Giveaway: Cozy Family Jar Cozies and Pattern

March 18, 2013(updated on October 3, 2018)

pints and quarts

When I was in my early years of jar love, a girl could get some pretty funny looks when she sidled up to the counter at a coffee shop and asked the barista to fill a pint jar with 16 ounces of hot brew. Happily, with the advent of the Cuppow, EcoJarz, and other drink toppers, seeing someone use a mason jar as a travel mug has gotten downright ordinary. The only issue these days is finding an appropriately heat resistent wrapper, so that you don’t burn your tender fingertips.

pint jar cozy

Looks pretty nice on one of the new blue glass jars, doesn’t it!

Katie Startzman, one half the crafty pair known as Duo Fiberworks and a fan of reusable containers of all stripes, could see that as more people used jars as coffee mugs and lunch-time travelware, there was a world of vessels that needed a little extra insulation and padding.

And so, as an expert in the world of fibercraft, she has devised a pattern for knitted and felted cozy that can be made to fit 11 different sizes of jars, bottles, jugs, and vessels. Called the Cozy Family, this pattern is available on Ravelry and makes me wish even more fervently that I’d get my act together and relearn how to knit.

food in jars cozy

Recently, Katie got in touch with me and offered up a couple pre-made cozies and five copies of the complete pattern for a Food in Jars giveaway. Because I’m always interested in supporting small businesses (particularly those with jar-related products), I said yes and she sent over the cozies so I could photograph them for this post. Included in the package was a hand-painted, quart-sized cozy featuring the FiJ logo!

This giveaway will have five winners. All five will get a copy of the complete Cozy Family pattern and one super lucky winner will also get a pair (pint and quart sized) of Katie-made cozies that they can slip onto jars immediately. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about your favorite crafty outlet. Do you like fabric and fiber? Paper and pigments? Or are you more like me and go in for the edible crafts? All creative endeavors are welcome!
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Friday, March 22, 2013. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog over the weekend.
  3. Giveaway open to all.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

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265 thoughts on "Giveaway: Cozy Family Jar Cozies and Pattern"

  • Aloha,
    I am by far more a “food crafter” than any other. I have a love of fabrics, but it’s the baking that gets the bulk of my limited time. I do so adore the jar cozies, I have been giving away soup to my clients and it would take the gift to the next level with a cozy on.

    Thank you for the wonderful blog and the inspiration.

  • Ooooooh, that would be perfect for me! I love to knit and spin so I could make these out of commercial yarn or my own hand spun. Fun! I also like to sew, but I’m better at knitting. 🙂

  • I love to sew, and all year long look forward to giving homemade (sewn) Christmas gifts to all of our nieces and nephews, as well as our own kiddos!

    I also love to cook! My grandmother no longer cooks homemade, so it has been great to cook extra at meal time and pack up leftovers in pint jars to bring over for her freezer. She loves a homemade meal, and can pull them out and warm them – easy peasy! She returns the jars, and I refill them…

  • I love to bake and do well with that. I love to attempt certain yarn and paper crafts and that is a learning process 🙂

  • i love knitting, crochet, sewing, crafting with yarn… have even glued it to cardboard to draw pictures with it.

  • I’m in to all things crafty as well as cooking. Mason jars are my thing, so this pattern would be great!!

  • This pattern is so cute! I love how she’s sized it for so many different sizes of jars and bottles.

    I’m primarily a knitter, but I also spin yarn, crochet, and sew from time to time. And of course there’s the part where I get my ya-yas out with baking and cooking and canning.

  • Thank you for the free pattern. I have tried to make and felt these myself and only 1 so far has turned out great! My entire family wants them, I would love the giveaway too!

  • I love the food crafts, and everyone gets canned goodies as holiday and thank you gifts, but my favorite outlet is knitting. I can’t sit still for very long if I don’t have a project to work on. With knitting I can take my project everywhere! (the bus, work breaks, pub quiz, etc).

  • Knitting gets top billing in my crafty pursuits. Love those jar sweaters! Much nicer than the little ones I made for co=workers for Christmas several years ago, which were just 3″ bands to go round their coffee vessels of choice.

  • My favorite crafty outlet is my sheep! I have a pet/fiber flock of 9 sheep and since getting them I have been learning to knit, felt and do many creative things with wool fleece. (did you know that wool is being used as house insulation?)
    Love those sheep! Also enjoy your posts and cookbook. (gingery pickled beets, yaay!) Thanks for sharing.

  • These are super cute. I’ve been meaning to try making a felt cozy and would love to have a pattern. It’s the kind of thing I would probably try to do without a pattern and it would inevitably come out all wrong.

  • Fingerless mitts have been my favorite knitted form for years–so useful, so quick, and endlessly modified. I’ve tried to make jar cozies a few times now, but predicting the level of felting to get a perfect fit is tough!

  • I make beaded jewelry, cook, bake, knit, and sew. Although I spend most of my time cooking, cause I have to eat. 🙂

  • just when i thought ball jars couldn’t get any sexier, these cozies are fantastic! definitely what my morning jar of tea is missing. 😉 i am not adept at the knitting/sewing arts, but i do lots of baking/pickling/fermenting/canning. i also like to play with paper and make fun labels for my tasty jars of food.

  • Edible crafts definitely. I usually bake if I’m feeling creative. Last night it was biscuits, alot of the time it’s a dessert. Caramel popcorn is a fun and tasty craft!

  • I love crafting just about anything but these days knitting is really my thing. I’ve seen these cozies and would love a pattern to give them a try.

  • Lately, I’m a non-crafter. Boo. But, my crafting past has yielded many a mason jar coffee cup and I’d love to win! I might even knit up a few cozies if I don’t. Thanks!

  • I am a knitter first, but also dabble in sewing, spinning, crocheting, baking, and sometimes when I’m feeling a bit adventurous, building things –small scale construction out of wood!

  • I LOVE preserving. I LOVE knitting, and sewing. I’m learning to LOVE crocheting.!

    They all have their season. And my participation in each waxes and wanes.

    Thanks for the chance to win this great prize!

  • I crochet a lot and am relearning to knit – that has been very soothing, actually. I am also taking a pottery class, which I LOVE.

  • Oh needlework does it for me! It ‘s almost like therapy-once you start those stitches, all the worries tend to slough off.

  • my favorite crafty adventures are the edible variety. dreaming of pickling season. actually dreaming of anything green to sprout up from this snowy MN ground…

  • Quilter here! Well, I do knit as therapy for aging hands, but I do not enjoy it. It does afford the advantage of a few minutes here and a few minutes there with no driving to some place to get therapy or the injestion of medicine.

  • I’ve become a bit obsessive about knitting and crocheting lately but food is always my favorite creative pursuit. As a side benefit, I find that having my hands occupied with yarn and needles or hook really helps me cute down on snacking.

  • My passion is food-related activities. This website is one of the few I check out daily. I would like to get back into sewing, knitting and crocheting. I would love to get this pattern so that I could combine my two obsessions: mason jars and homemade textile products!

  • Besides canning & baking bread, I like to crochet with tiny thread (#40 now, #5o next) with a tiny hook (no. 11), design & knit sweaters & socks, and design & handquilt bed quilts. I binge on one textile craft for months-years, then switch to another. I’m now trying my hand at fermenting dill pickles.

  • I am a sewer. I make costumes, bags, corsets, and skirts mostly. Right now, I’m making curtains, tableclothes, and napkins for my new house.

  • With 2 constantly hungry kids, all things food related are my main endeavors, but knitting is something I can easily do in little bits of free time. Jar cozies would be the ideal project for my days.

  • I have such a random collection of crafts that I do. But recently what I do only for me is origami. Particularly boxes or other containers. And anything modular. I jst finished an origami slinky!

  • I have such a random collection of crafts that I do. But recently what I do only for me is origami. Particularly boxes or other containers. And anything modular. I jst finished an origami slinky!

  • I love making jam, but I’ve had to take a hiatus because the pantry is full. So I’ve been trying out knitting. These cozies are the perfect combination of knitting and jarring!