Giveaway: Core Kitchen Silicone Utensils and Funnels

Core Kitchen tools

It used to be that I was singularly devoted to my wooden spoons and spatulas for just about every kitchen task. I stirred soup with well-worn spoons and had a wooden spatula that was permanently dyed purple from all the batches of blueberry jam it had known.

But then, my allegiances started to shift. I don’t know exactly when it started, but somewhere along the way I became a silicone utensil girl. I love my fully encased silicone spatulas for stirring jam, and have a favorite silicone turner that I use nearly every day for scrambling eggs.

I love these tools because they are one-piece (instead of being silicone or rubber heads perched on wooden or plastic handles), won’t melt in a hot pan, and can go right into the dish washer.

Core Kitchen funnels

Recently, I got an email from Core Kitchen, asking me if I’d be interested in trying some of their tools. I took a quick look at their website, spotted their line of Essential Silicone Utensils and immediately said yes. They sent me a package that included four silicone tools and their set of funnels.

I’ve spent some time with these tools in my kitchen and I really enjoy using them. I particularly appreciate them when it comes to scraping out every last drop of jam from the pan. They are super flexible and bend nicely with the shape of the pan.

The funnels have also proven to be invaluable, particularly the small wide mouth funnel. When I’m filling jars with relatively small mouths (like the lug lidded jars I wrote about here), I put the silicone funnel in the jar first and then perch a regular wide mouth funnel in on top of it. That way, I get all the surface area of my standard funnel, but I’m able to fill the narrower jars without spilling.

The generous folks at Core Kitchen have offered to give away one Food in Jars reader the very same set of utensils and funnels that they sent me. The set includes an All Purpose Spatula, a Pointed Spatula, a Spreader, a Dual-Ended Spatula, and a 3-Piece Funnel Set.

Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what your favorite material is for kitchen utensils. Wood, silicone, plastic, metal, or something else?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Saturday, June 14, 2014. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, June 15, 2014
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Core Kitchen gave me the tools you see pictured above and are also giving the same set of tools to one blog reader, all at no cost to me. However, all opinions expressed remain entirely my own. 

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698 responses to “Giveaway: Core Kitchen Silicone Utensils and Funnels”

  1. I would like any utensil. What I have had in the past was plastic which melted somewhat in a raspberry canning, I had to pick out the blue pieces. I do not have any wooden anything and have learned not to even think about metal anything. I’d love this set, sadly I have never seen the first poster actually win anything…

  2. I have a lot of different types, but usually I like wood utensils. I can definitely see how silicone would be incredibly useful and these look really pretty!

  3. I am definitely a fan of wooden utensils! However, I do have a couple silicone spatulas that I love, so I’m willing to become a convert. 🙂

  4. I don’t know why I never thought of nesting a larger funnel in a smaller one, but that is pure genius.

    I’ve been using the same set of battered, half-melted plastic tools for ages because I’m too darn cheap to trade them for something better. Whenever I go to a store, I always gaze longingly at the silicone tools, but somehow never motivate myself to replace mine until they’re completely fallen apart. (“I can make do!” she says, as she heroically tries to flip a fried egg with a fork.)

    Good luck to all the entrants 🙂

  5. I am a fan of metal but would like to try the one piece spatulas. My peeve has always been handles seperating from spatula ends!

  6. I love wooden utensils. I also have a couple of spatulas that don’t work so well. I have been wanting a different style. Thank you for the opportunity to try something new. 🙂

  7. I have a silicone spatula on a plastic handle – love love the spatula, but if I leave it leaning against the pan rim the handle melts! Not good product design.

    I didn’t know someone had made fully encased silicone utensils. Sounds like just what I need!

  8. I guess I use a little bit of everything, to be honest LOL I have metal whisks that I love, but also have some new silicone covered ones that I really like for my non stick. (just got them so not a total convert yet) 🙂 I don’t use wooden spoons so much anymore, after 20 some years they have gotten broken etc. I do have a couple bamboo spatulas I use in their place, they are hmmnn alright I guess 🙂 Would love to try these, I miss working in the restaurant with really expensive spoonulas that you could actually use in a hot pan and have them not melt 🙁

  9. I cook with a wide variety of tools and utensils but I love silicone best because I can use it in all my kitchen wares. It also lifts whatever I’m cooking, mixes and blends ingredients all without messing up my cooking and mixing vessels. They are also very lightweight and store easily in my utensil drawers.

  10. I love my silicone spatulas, but I use metal baking pans. I have a couple of silicone ones but haven’t used them yet!

  11. I use silicone scrapers for everything. I go through them a lot because when I use them in my vitamix or food processor, scraping out every last bit, I knick or tear them on the sharp blades.
    Would love these…so colorful and love the different shapes!

  12. I have a couple of silicone utensils which I love – I reach for them first – and an old wooden spoon which I cannot bear to part with.

  13. I use wood and my silicone on wood spoon/spatula. I need to retire it though since it doesn’t want to stay together. I’m loving the look of these!

  14. I love silicone or wood. Recently however I threw away a few silicone tools as yuk had accumulated where handle inserts into silicone…not safe! One piece design is brilliant. Looking forward to trying that out.

  15. I recently had a spatula with a rubber head have its head fall off and the crud and icky stuff that was up inside was frightening. That’s when I purchased a silicone spatula from Amazon. I really love it and I would positively love more. No more icky left over food stuff caught around the join and I can just toss it in the dishwasher. Sooooo much more sanitary. I’ve been eyeing several more so this would an opportunity to try another brand. Thank you for all you do.

  16. Oh, these are so pretty. I’m getting back into cooking and blogging. I use wooden spoons for a lot of things, but mainly because I don’t like plastic. I don’t trust the integrity. I am intrigued that these are one piece, so they won’t break down and fall apart like cheap utensils I’ve used in the past. Plus, I like that they are silicon, so stickier things won’t stick as badly as they do with wood.

  17. Recently it’s been silicone, since getting a GIR spatula 🙂 But prior to that, it was definitely wooden spoons, and they haven’t left the kitchen drawers yet, either.

  18. I’ve always been a wooden spoon type of person until I bought a silicone spatula. I still use wooden spoons but that spatula gets a workout. I’d love to have ore than one.

  19. My favorite is a cheap wood spatula that I pocked up in a Goodwill store. Second is a silicone spoonula similar ro the one pictured.

  20. I don’t have a favorite material per se; it’s the best tool for the job. Some applications call for metal, some for nylon, silicone, or wood. However, if I had to pick one, it would be my enamel coated metal spoons and cookware.

  21. Since I use a lot of cast iron I like wooden utensils but they do require extra care. However the idea of a one piece utensil, such as silicone, makes sence for keeping things cleaner and not falling apart.

  22. Wooden have always been my favorite – but hate the sanitation issue! Saw you use one on your book tour demo, Marisa, and love the idea of them for high-heat canning use – so I’m hooked! Gotta try some!

  23. First off; thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity. I like the idea that they are all one piece. Something that we all can use I’m sure. I know I certainly could, cause I just threw away 3 of my old, broken utensils.
    I use mostly wooden spoons but on occasion I do use metal as well

  24. Silicone is now my choice for almost everything. I especially like if they are one piece, leaving no place for food particles to hide, so much more sanitary and easy to clean. Thanks for the give-a-way, looks like a wonderful set!

  25. Currently have a mix of bamboo and silicon two piece with plastic handles, which always have to be taken apart to make sure they are clean.

  26. I love silicone for spatulas, but I also have a super-thin flexible metal spatula that is used for the weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) batch of pancakes.

  27. Depends on the job. I love wooden spoons, but also have a great silicone spatula. These look like they would be great!

  28. I use what I have in my kitchen..but if I had a choose. I would use silicone. It is beautiful and easy to use and cleans up in a snap. I use silicone for my kids lunchbox and it has held up and not discolored after a yr in the dishwasher.

  29. Wood and metal have been my materials of choice, but I’d love to try these – plus the colors are so fun looking!!

  30. I have a very stiff plastic spatula that I love. It came with an old food processor that has since bitten the dust. I have searched high and low for another one, but no one makes them any more. I will hold on to this one until it falls apart like the processor did.
    I did, however, find a silicon dual ended spatula like the one in the above picture on sale at a CVS for
    $0.75 and I love it, too. The cool thing is that it didn’t stain when I made my blueberry/cherry jam last year.

  31. I am fond of my wooden spoons, and I have a prized locally handmade wooden spatula. I recently bought a silicone spatula to replace a horrible plastic one that had been in the kitchen drawer since the beginning of time, and it is much better than the wooden one for scraping down the sides of bowls. I am particularly intrigued by the silicone funnels – I have a large glass one and a tiny metal one, and really need a good medium-sized nonreactive one for this summer.

  32. I bought a small and a large silicone spatula and I use them for everything. I’d love to try some other silicone tools.

  33. I don’t have a favorite, I just care more about shape. So I’ll freely use wood, plastic, metal, and silicone tools depending on their shape and the task.

  34. I just love wooden things…..wooden spoons are so pretty. But, sometimes I wonder about sanitation with my wooden cutting boards. Ah well, my grandfather made one of the boards; so it will carry on.

  35. I love silicone. I don’t like nylon because it melts. Metal scratches everything and gets hot (but is great for measuring). Wood just feels yucky and doesn’t wash well. I love glass for containers, but not utensils. Silicone is best for spoons, spatulas, mixers, and it’s nice to have at least one silicone whisk.

  36. Wooden spoons here, especially when canning. Good for packing/settling jars contents. I’d love to try a silicone spatula-especially since I melted my old one and haven’t replaced it yet!

  37. I prefer wood, but then I tend to let them sit in the sink dirty and the stains get set in permanently. Silicone is probably my second favorite.

  38. I currently have an assortment of materials in my utensil crock, but it’s getting harder to find quality tools. Everything now is cheaply made and doesn’t last the way my mother’s tools did. 🙁

  39. Silicone–it doesn’t stain, it’s hard to melt, and it’s wonderfully pliable for tasks like scraping bowls.

  40. I have loved my silicone spatula over the past many years, though it’s days are numbered right now so hoping to grab these up. They look fabulous! 🙂

  41. My favorite material for kitchen utensils is silicone because it is heat resistant and versatile for all my pots and pans!

  42. I’ve been partial to my le creuset silicone spoons and spatulas, but they are due for replacement… And this time I want something totally encased in silicone. Thanks!

  43. I’m definitely someone who stirs with a wooden spoon pretty much exclusively, but I will go either way on a plastic or metal spatula to cook with (whichever one I pick up first). I have a bunch of silicone spatulas (spatulae?) for scraping, and I think the mini-spatula is possibly the greatest innovation in a field that you would have thought had pretty much figured itself out a long time ago.

  44. I prefer silicone. I have just one silicone spatula and can use it only for savory foods because I’ve cooked garlic with it so many times. 🙂

  45. I love my bamboo utensils, but have been using my silicone more recently. Would love to win this giveaway!

  46. I have to admit that I love solid silicone implements. The ones that come in sections are a nightmare to clean properly! That said, I think there’s no substitute for a thin metal spatula/lifter. None of the silicone ones I’ve tried have been able to measure up to how well my old stainless lifter works on crepes, cookies, fish, etc.

  47. I’ve been falling in love with silicone lately….just need to find the perfect ones. I love that these are molded into one piece.

  48. I just got a new little silicone spoon and I love it! But sometimes there is something comforting about using my old wooden spoon!

  49. I use a little bit of everything in my kitchen, but I do love my silicone utensils. Not only do they seem virtually indestructible, but they are really easy to clean, too!

  50. It has always been wood, but I’m starting to use more silicone and think that will soon takeover as my favorite.

  51. I am warming to the silicone!! Finally broke down and got some silpat-clones … could never get my paintbrush pastry brush clean, so I got a silicone brush … I need to find some good silicone scrapers now!

  52. I have a lot of plastic utensils but I have just started buying silicone. (got a silicone basting brush recently)

  53. I have a set of very old rubber on stick scrapers that need to be replaced one of these days. I’d love to give these a try. The funnels sound wonderful too. I have only a red plastic wide mouth jar funnel now that I love. I love to cook so am constantly in the kitchen trying out new foods and flavor profiles. It comes from working for Whole Foods Market I guess…the foodie in me just blooms here!

  54. I love silicone, but if believe in the right tool for the right job. I have wooden spoons, but find I am using them less. Metal works best sometimes. These, however, would be a fantastic addition to my kitchen!

  55. I’m a wooden spoon girl from way back but am slowly discovering silicon and would love a chance to check out the silicon funnels.

    Thank you!

  56. One of my favorite is A Glass Jar Funnel. I don’t have any other glass utensils…but I’m drawn to the glass.

  57. I love my wooden spreaders but part of that is size. I’ve never found small ones in silicone. i’d love to try these.

  58. I have always used wood and glass since that’s what my mother used. A friend of mine purchased a silicone muffin pan and loves it. I have always been reluctant to try new things but now I am seriously considering silicone. The things I am hearing about silicone is very interesting.

  59. I love my Ruhlmann flat bottomed wooden spoons. But for spatulas I was just telling my sister that I’d like to replace mine with full silicone ones.

  60. I do like silicone but am not thrilled when it is on another material as a handle so these look wonderful
    Up till now my favorite is an old wooden spoon that belonged to my mother,stained as well.

  61. I’m in the process of switching from wooden spoons and plastic spatulas to silicone everything! I found that the typical 2 pc spatula is a catch all for left behind food and goodness knows what else! So for safety reasons and because there are so many great colors to choose from… I’ll choose silicone!

  62. I have always used wooden spoons, but have slowly been replacing them with silicone. I love all the colors, sitting in my utensil jar.

  63. I love my spatula with a silicon head and metal handle, but after many stirs scrapes and washes the head has disconnected from the base, there look like a great solution to my issue!

  64. I find myself reaching for the wooden utensils, particularly the bamboo ones, since I can throw those in the dishwasher.

  65. Silicon is my favorite material, hands down. I had some wooden spoons, but they break down over the years and eew. The one piece silicon tools are my kitchen heroes. No goo in the seams!

  66. I love the look of wooden spoons best, but have slowly started using silicone (I like that it’s all encased). Thank you for the chance to win!

  67. I have a mix of all utensils but the one I do like the most is my spoonula. Silicone is nice since you don’t have to worry about what type of pan you are using it in or how you have to wash it.

  68. My favorite tool has been a flat wooden spatula, but it recently had a close encounter with a lit burner on my stove top, so I’m willing to be convinced that something else is better!

  69. I really like silicone bowl scrappers / spatulas, but all of mine are on a wooden stick, and eventually get all of the ‘gunk’ built up inside the part where the stick goes into it. These look really schnazzy! Thanks for showcasing and testing these types of thing! Can’t wait to check them out!

  70. Mainly wood and plastic, but I’d love to switch all the plastic (it’s starting to look rough for sure!) with more durable materials like silicone and some more wood.

  71. I have an assortment of kitchen utensils but I prefer my bamboo and silicone ones. I would love
    some new silicone spatulas because some of mine have been in the kitchen awhile and could probably be retired! Thanks!

  72. My favorite material is wood; I have a wooden spoon which was my grandmothers, and it is worn, darkened with age, and beautiful! Of course, silicone is great too!

  73. I have a few silicone utensils and I love them! Can’t seem to quite get away from my wooden utensils though!

  74. My choice of utensil depends on what I’m cooking. I typically use stainless steel utensils, but I’m finding that the handles get too hot. I’m on the hunt for some silicone utensils specifically for canning,but haven’t seen any that I like. This brand looks interesting.

  75. I love silicone and these look spectacular! Especially knowing the heads won’t separate from the handles. Thanks for the giveaway. Can’t wait!

  76. Recently, I traveled abroad and stayed for a month in someone’s apartment…with out any silicon spatulas. I didn’t know how dependent on them I was!! (If you’d asked me before this trip, I would have said wooden spoons were my favorite).

  77. It really does depend on the task at hand. These sure are beautiful! Happy colors which makes working in the kitchen even more fun!

  78. I have a couple of silicone spatulas, but they are silicone heads attached to metal handles, & I love the idea of a one-piece design. Silicone can take the heat, won’t damage my cookware, & it’s flexible enough to get in the nooks & crannies of my pots & bowls. It would be great to have multiple funnel sizes so I could change off, depending on the task. Love the colors & shapes of these tools!

  79. It really depends on what I’m doing. I do love a good hardwood spoon (but inexpensive wood utensils are really terrible), and I like the feel of a big metal spoon for stirring a big bowl of bean salad or the like. I’ve recently bought a silicone spoon and look forward to trying it out. It may even be this brand, and I’d love to give the rest of them a try.

  80. I have silicone spatulas with pig faces on the end that my favorite, but having a solid silicone spatula would be fantastic.

  81. I like wood for some things, but silicone is my favorite. However, most of my silicone utensils have plastic handles, so I would LOVE a set like these instead!

  82. I have always loved good quality wooden utensils but now I find my “go to” favorites are a couple silicone spatulas from Pampered Chef. Since they are plain white, I’d love to add color to my kitchen with the Core utensils.

  83. I love my bamboo spoons but just the other day my hubby was telling me that his favorite kitchen tool was our mini whisk. He uses it on scrambled eggs, chocolate milk, rice a roni, etc. When he mentioned that he uses it almsot every day I realized that he was right – what an under appreciated tool!

  84. I love silicone spatulas, but prefer metal tongs, and whisks. It really just depends on the job and what works best with whatever project I am cooking on.

  85. Bamboo is my favorite to cook with – but I do use my silicone spatula every day – works great to get every last bit of peanut butter out of the jar!

  86. I am equal opportunity when it comes to materials in my kitchen, but I probably would lean more toward silicon. It’s so easy to clean . . .

  87. It depends on the task; for ‘sunday sauce’ it’s a well-worn wooden spoon. For canning and baking, it’s silicon all the way!

  88. Usually wood, but I’m starting to use more silicone. Especially my silicone spreader – it is great for getting that last bit of peanut butter out of the jar 🙂

  89. Silicone all the way! Would love this set, since I would not have to disassemble the wood-silicone combo spatulas I now use, to clean them! Also, the silicone funnels would be sweet!!!

  90. I am a big fan of wood utensils but I do like some items in silicone like my brush to apply sauces is silicone and is just so much easier to use than a traditional one.

  91. Silicone is my absolute favorite!! I also use metal and wood for specific tasks. Love different shapes of silicone for getting the last drop of goodness!

  92. I enjoy the silicone products for the same reasons you mentioned: a singular piece rather than rubber attached to a wooden handle that can easily come apart. I love the new products you introduce to us, by the way. I’ll certainly be looking into this company.

  93. I really haven’t had much experience with silicone. I tend to use different materials for different jobs. Wood for mixing dough before the kneading stage. Plastic for things like spatulas.

  94. I grew up with wood and plastic and use both now but prefer wood. I have a couple of silicon utensils but they’re the cheapy kind.

  95. I have always liked wood but I have several silicone utensils that I am incorporating into my routine cooking…

  96. I use wooden for most cooking but I LOVE my Le Creuset spatulas. They are heat safe to over 500°, and I can pop the heads in the dishwasher.

  97. I like strong, small plastic pancake turners and silicon “rubber” scrapers. I didn’t know you could buy one piece silicone utensils like those. Neat!

  98. Just beginning to explore canning in small quantities and found your blog! would love these silicone funnels! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  99. I prefer silicone over wood and metal. Metal scratches most pans and wood can leave slivers of wood in the food.

  100. I love the look of these for just the reason you described – my rubber-topped spatula recently came apart in two pieces!

  101. I love my wooden spoons a whole lot! And I have two silicone spatulas that are helpful for the things you mentioned (although I use a wooden turner for eggs). My crock is a mix of wood, stainless steel and those two silicone scrapers!

  102. I have lots of wooden spoons, but I really like the look of the silicon spatulas. I wouldn’t mind giving them a try!

  103. I love wooden spoons for things like soup, but for jams and batter where I want to get every last bit out, I love silicone. These look great, I love that they are silicone and one piece all the way through (so no worries about the handle separating from the base or otherwise getting gunked up grooves).

  104. My favorite tools are my hardwood spoons and spatulas. I tolerate plastic ones. I also like my vintage metal spatulas. But they are hard to find at auctions etc. I’ve been curious about silicone ones, but also a little afraid of them too!

  105. I’m kind of divided between wood and silicone. My favorite spoon? Wood. My favorite spatula? Silicone with a bamboo handle. I’m totally intrigued by the products Core Kitchen has to offer — I love that I can get pretty colors of silicone and they’re 1 piece. That’s a win!

  106. I use bamboo and silicone, but I always reach for the solid silicone. After losing one too many silicone “heads” from the two piece tools!

  107. Wooden spoons are probably my most used kitchen utensil but I’m slowly replacing other utensils with silicone and I just love all the new colors they come in!

  108. I use a lot of wooden utensils but and starting to dabble in silicone. I would love to gibe Core Kitchen a try and you just have to love the colors!!!

  109. I use wood a lot – I’m old enough to have drummed into my head that plastic melts, and mustn’t be used in hot pans or with hot food. Silicone has been around long enough that I should be used to it by now, but I only have a couple of wooden-handled/silicone-headed spatulas. I love them, but I still cringe when using them with “too much” heat.

  110. I like silicon and metal best depending on what I’m doing. Metal for stir fry, flipping stuff and anything done in cast iron. Silicone for mixing things or anything made in my enameled pots since it won’t damage them. I have several wooden spoons that I like, but I never seem to use them….

  111. Wooden is always my first choice, followed by silicone (which is gaining on the wood). My family has a history of melting rubber/plastic utensils and containers, so I try to steer clear of those:)

  112. I am a big fan of silicone spatulas too. Unfortunately they aren’t so easy to get your hands on in my area. Send some spatula love my way!

  113. I like wood, but I just bought myself a silicon spatula recently so I could have something that would hold up in the dishwasher. This set looks great!

  114. I am an old-fashioned guy and still use a metal spatula with a cast-iron pan to make hash browns. I make lots of puddings, though and need better things than a wooden spoon for that.

    Cook on!

  115. I like different materials for differing purposes. But I must say that I do so love me my two-ended silicone spatula–it’s just so versatile!

  116. I’ve got to go with stainless steel. Mixing bowls, knives, pans, and other tools get daily use. Stainless is probably the biggest workhorse in my arsenal.

  117. I love silicone, both for the way it scrapes without scratching the way it insulates my hands from getting burnt (since otherwise I seem thoroughly incapable of avoiding this myself). My silicone-tipped tongs are the best for getting things out of hot water.

  118. depends on the application! wooden non-stick surfaces, metal for flipping things on beaten up sheet trays, and silicone for getting the last bit of frosting directly into my mouth.

  119. I love the hand feel of my wooden utensils, but I like the versatility of silicone in other kitchen applications like funnels, measuring spoons, etc.

  120. I like my wooden spoons, but there is definitely a place in my heart for my silicone spatula. My kitchen is also stocked with some sturdier plastic spoons/spatulas that my SO uses.

  121. My favorite material really depends on what I am making. I do love using my silicon spatulas because they are easy to clean and flexible. However, when mixing ingredients by hand, such as muffing dough, nothing beats a wooden spoon. Also, when I am making jam, I prefer using a thick metal spoon to skim all the junk off from the top.

  122. I too found myself using my silicone stirrer more and more. I originally bought it because it’s orange and I’m a huge SF Giants fan 8^) I love that it’s all one piece and doesn’t have any nooks to gather gunk.
    My second favorites are my bamboo utensils. I like that they don’t stain like the wooden spoons do and they do just fine in the dishwasher.

  123. I use a combination of silicone and wood. I’d say I find the silicone a bit more useful, but the wood are prettier.

  124. I guess it depends on what I’m making. I like silicone for it’s ease. Tho habits are hard to break and I go back to metal since my hands are used to it.

  125. I love my silicone spatulas, and I have a few bamboo spatulas that are a favorite too. Like a lot of us, I guess my favorite depends on what I’m doing at the time. Nice giveaway! Thanks!

  126. silicone, these days. I use wood on occasion (with onions for some reason) and metal infrequently. These silicone pieces look interesting because their shapes are ones I haven’t seen yet!

  127. I am a gaget junky . . . But I have a favorite wooden spoon with a hole in the middle, a bamboo spoon/spatula, and a silicon spatula/stirrer that I use all the time in my baking and cooking meals.

  128. I typically use wood or plastic, but I have been looking at silicone over the past few months. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  129. I love my wooden tools, also rubber spatulas, being an old cook I love trying new things, recipes and tools included!

  130. I have been a devoted wooden spoon girl for some time but I have just started using a silicone spatula. It is my new favorite tool. I find I am reaching for my wooden spoons less and less.

  131. It really depends on the task for me. I have a slotted metal spoon that my great grandmother used right next to my favorite 1 year old Martha Stewart rubber scraper. I like wooden spatulas for eggs, but stiff plastic for pancakes.

  132. Like you, I was (am?) a wooden spoon girl. But I have recently discovered silicon spatulas and I love them! I had no idea funnels could be silicon, and I would LOVE to get away from the plastic ones I currently use (always hoping to find a nice metal one in the thrift store, but so far, no dice). Thanks to you and Core for sharing!

  133. Favorite: A stainless steel “tasting” spoon I received in a Canning Swap thru SB Canning Swaps. Nice heft to it. Use it for everything!
    2nd Fav: My heat resistant silicone spatula/scraper

  134. I love my wooden spoons but I have a few silicon head spatulas and have begun to love them. Spatulas are so much nicer than they used to be. I would love to try these. Thanks for the opportunity and I love the colors! They really brighten up a space!

  135. I love stainless steel, but have a dedicated solid silicone spatula for jam making that I love. Sadly, I only have one.

  136. I think silicone is my favorite kitchen utensil material- durable, non staining, does not get hot- though I don’t have enough of them and end up using plastic more often. These look great!

  137. I love silicone – My oven mitts are silicone, my spatulas are silicone, my muffin “tin” is silicone, my spoon rest is silicone. It’s awesome stuff! I’ve never been able to handle the texture of wooden or bamboo spoons. I don’t know why, I just can’t touch them. (yes, I’m weird)

  138. I use a combination of wooden and silicon utensils, but my favorite is my old wooden spoon “borrowed” from my parents’ kitchen when I moved into my first apartment.

  139. I love the utensil that has the right curve for the vessel and the finish; a full sized metal spoon in my cooking pot, a bamboo spatula with a sharp edge for French toast, some butter and a freestyle flip for fried eggs, and I love, love, love soft
    spatulas for getting last bits from bowls and jars and squeeze bottles of mustard. I have never tried a fully encased silicone one, but they look lovely and sanitary and super usable.

  140. The utensil material depends upon the task…wooden spoons for stirring, silicone spatulas for cleaning out bowls and jars, and metal for turners. I’ve had these for a long time and could really use a new set.

  141. I seem to reach for metal and wood when I’m cooking on the stove, but silicone whisks and spatulas for baking. I’ve never really thought about that until you asked. Hm.

  142. Metal is usually my first choice. But I really like a silicone spatula to scrape the last bits out of bowls/jars. Thanks for the giveaway!

  143. I have used wooden spoons for years but recently purchased two silicone spoons. They are really great for making jam, as the handles are longer. I also love my silicon spatula, but it is wearing out. I would this set that you are offering.

  144. As many others have written, I love my wooden utensils but find silicone tools creeping into my life more and more. First it was the silicone spatula, but now I love my big one-piece pancake turner and tiny jar-sizer scraper. Even my silicone pastry brush that can effortlessly spread the red sauce on my pizza crust then jump straight into the dishwasher. But biscuits need the chipped and beat up wooden spoon and my granny’s old wooden rolling pin to taste just right.

  145. Love them all! But, really like the silicone for canning. This type is so superior to the old style, but takes a bit of getting used to. I have one, but have not become entirely comfortable with it. YET! Really need a few more varieties to make the total transition.

  146. My husband and I have begun traveling a lot in retirement. It’s a good break after weeks and weeks of canning, hydrating, vacuum-packing, and freezing. Not to mention that you taught me how to can my own beans! We nearly always pick up a hand- hewn wooden kitchen tool from where ever we are…BUT…in my kitchen, trying to get the best product out of my efforts, I’ve fallen absolutely in love with silicone tools! You are so right about the efficiency of the scrapers, spoons, spatulas made from this material!! I will still buy the hand made wooden tools as gifts….or decor, but for practicality, give me silicone!

  147. I love stainless steel and silicone material in the kitchen, they work awesome for all task and look good next to each other.

  148. I love both wood and wood/silicone tools. I have yet to use a full silicone tool. Now on the list to give it a try!

  149. I guess my favorite utensil would have to be a WELL WORN metal slotted spoon. I use it when I deep fry, stir large pots of chili, etc. I have had it for probably 20 years!

  150. Wooden spoon for all of my family sauce recipes, and a big red silicone spatula that I stole from my mom for all jams and marmalades.

  151. I love my wooden spoons and spatulas for stirring things but can’t live without a couple if good silicone spatulas for scraping bowls, pans, jars, etc.

  152. I use a mix: wooden spoons for all stirring and blending, silicone spatula for scraping out bowls. I really hate the wooden handles on the silicone spatulas, though. It seems there’s always water hidden in there.

  153. I Use silicone spatulas that have wooden handles, not ideal but better than most. I Like the idea of a solid silicon spatula, even if I don’t win, I will have to see about getting Some of My Very own!

  154. I use a combination. But I am slowly getting everything switched to silicone. It doesn’t scratch my pans and it easy to clean and dry.

  155. Thus far, I’ve used mostly plastic, but eyeing up what you’ve tried from Core, I’d like to give them a whirl!

  156. Our family has lived internationally, so wooden utensils are our go-to, buy-anywhere, don’t-worry-if-it-is-lost-or-broken tools. That said, I carried silicone spatulas in my suitcase (as opposed to packed in the container) on our last move. Gotta have some silicone!!

  157. I am a die hard stainless steel lover who has recently been introduced to some of the silicone products…great applications for a mix of styles.f

  158. Like you, I’ve been a devoted wooden-spoon user for years, but I’m slowly being seduced by silicone. I still use wooden spoons for anything involving stirring or mixing, but my silicone spatula has become my go-to for scraping and folding.

  159. I am all for wood! I love how it is natural. But you need some kind of spatula if you want to scrape that bowl clean!

  160. Wood and metal are my preferred materials for utensils. I purged my kitchen of all of the plastic that I could. I don’t feel that I can trust most plastic and it seems to get “funky” after some time. I would love to try some solid silicone utensils. I do use some silicone spatulas with wooden handles but I find them less than satisfactory. I hear that silicone is a more “natural” material to work with and is heat resistant, something plastic is not known for.

  161. I purchased 3 different ones about 10 years ago at the Minneapolis Home & Garden show. One in particular I use everyday (love it). I don’t have a dishwasher so I have no problem with the wooden handles. If anyone has the problem with grease on the silicone I discovered if I use some vinegar in the wash water it removes it.

  162. I have favorite tools, but not a favorite material. Some silicone, a metal fish turner that’s perfect for that task, and wooden spoons that stir memories of Mom into every dish.

  163. Three years ago we moved in together and so did our “stuff”. He liked certain kitchen things and I had mine. So, we compromised and put some of each out in the jar next to the fridge. He swore by his old plastic stuff and I used my trusty silicon spats that I’ve carried with me since culinary school. It’s funny though over the last three years we don’t have a single one of his tools left. He saw the light and slipped right over to the silicon side of things.

  164. I like wood! It feels nice in my hand, doesn’t harm any surface, and is easily replaced. I also like that you can leave it in a hot pan . . .

  165. I use wood utensils regularly, stainless is next in line for every day cooking. For baking, putting up sauces, jams, etc…it’s nice to have silicone utensils to scrape down bowls, pans so you get every last, delicious drop!

  166. This is a hard choice because certain materials work better for different applications. Any time I’m using my cast iron pots and pans I reach for metal. I have become a convert to the silicone covered spatulas though and would love to try silicone covered wooden spoons.

  167. If I had to pick one favorite material, it would be wood, because that’s what I use most often. *HOWEVER*, I have started using some silcone, and I have to say that I like it. It’s giving wood a run for its money.

  168. I am still a wood-utensils girl, although I am intrigued by the idea of silicone. The few silicone utensils I’ve tried have been too flimsy for my tastes, but I’d love to try a set of these and see if they can sway me!

  169. Bamboo and silicone utensils all the way! (Though I do still have a mish-mash of worn, tired, plastic ones to fill the gaps in my collection.)

  170. I am a wooden spoon lover. I don’t have any silicone utensils or anything silicone. I’m not sure why exactly. ? I would be game to try though. 🙂

  171. I have some hard, good-quality plastic spoons I’ve been using for years that don’t scratch up my pans. But silicon is a close second.

  172. I have a wooden scrapper/spatula that I use for almost everything. I am left handed so it it difficult to find ambidextrous or left-handed spatula, I hope someday to find a twin for it so I don’t have to watch it for every dish I make.

  173. I love my wood spoons for stirring and mixing, but adore my silicon ladles for dishing! Their heat resistance and lack of catching on fire is awesome!

  174. Wooden spoons have always been my favorite but I’d love to try out some silicon. Gotta go, apricot jam is on the stove!

  175. I love the appropriate tool for the job. Mostly wood and heat resistant silicone and very rarely metal. The silicone wisks just don’t do the job of the metal ones!

  176. Silicone is my favorite. I use it every day and you don’t have to remind yourself to use something that won’t scratch your nonstick pans!

  177. I don’t have any silicone utensils or pans yet. The wooden spoon set is nearly as old as I am. Only a couple are chipped.

    What I’m really after are those funnels. I’m rather, um, challenged when it comes to transferring liquids from one container to another. Or solids. Or sugar or flour. You get the idea. A funnel that easily fits in a regular-mouth jar would be quite welcome.

  178. I’ve always been a fan of wood, doesn’t harm my cookware and easy to replace, though lately I’ve been all about buying American made, and it’s gotten more expensive!

  179. I have some wooden spoons I adore, handcarved for me and lovely. However they just can’;t do everything I want as far as scraping. Perhaps silicone is the answer.

  180. I like Bamboo spoons but the best tool so far is the silicone crepe flipper I was given as a gift. It is perfect for getting every last drop out of a kitchen-aid mixer bowl!

  181. For my cast iron skillets I use metal utensils…for the nonstick pans I use wood or plastic. I don’t like the plastic & I really would love to try some silicone utensils. I have a silicone basting brush & love it!

  182. I used to be a wooden spoon person but now really like something more paddle-shaped to get into pot corners. I love my silicone-headed spatulas but have run into trouble with the heads separating from the wood handles so these would be perfect!

  183. I have a mixed bag of favorite utensils. I have found some one piece rubbermaid spatulas that clean every last drop out of bowls, but don’t use them in hot pans. I love wooden spoons for some things, especially my one with holes for fishing out one piece of pasta to test. I have a couple of metal spatulas that I like for my cast iron.
    I like the idea that you use the silicone spatulas with your jelly and would love to try the funnels.

  184. I’ve used wooden spoons and metal utensils for years but recently I purchased a silicone spatula. It’s ease of use and clean up have converted me to silicone. So I would be excited to try other styles of spatulas and use the funnels for canning.

  185. I used to have wonderful bamboo tongs that I loved until the little metal bar holding them together broke. I also have some silicone pieces that are really nice. I agree, I am moving to more silicone with my spatulas.

  186. I use mostly wood and stainless because so far my silicone utensils leak between the handle and the working piece, but I’d like to try the silicone that’s all one piece.

  187. I have to have a wide variety because of the things I use but I do like the flexible ones for my baking. They get everything out!

  188. I must admit I use them all…depends on the pan. Would like to find a favorite…maybe this is it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  189. My favorite utensils tend to be made of stainless steel (except for spatulas – I have a few of the one-piece silicone spatulas, and I love them!). I like stainless steel due to the ease of cleaning them!

  190. I’ve gotta admit that I’m a silicone girl myself. You just can’t go wrong, as you said. They are good to go from the drawer to a hot pan and straight into the dishwasher. What’s not to love?

  191. I mostly use wooden spoons, though I do have 2 silicone spatulas I recently bought that I LOVE! Mine are 2 pieces (the heads come off) and I think that full pieces would be much better.

  192. Silicone utensils are my favorites, but I only have a few of them, so I use mostly old wood ones. These would be a nice upgrade.

  193. I’m not devoted to any one material; the utensil I use depends on which pot and what I’m cooking. That said, I just last week broke my favorite silicone spatula/spoon and I’m a bit surprised at how much I miss it.

  194. It’s across up between silicone and good old fashioned wood. I am always needing to replace my silicone, because I nick them on the food processor blade and cans…

  195. I want to like fully-encased silicone, but mine ALWAYS smells like onion! Wooden spoons are much more elegant, anyways.

  196. Silicone! I agree with you – I like the ones (like these!) that are all one piece. I don’t have a dishwasher right now, and I hate to admit it, but sometimes the dishes sit for several days. Wooden or wooden handled spoons do not do well in that environment, but I feel like I can completely clean and sanitize a silicone utensil!

  197. I don’t have a favorite kitchen tool. I use what is best for the item I am cooking. I use my metal spatula for grilled cheese sandwiches, my wooden spoon when I make my family’s favorite cake and plastic the rest of the time. I have never tried silicon kitchen tools and would love to win these.

  198. I have a favorite wooden spoon that I use, even though it’s all stained and chipped. I’m also a lover of plastic spatulas to scrap bowls clean so I never waste a smidgen of batter!

  199. I have been using mostly plastic for years. Although wood seems more natural to me, I am trying to be more open to the many advantages of silicone. I do like to support local artisans and will be purchasing some handmade wooden spoons this fall. Some well-made spoons feel like the perfect fit in the palm of my hand. Choosing the right tool for the right job is the ultimate goal!

  200. Silicone is saving my kitchen tools! Hubs retired and doesn’t know how to protect them, so I’m switching everything to silicone!

  201. I like my flat wooden spoon. Regular spoons don’t touch enough surface area in the pan, but I have one that is flat at the end and cut on an angle and it is perfect. I’m tempted to cut all my wooden spoons that way! But, I’d give the silicone variety a try… 🙂

  202. I am also in the “depends on what I am making” category in terms of choosing wood vs silicone vs metal vs plastic. I love wooden saute spatulas, silicone scrapers, small metal turners and a large plastic spatula for turning sunny side up eggs. I love the colors on these silicone tools!

  203. I have an old wooden spatula/spoon that I use, but I think those silicon utensils look really great/useful!

  204. I have a (probably sentimental) attachment to wooden spoons. My hubby teases me every time I reach for one. He says they are too hard to clean.

  205. I love silicone, I have one set from years ago I actually wore out! If you can believe it, I’m currently trying to replace them one piece at a time. And going into canning season, it’s time! Love the colors!

  206. Those are very neat looking spatulas! I love the silicone ones I own but they have wooden handles. I do like them for stirring jams and particularly for making scrambled eggs.

  207. I love bamboo. It seems to hold up better than wooden spoons and plastic ones when it comes to cooking hot stuff!

  208. I love my wooden spoon, but I hate that it’s not dishwasher safe! I have a couple silicone ones as well with wooden handles that are great too!

  209. I cycle through wooden spoons for stirring most of the time and a favorite orange silicone spatala for scraping because it has such a great edge that gets the last bits. Many days that scraper is in use for every meal. How we kept house without it we haven’t figured out.

  210. I use mostly wood for stirring (except those things that need a whisk) and silicone for scraping the last bit of whatever out of the pan, jar, bowl…… Love the bright colors of the silicone, and that they are one piece.

  211. I use my cast iron pans exclusively so I pick utensils that will not destroy the seasoning in them. I usually use plastic, unless I’m scrambling eggs and then I use a wooden spoon. I only use metal in my Wagner dutch oven my grandmother left to me.

  212. I like silicone but the dearest kitchen tools I own are the wooden spoons each of my sons made in middle school wood shop

  213. I own a mix of wooden and metal utensils. I’ve started buying a few silicone things such as tongs with silicone tips and pot holders. I like that it’s easy to clean and won’t melt down like plastics can.

  214. I mostly use wood and/or silicone, though I do still prefer metal spatulas for flipping things (The one silicone turner I had was too flimsy.)

  215. Depends on what I’m doing – stainless steel for a whisk, hard plastic for hard to stir deep pots and silicone for pastry brushes, spatulas and the very useful spoonula. 🙂

  216. I like to use a wooden spoon for everything that requires mixing or stirring. I like the way it doesn’t slip around in my hand the way a metal handled spoon would. I also like that wood is gentle on my cook wear and lasts a very long time. Last – it is inexpensive and that’s another reason I love it. I have heard the silicone shift is easy to make but unless I win some, I don’t see myself shifting soon.

  217. I have only one silicone tool – a spatula, which I mainly use to get every bit of batter out of a bowl. Mostly I use wooden spoons for jam making, & metal spatulas and spoons for serving.

  218. I am silicone 99% of the time–I’ve found that a metal spatula works best for deglazing, so I keep just one on hand!

  219. It depends! Silocone is great for getting things out of bowls and on nonstick pans, wood is great for stirring and some light scraping, and metal is perfect when I need to get all of the delicious little brown bits off the bottom of my pan.

  220. I like silicone; except the silicone tongs I tried once – couldn’t pick anything up with them. I think I gave them to Goodwill !

  221. I like the idea and the look of wooden spoons, but love the functionality of silicone utensils with no seams. The best! And I’m not just saying it because I want to win – but I really do.

  222. My current kitchen utensil of choice is a wooden spatula, but I’ve never used a silicon utensil. I’d love to give these a try!

  223. I really love my bamboo wooden spoons, they are hard to beat, and I love my heat proof silicone spatulas i haven’t tried anything like the ones here, but they look pretty neat!

  224. I’d love to be a natural girl and say wooden spoons all the way, but they crack and retain odors so it’s silicone for me.

  225. Love silicone “scraping” spatulas, and my 70’s vintage plastic “flipping” spatulas for turning. Something about the balance of those old brown and avocado green and is just right.

  226. i LOVED my wooden collection – until I met my first silicon one piece.

    I’m so glad the two materials get along well and there’s no fighting in my kitchen drawers. ;>

  227. Silicone. A spatula is my favorite kitchen utensil. I can practically use it for everything! I’m always on the hunt for a new one.

  228. My favorites are definitely the silicone. Love them! Although, I do still keep a few wooden spoons around….

  229. I like silicone better vs rubber & wood spatula. No chance of any mold forming
    at join of wood into rubber. I’ve had to throw some out. Plus these colors are FUN!

  230. I love my wooden spoons! But, one of my newer favorite tools is my mini silicone scraper. I use it for many things!

  231. I love wooden spoons, the patina and smoothness that they develop over time. I have wooden spoons that belonged to my grandmother and I value them for sentimental reasons. Unfortunately, our black lab loves wooden spoons, too! Leave one in the wrong place on the kitchen counter, and, oops, it becomes a chew toy. They must taste good!

  232. I still love wood, but the one piece silicon is quickly growing on me. I love the versatility ans ability to reach the awkward corners the wood usually misses.

  233. I have an old wooden spurtle that was my mom’s that I’ll love forever. Otherwise, I too am beginning to turn to silicone.

  234. I’m mostly a wooden spoon person, and had some bad experiences with the non one piece silicone. Last year I finally bought some encased silicone, and I love it for spatulas!

  235. I do like my wooden items but what I love my silicone spatula. Wish I had more silicone items.

  236. I am beginning to love silicone more and more. I still usually use wooden spoons, but also have some silicone baking pans that are wonderful!

  237. I have one favorite wooden spoon. I feel silly having a favorite, but I do! You also need a good spatula though, and I prefer silicone for those.

  238. Have to admit, I love my wooden spoons & spatulas, but I’ve always wanted to try the one piece silicone spatulas…

  239. Silicone kitchen tools are my favorite, although we just have a few right now. We are working on getting rid of some of our older tools and our plastic tools.

  240. my first go-to used to be wood – but since I don’t put them in the dishwasher (I hand wash them) – I find it is easier to go with metal or silicone and wash them with the rest of the mess in the dishwasher.

  241. I too, have been a wooden spoon girl for the longest time. I have started moving toward the silicone and stainless spatulas and spoons as of late. I got a fabulous SS ladle from W-S that I use when I make jams and jellies. Great tools really make preserving a better experience.

  242. Hmm, I have a mix of bamboo and silicone in my kitchen. I love the rigid bamboo for stirring heavy doughs as I find silicone bends too much. That being said, all my baking tools are silicone — love ’em.

  243. My favorite kitchen utensil is my grandmother’s rolling pin that I inherited, I love
    when I use to think about all the pies and things it has been used to make.

  244. I primarily use wooden utensils, since that’s what I have always been familiar with growing up. Like you Marisa, some of my wooden spoons have stained to a purple hue.

  245. I use my wooden spoons everyday for cooking, and really enjoy them. BUT-I sure do like the colors of the silicone and would love to have the set to try and start using them. Thank you for opportunity to win! Have a super fantastic day!

  246. Like bamboo and silicone utensils and my favorite bamboo tool is a chopstick. Great for swirling honey in tea, or dragging thru soft scrambled eggs.

  247. Depends on the project– a sturdy flat ended wooden spoon for most cooking tasks, a silicone spatula for baking and transferring from one bowl to another.

  248. I have both wood and silicone products. I love that the silicone utensils can be thrown in the dishwasher and hold up well.

  249. I love the idea and look of wood products, but find that I’m too lazy to properly care for them and they end up cracking or looking beat-up. I tend to then go for brightly colored plastic or silicone tools (so you can see why I’m excited about this giveaway)!

  250. I love my bamboo utensils, but I wish they wouldn’t stain. I would use silicon more often if it were one-piece construction instead of two. I don’t like it when they get gunky at the seam.

  251. I have always used wood and metal, but have started using more silicone the past few years…love to try more!

  252. Wooden spoons for slow-simmered soups and rice pudding. Metal micro-planes are one of the best inventions in the past 20 years!

  253. I tend to choose plastic because I like the firmness, but silicone is definitely better for some things. I’ve never gotten into wood, though – the fact that it’s porous never sat well with me, and not being able to clean it in a dishwasher is a definite downside.

  254. I too am a woodaholic. Slowly making my way toward the silicone. I like the fact that they are burn/melt resistant and can go in the dishwasher.

  255. I like you have always been a wooden spoon fan (and bamboo), but I am recently coming around to the silicone utensils. More and more of them seem to be sneaking into my kitchen and demoting the wooden spoons from their place of honor.

  256. My FAVORITE spoon is a silicone one. I call in my jam spoon and I have been known to hide it so my husband doesn’t use it when cooking.

  257. I have used both. I have had many two piece silicone utensils that crack and mold, i would really like to try the one piece and see how that fares in comparison.

  258. My favorite material is silicone it is so versatile second is wood, though a good mix is needed the job done on the kitchen

  259. Oh man. Well, I definitely have a few ancient wooden spoons that I love, but that’s not to say there are no metal or silicone tools in my kitchen drawers! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  260. In the past I’ve always been fond of wood. Now that I have a dishwasher, though, the potential benefits of silicone are clearer. I’m eager to be converted.

  261. For utensils I would have to say silicone. Unless I am scraping that fond stuff off the bottom of a stainless steel pan. Then metal all the way!

  262. I love my wooded spoons but will confess I have one silicone spactula and I’m loving it! My daughter is getting married in August and I have already decided she needs some too!

  263. I admit it. I’m a some of each. I’ve been having trouble finding wooden spoons lately, so have switched to bamboo, but really like silicone for some tasks.

    We have a lot of cooking utensils.

  264. Love the colors too!!! Cool!

    I have always used wooden spoons, etc. Haven’t had a favorite rubber spatula in ages..the stuff now is hard & cracks or breaks edge off, just don’t last. Would loooove using these new silicon ones I’m sure!

  265. I use some wood and some silicone. I have some wooden spoons my mom got at some point in the 1970s and gave me when I went off to college (she still has several at home). I tend to use those for pots of things, but I use my silicone spatulas for pans of things. Not sure why the dichotomy exists, but I’d love to try out some solid silicone utensils; my plastic-silicone ones are a bit sad at this point.

  266. Definitely the silicone spatula and spoon. I use it constantly…it gets all the batter off the bowl, scrambles the eggs, stirs on non-stick and regular pans. I LOVE them!

  267. I have some very old wooden spoons that I use for very specific tasks in the kitchen, so I mostly go for my silicone utensils.

  268. Very old wooden spoons and spatula made by an uncle, am replacing with silicone. Hope to see you June 21 at the farmers market near my house!!

  269. Sad to hear this is open to residents of US only. Silicone is my all time favourite and, like you, I use silicone every morning for my egg white omelet.


  270. Silicone is my favorite; I have two metal-handled silicone spatulas that I use constantly. My folks got a set of the one-piece silicone kind, though, and they look terrific. It’d be nice not to have to clean the grot from around the metal handle.

  271. Depends upon the job – use mostly wooden utensils, but silicone is also great – particularly if it doesn’t melt.

  272. It depends! Silicone when scraping the bottom of the pan, metal for cutting, wood for tossing and sometimes stirring. I’m easygoing.

  273. Like you, my favorite material used to be wood but then I got a spatula from W-S and I don’t know if it is silicone but I think it is and now that is my new favorite. Mary in Cincinnati

  274. It depends on what I’m making, I like using different materials for different tasks. Wooden for oatmeal and silicone for eggs.

  275. Well, I’d like to say wooden because it feels so old school. But the truth is my wooden utensils look like they have been to a dangerous land and tangled with a fire breathing dragon. They are pretty scarred. The silicone on the other hand tend to be far more forgiving so I think I would need to go with silicone. The only thing that seems to put up a fight against them is the food processor.

  276. I love a wooden spoon but never feel like they ever get clean. I made the switch to silicone mostly for that reason but the bendiness is also quite nice! I love the pretty colors of silicone utensils too 😉

  277. I’ve never actually used silicone before, but I prefer wood. Mainly because I end up using plastic spatulas and forget that they’re plastic until they’ve melted. haha. I like metal sometimes, but it isn’t forgiving on the pans. But wood is nice, and is pretty much consistent in my life that hasn’t melted or ruin a pan.

  278. I love silicone utensils because they won’t scratch my pans or mash my food, and because they’re less likely than wooden utensils to scorch if left too close to the pilot lights on my stove.

  279. I’ve always loved my vintage wooden spoons and I pick them up when I see them. I love my silicone bakeware so I’d love to give these a try.

  280. I have a whisk that I love, silicone-covered wire, but alas the silicone has started to shed. A friend recently bought me a silicone spatula set, each with a silicone head and clear acrylic handle. I LOVE these but agee – two pieces is more labor intensive for keeping clean. Would love to try the one-piece CORE Kitchen set.

  281. I got a silicone omelet turner for Christmas and it is one if my favorites for scraping big pots because it’s really wide. I do have a special place in my heart for my bamboo spoons, which I use for cooking all the time.

  282. I generally use silicone spatulas with wood handles, but I am becoming a little impatient with their tendency to come apart and the hand washing. If I cooking stir fried and, I absolutely must have a firm turner/spatula, so I generally don’t use my silicone then.

  283. Depends on what the tool is for. I love silicone spatulas because they are so versatile & I use them almost exclusively. For portioning, cookie dough/ice cream/etc, I have a set of various sized stainless steel scoops.

  284. I have a cracked wooden spatula that I love dearly and that I use for most things, and a tiny metal spatula that works wonders for flipping eggs stuck in the cast iron skillet and moving fresh baked cookies when they’re still too soft to handle. Those two have traveled the country with me.

  285. We only use all-silicone tools these days! I love them for all the reasons you listed, plus one more: I am gluten intolerant and my husband is not, so we have a mixed kitchen. Silicone doesn’t absorb foods and hang onto gluten particles the way plastic or wood can, so since we switched to all-silicone I never have to worry whether he’s used a given utensil on a gluten-containing food and if preparing a shared meal with it will make me ill.

  286. I absolutely adore silicone utensils! All my pans are nonstick so they are pretty much the only kind I use in my kitchen.

  287. Silicone, actually. I have a bunch of spatulas that I use for everything. But the heads come off of the bamboo handles–these look like they’d be perfect!

  288. Right now I have a mix of wood, plastic, and silicone. I love stirring my soups with my wooden spoons, but nothing beats a good silicone spatula for getting everything out of the pot/bowl.

  289. I am a silicone gal too, although I love my metal spatula handed down from my mom for use on my cast iron skillet…those things last a lot longer, you just can’t use them on everything!

  290. I do love silicon for just ease of use and cleaning. But there is something magical about using my grandma’s wooden spoon, I use that when I’m making something special or just need a little dose of inspiration!

  291. I have been converted to the silicone spatulas you mentioned during your book tour stop in Charlottesville, VA. They are wonderful- thank you!

  292. Just yesterday I was telling my spouse about my love for the silicon spatula. I am going to get a second one because the one we have gets used all the time.

  293. I love, love, love silicone in the kitchen. I particularly enjoy the fact that the tools can be one piece and would love to try these. I refuse to use my old plastic canning funnel any longer, and I won’t use my old spatulas that have that bacteria-catching join right near the head. When I can’t get what I want with silicone, I search for stainless steel.

  294. I have a collection of wooden spoons, but recently I got my first silicone spoon and I love it. As the wooden ones reach the end of their lifecycle I will be switching over to silicone.

  295. I have recently been replacing all the plastic in my kitchen (goodbye leaching chemicals!) as the items wear out. I am going with either metal or silicone for their durability, ease of use and cleaning, but I am considering wood for earth friendly reasons too. My main decider on everything is whether something is American made or not. USA made products are not easy to find, sadly.

  296. I too thought wood utensil were the best but recently I was bitten by the silicone bug and now I’m slowly replacing my utensil with new silicone ones.

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  297. It’s a split, depending on what I’m doing. Mostly silicon, but my wooden utensils still get regular use.

  298. It’s a toss up between my wooden spoons and my silicone spatulas….(which still have the wooden handle). I love that these are all silicone and that spreader is cool!

  299. I like different materials for different tasks–metal spatulas for cast iron, silicone for flexible spatulas, and wooden spoons and utensils for stir-fries and soups.

  300. You know, I don’t have a strong preference, but I do like silicone for things like spatulas. When possible, I use glass for dishes, that’s a stronger preference (mason jars, anyone?).

  301. I am also shifting allegiance toward silicone. I have a great silicone coated spoon that’s my “go-to” now for everything!

  302. The new silicone tools are great, and I’m a big fan. I still have my lovely wooden spoons, but I find myself reaching for silicone spatulas more and more these days.

  303. I go for variety – wooden spoons & spatulas, along with silicone scrapers and a few select stainless spatulas as well.

  304. I use metal for most things. Since having to go gluten free, I don’t trust wood or plastic. I love these one-piece silicone items (no wood handles to get glutened!) 🙂

  305. I had a set of plastic, which I very quickly hated. The slanted spatula cracked, all pieces eventually stained (they were white), and there was no “play”. I rarely use any metal utensils, relying now on a combination of wooden spoons (and a very old wooden spatula my mom gave me that will never go away) and silicon/wood and silicon/metal utensils, depending on need. Metal is left for spoons and ladles. So, the right tool for the right job!

  306. I generally reach for metal, for easy clean up, but could use something for surfaces where metal isn’t advised. I love wood for some things, but don’t always trust that I can properly get it clean.

  307. Love my wooden spoons for most things. I have an assortment of spatulas and non of them are just “right”. I would be thrilled to try these out!


  308. I love my wooden spoons because they remind me of my Italian grandmothers 🙂 But I also love silicone because, as you said, you can scrape every last bit out of the pan or bowl. Thanks for the giveaway!

  309. Mostly metal or plastic but still love a good wooden spoon. I am constantly loosing pieces of spatulas so I hope these tools are tough!

  310. I am a huge fan of silicone! But I have the kind where just the head is silicone and they get a lil funky if ur not vigilant.

  311. I find myself using silicone more and more often. But, when I’m cooking sausage or hamburger and I want to break it up, nothing beats my wooden spatula.

  312. Depends on the tool—bamboo mixing spoons and spatulas are my standby as I can use them in any of my pots or pans (stainless, cast iron, non-stick or enameled it doesn’t matter), they feel good in my hand and they are inexpensive should I stain them beyond acceptability, which happens from time to time when I space while using tumeric or beets. Silicone for my scrapers, tongs and my new favorite Le Creuset pastry brush (picked one up for my mom too).

  313. I use wood and stainless steel but the silicone looks great. I’d love the funnels and the spatulas…I’d love it all, looks great!

  314. With canning I always use wooden spoons… I only have a few silicone utensils, but I’d love to try more! Thanks for the giveaway!

  315. I’m a traditionalist & love the feel and sound of wood on my bowls and pots. I still even have some of my mother’s wood utensils!

  316. Wood wins for cooking…I don’t scratch my pots and it doesn’t get too hot in my hands. But I bought a silicon spoon a few years ago and love it for baking. Especially since it’s fully silicon which means it’s a breeze to clean!

  317. I have also been switching over to silicone. I have been trying to get them with a metal handle, but they are hard to find. These will be great.

  318. I have way too many utensils of varying materials, but the one spoon for general cooking that I reach for every time is the red Betty Crocker spoon I’ve had for years. It’s really just a pos plastic, but it feels like an heirloom in my hands. I appreciate the longevity of the brand.

  319. The utensil I tend to reach for the most is a metal spoon but it is frustrating that I can’t get everything out of the pan.