Giveaway: Core Kitchen Silicone Utensils and Funnels

June 10, 2014

Core Kitchen tools

It used to be that I was singularly devoted to my wooden spoons and spatulas for just about every kitchen task. I stirred soup with well-worn spoons and had a wooden spatula that was permanently dyed purple from all the batches of blueberry jam it had known.

But then, my allegiances started to shift. I don’t know exactly when it started, but somewhere along the way I became a silicone utensil girl. I love my fully encased silicone spatulas for stirring jam, and have a favorite silicone turner that I use nearly every day for scrambling eggs.

I love these tools because they are one-piece (instead of being silicone or rubber heads perched on wooden or plastic handles), won’t melt in a hot pan, and can go right into the dish washer.

Core Kitchen funnels

Recently, I got an email from Core Kitchen, asking me if I’d be interested in trying some of their tools. I took a quick look at their website, spotted their line of Essential Silicone Utensils and immediately said yes. They sent me a package that included four silicone tools and their set of funnels.

I’ve spent some time with these tools in my kitchen and I really enjoy using them. I particularly appreciate them when it comes to scraping out every last drop of jam from the pan. They are super flexible and bend nicely with the shape of the pan.

The funnels have also proven to be invaluable, particularly the small wide mouth funnel. When I’m filling jars with relatively small mouths (like the lug lidded jars I wrote about here), I put the silicone funnel in the jar first and then perch a regular wide mouth funnel in on top of it. That way, I get all the surface area of my standard funnel, but I’m able to fill the narrower jars without spilling.

The generous folks at Core Kitchen have offered to give away one Food in Jars reader the very same set of utensils and funnels that they sent me. The set includes an All Purpose Spatula, a Pointed Spatula, a Spreader, a Dual-Ended Spatula, and a 3-Piece Funnel Set.

Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what your favorite material is for kitchen utensils. Wood, silicone, plastic, metal, or something else?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Saturday, June 14, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, June 15, 2014
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Core Kitchen gave me the tools you see pictured above and are also giving the same set of tools to one blog reader, all at no cost to me. However, all opinions expressed remain entirely my own. 

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698 thoughts on "Giveaway: Core Kitchen Silicone Utensils and Funnels"

  • Silicone! I agree with you – I like the ones (like these!) that are all one piece. I don’t have a dishwasher right now, and I hate to admit it, but sometimes the dishes sit for several days. Wooden or wooden handled spoons do not do well in that environment, but I feel like I can completely clean and sanitize a silicone utensil!

  • I don’t have a favorite kitchen tool. I use what is best for the item I am cooking. I use my metal spatula for grilled cheese sandwiches, my wooden spoon when I make my family’s favorite cake and plastic the rest of the time. I have never tried silicon kitchen tools and would love to win these.

  • I have a favorite wooden spoon that I use, even though it’s all stained and chipped. I’m also a lover of plastic spatulas to scrap bowls clean so I never waste a smidgen of batter!

  • I have been using mostly plastic for years. Although wood seems more natural to me, I am trying to be more open to the many advantages of silicone. I do like to support local artisans and will be purchasing some handmade wooden spoons this fall. Some well-made spoons feel like the perfect fit in the palm of my hand. Choosing the right tool for the right job is the ultimate goal!

  • Silicone is saving my kitchen tools! Hubs retired and doesn’t know how to protect them, so I’m switching everything to silicone!

  • I like my flat wooden spoon. Regular spoons don’t touch enough surface area in the pan, but I have one that is flat at the end and cut on an angle and it is perfect. I’m tempted to cut all my wooden spoons that way! But, I’d give the silicone variety a try… 🙂

  • I am also in the “depends on what I am making” category in terms of choosing wood vs silicone vs metal vs plastic. I love wooden saute spatulas, silicone scrapers, small metal turners and a large plastic spatula for turning sunny side up eggs. I love the colors on these silicone tools!

  • I have an old wooden spatula/spoon that I use, but I think those silicon utensils look really great/useful!

  • I have a (probably sentimental) attachment to wooden spoons. My hubby teases me every time I reach for one. He says they are too hard to clean.

  • I love silicone too. I hope one day they don’t find some previously unknown bad-for-you yuckies in it.

  • I love silicone, I have one set from years ago I actually wore out! If you can believe it, I’m currently trying to replace them one piece at a time. And going into canning season, it’s time! Love the colors!

  • Those are very neat looking spatulas! I love the silicone ones I own but they have wooden handles. I do like them for stirring jams and particularly for making scrambled eggs.

  • I love bamboo. It seems to hold up better than wooden spoons and plastic ones when it comes to cooking hot stuff!

  • I love my wooden spoon, but I hate that it’s not dishwasher safe! I have a couple silicone ones as well with wooden handles that are great too!

  • I love my wooden spoons and spatulas! They don’t ruin my non stick and are easy to clean!

  • I cycle through wooden spoons for stirring most of the time and a favorite orange silicone spatala for scraping because it has such a great edge that gets the last bits. Many days that scraper is in use for every meal. How we kept house without it we haven’t figured out.

  • I use mostly wood for stirring (except those things that need a whisk) and silicone for scraping the last bit of whatever out of the pan, jar, bowl…… Love the bright colors of the silicone, and that they are one piece.

  • I use my cast iron pans exclusively so I pick utensils that will not destroy the seasoning in them. I usually use plastic, unless I’m scrambling eggs and then I use a wooden spoon. I only use metal in my Wagner dutch oven my grandmother left to me.

  • I like silicone but the dearest kitchen tools I own are the wooden spoons each of my sons made in middle school wood shop

  • I own a mix of wooden and metal utensils. I’ve started buying a few silicone things such as tongs with silicone tips and pot holders. I like that it’s easy to clean and won’t melt down like plastics can.

  • I usually use silicone, but sometimes it is comforting to use an old wooden spoon when making berry jam.

  • I mostly use wood and/or silicone, though I do still prefer metal spatulas for flipping things (The one silicone turner I had was too flimsy.)

  • Depends on what I’m doing – stainless steel for a whisk, hard plastic for hard to stir deep pots and silicone for pastry brushes, spatulas and the very useful spoonula. 🙂

  • I like to use a wooden spoon for everything that requires mixing or stirring. I like the way it doesn’t slip around in my hand the way a metal handled spoon would. I also like that wood is gentle on my cook wear and lasts a very long time. Last – it is inexpensive and that’s another reason I love it. I have heard the silicone shift is easy to make but unless I win some, I don’t see myself shifting soon.

  • I really like silicon spatulas, wooden spoons, and metal spoons for certain tasks. I have a mix in my kitchen.

  • I have only one silicone tool – a spatula, which I mainly use to get every bit of batter out of a bowl. Mostly I use wooden spoons for jam making, & metal spatulas and spoons for serving.

  • I am silicone 99% of the time–I’ve found that a metal spatula works best for deglazing, so I keep just one on hand!

  • It depends! Silocone is great for getting things out of bowls and on nonstick pans, wood is great for stirring and some light scraping, and metal is perfect when I need to get all of the delicious little brown bits off the bottom of my pan.

  • I like silicone; except the silicone tongs I tried once – couldn’t pick anything up with them. I think I gave them to Goodwill !

  • I like bamboo utensils, but I have one silicone spatula I love and would like to try other silicone items.

  • I like the idea and the look of wooden spoons, but love the functionality of silicone utensils with no seams. The best! And I’m not just saying it because I want to win – but I really do.

  • My current kitchen utensil of choice is a wooden spatula, but I’ve never used a silicon utensil. I’d love to give these a try!

  • I really love my bamboo wooden spoons, they are hard to beat, and I love my heat proof silicone spatulas i haven’t tried anything like the ones here, but they look pretty neat!

  • I’d love to be a natural girl and say wooden spoons all the way, but they crack and retain odors so it’s silicone for me.

  • Love silicone “scraping” spatulas, and my 70’s vintage plastic “flipping” spatulas for turning. Something about the balance of those old brown and avocado green and is just right.

  • i LOVED my wooden collection – until I met my first silicon one piece.

    I’m so glad the two materials get along well and there’s no fighting in my kitchen drawers. ;>

  • Silicone. A spatula is my favorite kitchen utensil. I can practically use it for everything! I’m always on the hunt for a new one.

  • It really depends on the tool. I love silicone for my spatulas, but metal for my slotted spoon and ladle.

  • I find myself reaching for my wooden spoons, or wood-handled silicone spatula far more than anything else!

  • My favorites are definitely the silicone. Love them! Although, I do still keep a few wooden spoons around….

  • I like silicone better vs rubber & wood spatula. No chance of any mold forming
    at join of wood into rubber. I’ve had to throw some out. Plus these colors are FUN!

  • I love my wooden spoons! But, one of my newer favorite tools is my mini silicone scraper. I use it for many things!

  • I usually reach for a wooden or bamboo utensil, but these silicone utensils would be a nice upgrade!

  • I love wooden spoons, the patina and smoothness that they develop over time. I have wooden spoons that belonged to my grandmother and I value them for sentimental reasons. Unfortunately, our black lab loves wooden spoons, too! Leave one in the wrong place on the kitchen counter, and, oops, it becomes a chew toy. They must taste good!

  • I still love wood, but the one piece silicon is quickly growing on me. I love the versatility ans ability to reach the awkward corners the wood usually misses.

  • I have an old wooden spurtle that was my mom’s that I’ll love forever. Otherwise, I too am beginning to turn to silicone.

  • I’m mostly a wooden spoon person, and had some bad experiences with the non one piece silicone. Last year I finally bought some encased silicone, and I love it for spatulas!

  • I do like my wooden items but what I love my silicone spatula. Wish I had more silicone items.

  • Usually wooden spoons, but as I’ve tried a couple silicone tools, I’m becoming a convert.

  • I am beginning to love silicone more and more. I still usually use wooden spoons, but also have some silicone baking pans that are wonderful!

  • I have one favorite wooden spoon. I feel silly having a favorite, but I do! You also need a good spatula though, and I prefer silicone for those.