bees pollinate the plants and give us the perfect food that never spoils! The shape would be hard since they are all so nice….probably circle since they would go on so many things.

  • Mine would have to be mermaids since that’s my business name for other things. And I like them.

  • My favorite Felix Doolittle design would be a basket of vegetables, fruits, or herbs… they are all beautifully done. I most enjoy the oval shapes!

  • All these label designs are beautiful. Colorful illustrations of fruits and vegetables would really add a lovely touch to jars of jam and chutney that I like to give as gifts. I’m always looking for new ways to dress up my jars and I’m not creative enough to make my own pretty labels!

  • These are the prettiest labels I’ve seen! I would have a hard time choosing. Love the jeweled beets, I run a farm stand so I will probably order some even if I don’t win. (but I hope I do!)

  • Beautiful Lables. Perfect for Christmas gifts. I would love the classic canning Jar labels. I love the weeping willow design.

  • Theses labels are beautiful. I’d love to use Chefs choice Fruit Bounty, tomatoes are a fruit right?
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I would want illustrations of summer fruit, like the Apricot Preserves label! These are so pretty!

  • Definitely the chef medallions. To label my jars, I like to use cardstock circles under the bands — no labels or Sharpie marks that are hard to wash away for the next batch. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • These labels are amazing. It would be a difficult decision to just pick one label – but since I have a great pickle recipe that I give as gifts, I would probably choose the cucumber vine label. Very nice.

  • These are so pretty! I love the rhubarb label! I would need to can some rhubarb jam just so I could use it.

  • Oh they are beautiful! I would choose the chef medallions. The blueberry one would be perfect. I have picked over 200# of blueberries this year. I think the labels themselves would be sweet gifts. Thanks for this give-a-way!

  • I know it’s someone else’s design, but the willow is beautiful. It’s a very special tree to me. They are all lovely.

  • I love these! It would have to be the crab design. My husband is a retired Military Bomb Technician and their badges are nicknamed crabs. It would be perfect for our Christmas gifts. Thanks for the opportunity to win and learn about different products. Fun!

  • Wow! These are the most beautiful labels I’ve ever seen. I love the chef’s medallions. Hard to select a design. I love Bee, Nantucket Box, Picking Basket….. so hard!

  • I love these labels! Would probably choose the doggy bag design we’re gifting canned goods from our garden at Christmas this year and these labels would be the perfect finishing touch!

  • These are amazing. I think I would choose the orange because that’s my theme. I also love the figs and the bread. But I might also choose the chicken as a gift for my daughter because she just got chickens.

  • I love the vintage look of these labels. Looks like I just went to the fair, and with the recipes you post , who knows maybe I could even win the first place ribbon. Love this site!

  • I love the classic canning jar labels! They remind me of my collection of vintage French seed packets. Beautiful!

  • How beautiful these are! I like the box of vegetables, can be used for so much. I would love these as I am tired of making my own.

  • Omigoodness. Those chef’s medallions are lovely. I make a ton of jam, and I’m thinking of trying some pickling this year, so I’d be happy with almost any of those designs. I think the bee, the berries and the tomato ones are my favorites.

  • These are beautiful! I would order them for my dad — perfect way to show him how much we all love his fig jam!

  • These are beautiful!! I would love to get them for my dad — great way to show him how much we all love his fig jam!

  • I am smitten with the classic canning jar style! I wish I had known about these last Christmas for my jam jars.

  • I love the chef medallions! Especially the little wrapped cookies… and the Bouquet Garni… and the Love Bouquet… and…and…and ๐Ÿ™‚

  • So beautifully designed!! It’s difficult to choose my favorite. Love the tomato imagesโ€”and I agreeโ€”the Chef Medallions are wonderful.

  • The Chef medallions are so cute. Jar labels definitely improve the chances of canning jars being returned to me, and these look far classier than the blue masking tape I’ve been using!

    I think a lemon, lime, or fig design would be perfect for my kitchen, as these trees are the most productive in my garden. At the peak of their seasons these small trees’ abundant production allow me to give fruit to my friends, neighbors, and fellow CSA members who pick up their weekly farm share boxes at my house.

  • I think I’d choose the tomato label. I do a lot with tomatoes, so I’d go that way. Of course, they’re all lovely!

  • These labels are so unique and would definitely dress up anything I can. I love the detail involved in them! Recently I canned about 30 jars of cherry jam and also dried cherries as well, so a label reflecting the primary ingredient of cherries would be put to good use right now. I hope to find these labels available in stores … I would definitely purchase some to attach to my holiday gifts.

  • i’d have to go with a tomato illustration for the sweet and spicy tomato jam I have to make every year ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I really like the look of all the labels – it reminds me of the old fashioned plant books with hand drawings. Lovely!

  • Oo–too hard to decide. Maybe the strawberry preserves. But I also love the beets and the carrots. So cute!

  • I just made some strawberry jam last night and haven’t labeled them yet- these adorable labels would be perfect!

  • These are just beautiful!! I think I would choose the Garden Bed design, since it can go on a bunch of different things I can from my garden.

  • The medallions are ADORABLE — the strawberry image is lovely — like a vintage botanical print you might pull out of an old book in your grandparent’s attic!

  • All the labels are so beautiful. home canning so fancy. I love them all. I did a lot with rhubarb this year & am now deep into blueberries, so those would be wonderful. If I had to choose, but I want them all.
    Happy Canning ya all…..

  • I love the heirloom carrots! Though the mermaid is pretty sweet! Hard to choose with so many beautiful options! What a talented artist!

  • Oh my gosh, this is so timely! Last weekend I was trying to make labels with Avery shipping stickers and getting so frustrated. They are all nice but I think my fave is the chicken, bock bock 8^)

  • These are gorgeous! It is so hard to decide… I would have each set be different, I make a lot of pickles and jellies so at least one veggie theme and one fruit theme, then maybe one all encompassing design?! Thank you for introducing these to me!

  • I love the canning label “Peach Farm”. Actually, I love them all and it would be hard to choose if I won, but I could deal with that lol!

  • Mine would have to include sweet little pickling cucumbers. I love their pretty yellow highlights and occasional stripes!

  • Oh my goodness! I heart these big time!! I love the chef’s medallions in “cherry good” or “freshly juiced”- such a wonderful idea- I’ve been looking for something like this to include in homemade gifts- just perfect!!!

  • These are TOO CUTE! I’d get the applesauce ones as I end up making a TON of sauce every year (and apple butter as well :)).

  • Pick just one!?! I can’t decide! I want them all! All of the labels in all their forms! I do small batches of random things and usually on a whim, so I’d probably go with the one with the tree or flowers.

  • My perfect Felix Dolittle label would be an applesauce label. I never made applesauce until last year, and I LOVE the process. From picking our own apples in a hometown orchard (a special event for me and my boyfriend) to spending the time to cooking it and can it. When I gave them as gifts for the holidays, it was a hit that made all the effort so much more meaningful. Family and friends have been asking for it ever since. That is the best feeling! I never thought I would have something like that! All of the labels and products are so beautiful.

  • These are fantastic! Since I don’t have any one recipe or even ingredient I’d claim as my own, I’d almost think a Felix Dolittle label would need to involve some custom good ol’ New Mexican green or red chile. That’s just how we do it around here. The strawberries are so cute though.

  • I love the simplicity beauty of the drawings. I think a tree branch cross would be beautiful as a design for me.

  • The gorgeous BLUEBERRIES – my annual “must” preserve! The fruit that started my canning obsession years ago!

  • I recently made a couple batches of strawberry jam, so I’d probably pick the strawberry one. But it’s so hard to decide!

  • These are some of the most beautiful canning labels I’ve seen. My favorite one is the strawberry stem because it reminds me of a handkerchief my great grandmother made that was given to me. I also can a lot of strawberry jam that I like to give away as gifts and the labels would make them look even more special.

  • I just canned 3 kinds of pickles, and would love the perfect label, maybe with cucumber vines and the pretty yellow flowers.

  • My current pick would be peaches & blackberries–an amazing combo. Our first wild blackberries and local peaches are in now–very early due to heat and drought, but we can take advantage of that!

  • These labels are so adorable!!!! I wish the canning labels were actually sized like the chef medallions so they’d fit on the lids. So my favorite design, and there are several favorites, would be the pot of soup. ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for the giveaway!