Giveaway: Cuppow Lids and BNTO Adaptors

February 29, 2016

New BNTO Colors - Food in Jars

Our friends over at Cuppow have been really busy lately. Not only have they added more colors to their line-ups of Cuppow drink lids and BNTO jar lunchbox adaptors, they’ve added the most beautifully packaged laundry powder from The Simply Co. to their shop that I’ve ever seen (it comes in a sturdy, reusable 32 ounce jar!).

New Cuppow Colors - Food in Jars

In case you’re unfamiliar with Cuppow, they are the makers of the original mason jar drink lid adaptor and the inventor of the BNTO, which allows you to transform a mason jar into a two-part food storage (great for picnics and snacks on the go). Whenever I know that I’m going to be away from home for most of the day, I tuck some cut fruit into a jar and pop a BNTO in on top and pour some nuts into it. Nothing better to prevent lousy snacking that being prepared!

BNTO Angle - Food in Jars

The nice folks at Cuppow just sent me a box of their drink lids and BNTOs so that I can share them with you guys. There will be six winners in this giveaway, and each winner will get a Cuppow lid and BNTO. I’ll do my best to make sure everyone gets their preferred colors, but that sort of thing isn’t always possible.

Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me how you’d put a Cuppow lid or BNTO into action in your life.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, March 5, 2016. A winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, March 6, 2016.
  3. Giveaway open to United States and Canadian residents. Void where prohibited.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Cuppow is a Food in Jars sponsor and is providing these giveaway units at no cost to me. However, all opinions expressed here are entirely my own. 

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329 thoughts on "Giveaway: Cuppow Lids and BNTO Adaptors"

  • I love my Cuppow lid, which I use to keep a mason jar of water at hand. I bought it based on your recommendation, and I love it. I’d love to try the BNTO to carry baby carots and hummus!

  • I love my Cuppow lids for drinks. Could always use more for other family members. Have wanted to try the BNTO for hummus or nut butters for snacks so I could get rid of more plastic. Gonna need a give away of jars soon! Thx for all your inspiration!

  • I often take cut up veg or fruit with a dip to work, and it’s a pain having the dip container rolling around in my bag threatening to open. So the Bnto would be really, really useful. The lid would be great because my cat likes to take drinks out of any unattended water glasses, and having cat-proof containers is a plus.

  • I’ve been experimenting with making my own “cup o’ noodles” for one of my work sites where I have minimal access to the microwave, but I’ve got free access to a hot water dispenser. I’ve been making noodles ahead of time, draining them and putting them in a ceramic container. Then in separate small containers, I make a dry “flavor packet” of dried shallots, minced green onion, and whatever else, another wet “flavor packet” with chicken base or miso paste, soy sauce, a smidge of rice wine vinegar and whatever else, and a third with a soft-boiled egg. I keep it all in the fridge until it’s time for lunch. The BNTO would give me a place for some of that stuff inside the jar – a plus, given that everything I carry for work goes in a backpack for riding the bus.

  • I’m starting to make my own yogurt. The bnto is a great way to travel, granola in the bnto, yogurt in the jar. Trying really hard to pack lunches and snack rather then getting to-go. Better eating and way less expensive!

  • SNACKS!!! Hummus in the BNTO cup, pretzels in the jar. Salsa in the BNTO, tortilla chips in the jar.

  • great to send with hubbies lunches, he likes me to make veggie soup a lot for him. I would use them in place of canning lids to store left overs in jars.

  • I desperately need to lose the baby weight from my last pregnancy. I’d love to use these to bring good, filling snacks to work with me.

  • I can peaches in the summer, to eat with fruit and yogurt in the winter. I’d use the BNTO for granola and nuts. Perfect for workday lunches!

  • I am always on the go, but I am determined to still eat home made and healthy. I would use the BNTO for granola and yogurt, or salads and dressing, or soup and croutons. Lots of uses!

  • I have always wanted to try both of these! The cuppow lid would be great to use for my homemade energy drink and the BNTO would be used for snacks to be shared at our upcoming baseball games!!

  • These would be awesome for me!. I am immunosuppressed and have to bring my own food and drink every time I leave my home.

  • This time of year I have to travel a lot with limited food options so I’m packing two or three meals for myself and my husband. So granola for breakfast with yogurt, dressing for a salad for lunch, salsa to go over a corn and bean salad at dinner would all be a perfect way to use a BNTO cup. And I’d happily take a large tea in a pint and a half jar topped with a Cuppow lid with me for those early predawn travel times!

  • We pack my diabetic husbands lunch as often as we are able–these jar accessories would offer lots of healthy combination options!

  • I have to travel a lot for work. I pack all my own food, so I don’t eat unhealthy on the road. These would come in handy for packing different salads or beans and salsa.

  • I have teens that struggle with being prepared. This seems like a great way to get fresh food into their bags!

  • As the kids are getting older & more mindful with their things, they want in on the jar for transporting this morning smoothies on the way to school. Thanks for sharing!

  • I would love to put the BNTO to use for lunches and on the go snacks for the kids and I. The lid would be great for on the go hot and iced coffees!

  • I’m trying hard to purge plastic containers from my house – especially those yogurt, cottage cheese & sour creme containers we’ve saved & reused for lunches. They just don’t work anymore so we’re using my canning jars. The BNTO would be terrific to carry salad/dressing, veggies/dip etc in one container that doesn’t leak. We’re also recording our water intake – quart jars are a wonderful way to do that!!! A proper drinking lid for a jar would make all the difference – make mine Red or Hot Pink. Woohoo

  • I’m thinking veggies and dip for the BNTO. Also, I need to drink more water in a day, yet psychologically, I don’t get excited by carting around and drinking out of a glass for some reason. I think a nice mason jar with a cuppow might do the trick!

  • Snacks on the go and ranch to dip veggies in hubby’s lunchbox. Plus I’m almost never without a mason jar of water.

  • I like everyone else would utilize this for work breakfast and lunch. I work 12 hour days and am always struggling with finding easier ways to eat healthy, and storage devices like this make my life easier. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I would use it to bring a salad or snack to work! Sliced apples in the bottom and almond butter in the cup. Yum

  • I’d actually pass these along to a friend who is big on using mason jars for food transport. It’s not as big of a deal for me since I work at home but she does not.

  • It sounds crazy, but I love left over dinner meat (steak, roast) dipped into peanut butter and mustard. So, beef in the bottom. A dollop of peanut butter and a squirt of mustard in the BNTO. With a fork I’m ready for lunch!

  • I love Bento boxes so the BNTO would be perfect for me to keep on track with healthy eating lifestyle

  • Lately I have been bringing cheese and crackers and nuts for snack/lunch at work. The BNTO would be perfect to keep them from getting mixed up!

  • Thank you for the chance at the giveaway. I pack my lunch every day and the BNTO and lids would be an awesome addition. Every time I stop at the convenience store and I see the sliced fruit packs, cheese and nuts in a plastic cup, I wish I had a few sets to make my own combos!

  • I would pack a snack or lunch to have on a trip to the mountains. I have been away from them for too long!

  • As I am expecting Baby #5 in a month, both would be put to good use in protecting my snacks and drinks from being spilled by overly-eager older siblings.

  • My oldest daughter has just begun the frugal grad student life. She has a small studio apartment, rides the bus to class, and packs lunch or a snack. She’s striving to eat well on a small budget. I would surprise her with the Cuppow and the BNTO so she could make some great take-away food!

  • The kids and I would use this for snacks away from home: veggies + hummus, sunbutter + raw crackers – so much healthier when snacking on the run!

  • Most definitely use it to store my paracord on the bottom and clips on the top. This way I can take my paracord bracelet making with me wherever I go!

  • I love the BNTO! I put yogurt/berries in the bottom of a mason jar, and the fill the BNTO with granola and nest it on top. I’ve also used it for hummus, dips, dressings and snacky things I want to keep separate (or portion-controlled). I love making “adult lunchables” for lunch!

  • I am new in the Food-in-Jars Trend. I pack my lunches daily, but have been trying to find new ways and new foods, that is how I stumbled onto your site. I would love to have these to help me in learning the best way to do my lunches in Jars.

    Thank you

  • I would gift them to my co-worker for his wedding! He brings his lunch in mason jars and would put them to great use!

  • I love these lids. I have been looking for ways to reuse my mason jars and get rid of toxic plastic in my families lives. I would use these for salad in a jars. Perfect.

  • Once a week we travel and need to eat dinner in the car. I would use these (especially the BNTO) to make that easier and healthier.

  • I would love to try these products for packing lunches. I’m a huge fan of salads in a jar and it would be so much easier to have it all prepared and ready to grab and go. Thank you for this chance.

  • Well, the cuppow I would use every morning to drink coffee. The BNTO however, would probably get used for soups (crunchy toppings are a must) or salads.

  • I would put yogurt on the bottom and granola or nuts on the top for a healthy snack or lunch. I’d also experiment with more mason jar salads.

  • The lid would be great for drinking tea that I’ve made at home, and brought to work. The BNTO would do beautifully for homemade yogurt and granola!

  • I’d use the cuppow to keep wood chips out of my coffee–I’m a woodworker :). I’d probably use the BNTO as a great gift for my sister.

  • I’ve just started making my own yogurt, these would be great for helping me to utilize the jars better. I’ve always wanted to try the BNTOs.

  • So many uses for the BNTO, dressing for salads, seasonings for soup mix, granola for yogurt, fruit to top cottage cheese, add in for oatmeal….oh imagine the possibilities.

  • I’m in grad school and am sometimes on campus for 10-12 hours so I’d use them to bring snacks to school!

  • These are great! Thr first time I’ve seen them is on your blog. I would use them to pack my husbands lunch for work.

  • Mmmmmm….. salad with carrot, avocado and rice – in the BNTO there resides a lemon garlic tahini dressing – yum!

  • I love making Mason Jar layered salads to take to work. The BNTO would be a great way to take along croutons and keep them crunchy.

  • My husband keeps breaking the reusable drink cups he buys. I think a cuppow in a mason jar might actually survive his bull-in-a-china-shop antics. As for me, a BNTO would come in very handy as I try to pack a lunch to work every day.

  • Hummus and veggies in warmer weather, soup and fresh greens in cool weather. I like to chiffonade collards or chard and put them in the bottom of my soup bowl, then add hot soup — that way the greens are bright and just barely cooked, not olive drab and sad.

  • I love to use my Cuppow lid and would love a second one while I’m washing the other one. The BNTO would be perfect for lunchtime.

  • I am not sure if I would use them or give them to my husband. He has to pack a lunch everyday for work and the BNTO would give him a lot of options. But on the other hand, playdates and picnics at the park with our homeschool group will be coming soon. Alright, I have decided, they will me for me!

  • My first thought was yogurt with my home made granola in the BNTO. There are lots of ways to use it. Great product.

  • We’d use the BNTOs to make Sunday snacks- my husband and I are both pastors, and so it means we meet each other coming and going on Sundays before dinner.
    Cuppow lids are coffee lids at our house- we’ve discovered that the coozies we received at family weddings over the years make perfect holders for wide mouth pint jars, which have become our favorite travel mugs.

  • I’ve been meaning to take healthy snacks to work, and aBNTO would let me use some of my jars to do just that.

  • I’m trying to pack my lunch every day, and this would be great for snacks, or yogurt and granola! I could really see using this often!

  • It would allow me to take a greater variety of food to work. I always end up with multiple containers in limited space… which is pretty annoying, to be honest!

  • My husband travels from place to place all day, so I would use it to encourage him to pack healthy snacks and lunches for the day.

  • I have so many mason jars and with my daughter being a college student she could use these to pack her lunch and snacks in as well as a mason jar water bottle. Great idea!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity?

  • I already use my cuppow lid daily to bring tea to work. My coworkers tease me about my “sippy cup”. 🙂
    The bnto would be great for packing snacks and lunches too, I wouldn’t have to bring a separate qtr pint for whatever that would go into it! Yay for streamlining.

  • I make a LOT of cold brewed green tea in mason jars. With the Cuppow, I can bring those jars strait to the table without having to dirty a glass.

    The bnto blows my mind! I already make my own mixes in mason jars, but sometimes I have to use more than one jar because the ingredients shouldn’t be combined until ready to make. The bnto would help me be much more organized!

  • I love reuseable drinking vessels and am trying to decrease the plastic in my life. I’m a teacher and would also show this to my students!!