Giveaway: Cheese Making Kit from Hobby Hill Farm

Hobby Hill Farm cheese making kit

This week’s giveaway comes to us from brand new sponsor Hobby Hill Farm. Based in Powhatan, Virginia, Hobby Hill Farm offers locally made jams and preserves, homemade pretzels, candies, and cheese making kits. What’s more, if you’re in the area, owner Sharon regularly teaches cheese making classes around central Virginia (she tells me she has 3-4 a week on the books straight through to November).

inside cheese kit

It’s those cheese making kits that I’m here to talk about today. The kit that Hobby Hill Farm sells retails for $26.95 and is designed to get you making your own mozzarella or ricotta cheese in just 30 minutes (they also sell an array of more advanced cheese making supplies). The kit contains cheese salt, citric acid, rennet, butter muslin, and easy-to-follow instructions. All you have to add is a gallon of milk and you’re ready to go.

I’ve completed many a DIY food project over the years, but until this kit arrived, I was always a little wary of trying my hand at cheese. However, I’ve made a batches of both mozzarella and ricotta so far and am loving how easy and satisfying a project it is. I’ll be back tomorrow with some pictures from my own experimentation.

cheese making ingredients

Thanks to the kind folks at Hobby Hill Farm, I have one cheese making kit to give away this week. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about a time when you tried to make something new in the kitchen.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Saturday, September 12, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, September13, 2015.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents only (and is void where prohibited).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

If you can’t wait, know that Hobby Hill Farm is currently offering all my readers 10% off their purchase. Use the code “FIJ” at checkout to get the deal.

Disclosure: Hobby Hill Farm is a Food in Jars sponsor. Additionally, they provided the kit you see here, as well as the one up for giveaway (along with a sack of the most delicious pretzels ever). 

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410 responses to “Giveaway: Cheese Making Kit from Hobby Hill Farm”

  1. Last summer, I tried kombucha “farming,” which worked for a while, even had extra SCOBYs develop, but then my product kept molding which was aggravating. I still have a couple of saved ones, but now I’m gun shy about starting another. Then there was the milk keffir…having milked a cow as a teenager, I couldn’t get past the fact that it tasted like the cow smelled.

  2. Tried making cheese years ago, before the availability of modern kits like this. The recipe involved leaving curds draining overnight in the sink. Woke up to a smell that put me off another attempt for decades. Might be time to make a go of it again…..

  3. I like to cook and try new things although most of the time I don’t even like the contents I am cooking with. I had a pretty good track record with stuff I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole up until I made Whiskey and Triple Pork Black Bean Chili; and again it was a recipe with ingredients that were much too spicy for my palate. How was I supposed to know that black beans needed to be soaked for at least 24 hours before use? It was renamed Whiskey & Triple Pork Crunchy Black Bean Chili. I have since redeemed myself!

  4. Over the past three weeks I’ve been growing a new kombucha SCOBY. I finally bottled the kombucha for its second fermentation, can’t wait to try it! (Hope my bottles don’t explode – off to burp them!)

  5. I tried making mozzarella once, lacking the appropriate tools, I attempted to use an old T-shirt to squeeze the liquid out of the curd. It worked but made a giant mess! I’d love to try again with the right tools!

  6. I was making scallops at my parents’ house and it called for a cream sauce. I think it was sauce bernaise. Complete disaster. We ended up not really needing it but I really want to eventually learn the four main French sauces so if I need to make them, I can.

    I’ve actually made cheese before. Not alone at home but I’ve gone to a local organic nursery that has classes and I’ve done the cheese class twice. Made ricotta both times and I’m ready to try it on my own. I would love to make my own mozzarella as that is my favorite summer go to cheese. I eat it with tomatoes, basil and a drizzle of balsamic.

  7. I’m an experienced cook and have worked in the field professionally. One thing I can’t get right is mayonnaise. (That’s actually pretty embarrassing for someone with professional experience!)

  8. I love to experiment with new things in the kitchen. Learned to make fruit on the bottom yogurt with my picked cherries. Delicious. Made peach honey from the skins of Michigan peaches. How amazing on toast. Always wanted to learn to make my own cheese. This would be amazing

  9. I’ve had great success making Kombucha & now am trying my hand at making June Tea. It’s made with a different culture & honey vs. the sugar used in Kombucha.

  10. Just yesterday I tried to make fig ricotta caramels. They taste okay but are way too hard. Maybe attempt 2 will be better.

  11. One thing I’ve tried that didn’t go over so well was growing kefir. I still have some starters in my freezer to try again, but I was never successful in incorporating the kefir into our eating/baking. There is hope, though. I have jars of sourdough starter and homemade apple peel vinegar and pear peel vinegar all on my counter that actually get used!

  12. I tried sauerkraut and it ended up a moldy, smelly mess and I worked in a kitchen for over 30 years. I’ve been debating on trying to make cheese as we love it and also love to make our own things. Would love the kit and probably will end up buying it.

  13. The most scary thing to try was fermented pickles. I had memories of saurkraut ‘brewing’ at my house when I was younger and had to get over the fear of mold!

  14. I’m obsessed with putting things up in jars since I got my pressure canner in July. I have so much food for winter now. One thing I’ve made that is so awesome is refried beans. Love them and so wicked easy too!
    I keep looking for interesting things to put up, next is going to be caramelised onions!!!!

  15. Sauerkraut a few years ago–tossed it out after it appeared to mold. No loss, however, as I personally can’t stand sauerkraut (making it for someone else)!

  16. Last year I tried fermented hot sauce. All of the recipes I found were just a little too vague about the length of time and I think my turned the corner so I threw it out. I’d like to try again soon.

  17. I learned to make Greek yogurt. I love making it as it is so cost effective and my Grandkids *ask* for yogurt as a snack! I serve it with my home made jam.

  18. I have made homemade Ricotta, and Amy dying to try my hand at other cheeses. I try new things pretty often, last season was my first time canning peaches and making seedless raspberry jam.

  19. When I first started in the kitchen, it seems like everything was a disaster! The first cake with a mixer, had flour all over the place! Even the ceiling! Learned many things in the last 20 years, & most have made cooking/baking much more enjoyable!

  20. Earlier this year I made chocolate souffle for the first time. It was a new years resolution of sorts. Souffle had always been something that terrified me, even though I bake fairly often and am an advid cake baker. It seemed so sensitive and delicate, so easy to mess up. But really, it wasn’t too hard at all and it was so delicious! I made an orange creme anglaise to go with it. Yum!

  21. I am always trying new things in the kitchen. I love old stand by recipes but the challenge of improving yourself as a cook or canner is exciting. What is great is when something you tried becomes one of those old stand by recipes to be passed down. After all, ” the expert in anything was once a beginner.”

  22. I made lacto-fermented kohlrabi pickles a few weeks ago. I kind of feel like all of my ferments have the same basic taste, plus whatever spices I use, but these have an amazing kohlrabi texture that is super satisfying.

  23. My list of failures is just a bit too long and not enough space here! But we did try to make cheese once, it was bad, really bad 🙂

  24. Right now I have some fermented/pickled apples brewing from a recipe in an old Russian cookbook. Too early to tell how they will turn out. Making cheese has been on my list to try for years. This kit sounds like a great start.

  25. Long a go I was house sitting for my parents. Peach season came and I thought how nice, I will buy a bushel peaches and make jam. My mom had a selection of jars of various sizes and shapes, I could use paraffin on top.

    There are many many peaches in a bushel. By the time I was finished I had peach goo EVerywhere, had Ben to the store about a zillion times to buy more sugar, more paraffin and finally more jars.

    I had beautiful jars of peaches about a thousand ( maybe not quite a thousand) ranging from mini gift size jars to bigger peanut butter jars.there was peach goo and sugar. In every nook and cranny. Did you know when you blend hot peaches the top blows off the blender?

    It took days to track down all the sticky bit.

    the peach jam was so good. I didn’t try it again for several years.

    Now I know about hot water bath and pressure canning. I know how many peaches I ca deal with and I can whip out canned peaches, jams and jellies with very little Gus and muss and only a tiny bit of peach goo on the floor.

    On to cheese!

  26. I’ve made ricotta and yogurt with good results. A homemade version of Nutella has been a favorite with the family as well as almond butter and peanut butter. I like to try DIY versions of store-bought staples. With my surplus of tomatoes from the garden this year, I want to try making ketchup. Would love to win this cheese-making kit.

  27. In the past, I have made yogurt. It would a amazing to learn how to make cheese. As for canning I have cut down to mini-batches. All my canning is in pint, 1/2 pint and mini jars to give away. I always say, “This is a magic jar. When it’s empty you may return it for a refill.”

  28. A few years ago after hurricanes Frances and Jean we had to do some landscaping and we planted some guava tress. I went to the local farm extension office and got a recipe for guava jelly, you have to have half ripe and half not ripe fruit then you have to smash them and hang them in cheesecloth over night then you get to make jelly. The unripe fruit contains the pectin so you don’t add any. My first batch did not set up so I had to go and pick some more unripe fruit. The second batch was very yummy.

  29. I made a cheese once… don’t remember the name of it, it was surprisingly easy and good… I should try more cheese making…

  30. This summer was the first time I had canned anything. It has been so much fun. Some of the recipes have turned out better than others and I think if I have to blanche 1 more tomato I might cry. But the food is so fresh and it’s so enjoyable to sit down to dinner and think my family grew/hunted/canned and hand made the entire meal on a regular basis. I am ready for the next food project!

  31. So far this year, I have made 4 kinds of pickle and still have a few more experiments left to try. I didn’t pay enough attention when my mother made pickles, so I’m having to start from scratch. The CSA we use offered 20 pounds of pickling cukes, so I jumped right in on that. Also doing some pickled onion, banana peppers and beets. We love fresh mozzarella so I would love to try that.

  32. I moved from bread machine to no-knead bread and started a sourdough starter for the levain. I have been able to keep the starter alive for about 10 years now. If I can do it, anyone can.

  33. The first time I made blueberry jam I cooked it so long I couldn’t even get it out of the jar. Blueberry cement! Now it is one of my favorite, and easiest to make.

  34. I tried to make ricotta once just using lemon juice, I left it to drain and went off to do something else, ended up with incredibly dry lemony ricotta!

  35. This year was the summer of shrub for me! Doing some experimenting with recipes to price them out for a possible food business idea I’ve been noodling around with.

  36. I guess my most recent try was hummus…yes, I’m slow in trying new things. I loved it, but my husband thought it was too bland. I’ve always wanted to try cheese, this would be a great win!

  37. My best experience was with ricotta. Whole milk ricotta was creamy and smooth. Ironically, my worst experience was also with ricotta. Tried to make a “part skim” with skim milk. It was awful.

  38. I was just saying this weekend that I wanted to try making my own mozzarella. I am making homemade caramel tonight for some turtles. Last weekend I made a dip with cream cheese and some leftovers I had in the fridge – the hubby said it was the best dip he’d ever had!

  39. Soft yeast rolls. I never bake because I am too impatient, but have been determined to make soft yeast rolls like we get while eating out…mine are still dry and tough, instead of steamy and soft.

    • Hi Linda! I hope you don’t mind me commenting. It may be that you have too much flour in the recipe…maybe adding too much when kneading? It’s best to keep your dough a little too sticky in the beginning then to make it totally comfortable to knead with your hands. Also, the humidity of your location will alter how much flour to add. It’s a guideline really. I have found it best to add a little less and see how the dough feels…if it’s too wet, I can add a little more.
      Also, everyone should know that what constitutes a packet of yeast now, is not the same amount as before. It used to be one tablespoon of dry active yeast in a packet…now it is 2 and a 1/4 or 2 1/2 teaspoons. So, I buy yeast in a jar or pound bag and measure out myself. The older recipes I’ve been using work so much better now that I use the right amount of yeast.
      I have a 1950’s recipe for rolls if you are interested. You can email me at eyeswideopennicole at gmail dot com.

  40. I recently tried making QUARK ……a German version of cream cheese. Sounded easy and I bought a very small bottle of whole milk which we never indulge. It is added to buttermilk and was very easy to make. I served at a family breakfast and all grandkids tried and liked. Persuaded since they are part German no doubt.
    It was served with homemade bread and your recipe for spicy plum butter. Smooth, creamy and rich. I’ll definitely make again . Thanks for your offer !

  41. Well, this isn’t something new, since I’ve made one before, but on Saturday I tried to make a pecan pie for the first time in MANY years, and needless to say, it was a disaster! I ended up making a second, must better pie because the first one turned out so bad. I have been wanting to make my own cheese, and this kit looks like a great way to get started. Thank you for the chance to win. 🙂

  42. Baking – I have a new stove/over, La Croneu, and learning how to bake and cook anything in the oven is an adventure. Would love to make cheese sometime!

    • I found on Martha Stewart’s PBS show she did an episode and had mayo on it. It’s very helpful! I used that to teach me how to make it. I know a little dab of dijon mustard helps the cohesion…and going very slowly with the oil. Good luck!

  43. It seems like I’m always trying new recipes. I’m part of a food co op, and I get tired of making the same thing over and over again. Sometimes the recipes are great, sometimes not so much!

  44. I tried to make cheese with my daycare kids. It dint work kids refused to taste it after the first child had a VERY nasty face. However, I feel it taught a lesson on trying new things.

  45. I’ve been making water kefir. Most of the flavors I’ve made have turned out quite nicely! I would love to make my own cheese with the raw milk I buy.

  46. My main current experiment is cocktails – so far I’ve had good success with simple mojitos and a variation on the Manhattan, but I don’t really know what a “good” cocktail tastes like, such as a fancy restaurant one, so I’ll have to experiment some more.

    Last night I tried to make Amy’s tomato jam with black cherry tomatoes from my garden. I simmered it for two hours but I’m not sure how jammy it is! I’m ok with tomato sauce, but I definitely want to try it again 🙂 Thanks for all the great recipes!

  47. I made yeast rolls for the first time. But when I made more the next day I forgot to let them sit at room temp and they were like rocks

    • I have a great simple recipe from my 1950’s Betty Crocker cookbook, if you would like it. I have made it many times with success…and I can offer any tips or advice, as well. 🙂 You can email me at eyeswideopennicole at gmail dot com.

  48. My recent adventure in the kitchen was to make homemade soft pretzels. My son loves them, so I thought why not. I got the recipe from a book at my local library…The Perfect Egg by Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park. That also has a great Challah recipe, as well. So I tried it out. The pretzels were pretty good…but didn’t keep long before getting moldy…so keep leftovers in the fridge.
    Next I am going to try making jelly from a local berry that some locals say is poisonous…but online people say it’s not. The berries are not the tastiest by themselves, but I’ve read that in a jelly they are quite divine.

  49. I once bought a cookbook from a blog that I follow. I sincerely had not made a bad recipe from that blog to that point. I made a cauliflower couscous. i don’t know if I did something wrong of it if just wasn’t the recipe for us, but it was really strong and a bitter raw garlic flavor with the already strong cauliflower flavor….it was terrible. I went into the trash and we ordered pizza for dinner!

  50. I tried to make a drink called kvass- but not the beet kind. A different style made with bread. It turned into a fermenty-yeasty gooey mess that was not drinkable. 0/10 would make again. 😉

  51. I tried to fruit leather for the first time in the winter and I failed miserably. So after careful consideration I tried it again this summer by modifying the recipe and it was a SUCCESS!!! My son loved it, so I will be making it again for sure.

  52. Creme fraiche! Why spend all that money when all it takes is some buttermilk and heavy cream. Leave on the counter for a day or so until it gets thick and then you can keep it in the fridge for weeks. I use it instead of sour cream all the time. I always ended up throwing out half the tub of sour cream anyway. I would love to try some other cheeses!

  53. I tried making my own yogurt in the kitchen using some plain active culture yogurt as the starter. It was much easier than I imagined. I make a quart at a time in a large measuring cup. To insulate it for culturing, I put it in a small “cooler” wrapped in a towel (top of cut covered with plastic wrap)

    I am far more willing to experiment making cultured foods now. I would love to try my hand at cheese making.

  54. A number of years ago I bought a cheesemaking book, and made a batch of fresh mozzarella while visiting my mom. It turned out well, but I think was a bit messy. Since I didn’t have a dishwasher at the time, and hated doing dishes, I never made another batch. However, recently I’ve been thinking of making some fresh cheeses, especially as it’s hard to get a form of fresh, soft farmer’s cheese we used to buy in Chicago now that we’ve moved.

  55. I recently made low-temperature pasteurization dill pickles….a new process for me, normally I ferment or do a water bath. I’m excited to find out how they turned out but am patiently waiting at least two weeks for the flavors to develop. Fingers are crossed for a crisp and delicious pickle!

  56. I’m experimenting with horseradish for a cooking contest and just worked with a fresh horseradish root… we’ll see what the pickles taste like in a few weeks.

  57. I recently took a fermentation class and made sauerkraut. Much easier than I could imagine, had it for our Labor Day cookout over hot dogs!

  58. My kids are always asking to make new things and try new recipes. My oldest always checks out a cookbook from the library on his library day. Our favorites are homemade ice creams and recently I started making my own pie crust. Now that school started again I want to try my hand at homemade pasta.

  59. I’m an amateur home-cheese-maker, starting to branch out into pressed and aged cheeses, so I’m very happy to have another supplier of rennet and cultures. My latest foray is into German foods (sauer braten, spaetzle and German potato salad) to satisfy my husband’s nostalgia for foods from his childhood (his grandparents were German immigrants who ran a restaurant, so I’m a little intimidated).

  60. Just last night I made pumpkin spice lattes at home for the first time – it was so easy and way more delicious than any coffee shop version since this actually has pumpkin in it!

  61. I try out new recipes at least weekly, (most recent was peaches and cream pie) but I’ve never had the courage to try cheese. This kit would encourage me to try it out. I’ve seen videos that make it look so easy.

  62. I love making new to me things. This summer, among regular favorites I have made Blackberry and grape jam. I would love to try cheese.

  63. My first time making jam was an awesome, somewhat terrifying experience, but it turned out great! I would love to have some fresh mozzarella to finish off the rest of my heirloom tomatoes.

  64. I made paleo ice cream this weekend! My boss tries to eat paleo and we were having a potluck, so I went and made coconut milk/almond milk ice cream. It was a huge hit and she asked for the recipe!

  65. This last year, we made lots of new things in our house. Two family members were diagnosed with Celiac’s, which meant going gluten free. We have changed just about every recipe we have used to accommodate that, with many success and a few utrer failures (I’m looking at you, apple zucchini bread!)

  66. Sweet potato yeast rolls were one of the last new things I tried. I’d been avoiding yeast bread for a while, thinking it would be too hard, but the rolls turned out awesome and were surprisingly easy to make. I think they’re going to be a new standard accompaniment for holiday dinners.

  67. I tried making cheese about 20 years ago. When I drained the curds in a strainer all of it went through and that was the end of the cheese making! I would love to try again. I’ve had lots of luck making your small batch jams this summer. What fun.

  68. I’ve made panir, so I should be able to handle mozzarella! I remember the first time I made an herb-infused oil (in my crockpot). I have no idea why I waited so long to try it – it was so easy, and so good.

  69. The first time I made coconut cream pie, totally from scratch. including the coconut – a hammer, a nail, a screwdriver….best coconut cream pie I’ve ever had. I love food experiments, and I’ve always wanted to try my own cheese!

  70. I tried making a pear cinnamon jam in my brand new Le Crueset dutch oven. Burned the heck out of it, stuck to the bottom of the pan and took 3 days of soaking and scrubbing to clean.

    Side note: the jam that I was able to get into jars ended up being really good! I even labeled it Burnt Cinnamon Pear Jam.

  71. I canned homemade Concord grape juice and it was great! I tried making jelly with some of the juice . . . and had a nice supply of grape syrup. 🙂

  72. I am constantly trying new things in the kitchen. I love experimenting and finding ways to make it homemade instead of buying (too expensive) with all the chemicals (too gross) added. My latest quest has been fermented foods.
    I’ve tried mozzarella twice and failed. It was tasty but was more curd-like rather than smooth. I WILL master the cheese!

  73. I live right by Powhatan and have never heard of them, so, thanks, Marissa, for featuring them! I’ve always wanted to get into cheesemaking but have been leary of investing in all that equipment without a trial run, so to speak. I’m definitely signing up for a class, and I’m super stoked to discover this new local resource.

  74. I’ve never tried making cheese. I’ve made yogurt….. Most of my horror cooking stories revolve around my attempts of making bread. Right now I have a “biga” waiting to make ciabatta.

  75. It’s not food, but yesterday I made homemade salve for my daughter’s eczema! I infused sweet almond oil with dried calendula, mixed it with melted beeswax, and added a bit of lavender essential oil. The consistency is perfect and the smell is divine!

  76. I have had success baking “egg-free” in the kitchen with my daughter’s egg allergy diagnosis!
    I have had limited success trying to make passover goodies when someone in the family suggested I tackle that area. My passover cakes were flat–and unedible!!

  77. I tried making a cheesecake and I ended up under cooking it! I have mastered the cooking time now after a few trials and errors. I would love to win this cheese making kit, my birthday is the 14th and it would be great to try this!

  78. This weekend I tried my hand at rosé sangria and homemade mosquito repellant. They both turned out great, it’s just sad I didn’t think to make them until the end of summer.

  79. I love making new things in the kitchen! Just recently, I tried canning tomatoes for the first time, with help from your blog’s recipes and advice 🙂

  80. I have made homemade ricotta before and it is so delicious and simple. I have always wanted to try my own mozzarella. My most memorable homemade fail was laundry detergent. It did not clean well at all. I could have washed with nothing and it would have worked the same.

  81. Yesterday I dried the tomato skins, left over from canning tomatoes, in the microwave. I then made them into a powder …they taste pretty good.Going to try them in a soup today.

  82. The first time I brewed a soda was a couple of years ago. I was going for a ginger ale with a LOT of ginger. The recipe I was using had you brew in a 2-liter soda bottle and when the container was getting quite firm, you knew it was ready. A couple days after starting my concoction, the bottle was rock hard. I took it to the sink and slowly started to unscrew the top, although apparently not slowly enough. It started to spray and in my panic, I quickly unscrewed the lid the rest of the way instead of closing it down. A geyser of ginger pulp and sugary water erupted onto my ceiling and walls; I still find the occasional sticky spot.

    But the soda? Delicious. Sweet and Spicy!

  83. Holly…your story reminds me of the time years ago when I unpacked my new blender, set it up, put water and kool aid in it, turned it on high but forgot to put the lid on. That was my most horrible kitchen disaster of all time. Oh…and in my panic I couldn’t find the off switch. I had to start at the top….the ceiling…and scrub my way down to the floor. Gives me chills to remember that stupid stunt. LOL

  84. My latest kitchen experiment is making peppermint extract. Takes 3 months so come Christmas time I will know how it turned out. After making vanilla extract for several years, I decided I wanted to try making some other extracts that I use frequently.

  85. So many kitchen experiments! I did end up once with some exploding root beer bottles which was a pretty messy affair. When I had goats I made soft cheese frequently. Would love to try some different kinds.

  86. This summer I have been learning to can. Finding all the supplies, collecting fresh ingredients and figuring how to make that much water boil on my small stove has been quite a challenge. It’s all worth it though when the time to relax finally comes, and I can sit and listen to the cans pop.

  87. I have just tried preserving lemons. It has only been a couple of days since I put them in the jar, but I can hardly wait to see what they taste like in about a month.

  88. My grandma Minnie, a farmers wife and vegetable gardener, always put food away for winter and had a wall of canned goods in her basement. II remember helping her make tomato jam and when I saw your recipe for Tomato Jam with Honey, I tried it. Delicious! We will be pouring it over brie and spreading it on crackers or toast points. Thank you, I’m enjoying your site and hope to win the cheese kit – I’m from Wisconsin and we have plenty of milk to make into a tasty cheese. Thanks!

  89. I haven’t tried making cheese yet, but I stayed with a lady who tried to make yogurt and she was not very successful at it… The only thing I’ve attempted is recipes, but it’s always very hard for me to stick to the recipe and not go on my own tangent. Usually anything glutenfree I stick to the recipe and probably the method for making Vietnamese spring rolls.

  90. I try to learn one new salad recipe a summer and this year it was a Greek panzanella-had it yesterday for a Labor Day picnic. I would love to try cheesemaking, but am a little timid about doing it on my own, so one of these kits would be great!

  91. This summer for a party I made cauliflower crust pizza and a zucchini lasagna for the first time. They both turned out great till the lasagna fell and the pan shattered. So sad!

  92. I just tried saving cherry tomato seeds this week and after fermenting for 3 days I couldn’t even find them in the muck! Oh well, try again next week!

  93. I just made the charred tomato salsa from Canning for a New Generation for the first time this weekend. For some reason I was hesitant to can salsa though I’ve made jams, pickles, etc for several years. Bonus: my son loves it!

  94. Baklava! I was always intimidated by all of those layers of phyllo dough. But store bought baklava is expensive and it gets soggy quickly. So I tried it and it was pretty good! I would love to get into cheese making. It seems very interesting.

  95. I made apple cider vinegar! I am amazed things like this don’t get all moldy. Fermentation is fascinating. I would LOVE to try cheesemaking! Thank you for the giveaway.

  96. I try new recipes often. My most recent was a roasted chicken that we love so much I’ve made it about four times in the past month!

  97. I made croissants once… totally intimidated, but did it with a friend for support. It was a 24 hour process but so worth it. I was my first time doing a laminated dough and it was so amazing once they were done. Unfortunately, I live in a very warm climate so I can only make them in the winter or crank down the AC enough to keep the butter firm enough (my husband likes to keep the temp at 82 in the warm months).

  98. Often I want to try something new and take to the internet, researching the heck out of it. Which then leads to inaction due to overwhelm. I’ve been wanting to try making fresh ricotta and a kit would be perfect.

  99. My first kitchen disaster was the first time I tried to replicate my grandma’s banana pudding recipe. It turned out great for fans of raw banana slices floating in warm, sweet milk!

  100. Last week I made bread & butter pickles for the first time. They are not the crispest of pickles but still tasty on sandwiches.

  101. The last time I tried to make something new in my kitchen was Paneer cheese! It can be used as a ricotta substitute in lasagna and the like and that’s exactly what I used it for. The lasagna was delicious!

  102. I love to experiment in the kitchen. I’ve been successful with yogurt, some other fermentation, and some canning projects. The most interesting was making bouza from sandor katz’s wild fermentation, which involved making a sourdough starter, sprouting wheatberries, and fermenting from there – it was like drinking very mildly boozy sourdough.

  103. I love trying new things! Some things are more successful than others though! I made some delicious yogurt once, but it was a lot of work, and I made so much, it took me forever to finish it. Cheese on the other hand… I think I would finish it almost immediately- with some fresh tomatoes and basil!

  104. I recently canned dill pickles for the first time (following a recipe from a cookbook that I’d always had good luck with before). I waited the required week, then proudly took a jar to a potluck dinner. The pickles are…weird. Definitely NOT dill. Hoping they mellow a bit more with age because otherwise I have 5 jars of weirdness.

  105. Apple pectin. Will try again next year when the Gravenstein apple peels and cores come back around. This year I was a little aggressive in boiling it down and had only a slick of brownish sludge to show for all my efforts (note to self: set timer so that you wake up from the quick nap)

  106. I really need this kit to make my own cheese. One time I was visiting my Aunt and Uncle and they asked me to make this Green chili cheese dip I’ve made a few times. So Uncle asked what kind of cheese I needed as he was going to the store. I needed Jack cheese. He brought home mozzarella. It was an ooey gooey mess. ;). It was good, but ……

  107. The dairy farm where we buy milk had such an excess this spring (lots of grass does that for a while!) and the bulk tank literally could not hold it all. I got two phone calls that each netted me about 10 gallons of milk. We made farmer’s cheese for the first time…YUMMY. The dill/garlic flavored stuff was fantastic! And now I’ve got the itch to try some more ‘serious’ cheese like mozzarella. THis would be fantastic!

  108. I recently made drinking vinegar (shrubs) which was a new one for me. I now have black current and ginger/lemongrass ready to go. I’d LOVE to try my hand at cheese. It sort of intimidates me but this kit looks easy.

  109. I grew up in a canning family; my mother made occasional jam and a few pickles but she was the queen of tomato juice – she would put up dozens of quarts and being a child of the sixties my childhood memories are filled with recollections of my parents and their friends gathering each weekend for bloody marys with home made tomato juice. This summer as my mother nears the end of her life I have taken up her task and myself made tomato juice, a dozen quarts of stewed tomatoes, 18 pints of salsa, a few half pints of habanero raspberry jam and (Your?) rhubarb rosemary jelly. I call it “stress canning” when I’m feeling wry, but really it’s a reach back in time to another era, another pace, and a group of people I miss.

  110. My garden is pumping out cucumbers faster than I can eat (or heck, even pick) them so I’ve been trying new ways of preparing them. Mainly pickled salad type applications, but I also tried making cucumber popsicles. They were actually pretty good – seeded cuke + lime juice + touch of sugar – not bad! I want to try adding some mint next time.

    • Amanda, I had the same problem. I did pretty much what you did, but made a granita with a faint touch of Tanqueray and the mint. Very refreshing on a hot afternoon!

      Also, I’ve been looking for a cheese kit like this for a long time! It’s a great starter set.

  111. We have been striving to use all of the products that come off our farm – so this year has been the year of preserving meat in a variety of ways – confit, curing, sweet breads! It has been a fun learning experience. Also thanks to your site I am trying the canned bean recipe for home made black beans as I type this!

  112. Over the weekend, I had a sudden urge to make an oatmeal bannock. I did. It was nice enough, although it may have been the inspiration for Terry Pratchett’s dwarf bread…

  113. I’ve tried to make cheese before! I’ve made ricotta, paneer, and cream cheese. All were decently good, but as I used acid to coagulate the milk instead of proper cheesemaking supplies, they all tasted a bit off.

  114. I am always trying something new. My worst was the first time a deep fried a turkey. It was an expensive heritage bird and I way way way overcooked it. I felt so bad

  115. i recently attempted my grandma’s recipe for bread and butter pickles. I thought they Failed until after I refrigerated them. Then they tasted perfect. Other experiments – like the from-scratch Danish – weren’t so successful.

  116. I just made hot sauce for the first time over the long weekend! Carrot habanero. It’s delicious and I’m so excited to try other recipes. I hope all my friends and family like spicy food because I’m pretty sure I know what everyone is getting for the holidays this year…

  117. The first time I made noodles, I rolled the dough very thin. I did not have a machine. Then the dough was folded about 8 times and cut it into strips. I put the noodles in boiling water. When the family went to eat them the noodles were about 2 feet long. I never cut them to length, we had a great laugh over this..

  118. I attempted to make paneer, which is a sort of Indian cottage cheese, with my roommate of the time based on a mutual coworker’s home recipe (said coworker was of Indian descent and apparently makes this frequently the way her mother used to). We were told to use whole milk and lemon juice… Something definitely wasn’t done right or was miscommunicated because we didn’t end up with anything solid, but found some way to use it up anyway, even if it wasn’t the cheese we were looking forward to. An actual kit might be a better way to go…

  119. I recall the first time making noodles with my toddler. It was quite a mess, but the three-year old sure liked turning the crank!
    He would love to make cheese for the pizzas we make.

  120. this is my first year with Asian pears! Chutney, jam, I am in the midst of making-it-up-as-I-go-along, sometimes borrowing from pear recipes, sometimes from apples…… So far, so good!

  121. Not long ago I was making fresh whipped cream, had the mixer going when the husband called me, I got distracted and came back to butter!!!’

  122. The first time I tried to make yogurt I ended up with a jar of runny “curds”. It took a couple more tries to make what was very close to the yogurt I was buying at the store. Later I learned how to drain the excess whey, thickening it to be more like Greek yogurt.

  123. I became a yogurt factory making it for my family and now I have switched to kefir and make it for everyone. I strain it to make kefir cheese and it is so much more nutritious than yogurt and way easier to make. No more heating milk. And it tastes great.

  124. I enjoy do-it-yourself projects and over the years have made yogurt, kefir, jam, jelly, pickles and currently have over 175 bottles of wine in my basement. Have always wanted to try cheese, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  125. I grew one plant of basil this year, and finally made pesto. I decided I love the smell of fresh basil and hope I can grow it this winter inside, just to sniff and toss in things. Unfortunately, I am the only one in the family who liked the pesto, though guests have loved it.

  126. I try new things all the time, I love making stuff in the kitchen. Usually it goes well, so I’d like to try making cheese. Sometimes things go awry, like when I tested out the no-kneed bread recipe. The bread was fine, but in trying to turn the dough into the very hot pre-heated pan I hit it with my hand and burned myself. I still have a faint scar from that and have NEVER made bread again. But with the scar fading away, I may be able to try it again!

  127. I made cheese last year. It was a farmer’s cheese. I added way to much salt and it was bad. I soaked it in water and that helped but it fell apart. It tasted good on pizza dough with olive oil and herbs!

  128. I recently purchased an ice cream maker and yesterday I made a dark cherry, chocolate chip ice cream. The recipe called for 8 egg yolks and dark cherry concentrate – the ice cream turned out terrific and my husband requested that I make it again soon because it will be gone very soon.

  129. I tried my hand at homemade ketchup back in the mid 70’s. the lids blew off and I ended up with ketchup on the ceiling I tried again, 35 years later but put it in regular canning jars, it worked much better

  130. I am currently making raspberry brandy. New experience for me but it seems so simple…Put raspberries in a jar, add brandy, and let it sit for a while. Can’t wait for it to get done so that we can do some taste testing.

  131. The first time I made a jam with chocolate in it. It was a dark cherry blackforest macaroon jam. I used cocoa powder because I didn’t have dark chocolate around. It never set, it tasted delicious but the powder was a little weird. The test jar was grainy but after processing the powder dissolved.

    I learned from that to use high % dark chocolate, usually I use 100% now, melts instantly in hot jam, has no butter fats, and most jams have more than enough sugar to compensate.

  132. Well, just about every time my friend and I get together to can, we try something new! But, we’ve got hot water bath canning down, by now, so it hardly seems fair to call it new. But, this past Sunday, I was headed to a cookout and needed to bring something that was quick, easy, and didn’t involve heating up the kitchen. My friend had just given me a recipe for lemon curd pie that fit all of the requirements, so I whipped it together. I had never made a quick, no-bake pie before, so that was a first. But, I’d also never tried lemon curd before, and after a taste, I am now a HUGE fan. So much so that I might have to try making it from scratch one of these days!

  133. I made fresh spingrolls for the first time recently. They are so quick and easy to make at home when I have a craving but don’t want to go out for dinner.

  134. I’m pretty new to canning. I just started last year. The first time I canned was salsa and I totally misjudged the amount of time to peel and chop all the tomatoes so was up until almost midnight finishing it up!

  135. Love the British Off show & have been trying several of the recipes!!! The last one was Farthington biscuits & they were delish!

  136. I’ve been working on vegan marshmallows – so far they have not been successful (I want them to be identical), but I’m hopeful!

  137. I’m pretty competent in the kitchen, but I have never been able to make fudge. It always crystallizes in the pan and I end up chipping out the shards for us to eat 🙂

  138. We grew up canning everything. Now as adults, we get together as family to can salsa every year. My mom grows the tomatoes and peppers, and we use the same recipe from my dad after all this time!

  139. The new thing I’m doing this summer is that I grew hot peppers that I’m going to string up in the kitchen to dry. I would love to try my hand at cheese.

  140. I’ve been cooking for a pretty long time, but have never been much of a baker. When I was about 17, I wanted to make an angel food cake as a surprise for my parents. I followed the directions to a T (or at least I thought I did). I pulled it out of the oven to cool, but had nowhere to put the cooling rack in my parents small kitchen. I improvised and put a plate on top of my hamster cage, and placed the cooling rack and cake pan on top of that.
    In my excitement to remove the cake, when it was ready I flipped it right there, standing over the hamster cage. SPLOOSH my cake went, down and around my hamster, it’s cage, my feet…everywhere!
    Needless to say, we didn’t have angel food cake that night, but I forged a much closer relationship with my hamster, having spent hours cleaning its cage and him.
    I still get teased 34 years later, deservedly so!

  141. I tried to make Asian meatballs last night. All of the ingredients looked great separately, but when it all got mixed together, it was just bad (way too much cabbage and mushrooms, not enough meat). I’ll stick with more traditional meatballs next time.

  142. I just made pickled carrot spears in the cumin-coriander brine I use for beets. The carrots are yummy!
    I’d like to try mozzarella because there are nigella seeds ripening in my garden, ready to add to the cheese.

  143. Fun! One new thing I tried this year was fermenting sauerkraut. It was an epic fail and smelled like feet, but it did not dampen my desire to try new things!

  144. Today was my first attempt at canning. Inspired by your blog and your aptitude to work with what you have on hand, I made white tomato, carmelized vidalia onion, preserved lemon jam. I kept aside a small amount and it is delicious. I made your tomato jam and green tomato chutney recipes as a practice run but kept them as a refrigerator jam to eat immediately. They are a big hit in my house.

  145. I haven’t made it yet but I plan on trying my hand at pear butter in a week or two. Last week however I did make your plum cardamom jam and it is delicious!!!!

  146. Just a couple weeks ago, I made shrubs for the first time! I now have peach and peach-basil in my fridge. They’re fantastic and I’m really enjoying them in a cocktail with bourbon and a little club soda!

  147. I have just started canning for the first time this year and I am afraid my poor family will be eating jam for the rest of their lives …I have enjoyed it so much! Seems to me like making cheese is just the next step for me 🙂

  148. I recently bottled my first batch of nocino. I put out a call on a neighborhood Facebook page, found someone with a walnut tree who let us pick the green walnuts, and made up the batch this summer. It’s finally ready to drink – and I think we’ve made a new friend with a walnut tree!

  149. I’ve just dipped my toe into cheesemaking with a small batch of ricotta. Going to try mozzarella soon. This kit looks fantastic!! My most spectacular fail at trying something new was a pork/plum/thyme recipe that was inedible. Most of the time I have much better luck – almost alway up for something new.

  150. The first time I made yogurt I used your recipe using small coolers. I worked perfectly, & now I know why I hung onto those two small coolers all these years!

  151. Something I want to try: salt cured salmon. Something I have tried: gluten free baking. Like most things, the gluten free baking was mixed. The brownies were not worth repeating and the banana coconut flour muffins were worth saving.

  152. Before I turned 30 I made a list of things (mostly food related) I wanted to do. One of the items was making croissants from scratch. I consulted Julia, and had a couple false starts, but ended up with some flakey resembles-croissants that my friends and I enjoyed. I also realized the croissant is one of those items I’ll let other stick to-makes me appreciate bakers so much more!

  153. This is my first summer of canning, and I can’t get enough! I’ve made easily 20 recipes. A few duds, but I’ve loved every minute!

  154. Healing salve, which went great. I have tried to can dill pickles and they did not come out well at all. I made refrigerator garlic dill pickles and they were wonderful!

  155. First time trying to use a pressure canner! Yikes! Then I took a class, now I am happy to teach others some ins and outs of pressure canning and hot water bath canning.

  156. My latest protect was to make elderflower champagne. It turned out absolutely delicious. I can’t wait for next year so I can harvest more flowers!

  157. Oddly enough, I’ve tried my hand at cheese once before! I dove in with the idea that I could make a hard cheese and had no idea what I was doing. Ended up with a hockey puck in the fridge that was a reminder that I should probably read a bit before I just dive into things.

  158. I tried to make mozzarella cheese a couple of months ago from a kit and it was an epic fail! I bought organic whole milk because the directions said to not use the ultra pasteurized milk. Well apparently organic milk is. Next time I’m going to just use regular milk and see what happens.

  159. I recent years I have been canning quite a bite and like to try new things. This year I made your fig in whiskey and can’t wait to open it later. I also made your Italian plums (we have a tree) with star anise and loved it. It is always fun to try new things to preserve and sometimes I go a little canning crazy.

  160. I am learning new things I made herbal ointment a tincture herbal infused oil and infused vinegar. Now I want to try cheese making. I have studied up and now I am ready to give it a try 🙂

  161. I’ve been making homemade fruit rolls with my new dehydrator. I’ve been able to get my daughter, who won’t touch fruits or veggies with a ten foot pole, to gobble them down!

  162. A few weeks back I tried my had at making dill pickles for the first time. I still haven’t tried them, so I don’t know if they turned out

  163. I’m a good baker, but have been afraid if yeast breads for some reason. I’m conquering that fear, slowly! I’ve made pizza dough and one loaf of bread.

  164. I made candied ginger! Delicious, messy, & SO much better than store bought!
    Captured a swarm of bees in my yard 3 days ago, so the latest project is a long term one – honey!!

  165. I’ve been on a moon pie kick. I’ve been wanting to make graham crackers for a long time and moon pies gave me the opportunity.

  166. A few weeks ago, I went peach picking & decided to can some jam. What was new is I used my slow cooker to do it! Was super easy & a good method for that type of fruit. 🙂

  167. This past week I have made a spiced raspberry jam with jalapenos from my garden and fresh raspberries. When we had friends over for a labor day barbeque i brought in out and suggested it for the burgers, my husband who loved the jam was not worried because he thought it would be safe. Who would actually put it on a burger? Well the jam disappeared and I got requests to make more, so that’s what I’m doing today! Would love to try making the cheese too! What a great accompaniment for all my jams!

  168. I was feeling overwhelmed with all the grape and cherry tomatoes my garden is producing this year! Tried your recipes for the tomato bisque and the spicy minty sauce, absolute delish! My 12 year old daughter will not eat that canned condensed tomato soup stuff, but loves this she keeps asking me to make more and that’s 3 times this week already!

  169. I have tried several times to make yogurt. I am not successful all the time.
    I have been eyeing cheese making kits for a while now, and would love to win this and see if this would make a good gift.

  170. While I’ve not been brave enough to try actual canning yet, I have been learning how to make pickles for the refrigerator. My best experiment has been a spicy sweet cucumber and onion blend!

  171. The first time I made cucumber pickles, I was very ambitious and came home from the farmer’s market with too many, not realizing how long it would take to process them. Lesson learned, start small with pickling!

  172. I was inspired by an Armenian friend and started making yogurt a few years ago. I used her starter to begin with, but then I had some failures and (sadly) lost that starter. I am reasonably confident that each new batch will turn out now, but every so often I have another failure. It’s so worth it, though, to have homemade yogurt! Thanks for the giveaway.

  173. We lived in a very old farmhouse with a range that was even older (not really but it was horribly ancient). I had the great idea to try making sourdough bread. I fussed over the starter, brought it to life and after the week or two it took to make the starter ~ took my first attempt at bread making. Oh boy. The fossil of an oven had more cold spots that Alaska! I ended up with “bread” flatter than a quarter. It was hilarious and my wonderful hubby announced that I made sourdough pita bread. That was a couple years ago and after honing my canning skills (successfully) I am ready to tackle bread again now that we no longer live in that great house with the over the hill range.

  174. I just made dilly beans and maple pickled beets for the first time last week! I don’t yet know how they turned out, as I’m trying hard to be patient. But they look GORGEOUS. And beets can never be bad.

  175. I made a chocolate cake from scratch and have never used a box mix again! Making cheese is on my culinary bucket list so I would love to win this prize package!

  176. I try to make something new in the kitchen regularly. My most recent “new” was a batch of Lemon Yogurt Scones with Cranberries. Totally delish, especially since I used my homemade yogurt!

  177. It’s not exactly cooking, but I started making my own face scrub from sugar, grapeseed oil and a little essential oil. It makes my skin feel amazing and I’ll never buy face scrub again!

  178. I don’t do a whole lot of cooking, but I made deviled eggs from scratch a couple months ago (after never having even hard boiled an egg). They turned out as a great surprise for my girlfriend (and I) to enjoy when she got home from work!

  179. I made chocolate pots de crime, which was an ordeal in itself, & I ran out of jars so I put the leftovers in a small casserole, which took longer to cook. So then I forgot about it & went to bed. Luckily I didn’t burn down the house or even burn the last pots de creme. It just turned out kind of like a flourless chocolate cake instead.

  180. I’m constantly making new things in the kitchen. Just this weekend, I brewed my first batch of beer! One time in high school, I tried to make a vegan pecan pie, and I’m not sure where it went wrong, but it just refused to set up. My mom finally put it in the fridge, and it hardened into basically brittle. Oh well!

  181. I’ve tried a million new things but the most memorable was when I had friends come over so I could teach them how to make jam. They want to make raspberry jam. Which I’ve never done before but figured how different could be. Well it never set up. So I guess they didn’t learn that much after all

  182. Last year I made jalapeño jam and it turn out awesome. I am new to canning and preserving food so it was a real confidence builder.

  183. Last year I tried my hand at making pawpaw butter to give away as Christmas gifts. Our little half acre has 3 pawpaw trees. As much as I wanted to like pawpaws, in their original form they have an unusual texture I just can’t get past.

    So over a weekend I peeled, seeded and pureed the fruit. Cooked it, following a recipe I found on line. It was similar to all the others so I just chose it at random.

    By the end of the weekend I had 2 dozen jelly jars and 1 dozen half-pint jars cooling and sealing. I didn’t have the courage to give them away – they’re still all down in the cellar. And the pawpaws are ripening as we speak…

  184. A couple of years ago a friend had some canned items in her pantry. Together she showed me how to make tomato jam. I was hooked. So much so that last year prior to every snow storm I made sure I had supplies to make something new. Tomato basil jam, blood orange marmalade, apple butter, meyer lemon syrup, meyer lemon curd, dehydrated meyer lemons (there were a lot of snow days last year). This year I got a bit more organized and have preserved peaches, nectarines, spicy smokey tomato jam and then last night (drum roll please) I canned tomato sauce. I’d love to try cheese but even if I’m not chosen, I’m thankful for my new passion (in large measure thanks to your blog).

  185. I recently tried to make crackers for the first time. I went for a super easy recipe that called essentially for just a grain and salt. I made it out of millet, and I have to say, FAILURE. The crackers were not at all crisp, and were instead kind of chewy. I’ll try again with a different recipe if I get this cheese kit 🙂

  186. A couple of years ago I made lettuce soup. I had an abundance of fresh lettuce that I didn’t want to let go to waste and found a recipe for the soup. It turned out great, tasting much like spinach or watercress soup.

  187. I recently made an aperitif concoction with red wine, vodka, sugar and cherry leaves. It tastes a little like cough syrup but I’d try it again with peach leaves.

  188. I canned for the first time this year. Watching Marisa’s YouTube videos gave me the confidence that I could do this. I have made marionberry, blueberry and vanilla cinnamon peach jam. I also made blueberry chutney and tomato jam (YUM) for the first time this year. Canning is so easy. Would love to make mozzarella and ricotta to try with my savory jams!

  189. The first and only time I tried to brew my own beer was a monumental disaster. The yeast reacted too aggressively, and it literally exploded all over my apartment. What a waste, as well as a mess!

  190. The first time I tried making a recipe from Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I was inspired by the movie Julie & Julia, so of course I tried Bouef Bourguignon first. It was the most difficult meal/recipe I had ever made, and it took me almost 8 hours from start to finish! But I really loved every minute of it, and I couldn’t believe I had made something so delicious. Ever since then I’ve been hooked on Julia Child. 🙂

  191. I wanted to make an Indian curry and naan. I lived in a tiny apartment with a miniscule kitchen. I didn’t realize that naan was made in a tandoori oven. I had to get creative, but it turned out well.

  192. I tried some no-bake cookies earlier this summer that I overcooked on the stovetop. It was ruined as cookies, but I saved it by stirring it all into plain yogurt, which I let sit overnight. I had great oaty, chocolate yogurt the next day!

  193. My family really liked the chunky spicy green tomato sauce I made last year. We use it as a sauce on enchilada’s. I will be making it again this year. Now I just need to learn how to make the cheese too!

  194. Back in the groovy 1970’s, my mom tried making cottage cheese. I remember the kitchen counter being covered with cake pans of milk that were going to set-up ‘any minute now’. Never happened. We teased her about it for years. Now that I’ve had my share of epic fails in the kitchen, I regret giving her such a hard time. At least she tried!

  195. I am trying old recipes to bake new things in canning jars. I love the look of desserts in 1/2 pint jars with cute colored lids on them.

  196. I recently brewed my first batch of kombucha, and I’m going to try making the next batch into kombucha wine. The first batch turned out a little bit on the vinegary side, but I still enjoy it. I’ve had the book “One Hour Cheese” by Claudia Lucero on my shelf for a long time, but I haven’t gotten around to getting the necessary supplies to get started on cheese making.

  197. I’ve been dying to try cheese making. My first attempt at making dilly beans I tried using purple beans but was disappointed to learn that the color dissolved as soon as the hot brine hit them.

  198. I have been experimenting with making bar BQ sauce in the slow cooker and canning it. So far the first 2 batches have been keepers.
    Also canned salsa verde for the first time this year.

  199. I tried a new scone recipe that included quinoa. All seemed fine until we tasted the finished scones — bitter and inedible. I wracked my brain trying to figure out what went wrong. Ultimately, I’m pretty sure I dusted the dough with self-rising flour instead of all-purpose. The leavening in the flour gave the scones an awful taste. I can’t decide whether to try this recipe again.
    I would love to win one of the cheese making kits.

  200. I tried to make currant wine once and corked it too soon and it exploded ALL OVER my pantry. While I was gone. In my rental apartment. I actually had to repaint. Oof dah.

  201. I’m new to canning and am excited to try it out! I am more of a baker, but I’ve had a couple fails in it. Once I tried making toffee and it never got crunchy & another time I let my son help me make a lemon meringue pie and the the filling never set up and the meringue fell. It still tasted good, but it was lemon soup! 🙂 It’s now probably the best pie I make.

  202. I was probably when I tried to make my own pie crust in stead of buying it… Let me tell you my pie looked like a five year old made it!

  203. The most memorable thing I can remember is attempting to make tablet. It’s a type of super sweet Scottish candy. Despite never having had it before, I decided to try making it for my stepfather’s birthday shortly after he immigrated to the states from Glasgow. There was a lot of me wondering if it was supposed to look like that, trying to see exactly how hot boiling sugar lava could get, and staring between my knife and this tray of sticky toffee colored goop as if that would cause it to magically release from the baking sheet. The stuff was an absolute trainwreck, but my stepfather was a great sport and ate every last bit of it with a smile.

  204. You mean that time I tried to make macarons for my daughter’s 13th birthday? Watched a bunch of YouTube videos and checked a book out of the library and everything? Complete failure in any case. They lived up to their “difficult” reputation. We all lived and had lemon bars, I think. Thanks for the giveaway! Cheesemaking sounds fun!

  205. Not technically in the kitchen (fire hazard!), but we’ve been getting more adventurous with using our little charcoal smoker on nice days.

  206. Something new I tried recently – pickled tomatillo wedges with jalapeño peppers – I hope they are good but it is too soon to tell!

  207. I’ve tried a few things. The most successful was jam, which I make a few times a year. When I tried peppermint marshmallows, I added too much peppermint and they were inedible. It was fun though!

  208. I recently made mud cake with gummy worms it turned out delicious, compared to my first attempt several years ago I don’t know what I was thinking but I stuck the gummy worms in with the batter and baked the cake was like a brick I couldn’t even get it out of the pan and had to trash it haha! I remembered to leave the gummy worms out this time.

  209. My husband and I tried to make polenta with beets in it once and it ended up being a mushy pink mess that tasted surprisingly awful given the ingredients.

  210. I am along time fan of Mexican cuisine and have made homemade flour tortilla’s for decades. I finally guilted myself into trying to make a healthy whole wheat version. They were so bad I could have used them as a frisbee.

  211. I would love to try making cheese. I learned how to can foods this year . It would be fun to add cheese making to my can do list.

  212. I have been listening to a podcast about rationed foods during WWII recently that inspired me to make a savory jello mold (chicken mousse) for Labor Day-half my family lived it and the other half wouldn’t try it because it looked weird…

  213. The hubby and I tried making some peach wine recently. We just kinda flew by the seat of our pants using the internet as a guide. Our first batch turned into moonshine (or pure gasoline lol) and was pretty terrible. But we made a second attempt using different ratios of sugar and its pretty good. yay! Either way it was a fun way to spend some time together and now we have some bottles tucked away in the pantry.

  214. In college tried to make all my gifts. My poor family. I tired bagels hard and ugly, I tried lotion smelly. I tried lots of thing not very well. Now I only give jams….thanks

  215. I spent the better part of a winter trying to perfect whole wheat sandwich bread. By the end I came up with something that was really pretty great, but there were definitely some bricks along the way.

  216. Way back before I became the official family bread baker, I decided I’d like to try to bake bread for the first time. I followed the instructions, put the dough in a “warm place to rise”, on the kitchen radiator. The bread barely rose at all with a hard crust surrounding it. It took another try, and someone else’s advice that I COVER it before my baking project became a success. No where in any of my bread recipes did an instruction say to cover the bread! Guess the writers assumed everyone knew that bit…

  217. My husband and I have become obsessed with making homemade dough for our pizzas. Invested in a pizza steel (soooo much better than any stone I’ve used) but the dough recipes we’ve tried still just “aren’t quiet right”. It’s fun to cook together!

  218. The first time I made sirnaya paskha, a traditional Easter dessert, I was surprised how easy it was and how well it turned out. It’s a dairy-egg mixture that is poured into a mold lined with cheesecloth and left to set in the refrigerator.

  219. I’ve made paneer with milk and vinegar a handful of times but the first time, I really didn’t’ think it would work at all and it turned out great!

  220. I just made a neapolitan cake for my daughter’s 10th birthday. It was fun and was a pretty surprise when we cut into it for her party. It was 3 layers – one chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, but you cut each into 3 circles and switch them so each layer has each flavor and reveals a checkered cake when you cut it!

  221. This summer has been full of first time adventures. I’ve been canning (jams, salsas, pickles) for the first time – most of which turned out pretty great. I tried lacto fermenting dill pickles twice, both times were complete failures (but I’ll try again soon!). I have some sauerkraut fermenting away for the second time (my first time was a “learning experience”. And last weekend I cooked a meal using a tagine for the first time. Making cheese is definitely on my bucket list!

  222. Look like a fun and usedul project to go along with the first lasagna and ravioli of the season. Would love to see how they taste with homemade mozzarella.

  223. So many kitchen experiments over the years…most have been successes but there have definitely been some failures, the most repeated of which is poaching eggs.

  224. Recently my husband and I tried to make wine w/ wild Mustang grapes. We didn’t really know what we were doing, so it was pretty hysterical. Hopefully the wine will be drinkable months later. I did learn a hard lesson to wear gloves when handling these grapes, my hands are still itching!

  225. Something new made in the kitchen??? Joe’s Peppers canning recipe. Not a fan of hot peppers in a tomato and oil sauce once I tried it. But there were many people that enjoyed them on sandwiches!

  226. As a young college student, I tried to make clam chowder in the slow cooker, but I used sweetened condensed milk instead of evaporated milk. I don’t recommend it. 😉

  227. I love yogurt in my smoothies. Did some research on the web and gave it a try! First time out not so good. Second time, success. Need to make some more now!

  228. I made homemade ricotta once. Quite a while ago. It seemed kind of unrewarding due to the very bland flavor of the product. I would love to have a kit with specific instructions to guide me to a better result!

  229. Canning is my new thing this year, thanks to seeing your book at the library. I’m working my way through all the yummy recipes. It’s great fun and I get something I can enjoy for the dreary winter to come.

  230. i like to try to challenge myself with new things to learn and to eat! I’ve been meaning to try my hand at making homemade bread, but I figure that’s better suited to when it’s not quite so hot out. Instead, I found a recipe for English muffins that are PERFECT with some homemade jam (strawberry vanilla is my fave)that have turned out wonderfully the few times I’ve made them.

  231. I am always trying to make something new in the kitchen. This passed weekend I starting making Cranberry Cider, it is a quick ferment so I’ll see how it turned out in another week.

  232. Last year I tried an elimination diet and ended up making a few new things, among them gluten-free scallion pancakes and allergen-free salad dressing (roasted shallots! yum!). It was an interesting experience. Making mozzarella has been on my list since I read about it in _Animal, Vegetable, Miracle_ by Barbara Kingsolver.

  233. Once tried to make a yummy looking scalloped potato dish for the first time. Sliced my finger open with a mandoline. Haven’t made scalloped potatoes since. This was two years ago.

  234. I would love to win this! The last new thing I tried in the kitchen was making kombucha. It was successful! I’ve been trying to figure out what I’d like to try next.

    Thanks for the drawing. I live in the US.

  235. The first time I tried to make a chicken pot pie it was a failure. Everything was perfect until it had about 10 minutes left to cook I noticed the edge of the crust was getting to dark. So I went to covcer the edges with foil and when I pulled it out I dropped it in the floor.

  236. Pickling was a big first for me last year and it turned out great. With a plethora of cukes from the garden I was able to make Bread & Butter Pickles, Sweet Relish, and Dill Pickles (whole, spears and coins). What fun!

  237. I’ve tried making ricotta recently. It turned out well, but I realized after the fact that I could have salted it or added herbs. But it was very nice. A bit too firm, but next time it will be perfect. I buy a lot of mozzarella, especially in the summer to eat with the great tomatoes. So I would like to try my hand at making mozzarella myself!

  238. These days, most everything I make is something new. My husband recently had a stroke and if you know anything about that health issue, diet is key to avoiding another one. I am a meatloaf and fried chicken type of cook and now I have to learn a COMPLETELY different way of cooking. I’m learning though 🙂 I now cook a lot of fish of which I did not previously. All I can say is that I’m trying. lol I would love to learn to make my own mozzarella. Cooking is not much fun these days, so making my own cheese sounds like just the thing I need. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  239. Oddly enough I just made cheese for the first time a couple days ago. It was an easy ricotta. I am totally hooked. I am looking forward to expanding my cheese making skills

  240. I’ve tried a sourdough starter several times but it always looks funky after a week and I end up throwing it out. I would love to try cheese as I just joined a raw milk CSA

  241. I have tried several times now to make fermented pickles. . . I don’t really like pickles that much but I am curious and science-minded and enjoy the experimenting. Hopefully, I will eventually make a batch that are edible enough for my husband to eat.

  242. I keep trying to re-create my late grandmothers cheese cake. I don’t have her recipe.
    It was a cooked New York style with cottage cheese and cream cheese and lemon.

  243. I think every time I cook or bake anything in the kitchen it is something new! I enjoy the process even when the food doesn’t quite turn out exactly how I thought it might.

  244. My first try at fruit leather. The puree went in the solar dryer this morning. Grapes from our yard, pears from our favorite farm stand, and apples we picked on the side of the road.

  245. The first time I tried to bake a cake from scratch was a total flop. I was probably 13 or 14 years old and it came out more like a brick than cake.

  246. this summer I made sushi with my kids. Lots of learniNo opportunities in that project! The first several rolls were wonky at best but tasty. But they were looking pretty good by the time we ran out of rice! Fermented veggies in a mason jar for the first time this summer too. Much easier and a much more satisfying first result – grated carrots and ginger. Yum!

  247. So every year, around August or September, I spend one month not buying any food and just living on what I have in my larder and what I can barter for. I was out of cheese and desperate for some so I found a recipe that claimed to produce mozzarella from powdered milk and vinegar. It was my first and only cheesemaking attempt, as the resulting stuff was rubbery balls that tasted exactly like powdered milk and vinegar. I fed it to the dogs and have been mildly resentful of the recipe ever since. I would love to start afresh with proper ingredients. 🙂

  248. My son has an egg allergy. My first egg free cake was his first birthday. It was pretty awful! We’ve found a good recipe since, but stick to sundaes on his birthday.

  249. My most recent “new thing” to try has been making sauerkraut! I have gotten air locks from the beer and wine making store so I’m going to try it again!

  250. This summer I took on canning projects…I made
    Peach jam, marinara sauce, jarred tomatoes , salsa, red beets.
    It was fun. My jam came out very runny so now it is an ice cream topper.
    I made mozzarella over 30 years ago and want to learn to make it again

  251. Five years ago, I found a recipe for Rosemary Peach Jam in a Southern Living cookbook. It was entirely too sweet for my taste but it started me on a hobby that has taken over my cookbook shelves and pantry!,

  252. I I have just made salsa for the first time. I have been a canner over the years but never did anything but whole tomatoes. So I started with your roasted corn salsa and have gotten rave reviews. That being said, I am now on to pickles and chutney. I would love to try making cheese but have absolutely no idea where to start.

  253. I have a bad habit of making something new when guests are coming over. Usually it goes fine but then there was the veggie kofta curry that I made with a spice mix too spicy for myself or my guests to eat….

  254. I’ve made ricotta, but never tried mozzarella-this kit makes it look much easier than some of the recipes I’ve read. I want to try making hot sauce this year – there should be peppers for a few more weeks at the farmers market.

  255. The first time I made pepper jelly, I followed the instructions that said to bring it to a boil that cannot be stirred down…unfortunately I used too small of a pot. The pepper jelly rose up to the top of the pan and I spent 3 very long minutes desparately stirring to keep it from boiling over (never thought to just turn down the heat..duh!!) I wrote “use BIG pot” on the recipe as a reminder for the next time.

  256. This sounds like such a great idea! I would love to try my hand at homemade cheese, and a kit might just make me brave enough to do it for the first time.

  257. Praying to win this cheese making kit. It’s close to a complete homeschooling science curriculum covering everything from nutrition, animal science to microbiology. Just kidding, but hoping to win so my kids can learn how to make some awesome cheeses!

    • Oops, I didn’t listen and follow directions, lol. I hope I’m editin my post and not cheating with a second entry. I love making sourdough bread from scratch as well as sauerkraut.amazingly my kids love eating kraut on toast. Now all I need is a cheese making kit to turn our favorite kitchen creation into a complete meal!

  258. I recently tried making water radish kimchi. I wish I could say it was good. But no. I make fresh cheese and ricotta. It would be fun to try mozzarella.

  259. My girls 9&13 wanted a trampoline so I told them to get a job – they decided to grow a garden and start a farm stand. We learned to jam this summer and are completely addicted! And they are well on their way to earning their trampoline!

  260. Last year I tried making a French cake/pastry called “fraisier” at the request of a friend. It ended up being much tougher than expected and making the genoise cake was not easy. It ended up being very dry and not at all what I was hoping for. Haven’t tried again yet…still intimidated by the cake.

  261. I set a new food goal every year. Last year I made croissants from scratch-so tasty! This year’s goals are cheese and steamed buns. My first batch of paneer did not go so well…but the buns seem straightforward.

  262. Year before last I decided to make fruit/nut crackers when my grocery discontinued the ones I had been buying. They turned out OK (not as crispy as I would have liked) but then I forgot about the other loaves in the freezer (you freeze them for easier slicing). A year and a half later, what a wasted, freezer burned disaster. Luckily, my chickens enjoyed them! I’d love to try making cheese, and promise not to let in languish in the freezer!

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